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Review #1, by Rose_Red6Twelve: The Building of April Storms

1st August 2015:
I hope he gives her the owl but I don't think that would patch things up instantly either. Would he try going to her birthday party in secret and then give her the owl after a heartfelt apology.lots of emotions could make Rose want to kiss him maybe?
I wonder if Marcus will cheat on Rose with Dominique, and Scorpius finds out before Rose and beats him to a pulp.I think I'm writing a fan fiction about your fanfiction now...

Author's Response: Ahhh, Long time and no response (sorry about that). You're right, him giving her the owl would not patch things up instantly. That being said they are really good friends and this is the first fight that they have ever had, though it was a big one, I also feel that a person doesn't just throw away years of friendship over one fight. I believe to some extent that they both feel that things were taken out of context, which they were. As for Scorpius showing up to her party in secret, keep in mind that he is pretty mad at Rose and for a decent reason, so it is not his responsibility to make the first move. Though he feels bad about the owl and he may try and rectify the situation (maybe not how you think) that's not going to change the fact that Rose has genuinely hurt his feelings. This is one of the few situations in the story where misunderstandings, lies, and them trying to shield on another from being hurt has resulted in the both of them being very wrong in their actions. To some extent though Scorpius does owe her an apology as well for not hearing her out, Rose is the one who is going to have to make the initial apology. So for Scorpius to go out of his way to try and plan to go to her party in secret isn't something he would do for someone he is so mad at. All of that being said, that doesn't mean that Scorpius might not show up to her party, it just means that it wont be under secret circumstances nor would it have/need to be. As for a kiss... I am keeping my mouth sealed on that.
I can't really talk much about Marcus at the moment. I can say that he probably wont be cheating on Rose with Dominique. I do have some big plot changing things planned for but those are not going to happen until the May chapters. Thank you so much for the review, and enjoy your fanfiction of my fanfiction until the next chapter is posted, which will be extremely soon, hopefully by today or tomorrow. Thank you for reading.

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Review #2, by Rose_Red6Twelve: A Birthday Whish for March

8th June 2014:
Please post the next chapter when you have the opportunity :(

Author's Response: I am finishing it up right this minute and it is going in for validation so it should be up this week. Thanks for sticking with me.

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Review #3, by Rose_Red6Twelve: More of February

17th September 2013:
I love this so much, I always read this with Wide Eyes wondering what is to happen next.

Author's Response: I'm so glad that you are enjoying it. I'm excited about the next chapter. Thank you so much for reading and the review.

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Review #4, by Rose_Red6Twelve: The Beginning of February

11th August 2013:
Good chapter! Maybe Marcus will change? maybe try although I'm rather excited to see some ScorpiusXRose soon, of course getting to that point is always great. I loved this chapter. Gets better and better each time.

Author's Response: Some Scorpius and Rose action will be coming, not extremely soon because right now they are just friends but definitely some unnoticed feelings will be arising soon. Getting to that point is half the fun, I promise I won't disappoint if you just stick with me. Thank you son much for the lovely review. So glad that you are liking it.

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Review #5, by Rose_Red6Confronting Temptation: Night Storms and Talks

3rd July 2013:
:o His wife...pregnant with Rose's Nephew.? Does he mean Lily? I'm confused...Awe this is getting twisted. :( I wish they could have their happy ending.

Author's Response: No his wide is pregnant with Roses nephew meaning that it is Hugos son. The only way Rose can have a nephew is through her brother Hugo. Any child born from one of her cousins would be her second cousin. Yes it is getting twisted thank you for reading more will be revealed in the next chapter.

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Review #6, by Rose_Red6Twelve: Still January

3rd July 2013:
:D this was a good Chapter I was sad when it ended.

Author's Response: Glad that you liked it. Hope to have the next one posted soon.

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Review #7, by Rose_Red6Confronting Temptation: For the Night

19th June 2013:
My favorite chapter...

Author's Response: Glad you liked it thanks for the review.

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Review #8, by Rose_Red6Confronting Temptation: Sleepless Nights

16th April 2013:
Loved it-your story is the only reason why I still come to this website.

Author's Response: Well then I guess it is my responsibility to update every two weeks in order to keep you coming back. Thank you so much for the review glad that you are enjoying the story.

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Review #9, by Rose_Red6Confronting Temptation: First Encounters

18th February 2013:
That was amazing and exciting-I couldn't take my eyes off my computer screen. Please hurry with the next one I loved it.

Author's Response: In two weeks I will update. I am going to try to update every two weeks that way I give myself enough time to write the chapter along with get it updated. I am so happy that you are enjoying it so far and thank you so much for the review.

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Review #10, by Rose_Red6Fighting Temptation: Epilogue

2nd February 2013:
T^T I remember when I first found this story...I bow to you.

Author's Response: Thank you, I am so glad that you liked it. Thank you so much for the review and if you read the sequel i hope you lke that just as much.

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Review #11, by Rose_Red6Fighting Temptation: Breathe

19th September 2012:
; _ : .so amazingly sad...

Author's Response: I'm sorry. But thank you for the review.

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Review #12, by Rose_Red6Fighting Temptation: The Letter

14th August 2012:
i drew the scene (a mini comic) of Scorpius and Vivian talking. I want to give it to you, I have a scanner but give me time to figure out, unless you dont want it.

Author's Response: Omg that is so cool of course I want it. My email is lemmylemonade at gmail. Take as much time as you need to figure it out. Thank you so much. :)

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Review #13, by Rose_Red6James' ploys : Poor Lily

4th August 2012:
I rushed through this chapter too because I didn't realize I was late for work! Sorry I'll fix it later.

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Review #14, by Rose_Red6James' ploys : The sorting

23rd July 2012:
A/N I really rished through this story because this is my third submission of the same chapter. It kept getting deleted, so I will edit this and make it better, when I trust my computer more. No I do not have microsoft word, or an type of writing program on my computer.

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Review #15, by Rose_Red6Revenge: Break Out

8th June 2012:
Maybe for the reason why they are targeting Rose could be that Ron killed his oldest son during the war? Unless you want to add a twist if some sort.

Author's Response: thanks for the feedback, i'll have to think about it

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Review #16, by Rose_Red6Letters to Lily: Note 2

8th June 2012:
"`Potter would never write something so corny and send it to someone. That wouldn't be good for his image`"
Maybe thats why they are anonymous.

Author's Response: Yes, but she doesn't think James would write something like that because he isn't the type of person to do that sort of thing. :)

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Review #17, by Rose_Red6Banana Cream Pie: Pie

3rd June 2012:
XD oh gosh this sounds like a song by System of the down!
o.o but his pants grow tighter after he imagines Snape in a dress...says a lot.

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