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Review #1, by BluebirdBrigadewe are young.: okay.

18th July 2013:
Jess, why are you such a good writer? Fancy giving a poor plot-starved girl some ideas on how to be so fantastically awesome at writing? ;) This was such a haunting Jily oneshot and admittedly, while it did kind of take me by surprise - I totally and thoroughly enjoyed it. It is definitely one of the best Jily one shots that I have seen in a really long time. There’s no denying that I thought the writing here was fab.ul.ous. Great job, I loved the way the story just completely flowed together and it’s structured so incredibly well and really thought out how to bring in the tone of the story. I love the way there wasn't any dialogue - I think that added to the sincerity of it and it just felt like someones deepest inner thoughts, which is a difficult thing to do and you did it so realistically. I absolutely love the way you’ve made this story your own with your style and your almost poetic language. I was just like, ‘oh the feels’ most of the time. Seriously, such a beautiful story and no grammar or spelling mistakes too so awesome job! I reckon this would be a fabulous story to podcast. It was so alive and I just found myself getting more entraced. Absolutely beautiful!

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Review #2, by BluebirdBrigadeBefore They Fall: Hogsmeade

18th July 2013:
Oh my god, this chapter certainly started out with a bang. The lengths that James will go to to make sure that his Quidditch team will beat the Slytherins is unbelievable but believable...that probably made no sense but I thought that was very in character of you. I loved the way he did it, very inventive and the reactions from everyone was just absolutely brilliant. Can I just say, I verbally cooed when Polly admitted that she had been waiting in the common room, I think that is just absolutely adorable. For the millionth time, I am so glad she is on the team. She might be my favourite character Jami. If you kill her then I shall be very sad because she is like ball of fluff!

Belle! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE BELLE. I could not stop laughing when she mentioned the whole tampon thing, I think I wet myself - it was just Sirius's reaction afterwards and the way it was said so nonchalantly. And that pause after she says it. It was like everyone did a double take! And hey, something fishy about Alrek? I didn't see all that much wrong with him but looks can be deceiving eh? I shall keep a watchful eye over him. And I think you killed me with cute-ness at the end. I love the way James just says 'You look beautiful' and you never question if he's just saying that to make her feel better just...gah. I LOVE THIS WAY TOO MUCH JIM JAM. Cute overload. I've died.

Author's Response: *waves frantically*

Polly will make it all the way into book two! So that's good news, right?!

I'm so excited you like James as captain! And I think saying what he did was believable but still unbelievable makes perfect sense. Like, no one would really do that, would they? Yep.. James would!

hahahahah I was pretty proud of that tampon part, honestly ;). How often can we bring feminine hygiene into a FF? Not often enough :P! Something IS fishy about Alrek! You keep your eye out, missy!

Hahaha I don't want to kill you with cute overload! Ummm, I think there's a Bellatrix section coming up soon, like the next chapter, so that should squash the cute overload, right?

I'm so, so lucky to have gotten all these amazing reviews from you, Maz ♥

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Review #3, by BluebirdBrigadeBefore They Fall: The Order

18th July 2013:
Pfft, poor James - that Durmstrang-Ravenclaw is totally getting all up in his grill with Lily...Not sure if I phrased that right but I sense that Alrek is gonna be just as romance-hindering as Violet, but I actually kind of like Alrek. He's kind of adorable. Anyway, so in this chapter I think we really saw the characters from their teacher's and mentor's perspective. I liked seeing what Albus thought of The marauders. Hehe, loved that bit where he talks about James' 'courtship of miss Evans', he knows everything that man!

And that hug between James and Lily was just, my feels exploded. I love how they are just there for each other. All James wants is to be there for Lily and she is finally letting him do that. I mean of course he wants more, but he wants her consent and her to be ready for an actual relationship first. He is such a sweet guy, and that hug was just - 'I really needed that'. I REALLY NEEDED IT TOO! ;) James and Lily have a lot of deep conversations ad I really love reading them! I cannot wait for more!

Author's Response: I'm going to tell you something.

