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Review #26, by patronus_charmLegacy: Legacy

25th January 2015:
Ooh new one-shot, new one-shot! ♥

Okay, I’ve only read the first section so far and this story is already great. 1. It’s a Founders story with Helga in it who needs more love and affection. 2. Death is looming – so mysterious, and it felt as if the story started with a great thud if that even makes sense, but I loved it. 3. Scottish midges – that tiny thing just added so much 4. Owain – this is the first time I’ve seen Helga have a husband, so whoo for something going on in her love life and his name seems to fit the era so well!

This line – ‘Rowena’s only child – the others all lost in childbirth or snatched away by Death’s greedy hands as tiny infants’ – that was cool! ♥

You wrote Helga’s dilemma really well that even I could feel it, as she seemed so burdened by it and really didn’t know what to do. The way you recounted the others Founders death was so sad too, because I didn’t expect them to be dead too, and each of their deaths seemed to be so sad, so painful that I really wish it hadn’t happened. I really liked that Helga had children too, as it’s nice to see she had a family as she’s such a natural mother!

The next section was really moving as there were so many things in it which were just written fabulously! The way the illness was slowly taking over Helga’s body and taking her away from the world was so sad. Then the touch of religion and the old Pagan one was another great touch. I also really liked how you developed the other teachers roles too, so I have more of a feel for the school. Then finally, how the whole Mudblood/pureblood thing was already developing at their young age was so sad :(

Helga seemed so much calmer after Aeres accepted her proposition and that was so nice to see so that she could spend her dying days calm and peaceful. That last scene with Owain was lovely, as she slowly drifted away from the world and you could just sense all the goodness she had done in the world.

This was amazing! ♥


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Review #27, by patronus_charmJigsaw: Piece #8

25th January 2015:
Hey Sian! ♥

Wow, Roxanne really is getting immersed into this job! I liked the beginning bit and how you showed the drudgery side to journalism because before it was all about the fun and glamorous bit, and I was starting to think this wouldn’t be a bad job, but now I’ve seen how she has to endlessly question people, come up with crazy hypothesis and get shouted at by her boss so it’s not so fun anymore. :P

That was certainly a very awkward moment when Fred wouldn’t pass her the salt. I wonder if he’s still holding some grudge against because of everything that happened with Daniel… It was so sad to read that bit about how much he was missing Fred. Of course I knew he was, but just reading all of that and how he couldn’t work for 6 months afterwards just made me all mushy instead, and if I could give George a hug right now I would.

Woah, *writes note to self* never, ever get on the bad side of Angelina as she really took Fred down and it was rather terrifying to say the least! Though Fred really does need to stop being an idiot because Roxy has sorted it all out, so yeah. I bet he was doing something illegal in Knockturn Alley though, that’s why he was being so cagey, there can’t be another reason for it! Hmm, I wonder what he was actually doing now… Seriously, I couldn’t take that final awkward moment with Fred and Roxy, it was just too much, those guy really need to sort their issues out!

Ooh that wasn’t the best start to the day for Roxy, was it? Having to rely on Violet to give her all the gossip about the latest update in the case. It is intriguing though, and the disappearance felt very Sherlock like in a way with the Muggle building and him just disappearing. Maybe the villain in the story is actually Moriarty? :P

I can’t deal with that last scene! Who is it? Who is it? I can only possible think of Roxy because the woman had dark-hair, which is a bit of a silly guess. I do have a feeling that a Wotter possibly has something to do with this though, but we’ll just have to see.

Such a fab chapter, and thanks for the shout-out! ♥


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Review #28, by patronus_charmThe Shadow Prince : The Potters

22nd January 2015:
Yayayya another Jenna story to read! ♥

OOoh oooh this is set in Bloomsbury, that’s already got me excited as it’s one of my favourite areas in London as I love the houses and the fact the British Museum is there means that everything just feel so intellectual when you’re walking around so this has already made me far too excited! ♥

It was so strange seeing the Potters alive, because believe it or not this is the first story that I’ve read when they survive the attack from Voldemort. It was so nice to see them like that as they were such great parents to Harry in the little scene with them, and I could really see how much it pained them to live them there but I guess the Order comes first. I can’t wait to see how you build on that backstory with the war because obviously it’s already quite different to what happened in the books, so I can’t imagine what comes next. Another thing I liked was how societal issues such as Lily having to marry well come into it as that added another element to it.

I love how this version of Hogwarts is like a finishing school in a way, because obviously the pupils are younger but they are training them up to become young men. I loved the nod towards the prestige Oxbridge has in the UK with how so many went off to it, and I quite wait to see how the upper English classes merge with the wizarding world.

Ew, Umbridge is there! I can already some drama over on that front so it will be interesting to see how you pursue that. Ew no, no, no that ending with them forgetting that Harry was there is horrible and I do not want to know who the dark figure is because my guess is that that person is not going to be nice in the slightest.

A great start to the story, Jenna! :D


Author's Response: Hi Kiana!! :D

Ahh, it's one of my favourites too! Victorian Bloomsbury is so interesting as well and I just couldn't resist setting the story there.

Ah, I'm glad you liked seeing them! This story is so weird, it's been kind of reworked into an AU but doesn't follow the events of the series necessarily in order, so there will definitely be some surprises. I'm glad you liked seeing how close they were to Harry and also the societal issues. When I started this story I was in a Victorian lit class and we talked a lot about marriage and gender and a lot of that has leaked into this story.

It was so interesting coming up with Hogwarts being a finishing school and how it would complement the Little Princess plotline.

Ah yes, Umbridge! I just couldn't resist, she is so simpering and awful and fun to write though. Aw, I know - so sad to do that, but at least they got several more years with their son than in the books so that made me happy.

Thanks so much, Kiana! :D

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Review #29, by patronus_charmTrue Romance: Simple Song

17th January 2015:
Omg, wow, I think I may have the first review on this so whoo! ♥ And congrats Rose, on finishing this story it was so much fun to read :D

I really liked how this chapter just focused on Albus and Scorpius as the story was initially about them, and we could see how much has changed between them and how much their lives have developed since the beginning of this story and that was really nice. I also really liked how great friends they are now and how they could put their differences behind them to allow that to happen as they do make really cute friends.

