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Review #1, by Ms Michelle RadcliffeHogwarts Book Two : the Staff of Merlin: Scenes from a Memory

9th April 2015:
You mean i have to wait a minimum of two years storytime for them to make an appearance!!??!! : ( lol. Can't wait for the Silverleafs to kick some but!! :) but that also may mean that the adults wont figure out the whole situation for a few more years...That does mean that this story will continue for a few more storylines though!! :) I wasnt sure if this was going to be a trilogy or longer...

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Review #2, by Ms Michelle RadcliffeHe's My WHAT?!?!?!?: Prolouge

2nd November 2012:
The only person with green eyes is Harry, are you possibly hinting he's vic's father?? hm.i cant think of any other green-eyed alive people that would be suitable-but that would mean he probably cheated on ginny : (

Author's Response: yep that's the general gist of it not sure how I'm gonna go about it yet though.this is my not so subtle way of telling everybody who the father is

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Review #3, by Ms Michelle RadcliffeHalloween Spice: Blacking out and punching some you-know-what hole..twice.

2nd November 2012:
you are doing a sequel right? right? Right?!!! or is this a missing moment from a story you have already?

Author's Response: This is a short story, so yes, there will be more! Hope you like it!

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Review #4, by Ms Michelle RadcliffeBubbles: Bath time

2nd November 2012:
tut. tut. tut. victorie is a sneaky little pranster. better watch out for her when she gets to hogwarts. : )

Author's Response: Yes, she is! She was really fun to write through Louis' eyes :)

Thank you for this lovely review!

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Review #5, by Ms Michelle RadcliffeEmotions Of A Teaspoon: Emotions Of A Teaspoon

2nd November 2012:
you could also say that george was the first one who had a son. harry and ginny already had two sons' names (and a daughter for that matter) picked out after his parents and mentors.

i thought this was really sweet though.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for taking the time to review.
I knew this wasn't a great piece but I loved the part between between Hermione and Ginny when it came to mind. I thought this was something Ron might think of at that particular time. He was, afterall, thinking of both the death of Fred and loving and 'getting' Hermione after the war.

Also, I had thought that Ginny had the first boy in family... thanks for letting me know.
Thank you again.

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Review #6, by Ms Michelle RadcliffeAlbus Potter and the Lost Legacy: Truce

2nd November 2012:
what exactly is NaNoWriMo??
And i fully expect that Laurentis will be sacked before Albus's graduation from Hogwarts once her secret about the "escaped prisoners" gets out when it eventually will. i wonder if Johnson was involved in the escaped convict plot, we know draco was, but i don't really believe that Johnson knew where the escaped prisoners were, he honestly was kept in the dark and the tip was a real tip to him.
also i believe that harry would have captured the convicts with the same tip if he was head auror when he got it.
also i am kind of disappointed that the politics class is dissolved, unless it will only be a class when there is an election year?

Author's Response: NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month. You challenge yourself to write a 50,000 word novel in a month and it is super fun and rewarding! If you google it you'll find the site for it.

Draco was definitely involved in the plot, but Johnson wasn't. As for Laurentis getting'll just have to wait and see what happens! Harry would've captured the convicts, too, but Laurentis wants everyone to believe he wouldn't have managed it as quickly.

The politics class only takes place during an election year. It was a special class. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #7, by Ms Michelle RadcliffeAlbus Potter and the Lost Legacy: The Chamber of Secrets

20th October 2012:
Have you read the new book yet?? i want too, when i have money to buy it : ) sooo lucky to have met jk rowling.

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Review #8, by Ms Michelle RadcliffeUntennable: Revealing All

10th October 2012:
can you let us know if this story is completed? it says it is, yet it also said it was completed at chapter 8 too. it doesn't feel completed, we still don't know why bill and charlie did what they did. and i know fleurs gonna come up with where it seemed familiar and it somehow won't be their fault because like everyone says, Weasleys are hot tempered but not violent : )

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Review #9, by Ms Michelle RadcliffeThe Writing on the Wall.: Mysteries.