Give it another ermmm lots of chapters, and you will not like Alrek. In fact, you will probably hate him. But shh, you didn't hear it from me :P

That hug was probably one of my favorite things to write in this whole story. It just felt so innocent and caring and ugh I love these two so much!

Aw hahahah I NEEDED IT TO! I can't believe how lucky I am to have you enjoying these two ♥ it just makes me too excited to have you liking my babies ♥

Also, if you'd like to know, Tryp just nosed my hand and is apparently saying hi to you :P

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Review #4, by BluebirdBrigadeBefore They Fall: Constant Vigilance

18th July 2013:
Two letters were shown in this chapter, both very different and very informative I think. I love the way you started the chapter with a memory - which sparks off Lily wanting to write a letter to her sister. I love how the sisters were so adorable but their differences were clearly shown. How do you come up with this stuff - these ideas were brilliant. The simple Petunia chucking snowballs at the neighbours cat while Lily told her not to and Petunia breaking her mug and getting upset when Lily couldn't fix it really established Petunia's character and will help us in the build up to when Petunia just decides that Lily is a complete waste of space. Lily is so sweet, I feel so bad for her having to through this and her sister doesn't even comfort her.

Oh my god, Alice almost made me cry. I expected the wand thing from Frank but not from Alice and I think that made it so eye-opening. Alice was so brave here, it really showed her Gryffindor side. Omg, MOODY! I'm so glad he made an appearance, and you know what - it kind of links in with Neville in his first class with Moody. Longbottoms always making a disruption in Moody's classes. Although the second Moody wasn't really Moody...I hope you ain't confused by what I'm saying.

I loved it once again, I really love the way you subtley build up the characters rather than in one big chunk. It's gorgeous writing, I don't know what to write as CC...I love it too much, it's too addicting, god. Just stop it. ;)

Author's Response: Hi Blue Bird Maz Brigade!

Oh my gosh. No one really picked up on the small things I was trying to show with Petunia in this. Like you said, her chucking snowballs at the neighbors cat and getting upset hen Lily couldn't fix it. I'm SO excited you did, and ugh how is one little Maz so huggable?! I just wanna squishy squish you!

Hahahahah i didn't even think about the tie in to the longbottom interrupting the Moody/not really Moody classes! Your brain is a fun place, missy!

I'm so excited you like my writing. That's what I'm constantly trying to improve on, so your compliments on it mean so much to me ♥

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Review #5, by BluebirdBrigadeBefore They Fall: One of Theirs

18th July 2013:
I was a little disappointed by James reaction in the last chapter, which I forgot to mention, because he's been kind of perfect but I think you really showed flaws to him there and it was written so incredibly well too. I mean, don't get me wrong I still want to smush the life out of him but it's great to see his character flaws more defined and clear. I think one of his biggest flaws is that perhaps he cares too much? Am I right in saying that James is more sensitive than he lets on...I'm not sure if sensitive is the right word. But anyway, I am glad he realised his mistake and apologised in this chapter because that showed one of his amazing qualities and I just, gah, love him.

This chapter was very hanting, sad and I found myself feeling totally like Alice. Alice and Frank, I'm not sure if I've talked all that much about their relationship before, but for me this was one of the first times where we see just how deep they care for eachother and it was kind of heartbreaking to watch the way Alice reacted to the news and the way they reunited. Before this we only heard about Alice's birthing hips ;) but here was just super...sad. I had so many feels for this chapter, but I'm glad you focus on other things too like the war and this was quite a big attack that has happened and caused a stir.

Anyway, love it Jim-Jam!

Author's Response: Mazzy-May (that's your new name btw, to go with Jim Jam).

I think you're absolutely right in thinking that James is more sensitive than he lets on. He watched Lily go through hell, and know seeing that maybe that could have been prevented was just super hard for him. And I'm happy you liked that, even if it wasn't his finer moment, it showed that he is flawed.

I don't think I did Alice and Frank justice until this chapter, or maybe not even then. But it was like I didn't realize that I hadn't given them there proper chance to show us about themselves! So I'm really excited that you liked seeing more of them in this chapter. And yes, focusing on the bigger pictures like attacks and things really starting to get bad is something I really try and do!