Boo to Scorpius going back to Corbin! You obviously guessed that I wouldn’t be happy about that, but I guess Scorpius seems happy about that which is the main thing. It was sweet to see how Albus wanted to make sure of everything and that his friend would be okay before celebrating it though.

I do feel sorry for poor old Albus with everyone abandoning him with Scorpius in Paris, Rose in Spain then Lily at the Burrow. In a way, it was nice as he wasn’t jealous at all and seemed genuinely happy for them and all the adventures that they’re going to have. I really liked how content he was with his little family of Brandon and Cora and they’re just so cute together and leave me squeeing away. Though Lily and Molly living together might be a rival in the cuteness factor soon!

I can’t wait to read all about Lily it sounds so exciting namely because of what I just said and I love her as she’s such a fab character and I can’t wait to read about her and Lysander! Thanks for writing such a fab story Rose, and congrats again on finishing it! :D


Author's Response: KIANA!!!


I'm really glad you liked the ending wtih just the two of them. I mean, I started this off writing about just them and it did feel natural to end on them as well. hehe, they are cute friends.

To be fair, I'm not happy about them being together but Scorpius is. Albus is kind of my own voice in this chapter. I don't think Albus would feel right if he hadn't tried to do a sanity check with Scorpius.

Well, Albus was being a bit dramatic when he said that. I think it was in part to get scorpius to open up about moving and start a bit more of conversation. Albus is quite happy for everyone (and with his own life at the moment). I couldn't help but end iwth the image of Albus going home to Brandon and Cora. *le sigh*

Thank you so much for the fab review and making thorugh this whole story!!!


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Review #30, by patronus_charmTrue Romance: Time to Get Out

15th January 2015:
Ooh so this was an interesting chapter and I really liked it, but wah only one more now :(

I really like James and Cindy as a couple as they're just so adorable, and the fact that they went flat shopping with the others just shows how nice they are. I got so excited when they were going flat shopping as there was so much talk of our between Albus and Brandon, I couldn't really handle it. I really hope that they move in with one another as that would be so cute. I'm not sure what to make of the review, because even though she said she could see Cora was brought up in a loving family, I keep on thinking that she's actually hating them and she's going to take Cora away for ever and ever which would be really sad.

Another thing I loved was the scene with Lily and Molly, as it was so sweet to see them both help build their lives back together and I really do hope they move in together as I would love that and make me feel all happy and content.

Boo to Scorpius and Corbin and them getting back together. You deserve better Scorpius and not that slimy man so ditch him and find that better. Rose did with Pedro and now she's going to be starting a new life out in Spain which sounds so cool, so whoo go her!

Ah, is there going to be a sequel to this or is it? I can't handle it if it is!

Fab chapter! ♥


Author's Response: Kiana!!!

James and Cindy are my favorite couple in this that I didn't give a lot of screen time to. The Branbus conversations in this were my favorite to write. they're not moving together *yet* but I think they'll be at a point to do that in a matter of time. ;) I can tell you that the review is what she said, done and not a concern anymore.

One of the reasons I put Molly in such a vulnerable place was to allow them to get close like this.

I am sorry about corbin and Scorpius. I'll be writing a one-shot about them a year later int he next few months. You'll see how this all works out for them at that point. Rose's life in Spain will be a lot of fun!!

So, there's not going to be a sequel to this necessarily. I'm doing some stories on Lily that followt his but nothing that focuses on Albus.

thank you for a wonderful review!!


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Review #31, by patronus_charmTrue Romance: Don't Let it Pass

15th January 2015:
I loved this chapter, I thought it was great so no worries about that! :D

Bahaha, it was so funny seeing a serious Harry having a go at his two sons, because he did far worse to Draco Malfoy in the 6th book and this time the two of them were getting back Lily's honour but I suppose he has to set some standards.

Aw, Albus and Brandon were adorable with their trip out and how they're such a cute couple and how they could be super cute parents to Cora too, and I just want to aw and aw and aw and never stop awing. Bahaha, that bit with the waiter was so awkward though. I do feel quite bad for Brandon thought that Harry can't really pull any strings to stop this review from happening, but I really hope it figures itself out as they are a loving couple with a stable and healthy relationship and that woman can just go away.

Ooh, that was quite an intense moment between Scorpius and Rose! What is with that guy and trying to get with everyone though? It's like he has no self control at all! I'm so proud for Rose though that she was able to no, hold up, this isn't right, this isn't what I want and that we should stay friends instead so whoo go her!

Ew, ew, ew, Archie sucks, let's all agree on that, kay? How dare he attack Lysander like that, who was being totes adorbs with the way he stuck up for Lily. I have an inkling that this might be the start of their romance and if it is I am in love as that would be so cute and perfect together so whoo go them! :D

Great chapter! ♥

Author's Response: You know, I didn't think of his curse on Malfoy in HBP. I guess in my head that's a bit different as he didn't seek Draco out to curse him, rather he was attempting to defend himself. For some reason, I see Harry being a bit ridiculous with his kids and any association with the dark arts.

I really can't get enough cute Brandon/Albus moments. Wish I could write them indefinitely. :D The waiter was awkward but he tried to make up for it i guess. Ultimately, I thought it too much of a shortcut for Harry to just make his problem go away but I thought it would be strange for Harry not to try and help.

Very intense. haha, Scorpius is a bit confused about his emotions and affection at the moment. I do have to point out that Scorpius did raise the question about whether she wanted to continue on. :D So, he had some self-control in that. I don't think Rose was coming up for air enough to think through that. :P

Archie sucks. I agree. It's settle. let's beat him up... on crap that didn't work last time. Lysander is really cute here and I can't promise anything about what his feelings are the start of. You know me. Nothing is for sure when it comes to the love life of my characters.

thank you for a wonderful review!!


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Review #32, by patronus_charmTrue Romance: The Long Day of Vengeance

15th January 2015:
Ooh ooh ooh this chapter was a shocker!

Poor Scorpius breaking down like that about Corbin and I seriously hope again that he doesn't take him back otherwise he'll have me to deal with. Wow the kiss though, I didn't expect that, and like I said before even though Scorpius and Albus are very cute together, the way Albus looks after Cora is adorable so he and Brandon must stay together!

