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Review #26, by patronus_charmTrue Romance: Hold Tight

6th January 2015:
I saw you posted in the previews thread about chapter 18 and I thought I should finally get my act together and catch up on this awesome story!

I really liked the emphasis on family in this chapter as it was really interesting to see how they had evolved and developed over time and all three families were so cute.

Harry and Ginny were a really great couple which is something I don't often say. I really liked the bit about Harry helping Ginny with the chores too because whoo for equality as everyone loves it. Another thing I liked was seeing all the children together as this group of siblings is perhaps my favourite of them all.

Whoo for Draco being all accepting with Corbin too. I'm so glad that you made him nice like that as it's much nicer than him still loving Death Eaters and stuff. Hmm, hmm, hmm as you can probably guess I'm still not a massive fan of Corbin despite Draco accepting him. There's just something incredibly smarmy and punchable about him, and I think he'll have to do something incredible to get me to like him. :P

Aw, Arthur and Molly were so cute and adorable and I love them and just want to hug them and never let them go. Poor Molly, still feeling Fred's death today but she loves her children so much it doesn't surprise me at all. Another thing I loved was how open they were to Brandon and Cora despite the slightly unconventional situation. And ooh ooh ooh tension with Rose/Brandon/Scorpius much at the end!

Such a fab chapter! ♥

Author's Response: Hi Kiana!!

I'm so glad you popped back over for this! I feel like family is important for the Weasley and Potter families and that it should come out throughout the story.

Harry/Ginny aren't my favorite pair but it was nice to write them. I prefer to think of Harry as a rather progressive/helpful spouse. Writing their family dynamic was a bit entertaining and a projection of what I would like a family to be like.

Draco is a bit more accepting of Corbin because he does miss Scorpius (and knows he needs to be less of a jerk to have him involved). Your corbin hating makes me laugh. People are so divided about him.

I abosutely love writing Arthur and Molly together. I feel like as a mother, Molly will never get over Fred's death. I couldn't see the Weasleys not being accepting of a loving couple no matter how unconventional they are. I did create a bit of an awkward moment, hehe.

thank you for a lovely review!


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Review #27, by patronus_charmDull Ache: Oblivion

6th January 2015:
Rose ♥

Wow, what can I say? This was so raw and moving and powerful and I'm going to have to go against your author note as I think the writing in this was amazing as it was so personal and seeping with feeling that it really did move me!

Andromeda and Ted were written so well and really did seem to be made for each other. Her pain was his pain, his joy was her joy, and they really were there for each other in the best and the worst times and that really did move me. I think it was especially poignant when they were trying to choose a name for the baby as Andromeda had acknowledged his muggle roots and they were still trying to smile through the pain even though it must have been unimaginable for them.

When you describing the miscarriage happening there seemed to be this weird slow motion feel to it, like they were accepting it had to happen and were going through the motions of like going to St. Mungo's and stuff, but then there was this reluctance too with the way they were clinging onto the past and not wanting to let it go. I think that eerie sort of feeling is really what made my heart break as they really deserved this child and they would have been such great parents to it, it was so cruel for it to be taken from this.

Wah, like other people have said that last line was just wow and I'm still trying to take it in, it just made me want to hug you and take away some of your pain. I'm so sorry that this happened, Rose, because just reading this story made me realise how unimaginable the pain must be.

I'm sending lots of love and hugs your way and keep on being the strong and awesome person that you are, Rose! ♥


Author's Response: Kiana!

I guess this didn't feel amazing when I posted it but I was also crying at the time. :-/ As a vindictive author, I'm glad it was moving to read and that the raw emotion in it came out.

Andromeda and Ted have always been a favorite couple of mine so it was easy to give them such a nice relationship. I mean, they flow together but they have their incongruencies as well. I like to think that Andromeda did her best to understand parts of Ted's muggle life as he still carries a fascination for muggle culture.

Part of me wanted avoid some of the worse details of losing a pregnancy so I tried to make it a bit removed for Andromeda.

The last line was a reflection of sorts from me. It kind of pulled the whole experience together in terms of being torn between remembering and purging the past. I can say that I'm at least getting better. :)

thank you so much for your incredible review and very kind words.


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Review #28, by patronus_charmThe Moon Maiden: The Moon Maiden

24th December 2014:
Hey again Jenna! ♥

Wow, this chapter was so beautiful and sad and haunting and Iím not really sure where to start other than that this was a great way to tie up the story and the ending was perfect! ♥

The beginning section was so moving because even though we so rarely heard about Bathildaís own family in this story, that scene with the ring was really poignant as it seemed to symbolise so much like the roots of her life and childhood and how sheís turned into the decrepit being who is remembering all those events in writing and simply waiting for death to come and get her. It was so sad and sorrowful and I wish someone could have been with Bathilda for that moment.

I loved the cameo of Flitwick and I really thought you captured his perfectly. It seems natural in a way that he and Bathilda would be drawn to one another as they are both outcasts from society in a way, yet they are both insanely wise and knowledgeable it makes sense for them to get along. The cameo from Dumbledore was very interesting as this was the first time that I got a sense that someone viewed him in a negative light because of what happened in his youth. It just felt that as Bathilda knew what he had been plotting with her nephew, she knew what he was capable of for the cause of love and that seemed to haunt even though as she did seem a little cold and off with Albus, even if she did allow herself to give him a few compliments. It was just such an interesting exchange and itís made me want to know even more about their relationship.

I had wondered how you would make Muriel a spinster and I really like how you did choose to do it, as you directly hit upon her bride by taking her wealth and status and it perfectly explains why she ended up as that angry, grumbling spinster we know from the books. Bathildaís feelings of rejection just seemed to seep out in everything she said and you couldnít help but feel for her, especially with this, ĎFor what did you leave me? Why did you choose not to love me? How does your hair still smear the hair around us with that sweet, familiar perfume?í That was just so raw and so emotional and so perfect.

The theme of loneliness was brought up again in this chapter with the way all those close to her being gone. Even though Gellert did end up evil, he was still her nephew and still taken from her. I found the comment about Lily especially poignant because it left me realising that so many people would have had a happier life if she was still alive.

The ending was great with the way the moon maiden appeared as it tied into the story really well and it finally felt as if there was some calm and order in Bathildaís life for once. I really liked how Muriel was there too because even though their time together in their real lives was so short, at least they had the afterlife together.

