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Review #26, by HermioneEverdeenMeet Again: Chapter Seven

26th December 2012:
This is pretty good.

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Review #27, by HermioneEverdeenMeet Again: Chapter Six

26th December 2012:
These chapters are a bit short, if you can make your future stories longer it would be better :)

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Review #28, by HermioneEverdeenMeet Again: Chapter Five

26th December 2012:
How does Delila know his name?? xD Hahah:)

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Review #29, by HermioneEverdeenMeet Again: Chapter Four

26th December 2012:
Not really smart giving the email address out!! ;) Nice twist with Hermione helping Snape.

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Review #30, by HermioneEverdeenMeet Again: Chapter Three

26th December 2012:
Great story so far. Really short though!

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Review #31, by HermioneEverdeenMeet Again: Chapter Two

26th December 2012:
Awesome! I love how the charectors are a little OOC, and this story has great writing in it.

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Review #32, by HermioneEverdeenMeet Again: Meet Again

26th December 2012:
Awesome plot. I think it will be a good story.

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Review #33, by HermioneEverdeenBetween Love and Hate: Between Love and Hate

26th December 2012:
It is really good!! I love the plot.

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Review #34, by HermioneEverdeenWonderland: Wizard

26th December 2012:

I just... I don't know how to say it correctly.

Love this story.

It makes me crack up sometimes and sometimes want to shield myself in the embarrassment I feel in the atmosphere. I just... Love it. This plot line couldn't have been more perfect! And it is so wonderfully written. I think this is one of my new favorite fan fictions on this site. :D


Sarah xxx

(10 / 10)

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Review #35, by HermioneEverdeenThe Price: Opportunity Cost

12th December 2012:
OMR. Your making my cry!!!

This is so wonderfully written and it is so dramatic!!! I love it.:) You are now one of my favorite authors..

I just love your writing so much!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I really appreciate that! You might be happy to hear I've got a new story in the works as well. :)

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Review #36, by HermioneEverdeenLittle Miss Claus: December 3rd

9th December 2012:
Ah, Maria!!

You are my favorite fanfiction writer. I have to admit it. Your the one that made me start writing!!

I love this story so far. I WANT MORE. WAHH. I give you a 10/10 for this one. Now, WRITE FASTER PLEASE!



Author's Response: I was the one that inspired you to write? A better compliment doesn't exist.
Thank you so much, darling :,)


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Review #37, by HermioneEverdeenExpecting Otherwise: Lost & Found

20th October 2012:
Haha, I love your authors notes. They make my day. And that is just plain Freaky. it's strange, oh, and I'm sick too, and I love this story.

NEVER EVER STOP WRITING. I LOVE YOU. (Yah know what I mean.)


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Review #38, by HermioneEverdeenPosessed...: Sudden remark and returns

20th October 2012:
Haha, I loved this.

I can make banners, but I use a website for it, so , yeah. You can check out some of my stories and their banners if you want. Email me at Sarahb52006 at Yahoo dot com. (If I put my email, they delete my review, so I broke it down. :P)

I LOVE THE BOOK POSSESSION. I thought it was a bit unknown though, because whenever I ask people if they heard of it, they just shake their heads. D:

Anyway... Love your idea with the story, and like where it is going!

Keep on writing!


Author's Response: aww thanks and IMAFO we wouldn't want that!!! I didn't know they had a book on Possession that pretty cool. I'll email you soon! the thing is i forgot my password and i don't know why it isn't letting me renew it oh well... I'll check yours out!

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Review #39, by HermioneEverdeenDrowning Down Under: Chapter 25: Christmas Break

15th October 2012:
I lovvve this story (:
Try to make the chapters longer please, I just want more!:D
Love, Sarah

Author's Response: Writing long chapters would mean longer waits you realise? ;) I'll try to put up another chapter soon! As soon as I get a chance to write it! Thanks for rating and reviewing!!

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Review #40, by HermioneEverdeenExpecting Otherwise: So Frail

25th July 2012:
I love your writing, Maria!!!

Your writing is PERFECT, I just want more Chase/Del!!

How about...

Girl names:
[Heh JK I am listening to her music(:]
[Of course these are JK Rowlings, Evanna Lynch, and Helena Bonham Carters Names...]

On to the boys(:
Finnick [Hunger Games]
Haymitch [Hunger Games]


And more girls names :)
Brianna [Bri for short]


More boys. :P
Alex [Day/Nerimon]
Charlie [McDonnell/Charlieissocoollike]
Consider the Following(:.



Author's Response: Woaaah!!! A LOT of suggestions here! THANK YOU!

Thanks for reading and reviewing as well :)


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Review #41, by HermioneEverdeenOtherwise Engaged: Ever After

20th July 2012:
This is my second time reading this. And it gives me goose bumps everytime(:. Whenever I tell my friends to check out this site, I always recommend this story first...
You might want to know. I probably shouldn't be reading this, but I am 11 years old, but this... This... Is the most amazing story ever. I love your writing, and I love your ideas for your stories. You are my favorite autor on this site.(:

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Review #42, by HermioneEverdeenFragile Heart: Chapter Two

16th July 2012:
I love this story so much!!! I know a song that resembles this story(:. Listen to The Harold Song by Ke$ha.

