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Review #26, by TheHouseElfYellow: Chapter VI

9th March 2013:
I'm quite scared now, experimental potions, ooh err, will it work? But at least Cedric has his wand back, that's something to make him feel more whole again :D And I also liked the exercise and the poignancy shown when Cedric says "Quidditch, Merlin, do I miss home". It just shows the effect that the war had on people not only physically but emotionally as well.

Great job dear ;)

Author's Response: I was happy to have a reason to give the wand back. I felt bad, depriving Cedric of it :D It's great to hear that the characterization worked and that you could really feel Cedric's emotion.

Thanks for another fantastic review!


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Review #27, by TheHouseElfYellow: Chapter V

9th March 2013:
I really am starting to like Cho now, especially after this little escapade... Cho is an absolute boss in this, I love her rebellious side ;) And can I just say, OLIVER WOOD! *fangirls* Yay, I love Oliver and your characterisation is awesome and I hope we get to see more of him :D Just another brilliant chapter Amanda

Author's Response: She is quite the rebel, isn't she? I had a lot of fun with her character when I was writing this story. And Oliver just seemed perfect as the adventurous young medical student, wanting to do something good for the world, which sometimes takes over his practical streak. Oliver will definitely crop up again later on.

Thanks for this lovely review, Aisha :)


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Review #28, by TheHouseElfBitter Longing: Bitter Longing

9th March 2013:
Argh, this is wonderful! You've kept Draco in character, which you don't generally see in fanfic-he's usually serenading or seducing Hermione :P I love Astoria though, and I'd love to find out more about her, like, why she's called a Breed and why she hates purebloods- that is, if it's purebloods she hates rather than something else. Your descriptions were wonderful, and I loved to get inside Draco's head which I don't very often, I tend to stray away from Draco fics- again, he's mostly OOC in those. I also loved the teenage raunchiness in this, it's there, as it is there in real life, but not too much ;) A great read dear, and I'll miss you once you're gone!


Author's Response: Hello!

That was quick, I wasn't expecting this really soon but thanks so much! I shall have to hop on over to your page and leave you some reviews as well!
To be honest, I have never been much of a Draco fan but keeping him in character was important for me on some things. On others, his character is a tad different but that's what's great about fanfiction! I could make him wear a dress if I felt like it! >:D
Bwhaha, I actually really like Dramione but its true, you don't see him actually with Astoria at all. If you want to know more about Astoria Greengrass and all of her oddness, you can read the story this comes from, "A Force of Wills" on my author page. Be warned, its very mature and uhm, might make you slightly paranoid. :D
Oh, the "breed" comment is from her being half-blood. Sadly, that's how people refer to dogs sometimes and well, Draco's a jerk.
Why Astoria hates purebloods is also in "A Force of Wills" (See that shameless promotion?) so you can get more information on that.
Thanks so much! I love detail and getting into Draco's mind was really icky, he sort of grosses me out even while I enjoy writing him.
Bwhaha, raunchy is a good word to describe this but the actual story is so much worse. And Draco's lust for Astoria is really unsettling, I wanted to make that clear, he goes beyond just having a simple crush. ;)
Waaagh, thanks for stopping by! I shall miss you and so many others once I'm gone!
I'll try to visit!!! D':
Much love,

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Review #29, by TheHouseElfGrowth: dull as dirt

2nd March 2013:
This is a beautifully written one shot! I pitied Merope right from the get-go when she was first written by JK, but this just took that pity to a whole other level. The depression that she's in is clearly epitomised in the scenes at Borgin and Burke's and as a reader, I wanted to shout out to her, and tell her that she's being conned. I loved your portrayal of Tom too, he's a tough character to get around, because you hate him for his condescending manner, but can empathise with him slightly as he's effectively been trapped by Merope with a love potion. The descriptions were deliciously crafted too, the little details, the smells, all of it :D The Gaunts remind me of the Ewells in 'To Kill a Mockingbird' and Mayella Ewell and Merope Gaunt are definitely kindred spirits :P