A fantastic and beautiful story! ♥


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Review #29, by patronus_charmThe Moon Maiden: A Man's World

24th December 2014:
Hey Jenna, sorry it took me ages to come back to this story but here I am! ♥

I loved Bathildaís character itís so interesting to read and almost mysterious too as Iím never entirely sure what her true thoughts and feelings are. The older Bathilda is especially interesting to read with the way she casts this figure of loneliness and she only has these shadows of the past for company. Her belief in the demons was especially interesting, and I wonder if it will re-remerge in later chapters too.

Bathilda in the past with Muriel is great to read too as sheís so in love with her and would do anything for itís so powerful and so special in a way too. It almost feels that as Bathilda doesnít really have anything to lose she puts her all into Muriel, whereas Muriel has much more to lose from this relationship so thereís something almost holding her back from committing her all to it.

Her thoughts about Gellert and Albus are so great and I love seeing the snippets of their relationship as itís always been a curiosity to me, so itís interesting to see it from another perspective as it helps me understand a little more. It seems as if Gellertís visit affected her deeply so aside from Ariana obviously dying, I wonder what else occurred during it to cause her to give off those sorts of feelings, and what exactly is the secret that sheís keeping. I do have an inkling of what it could be but I do wonder if there is more to it than what Iím currently thinking.

Iím still unsure about my thoughts in regards to Muriel, at times she seems to be so innocent and under the complete control of her mother, but then a few moments later sheís suggesting that they come out to their families as itís for the best. The letter from Muriel to Bathilda does echo how I feel about her, because thereís the courage in telling her parents the truth but then the submission in how she gives into the will and agrees to marry. Sheís a wonderful complex character anyhow, and I do really enjoy reading her as itís fun to decipher the motivation behind what she does.

The last section was really great as it tied into the first with the supernatural elements of it and the internal reflections too. Bathilda seemed even more lonely then as the stranger didnít even stay to keep her company and she was left standing there alone wondering if the creatures are still lurking about. I do hope the next chapter does bring her some happiness.

Great chapter! ♥


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Review #30, by patronus_charmTwelve: Twelve

24th December 2014:
Merry Christmas Eve Erin! ♥

I really liked how you started the story as you set the scene really well with describing all the Christmas activities going on in Hogwarts as it just made me really feel the festive cheer. It also gave an interesting insight into Poppyís life as sheís always been at Hogwarts, observing all the pupils and quietly caring for them in the background and it made her seem kind of lonely as she couldnít join in with the festivities as she had to make sure all the children are alright.

Oooh the bit of backstory was really interesting and I liked how you related it to the students as well as that tied it up nicely. I never suspected that Poppy would have had those feelings, and I feel so sad for her that her parents could never accept for who she was and what her true feelings were, but I suppose it does make it more fitting for the times that way. I think the flashback she had when she was alone in her room was the worst one as it was so horrible to see her parents blame her like that and call her selfish for something thatís just so natural for her. Then the way you said she only had cards from Minerva and Albus made her seem even more lonely and my heart just started to break for her.

Poppyís interaction with the children was really lovely and natural and they seemed to get on so well together, that I can see why she stayed on being the nurse at Hogwarts for so many years. Lily was really cute too, and I could already see her adult self developing in this story.

The story with Neil was heart-breaking though because even though it seemed like he had accepted her for who she was with the way he carried on holding her hand, he then left two days later and it was just like gah what are you doing Neil, stay with Poppy as she needs you. She really does deserve a hug! The scene at the end with the baubles made up for it though as it was so cute of Lily to have done that, and the way you wrote it seemed really enchanting in a way, and for once Poppy got recognised for how wonderful she is.

A great one-shot, Erin!


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Review #31, by patronus_charmcherish: all these simple things

23rd December 2014:
Merry Christmas Sarah! ♥

Aw, aw, aw, this was so cute and so lovely and so adorable and yay for next gen songfics! Speaking of songfics, this one was so great as the lyrics really added to the story and I really liked how each section linked to what Lily was currently thinking as it made the transition between lyrics and story really smooth and it meant they added to the story so much.

Lily's thoughts really did make me laugh as there seemed to be a sense of calm in them despite all the chaos of a Weasley Christmas going on before so that was funny to read and to notice the contrast between it all. I really liked how you managed to get such an array of people into the story as that's no small feat given how the one-shot was only 800 words or so with lyrics so kudos to you as it didn't feel rushed at all either.

The way you tied it into the prompt was so cute as it was so nice to see that Lily was starting her own life and this was the first step of it by bringing her boyfriend home with her. Alistair was so cute too as it felt as if he was meant to be there and just fitted into the family and I can just imagine them living a cute and happy life together now, and wah just general cuteness really.

I spotted a tiny thing here 'Teddy and Victoires three year old chased' where you missed the apostrophe but apart from that this was a fab read and I really enjoyed it! ♥


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Review #32, by patronus_charmFairy Lights and Mistletoe: Fairy Lights and Mistletoe

23rd December 2014:
Merry Christmas Madi! ♥

Whoo for fluffy Dramiones, they are my guilty pleasure so I'm indulging in them as it's Christmas time so whoo for that, and yours was so cute and lovely and fluffy it was a great thing to indulge in!

There were so many adorable moments between the two of them, but I really loved the beginning bit the most as it was just so cute with the way they were both getting ready for Christmas together and the way they shared little kisses with one another. They just seemed so at ease and in love that it was so sweet. It really made me want to see how they got together too as they seemed so loved up too, but I guess this is only a one-shot, so it would have been a little hard to fit that in as well!

It was cute how Draco accepted her friends and that he wouldn't be able to get rid of them as he isn't always like that so I really liked that here, and they all seemed to get on so well here!

Okay, I do have to admit that when he asked her to dance he may also ask her to marry so it was cool that it did turn out like that and I thought you wrote it really well as it was just the right levels of cute and fluffy and yeah it was great! ♥ It also tied into the prompt so well too, that that was really clever as they were going to start a new life together from this Christmas onwards and I really liked that idea, as it tied in with the overall Christmas message really well too.

Such a lovely story! ♥


Author's Response: Happy New Year Kiana! ♥

I'm super happy that you liked this little fluffy one-shot of mine! :) I indulged in quite a few Dramione fics over these past couple of weeks as well, just not on here :P I'd never done Dramione fluff until this story, as my two other Dramione pieces are both dark and angsty, so this was a big change for me, but I enjoyed writing it!

