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Review #1, by heyImcrazy37Snow White: My Insanity's End.

21st August 2012:
this was really good and I loved it. I found it really depressing and at some points kinda scary. but I love how you worded it and you have almost 99% perfect grammar :))

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Review #2, by heyImcrazy37Brighter Than Sunshine: The Epilogue

19th August 2012:
I love this story, it's really cute. :)
I love reading fanfics where there is contained love for a person who doesn't know. IT'S SO CUTE IT HURTS. okay bye :)

Author's Response: Haha that's my favourite as well! :) Thanks for your kind words!

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Review #3, by heyImcrazy37Dirty Little Secret: Emma Hughes

14th July 2012:
Hey :)
I was kind of expecting (and hoping for) "NO EMMA. I CHOOSE YOU!!!"
But the ending you made was awesome as well and I felt very satisfied. Nice work :D

Author's Response: YAY I'm so glad! :D I wanted it to end like that and I'm so so so so happy you liked it :'D

Ak xx

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Review #4, by heyImcrazy37Ladylike.: Of Standing Up and I Love Yous.

3rd July 2012:
hey! great story! I've been reading if for the past two days on my phone. I whipped out my phone whenever I could and would start reading. It was THAT good :D

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Review #5, by heyImcrazy37Ladylike.: Of Yellow Tulips and Goodbyes.

3rd July 2012:
I didn't see that coming. This is very good so far. one more chapter!

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Review #6, by heyImcrazy37Ladylike.: Of Christmas and Vicious Circles.

3rd July 2012:
I'm not joking. I choose Lorcan :)
Awesome writing skills :D

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Review #7, by heyImcrazy37Le Scorp!: This is the first chapter!

18th June 2012:
this is way too funny to be allowed :'D
it just made me laugh so hard, especially as it is late at night and I have nothing better to do than to giggle insanely and randomly. Good job :)

Ps. I'm crazy... 37 XD
nonsenese = my language.

Thanks for making me laugh in the middle of the night ;)

Author's Response: Heehee, glad you liked it! I shall miss writing about the wonder that is Le Scorp; I'm quite fond of him.

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #8, by heyImcrazy37Scratch your name upon my lips: XXIII.

17th June 2012:
dying from awesomeness overload XD
this story was awesome but I couldn't stop to review. sorry. I enjoyed it SO much :D

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Review #9, by heyImcrazy37Rumor Has It: The Way It Ends

29th May 2012:
Hey :) Im sorry I didn't review for the past chapters as I was so absorbed in reading them, but your work is brilliant so I just had to comment. There are a few mistakes in the story that make it a tad bit confusing when you repeat it. I guess your brain worked faster as you were typing it down. Other than that I LOVE your story and I'm going to continue reading it. I nearly died in anticipation when Ron said 'Obliviate'. I love how everything and every plot is so well placed and organized. Congradualations and I'm just going to continue reading your story! :]

Author's Response: That is perfectly fine! I'd rather you were busy reading than busy reviewing although I'm glad you found a way to swing both! I think that is one of my major problems with writing, my typing skills aren't quick enough to catch what I'm trying to say. Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #10, by heyImcrazy37Someones gotta give: Epilogue

22nd May 2012:
THIS STORY IS TOO GOOD. i congratulate you on your fantastic writing abilities!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading! I'm glad that you like:)

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