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Review #1, by PhoenixPulseBloodlust: Drowning Down Under

22nd June 2013:
Oh my gawd, this was so good! I've been on edge since I've read from the beginning. I just started this today, and I want more!

Gawd, Calyx. I love her so much already, and her background story tore my heart in two. I'll be heartbroken if she dies. I don't want her to die. She's so sweet and she's still a baby! She's thirteen right? So young...I still can't get over it.

And the whole flood deal... That had me chewing my lip hard. And When Hermione saved Draco... I felt all sorts of emotions there.

I can't wait for Draco next chapter. This is such a great story so far!

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Review #2, by PhoenixPulseShipwrecked: In Which Hermione Sees Draco's Orbs.

11th June 2013:
Omfg. This is true and utter brilliance. I love parody fics, I can honestly never get enough of them, but this was honestly one of the best that I've read.

Some of the most original ideas that you had that I loved were:

~The twister game scene
~Draco's explanation of how he was born
~The description of Lucius Malfoy's hair.
~The ORBS! (Oh my gawsh, that was so cleverly implanted into the story)
~And of course, the chapter titles that had me thinking in a rather wrong direction.

So yeah. Just favorite'd this, and I can't wait for more!! Oh I love it when people twist up the clichés of Dramione like this.

Author's Response: Haha, thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I think Lucius Malfoy's hair deserves a prequel series all of its own. "Lucius Malfoy and the Unfortunate Fringe" "Lucius Malfoy and the Split Ends" etc.

There is a final chapter to this that has been quietly awaiting completion for a while! One day :) I promise it's good! Haha.

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Review #3, by PhoenixPulseMeant To Be: Cedric + Edward = Forever

23rd April 2013:
Whut. In. The. WORLD?!? Lol, probably one of the best things I've ever read!

I don't even understand Edward's use of old english. He isn't even that old of a vampire--because apparently being a vampire for 112 years is still considered quite young. (...I think? Meh. Who cares.)

This line:
His chiseled jaw was the precise shade of a vomit-flavored Every-Flavor Bean"

Does this mean a shade of white, because for some reason, the color that popped into my head was a disgusting shade of green. But of course, because it was describing Cedric's beautiful jaw, green just didn't sit as the right color.

And the badgers! Poor Cedric. I could just imagine his abhorrence of being caught in that conversation. Poor boy. But star-crossed, oh gawd!

And when Cedric said this:
"It’s like me, but colored by someone who likes shiny metallic hues. Like a raccoon.”

Beautiful simile Cedric, because I'm sure that's the best you could've came up with. /raccoon/ *snorts*

And finally, this line of gold:
“Come hither, rest upon my bosom,” Edward demanded."

Made me choke on my cheez-itz. So utterly awkward but brilliant.

Thank you. Thank you so much for making my night!
(hopefully this ship will endure the shipping wars of Cho/Cedric and Bella/Edward and any other crazy illogical ships out there. S.S. Edwic was meant to sail the seven seas and beyond!)

Author's Response: -hoists flag for S.S. Edwic-

lol, Edward's old English. I figured that if I was going to parody him, I might as well make him as ridiculous as possible. It was inspired by his pretentious personality, methinks.

Cedric's jaw is indeed green. ~ In that particular moment all of the greenery of the forest made his skin look green, as well. Or maybe he's a new breed of Smurf. Hard to say.

Utterly awkward is my favorite place to be. XD

Thank you for reading! Enjoy your cheez-itz. :D

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Review #4, by PhoenixPulseThe Itsy, Bitsy Spider: The Itsy, Bitsy Spider

14th March 2013:
Oh my goodness, this was hauntingly good!

It's so nice for a change to read about a Death Eater who's usually undercredited in fics.

This was absolutely wonderful. Though morbid and gruesome, it was something I wanted to read more of. It definately provides justice to Dolohov's character. The spider--oh how badly I feel for it, and that's saying something, considering that I absolutely HATE spiders, or anything else that crawls.

This was amazing in so many different ways!

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Review #5, by PhoenixPulseDragons Awakening: One Hogwarts

11th March 2013:
Oh my bloody gawsh, this was beautiful!

I read this all in about two hours, just soaking in every word. The pacing was perfect, the plot twists were delicious, and the characterizations were realistic. Through out the whole fic, you had me on edge, just gripping my blanket as I sipped hot chocolate in bed. This was perfect.