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Review #6, by BluebirdBrigadeBefore They Fall: No More Secrets

18th July 2013:

Poor Remus, I was on alert from the moment that James was all, 'we can't stop the bleeding'. He really does have it rough, it's just not fair but I'm glad he has such caring and supporting friends - at least that is a plus. And we meet Severus! You know I'm seriously glad that you didn't make him out to be horrible person - although Belle was clearly giving him a murderous look so I'm guessing he hasn't been all that pleasant before this - but I was so happy for Lily that she got the photo of her family, I bet that is so precious to her and I think that photo really symbolised the love that Severus has for Lily. He's doing it, because he can't bare seeing her sad, and I do admire him for it.

Throughout the Quidditch tryouts I was like, 'YAY, POLLY IS ON THE TEAM' and then later I was like 'ugh, Violet is on the team.' I really dislike Violet and her sucking neck lip gloss. But you did totally surprise me with that one - I was sure that Lily would win the spot and then be all 'Woohoo Violet you lose, I win!' but I think this will open up a whole lot of drama between Lily and James. I doubt Violet is gonna give up on James, if she was desperate enough to get a burning lip gloss just for him then...I think she'll stick about and mess things up a bit more. OMG, YOU HAVE A FLAIR FOR DRAMA - I wanna know what happens next so I'm gonna read on, but amazing story girl!

Author's Response: I have to be honest, it's difficult for me to be fair to Severus ;). But I don't want to put him in a light that Lily wouldn't see her in, and I think that at this point it's mainly the awkwardness of the fact that neither of them really know each other anymore than left over ouchies about their fights. It's too bad Lily could never try and get them to talk again, and Severus couldn't give up his DE friends. But they both made their decisions, and if they'd both have gone on to live happy lives apart and no before-lilys-time death, he may have gotten over her much easier.

Violet cause a lot of issues a bit farther down the road. She does a good job pretending to have gotten over herself for a bit, but her self centered side will pop out soon enough ;).

I'm so excited you liked the tryouts! I couldn't not let Polly on the team! And I've just realized you and Polly are probably close to the same height. ;)!


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Review #7, by BluebirdBrigadeBefore They Fall: Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs

18th July 2013:
I adore Polly! She seems like the cutest thing and so determined to be apart of the team, she is definitely one of the most adorable characters I ever seen. I love the way Sirius is with her, is he good with kids? I wish he got to be a dad :( I have to say, one section of this chapter really stood out for me and that was that section where Sirius seems Belle at a very vulnerable time after she has received her sister's letter. I think he can really relate to her there with the family issues of having your family want to completely disregard you because of status. He is so sweet with her - I love how they have that mutual understanding at the end and then it's like 'let's get icecream' which is quite a teenager thing to say. I think we needed to be reminded there of their ages, which you did, because they have such deep problems and they're apart of the force keeping the deatheaters from harming students you can tell I really liked this chapter. Loved that part in italics where you talk about them in animagus form, that was a great section.

Author's Response: Polly is a little cutie, isn't she? I thought she would annoy me at first, but she ended up being too determined to be irritating. To me, at least :P

yes!! Having Belle and Sirius come from similar background and understanding what it's like to be through what they've been through is a huge deal to me. I'm sure Sirius could have fallen in love with some sweet girl who could try and help him, but I think it would have been a more true relationship between someone who understood it all. Ahh I'm so excited to see what you think about them as they start growing a bit closer and as you learn more about Belle's background!

I feel like I must sound so rambly, but I can't help it! You're making my brain too happy to think!!!

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Review #8, by BluebirdBrigadeBefore They Fall: The Picture of Friendship

18th July 2013:
I've said it before and I'll say it again, the way you have written the friendship, not just between the marauders, but between all of them from Lily, Belle and Alice to Lily and James, Lily and Sirius...etc, is just totally exquisite. I love reading them, I can just feel so much platonic love - or in some cases, not so platonic (yes, i'm looking at you James!) and I personally think that frienship in stories is just as important as the romance so good job my dear. I love Belle - she says it how it is doesn't she. I love the way that when they get caught she's just like, 'yeah, fine, we did spy but what i'm really mad at is the fact that the bushes were too bushy for us to see out of!' Just brilliant. I love the cute little, simultaneous 'lets-get-even' from James and Lily.