Bahahaha, I couldn't stop snickering at the way Albus and James took revenge against Archie, it was so great! I love how they were like we can do whatever we want as our dad will cover our backs, so they just started knocking out Archie's flatmates without caring at all. I do wonder who Archie cheated on her with though as I have a feeling it might end up being someone we know. Anyhow, I loved how Lily had to give him a good punch too as I bet that made her feel good and he really did deserve to see what it felt like to be hurt by her, so whoo, go her!

Poor, poor Brandon! I guess I can see why they would need to check up on them but boo to them for being so stuffy and judgemental as that really does suck, and I know he's a fab dad and they should realise that too. Hopefully, Harry will be able to put them all back in their places.

A great chapter! :D


Author's Response: Scorpius is in a tough place emotionally. I think he's searching for an anchor and can't help but think that could be Albus. I've always felt that Scorpius and Albus broke their long term potential in Pure Intentions.

It was fun to write about Albus and James having a go at Archie. I mean, he deserved it and they were a bit adorable trying to be tough. the person he cheated with isn't really important in the grand scheme of things.

Brandon needs a hug and/or a stiff drink after that lady and her inspection. I felt bad making them so judgemental but I thought it would put Brandon through more interesting life events.

thank you for a fab review!!


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Review #33, by patronus_charmTrue Romance: I don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You

15th January 2015:
Whaaat? Two new chapters, I must speed review!

Okay section one - this was so sad, and left me all confused and mixed up and wanting to bring Arthur back from the death as you could already miss his presence in that scene and I thought you wrote it really well. Another thing I loved was how Rose was talking to Charlie as it was something I never expected to be explored and made me even sadder as he seemed so lost and lonely. :(

Woah, woah, woah, section two! As I said before I think Rose and Scorpius's friendship is incredibly adorable and if I could ship it I would. But woah, Corbin woah, I was right! I was right! I always knew he was evil and snarky and horrible and in this chapter it was proved correct with the way he shouted out Rose, then started yelling accusations at Scorpius and then the way he hit him! I'm not glad it happened as it obviously hurt Scorpius a lot, but I am slightly happy my prediction was correct. I really hope Scorpius sees sense and ditches him.

And yes, I was right again with Archie! Again, he just always had this snarkiness about him which meant I knew he was evil, and it was proved with the way he cheated on Lily! It really isn't a good time for all their love lives, and I hope this doesn't mean the end of Brandon and Albus too, because then I really would be sad!

Fab chapter! ♥

Author's Response: No one speed reviews like you!

I did enjoy writing Arthur's funeral. I mean, not just in a mean 'make people' cry way but it was a nice release for myself as well. For the Weasley family, his loss will always have quite the impact on them. Okay, Rose and Charlie talking was just salt in the wound for people. But I thought he'd have a good view for Rose to understand.

This is where Corbin lost all his fans (or people wrote him off for good). I've always wanted Rose and Scorpius to be really good friends. I thought this owuld be a good starting place for that. You were right so +1 for you. :D

Archie, well, he didn't last long This chapter was not kind on love lives at all.

thank you for a wonderful review!!

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Review #34, by patronus_charmHouse of Cards: Queen of Diamonds

12th January 2015:
Hey Laura!

Ooh, this is getting really exciting and the plot certainly is thickening! I really like the idea of Moody and Shacklebolt working together as I don’t often see that done, but I can imagine them making a good duo. I have to say, you had Moody’s gruff manner down perfectly and he really wasn’t taken any nonsense when it came to the Black family. It was the perfect pureblood reaction to people meddling in their affairs, and I have a feeling Orion’s going to get very creative in how to get rid of them. I do wonder who sent the note though, my bet is that it was Sirius.

Bahaha, they really were all so scared when Moody had them gathered up like that, and it was just so funny to see as they are usually so proud and strutting around everywhere. Another thing I liked in that scene was how blunt Moody was and stated that he wouldn’t put it past them to off one of their family members given how weird they all are. So the note did come from the inside then? I thought for a moment that idea that a jealous family sending it sounded quite plausible, but I guess we’ll have to see who it was quite. I have to admit, it was quite creepy at the end of the chapter when Alphard is like well done family as it really does show how close they all are and how they would never betray one another.

Ooh I never suspected Alphard to have any negative views of Sirius given how he left him money, so I wonder what they were talking about. Though Walburga seemed quite firm that whatever it was was untrue, so perhaps it had something to do with Sirius loving muggles…. Hmm, I’m not sure.

No, no, no! I did not see that coming at all. Poor Regulus! Who would want to bump him off as he’s so innocent and lovely and tends to stay out of all of this madness. Perhaps he knew who the murderer was and this was the only way to keep him quiet. I don’t think it was Barty then, as he and Regulus were too close but it still doesn’t narrow it down that much.

Great chapter!


Author's Response: Hey Kiana! Thanks so much for dropping by! :)

I'm so glad you're still liking it - and yeah, we're winding towards the ending at this point! It's getting close now ;) I really wasn't sure about introducing Moody and Shacklebolt (and I just had to include Shacklebolt too - I liked the idea of him being another one of Moody's trainees, like Tonks :P), but I thought it kinda needed to happen, someone from Law Enforcement finding out. I mean, there's only so many family members you can kill off before someone gets suspicious :P I'm so glad you liked them, though - writing Moody made me so nervous! :P

I really liked writing them in that position actually. It was an interesting thing for them - having to defend each other and protect their own, and I kinda liked the tension which sort of built up between them and Moody. And haha, Moody don't take that kind of rubbish from nobody :P As for the note... you'll find out ;) Though Sirius is definitely a plausible guess... haha, it's an odd sort of thing to have happen compared to the rest of the events, I think - splitting up over the murders and so on, and then coming back together against the Aurors :P

Mm... are you sure he was talking about Sirius? Really, really sure? :P Alphard is not quite as nice a guy as he pretends to be, though, so I wouldn't assume things about him, just as a tip ;)

I know, I'm so sorry! Everyone's been telling me off for that one - poor Reggie... I was sad to do it, but it had to happen, unfortunately. And that is a good theory. Very good indeed ;) Not Barty... possibly, possibly - but if not Barty, then who? ;)

Thank you so much for the lovely review, and sorry about the late response! I'm just so glad you're still enjoying this, and thank you so much for coming back to this! :)

Aph xx

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Review #35, by patronus_charmJigsaw: Piece #7

11th January 2015:
Hey Sian! ♥ Sorry for taking ages to get here!