10th October 2012:
hm...isnt indisposed the word Snape used when Remus was around a full moon. wonder if Blackburn has some kind of disease or infection thats not curable? like being a werewolf, but not since it seems she was only sick one night.

Author's Response: Was that the word Snape used? I'd forgotten that.

Blackburn MIGHT have something incurable. We're still at the beginning of the year after all. On the other hand, she might have some other reason for being absent and just not want her students to know.

Thanks for the review. I love hearing what people are thinking, as it gives an indication of whether I'm giving away too much, too little or just enough.

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Review #10, by Ms Michelle RadcliffeRonald's Box: Revelations

5th October 2012:
so, whens the third year going to begin? really cool though.

Author's Response: When my writer's block leaves me :(

I'm really sorry; it's outlined and ready to write but right now, I can't seem to find Ron's voice anymore.
I'm working hard on it though and I'm positive I'll get there eventually, please don't lose hope!

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Review #11, by Ms Michelle RadcliffeAlbus Potter and the Lost Legacy: Change

5th October 2012:
yay!! a new chapter is up!! and i think im the first to review!! well, i gotta say i was very surprised she actually replaced harry as head auror even though i kind of expected it. i was also kinda surprised that she kepter walter too, but now i think on it they kind of had the same position on the regulation and control of magical creatures. cant wait to hear what she has to say about the upcoming hogwarts year for her education changes!!

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Review #12, by Ms Michelle RadcliffeHistory of Hogwarts: Peeve's the Hogwarts Poltergist

2nd October 2012:
How could Martin the scribe hate children, in the last chapter he and the seer have lots of daughters? also the babe, could that be the first muggle-born witch?
i also find it hard and cruel for Godric to leave Martin as Peeves for a long time, let alone eternity (unless he somehow died before he was able to change him back) Slytherin, yes i see doing that, but not Godric
also, in the last chapter, Martin's stories were read by every magical child who went to hogwarts. how would that be possible if they were not taken out of hogwarts? unless they were in the library?
are you going to continue with more characters, like the grey lady for example?

Author's Response: Lots of reviews, Thanks alot

Its been so long since I wrote about Martin, the Baron and everyone else.

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Review #13, by Ms Michelle RadcliffeHistory of Hogwarts: Chapter 1

2nd October 2012:
very intersting idea. exactly how did the baron die? who did it? this could be explained more.
im kind of confused though, is this whole chapter the note that was given to her (who exactly is "her") that Hortense Binns found in the library book? where does dumbledore adn binns come in? who exactly is Hortense Binns (Professor Binns, the ghost)?

Author's Response: I have to look more into the Baron, After re-reading DH I see the grey lady told about the Baron's death.

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Review #14, by Ms Michelle RadcliffeGringott's Bank: Harry and Ginny

2nd October 2012:
son of a gun! of course theres a cliff hanger just as were about to see her vault. well, i believe bill is the person whos coming with the inventory list for both of the vaults. i wonder if ginny inherited things for being the first female born weasley in generations...? and molly and arthur didn't know she would inherit things for being the first female born weasley in generations.

Author's Response: I do like the way your mind works,

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Review #15, by Ms Michelle RadcliffeBETROTHED: The Yellow Box

1st October 2012:
oh. wonder what dumbledore has in plan for the accidental unbreakable vow. i wonder if only magical people were able to see the scars on hermiones hand, but then wouldnt she have noticed the scars once she went to hogwarts adn not 8 years later when the letter came...unless dumbledore did something?

Author's Response: Terrific that you have spent the time to Review.
I have three more chapter for this coming
I hope to explain how Dumbledore was able to hide the scars from the unbreakable vow until the kids get back together.

hint: Hermione didn't promise, Elroy did.

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Review #16, by Ms Michelle RadcliffeBETROTHED: The letter

1st October 2012:
dun. dun. dun.hermione is engaged at age 11. if the grangers forgot about elroy and his parents for 8 years, then elroy and hermione must not have stayed in contact.

