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Review #1, by Rose RouthStudy Habits: Beginning Woes

22nd June 2012:
I loved that chapter! Honestly, I really loved it.
I think that what I will like the most in this story is Rose. In the other stories she's usually a bossy bitch who's really popular and hates Scorpius because he is a Malfoy (don't get me wrong, that's usually how I picture her, it's just nice to see other point of view).
Sincerely, I like that this Rose is a nerd bookworm who loves chocolate (just like me).
Hope you post the next chapter soon.


P.S.: Sorry for any mistakes in my grammar

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing! I'm glad that you like Rose:)

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Review #2, by Rose RouthWar.: Higher Heels

12th June 2012:
Ooooh! I loved it!
Rose seems almost... invisible? And I'm very disappointed with Granny Molly. She forgot about Rose. Is it like that every year? Because Al was the only one that stayed with her (and only the Potters, George and the Scamanders went to see her? That's so bad. I wouldn't forgive them).
And Dom seems like... well, a bitch. Hope she dies alone, in the desert, thirsty and starving.
Is Scorpius the Ravenclaw boy that she fancies? Because if he is, Dominique is not going to see another day. Muahahaha! (Ignore the laugh).
Well, hope you poste next chapter soon.

By the way, where did you get that banner? Is marvellous, fantastic and... perfect! Really cool.


Author's Response: Hey Kissus :)

Yes, Rose does seem a bit less noticed than Dominique. And Granny Molly seems more fond of the pretty veela than the fiery redhead XD
Al and Rose, in my head, grew up together really. Since they're in the same year, I imagine them to be very close. Plus, I love Al :D
Dom is a bitch. But so's Rose sometimes and we'll see if Dom falls in a pit of snakes in the next chapter! >.<
And no, Scorpius is a Slytherin in this story.. The Ravenclaw's name will be revealed later :)

And I got the AMAZING banner from Tda :) By Camila ;)

Thanks for the review! x

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