I love the way your going with this, and I liked how you added a bit of Draco so far, and I like how your not really pushing Dramione into the first couple chapters.

Keep writing! I will keep reviewing!!!

Author's Response: Awwh...Thank you so much for your support! I'm so glad. Thanks for the song suggestion, I'll definitely listen to it.


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Review #43, by HermioneEverdeenKiss Me Again: Diagon Alley Part 2

14th July 2012:
I love this. It is a perfect story. Keep writing! I love your style in writing!

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Review #44, by HermioneEverdeenEverything Happens For A Reason: A Beginning In The End

13th July 2012:
I never read a story on this site that made me tear up.
There is always a first!!!
I absolutely loved this story, thank you so much for writing it!!!
Keep writing, and I will keep reviewing. :'3

Author's Response: Wow, I've read loads of stories that are to be honest, better than this one :P But thank your much, it really means a lot to me :) I will definitely keep writing for sure xx

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Review #45, by HermioneEverdeenYou Again: You Again

11th July 2012:
I just love the movie You Again...
So This is perfect!! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so so much :D

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Review #46, by HermioneEverdeenThe Hidden Path: The Truth Behind The Lies

10th July 2012:
I just love this.

I never read any other story that is written with so much detail and with so much creativity on this site.

The chapters are long, so it is way bether than in other story's that I read because it bothers me when they are short. >_<

Ok. So about the story.

I liked how you nudged a bit of Dramione in there, with him staring at her and putting his arm around his waist.

I also liked how you put Ginny with Hermione in Slytherin. That is unlike any of the stories I read so far about Hermione becoming a Zabini.

I ALSO liked the part when Ginny was picking out her clothes, and her back showing, so she made her bra invisible.

Isn't that every girls dream? ;)

I love your story so much. Keep writing!!! I will keep on reviewing on every chapter and every future story (and their chapters) that you write!

Keep the nargles away,

Author's Response: Thank you I hope I wont disappoint you

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Review #47, by HermioneEverdeenHermione And The Slytherins. : Amorentia (II)

9th July 2012:
Totally awesome story. Totally awesome chapter.(;

I love how you ended this chapter with a mention of George. Someone that was a Gryffindor, (besides Cormac.), who might except her for who she is now. (Sorry if I say weird stuff, it is 12:11 AM.).

I love your style of writing(:. I only have 3 other authors that are my favorite besides you.

Keep writing!!! This story could never be more perfect!!!

Keep the nargles away,

Author's Response: This is probably the best review I have ever seen! Thank you so much! And to be honest, I hadn't really thought of George as someone who will accept her, but for someone who will help her, but it's a really good idea and I will use it if you don't mind (with credit of course!)! Thank you again! You have no idea how much this means to me! My day was near to awful until I read your review!

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Review #48, by HermioneEverdeenHungry Potter: Chapter 1

8th July 2012:
You feel like my I-don't-know-you-really Best Friend!!!
But I just love THP, THG, and HP!!
I love your story BTW, it is very unique to be on this site.(:
Keep writing!
Keep the nargles away,

Author's Response: thanks so much! I'm so glad you liked it!

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Review #49, by HermioneEverdeenFairytaled : Unfamiliarity

8th July 2012:
Wow... I just love this story.
Like, a lot.
It is just truly amazing.
I just havE a little idea.
Maybe you could make the chapters a little longer please?:) Keep going on with the story. I loveee it!!
Keep the nargles away,
P.S. =
I think this chapter is my favorite out of all of them. I think It needs a bit Dramione in the next chapter.

Author's Response: Ahh do you?! Yay!
Seriously, hearing that someone actually loves my story makes my day. I'm so freaking happy right now. xD
I know. making the chapters longer is my weakest thing as a writer. I'll work on it, I promise. :) For all my awesome readers and reviewers like yourself. :)
Is it?! Yay! Because I loved this chapter, but I promise, more Dramione to come. :P

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Review #50, by HermioneEverdeenThe Games: II-The Letter

7th July 2012:
I like how this is going. Please try to update more often, as I would love more of this story(:. If you could, maybe you should make the chapters longer and add more detail. Try to leave the chapters with a bit of a cliffhanger at the end, I think that would make it a better story.
Keep writing!
All the nargles love,
HermioneEverdeen :'3

Author's Response: Hey, thank you for reading! I'm really sorry for not updating. I'm kind of focusing on my studies as of the moment that's why. I don't really like cliffhangers, that's why I avoid them. I'm sorry if you don't like that. I try to complete the chapter meaningfully, without being too overloaded. And this is going to be a short thing, I think.

Thanks! I'll try to update asap!

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