A stunning and sentimental one shot that made me weep like a little girl, definitely one for the favourites xD

Author's Response: Aww, thanks for such a wonderful review :D So much lovely praise ♥ Merope isn't the easiest character to write; she has such a tragic end, but she never really had much of a life to begin with :( JKR said part of why Voldy grew up to become the way he was (utterly incapable of love and empathy etc.) was because he was conceived via love potion and not actual love. Well, you can always extend the cause of the problem even further back and claim that the Gaunts' made life such a misery for Merope that she was driven to do what she did ;) Misery and human cruelty certainly do travel down the generations and always result in the worst.

And yeah, now that you mention it, the Gaunts and the Ewells really are similar. I never noticed that; it's been years since I read To Kill a Mockingbird!

Thanks for your lovelylovelylovely review, and for favouriting :D And thanks for the swap!


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Review #30, by TheHouseElfYellow: Chapter IV

23rd February 2013:
Yay, Cedric made friends! I want to see more of Andre and Fjodor now :D But I felt like Cho snubbed him a bit though when he asked for his wand (surely as a witch she'd understand how he feels without it?) and I felt sorry for him :P Poor Cedric. I love how the Americans sent whiskey with their care package as well! Oh, the good ol' USA ;)

Author's Response: He did! I'm so proud :) I actually really liked this chapter because I felt that Andre and Fjodor added a little bit of levity despite the darkness and pain still pervading the main story line.

I think Cho was put in a difficult position--you're right, she should empathize with him and recognize what a loss not having your wand would be, but at the same time, she's trying to assert her authority as the nurse and not get herself in trouble so early into the job. But yes, I feel sorry for him now, too.

Haha, yes. Good on Miriam stashing it away!

Thanks for this lovely review, Aisha :)


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Review #31, by TheHouseElfThis Longing: Endgame

19th February 2013:
Ah Susan! Why are you so perfect? :P I just finished reading up to Chapter 18 on Sunday, so for me, Chapter 19 came quickly! I'll go back and try to review as many chapters as I can ;)

But this chapter was brilliant! You can just sense the war outside the sheltered Hogwarts closing in, whilst the Chamber of Secrets within the 'safety' of the school takes its toll as well. I also liked how you stuck to canon, but, even though I know how this will end with Hagrid taking the blame, and Myrtle coming back as a ghost, you still surprise me along the way :D Your descriptions are beautiful as well, and they are a delight to read.

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing this chapter! I was surprised to see someone get to it so quickly, and it's fantastic to hear that you've read the whole story! *unintelligible squeeing*

It's a great relief that this chapter turned out well. I think I edited it five or six times before thinking that it was decent enough to post. There just seemed to be so much that needed including - everything will come together for the next chapter (which is likely the penultimate chapter). It was worthwhile sticking to canon, as much as I was tempted at times to throw up my hands and stop caring. It especially enhances the end of this chapter.

Thank you again for reading and reviewing, and also for your lovely compliments! It means a lot to hear from you! ^_^

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Review #32, by TheHouseElfDanse Macabre: Exit Music

19th February 2013:
This one shot is beautiful! Short and sweet, you didn't linger for too long with descriptions but gave us enough to know Regulus and his deterioration from an ordinary boy into a Death Eater who later disobeys the orders of his master. I also absolutely loved the ending, how Regulus shows true bravery and how you likened him to Sirius, because in the end, he was like his brother, defying purism and evil in his last moment on earth, a true Gryffindor. In addition, in part 6, I loved how you didn't use punctuation or capitals, it just resonated how Regulus was turning slightly mad and made me empathise with him.

Author's Response: Hey /late, sorry

Regulus was fantastic to write, and to try to figure out in terms of Sirius' version vs. Kreacher's version of him, so I'm really glad the ensuing craziness worked for you.