I really like reading about the way the journalists interact with one another, because while there is this sense of friendliness amongst them with the way they go for after-work drinks, there is this sense of rivalry too, as they battle it out to be the best. It did make me laugh (though perhaps a little inappropriately), that despite the seriousness of the situation with a body being found, they can still make bets about it!

Whoops that was awkward with Dom, but I guess given how big the Weasley family is, it was sort of expected that Roxy was going to bump into a relative. Yay Dom’s a good person too! I thought she was going to start getting angry with Roxy with the way she was questioning her about why she was there, and nothing was confirmed but it was nice to see that they got on. I hope she appears a lot more in this story as she’s another next gen character who really doesn’t get enough limelight.

I really like how you’re building up Roxy’s life so everyone’s fits in together, as there’s the little trio of cousins with Roxy, Lucy and Dom, then Dom’s friends with Jane as they’re single together and now Roxy can join as her and Daniel are now more. It’s just nice that I now know them well enough to put them all together, and I can’t wait to see them all together because at the moment it’s just been Roxy with one of the others and never all together.

Hmm, so it definitely is Malcom then. I know I thought he might have played a part in his disappearance earlier, but I guess that isn’t the case now. I wonder what really went on with him, and whether this is connected to the war or something else. Either way, I can’t wait for the mystery to unravel further!

Oooh so someone else has disappeared! And it was an Abbot who reported it! I wonder if that’s Hannah but she decided to keep her maiden name when marrying Neville or another relative of hers. I really liked how we got a different perspective in this story again, because while I love Roxy, it does make it more interesting to have different perspectives as it adds more layers to the story!


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Review #36, by patronus_charmReverie: Memories

7th January 2015:
Hi there, here for the review battle! ♥

I really like this story as it was so sweet and really did feel me with the festive cheer and make me smile!

Luna was handled excellently in this story and I really admire your ability to write here as I've never really managed it as she's such a hard character to pull off. I like how you tied the title, reverie, into her state of mind as she does always have this dreamlike quality, and she's always drifting off so that was a good nod towards her character.

Zephira was so adorable! It was such a Luna like name to give her, and the way she almost love Zephira as much as she loved Rolf seemed like such a Luna like to thing to do.

I really loved her mini-fangirl over Rolf and how she couldn't quite believe that she was marrying the grandson of Newt Scamander as it was nice to see that she could live her dream and that her life had turned out well for her. He seemed to have grounded her a little more too, as she seemed maturer here and a little more serious here, and I really liked how you highlighted those subtle changes in her character.

There were so many little Luna like things in this story which really made it for me such as the African village, M’kele M’bembe, and how she was giving speeches about Crumpled Horned Snorcacks. That just made her really!

A great read! :D


Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed the story. I really like writing Luna and I felt this story came together well.

Zephira is based somewhat on my cats, but also a bit smarter, since she's a Kneazle.

Glad you thought that it had a dream-like quality, since that's what I was aiming for.

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Review #37, by patronus_charmTrue Romance: A Satisfied Mind

6th January 2015:
No. No. No. No. Why. Why Why. Don't do this to me Rose! *breathes in and out* Okay, I need to try and compose myself so I can somehow comment on the rest of the chapter before getting to that bit, but wah, wah, wah, why?

Okay, first of all, I have to say Rose and Scorpius's relationship is v.v. cute and if I can't ship them as a couple I will ship them as best friends. I think the fact that they dated and went through so much together means that they're incredibly close now and I really like the fact that Scorpius is tagging along as Rose's date as I do feel a little sorry for her even if she brings about her own troubles sometimes. For some reason, I don't think Corbin will be very happy about this as I imagine him to be very possessive of Scorpius and won't like this at all.

Okay, so that was possibly one of the most possibly engagement announcements ever. I take it as a sign that they're a little apprehensive about Archie too and it totally isn't to do with them rushing into the engagement. I loved James' comment about the baby because of course he would say and that had me cracking up throughout. I think Ginny is definitely right though and he is very much like Ron!

Okay, and now finally to the bit which I really don't want to talk about it as it's just so heart-breaking... It started off so well, and I really loved how Molly sort of dissed Archie too so whoo go her! She really seemed to know Albus well and their relationship was so cute with the way she doted on Cora and realised he had all these fears about Brandon and wasn't sure where it was going. Then it happened. It was so sad and so horrible, as he was so cute with everyone and Cora especially and the way there was some hope that something could be done to save Arthur and then it was all crushed. I understand that you had to include it, but it just makes me so sad still. I hope this is the only death in the story though!

Great chapter, Rose!

Author's Response: I'm sorry!! I mean it. This broke my heart too. :(

You can friendship (haha) Scorpius and Rose. That's how I see them now. I'm glad that she ahsn't lost all sympathy (yet). eh, I don't think Corbin will really hear about it.

That was quite awkward... I mean, so sudden for the family and kind of out of place given older siblings who have been in relationships longer. I like having James a bit like Ron when it comes to that kind of stuff - and everyone has that oblivious person in their life.

I guess I wanted to show how sudden and jarring death can be. It's not always a violent, heroic death that takes people away nor is it always a long fight with illness. Molly has quite the soft spot for Cora (and Brandon). I can promise that it is the only one in this story.

thank you for the fab review!!


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Review #38, by patronus_charmTrue Romance: There Goes the Fear

6th January 2015:
Hey again Rose! ♥

Ooh this was an action packed chapter and I loved every bit of it :D

Luna, Lysander and Lorcan were all wonderful and you really do write them well which isn't an easy feat. I really liked how Luna was this caring extra aunt in the story as I like to think of her being like that, and the twins made me laugh so much as they're so odd, but I do like the idea of them both wanting to do different things. Woah, that Quidditch match was dramatic, though I think Cindy's worrying probably put me even more on the edge then before. Poor James! I really thought it was going to be something life-threatening then as I remember you saying a while ago someone dies in this but thank god it wasn't.

