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Review #1, by felicitationsRun: Twisted Towers

10th August 2012:
I stopped reading this story for a while in the hopes that I could eventually read it all in one go and avoid the constant refreshing for updates every week... I caved. And oh man, I chose quite a week to catch up. I am DYING to see what happens next. I don't know how I'm going to cope in the meantime.

I'm so in awe of how you manage to keep me guessing. I suspect many writers, if they were even able to come up with the absolutely brilliant premise that you did, would have kept a less beloved character like Scrimgeour or Crabbe or maybe even Snape around to be knocked off in the final battle... but you have kept the eliminations so random, but in a way that seems natural rather than forced... in that aspect, it feels as though you, as the author, are not telling a story, but recounting an event that you had no control over, which I find very rare and difficult. The moment I think I've caught on, something new gets thrown into the mix and turns everything on its head; but then there are bits where I think I know what will happen and then when what I suspect will happen actually DOES happen, I'm just as shocked as when you throw us a curveball. (Did that make sense? You are running me up and down my entire emotional range and that tends to interfere with my writing abilities.) It is absolutely organic and thrilling and mind-blowingly suspenseful. I'm used to seeing where, generally, stories are headed, but I have no idea where this story is going at any given point and that drives me insane (in a good way).

You've got me so torn and anxious and nervous and excited over the fact that it's Fred and Colin who will be fighting for their... lives? existence. They are both so young, and so kind, and such brave and determined and genuine Gryffindors, and they both deserve the chance to say their final goodbyes to their brothers, and I cannot stand the thought of either of them ceasing to exist... and it's only as I'm writing this that I'm realizing how much the two of them have in common. (And now you've got me wondering how much of that was intentional. You are a mastermind.) I just want them both to shake hands and forfeit so that neither of them can get hurt and then everyone will live happily ever after, the end. But if anything like that were to happen then the fallout would probably be massive and perhaps catastrophic. I feel like, logically, there's no way a happy ending can come to the rescue at this point, but I keep holding out hope that everyone can win somehow... as I said, you've got me so torn.

I have to say I am super surprised at Tonks' actions near the end. Why on earth did she knock Crabbe out of the competition? Does she not realize that she may have just sentenced Colin to not-quite-death? Did she think she was doing him a favor? And how does she justify her interference? If Colin loses, how will she feel about having personally put him in that situation? What would have happened if she'd allowed Crabbe to move on? Does she believe she is doing Colin a favor, doing Fred a favor by giving him a weaker opponent, trying to put Fred at a disadvantage by putting him in a situation where he'll have to essentially kill someone he likes, or just preventing Crabbe from competing because she doesn't think he deserves it? And how does she think she has the right to decide whether Colin or Crabbe should deserve the chance more? Oh, man, so many possibilities. I can't wrap my head around what her motives might have been and I really hope that gets explained eventually.

You're just brilliant. As a rule, I never ever read WIPs because it seems that every time I get sucked into a good story, the author ditches the fandom... but I'm putting my faith in you because all of your other stories have been so amazing. And even if you do decide to drop "Run" for any reason, it will still have been not only one of the best fan fiction stories I've ever read, but one of the best stories period. I am confident that it will become one of the epic must-reads in the world of HP fan fiction, if it isn't considered one already. It certainly is in my book.

Author's Response: Holy wow.

Usually it takes me a few days to respond to reviews, but I know that if I let this one sit for a while, I'm just going to get more and more intimidated by it and I'll end up giving you a completely incoherent response. This review is absolutely amazing - I am reeling so much.

I want to touch on something you said:

-it feels as though you, as the author, are not telling a story, but recounting an event that you had no control over

I cannot possibly tell you how wonderful it is to hear that, because that is something I have thought about on a mostly unconscious level. When I started this story and plotted out the winners and losers of each round, I knew it would come down to Fred and Colin in the end; but sometimes my specific plans didn't pan out and details ended up going another way, and it seemed like an unstoppable thing, like this was meant to happen even though I thought something else was going to happen instead. It's hard to explain but I think you understand what I'm saying. If I could ask for readers to have any kind of response to this story, it would be that. You have singlehandedly made my month.

Yes, one of the reasons why I made it Fred vs Colin in the end is because of their similarities. They're alike in more ways than they realize, and soon they'll be in the exact same predicament that most of the other Cliodna's Clock residents can't understand. In the coming chapters you'll see how they cope.

I LOVE all of your thoughts about Tonks! I've written the next few chapters and you'll see a bit more insight into why she did what she did.