I love how you split point of views of both Rose and Lily, good and dark. It was amazing how you managed it really. My favorite character was definately Lily. She was complex, and though she wasn't exactly "good", she emphasized on the tru meaning of "no one is perfect, we all have destroying flaws". And what I loved most was how Gryffindor she was. Though her dark nature would've defined her as Slytherin, Her Gryffindor colors really do show, to be able to defy what label she was confined to, to fight with her heart and mind, and in the end, proved great loyalty after finding out what she did was wrong.

I loved the use of humour in this as well. It had a slight touch of it, enough to make me smile and chuckle, but it wasn't so sugar coated with it. It was perfect.

Thank you for such an amazing read! It was definately worth two hours of my time! :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading this! I'm so glad you enjoyed it and the different paths Rose and Lily were on, and I agree - Lily is definitely a Gryffindor at heart, despite her dark tendencies - just having the strength to walk away from that is evidence enough. Thanks for the review!

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Review #6, by PhoenixPulseWho's That Girl?: Who's That Girl

8th March 2013:
Oh, poor Lily! My heart broke for her. She was a bit silly, wanting James all for herself, but I understand that their bond was something she had once saw as unbreakable. And that Mary girl! I don't like bit. She doesn't even sound like a Hufflepuff by the way she treated Lily when Lily exploded. And James...he was a bit silly too, disregarding his sister's feelings. But nonetheless, I loved it! It pulled greatly at the hearstrings, and its wonderful reading a story about a tender sibiling relationship. Great Job!

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Review #7, by PhoenixPulseWisdom of the Owl, Soul of the Snake: O.W.L.s

8th February 2013:
Oh my goodness, this was so good!

The character of Barty Crouch Jr. has always intrigued me, and it pleases me to see a well written story of him on here. There's barely enough of him to read! To be honest, as sadistic as he is, I personally love him. He's my second favorite Death Eater, second to Bellatrix. (The fact that he's also played by David Tennant...oh gawsh!)

Anywho, I liked the little interaction between Umbridge and Crouch. When you started describing her toad-like qualities, I couldn't help but snort. And Crouch using an Unforgivable on her! But what I couldn't get over was that little scenario about the Doe, the Stag, and the Fawn. The imagery was powerful, and I can truly feel the insanity(?) that Crouch harboured. The way he described was chilling.

And I loved his interaction with Moody. Of course it wouldn't end so well with Moody at the end, but when you flash forwarded there, my gawd was that haunting!

You portrayed Crouch's character perfectly, and I applaud you for that. His patronus owl. That threw me off, but now that I've read this, I can totally see how that fits.

It was a remarkable read, thank you! And I favorited, just to let you know. :)


Author's Response: Sorry it took me so long to respond to this review. I haven't been around much lately at all. Thinking of starting up again, so I popped in. I'm so glad you enjoyed this story.

I really like that you noticed what was going on with his foretelling. Thank you so much for the kind review.

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Review #8, by PhoenixPulseBreak Out: XV.

11th January 2013:
I'm utterly just at a loss for words at this ending. I'm litterally just crawling on my hands and knees in the depths of my brain, just wondering how to cram how I feel into words.

It's over, and and now that the story is finished, I feel as if a heavy weight has been lifted off my chest as a reader. This was the perfect closure to it all, a proper epilogue, and it's nice to know that it's official that Voldemort will never come around again. I mean, yeah, his death scene was well constructed last chapter, but I just...I feel sort of comforted that this epilogue sealed that officially. I can't exactly explain...

But within all this happiness, I still feel sort of stiff inside, I suppose, because again, I am reminded that Harry isn't there to celebrate. That all his years as a youth, sacrificing, and he would never get to see the greatness that came out of all his, Ron's and Hermione's effort. But that's what makes it a great ending, because even though the good side won, it came with a heavy price, and... it's almost miserable, I suppose is the best way I can explain it.

I suppose you can say this ending had me acting rather bi-polar, stirring a strange mixture of happiness and sadness. It's so nice though, the Ron and Hermione are together forever now, with no dangers to tear them apart. It's so wonderful, and I enjoy them so much as couple. It's so...bittersweet.