Go Lily go! I'm so proud of her for turning down the article and quitting her job as it's nice to see that people act on their principles and don't stand for being treated unfairly. I liked how you showed that side of being a Potter as that must suck a lot because it must feel like everything you do is just because who your parents are and not how good you are yourself at it. Hmm, hmm, hmm so Archie proposed? I'm not sure what to think of him either, but I'm leaning more to dislike. I don't know why I keep on hating on everyone's partners, but there's just a suspicious feeling about them really.

Also, still confused Scorpius, I think he should ditch Corbin as he's weird but not get back with Albus as he's so cute with Brandon, but find a new loving, non-creepy boyfriend.

A great chapter! ♥

Author's Response: Kiana!!!

This was an action-y chapter. :D i'm so happy you liked it!!

Yayayyay! Writing Luna and her family was a stressful experience (had to get them right!) I couldn't imagine Luna's children being that normal (nor would they want to be). I had to throw some drama in here and James getting hurt let me do a few things further on. Cindy was quite beside herself at watching him get hurt.

In my head, Lily is rather brave, even if she's not fighting dark wizards like her parents did. I don't like stories that hype the whole "Potters are celebs" bit but I wanted to show it a little. yes, yes, yes, he did. I didn't do my best making him super likable. :-/ you're a hater, obvs.

Well, I'm glad you're confused at least. :D

thank you for an awesome review!

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Review #39, by patronus_charmTrue Romance: Hold Tight

6th January 2015:
I saw you posted in the previews thread about chapter 18 and I thought I should finally get my act together and catch up on this awesome story!

I really liked the emphasis on family in this chapter as it was really interesting to see how they had evolved and developed over time and all three families were so cute.

Harry and Ginny were a really great couple which is something I don't often say. I really liked the bit about Harry helping Ginny with the chores too because whoo for equality as everyone loves it. Another thing I liked was seeing all the children together as this group of siblings is perhaps my favourite of them all.

Whoo for Draco being all accepting with Corbin too. I'm so glad that you made him nice like that as it's much nicer than him still loving Death Eaters and stuff. Hmm, hmm, hmm as you can probably guess I'm still not a massive fan of Corbin despite Draco accepting him. There's just something incredibly smarmy and punchable about him, and I think he'll have to do something incredible to get me to like him. :P

Aw, Arthur and Molly were so cute and adorable and I love them and just want to hug them and never let them go. Poor Molly, still feeling Fred's death today but she loves her children so much it doesn't surprise me at all. Another thing I loved was how open they were to Brandon and Cora despite the slightly unconventional situation. And ooh ooh ooh tension with Rose/Brandon/Scorpius much at the end!

Such a fab chapter! ♥

Author's Response: Hi Kiana!!

I'm so glad you popped back over for this! I feel like family is important for the Weasley and Potter families and that it should come out throughout the story.

Harry/Ginny aren't my favorite pair but it was nice to write them. I prefer to think of Harry as a rather progressive/helpful spouse. Writing their family dynamic was a bit entertaining and a projection of what I would like a family to be like.

Draco is a bit more accepting of Corbin because he does miss Scorpius (and knows he needs to be less of a jerk to have him involved). Your corbin hating makes me laugh. People are so divided about him.

I abosutely love writing Arthur and Molly together. I feel like as a mother, Molly will never get over Fred's death. I couldn't see the Weasleys not being accepting of a loving couple no matter how unconventional they are. I did create a bit of an awkward moment, hehe.

thank you for a lovely review!


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Review #40, by patronus_charmDull Ache: Oblivion

6th January 2015:
Rose ♥

Wow, what can I say? This was so raw and moving and powerful and I'm going to have to go against your author note as I think the writing in this was amazing as it was so personal and seeping with feeling that it really did move me!

Andromeda and Ted were written so well and really did seem to be made for each other. Her pain was his pain, his joy was her joy, and they really were there for each other in the best and the worst times and that really did move me. I think it was especially poignant when they were trying to choose a name for the baby as Andromeda had acknowledged his muggle roots and they were still trying to smile through the pain even though it must have been unimaginable for them.

When you describing the miscarriage happening there seemed to be this weird slow motion feel to it, like they were accepting it had to happen and were going through the motions of like going to St. Mungo's and stuff, but then there was this reluctance too with the way they were clinging onto the past and not wanting to let it go. I think that eerie sort of feeling is really what made my heart break as they really deserved this child and they would have been such great parents to it, it was so cruel for it to be taken from this.

Wah, like other people have said that last line was just wow and I'm still trying to take it in, it just made me want to hug you and take away some of your pain. I'm so sorry that this happened, Rose, because just reading this story made me realise how unimaginable the pain must be.

I'm sending lots of love and hugs your way and keep on being the strong and awesome person that you are, Rose! ♥


Author's Response: Kiana!

I guess this didn't feel amazing when I posted it but I was also crying at the time. :-/ As a vindictive author, I'm glad it was moving to read and that the raw emotion in it came out.

Andromeda and Ted have always been a favorite couple of mine so it was easy to give them such a nice relationship. I mean, they flow together but they have their incongruencies as well. I like to think that Andromeda did her best to understand parts of Ted's muggle life as he still carries a fascination for muggle culture.

Part of me wanted avoid some of the worse details of losing a pregnancy so I tried to make it a bit removed for Andromeda.

The last line was a reflection of sorts from me. It kind of pulled the whole experience together in terms of being torn between remembering and purging the past. I can say that I'm at least getting better. :)

thank you so much for your incredible review and very kind words.


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Review #41, by patronus_charmThe Moon Maiden: The Moon Maiden

24th December 2014:
Hey again Jenna! ♥

Wow, this chapter was so beautiful and sad and haunting and I’m not really sure where to start other than that this was a great way to tie up the story and the ending was perfect! ♥

The beginning section was so moving because even though we so rarely heard about Bathilda’s own family in this story, that scene with the ring was really poignant as it seemed to symbolise so much like the roots of her life and childhood and how she’s turned into the decrepit being who is remembering all those events in writing and simply waiting for death to come and get her. It was so sad and sorrowful and I wish someone could have been with Bathilda for that moment.

I loved the cameo of Flitwick and I really thought you captured his perfectly. It seems natural in a way that he and Bathilda would be drawn to one another as they are both outcasts from society in a way, yet they are both insanely wise and knowledgeable it makes sense for them to get along. The cameo from Dumbledore was very interesting as this was the first time that I got a sense that someone viewed him in a negative light because of what happened in his youth. It just felt that as Bathilda knew what he had been plotting with her nephew, she knew what he was capable of for the cause of love and that seemed to haunt even though as she did seem a little cold and off with Albus, even if she did allow herself to give him a few compliments. It was just such an interesting exchange and it’s made me want to know even more about their relationship.

