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Review #1, by SomeTypeOfOldMagicLoveThe Complicated Life of Mirabelle Rose: The Perks of Being a Blood-Traitor

3rd April 2016:
Hey me and my sister have been reading your stories since 2010. Our favorite is Coming back a swan.we just would like to ask you why you stopped writing it and also if you could give us an ending. We've thought of so many potential ways it could go but we would really wanna know what you had in mind. Thanks so much

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Review #2, by SomeTypeOfOldMagicLoveHopeless: And the next Harry Potter is...

2nd July 2014:
Great story so far!! Need more!

Author's Response: Thank you!!
Yeah, I know. Sorry I'm really bad at updating. But I've finished school for the summer so I should be able to update soon. *fingers crossed*
Thank you again so much for reviewing, it really means a lot. xx

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Review #3, by SomeTypeOfOldMagicLovev a n i l l a ♥ t w i l i g h t: Funky Werewolf Sexual Urges are Intense, Man.

26th February 2013:
Love the story so much I've reread it like a billion times! I love everything you write so keep doing it. Also who's Jen? I always wonder that.
Love Always, Isa

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Review #4, by SomeTypeOfOldMagicLoveEveryday: Best Men and Bridesmaids

25th February 2013:
Hey! I love the story and I'm super excited for what's coming up. I'll be waiting for an update!
Love Always, Isa

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Review #5, by SomeTypeOfOldMagicLoveLife Studies a.k.a. Matchmaking: Happy Families

1st January 2013:
Hey! I love the story soo much. I know some people might say some parts are way too cliche but I'm eating it up. I'm so excited to read more about the couples especially james/soph, rose/scorpius, and alice/louis. Keep up the amazing writing, I cant wait for more!
Love Always,

Author's Response: thx. n i m incredsibly sorry abt the clche parts but i just had no other idea on how to bring up the plot. but so sweet of u to put up with me n my writing

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Review #6, by SomeTypeOfOldMagicLoveNo Ordinary Nutter: Of Nutters and McGonagall’s Fanclub

3rd December 2012:
One hundred percent in love with the story (almost as much as I like rubber ducks)! Im in love with Halle's character (not in that way.)! Shes hilarious! I cant wait to see more james/halle action ;) Waiting desperately for an update, Isa

Author's Response: aww, thankyou ! next chappie's got some james/halle action, and it's already in the queue! thanks for the great review :)

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Review #7, by SomeTypeOfOldMagicLoveFighting Hormones: Bruce and Moments of Weekness

21st November 2012:
I loved it! Lily and James are both hilarious. I am extremely excited for the sequel! Keep writing amazingness, Isa.

Author's Response: Naw thanks so much :DI was kind of going for the insane humour. The sequel is coming out very soon so watch out for it. Thank you so much the review :DD

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Review #8, by SomeTypeOfOldMagicLoveChanging for you: More than just bodies

20th November 2012:
I love this story so much even though its only been two chapters! i was wandering if its still a WIP or did you abandon it?? Anyways if you didn't I'll be waiting for new updates!
Love Always, Isa

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Review #9, by SomeTypeOfOldMagicLoveMatchmaker: The Force to be Reckoned With

29th October 2012:
I totally loved the chapter! I was excited when she started wanting a boyfriend and love because i mean im rooting for james and hollie. but anyways i also saw perks a while back and i totally agree with you. It was amazing! im kinda sad you wont be updating for a while, but its worth waiting for!
Love Always, Isa

Author's Response: Hey! I'm pleased you liked it. I'm rooting for them too, but hollie has to stop being so stubborn first. :P Ah perks is just perfect. I had so many shivers and feels after watching it! :)
Aw, thank you. I'll see if I can update sooner but I can't guarantee I'm afraid! :(
Annon x

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Review #10, by SomeTypeOfOldMagicLoveNot Such a Delicate Flower: Summertime Madness

30th September 2012:
I love this story! Ginny is hilarious and when the truth about the ravenclaws was revealed I was truthfully shocked. I mean seriously 'claws drinking games really?! But anyways when are you going to update? I'll be waiting! Love, Isa

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Review #11, by SomeTypeOfOldMagicLoveBreaking the Quidditch Code: Back into Ravenclaws

29th September 2012:
Hey, I love this chapter! It's kinda a cliffhanger which I love and I LOVE the friends reference! It made my laugh. Now on to Haley. I actually really like her but I mean like you quoted for Javery,"Shes his lobster!" Im excited to find out how this goes. I love the whole story so keep to going! Love, Isa

Author's Response: Hehe, so glad you liked the Friends reference. Friends is one of my favorite shows. ... ever. Haley is such a fun character to write. She's a peach! Thanks for the review -- I really hope you like the rest of the story!

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Review #12, by SomeTypeOfOldMagicLoveWelcome to the Chase: chapter.twentyfour - Checkmate.

26th September 2012:
Hey i love the story its amazing and hilarious but i was wondering if you are still working on it? or is it abandoned? anyways its amazing and it makes me laugh eac time i read a chapter! Love, Isa

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Review #13, by SomeTypeOfOldMagicLoveBreaking the Quidditch Code: The Friend Zone

22nd September 2012:
hey i love this story sooo much but chapter 28 is not showing up so like i dont what happens. so ya i cant read it. anyways i love the story and i can see james feelings for avery progressing ;) i love your writing so keep doing it. xoxo, Isa

Author's Response: Hi! Three chapters were un-validated and are currently in edits. If you'd like, just wait a couple of days and they should be back in action! Sorry for the inconvenience! Thanks for the review!

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Review #14, by SomeTypeOfOldMagicLoveButterflies: Could Things Get Anymore Awkward?

9th September 2012:
I love this story and also the one before. Pleaseee do a third i would love it! Good Luck and thanks!

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Review #15, by SomeTypeOfOldMagicLoveTurning the Tables: Ho Ho Hopefully

10th August 2012:
Hey! i just wanted to say that i really love your story and i really hope you update soon. i love that corinne finally stood up to freddy and got some self confidence. anyways this is one of my fav stories and keep up the amazing work!
Love, Isa
P.S Good Luck in college

Author's Response: Aw thank you so much! I'm so flattered you like my story and don't worry, the next chapter's in the queue so an update should be coming soon! But yes, Corinne is definitely finding confidence, which is something she really needed.

Thank you so much for reviewing! :D

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Review #16, by SomeTypeOfOldMagicLoveComing Back a Swan: The Falling Angel

20th June 2012:
I love this story so much! I also adore your writing! I am super excited for the sequel so please update soon!
Love Always,

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