Thank you so much for your review!

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Review #33, by TheHouseElfObliviate: Days One Through Thirty

19th February 2013:
Hey there dear! Right, first off, this is beautifully written. Audrey has absolutely no memory of her past life, and you can really see that in this chapter. You've made No-memory-Audrey a completely different person to the real Audrey Stebbins which for me is what works because if you have none of your memories, you're not the same, are you? And I absolutely adored the part where Andrew was describing their mother and their lives previous, it got me all emotional! But I would perhaps change the tense that it was written in, as it seems a bit weird in the present tense- the character is dictating to us, the reader, what she is seeing at the same time she is seeing it and I don't know about you, but I've never told anyone what I'm doing or seeing as it's happening to me :P
But overall it was a great chapter, and I can't wait to find out who Audrey's man is ;)

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by. I chose the present tense (though I usually use past) because I want to really get into Audrey's head in the moment, as she experiences things, and sort of put a stress on the concept of the present, which is a theme of the story. :) Thanks for your feedback!

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Review #34, by TheHouseElfReason to Fight: Le Phare

19th February 2013:
You can totally see how the war is taking its effect on the group, especially at the beginning with the whole ethics thing, just brilliant. The argument between doing what's necessary and keeping your good heart and morals is completely believable and understandable for the time period that they live in. I also liked the development of the characters, and I can't wait to read more about Camille and Xavier. Furthermore, sometimes, when other authors drop in sentences in other languages, it can be a bit corny and doesn't really fit in, but with this, it just suits the scene that you have set. Another great chappie dear!

Author's Response: Oh, good, I wasn't entirely sure whether having the characters quetion their reasons to do what they're doing was believable or not, so it's great to hear that it makes sense!

Camille and Xavier were adorable, weren't they? You will see more of them, I swear, though not necessarily as a couple.

Thank you so much again for this fabulous review -- your support means a lot.

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Review #35, by TheHouseElfReason to Fight: Prologue

19th February 2013:
Ah! This is glorious! Can I just say how wartimey this is? I actually feel like I'm living through it, all the minor details, such as the ersatz coffee which must taste disgusting, that just indicate that conflict is all around... I love it :D The descriptions are exquisite too, lovely to read. I also loved the structure, how you started off with short, sharp scenes introducing us to a plethora of characters who I'm sure over the course of the story will tug at our heart strings ;) And if you ever need anyone to check anything over (I've been studying WWII for years now :P) or fangirl something, just drop me a note and I'll come running. This is definitely a story for the favourites.

Author's Response: Ersatz coffee probably does taste disgusting, though as I personally dislike real coffee I wouldn't know!

The characters will tug at your heartstrings, I hope -- they already do for me.

I will make sure to come running if I ever need any help, trust me.

Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #36, by TheHouseElfTask One Challenge: The First Heir of Slytherin: Task One Challenge: The First Heir of Slytherin

18th February 2013:
Hey there! Well, you gave me lenience in picking whatever to review and I chose this- it just attracted me ;) This is a beautifully written one-shot and I truly felt that I was transported back into a distant past, but it was done so subtly and I loved that. I also liked Saxulf and Salazar and their story- you made it believable. There are quite a few stories of the children of the founders, but sometimes they can be a bit far-fetched, whereas with this, I could just imagine it being canon- Salazar taking flight, young Saxulf entrusted to Godric as a ward... And the description was lovely too! I felt I was in the forest, and I did get that sense of foreboding that you get when you enter wild places that people tend not to traverse.

Great job :D

Author's Response: Thanks for picking this one! It needs a little attention ;) It wasn't Orlando Bloom that attracted you, was it? :P
It's great that you found this believable - I read a lot of historical fiction so I ripped off as much of that as I could, haha!

I'm very, very tempted to write a fuller version of Saxulf's history as Godric's ward.