I had wondered how you would make Muriel a spinster and I really like how you did choose to do it, as you directly hit upon her bride by taking her wealth and status and it perfectly explains why she ended up as that angry, grumbling spinster we know from the books. Bathilda’s feelings of rejection just seemed to seep out in everything she said and you couldn’t help but feel for her, especially with this, ‘For what did you leave me? Why did you choose not to love me? How does your hair still smear the hair around us with that sweet, familiar perfume?’ That was just so raw and so emotional and so perfect.

The theme of loneliness was brought up again in this chapter with the way all those close to her being gone. Even though Gellert did end up evil, he was still her nephew and still taken from her. I found the comment about Lily especially poignant because it left me realising that so many people would have had a happier life if she was still alive.

The ending was great with the way the moon maiden appeared as it tied into the story really well and it finally felt as if there was some calm and order in Bathilda’s life for once. I really liked how Muriel was there too because even though their time together in their real lives was so short, at least they had the afterlife together.

A fantastic and beautiful story! ♥


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Review #42, by patronus_charmThe Moon Maiden: A Man's World

24th December 2014:
Hey Jenna, sorry it took me ages to come back to this story but here I am! ♥

I loved Bathilda’s character it’s so interesting to read and almost mysterious too as I’m never entirely sure what her true thoughts and feelings are. The older Bathilda is especially interesting to read with the way she casts this figure of loneliness and she only has these shadows of the past for company. Her belief in the demons was especially interesting, and I wonder if it will re-remerge in later chapters too.

Bathilda in the past with Muriel is great to read too as she’s so in love with her and would do anything for it’s so powerful and so special in a way too. It almost feels that as Bathilda doesn’t really have anything to lose she puts her all into Muriel, whereas Muriel has much more to lose from this relationship so there’s something almost holding her back from committing her all to it.

Her thoughts about Gellert and Albus are so great and I love seeing the snippets of their relationship as it’s always been a curiosity to me, so it’s interesting to see it from another perspective as it helps me understand a little more. It seems as if Gellert’s visit affected her deeply so aside from Ariana obviously dying, I wonder what else occurred during it to cause her to give off those sorts of feelings, and what exactly is the secret that she’s keeping. I do have an inkling of what it could be but I do wonder if there is more to it than what I’m currently thinking.

I’m still unsure about my thoughts in regards to Muriel, at times she seems to be so innocent and under the complete control of her mother, but then a few moments later she’s suggesting that they come out to their families as it’s for the best. The letter from Muriel to Bathilda does echo how I feel about her, because there’s the courage in telling her parents the truth but then the submission in how she gives into the will and agrees to marry. She’s a wonderful complex character anyhow, and I do really enjoy reading her as it’s fun to decipher the motivation behind what she does.

The last section was really great as it tied into the first with the supernatural elements of it and the internal reflections too. Bathilda seemed even more lonely then as the stranger didn’t even stay to keep her company and she was left standing there alone wondering if the creatures are still lurking about. I do hope the next chapter does bring her some happiness.

Great chapter! ♥


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Review #43, by patronus_charmTwelve: Twelve

24th December 2014:
Merry Christmas Eve Erin! ♥

I really liked how you started the story as you set the scene really well with describing all the Christmas activities going on in Hogwarts as it just made me really feel the festive cheer. It also gave an interesting insight into Poppy’s life as she’s always been at Hogwarts, observing all the pupils and quietly caring for them in the background and it made her seem kind of lonely as she couldn’t join in with the festivities as she had to make sure all the children are alright.

Oooh the bit of backstory was really interesting and I liked how you related it to the students as well as that tied it up nicely. I never suspected that Poppy would have had those feelings, and I feel so sad for her that her parents could never accept for who she was and what her true feelings were, but I suppose it does make it more fitting for the times that way. I think the flashback she had when she was alone in her room was the worst one as it was so horrible to see her parents blame her like that and call her selfish for something that’s just so natural for her. Then the way you said she only had cards from Minerva and Albus made her seem even more lonely and my heart just started to break for her.

Poppy’s interaction with the children was really lovely and natural and they seemed to get on so well together, that I can see why she stayed on being the nurse at Hogwarts for so many years. Lily was really cute too, and I could already see her adult self developing in this story.

The story with Neil was heart-breaking though because even though it seemed like he had accepted her for who she was with the way he carried on holding her hand, he then left two days later and it was just like gah what are you doing Neil, stay with Poppy as she needs you. She really does deserve a hug! The scene at the end with the baubles made up for it though as it was so cute of Lily to have done that, and the way you wrote it seemed really enchanting in a way, and for once Poppy got recognised for how wonderful she is.

A great one-shot, Erin!


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Review #44, by patronus_charmcherish: all these simple things

23rd December 2014:
Merry Christmas Sarah! ♥

Aw, aw, aw, this was so cute and so lovely and so adorable and yay for next gen songfics! Speaking of songfics, this one was so great as the lyrics really added to the story and I really liked how each section linked to what Lily was currently thinking as it made the transition between lyrics and story really smooth and it meant they added to the story so much.

Lily's thoughts really did make me laugh as there seemed to be a sense of calm in them despite all the chaos of a Weasley Christmas going on before so that was funny to read and to notice the contrast between it all. I really liked how you managed to get such an array of people into the story as that's no small feat given how the one-shot was only 800 words or so with lyrics so kudos to you as it didn't feel rushed at all either.

The way you tied it into the prompt was so cute as it was so nice to see that Lily was starting her own life and this was the first step of it by bringing her boyfriend home with her. Alistair was so cute too as it felt as if he was meant to be there and just fitted into the family and I can just imagine them living a cute and happy life together now, and wah just general cuteness really.

I spotted a tiny thing here 'Teddy and Victoires three year old chased' where you missed the apostrophe but apart from that this was a fab read and I really enjoyed it! ♥


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Review #45, by patronus_charmFairy Lights and Mistletoe: Fairy Lights and Mistletoe

23rd December 2014:
Merry Christmas Madi! ♥

Whoo for fluffy Dramiones, they are my guilty pleasure so I'm indulging in them as it's Christmas time so whoo for that, and yours was so cute and lovely and fluffy it was a great thing to indulge in!