AND LILY ADMITTED SHE FANCIED HIM. Oh my god, you made his reaction so perfect too. You can just tell he is so elated that he knows she likes him, she's just not ready but now he doesn't have to make her jealous and everything and concoct plans to win her...oh dude, I love James. I know he's always described as a bit of a bully but he has his reasons doesn't he...

Author's Response: I can't tell you how much I love that you love the friendship. Writing that side of it all is almost more fun for me than the romance, because I think friendship is what makes the Marauders and the girls who they are. It's all they have to depend on by the end of it, and ugh. Now I'm getting all full of Marauders sads feels.

Belle being the blunt and not be embarrassed about what she says or does character is a fun outlet for me, haha! and yes!!! she admitted it!! And I'm way too happy that you love James ♥ Just come over here and hug me, yeah?

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Review #9, by BluebirdBrigadeBefore They Fall: Secrets Surrounding Us

18th July 2013:
Aww no! I'm really annoyed at Voldermort, why does he have to go after James and Lily? WHAT DID THEY EVER DO? I mean sure, they're against his plans and all and they thwart his hogwarts-y deatheaters but...he's being a poo. Bellatrix is such a suck up isn't she? I really liked how you wrote her, most make her a complete maniac but I personally see her as a puppy that is constantly craving it's masters evil puppy. Lily is very sneaky - and I completely love it. I love the way you show James is just totally besotted with Lily in so many ways. I mean, he notices everything about her, from the way she looks amused that no one has guessed the she actually did experience the affects of her drinking, it's just written so perfectly. I love the structure of it too - It's not just completely around James and Lily's romance but the death eaters and the war. I never ever see any mistakes - grammar or spelling - it is literally written like a book you could buy at waterstones. Totally fantastic Jami!

Author's Response: I'm a bit annoyed at JKR for stating that they first defied Voldemort before they were out of Hogwarts. I mean, getting a manic interested in them is pretty challenging. I've finally decided to go with him wanting James because of his ability to get a group to follow him, then we'll get him interested in Lily though that. He's totally a poo. Voldemort, not James :P

I think writing the story going between perspectives is what keeps me from getting too drowned in lily and James cuteness, ahah!

Aww Maz what am I supposed to say to such sweet compliments?? You're really making me way too happy over here, missy!

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Review #10, by BluebirdBrigadeBefore They Fall: A Night of Surprises

18th July 2013:
This chapter was very dramatic! My heart really went out to Lily when she broke down in tears – I almost did as that memory was just so beautiful and its sad to see the way that she literally has no one to turn to now. Her parent used to stick up for her when Petunia was probably being nasty but now all she has is her sister who barely even speaks to her – no, wait – who doesn’t even speak to her! I’m glad you had Remus come and comfort her rather than James because sometimes authors make the mistake of having the love couple constantly finding each other in sad situations, which I think often makes them fall too quickly and the story gets a bit…boring. You didn’t do this and I love you for it as I was able to see Remus who gah, is so like Lily – they really do get each other don’t they? His small talk about how he knew this kid, although the kid is actually him, was so sad but I hope at some point Lily puts the pieces together. I think she’d be a great friend to him through that – although James, Sirius and Peter already are :P

Oh and the whole Alrek part! Lily got some little revenge on James didn’t she, although I don’t necessarily agree with her methods. Alrek seems nice, I hope he doesn’t get led on. But James was totally seething – I love jealous boys, as long as they don’t go so far that they start stalking you home and say ‘if I can’t have you, no one can!’. Again, great chapter Jami!

Author's Response: Yay another Maz review!! I'm responding to these in chronological order, obviously, and I got so excited when I saw it was another one of yours!

Having Remus be the one to find Lily felt super appropriate. Especially because I think they would have had a really strong relationship, so I like watching them/making them open up to one another, haha!

You might be onto something with Lily eventually putting the pieces together ;). but shhh you didn't hear it from me :P!

I hope you know how excited I am that you're still liking this story, lovely! I feel like my responses are getting so repetitive, but i don't know what else to say other than you are the best and that I'm loving responding to each one of these!