Anywho, I just want to congratulate you as well on completing this wonderful story, and I thought I should let you know that I'll be reading your other stuff as well. :)

Author's Response: That is one of the more creative -- and, by extension, flattering -- mental images I think I've been witness to, where this story is concerned. And surprisingly accurate! :D

I'm so glad that you thought this was a fitting closure to the story; I wrote this solely for that purpose, and seeing everyone's reviews is really making me feel good about it. I think I know what you mean about closure, if I'm allowed to say things like that about my own story. Voldemort died in chapter 14, but in chapter 15, you get a sense of life to balance that out: That the soldiers of the war WILL continue to live, even while others won't. But you're right, too, about the bittersweet edge to this, which I just mentioned: There /are/ people who won't get to see the victory, and it will undoubtedly be hard for the survivors to just pick up the pieces. The difference with the addition of this chapter, I think, is that you know they have a chance to, and that is the key. It /is/ miserable, even though it is a victory. I'm floored at how adeptly you're getting this story!

Thank you so much for being one of the best reviewers for this story, and always returning so promptly for updates with such lovely reviews. It's been an honor, hearing what you've had to say! ♥ I really hope to see you back on other works of mine, too -- I can't thank you enough!!

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Review #9, by PhoenixPulseBreak Out: XIV.

3rd January 2013:
I can't believe it. Just one last bit is left and then there will be no more chapters to look forward to. This is quite saddening. (If that's even a word?)

Anywhat, on forward with the actual review. I like the little showdown between Ron, Hermione and Voldemort. To be honest, I never fully grasped how Voldemort was becoming so weak until now. It does makes sense though, through Hermione's explanation, and I like the reasoning behind it. Harry's blood being in Voldemort, I found that very clever and something I would've never imagined. Perhaps this was already covered in a previous chapter/author's note, and I apologise for not catching it until now.

And I like how you made it Percy to be the one from the crowd to stand up and speak. I feel like it's sort of like redemption to his character in a way. For as long as we known him, he was always that annoying, pompous prat, and here, here he's gained my respect. The fact that he even said his name! I felt so proud for him. So thank you so much for including Percy. It was a small but huge role.

And the epilogue. I'm really curious to see how that turns out! I can't wait.

Lovely chapter as always and I shall await it's ending!!!

Author's Response: Isn't it weird? It really doesn't feel like we should be so close to the end of this story! Saddening is most definitely a word, and, I think, a very appropriate one to use here.

It's actually sort of a good thing you didn't grasp his weakness until this point -- mostly because HE didn't. Voldemort of course didn't understand what was happening, that his blood was basically dead, or that he was essentially a dead man as soon as Harry died. I'm so happy you liked the explanation for it! Overall, that was probably the trickiest bit of this entire story: Finding a plausible reason for Harry's wanting to go on, and then making sure Voldemort was still able to die somehow. No need to apologize!

Redemption was exactly what Percy needed, and I'm so pleased I got to give it to him. He WAS a prat, up until the point (in my opinion) when he confessed to his family how wrong he'd been, in the Room of Requirement. That took a lot of bravery, which isn't something to overlook. You're very welcome for including it! :D

The final chapter actually should be coming out this week! I know that I normally wait too, but it'll be a nice way to make up for the holiday break, and with only one chapter to go it seems a bit silly to wait longer. :P Looking forward to hearing your opinion on it! ♥

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Review #10, by PhoenixPulseAnd Capers Ensue: Another One Down

30th December 2012:
4-5 Chapters more?!?! Wow, so much must be going down in the next few last chapters, huh? I'm honestly gonna cry when this ends. It's one of my FAVORITE fanfics.

And thank you, thank you for not making Scorpius dead. The thought of him dead made my heart stop and go cold.

And I read your author's note, when you said you had no experience in writing the grieving, dead bodies, and kidnapping- - -I thought you did a magnificent job! Everything was written so nicely, and litterally, had me gripping the blankets of my bed.

Everything was just so...good. Just so good, like...I can't even think of how to compare this to something equally good, it's that great!

I need an update! Just...period! I want to know what happens next! I want to know where Emeric takes them! I want to know if Draco's really dead or if it was all bluff. To be honest, you have some of the best cliffies. Your cliffhangers leave me yanking my hair in frustration 'cause I just need more! GAH! MOAR! :)

Sorry, I'm just spazzing out here. Don't mind me.

