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Review #1, by luciusobsessedActions Speak Louder than Words: Breakable: Rose POV

15th July 2014:
Wowowowow I'm so sad this is the last chapter so far :( This was so intense, mostly because we're waiting to find out what happened. I'm so glad Rose found out the truth and was okay with Hermione finding out. I'm just nervous about Ron now. Please hurry up and update! You're amazing!!

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Review #2, by luciusobsessedActions Speak Louder than Words: Breakout: Rose POV

15th July 2014:
OMG I KNEW THEY WERE AFTER ROSE AND I KNEW THAT WOULD HAPPEN. It's so strange how Death Eaters are coming back? Does this have something to do with Voldemort even though he's gone? I mean The Cause at least. Idk I can't review right now because I have to read the next chapter lol

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Review #3, by luciusobsessedActions Speak Louder than Words: Breakdown: Rose POV

15th July 2014:
Ah you did again, another amazing chapter!! It was perfect!! It really is hard losing a patient. It's one thing learning about it and another experiencing it. I could never deal with that kind of responsibility. I'm glad Rose can be so close to Scorp now without freezing up. I still feel like something bad is going to happen soon though. We shall see I suppose. Right now I'm just ridiculously excited over how cute they are.

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Review #4, by luciusobsessedActions Speak Louder than Words: Breakthrough: Scorpius POV

15th July 2014:
I like the edge of mystery to this chapter, it really brings a lot of questions to light. I don't know why but a part of my suspects maybe someone from the inside is involved? It's just a random guess though, I'm not sure. Either way, this Stannous guy is seriously scary and I can't wait to figure everything out about him.

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Review #5, by luciusobsessedActions Speak Louder than Words: Befuddled: Rose AND Scorpius POV

15th July 2014:
It's about time they talked! I swear miscommunication is always the problem and I'm so happy they finally talked about it instead of dragging it on. They are perfect, I swear. It's terrible that Rose has to suffer so much mentally, and I feel like even though she's getting better, something is going to happen again suddenly. I'm glad she has everyone supporting her though, especially Scorpius. Great job on this chapter, it was amazing once again!!!

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Review #6, by luciusobsessedActions Speak Louder than Words: Back to the Beginning: Rose POV

15th July 2014:
I love Harry so much. This is making me want to have a movie marathon and I think I will after catching up on all the chapters. Harry is the sweetest most caring person ever and I'm trying not to cry right now. I wish I had an uncle like him in my life and family like the Potters and Weasleys. Sorry I'm getting too personal and dramatic. You're such an amazing writer and your story is so amazing. I'm so attached haha. I like how Rose has that small voice in her head that doubts Scorpius. That's how I always am too, there's always that small room for doubt so I can really connect with her character over that. I loved this :))

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Review #7, by luciusobsessedActions Speak Louder than Words: Bombarda Maxima: Scorpius POV

15th July 2014:
Wow, I think this was definitely my favorite chapter so far. It was so so so intense I can't even…I gasped so many times. Poor Rose :( They finally discovered the scars on her back and it made them go crazy. I love how protective they all are of her. I wish I was part of their group/family honestly. It was really scary imagining Albus and Scorp torturing those poor trees, especially when Albus used the killing curse. That was crazy intense. I'm glad that they're all sticking together, especially Scorp with Rose. He better not play the hero and give up lol.

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Review #8, by luciusobsessedActions Speak Louder than Words: Besieged: Rose POV

15th July 2014:
No poor Rose. I mean don't get me wrong, I'm excited for all this drama because it intensifies everything, especially with Scorpius. I just feel so bad for her that she has to deal with the trauma of everything all over again. Everything was going so well for her and Scorpius. I had a feeling that guy from the party earlier had something to do with her trauma. I would write a longer review but I want to read the next chapter haha.

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Review #9, by luciusobsessedActions Speak Louder than Words: Better: Rose POV

15th July 2014:
I love how realistically nervous you make Rose. God knows I would be so nervous I would probably turn around and leave the room hahaha. They are so cute together and I like how it's not cheesy at all. THANK YOU FOR NOT BEING CHEESY! Scorpius is so cute. I love how he gets just as nervous and isn't trying to be super macho all the time. I think it's interesting how Rose is closer to Harry, and it's adorable how Harry notices the romance going on between Scorp and Rose. On to the next chap!!