Thank you ♥ ♥

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Review #11, by BluebirdBrigadeBefore They Fall: Head Boy and Girl

17th July 2013:
I have to say, I was pouting all the way through their argument. I love the small speech where James tells her all the things he knows about her that she doesn't think he does. I think she gets that he likes her - more than she did before - and that terrifies her. You wrote Lily very out of touch with the world like asking people to repeat what they've just asked her which was really well thought out and made me see that she is clearly very complex and is still very heartbroken from the far too recent events.

While I agree with James, that she probably should have stayed at home for a while longer, I didn't want her to because then there would probably be no story right? and we wouldn't see James being all adorable and protective over her which I, being a hopeless romantic, love to see. I was uber glad that they made up at the end. And that they've started out as friends. Relationships in some stories move far too quickly. It's nice to see that they've moved from 'he's a prat' to 'friends'. Loved the writing, no mistakes, why do you write so amazing, I could kiss you! Love you Jim-Jam!

Author's Response: You're going to make me a puddle of feels!!! I didn't want to keep everything sooo depressing, but I always really needed to show that Lily didn't just get over their death. It's not something that goes away, and it'll keep popping up and never be easy for Lily to handle. But she'll get stronger, and that's the part I love the most.

You're a hopeless romantic? Yay we're going to be hopeless romantic together!!! Does that sound good? Okay good. Starting them out as friends and showing that when they do fall in love, the fact that it's because they're *in love* and not that it's the war or anything else like that, is SUCH a huge deal to me. I really want to give them the story they deserve, you know?

I could kiss YOU for all these amazing reviews! In face... MWAH! ♥ I know I keep repeating myself, but THANK YOU!

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Review #12, by BluebirdBrigadeBefore They Fall: Hogwarts Express

17th July 2013:
So, Violet is a poo head. I mean yeah, she might not know about Lily's horrible recent events but she seems like a very selfish person...and Lily's parents died in a car crash - that's awful :( I was once in a car crash, broke my leg. I still can't really stand the smell of car fumes, urghhh. I love the way you have made Lily so hollow and breakable, it's kind of fascinating but sad to see. I actually like reading about Heroine's who recover from trauma and terrible pasts so I think I'm definitely going to like this story!

Oh my god, how cute are James and Lily? I love the way she says that she can't have a go at him if he's not behaving like a prat. I like the way we haven't seen his prat-ish side too. It makes a nice change. Usually authors make him overly annoying and stalker-y or so nice and adorable that you wonder if Lily needs to be admitted to a mental asylum. Either way, I already love him! And I love Sirius and his comment to James...and I love Remus... and I LOVE THIS.

Author's Response: It's a MAZ!!! ♥

Violet is definitely a poo head. Dan has taken to calling her Vile. I think it felt hers well :P. In this, dark characters are pretty common, and Violet's a nice contrast between the future death eaters and the future Marauders heroes. She's just a teenage girl who is way too full of herself, and will end up paying for that down the road an having to learn a hard lesson.

Aww I'm so excited that you're getting warm fuzzies from L and J! I just want to sit here and be like, 'you love it? really???' and ugh these compliments turn me to mush. I work so hard to do justice to the group, and knowing you like them so far just makes me want to squish-hug you ♥

Thank you for another absolutely wonderful review! You're spoiling me!

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Review #13, by BluebirdBrigadeBefore They Fall: Sirius Black

17th July 2013:
Well, to say I am intrigued is an understatement! I absolutely adore the way you write, Jami, you seem to have such a knack at making the reader get more and more interested as the story progresses. I was already wanting to find out why Sirius might be in trouble because we all know his mother is a bit of headed person - which is probably the nicest thing anyone can say about her ;) You have such a beautiful flow and I loved the descriptions that you incorporated into the part where Olivia felt guilty and sad...Mr and Mrs Potter seem like the most amazing parents ever!