And I hope that your holidays were grand, and I wish you a happy New Years! :D

Author's Response: 3-4 chapters left actually :'D But there's lots of silly side stories that I'll post too, so it's not /over/ over.

I'm glad you liked it c: I was worrying so much. Now that I think about it, the action actually wasn't that hard to write. It was all that grieving. It's a comedy and I put dead people in it, what was I thinking? D: Well 'Four Weddings and A Funeral' did it.

The next chapter is all in Bea's point of view so hopefully I can write that quick c: her PoVs tend to be easier to write.

You know me, I love shoving everyone off cliffs :'D

♥ thank you!

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Review #11, by PhoenixPulseSectioned: {spotting}

9th December 2012:
Yes, and update!

I've honestly waited so long for this chapter, and the ending...Oh, gawd, I need more!

I like Lily's little hostility towards Florence going on in her head. It makes things realistic, and honestly, through everything she's going through so far, I want to reach through my computer and hug her.

And Florence. She's so bitter, and it kind of annoys me that she refuses to accept help. I can relate to her in some ways, yes, but her bitterness...I guess it just unleashes the reality of mental sickness. Not everyone can be helped.

I liked Cheyenne and Florence's bantering in the beginning. It's true. Being in a mental hospital myself, there is a fair share of squabbles that can get pretty nasty, but for the most part, everyone does try to hold each other up.

I just...I don't know. This story really does hit it home for me. Thank you for the update, and I shall await the next. :)

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Review #12, by PhoenixPulseFate, Maybe: Chapter Eleven

7th December 2012:

You UPDATED! Do you know how much I love you right now, for continuing the story that I've waited ages for. This made me so happy, and it was soo worth the wait!

I also totally understand the whole writer's block concept and being kept busy from updating the story. I'm currently undergoing the stage myself, sadly, as much as I'd hate to admitt.

And I'm loving how the James+Lily shipment vibe is so strong in this one. It's wonderful, and I felt like singing. The scen with them together was beautiful, and it matched their characters completely. My hat goes off to Lily. She's so mature in this story, and uses reason ina non-cliched way, versus the majority of the Lily Evans that I've read. James being vulnerable in this chapter breaks my heart, and I want to go run and hug him.

And Severus. I'm glad that he's thinking things over. He's a complex character, and though I don't like him much, you do his character great justice.

I just want to let you know that I'm still following this story, so yeah! Don't keep me waiting so long, cause I'm hyped for more. I can't wait for the next update!


Author's Response: Hi! Thanks for sticking with me - I am determined to finish this story, but I'm afraid you may occasionally still have to wait a while between updates.

Yeah, writer's block is the worst. I've found myself suffering from it more recently since I've had so many essays to write; the last thing I feel like doing when I've finished is to start writing again! But it'll work itself out, I hope.

Thank you so much! I'm so glad you're liking the characterisation. We only got such small glimpses of them as teenagers in the book, but I'm trying to stay true both to that and to the adults they develop into. Gosh, I know, a lot of Lily characterisations irritate me because they make her so over the top and shouts a lot, and I think what we saw in OotP is really an extreme case.

Also, I am a massive Jily shipper you can be sure there'll be more fluffiness in the future!

Yes, Sev's one that's really interesting to write. I love his complexity, but I'm not so much a fan of who he became so it's really fun to write him realising that he still has time to change things.

I'm so happy you've stuck with the story, and I promise I will keep going with it so don't give up on me!


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Review #13, by PhoenixPulseBreak Out: XIII.

7th December 2012:
Oh God, I want to laugh out of relief, but cry at the same time. The fact that Ron and Hermione are back together made my heart melt, and the bit with sweet, unchanging Luna made me smile--but even those small happy moments aren't enough from making me feel so...depressed.

Charlie...we barely knew him...and he's dead. Just like that, and I can't believe it. Bellatrix had it coming to her though, and I smiled like an idiot when she fell dead. As much as I love her and her psychopathic character, she deserved to die.

And the parts with just Ron and George. I feel so bad for Georgie. My Georgie. That little haircut bit really took a piece from my heart. I love the twins, and when I first read about Fred's death, I litterally chucked my book across the room and sobbed angrilly, screaming "YOU LEFT GEORGE! HOW COULD YOU, JK!" whenever I read something well written about George not having Fred, it really hits it home for me.

