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Review #1, by potterific394The Abundance of Potters: Tactics, Fights and Couple-magnet Cupboards

10th December 2012:
PheonixFeather strikes again with an awesome chapter. :D
I wasn't really surprised when Albus told her his feelings, cause we already knew, didn't we? But it was nice that KATRINA KNOWS TO NOW!A
And if you want my honest opinion (i know when people are praising my art i hate when they never tell me their real opinion cause they don't want to "offend" me, bitch please.), this chapter felt a bit more like a filler chapter, and it felt like it was a bit shorter. but then again, i'm ADHD, so whenever people stop talking I get bored.
AND ROSE AND KAT FIGHT! NO! the whole time i was just thinking "bitchbitchbitchbitch" cause Rose was really being one! when Rose got pregnant, she could have been all "oh you slut your such a joke i'm gonna go tell your father oh you just wait." BUT SHE DIDN'T CAUSE SHE IS A REALLY GOOD FRIEND!
and about my previous review...you saw A Very Potter Sequal right? cause the whole thing was a reference to that. xD IF YOU DIDN'T SEE IT GO WATCH IT NOW SEARCH AVPM ON YOUTUBE AND HAVE FUNNN!

Author's Response: Thank you!


No. I don't want your honest opinion -_- Haha, I'm joking- I'm with you on that: just tell me what you think, don't cover it up with smiley faces and glitter (?). It was sort of a filler chapter, agreed, I didn't really have it in me to write a proper one xD TOO MANY EXAMS.

Yes, I have those moments when I'm writing :D I'm writing a scene and in my head I'm going, "WHAT A COMPLETE ££*&!%$^". I'm glad you got annoyed (in a weird way)- I love seeing my readers care :D

YES OF COURSE I'VE SEEN AVPM/S POTTERIFIC394 THEY'RE MY LIVES. I got the reference but then I thought, I'm going to say got the AVPS ref and you'll be like, "what?" because you did it accidentally.


I'll try! Though might not be before Christmas break- only 3 days before the queue freezes and I've still got exams till then D:

Anyways, thank you for reading and reviewing! Please continue to do so, they make my day!

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Review #2, by potterific394The Abundance of Potters: Confessions, Try-outs and Kisses

2nd December 2012:
Dear Phoenix Feather49,
I am writing to inquire about your next-generation fanfiction. I have been thinking about it since the very first day I started reading it, and I am anxiously awaiting its update with some Katbus in it But..but dont rush, Phoenix, missing out on chapters like this allows me more time to write reviews to you.

Yes, rereading Kat and Al's kissing scene over and over again is going quite swimmingly. I am one of your most avid readers. Why, Katbus is even one of my OTPs. Your story is also the darling of every reader, and the favorite of every Potterhead who has any sense.

Most importantly, I have mastered the knowledge of every chapter! Yes, yes, I admit I was a late bloomer, but you can imagine my pride as I logged into Facebook and said to my friends, Oh, hello gents, Potterheads, sorry for my tardiness - I was just reading more Harry Potter fanfiction! Oh, how the children laughed with me in celebration. I like making people laugh. I also like your fanfiction.

I know you havent done so all month, but you can feel free to update your story anytime.

Hugs and butterfly kisses,


PS: Tell Sarah to bugger off.

Author's Response: This review honestly just made my day! Thank you so, so, so (x a million) much!! I am so honoured to hear that Katbus is one of your OTPs- I'd never have thought anyone would even read my story, especially not have one of my pairings as their OTP!

Well, you'll be pleased to know that since you sent me this review, I've updated! So go ahead and read ;)

I was a late bloomer too, not to worry. None of my friends were Potterheads really, so no-one told me about it! Then I found it and I secretly read hundreds of fanfiction in the dark, and slowly became addicted to it. Best thing that has happened to me :)

I must say, this review has inspired me to go off and write the next chapter! That coursework that needs doing can get lost!

Thanks again for this wonderful review- it made my day :) Please keep reading and reviewing.

P.S: Will do ;)

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Review #3, by potterific394The Abundance of Potters: Cups of Tea, Showdowns and Eavesdropping on Boyfriend's Parents

12th July 2012:
Hey, your story rox, but its been like, a month since youve updated and im not getting any younger here. siriusly, i LOVE your story, its in my favourites, and if there was a favourite of favourites story, it would be yours. can you atleast tell us when you are planning on updating? cause the first thing i do when i get on the computer everyday is check to see if you updated. so PLEASE update, cause my Katbus senses are getting VERY impatient! thank you!

Author's Response: Hey there! I have a few words for you: END OF YEAR PRESSURE.UGH, it's killing me! Got so many project to hand it! Have finished chapter ninteen, editing now! Might even be up tonight!

Thank you for your patience, I really can't apologise enough. Thanks so much for reading- keep at it!

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