Author's Response: I hope the story has answered your questions

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Review #17, by Ms Michelle RadcliffeUntennable: The Secret is Out!

24th September 2012:
wait, so is chapter 8 the last chapter and we don't find out the conlusion of the investigation or is their a chapter 9?

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Review #18, by Ms Michelle RadcliffeAlbus Potter and the Lost Legacy: The Winner

24th September 2012:
well. i certainly kind of expected Percy to win. its nice that cedric felt bad that he was happy that his dad lost.

Author's Response: It did seem a bit of a given that Percy would win, but the unexpected does happen. Especially in the wizarding world! Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #19, by Ms Michelle RadcliffeLove Lessons With Lavender: Love Lessons With Lavender

17th September 2012:
GO PREMA!! is she actually the older sister or did you make her up?

Author's Response: I made her up. JKR never mentioned anything about them having anymore siblings, so I figured I'd be good giving them an older sister. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #20, by Ms Michelle RadcliffeAlbus Potter and the Lost Legacy: Ministry Districts

8th September 2012:
I'm not British either, but from what I've learned in school it seems to be pretty accurate :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you think it's accurate. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #21, by Ms Michelle RadcliffeAlbus Potter and the Lost Legacy: Teddy's Interlude

1st September 2012:
I gotta say, I loved the different point of view. you should maybe do it more often, if you didn't do it for the rest of this story, then maybe for albus's fifth year and see how it works out?

Author's Response: I did it in Secrets Within quite a bit and then again in Path Left Untrodden for a chapter or two. I don't like to do it often, though. I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #22, by Ms Michelle RadcliffeAlbus Potter and the Lost Legacy: Canceled Match

5th August 2012:
im thinking the excaped non deatheaters are working with greyback to get at matt. the other escaped deatheaters might be in on it tooo because that would hurt albus, and rose for that matter, because they are friends with matt which would "hurt" harry potter by hurting his kid

Author's Response: That's possible, but Greyback has no way of knowing that Matt is there since he didn't bite him. There's a reason why the Death Eaters escaped, but it won't be revealed for a while. Possibly not until the next novel. But that's an interesting theory! Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #23, by Ms Michelle RadcliffeBeing Summer: The One where Summer Starts to Talk

27th July 2012:
OMG!!! Hopefully, now that summer knows her parents story she will TRY to understand her parents and thus be kinder to them and thus eventually start to respect them...? i know it will take awhile. i hope she eventually has better relationship with each of her parents, now that she knows their story. and im thinking she can help her dad with teh whole parenting thing when her half siblings arrive, cuz you know they will once he remarries.

Author's Response: ahaha, i take it you liked it? yes, i think so ~ summer doesn't respect or like her father because of the way he's treated her for years, but maybe now she has found out why he is the way he is, she might be a little gentler. obviously, though, it doesn't give him an excuse to be nasty to his own daughter. summer's father might not have more children ~ he doesn't really like kids and can you see louise as a mother? thank you for the review!

ellie :) xx

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Review #24, by Ms Michelle RadcliffeAlbus Potter and the Lost Legacy: Uproar

26th July 2012:
you know, you did a really good job in beyond a shadow to NOT mention who wins the election. i just realized that, and i just finished the epilogue. you haven't once stated who won the election. (unless, of course you did in the very begininng in some obssure hint that i forgot about)

Author's Response: Haha, yeah, I had to try really hard not to reveal it in Beyond the Shadow. But I'm not entirely sure where my Albus series will wind up at the end, so I had to steer clear of anything related to it in Beyond the Shadow. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #25, by Ms Michelle RadcliffeHarry Potter and the Winters After the War: Working Too Long

23rd July 2012:
i feel like i read a part of that ending before in another chapter. the note was different though, and ginny didn't get the feeling of deja vu. will she? or, it may just be me...

Author's Response: Ms Michelle Radcliffe,

deja vu does play some part in the story. it is possible that this is the chapter where I intensionally wrote it in. I know Harry experienced it, but Ginny at this point didn't.


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