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Review #1, by WriterofaDreamThe Art of Surviving.: Disintegrate

27th June 2012:
Amazayn! (Yes, I'm a directioner. Excuse my dorkiness.) Anyways, I loved it and I actually found it easy to follow. Please update soon! And if you could, could you maybe stop by my fanfic, called Another Side? It would mean a lot. I loved this chapter, great job as usual!
-Anne xx

Author's Response: Ahh, okay I'll excuse your dorkiness as you asked nicely. Glad you found it easy to follow and thanks for leaving me such a lovely review. I'll see what I can do with stopping by and checking as I'm crazy busy at the moment.

Thank you! :)

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Review #2, by WriterofaDreamIf Wishes Were Fishes: Imposter

10th June 2012:
Omg that was really good! I'm glad you went longer with this one instead of just to James stepping in the clearing. I loved it! Please write more soon!

Author's Response: hurray! Thanks! Glad you liked it! i'll have more up soon :)

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Review #3, by WriterofaDreamNothing Sirius: The Summer

19th May 2012:
Wow I lovelovelovelove this! I can't wait for the rest! By the way, could you maybe pop over to my story, Another Side? I'd much appreciate it :)
Anyways, I thought you should know I adore this story. AND Emma/Emily Black sounds amazing and so does Melora Black. It's brilliant.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'd love to read your story!

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Review #4, by WriterofaDreamIn Your Dreams, Evans: James: It's Really Dark in Here

11th May 2012:
This is bloody awesome! I really can't wait for the next chapters! I loved how you used proper grammar and spellings and all that - it really bugs me, you know? Anyways, I was thinking, maybe you could stroll on over and read the first chapter of my story and leave a review? I know, disparate, right? Well, I just wanted you to know that I'm really excited for the next few chapters and that I think it's a brilliant plot line. And yes, my inner Brit is coming out - haha.

Author's Response: omg thanks! i'm really happy you like it. (i know, it annoys me when people misuse your/you're and such) sure, i'll go check out your story! and yes, it's okay that your inner brit is coming out. seeing as i live in america, i don't get to hear from many brits. :)

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Review #5, by WriterofaDreamBefore Harry Potter: Memories

6th May 2012:
I thought this was bloody marvelous. Well done! I can't wait for more! I thought it was very convincing, all of it. My heart aches a bit for James - he was being a tad insensitive, but at least he tried to comfort her. I was a bit shocked that she slapped him - and even when he wrapped his arms around her; it seemed a little... intimate. But I love how you've started this! And if it's not too much trouble, just when you have time, you know, could you just take a quick peek at my piece? It's called Another Side and I'd appreciate it, but if you don't, I understand. Well, I just wanted to say I can't wait for thr next chapter and lived this one!

Author's Response: I'm really glad that you enjoyed it. I will update it as soon as possible. Of course I'll take a peek at your piece. Thank you so much for reading! It means a lot to me.

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Review #6, by WriterofaDreamPlaying House with Malfoy: A Girl's Day Out

6th May 2012:
Omg! This is so ridiculously good! Please write more, I'm begging you!

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