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Review #1, by eternallyconfuzzledThe Human Factor : The One Where Lily Makes A Decision

8th December 2012:
Hi! I really like this story. Pippa is really mysterious, I keep reading to find out more on her. I'm not usually one for stories like this with dark undertones. But I adore this one! I used to think that this was a love story between her and Al. Sometimes I still think it is, but it's really something deeper. It's a story about Pippa herself and how deep of a character she is. You did a really good job! Keep updating :)

Author's Response: Hello! Thank you:) And yes, you are constantly learning about her, but I think that's the same with any person, I learn new things about people i could write a book on all the time. I know what you mean, I personally don't read angst all that much, yet I'm writing quite an angsty story! It's weird but I'm glad you like it anyway! It's still a love story, mixed in with a lot of things like self redemption, I kind of see it as at the start, it's all broken and it's the path to becoming hopefully whole again, and everything that happens while on that path. Romance is kinda slowly burning at the moment but it gets hotter :) haha, that sounded cheesy! Thanks so much, hopefully an update should be coming before the new year :) I have lots of ideas for it! Thanks a lot for the review, it's made my day and I hope that you have a great day! Xxx

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Review #2, by eternallyconfuzzledPhoenix Ashes: Chapter Seven

19th August 2012:
Was that Malfoy Blaise stabbed??? Aaah that's so suspenseful...way to leave us on a cliffie. Please update soon. I really want a Hermione chapter :)

Author's Response: You'll have to wait a bit for Hermione, I have two more chapters before she returns to the scene. Thank you for the review!

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Review #3, by eternallyconfuzzledNot Just a Bystander: And then Iím a terrible girlfriend...

3rd July 2012:
Hii! I'm really sorry that you couldn't find the set! :( I worked really hard on it. Anyway I'm just saying that I updated some of the set info so if you search it again you should find it! Hope you do and that you enjoy it :)

Author's Response: I've just found it and I absolutely love it! You've definitely made my day and I'm so amused and in love and am showing people, ahha. I'm going to post a link to it on my Hpff formspring so that everyone can see it. Thank you so much! I'm honestly honoured :D

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Review #4, by eternallyconfuzzledNot Just a Bystander: And then we talked...

29th June 2012:
Okay so I love this fanfic. It's so funny! Anyway since I'm addicted to polyvore I just had to make a set. It's not exactly accurate but yeah...HPFF won't let me add links so if you want to look at it, go to polyvore and search for "james Potter is scared of birds?" in sets :) I hope you do!

Author's Response: I got really excited about this and searched, but I couldn't find it I'm afraid... thank you so much for the lovely review and I'm glad you enjoy it! :)

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