There were so many adorable moments between the two of them, but I really loved the beginning bit the most as it was just so cute with the way they were both getting ready for Christmas together and the way they shared little kisses with one another. They just seemed so at ease and in love that it was so sweet. It really made me want to see how they got together too as they seemed so loved up too, but I guess this is only a one-shot, so it would have been a little hard to fit that in as well!

It was cute how Draco accepted her friends and that he wouldn't be able to get rid of them as he isn't always like that so I really liked that here, and they all seemed to get on so well here!

Okay, I do have to admit that when he asked her to dance he may also ask her to marry so it was cool that it did turn out like that and I thought you wrote it really well as it was just the right levels of cute and fluffy and yeah it was great! ♥ It also tied into the prompt so well too, that that was really clever as they were going to start a new life together from this Christmas onwards and I really liked that idea, as it tied in with the overall Christmas message really well too.

Such a lovely story! ♥


Author's Response: Happy New Year Kiana! ♥

I'm super happy that you liked this little fluffy one-shot of mine! :) I indulged in quite a few Dramione fics over these past couple of weeks as well, just not on here :P I'd never done Dramione fluff until this story, as my two other Dramione pieces are both dark and angsty, so this was a big change for me, but I enjoyed writing it!

I would like to think Hermione absolutely loves the holidays, so her infectious happiness would infect Draco too, causing them to act like they were teenagers madly in love just for a few weeks again. It took me all of three seconds to decide how I wanted this story to go with the prompt, and only like three hours to write it!

The double proposal was originally going to be a triple (with Ron proposing to somebody) but I forgot to put his character in so I just left him out :P Christmastime is just a great time for new things and new traditions, so I'm glad you like how I tied it all in together for the prompt as well as the season! :)

Thank you so much Kiana! I'll be reading yours soon! :)
~MadiMalfoy x

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Review #46, by patronus_charmNeutral Ground: Neutral Ground

23rd December 2014:
Merry Christmas! ♥

Ooh ooh I have to say this is really cool interpretation of the prompt as it was quite an open one so you really could have done anything with it, so what you did here was really great as I never expected it to have such a dark twist at the end, and it really showed the spooky edge that winter could almost have too.

I really liked how even though this was a Marauders era story and James was mentioned in it, he and the Marauders weren't the main focus of the story as it made it a lot more fresh and interesting to read as a result. Bertha was actually quite a sweet character and I really liked how she wasn't immediately affected by the inter-house prejudices and could see pass it in order to love Rosier, though that probably wasn't a good thing that she did but let's look past that! Sandra was a really funny character too with the way she kept on trying to make Bertha see sense and those two worked really well together.

Even though Quidditch was the main focus of the story in a way, it didn't stop other storylines from being explored too and I really liked that aspect of the story. You described the energy and drama of each match really well, and the last one especially kept me gripped. I really liked that as it sort of gave off the omen that during war no one and nowhere is really safe and it gave you a lot to think about.

The last section was so ominous and there was so much foreshadowing it was fab and a great way to tie up the story! This was such a great entry and your banner was so pretty too :D


(also sorry about the weird / appearing in the review I'm not sure why they're there as I didn't put them there, but maybe they'll disappear when I submit this...)

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Review #47, by patronus_charmVols casar-te amb mi?: Vols casar-te amb mi?

23rd December 2014:
Hey Sian, Sian, you need to write more Scorose as this was fab!

First things first, I have to have words with you being sneaky and putting the main theme of the story into the title, one day I will learn Spanish and Catalan and then you won't be able to be so sneaky :P Anyhow, as you can probably guess I loved all the mix of languages despite that as it was so cool and added so much to the story and they blended in really well. I really loved how of course Scorpius was fluent in another one as it just seemed to be so him and he was all suave about it, then there was Rose knowing a few French swear words thanks to Louis. :P

I really thought you captured their individual characters as well as their relationship really well in this story which isn't an easy feat given that it was only a one-shot so kudos for you on that. They just seemed to be so happy and cute together too that I could carry on reading about them for ages and ages and you know *wink* *wink* I totally think you should write some more of them.

The way you explored Barcelona throughout this story was really cool too, as I really got a sense of the city and really made me want to visit it as it sounds so mysterious in a way but fun too, and I just fell in love with it basically. :P

The ending was so cute, and even more so because I thought Scorpius was just saying something like I love you because of the amb it looked a little like amour, but no when I found out the truth I started squealing waay too much as that was so cute and perfect and romantic and Rose still understood and yayayay it was lovely and a lovely end to the one-shot.

Lovely story Sian! ♥


Author's Response: Kiana, do you have any idea how hard it is to write Scorose? (Well, for me - you wrote a whole novel with them so I imagine it's probably easier for you but this was difficult!)

Hehe I am a sneaky author, but I honestly had no other ideas for a title and since not many people learn/speak Catalan, I figured that it wouldn't give too much away at the beginning. Fellow languages fan :D I had so much fun adding in the little bits of the languages to this story because they're amazing and it was great to write something in a setting that actually made it acceptable. And it was so fun to put in the struggles that language learning/barriers can bring.

I'm really pleased that you liked the way I captured their characters and their dynamics as a couple too... I was so worried that I'd have Scorose shippers throwing something at me after writing this :P

Barcelona is beautiful! ♥ I loved it so much when I visited and although I couldn't really do justice to such an amazing city in a short amount of time, I'm happy you loved it here!

Hehe language secrets :P (if you want to know, 'amb' means 'with' in Catalan) I'm glad that it didn't seem over the top or anything and that you liked that scene as well! Thank you so much for this fantastic review! ♥

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Review #48, by patronus_charmSky and Stars: Infinite

23rd December 2014:
Yayayaya, hi again Sian!

Can I say there was something very John Greeny/Fault in Our Starsy about this and I really liked it! All the imagery with the stars and infinity was beautiful and really reminded me of his writing so that made this a perfect present for Nadia! Another thing I loved about it was that it showed how easily those two might not have ended up together in all the possibilities of the world but thanks to gravity pulling them together they did end up together. I'm not sure if that made any sense but wah I loved all that imagery.