Oh my god, and then Lily came and I thought that James would be all over her ad in a way he kind of was but held back. You've definitely made these characters your own and I absolutely love it. Oh no, poor Lily...they're dead? Has something happened magic wise or was this a muggle accident? I can't remember if how they died is ever mentioned...I wonder what Petunia is doing. Well, you certainly have made me ramble but great start to a first chapter - I love it! Onto the next one :P

Author's Response: I'm finally reviewing to your amazing, amazing spree of reviews! I LOVE YOU!

Aww your comments on my writing style really, really made my week. I definitely want to be able to craft a story that people just enjoy reading and don't have to struggle to get through, so I'm super excited that it managed to suck you in as it went along!

Yes, I definitely tried to take the Lily and James I have in my head for this. Showing the people they grew into the way they changed is a huge deal for me, so I'm really excited you like them so far ♥

I'm on to your next amazing review! THANK YOU!

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Review #14, by BluebirdBrigadeWonderland: Disaster

16th July 2013:
If I could explode from feels - this chapter would be the reason for my untimely death. I don't think I can describe how much I love this chapter I mean they're on a date - woohoo and oh lord, Spencer is freaking hyper on Midol because its her time of the month and James was so unbelievably sweet about that...can he be mine? When I read as Spencer, I like to pretend he is. I hope that isn't too pathetic.

Oh god, that guy in the restaurant is gonna be so funny to narrate. That scene was just amazing and I am so glad that James was just all 'let's get some fish and chips!' which is very British by the way :P I love me some fish and chips although I'm not a big fish fan. AND THEY KISSED AHHH I CANNOT WAIT TO RECORD THIS ITS GOING TO BE SO EPIC and I will probably die so this is my farewell to you, Jess :P

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Review #15, by BluebirdBrigadeWonderland: The Art of Being Suave

16th July 2013:
That conversation between Spencer and James was so perfect - I love the way they fight over everything but in a really cute way. This time they are fighting over who says that its a date first. I'm glad you made Spencer say it first and James was all like 'yeah, i'd really like that'. I think my insides squee-ed along with me and Jenny was on skype to me and wondering what the hell I was doing. She needs to get with the Wonderland programme.

I love Robyn and her slightly more mature dramatics - those two have a hilarious friendship. 'Robyn, will you be my follower?' priceless. And the whole 'DON'T MAKE IT SO OBVIOUS YOU HAVEN'T BEEN ON A DATE!' oh Spencer - thou must listen to Robyn the wise. I am seriously looking forward to the next chapter even though I've read it like 4 times already :P

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Review #16, by BluebirdBrigadeWonderland: Mulling Sessions and Late Night Phone Calls

16th July 2013:
Haven't got around to recording this yet but I can see that a new challenge has faced me - singing that ringtone. Oh lord, well - I'll give it a shot! Spencer continued to make my life with this chapter but the person who just completely stole the show for me was James. I mean, could he be anymore adorable. I totally had a chapter 3 flashed back where he was all 'I just wanted to see you again' and I am totally smothered in feels.

That ending paragraph just blew me away and it also showed that he had listened to what she had said and oh my gosh -IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL. I love him, I love him, I love him. And I love Spencer but I don't play for that team. Every single character in this story is just charaterised so well and you seriously deserved your Golden Paw 'Best OC' award - Spencer is phenomenal.

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Review #17, by BluebirdBrigadeWonderland: Mummy Dearest

16th July 2013:
That whole chunk of writing where she completely flails because she is scared that he is going to kiss her had me in absolute stitches but man, was it a nightmare to record :P I loved doing it though especially the 'stay gold, pony boy!' you really do challenge me Jess and I LOVE IT. Spencer's parents are pretty weird and very unique but they are extremely entertaining to read about.

I hate the admit it, but I'm not sure I like her Dad. He seems very forceful and I didn't like the way he spoke to her on the phone but I guess it's just a part of his character. Oh Freddy just loves to rile her up doesn't he - 'just had a quickie with mummy dearest' he is so filthy that scoundrel ;) I think I'm addicted to this story Jess. This was so awesome and I feel like we as a reader see more into Spencer's life and not just her thoughts.