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Review #10, by luciusobsessedBeneath: run softly, blue river

15th July 2014:
I hate Ben so so much. I don't understand what happened so I can't imagine how confused poor Rainne is. I guess we'll find out in the next chapter. Honestly Sirius is the perfect guy for her and I think she will begin to realize that soon. Ben is a jerk. I would use a worse word but my review won't post if I do haha. Sirius is always noticing everything and taking care of her. He's basically her boyfriend. Ben is literally just there "hey babe, yeah babe, okay babe." I WANT TO STICK BABE UP HIS YOU KNOW WHAT. Anyway, what you did with James and Lily is amazing. She's in obvious denial about her feelings for him but at the same time her feelings are seeping through and she's losing control. They are so cute and I'm so jealous :(( Please update soon because you're an amazing writer and I need to know what happens next PLEASE HURRY :'D

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Review #11, by luciusobsessedBeneath: wake me up

15th July 2014:
OMG. If Ben does anything…I can't even. I wonder if he would do something? Or is it a misunderstanding? I think he probably did something. I'm so glad Sirius saw BECAUSE NOW HE CAN MAKE HIS MOVE ON RAINNE. I'm sorry this review isn't too long because I have to go read the next chapter :O

Did I mention I hate Ben?

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Review #12, by luciusobsessedHow to Become Minister of Magic: A Guide: Let's Make a Deal

16th June 2014:
Wow this was so good! I like the people you chose in your banner ( Gossip Girl fan all the way) and I can picture them all in your story. I like how your character is set out to get what she wants and I like how she is a Beauxbaton. I've never read a Louis fic but I'm really excited to continue this one. Great job and great writing :))

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!! Ah, yes, gotta love Gossip Girl ;) Yes, Laney is quite the ambitious little girl. Thanks again!

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Review #13, by luciusobsessedWe Are One: It begins with pink

16th June 2014:
THIS WAS SO GOOD! Definitely going in my favorites. You're so creative, writing a mystery fic about Umbridge being murdered. I'm honestly dying to know how it is and I love how you wrote the beginning. Harry and Ginny are so cute, he's so sweet to her. It's sad how he didn't get to see James all day, that just shows how busy he is :( I can't wait to read on! :))

Author's Response: SQUEE!! Thank you! Haha, she's just an easy character to kill off. :P I hope you keep reading. I love getting to know what people think!

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Review #14, by luciusobsessedHarry Potter and the Plot of Power: 02 Cassandra's Gift

16th June 2014:
I had to read the part about Luna's son dying a couple times over. She's already been through so much with her mother dying and now her son dying as well. This chapter was amazing. Harry's reaction to his door being open was so realistic and the fact that he doesn't trust the Ministry makes sense as to why he would cast so many spells on his door. I'm so glad Hugo is alive but I wish we knew more about what was happening. I'm sure it will become clear in the future chapters. Great job, feel free to re-request :))

Author's Response: Yeah, Luna has definitely been through a lot and I think after Lorcan's death I might leave her alone. I honestly don't think that Harry would trust the ministry after everything he went through. Every though he works for them I see Harry trying to keep them at arms length, or definitely keep important information to himself.

Everything will slowly come to place and you'll get the clear picture coming soon! Thank you so much for your reviews. And I apologize for taking forever to come and give you a proper response.

Until next time

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Review #15, by luciusobsessedLumos: Temper

29th May 2014:
Wow this is extremely well written. First off, let me say how I absolutely love how you started this chapter off behind the veil. It was wonderful to see so many of my favorite characters all together again on the other side in such different circumstances. I really wanted Snape and Lily to see each other. I hope somewhere in future chapters you have that written it, that would be awesome.

Poor Harry, he's so frustrated. I don't understand why he didn't threaten to reveal to everyone that Skeeter is an unregistered Animagus. But wow, that was intense and the consequences will probably be severe. Actually, maybe not since he just defeated Voldemort. He might face something but not anything as bad as Azkaban.

Your writing style is great and you stayed true to the characters. You wrote them all perfectly. I wonder why Hermione left so randomly. Was she scared of Harry? I'm sure we'll find out in future chapters.