I would like to think Hermione absolutely loves the holidays, so her infectious happiness would infect Draco too, causing them to act like they were teenagers madly in love just for a few weeks again. It took me all of three seconds to decide how I wanted this story to go with the prompt, and only like three hours to write it!

The double proposal was originally going to be a triple (with Ron proposing to somebody) but I forgot to put his character in so I just left him out :P Christmastime is just a great time for new things and new traditions, so I'm glad you like how I tied it all in together for the prompt as well as the season! :)

Thank you so much Kiana! I'll be reading yours soon! :)
~MadiMalfoy x

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Review #33, by patronus_charmNeutral Ground: Neutral Ground

23rd December 2014:
Merry Christmas! ♥

Ooh ooh I have to say this is really cool interpretation of the prompt as it was quite an open one so you really could have done anything with it, so what you did here was really great as I never expected it to have such a dark twist at the end, and it really showed the spooky edge that winter could almost have too.

I really liked how even though this was a Marauders era story and James was mentioned in it, he and the Marauders weren't the main focus of the story as it made it a lot more fresh and interesting to read as a result. Bertha was actually quite a sweet character and I really liked how she wasn't immediately affected by the inter-house prejudices and could see pass it in order to love Rosier, though that probably wasn't a good thing that she did but let's look past that! Sandra was a really funny character too with the way she kept on trying to make Bertha see sense and those two worked really well together.

Even though Quidditch was the main focus of the story in a way, it didn't stop other storylines from being explored too and I really liked that aspect of the story. You described the energy and drama of each match really well, and the last one especially kept me gripped. I really liked that as it sort of gave off the omen that during war no one and nowhere is really safe and it gave you a lot to think about.

The last section was so ominous and there was so much foreshadowing it was fab and a great way to tie up the story! This was such a great entry and your banner was so pretty too :D


(also sorry about the weird / appearing in the review I'm not sure why they're there as I didn't put them there, but maybe they'll disappear when I submit this...)

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Review #34, by patronus_charmVols casar-te amb mi?: Vols casar-te amb mi?

23rd December 2014:
Hey Sian, Sian, you need to write more Scorose as this was fab!

First things first, I have to have words with you being sneaky and putting the main theme of the story into the title, one day I will learn Spanish and Catalan and then you won't be able to be so sneaky :P Anyhow, as you can probably guess I loved all the mix of languages despite that as it was so cool and added so much to the story and they blended in really well. I really loved how of course Scorpius was fluent in another one as it just seemed to be so him and he was all suave about it, then there was Rose knowing a few French swear words thanks to Louis. :P

I really thought you captured their individual characters as well as their relationship really well in this story which isn't an easy feat given that it was only a one-shot so kudos for you on that. They just seemed to be so happy and cute together too that I could carry on reading about them for ages and ages and you know *wink* *wink* I totally think you should write some more of them.

The way you explored Barcelona throughout this story was really cool too, as I really got a sense of the city and really made me want to visit it as it sounds so mysterious in a way but fun too, and I just fell in love with it basically. :P

The ending was so cute, and even more so because I thought Scorpius was just saying something like I love you because of the amb it looked a little like amour, but no when I found out the truth I started squealing waay too much as that was so cute and perfect and romantic and Rose still understood and yayayay it was lovely and a lovely end to the one-shot.

Lovely story Sian! ♥


Author's Response: Kiana, do you have any idea how hard it is to write Scorose? (Well, for me - you wrote a whole novel with them so I imagine it's probably easier for you but this was difficult!)

Hehe I am a sneaky author, but I honestly had no other ideas for a title and since not many people learn/speak Catalan, I figured that it wouldn't give too much away at the beginning. Fellow languages fan :D I had so much fun adding in the little bits of the languages to this story because they're amazing and it was great to write something in a setting that actually made it acceptable. And it was so fun to put in the struggles that language learning/barriers can bring.

I'm really pleased that you liked the way I captured their characters and their dynamics as a couple too... I was so worried that I'd have Scorose shippers throwing something at me after writing this :P

Barcelona is beautiful! ♥ I loved it so much when I visited and although I couldn't really do justice to such an amazing city in a short amount of time, I'm happy you loved it here!

Hehe language secrets :P (if you want to know, 'amb' means 'with' in Catalan) I'm glad that it didn't seem over the top or anything and that you liked that scene as well! Thank you so much for this fantastic review! ♥

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Review #35, by patronus_charmSky and Stars: Infinite

23rd December 2014:
Yayayaya, hi again Sian!

Can I say there was something very John Greeny/Fault in Our Starsy about this and I really liked it! All the imagery with the stars and infinity was beautiful and really reminded me of his writing so that made this a perfect present for Nadia! Another thing I loved about it was that it showed how easily those two might not have ended up together in all the possibilities of the world but thanks to gravity pulling them together they did end up together. I'm not sure if that made any sense but wah I loved all that imagery.

They were so adorably and awkwardly cute together and all those little moments revealed loads of aspects of their relationship which I just loved reading about, like how Parvati said she liked his voice and Seamus knew she really meant his accent and how he was always looking out for her during the battle. It just made them so real and genuine and I am now shipping these two big time as it felt as if the two of them should be canon.

Wah, your style in this was lovely too as it was so simple in a way but conveyed so much and was really lovely and reminded me again of John Green so whoo go your style! ♥

The ending! ♥ Aw, that was such a lovely and beautiful way to tie up the story and I can just imagine them floating off into infinity always being in love and that's just such a cute image to have and I'm in love with it a lot right now!

A fab story and I will be back again soon! ♥


Author's Response: Hey again!

This was a really different style for me and something a lot more minimalistic than what I normally write, but I'm so glad that you liked it, and that you can even mention John Green's style comparing it to this is just making me squee. I know how much Nadia loves him so that was in a way the sort of style I was aiming for but I had no hopes of ever getting near it :P

I actually really love Seamus and Parvati together and all of these little moments were strangely fun to write for someone who doesn't write very much romance at all (unless it's angsty, because you know me :P). I'm so glad that you're shipping them too!

Wah you're far too nice to me and I don't even know what to say in response to this review, I'm just a mess of rambly thank yous, but you really made my day with this! Thank you so much!

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Review #36, by patronus_charmBehind You: Run

23rd December 2014:
Happy belated birthday Sian! :D

Wow this story was creepy and dark but I loved it for that exact reason! I think the first section was perhaps the scariest as it set the tone for the rest of the story really well with the idea of Gellert being haunted by himself and it always lurking by him like a shadow. Just the idea of it was really cool and it was great how you followed it through in the rest of the story.