And I can't believe I have to wait until 2013 for the ending! I don't want to wait! It's just soo good and I want to read how everything ends! I want to see Voldemort crumble at last! Oh gawd, I'm anticipating so much for the final chapters. I can't believe that this is truly coming to a close.

Love the story as always! :D

Author's Response: You know, I sort of feel similarly about reaching this point in posting the story... if that makes any sense at all! I'm so excited to let everyone see the ending, but it's almost hard to believe it's here. Ron and Hermione were always getting back together, though; killing Harry was hard enough, and I don't think I could have killed one of them, too!

I know. :( Charlie is actually one of my favorite Weasleys, and killing him wasn't easy. It wasn't easy killing off anyone in this story, but it was necessary. Except Bellatrix! I totally agree with you: She deserved to die.

SOMEONE PICKED UP ON THE HAIRCUT THING. That line shattered my heart, and of course it was one of the first things I wrote of this chapter. I love George-after-Fred fic, though, and have read a lot of it (and written it a bit, though not very much on this page). J.K. Rowling is very, very good at tugging on our heartstrings, that's for sure.

I'm sorry to make you wait! I didn't want to post a chapter this week and only leave one chapter left -- but I promise you, this story is most definitely getting finished. It already IS finished! Thank you, so much, for being such a lovely and dedicated reviewer. ♥ And I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

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Review #14, by PhoenixPulseBreak Out: XII.

25th November 2012:
Only three more chapters?!? You must be joking, there seems to be so much more to happen! Oh gawd, my legs are just crossed so tightly because of the intensity of it all! It's hard to believe soon the story will be coming to an end!

Oh Charlie, I hope he'll make it through okay. The Weasleys don't deserve another loss. It isn't fair! But then again, this is war... Gawd, you write everything so perfectly! I felt like crying!

And Hermione's helplessness! For the first time, it seems Hermione can't do anything to help. As if she's trapped. And I feel like reaching through the screen and giving her a hug right now!

And Harry's body. Oh gawd, that's just so...disturbing. That's just pure wrong, at least have a bit of respect for the dead. I mean, what's so good about displaying the body of the dead? They deteriorate anyway. Oh gawd, that sounds awful, but still! Death Eaters...

Anywho, I know I haven't reviewed for the past few chapters, but I'm still here, and I'm totaly anticipating the next! :D

Author's Response: Only three more chapters indeed! I promise -- to the best of my ability, everything's resolved and answered. I can't really believe this story's going to end either, though, even though I finished writing it a little over a month ago. I've been posting this since June! Where did time go?

I'll reveal nothing on what's going on with Charlie, but you'll see him a bit more in the next chapter. I'm so pleased, though, because you seem to be having the exact sort of emotional responses I hoped to elicit in this story. And in a slightly odd way, that's really gratifying!

I feel for Hermione here, but she's almost through the darkness. I swear! And now I'm just even more anxious to post the next chapter; that should happen in a couple of days, I'm thinking. Her reaction to Harry's body actually gave ME goosebumps while I was writing it. Poor girl.

It's great to see you're still reading! And don't worry at all -- I don't mind one bit that you haven't reviewed. Reviews are never necessary, and I'm just really happy you're enjoying reading! ♥ Thank you for your review!

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Review #15, by PhoenixPulseWho needs a story plot when your OC is this FOXY!!: Ummm...... Meh!

29th October 2012:
W. T. F.

This was honestly the most mind blowing, scatter brained crack fic that I have ever read, and actually had the desire to read through. There's just so much awesomeness sprinkled all over this story, I don't even know what's going on! To be honest, I just lost it at McGonagall's letter. It's so cliched and over-rated writer friendly. I loved it, but nothing had me doubling over like this excerpt:


James let out a groan of approval, as Scotti slowly bent down and tied his shoelaces that he just happened to be wearing. Because when you stare into someone's eyes you automatically think about their shoes and the sexual tension just explodes.

Sorry what? No this isn't cringe-worthy. You just go and ask Ginny Potter about this technique; apparently it is her and Harry’s favourite thing to do in the bedroom.