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Review #18, by BluebirdBrigadeWonderland: Word Vomit

16th July 2013:
Loved the guessing game that was played here - almost reminded me of the time when I was allowed to guess my birthday present. I was uber wrong, of course - I like Spencer am not good at the guessing game but James should have totally let her have Warlock - I mean that is pretty close :P Ah James, you were so bloody adorable. I think he may be my dream guy. Why does he have to be a fictional character? It's like Augustus Waters all over again

I love the word vomit from Spencer again, her brain just has no filter and it's brilliant - adds to our entertainment. I feel bad, I can't help but laugh at her misery. Has anything she has done ever happened to you? I've always wondered that. Oh lord, I love how James finds her as hilarious as I do - they are the world's most adorable couple. I like that you picked Lucy Hale too, she is the perfect Spencer :P

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Review #19, by BluebirdBrigadeWonderland: Secrets, Secrets Are No Fun

16th July 2013:
Oh. My. GOD.

This is one of the best chapters I have ever read in my entire life. There were so many lives that made my life like 'It's a venti' (which I have used a very nasal-y voice for ;)) and there was this moment where James and Spencer get into a 'who is paying' fight which was just so damn hilarious. I also loved the part where they get into a staring competition and he wins and sings we are the champions. and I love how she gets totally embarrassed about being pulled into the loo.

I'm gonna stop there otherwise this is going to be a page about 'and i also love this, and i also love that' ahaha. But I actually have some CC! OMG, but not really - erm just that 2 Venti sized hot chocolate -as much as I so wish they would be - would cost something over £5 which is ridiculous I know. I actually had a rant during recording which I might put at the end of chapter 8 where I'm like why is it so expensive?! But yeah - if you don't want me to put that in or mention it that's cool - i'll get rid of it :P JUST ADORE THIS CHAPTER SO MUCH. Elliot was just annoying but fabulously characterised.

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Review #20, by BluebirdBrigadeWonderland: Two Hours. Seventeen Minutes. And Forty-Eight Seconds.

16th July 2013:
Eeek - I just sent this one off and oh my lord. The whole sitting in the record store and annoying Mr. Carlson was such a brilliat idea and I totally agree with Spencer. People like him need a teenager to annoy them on a daily basis. Which is why it was extra kind of herself to decide to volunteer and do the job herself, right? ;)

Oh god Spencer, you kill me. You just do. The part where she follows them with a newspaper and then gets caught was just...I literally have no words. I have a 5 minute blooper where I'm just like 'oh my god, what did you do, SPENCER WHAT DID YOU?' and he's just all 'you've been avoiding me' and he's so sad and I'm like HE LIKES YOU SPENCER, THERE IS YOUR PROOF!

“SHUT UP FREDDY, NO ONE LIKES YOU.” - best thing ever.

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Review #21, by BluebirdBrigadeWonderland: Crazy

16th July 2013:
Oh good lord that rant. That rant was the death of me. I couldn't stop laughing as I read it - I think it took overall like 7 tries until I got it without me snorting. I love it when Spencer puts the pieces together - she goes all C.S.I and it's incredibly entertaining to read. One of my favourite things about this story is the Spencer/Freddie feud that is constantly going on - although I can tell that Spencer's death threats are far more truthful that Freddy's.

I spent about 20 minutes whilst recording this chapter on how to say TNIB YZARC - whether it should be garbled or I just say letters but damn, that bit of the story was absotively posolutely hilarious and I think I died multiple times from reading this chapter, definitely one of my favourites although I have a new favourite in chapter 8 so...I'll review that after 7 and you can see just how much I love it :P

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Review #22, by BluebirdBrigadeWonderland: Advice from Robyn-the-Wise

16th July 2013:
This was an amazing chapter, so really no surprise there Jess. You write like a pro and that's all I know. I'm a big fan of Robyn and her rant - I had a lot of fun saying it although saying Up-Chuck for some reason was difficult for my puny brain. Spencer is just absolutely hilarious and little does she know that Zames Yotter has been thinking about her just as much as she has about him. Although poor girl, I know how it feels to throw up on a nice guys piece of clothing (sorry about your shirt max!)