Another thing I liked about this story was Gellert's character as it had a softer edge compared to how we usually see him, almost vulnerable I suppose, but I guess having a doppelganger was a reason for that. It almost reminded me of The Double by Dostoevsky because the character seemed to get weaker and weaker in that as they continued to be haunted by their doppelganger so it was cool to see it happening in this story as well as we could really get a sense of how Gellert lost control of his world because of his double.

As well as having that sort of demon, there were the personal ones with the memories of Dumbledore always lurking away there and reminding him of what he may have done. I really loved that touch as it made Gellert's existence almost spectre like as he was always being haunted by shadows and memories and never really living his life, and because he was always haunted by that it sort of suggests he might have given into Dumbledore a little in the final battle between the two of them and that's an interesting thing to think about.

The ending with Voldemort was perhaps my favourite section because by then Gellert had had that time in isolation to think about everything and reflect on his actions and it seemed as if he had reached the point where he could repent, because by seeing Voldemort he could really appreciate the horrors he did and I really liked that moment of clarity. I think it was fitting in a way that Gellert died before he could say anything as it just seemed more natural and more him, and perhaps his double will redeem Gellert for him.

Fantastic story Sian, and it was so thought provoking and fun to read! :D


Author's Response: Kiana! ♥ Ah, it was so sweet of you to stop by with birthday reviews!

This story was a) really strange and b) really hard to write, but I'm glad that you enjoyed it all the same! It was a bit darker and creepier than the things I normally write but that part was kind of fun.

I haven't read that book, actually (behind on my Russian literature, as you know :P), but I'm glad it reminded you of something like that, because that's the sort of idea I was working on. The doppelganger's almost like a conscience that he tries to hide from, and twinned with his memories of Dumbledore and what he's done in the past, he's constantly haunted.

I really liked the ending with Voldemort too, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I thought it was good for it to come full circle and show the humanity in Gellert compared to Voldemort, who doesn't care what he's done.

I'm really pleased you enjoyed this, and thank you for the lovely review!

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Review #37, by patronus_charmKnight Takes Queen: King

20th December 2014:
Hey again Laura and wow that was a powerful chapter!

I really liked how Rowena had such an affinity with ravens that they were always around her, especially so in moments of pain as it must have been quite comforting to know that she would never be alone no matter where she went.

Even though this was the only chapter when we got to see Helga and Rowena together I really liked as we really got a powerful sense of what their relationship was like and how close they were. It was nice to see that Rowena could actually open up to her as well and reveal all her thoughts and feelings as I imagine she can't do it to everyone so that made their bond even cuter.

You left so me wondering so many things in this chapter I really wish this story could have been developed further so I could have found out extra things such as what caused Rowena to be ill, and what were all her regrets, and what was the reason in this chase which caused Salazar to leave them. There just seemed to be so much mystery and so many regrets in this chapter I wanted moar!

The ending with the way Rowena made her wishes clear seemed to be so like her, so regal and formal and I loved it despite all the sadness! She was so measured and composed so I think you really captured her character well with that, and it was so sad to see such a magnificent (I never use this word but it seems to be so fitting for her!) person die like that.

Great story Laura and Merry Christmas! ♥


Author's Response: Hi again, Kiana! :)

Thank you so much - I'm so glad you liked it! I had a bit of trouble writing this one, so it's the one I'm most nervous about, so it means a lot to hear you say that! :)

I may or may not have re-read The Hobbit again not long before I wrote this, which may or may not have influenced the whole raven thing ;) But no, I loved mentioning the animals again, and it does fit with her so nicely, what with the name and all :P

Yeah, this is the only chapter with another character, apart from the merman, and Helga's the only other Founder in it... I didn't quite plan it like that, but I really wanted to show their friendship and how close they were, how Rowena had found a sort of family even after she left her original one. And yeah, Rowena definitely wouldn't open up to just anyone, so it's a very close bond they have :)

Haha, sorry about that! :( I've thought a couple of times about extending it, but I'm sort of happy with where it is and how it is - and not completely sure what I'd add to it - being the end of her life and a culmination of regrets and happiness and everything like that.

Strangely enough, I liked writing that part - though I hate dialogue, haha - because it's sort of like a show of force, in a way, with her so determined not to lose it, not to break down or be weak or anything... it's kinda sad, but kinda brave at the same time. I'm so glad you liked it, though - writing endings of things has always been hard for me! :)

Thank you so so much for the lovely pair of reviews, Kiana - they were so great to get! :)

Aph xx

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Review #38, by patronus_charmKnight Takes Queen: Bishop

20th December 2014:
Happy Christmas Laura! :D

I loved all the historical little bits in this chapter such as the mentions about the Scots being at war against the English and her thoughts and feelings. It just added so much to the story and that's why Founders stories are always among some of my favourites.

I really like Rowena's character here as she's still quite young so she's not entirely sure of herself so it's quite an interesting perspective as usually she's so determined and in control. We definitely saw a moment of weakness here with the way she thought she was cursed and that thought was fixated in her mind and stayed with her until the end of the chapter so it was interesting to see her in a low point for a long period of time. I'm not sure if that makes much sense but I really loved it!

The ending was so cool! Not only, did Rowena finally realise she was kind of awesome and that being a witch was cool too, but we got to see the raven and eagle and find out how it connected into her life which was cool.

I really liked this chapter and I can't wait for more :D


Author's Response: Hi there, Kiana! :) Happy (belated, haha) Christmas to you too! :D

I'm so glad you liked all the little details - I'm a huge History nerd and I studied History until recently, haha, so I loved putting them in and researching things for the period, even if it was difficult because it's so far back. And yes, Founders stories are so lovely with all the details! There are some really beautiful ones out there! :)

I loved writing Rowena, so I'm so glad you like her too! I kinda wanted with all three chapters to show a change in her psychee, her growing and learning and sort of accepting herself and other things, and growing into her eventual role as Founder, because those, to me, are the interesting bits :P And don't worry, it made perfect sense! She's definitely usually pretty composed, so it was interesting writing her losing it, so I'm glad you liked it :)

Haha, it took a long time, right? :P But yeah, I couldn't resist including the raven and the eagle - and both were native to Scotland at the time, and I think still are, so there was no problem with that either ;)

Thank you so so much, Kiana - for stopping by and the review! :)

Aph xx

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Review #39, by patronus_charmJigsaw: Piece #6

13th December 2014:
Whoo, I am finally here :D

I really loved the beginning of the chapter as you just set the scene so well for the story with all the little extras included which made it so much more fun to read. Old Aggie does sound like a character and the way you described the cafť was really great too, so I hope we get to see more of them too. Iím so glad that you provided an explanation for why technology was in the story because so many people include it without saying why itís there which is just confusing but yay for not doing that!