Thanks for reviewing!
Athene xo

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Review #37, by TheHouseElfYellow: Chapter III

18th February 2013:
Ah, I loved how Cho and Cedric's first conversation was one through paper ;) You can see they're going to connect, right from the get go. I don't think I mentioned this in my reviews before, and if I have forgive me, but I love how the wizarding world is pulled into WWI, because, it is a 'World War' and that includes everyone. It's something I hadn't given much thought to before reading 'Yellow', but now that I have, it seems obvious :P

Author's Response: Hi again :)

I'm happy the paper thing wasn't too tedious. Let me know if it ever becomes that way and I'll try to cut back a bit on the dialogue. It's great that this seems realistic and you liked the innocent way Cho and Cedric connected here. Hope to see you again next weekend!


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Review #38, by TheHouseElfYellow: Chapter II

18th February 2013:
Hey Amanda! I promised I'd be back ;) I loved this chapter :D I have to admit, that I'm apathetic towards Cho- slightly leaning towards dislike- but I'm actually getting to like her as a character in this. The best part is you've made me like her without making her seem OOC. And I also liked how you described nursing as helping the war effort, as the work of doctors and nurses in conflict are often downplayed, which is depressing as they played a huge role in saving lives.

Great chappie dear ;)

Author's Response: Hi Aisha!

Oh, I'm so happy you're starting to like Cho! I really became attached to her as a character in this fic because she's just an ordinary girl with a good heart and a surprisingly steely backbone. It's great to hear she's also not OOC here, too. You're right, what doctors and nurses do in conflict situations is huge, and I'm going to continue to explore that in this story.

Thanks so much for your lovely review :)


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Review #39, by TheHouseElfYellow: Chapter I

16th February 2013:
Amanda, hey!
Generally, as a rule, I don't like AU. But this is stunning! Your descriptions are beautiful and gosh, you do war well ;) This is definitely one for the favourites :D

Author's Response: Hi Aisha! I'm glad you gave this a shot even if AU stories aren't your thing. It's great that you like the imagery and feel that I've handled the subject matter appropriately. It's hard at times. I'm so flattered that it made your favorites list!

Thanks for your lovely review :)


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Review #40, by TheHouseElfCasualties of War: Casualties of War

16th February 2013:
Jami, this is just simply gorgeous! I absolutely loved how you went through each character, alluding to their personalites through snippets of memories and beautiful descriptions. I particularly like this one-shot because it just resonates the loss felt in the First War and the utter tragedy of how the Marauders' tale ends. Great job!

Author's Response: Awww I'm so happy you liked it ♥ That's exactly what i was feeling like when I wrote it. They lost so much. By the end of the war, every single Marauder was dead. That's just so sad to me :(. I was so sad and feelsy that I had to get it all out. haha.

Thank you so much for stopping by and reviewing, m'dear! I need to get back to Professor Peach ASAP!

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Review #41, by TheHouseElfThis Longing: Two Sides

13th February 2013:
Hey Susan!

I cannot believe that it has taken me this long to discover this story! I have to say, I have been missing out- it's deliciously written, the characters are brilliant and realistic (Oh my, how do I express my love for Tiberius?) , and I absolutely adore how you captured the 40s society- I completely feel as if I've been transported back in time when I'm reading it ;)

I love 'This Longing' and you are a brilliant author and artist :D


Author's Response: Wow, thank you! I'm surprised that you've found so much already in this first chapter that you like - it badly needs editing (then again, I'm insanely critical of my writing). However, it's great to hear that you've enjoyed the characters AND found them realistic. They're two of the most interesting characters I've written, especially with the way that they develop throughout this story, and I hope that you enjoy following this process as much as I have. :)

Thank you again for taking the time to read and review with such lovely compliments!

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Review #42, by TheHouseElfSolstice: I

30th December 2012:
Hi Lia! Aisha here for your review! I'd like to start by saying that I am very glad that I was paired up with you in this month's review exchange swap, because if I wasn't, I might not have discovered what is such a gloriously written one-shot.