Oh, how kinky shoelaces are! I loved that reference, and honestly, when I saw that in the movie, I couldn't help but facepalm. Yes, because shoelaces are romantic... lol. I just can't get over your referencing.

I just don't even know anymore. Your story has litterally mind screwed me into the next millenia. I just am at a loss for words at what to say. But thank you. Thank you for this fabtabulous read.


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Review #16, by PhoenixPulseAnd Capers Ensue: Dead End

20th October 2012:
Ah-ha! I knew Anjali's presence in the last chapter was a bit fishy, but her helping? I would've never dreamed of it. I hate how she uses Albus though. It's not fair! Innocent, sweet minds are corrupted! I have to grudgingly admit though, Albus does a great job bringing out the best of people. And I love him for it.

And I loved the who transfiguring clothes part. I wasn't so sure what hot pants were, so I opened another window and looked them up on google images. Three words:
I. Freaking. Died. :D

And Bea in granny clothes. I loved her epic scene, warding off three men. This was by far my most favorite part:

"You think you can steal from me? In China, I deal with robbers before you 'er born!" she crowed and advanced upon the men. Her white hair was flung about her face, and if Fred didn't know better, she really was a little old — scary — granny. "And in China, we can-not afford wands, so we use sticks. Want to see stick magic?"

Shawl billowing, she spun and clobbered a third wizard creeping up behind her on the nose, and the fall to the floor knocked him out cold. The other two rushed forward, but then Bea gave the branch a warning rattle, and they looked at each other and decided to search for an easier mark.

"Respect your elders!" she screeched as they fled.

Pure. Epic. Win.

And I can only imagine Bea's heartbreak when she saw Scorpius. My heart litterally dropped for the worst. Right when they were truely becoming a shipment, everything shatters! HOW COULD YOU!?!

jk jk, I still love this story, and you're still one of my favorite authors on here. I just.I can't...I don't want wrap my head around him being dead... It just can't happen. He's freaking Scorpius Malfoy. DESTINED to be with Bea for goodness sakes. This cannot be happening. My shipper heart is sinking. My freaking ship is sinking!

Okay, melodramatic phase is over. You're leaving us off on a great cliff hanger. I NEED more. *stares at the computer screen as if in dire need of drugs*

Author's Response: Dearie Albus :3 I'm quite excited for Anjali's development in the next chapter.

Bahaha and you will never unsee hot pants ever again.

Heee, I love putting in bits of Bea's Chinese background - there are a few scenes of her at home that probably will get into the short story collections.

SHIPMENT I love that term. I will try to use that term. BUT YEAH I ER. ACCIDENTALLY KILLED HALF OF THAT SHIP? 8D scramble onto the lifeboards, everyone!

♥ please use eyedrops if you're going to be staring for three weeks.

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Review #17, by PhoenixPulseThe Power of Love: The Passion of a Thousand Suns

20th October 2012:

This was lyk the mst awesomest crack-fic EVER! And it's so angst and I, lyk, died!

(yeah, I'm trying too hard.)

But, no, seriously. This piece had me in tears (not because it was touching, but because it was so bad.) Just by looking at the summary and banner for this story, I knew it was not one that I could simply just pass up. Pure excellence!

I just love how you butchered Cho so badly in this. I always felt sympathetic for the girl in canon, because she has such a bad rep behind her--but this? I had to throw my sympathies away!

Draco...I had no clue that he was going to be dragged into this. At first I thought it might be Harry with some weird-crack story behind it (like him leaving Ginny to follow some forbidden love, but I suppose you find that more with the Draco/Hermione ship...)

Speaking of Draco, this was my favorite line concerning him:
“You can’t have her, Cedric!” he said, blue-grey eyes fierce and desirable. “We have a long and convoluted history that you somehow don’t know about, and we’re lovers now!”

Good God, I choked on my orange juice. I didn't even know they had any history of even being spotted talking to each other in canon. Ahhh well, Cedric seems to notice it as well.

And the batty lady. I LOVE her. I want to just chase her with a net and keep her in a cage as a pet. My favorite part concerning her would be:
"Fed me," Batty Old Lady crowed, gnawing on her own arms.

She's so adowable, I just want to pinch her cheeks! I love how her character is just there to play as a distraction and has no specefic relevance to the story whatsoever!