Ah ah ah ah! Roxanne bumped into Daniel! That was so awkward, because I didnít know what to do and I was just the reader so I canít imagine what it must have been like for her. I almost thought Daniel was going to turn her down and say no to meeting up with her but Iím glad that he didnít. Iím still confused by his character and what he really wants and what heís like. I guess itís still early days and Iím naturally to dislike him, but ah I just want to figure him out!

Itís nice to see that they could get over their differences enough to talk about the case and for Daniel to give her some inside info, as it was so much fun to see how the case was progressing and what was going to happen next in it. I wonder what Daniel was thinking and wouldnít revealÖ hmm I just canít think of any theories myself as I still canít figure out Daniel and whether heís lying or not and wah, Iím just confused but I guess thatís natural as this is a mystery so weíll have to wait and see. :P

Erm, woah, I wasnít expecting them to have it out as it just seemed so normal and just normal I guess, but then bam they were arguing. Iím glad that Roxy finally did manage to put the record straight so letís just hope Daniel realises that nothing actually happened.

Wah wah wah, you canít leave me on a cliff-hanger like that, Sian, itís not fair! Please update soon, like pretty please! ♥ Great chapter :D


Author's Response: Hi Kiana!

Old Aggie was really fun to write, she's such a dragon and one of those old women who just do whatever they want because they've got to old age and they don't care what people think any more. It's fun writing someone so grumpy, and she will make at least one other brief appearance in this story!

Yes, Roxy bumped into Daniel! I'm glad you found it suitably awkward because situations like this are never easy and it's great I managed to get that sense across. His character is very interesting, and I'm glad you can't decide what to make of him because I still haven't decided!

In a way, talking about the case was just some neutral ground to prepare for the nervous and awkward conversation they had to have, and the insider information was fun to write although Roxy can't include it in her articles since she's promised him and doesn't want to get him in trouble. Hehe, I'm glad you picked up on that! I would love to hear what your theories are though!

Yes, things got kind of serious very quickly here! The two have been hovering around this conversation for a month and after five years together they kind of have to have it, and yes, Roxy's finally put the record straight so we'll see how it develops from there!

Haha cliffhangers are fun though :P Thank you for this lovely review!

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Review #40, by patronus_charm(the trick is to) keep breathing: deep breaths

6th December 2014:
Wah wah wah why are you trying to break my heart? Why? Why? Why?

The first few sections were so horrible because there was all this frantic rush and energy, I guess almost excitement too, about going to battle and I just kept on thinking, don't go, don't go, but of course they did. You wrote that so well as it feels as if Andromeda almost knows what's about to happen but she can't let it out as Teddy's anchoring her down, and it's so horrible and I have no words.

Gah, then Tonks' death. That was so horrible and mixed, I think it was even worse because everyone else was celebrating and then Andromeda just like wait what, and then the realisation is horrible. I can't believe you went for the double whammy though as she got her hopes up quickly that she and Remus could raise Teddy together (which would have been super cute) and then bam he's dead. Why Emily why? That was just cruel. *sobs to self*

One thing I loved was the second person POV and all the little sections as it really showed how fragmented her life and it was getting more and more fragmented too, so that worked really well together.

Teddy was so adorable though! ♥ Especially in that last section where there's almost some humour with the fact he's fallen asleep again so he's like her hope, her light and anchor all in one if that makes sense and it's just so cute yet I want to cry, and I'm too emotionally confused which happens a lot when Ronks feature in a story so I will end the review here, but I loved this! ♥


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Review #41, by patronus_charma slow shattering: he wants to put a ceiling on her soul

6th December 2014:
Hey Emily!

Wah wah wah I just love your writing style in this story so much and it just shows how much youíve grown as an author and itís so perfect and lovely and I love it. All the little sections, the detached narration style, internal reflections and the use of brackets create this sense of loss and confusion which really highlights how awful Lavender must be feeling and itís just done so well, that I could read this all day as itís so interesting and can be read in so many ways, and there needs to be a new chapter asap okay?

I just wanted to hug Lavender and never let her go whilst reading this chapter as her emotions were spot on and you couldnít help but feel sorry for her. She really felt human here and even though they all thought she was crazy and gave a few crazy tendencies it sort of felt normal at the same time but thatís expected as her parents are dead, Parvatiís dead, Lavender couldnít go to their funerals and sheís locked up in a hospital. In a way, I have a feeling thereís still some hope for her and the way that idea is just lingering away there is a really nice feature of the story.

One section which really stood out to me was a really tiny one about Lavender and Parvati and how at first there was Lavender and there was Parvati and then they came together. It was just so sweet and touching to see what good friends they were though I have a feeling thereís more lurking away there, and their friendship will be explored a little more later on.

Mrs Reid and the doctor are both really interesting characters. Mrs Reid because of the way sheís so aware of things like colours and whiteness but I guess that comes with her job as Iím guessing sheís some sort of wizarding therapist? Anyhow, it was nice to see Lavender open up a little more when talking to her so letís hope this is the start of her recovery. As for the doctor, Iím not sure whether Lavenderís natural sceptical of authority given that it was the authority who locked her up, or whether sheís right to think like that. I guess weíll just have to see.

A fantabulous chapter, Emily, and I canít wait for me! ♥


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Review #42, by patronus_charmMonster: Monster

5th December 2014:
Hey Aditi, finally here for the review exchange and apologies for my lateness!

Ah ah ah ah. I don't know what to think other than that I never expected that the story would turn out like this. It started off as such as sweet story with the way Hermione was comforting Rose and making sure nothing bad would happen and bam with that ending. I suppose I should have known something sinister was going to happen with the sort of foreshadowing tone in the first section, but still I never guessed that.

Anyhow. I should stop rambling and say something more constructive.

I really loved the use of second person POV as it added another creepy level to the story by separating the reader from Rose a little more and I thought that worked really well. As well as that, another thing I loved was all the little sections as we really got a sense of Rose over the ages so when it happened it just seemed even worse as I really knew her by the end of it.