The structure of this is brilliant. I loved how you offered small snippets into Snape's childhood, small moments that shows the reader his character, his situation and his parent's characters all at the same time. It suits the story perfectly.

Your description is beautiful as well. You have captured the fragility of the Snape household brilliantly, every action shows how close the family is to breaking point and you don't waffle on pointlessly which is good :D The fractured picture of the Snapes that you paint is subtly done, which is a testament to your talent, because never once did you say that Tobias killed his wife, but the reader is able to come to that conclusion. You tell enough, but not too much, leaving some to the reader's imagination, which I enjoyed very much.

The only thing that I could think could be improved is the word 'sidewalk'. Britpicking here, it should be pavement ;) However, the fact that I can pick fault with one word just goes to show what an amazing piece of writing this is, and I loved reading it. Definitely one for the favourites!

Author's Response: Hi Aisha! I'm thrilled to have gotten you as well, I love 'House of Cards'!

I've taken to writing like that recently. Instead of something continuous, I write snapshots within a big snapshot. I cover more ground that way, I guess, and I tell my readers more too.

A lot of Snape's life was a bit delicate. From his school life and his relationship with Lily to what went on at home. None of them were very nice, but life at home was the most unbearable. It's awful to feel like if you're walking on eggshells all the time, and that's what I tried to depict. Tobias Snape, in my eyes, is a bit of a loose cannon only Severus didn't realise that soon enough. In the end you realise that his household wasn't the only broken one. This might have been going on for years, and probably Tobias was a product of this behaviour as well.

I tried to make Eileen's death as subtle as possible, but another reviewer mentioned that it was too vague. I thought about fixing that, but at least you got the point. As a reader, I appreciate subtleties instead of the author spelling it out, so I try not to do that when i write my own stuff.

Oh, haha. I should know better. We tend to interchange them where I'm from, but I'll get to that.

I'm really glad you liked this so much. Thank you for such a lovely review.


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Review #43, by TheHouseElfetc. etc. (and life goes on): Lesser of Two Evils

3rd August 2012:
Wow, Gina, you have surprised me once again ;) Clemence leading the Quirkers? Re-educating them? Clemence is unlike other OCs, she's willing to do whatever to get to where she wants to be, she's ruthless and I like that. Although, I can't see how she'll be able to stand being friendly towards the Quirkers and having the patience to change them. I can't wait to see how this plays out. Another great chapter, I loved it.

Author's Response: Bwaha, I think Albus is the more ruthless one in this example. He came up with the plan ;) Clemence is rather selectively ruthless, which is what that whole shindig on principles was about, because Al and Clem are have different ways of being ruthless. They have their own rules. But I think these future chapters will bring out a new shade of ruthlessness in both of them :)

I'm imagining that basically everything that can go wrong will very likely go wrong 8D SO. t'will be fun.

♥ thank you!

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Review #44, by TheHouseElfRoyalty: The Problem with Being A Royal.

11th May 2012:
Eighth reviewer! Well done, good story, can't wait for the next chapter. Elizabeth's funny and the situation, well, let's see how it develops ;D Nice start, I really liked it!

Author's Response: Thank you for the review!! Im glad you like it :)

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Review #45, by TheHouseElfBeing Summer: The One with More James' Point of View

10th May 2012:
Team Freddie all the way! No, I'm Team Summer, James should accept that he likes her, they weren't even dating! I love this story, first review I've posted, it's hilarious! Freddie is awesome, he's my favourite :D Who sings to owls? Update soon!

Author's Response: ahaha - i love freddie, so i'm team him. i'm not sure with james and summer - they're both being so very stupid at the moment, sadly :( wow, thank you for the first review! and freddie does... obvs :P

ellie :) xx

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Review #46, by TheHouseElf:

8th May 2012:
Emotional stuff, can't stop crying! I won't be able to go to sleep without a tear or two now

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