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Review #1, by BreezyWeasleyMagic in the Air: All That I Can Say Is Now It's Getting So Much Clearer

8th May 2012:
Haha this was really entertaining. :) Great first chapter. The only thing was it was kind of hard to remember which character was which, but that's alright cause as the story goes on, the characters sink in more. And I plan on finishing the story! The reason I came across this story, was because I realized that I stole your tittle "Magic in the air" and I feel really bad for stealing it, so I might change my own tittle! But I'm glad I came across this, cause it's really well done! :) keep it up!

Author's Response: I'm so sorry, I just got this review! I'm really glad you like it and if you haven't changed your story title, feel free to continue using the same one; I don't mind at all! I'm so excited you plan on finishing this and feel bad I haven't given an update recently. Summer has started though and I plan on working on this some more and giving it the proper attention it deserves. I hope you'll continue reading and I'm glad that you enjoyed what you're read so far.

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Review #2, by BreezyWeasleySo, Listen...: April 1996

6th May 2012:

So this story was absolutely brilliant. You are an amazing writer. I thought Hollis was an amazing character, and you developed the Fred and Hollis relationship so beautifully! I'm in the process of creating a love story between George and a muggle girl, and I wanted to incorporate Hollis into my story. Only if that's alright with you, if it's not, I won't use her. I mostly just wanted Fred to be love-stricken throughout my story.

Anyways, you're brilliant, and thank you for sharing your talent with us!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! This review COMPLETELY made my day, and it would be awesome if you used Hollis (so long as you credit her origin in this story in an author's note). Eeep, this is very exciting! I'd love it if you linked me to your story later so that I can read it. :D

Thanks again!

- Sarah

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