I really liked how you developed Rose's character and made her more and more aware of all the dangers in the world and what could be lurking away there as it was a really effective technique. It's just a shame that because she got more aware she was almost drawn into it more so she ended up getting attacked. I really liked that scene as I thought you wrote it really well in terms of emotions and descriptions and you could just sense her helplessness.

The ending was so strange (in a good way mind!) because even though she had feared monsters all this time, she ended up being one and ended up being proud of that fact on top of it all so it was interesting to see the contrast there. It sort of felt like the lost of childhood because she had been living by the idea that monsters weren't real all this time as her mum said that, but she discovered the truth and sort of punished her mum for lying to her by making her a monster too. So that twist was really cool albeit a little creepy too. :P

Great story, Aditi!


Author's Response: Hey Kiana!

Thanks a lot for reading and reviewing. I'm so sorry for the late response.

I am glad you found the story unexpected and liked the second person POV as well as the sections. Rose's characterisation was something I just went along with the flow of, so I'm pleased it turned out fine for you. The ending was definitely strange - and I enjoyed writing it so I'm pleased you found it a tad creepy haha.


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Review #43, by patronus_charmIcarus: Cultivated Arts

25th November 2014:
*ninja slides in* I am so sorry for taking aeons with this Kristin, my only sort of valid excuse is that memory has been like that of a goldfish's lately so I hope you forgive me! :P

I loved the Weasley family as they all had such exuberant personalities! First of all, I must admit I am bit creeped out/scared by Harry and how he knows all these random facts about people. I can just imagine him being this all seeing, all knowing person while he sits in his office stroking a white cat. :P Albus and James made me crack up and I thought you wrote them really well together as it was so natural and funny. Aw, Albus is adorable learning Chinese just for a girl though and I do hope we get to see more of those two as they really did make me smile.

Yay for world making! I loved Steve's it sounded so interesting and like a lot of drama had happened there before so I hope it features again. Ooh ooh ooh tension with Lily seeing her ex-girlfriend, I hope we get to see more of her as that will mean drama which will mean excitement and yeah you get the gist :P I have to say, Marta really warmed to me in this chapter even though she did kind of steal something from the Ministry she had this really cool and vibrant character which just draws people into her and you want to know more. I have a feeling the thing she took is going to be very, very dangerous and probably top-secret too so it will be interesting to see how the story develops from here.

You write humour so well because that scene with Marta and Lily changing names and being generally awkward around Conor had me cracking up throughout and I really would want to spend a day with them as I can imagine it would be fun.

Great chapter! :D


Author's Response: Nothing to forgive, my friend! :D (I took aeons with the response so we are even :p)

I had so much fun writing the Potter-Weasley family! And omg hahaha, it is kind of creepy when you think about it! I figured Harry would see a lot of reports about minor law enforcement issues as an Auror, and given that Marta was under his care for a while AND has something of a record, he'd have an eye out for that :p Now I'm wishing I'd added a scene in the office with a white cat and an evil grin. :D I'm glad you liked Albus and James! I kind of envisioned them as very similar to how they were in the HP epilogue, only slightly more grown-up :p

Haha, I'm glad you liked reading about Steve's - the place will actually make a reappearance later. As for Anna... only time will tell hehehe. So glad you like Marta! As I was developing her character I wondered what people would think of her because she has far more faults than good qualities and is largely devoid of morals, but she's a lot of fun to write as a character. I'm so glad you like reading about her! :D

Ha, thanks! I think it'd be so fun to spend a day with them too! Though they'd be miles ahead of me as I'm terrible at lying and they're basically professionals.

Thanks so much for your review, Kiana! ♥

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Review #44, by patronus_charmfall.: fall.

23rd November 2014:
Hey Carla, thanks for the swap and I have to say quickly that your graphic skills are amazing as always as that banner! ♥

I really thought you did the challenge justice with the way you started each section with fall and really emphasised the key features of the season as we really got to live it and imagine it and it meant that used nature really well so there was tons of beautiful description going on in the story.

Another thing I loved was the sort of impersonal feel to the story. The way you didnít really identify who the people were or what their backstory was until later was really great as it meant we could grow to love their relationship just for the emotions and thoughts expressed and with nothing else getting in the way. That sounds a little confusing but trust me I loved it! The limited use of dialogue was another structural effect which worked really well with this idea as those two conveyed so much just in their actions it really wasnít needed.

Rose was such a noble person I really admire her, because even though Teddy broke up with Victoire to be with her, she knew that those two really belonged together and not her and Teddy which made me sad as I actually prefer those two together. You really wrote her pain and internal conflict really well and by the final section I was close to blubbering. It was strange how she was almost happier when she was loving Teddy from afar than when they were actually together so I think for that reason it definitely did fall into the drama genre.

One final thing is that I loved how you not only used the title to link into the setting s and descriptions but the idea of Rose and Teddy falling for one another and like falling they couldnít really control it, and that element of the story was really interesting.

This was such a great one-shot, Carla! ♥


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Review #45, by patronus_charmCliffhanger: Cliffhanger

23rd November 2014:
Hey, here for the review swap and I had to read this as I love Every Word Counts Challenge entries!

I donít even know where to begin. This was just so wow worthy and really did make you think about the impact of death I had to sit there for a few moments after reading it before I could even think about what to do next. I thought the first sentence was really excellent as it was just so sudden and a shock you could almost imagine how the others felt when they found out about Georgeís death. The next sentence just emphasised that sudden shocking feeling of death with the way it described noose and it helped keep up this surreal and mysterious air throughout the entire story.

I honestly had no clue who it could have been as there were so many victims of the war on both sides that it could have been anyone really, but I never would have suspected it was George. I think my heart may have died a little when I read it was him. The narratorís interpretation of why he did it was really interesting, because it did highlight the very close bond the two of them had with one another and that George was always an independent spirit but I still wanted to cheer him on and make him believe he could live on without Fred.

The narration was really perfect as it did have the sense of intimacy one would expect as I am assuming that this is one of the Weasley boys, but then it had this weird exterior vision about it too like it wasnít fully part of the story. Iím not really sure who it could be. At first I thought it was Ron, but now Iím not sure because of that feeling of detachment. Either way, I really enjoyed the narration.

I really loved this and the darker take it took on post-Hogwarts life as itís important to explore it, so thank you for the great read! :D


Author's Response: Hi!

