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Review #1, by ilovefood20Messes of Men : Won't Back Down

16th May 2013:
Omg I'm so glad you killed Antony off, because I am definitely his biggest hater. Ace for the win seriously. But unfortunately I know that can't happen, so Sirius is my second choice :)) please please update soon

Ps the rating is not only for your wonderful writing, but the death of least favourite character, next on my imaginary hitlist is definitely Andy god what is it about characters with names that start with A. Except Ace of course :)))

Author's Response: Haha, yay? Andy's really annoying, he just had to go in there because I know too many guys like that (i.e. two more than I ever should have too.. :P)

I'm working on the next chapter!
Thank you for the review

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Review #2, by ilovefood20The Art of Breathing.: Endings.

22nd August 2012:
I honestly give you the most praise possible. The ending of this story has just taken away my heart, I am not trying to be cliche right now, because the ending is pure perfection. As I read this story it became more and more apparent that no happy ending would be possible, but I guess I had just expected that you'd pull some miracle cure out of the bag and theey'd live happily ever after. But this, well, it was so moving. Especially when you say what actually happened to the characters after Mary had gone, and how Sirius would be in jail.

But most of all, I applaud you for actually having the guts to kill of your protagonist, and I could go on for a very very long time about this story, but you've probably heard it all before.

As usual I have a few questions that have just been tugging on my arms throughout this story and one that has just occurred to me as I was reading this last chapter.

- what happened to Marlene in your eyes? I know she was murdered possibly by travers but what is your personal view?

- who would be your celebrity cast? (I know, terrible question but I was blessed with the worlds crappest imagination ever so I find it a little dificult)

- what does the term AC in your username refer to?

- if you are a pink Floyd fan like me then you may have heard "time" by them? I was listening to it in the last chapter and it was perfect. You should check it out.

Okey, saying goodbye, and I send you Internet hugs and kisses in a completely non creepy way I promise, because, that would be really creepy.

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Review #3, by ilovefood20Change, Chance and Confusion: Birthday Party

13th August 2012:
Hey, okay here goes...

I haven't reviewed any chapter yet because I honestly couldn't stop reading. This is definitely one of my favourites because you've written it really well and it has a great plot. I especially like Pete's naive-ness it makes me crack up every time. I've written Sirius/OC fanfic it's not nearly as far as yours is though. Maybe you could check it out and give me some feedback?

xx favouriteness etc from petra all the way from New Zealand

Author's Response: Woo thanks! Was worried abouth the last chapter because of how long I'd left it :) I always worry mine lacks plot so that's good!
I'm always on the lookout for a good Sirius/oc so ill have a look :)

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Review #4, by ilovefood20I'm lucky to be in love with my best friend-well, maybe not so much: Thank god it's Christmas!

14th July 2012:
hey! omg a new chapter, thank you, this was awesome, i love sirius' letter and when james punches eric by the way, its hilarious!! ive put up the first chapter of my fan fic, would you mind taking a look and giving me some feedback?? xx write another chapter soon ;)

Author's Response: oh thank you so much! sure I'll go and check it out when I have a minute of time (:

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Review #5, by ilovefood20I'm lucky to be in love with my best friend-well, maybe not so much: The first match of the season

22nd June 2012:
OMG, please can you write some more, I've waited for so long before finally signing up to tell you just how awesome you story is, it inspired me to write my own HPFF. This is honestly my all time favourite fan fic and I really want you to write some more. Just a random thought maybe a lesser character could turn out to be gay?? Completely disregard because I'm known to be slightly crazy when it comes to story twists :)

Author's Response: Oh thank you so so much! it means more to me then you can imagine! and well done on starting your own ff, I'll make sure to check it out!! :D thanks for the idea, I might use it. have a nice day and thank you again!!!

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