Great read, great story, feel free to re-request :))

Author's Response: Thankyou very much for the brilliant review! As this is my first fan fic I'm super glad you like it! Maybe I can arrange the request of Snape and Lily... Maybe I can do it :)

Yes, I really wanted to underline Harry's frustration, and Hermione's random exit. All shall be revealed!

Thanks for r+r, enjoy!

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Review #16, by luciusobsessedPull Me Under: Exposed

29th May 2014:

"I’ll hex off your d**k and feed it to Hagrid’s hippogriffs"

"Potter motioned to his crotch before making a slicing gesture with his hand"

IM LITERALLY SITTING IN LECTURE AT UNI IN THE FRONT ROW AND LAUGHING LIKE CRAZY. Wow, that was a good laugh. I love this story already. I love the potential idea of Rose friendzoning Scorpius and I love that you didn't make Albus and Scorp best friends like everyone else. Reading about them as enemies from a new perspective is very interesting. Great vocabulary and writing style. Please feel free to re-request, it was really a lovely read :))

Author's Response: hahahaha thank you so much for this review! It made my day :) Glad at least someone found my lame attempts at humor funny Xx

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Review #17, by luciusobsessedCrossing Delicate Boundaries : Positive or Negative

12th May 2014:
Wow so I've never read a Draco/Hermione fic before and this is the first! I'm usually super OCD about Ron and her being together but I decided to give it an open mind and this was an amazing first chapter!

I love how you started it off with the potions pregnancy test. That was creative and it's hard for me to imagine Hermione in that situation but you did a great job with that.

I can't believe Ron is being such a you know what. He can't just keep in contact with Lavender, even if he wants to be her friend. It's obvious that she has feelings for him, and that's not okay. He needs to respect Hermione enough to not talk to Lavender. I'm getting super heated which shows you did a great job of making it realistic haha :P

And WOW she has the nerve to send owls to their house?! And on top of that call him Won Won? If I were Hermione I would have caused a scene and left him then and there! :o

Great job, I really enjoyed reading this :))

Author's Response: Hey!
Well I feel honored that my dramione is the first one you have read! ;)
Thank you for reviewing and I am glad that it seemed realistic :) I will come back for more reviews so be ready ;)

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Review #18, by luciusobsessedLove Rules: Love Rule #25

6th May 2014:
Yay you updated! This is the first story I started reading on HPFF almost two years ago and to this day I check all the time for updates. I'm probably going to end up re-reading it when it's over and sob all over again. Scorp confessed his love for her…it was perfect. I WANT SCORP!!! *sobbing* You're an amazing writer, don't ever stop writing please!!

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Review #19, by luciusobsessedBeneath: autumn leaves

6th May 2014:

Okay so I have a lot to say about the last chapter that I forgot to say in the review because I was so eager to read this chapter.

I love that Remus is the one who figured out that Sirius is in love with Rainne. Honestly he's so in tune to his surroundings and figuring people out and he's honestly the perfect confidant. And i can't believe Rainne almost found out. If she had come down any earlier she would have known Sirius was talking about her. Gr I wish he would have said something to her.

Anyway, this chapter was amazing.

My favorite part was the moment Sirius and Rainne shared, but they both pretend it doesn't exist. Ben's never held her with that much eagerness. He doesn't even notice. And like you said, Sirius is always watching, he always notices. I WANT SIRIUS D''': Rainne needs to wake up and love Sirius.

And the voices are back. I can tell this evil voice is going to cause her a lot of trouble which means lots of drama which means I'm super anxious and excited all at the same time.

SUMMER IS HORRIBLE. But I love her character because she will be the one to cause all this drama.

I can't wait till the next chapter please hurry up and update I need more Sirius and Rainee!!


Remus is probably a little telepathic, I think. But in all SIRIUSness (I'm too much hahaha) he's definitely the most observant. And I know, I'm such a tease! Sorry :P

Ben isn't used to having problems like that. When you live an easy life, you don't expect others to experience anything different from that. But Sirius gets her. Don't worry, I want Sirius too. I think we all do. Rainne is a little dumb, so it might be a while... Sorry!

There is a LOT of drama coming up. I think you're going to love it! Hopefully I'll have a chapter up really soon.