Thank you for the swap! As you know i didn't have a lot of words to play for so I decided I may as well get straight to the point. I'm pleased that it made you think!

That was the sort of thing that I was going for, there could have been so many victims after the war because of the devastation it caused.

I wrote it as Ron but it could have been any of them which is a sobering thought. I was trying to emulate the feeling of hopelessness throughout with the detached feeling.

Thanks for the review!


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Review #46, by patronus_charmthe earth and the sky: the earth and the sky

23rd November 2014:
Hey, hey, Adi, thank you for doing this swap and just for your info this is a rolling review so whoo you can see my reaction right away because isnít that fun :P

Section one! Ooh ooh ooh. I love your writing style in this itís so simple and pretty and Iím just in love. You really managed to convey so much by just doing simple little things (Okay this is making no sense but itís really pretty, ok?) and I loved it. The use of italics was really good as it just created another level to the story and I am also a fan of the little sections as we could see lots of little snippets of Drastoria which I love ♥

Also this line Ė ĎShe is the sky and he is the Earth, and together, they rebuild broken pieces of each other.í ♥

Ooh wait, I just skim read section one again and I realised that you didnít specifically mention any names and Iím just assuming itís Drastoria because of the summary. Maybe thereís going to be a plot twist and itís not actually them? Anyhow, I really loved how you wrote the two people together as they just went together so well and seeing this first evolution of their relationship was really great. The initial love, meeting, talking, then the reluctance finally the conceding at the end. This was only the first section but so much happened and I loved it.

Section two Ė ooh a found an example of what I was trying to say earlier Ė ĎThe sky is overcast and grey. How symbolic.í Itís just so simple but conveys so much and I love it! I really liked how you used the dictionary format to describe marriage as it just broke up the standard rhythm of a story and made it much more interesting to read, and again the italics were fabulous!

Draco in love is adorable and I want him to be like that forever and you wrote it really well and did I mention it was adorable? He seemed to have this deep, deep, love for Astoria so every stage in their relationship was felt not only by his heart but his whole body if that makes any sort of sense and it just fitted with my head canon of those two cuties. But no, no, no, Adi, just no. Why crush me like that? Why? This line just says all their pain really Ė ĎIn the Malfoy household, they don't say the M word for a while, and no, it isn't Mudblood.í

Wow, I really loved how you fitted the London bombings into the story as I so rarely see it appear in stories which is quite strange when you think about it but it was done so well here. Just the emotions, and the pure fear Astoria had when she realised why Draco was was so moving and really struck me as a reader. Their life seemed to take on this surreal feel after it though, like it was all a blur, from his recovery to the baby as if the aftershock of the bomb was still going on in their lives and I thought that was written really well.

I loved how you wrote about Astoria and Dracoís relationship over the passing years as Blaise was really right about them still being love like they were 20 as it felt as if everything was still so new and fresh with them.

Whaaat? No, Adi, stop crushing me this isnít fair. Waahahah. Just why? I really loved how you described her gradually sinking into the illness (okay, that doesnít make much sense but yeah :P) as it was written really beautifully with the general degrading of the body, but her love for Draco still being there and the flashbacks. It was just written really well.

Dracoís recoveryÖ. You could just feel his pain and his sorrow and anguish and everything and you just wanted to hug him. You still gave glimmers of hope with Rose and Scorpius (and the mention of them I really did love) and his thoughts about Daphne made me crack up way too much but at least it sort of showed Draco was still human somewhere in there.

The ending was just lovely! ♥ Their love had just matured over time so they gave out this sense of ease and calm and I was almost envious of them about how well they fitted together. Despite that, you could almost sense everything they had been through too, which just showed how life is never perfect.

This was such a beautiful story, Adi, and really did make me think! ♥


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Review #47, by patronus_charmWorship You: Storm

19th November 2014:
Ah, Sian, you have so many new one-shots that I need to get through but I couldn't resist an Every Word Counts challenge entry as well as one containing no E's so I had to read this :D

First of all the language is so pretty! ♥ I thought it really tied in with the idea of storms and the weather so well, and it was carried on throughout the one-shot. One thing I really liked and will probably be terrible at explaining why I liked it is that even though there was a sense of a storm going on throughout the story with the description, action and range of emotions, the celestial aspect of the story with the references to space and stars gave this story a sort of hold and grip to reality which I really liked and anchored the story really nicely. That probably made no sense, but hopefully you'll get something from it.

Okay, now for the narrator! I really loved the ambiguity surrounding them and I actually had to read this a few times so I could be certain about who it was and even then I'm not sure. I really didn't mind though as the ambiguity was just so much fun. Anyhow... My theory is that this is Rodolphus. I don't think it's Bella as it's talking about seeing someone fall as they're fighting with Molly which means it obviously could be Bella. Plus the way you described the dark and twisted relationship meant that the you had to Bella as it just all made sense that way. But the narrator did seem to somehow love her and have a spot for her, plus they seemed kinda jealous about her love for old Voldy too hence why I think it's Rodolphus. If I'm not right, please tell me who it is! :P

Anyhow, enough with guessing who the narrator is, and more about the narrator itself. I really loved how you got into their mind and wrote their actions and thoughts as it really seemed as if you knew them well and got them spot on. The way the narrator was following the you and mapping their life around them was so interesting and meant the relationship's dynamic was a really intriguing one to follow.

Then the fact this was in 500 words was amazing as you really got to grips with their relationship and in so few words too! I'm so sorry for this rambling review which probably contains a ton of typos, but I loved this! :D


Author's Response: Kiana! ♥ Haha it's so sweet of you to want to come and read them, and it was great to hear what you thought of this because it was such a challenge to write!

Wow, I'm so glad that you liked the language! It was really hard to find words that a)made sense and b)sounded nice when I was writing this without the letter 'E', so it's really good that it seems to have worked out and not detracted from the way that the story reads. I'm really pleased you liked the imagery too, the storms and the stars - I know what you mean, I think! :D

I think I enjoy writing ambiguous narrators a little too much, and then leaving the reader to guess who I'm writing about :P Bella was the love object in this story, but I picture the narrator as Aurora Sinistra (the Astronomy professor), with an unrequited love for Bella that began when they were at school together. She was jealous of her love for everybody that wasn't her! (This turned out kind of strange, it was my first sort-of slash story too and with the weird narration and everything I'm kind of pleased it just made some sense :P)

I'm really glad you liked the narrator as well! It was surprisingly easy to get to grips with their mind, but I think that might be because I spent a lot longer writing this than I normally would writing 500 words, and thinking about everything I wrote much more. The relationship intrigued me when I imagined it and even though it seems a bit random I did quite like it, in the end!

