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Review #1, by LongBottom01Harry Potter and the Forgotten Enemy.: The Battle Of Hogwarts.

2nd September 2012:
Best fanfic I've ever read! I love how the plot blends with the canon in the books so that the plot isn't changed at all (most fanfics on this site aren't like that(. I also like the way you have Gellert with a good personality sometimes rather than being a complete madman (like when he felt respect for Dumbledore and then Harry).

Author's Response: Thanks for the massive compliment! I hope you keep reading and reviewing. I'm really happy you're enjoying the story :)

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Review #2, by LongBottom01Desperation: Desperation

27th July 2012:
Wow, that really should have been chapter one of HBP, though there is a plot-hole. Isn't Lucius supposed to be in Azkaban at that moment?

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Review #3, by LongBottom01Say Goodnight: Say Goodnight

26th July 2012:
Good one, keep it up, though there is a very teeny tiny mistake: Hermione's middle name is Jean, not Jane.

Author's Response: Thank you for reading. When this was written, Ms. Rowling had stated in an interview that Hermione's middle name was Jane. She changed that in the last book.

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Review #4, by LongBottom01My Prince Charming: untitled

26th July 2012:
Good fanfiction, keep it up, though there are massive plot-holes:

On September 1, 1996, which is the date of this chapter, Harry, Hermione, and the Weasleys don't travel to King's Cross via Muggle taxis; they use Ministry of Magic cars, as Harry was rated as top-security status.

Ron and Hermione don't love each other like that at that time. At that time, they don't even know they love each other.

Ginny already loves Harry, so she is not searching for a boyfriend. She only starts to go out with Michael because Hermione told her to relax around Harry so that Harry could be attracted to her. Also, Ginny doesn't become Dean Thomas's girlfriend, she starts to go out with Michael Corner.

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Review #5, by LongBottom01Untold Weasley Tales: Chapter One

16th July 2012:
That was brilliant! I believe this happens in early 1973, doesn't it? The personality of Arthur and Molly fits exactly with the way JK tells it in the books, and I congratulate you on an excellent story!

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Review #6, by LongBottom01The Potters and the Other Marauders: The Summer of Hope and Pain

1st July 2012:
That was excellent! The first fanfiction I have ever bothered to read! There are two main things I like here. First, it fits exactly with the canon in the books. And second, most fanfics about love are primarily about love and haven't got anything else in them, but this fanfic has got a mixture of everythingóhumor, love, and much more! The only problem I have with it is that this particular chapter was a bit too long, but apart from that, nothing wrong with it!

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