Sorry it's been so long! Hopefully I can make it up to you! :)

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Review #20, by luciusobsessedBeneath: dance, dance

6th May 2014:
Yay two updates!! I'm eating from my Nutella jar as I'm writing this :p

First off let me say I always seem to find myself at the snacks table wherever I am, so that was a great way to start off the chapter. It made me want to make myself a sandwich.

Aww Ben is trying to make up for it. That makes me happy and he's getting back on my good side. But he will never top Sirius. I just have a feeling that Ben will do something to mess up and Sirius will swoop in to the rescue soon enough.

I love the humor you've given Remus. I feel like most people portray him as the serious friend when he's obviously a Marauder for a reason. When he said 'Siri-poo' I died LOL.

I like how Rainne has a plan B. That's how I am too, I always try to have a plan B haha, it calms my nerves. And when James instinctively grabbed Lily's hands, IT WAS THE CUTEST THING EVER. AND SHE DIDN'T TRY TO STOP HIM! *sobbing*

I want to write more but I'm super excited there's another wonderful chapter waiting for me after this so I'm off to eat more Nutella and hopefully read some drama!!

Author's Response: I love that you're always eating when you read Beneath. Rainne would totally hate you for it hahaha.

I do too! It's always the main attraction lol.

I've been trying to tell everyone that Ben really isn't a bad guy! Haha but I mean who am I kidding, nobody compares to Sirius ;)

Remus is totally hilarious! You're completely right, he's just as much a jokester as the rest of the Marauders. He just also knows when he needs to be serious (get it? heh).

Gotta throw some Jily in there ;) I couldn't resist, they're so cute!

Thanks for reviewing!!

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Review #21, by luciusobsessedChance meetings can diverge even Fate: Year One, part II - Rounding out the term.

5th May 2014:
Wow, it's not the same without Ron and Hermione :( You do a great job of creating this parallel universe though. I think it's hilarious how in the books Snape always takes away House points but now that Harry in Slytherin he won't dare do that to his own house. I LOLd. But he still tortures the poor boy. It's interesting how the Slytherins form a sort of cult together. They all contribute to each other in their own way and I feel like that is very realistic. I also like how you stayed true to the events that happened in the books, like the Gringotts break in and Nicholas Flamel dying. Great job on this story, I enjoyed reading :)

Author's Response: Thank you kindly :) I'm glad you're still enjoying the story so far.

Snape is definitely in a bind here - he wants to hate Harry for being James Potter's son, but he can't because Harry is doing everything in his power not to infuriate his Head of House, and of course having Lily's eyes. If anything he's disappointed and frustrated that Harry doesn't have Lily's knack for potions and is trying to sort of squeeze the talent to the surface.

Mm, cult is a decently accurate term for Slytherin House as a whole. Thanks again!

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Review #22, by luciusobsessedHarry Potter and the Plot of Power: 01 For Crown and Country

23rd April 2014:
I LOL'd at Hermione and Ginny conspiring together to get Ron and Harry to retire. That was hilarious and I could picture Ron's reaction perfectly.

This was an amazingly written chapter, I must say. Your use of detail is perfect, not too overwhelming and just enough to paint the bigger picture.

I love the opening scene with Ron and Hermione. Their romance never gets old and it makes me want to read the books all over again for the subtle hints of them ending up together.

Poor Hugo, I'm sure they all know something is wrong and I bet Rose will be the one to figure out first. Hopefully Scorpius will be involved in helping out too (I love Scorpius/Rose so I would love to see them in action together *wink wink*).

These Muggles are crazy, might I add. Seriously I love the plot twist there, it adds so much to the story. I'm excited for the separate worlds to really clash.

Another thing I loved is how Hermione integrated her world into the Wizarding World with her use of the fridge and mobiles. That was so in character, definitely something Hermione would do.

Great job, another amazing chapter that I enjoyed reading. Feel free to re-request anytime :))

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Review #23, by luciusobsessedChance meetings can diverge even Fate: Year One, part I - Diverging the path.