I have to say my favourite bit is the ending where she comes in and sees that scarring for life, naked show on the couch. I love the way her Mum is all 'hello dear, this is freddy' and freddy is just like 'wassup'. That was so much fun to record. Gah, your writing is just so fabulous - I could probably rave for hours. I'm going to review the rest now :)

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Review #23, by BluebirdBrigadeThunder: I like my life.

16th July 2013:
I really love Ava but she can sometimes be very fickle and although I like that - I'm not sure Louis appreciates it all that much especially when it seems like she is coming on to him and then is all 'don't touch me' :/ Poor Louis, I feel for him I really do. I love the whole 'am i distracting you' bit because it was very adorable and my romantic side was just like, 'oh the feels' and yeah. You write like a pro - maybe you are a pro and I just don't know. And that rhymed. :)

Oh lord they are at it again. But I don't want her to wake up and be all 'Ian?' again because she is slowly crushing Louis like a coke can and I can tell its really hurting him. And Louis is a total sweetheart - Ava just has Ian problems which I really hope get sorted out soon...although Ian's madre seems like a right maggot.

Love this!

Author's Response: Ah, yes. Ava can be extremely fickle, and Louis definitely does /not/ appreciate it. He very much would like it if she could just stick to one personality. And aww, thank you, but I can assure you that I am most definitely not a pro :)

Yep. They are. You'll just have to wait for the next chapter to find out ;) But yeah, she is really hurting him, even though she doesn't know it.

Thanks (again) for the review! :D

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Review #24, by BluebirdBrigadeThunder: I like my flat.

16th July 2013:
Oh my god, the french! Can I just say that I absolutely adore that small quirk that you have with your writing. I feel as clueless as Ava and I just want to know what he is saying to her! Then I scroll down to the bottom and my heart goes mad and I'm like WELL THATS JUST TOTALLY ADORABLE. 'I like you a lot, you're going to break my heart' - I think you killed me.

Louis is so chivalrous to Ava and I love the way that the leggy brunette was pretty much out of there as soon as she walked in. She is totally Louis' world. I feel super sorry for him whenever she calls him Ian :( Oh Ian, why did you even have to be in the picture man - you are ruining the Louis/Ava love but I still love you - why do I like you too?


Author's Response: Yes, the French! ALL THE FRENCH! Haha well I'm just as clueless as Ava, too, seeing as I have to rely on Google translate for those bits. But since it makes Louis adorable, I guess I'll deal with it.

Yes, he is very chivalrous. He was in Gryffindor for a reason :) And you're right - as soon as he saw her, Leggy Brunette was out the door. (Not that he should have had Leggy Brunette at his flat in the first place, but we'll forgive him for that). Ian's a... complicated plot point. But necessary. And it's okay to like him - he's a good guy :)

Thanks for the review ♥

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Review #25, by BluebirdBrigadeThunder: I like my job.

16th July 2013:
...I don't think your are over Ian, Ava.

Oh my god, Louis you are so fantabulous to Ava. I just can't help but sympathise with her, I mean she doesn't have the easiest life does she? I'm kind of worried about her constant bad luck. Ca't believe she is going to be thrown out of her apartment - and beautiful Louis is totally rescuing her. God, they would make amazing babies. Okay, my brain has gone into hopeless romantic overdrive.

The dialogue is incredibly realistic. Unlike many authors, you carefully add in the umms and ahhs and the pauses that make it sound as if they were actually talking infront of me in real life. I can just visualise it so clearly. Just awesome job, I love the way you made the story so unique and I am getting more anxious to find out all of these questions that are floating in my head. Awesome Chapter!

Author's Response:, she's not. But positive thinking, right? That's the way to move on.

LOUIS IS A BABE AND SO SWEET TO HER. (Can you tell I love him?) Ava's actually had a pretty horrible life, but somehow she manages to keep pushing through. Luckily she has Louis around to keep her afloat this time... It's so much easier when you've got a friend/potential love of your life to help out, am I right?

Dialogue is my favorite to write. When I'm at the computer, I just sort of have an inner monologue going between the characters, exactly like it would be in real life, and then I type it down as I hear it. (I'm not mental, I swear!) Anyway, thank you again for a beyond lovely review! Reading this made me so happy ♥

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