I can assure you that I won't be ditching this story! There will be 31 chapters total and I've only got three left to write. This story will be posted in its entirety in seven weeks' time. :)

I am just so blown away by this review. It's one of the best ones I've ever gotten and I'm sure I'll read it and reread it quite often. I put so much of my time and energy and /myself/ into this story, and so to get this kind of response is rewarding beyond belief. Thank you so, so, so much. :)

- Sarah

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Review #2, by felicitationsSo, Listen...: April 1996

14th June 2012:
Oh goodness. This story was heart-achingly awesome. I love so much about this story I'm not sure where to start. I don't really review, like ever, so I guess I'll just list stuff off - forgive me if it all sounds disjointed!

Lee and George should get medals for best wingmen ever. So many of the twin-centric stories I've read sort of shove Lee to the side or ignore him altogether, so I really appreciate that you've acknowledged his friendship with the twins and given him plenty of time to shine. The detention with Umbridge scene had me cramping with laughter.

I love how you sort of flit about the canon, taking bits and pieces of the books and sticking them in different lights to make up a story. George stealing Angelina at the Yule Ball, Harry's arrival on the Hogwarts Express, Fred and Hollis' brief goodbye before the twins' departure from the school... you've scouted out a bunch of tiny blanks and filled them in with a beautiful, and very convincing, love story.

You are damn funny. Your humor feels effortless. My absolute favorite part: "Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred…" Oh, I can just picture his reaction. But if I tried to list out *all* the bits of this story that made me laugh I would use a lot more than 6000 words so I'll just leave it at that and hope it covers it.

I also love that you haven't neatly wrapped up every loose end. You could have had the pair troll through their history, detailing each of their encounters and explaining their motivations to the other - "Remember that one time in chapter X where I Y? That was because I liked you and was trying to get your attention!" - but you didn't, and I'm grateful. Their relationship is strong enough without a hundred different little confirmations of their feelings.

And the funeral scene. Oh dear. There have only been a handful of stories that have made me blubber like that, or that have taken the pain I felt at a character death and made me relive that pain anywhere near as strongly as I did while reading the books. "The coffin shook once when it sank to the very bottom, and this was when George began to cry, shoulders shaking like a broken person." That's where I broke, too. Before that I was crying, but that one line just made me curl up in a quivering ball and sob. I'm tearing up right now just thinking about it. Oh George. Oh Fred. That was powerful.


I must admit I was hesitant to read this story. I am extremely partial to the twins and pairing either of them with an OC makes me wary... but I've been reading all of your stories and they are all so fantastic that I figured this one had to be, too. And oh boy, was it. Hollis is an enjoyable narrator, Delphine is entertaining and believable, the twins are completely in character, and you've incorporated the plots of the books into the story wonderfully.

What else can I say? You are an extremely versatile and gifted writer and I look forward to making my way through the rest of your stories. I don't feel that a simple "thank you" is enough for all the amazing work you've shared with us, but I can't think how else to put it. So, thanks.

Author's Response: Oh, wow, this review. Thank you so much. :)

I loved writing about wingmen Lee and George. I feel like Fred would have involved them in any relationship he would have had - especially George. They do everything together, and I don't think Fred would have just gone off by himself, isolated with some girl all the time. I'm very glad that you agree with that vision.

I'm also pleased that you liked George stealing Angelina at the ball. Some of my reasoning behind wanting to write this story was my irritation that in fan fiction, Angelina and George is like this angst fest, and Angelina basically only gets with George because he reminds her of Fred. I was, she likes George based on his own merits. George is awesome, she didn't pick him because he looked like Fred. Angelina and Fred went to a dance together in school, that's it. They never even dated. I mean, Harry went to the ball with one of the Patil twins and you don't see them falling over each other in love. It got on my nerves, so I wanted to show that the relationship between Fred and Angelina has always been - since we have no evidence to the contrary - platonic. Sorry for that little rant there. :P

I've always been curious about what Harry would seem like from an outsider's perspective. The scene on the train was very fun to write.

I don't generally tear up much when reading or writing fic, either, and I admittedly teared up at the part where George started crying. It was such a miserable image, George crying, and writing that scene left me in a bad mood for the rest of the day.

I'm so, so flattered that you took a chance on my Fred/OC, and I definitely understand your hesitance. Another reason why I wrote this is because I'd been prowling the archive for a Fred/OC and didn't really care for any of them, so I decided to try my hand at it.

Oh my goodness, you are so kind. You seriously have no idea how much I appreciate this review - it's so encouraging and it makes me feel like I've achieved something. So thank you so, so, so much. :)

- Sarah

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