They were so adorably and awkwardly cute together and all those little moments revealed loads of aspects of their relationship which I just loved reading about, like how Parvati said she liked his voice and Seamus knew she really meant his accent and how he was always looking out for her during the battle. It just made them so real and genuine and I am now shipping these two big time as it felt as if the two of them should be canon.

Wah, your style in this was lovely too as it was so simple in a way but conveyed so much and was really lovely and reminded me again of John Green so whoo go your style! ♥

The ending! ♥ Aw, that was such a lovely and beautiful way to tie up the story and I can just imagine them floating off into infinity always being in love and that's just such a cute image to have and I'm in love with it a lot right now!

A fab story and I will be back again soon! ♥


Author's Response: Hey again!

This was a really different style for me and something a lot more minimalistic than what I normally write, but I'm so glad that you liked it, and that you can even mention John Green's style comparing it to this is just making me squee. I know how much Nadia loves him so that was in a way the sort of style I was aiming for but I had no hopes of ever getting near it :P

I actually really love Seamus and Parvati together and all of these little moments were strangely fun to write for someone who doesn't write very much romance at all (unless it's angsty, because you know me :P). I'm so glad that you're shipping them too!

Wah you're far too nice to me and I don't even know what to say in response to this review, I'm just a mess of rambly thank yous, but you really made my day with this! Thank you so much!

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Review #49, by patronus_charmBehind You: Run

23rd December 2014:
Happy belated birthday Sian! :D

Wow this story was creepy and dark but I loved it for that exact reason! I think the first section was perhaps the scariest as it set the tone for the rest of the story really well with the idea of Gellert being haunted by himself and it always lurking by him like a shadow. Just the idea of it was really cool and it was great how you followed it through in the rest of the story.

Another thing I liked about this story was Gellert's character as it had a softer edge compared to how we usually see him, almost vulnerable I suppose, but I guess having a doppelganger was a reason for that. It almost reminded me of The Double by Dostoevsky because the character seemed to get weaker and weaker in that as they continued to be haunted by their doppelganger so it was cool to see it happening in this story as well as we could really get a sense of how Gellert lost control of his world because of his double.

As well as having that sort of demon, there were the personal ones with the memories of Dumbledore always lurking away there and reminding him of what he may have done. I really loved that touch as it made Gellert's existence almost spectre like as he was always being haunted by shadows and memories and never really living his life, and because he was always haunted by that it sort of suggests he might have given into Dumbledore a little in the final battle between the two of them and that's an interesting thing to think about.

The ending with Voldemort was perhaps my favourite section because by then Gellert had had that time in isolation to think about everything and reflect on his actions and it seemed as if he had reached the point where he could repent, because by seeing Voldemort he could really appreciate the horrors he did and I really liked that moment of clarity. I think it was fitting in a way that Gellert died before he could say anything as it just seemed more natural and more him, and perhaps his double will redeem Gellert for him.

Fantastic story Sian, and it was so thought provoking and fun to read! :D


Author's Response: Kiana! ♥ Ah, it was so sweet of you to stop by with birthday reviews!

This story was a) really strange and b) really hard to write, but I'm glad that you enjoyed it all the same! It was a bit darker and creepier than the things I normally write but that part was kind of fun.

I haven't read that book, actually (behind on my Russian literature, as you know :P), but I'm glad it reminded you of something like that, because that's the sort of idea I was working on. The doppelganger's almost like a conscience that he tries to hide from, and twinned with his memories of Dumbledore and what he's done in the past, he's constantly haunted.

I really liked the ending with Voldemort too, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I thought it was good for it to come full circle and show the humanity in Gellert compared to Voldemort, who doesn't care what he's done.

I'm really pleased you enjoyed this, and thank you for the lovely review!

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Review #50, by patronus_charmKnight Takes Queen: King

20th December 2014:
Hey again Laura and wow that was a powerful chapter!

I really liked how Rowena had such an affinity with ravens that they were always around her, especially so in moments of pain as it must have been quite comforting to know that she would never be alone no matter where she went.

Even though this was the only chapter when we got to see Helga and Rowena together I really liked as we really got a powerful sense of what their relationship was like and how close they were. It was nice to see that Rowena could actually open up to her as well and reveal all her thoughts and feelings as I imagine she can't do it to everyone so that made their bond even cuter.

You left so me wondering so many things in this chapter I really wish this story could have been developed further so I could have found out extra things such as what caused Rowena to be ill, and what were all her regrets, and what was the reason in this chase which caused Salazar to leave them. There just seemed to be so much mystery and so many regrets in this chapter I wanted moar!

The ending with the way Rowena made her wishes clear seemed to be so like her, so regal and formal and I loved it despite all the sadness! She was so measured and composed so I think you really captured her character well with that, and it was so sad to see such a magnificent (I never use this word but it seems to be so fitting for her!) person die like that.

Great story Laura and Merry Christmas! ♥


Author's Response: Hi again, Kiana! :)

Thank you so much - I'm so glad you liked it! I had a bit of trouble writing this one, so it's the one I'm most nervous about, so it means a lot to hear you say that! :)

I may or may not have re-read The Hobbit again not long before I wrote this, which may or may not have influenced the whole raven thing ;) But no, I loved mentioning the animals again, and it does fit with her so nicely, what with the name and all :P

Yeah, this is the only chapter with another character, apart from the merman, and Helga's the only other Founder in it... I didn't quite plan it like that, but I really wanted to show their friendship and how close they were, how Rowena had found a sort of family even after she left her original one. And yeah, Rowena definitely wouldn't open up to just anyone, so it's a very close bond they have :)

Haha, sorry about that! :( I've thought a couple of times about extending it, but I'm sort of happy with where it is and how it is - and not completely sure what I'd add to it - being the end of her life and a culmination of regrets and happiness and everything like that.

Strangely enough, I liked writing that part - though I hate dialogue, haha - because it's sort of like a show of force, in a way, with her so determined not to lose it, not to break down or be weak or anything... it's kinda sad, but kinda brave at the same time. I'm so glad you liked it, though - writing endings of things has always been hard for me! :)

Thank you so so much for the lovely pair of reviews, Kiana - they were so great to get! :)

Aph xx

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