Thank you so much for this incredible review, Kiana - it means so much to me that you liked it!

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Review #48, by patronus_charmTrue Romance: Don't You Want Me

11th November 2014:
Whooo I have a lot of chapters to catch up on so here I am attempting to do that! &hearts

Oooh so Scorpius and Albus had a heart to heart without it actually getting awkward? Now, that is impressive and maybe these two can be actual friends with no awkward romantic feelings cropping up as that would be nice and if that did happen I would be really happy. As for Scorpius moving to Paris with Corbin, even though I strongly dislike Corbin and would most probably use M rated words to describe him if I could, I think it's for the best because then Albus and Scorpius can have the space they need to become friends.

Aw, Cora, aw, aw, aw, Albus does not need to worry about splitting up with Brandon and making it awkward as they're already such an adorable family I'm sure it will never happen. They just seem to be merging really well together with the way Albus is starting to be really open about his feelings towards Cora. Then that heart to heart! ♥ That was just perfect as now everything's out and they're sort of okay with it all and they confessed their love for one another they can ride off into the sunset, right, Rose? :D

So Archibald and Lily, huh? I feel as if I'm being slightly prejudiced towards them purely because Archibald is an old man's name but hey ho, I still feel as if there's something fishy going on with the two of them like he's secretly a former Death Eater or something but we shall have to see.

Anyhow, a fab chapter! ♥


Author's Response: KIANAKIANAKIANA!

they did manage to talk and not get naked or awkward. I think they'll manage friendship for the forseeable future. haha, I love that you're using Albus and Scorpius' friendship as rationale for Scorpius to move away with Corbin.

They are indeed an adorable family and I'll try to keep it like that for a while... probably. I'll write an AU of this where they just ride off together and live happily ever after. It'll be called "Kiana's version" :P

Archibald and Lily are official. haha, he's not old enough to be a former death eater or anything crazy like that. just a guy (as far as we know)

thanks for a lovely review!

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Review #49, by patronus_charmA Tale of Star-Crossed Lovers: In Which the Rest of the Story Is Revealed

11th November 2014:
Haaai Kristin! ♥

ohmygodohmygodohmygod = me after reading this because wah I just love your mind and want to live it in forever as it's just so fabulous.

Anyhow, I should probably write something more constructive than that so here I go! :P

Wah, wah, wah, Eloise Midgen as a socialite. That has got to be one of the funniest things I've ever read and I love how she's so rich and important here because I bet if that was actually true she would have had a lot more friends at Hogwarts. I loved how you described her entire backstory though as it was so funny and interesting, especially the bit where she was going to a ball for everyone less than Harry Potter, that tiny bit just cracked me up for no reason. :P

So Ron and Eloise then? I never did see that pairing coming but I thoroughly enjoyed it nonetheless. Poor Ron, still pining away over Hermione that he had to resort to getting a fake girlfriend but at least the true love lightening bolt struck this pair otherwise it would have been a little awkward. But wah they live in Bavaria that's so cool and there's sauerkraut which makes it even cooler and then there was some time travel too which just made the cool levels hit the roof.

Whaaat? Whaat? Whaaat? Genghis Khan? Whaaat? Is all I can to that, but whoo I loved it because who doesn't love Mongolian conquerors popping in FF with a yurt business, right? :P I loved him as a character though as he just cracked me up so much and whoo for him saving Ron. It does sound like quite a cool service he is offering and I almost wish it was real as that could be really useful.

A fab story and whoo for Eloise and Ron getting a happy ending as everyone needs some love! ♥


Author's Response: Hahahaha omg, living in my mind. It's a weird place I tell you - full of useless facts and cat videos, and sometimes stories that don't make sense. :P

Haha, so glad you enjoyed Eloise as a socialite! I feel like after her rather difficult teenage years with people teasing her, it was only fair that she turned out to be fabulous. XD

Ron and Eloise yep - this is the true background story of the great pirate ship Eloiseley that was the Dramione's rival in the first chapter haha. Indeed, all the true love in this story is instant. I mean, because it's realistic and that's the way real life works, right? :P Time travel and sauerkraut - who needs anything more?

Hahaha, I'm glad you appreciated the odd addition of Genghis Khan - he was the unnamed yurt builder I kept alluding to in the previous chapter, and so many people asked for the full story that I felt it needed to be told. I think he would have been much more fondly remembered in history for rescuing people with flying yurts rather than taking over Mongolia, but alas.

Thanks for your awesome review, Kiana ♥

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Review #50, by patronus_charmIn Operibus Suis: Rowena Ravenclaw

10th November 2014:
Whoo hey Sarah and congrats on being the first entry, it's so exciting :D

Ooh ooh I loved the opening paragraph and how she was reflecting on all the other houses, because though this is obviously a very Ravenclaw-centric story it was nice see to how the other houses played a role too and how they all fitted together to make the best out of Hogwarts.

The subtle appearance of an eagle was great too, and I'm so glad it was there as it's one of the most beautiful aspects of Ravenclaw as the bird just symbolises all things Ravenclaw in my opinion so yay for that. Plus, it's a great way of rooting out true Claws as our animal is the eagle of course and not the raven as many think.

I really loved Rowena's character as she seemed so measured and composed and so her that it was great. I think the part which really did make me all feelsy and emotional was the ending section and how Rowena's pride just shone through her. She really did seem to love her house and all that it stood for and I'm so glad that you chose this to be her proudest moment. ♥

One final thing I have to say is that even though I described her as measured and composed you allowed glints of her character to come through when she was talking to Helga and how Salazar had made her all flustered. We can still see this young and fresh woman here and it was so nice to see her like that as it made her much more human which is something quite hard to do with a character like that so kudos to you.

A great start to the collab :D ♥


Author's Response: Hey Kiana! I personally would go for terrifying, but exciting works too!

Thanks! I'm really glad you liked the way I added in the other houses, I wanted it to feel really unified because I think that's a major trait of Hogwarts - unity - and something the founders themselves would probably take pride in. I had a hard time choosing my solitary detail to include, and the Eagle just seemed to fall into place, especially as it's the house animal. I'm so glad that you liked my characterization and the chapter as a whole and I really appreciate this lovely review, thanks so much, love!

xoxo Sarah ♥

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