23rd April 2014:
Wow let me start off by saying you are a very talented writer. You had me hooked from the start and though it was long, it was very enticing. In a way it depressed me because in the books there is so much color in the sense that the Weasley's are so loving and Harry finds the right friends that pave the way in this beautiful story. I feel like this is so dark and poor Harry winds up with the same people who tried to kill him from the beginning. Once again your description is flawless and I was so overwhelmed (in a good way) by how meticulous you were with everything. I think being Draco's friend is draining. He's so focused on himself, and all the Slytherins are so superficial and I picture this entire story happening like a black and white film. I know, weird analogy. I just feel like that same color and positive energy isn't there since the Slytherins are dominating Harry. It's like a "what could have happened" story that really makes you appreciate Harry being sorted into Gryffindor. I love this, it's so powerful and it shows that you have great perspective and insight on the story. Definitely stirred up a lot of emotions in me. Adding this story to my faves, and please feel free to re-request. I really enjoyed reading this, great work :))

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm glad the opening was strong enough after all, I wasn't entirely certain of that with how long its been(2+ years) since I wrote it. I agree on Draco(and in a way Lucius/Narcissa) being difficult for Harry to adapt to all the time. He's always on his toes trying to make the right choice with them, to keep in mind how they expect him to display himself, and now the Slytherins are expecting the same. In a way the Malfoys were just prepping Harry for Hogwarts, but its still taxing to the poor boy.

I'm really glad you enjoyed the first chapter! I'll definitely ask for a re-request once your thread is updated again, thank you again!

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Review #24, by luciusobsessedBeneath: cough syrup

23rd April 2014:
YAY NEW CHAPTER! I've been checking every day I log in and I noticed the number changed to 29 and I thought I'd imagined it at first but I'm not crazy!! Haha

I love this chapter. I love how there is some romance between Ben and Rainne, which makes him likable and also gives insight into Rainne's feelings for him because she does genuinely like him, you know?

I still root for Sirius though and I'm sad there wasn't enough Sirius/Rainne action in this chapter :( I think it's hilarious how she got him condoms though but I'm sure he was offended since he's in love with her. BEN NEEDS TO LEAVE.

It's so cute how Rainne really bonded with Mrs. Potter and Lily. I feel like this is the most open she's been with anyone in a while and it was just so cute how it all felt so natural. They're like her family and it makes me so happy that she has them. I can feel the friendship chemistry between Lily and her and it's perfect :')

I'm so excited for the next chapter. I already know something crazy is probably going to happen and I can't stop making up scenarios in my mind. I HOPE SOMETHING HAPPENS WITH SIRIUS. This is horrible but I hope Ben cheats on her so she finally falls in love with Sirius lol I'M A HORRIBLE PERSON I KNOW.

Please update soon I can't wait :))

Author's Response: YAY NEW REVIEW!

I keep seeing that DBDL updates and I don't know what you're doing because there are still only 7 chapters but I'll probably freak out when you update too. Anyway.

Yeah everyone seems to just hate Ben, but he really isn't a bad guy! Rainne isn't crazy for liking him. After all, he was the first one of the group she really connected with. And they get along pretty well. But yeah Sirius is pretty awesome. There's more 'action' next chapter (which just posted!) kind of. I don't know you tell me if you would consider it action or not.

I love writing Mrs. Potter. And I love writing Rainne at the Potters'. She's so vulnerable that she just can't help but let them take her in, and they can't help but welcome her with open arms. Sigh. They're all just so sweet. It's great.

That is kind of horrible haha. The next chapter is actually kind of uneventful. BUT THERE IS A HUGE PLOT POINT COMING UP. THAT YOU MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE PREDICTED IN A PAST REVIEW. Haha. That'll get you thinking.

Can't wait to see your reaction to the next chapter!

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Review #25, by luciusobsessedResiduum: Shattered

14th April 2014:
Wow I really like this story! I've never read a trio fic before but this captivated me from the start. I love how you stay true to their characters, and the detail you use to describe their feelings are very naturally written.

I want to know more about Ron and Hermione. I'm sure you'll reveal more in the next few chapters and you do a great job of hooking the reader. I feel bad for Hermione. It's obvious she's suffering from PTSD but I want to know specifically what's wrong and why she's leaving. Ron's reaction will be so sad :(

All the grammar was really good, there was just one thing in the beginning you said "she was drenched in sweet." I think you meant sweat. It happens though so no worries haha.

Great story, definitely adding to my faves. Feel free to re-request anytime :))


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