And of course, there's the cliched pregnancy! I hate it when people on here write about pregnancies but won't do them correctly. It drives me up the wall! But this, because it's all purely crack, this is bearable! And I love how you named the miracle baby 'Chochina'. Best. Name. Ever. Period.

And the ending is epic win, because tying irrelevant random characters is awesome! I can just picture it, all the Diggorys just siting on one big bed, smiling at a camera and cyniacal Bellatrix just blasts open the door, cackling, and turns Cho into a racoon and scampers away in heartless mirth, grinning like a serial killer. And Cedric would be screaming "NO" at the top of his lungs. Yes! That one short line can depict such a powerful image in my mind.

Anywho, overall, this was just a pure, epic, wonderfully, bad WIN! This story's got swagger, and for those who disagree can GTFO, because they honestly have no sense of humor. (But I can't see anyone hating on this story anyway's so I suppose that crude remark can just be tossed in the bin)

It's just so mind warping that you're the same author who had written 'Run'. You're just capable of writing everything! Totally jealous of ya' dude, but in a good way!

Thank you for sharing this wonderful crack-fic to all!

Author's Response: HOLY, THIS REVIEW. ♥

I'm not sure what you're talking about, this was my most SIRIUSLY SERIOUS STORY LIKE EVERRR. lol. I think I'd like to keep Batty Old Lady as a pet, too, if only for the entertainment of watching her bark at the neighbors, which I imagine she would do while sitting on the back of the couch, wearing goggles and a sombrero. Just because.

Crackfics are the antidote to the heaviness that can be brought on by writing long, serious stories like Run, so I like to get it out of my system every now and then. Good writing therapy.


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Review #18, by PhoenixPulseSlytherin Career Day: A Long Day in the Dungeons

16th October 2012:
Hello there!

So I thought after reading and favouriting, it was only fair to also leave you a little review. And Let me tell you, this was just way to uh-may-zing for words!

I love how you characterized all the Slytherin students and each one had their own "unique" personal conversation with Snape. Now coming to think of it, I wonder how Career Advice Day went in OOTP for the Slytherins. This was a very original take upon things indeed!

I also just love how with each student, they keep getting worse and worse.

Crabbe was just bad with him and his pyromaniac ways. I love how you had him zone out for a while. And I love Goyle in this as well, relying on the existince of Crabbe and Malfoy to get somewhere in life. Them two goons! And Malfoy...I don't think I need to comment about how I feel towards him. His obsession for his father's hair had me choking on my juice pouch, which let me tell you, is a rather hard thing for me to do when reading.

But of course, my favorite part to this was Blaise. I love how he was so blunt with what he said, and the nerve he had to talk to Snape like that. True swagger right there!

I personally can say that you made me love every single one of these characters through this one-shot. You depicted them greatly, and I fear I have no more words to say. Your writing is lovely and flows so smoothly, and I'm just jealous about everything right now. The humor genre is definately your thing, and I admire how well you pulled something like this off. It's amazing!

Thank you for a great read! :D

Author's Response: Hi, there. I'm so pleased that you enjoyed the story. It was a mountain of fun to write.

The idea for this came from a fairly innocuous line in the story that this is dedicated to. But when I read it, I had an instant reaction. "Snape giving career advice to the students of Slytherin House? That would be hilarious!"

I took a bit of inspiration from various places for each of the students. Crabbe is fairly obvious, since he eventually kills himself with Fiendfyre. Goyle is just a follower, without an original thought in his head. For Draco, the idea of him secretly wanting to be a hairdresser was a combination of a movie that I sadly can't remember anything else about, including the title, and a comment made by my dear friend Deeds on HPFF about how she was always in awe of Lucius's hair.

Zabini... that one was just fun. Obviously, he never really has a conversation like that with Snape in a million years, but once I got rolling I just couldn't stop myself. If anything, I was channeling a bit of Tiger Woods as he's portrayed by Donald Glover.

Thanks so much for reading and taking a moment to review!

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Review #19, by PhoenixPulseBreak Out: IX.

10th October 2012:
Well, before I say anything, I need to make my feelings heard: Seamus really needs to shut up. Period. It makes me tick that he's such an insensitive, sarcastic prick in this chapter. I don't like this Seamus at all!

Now, first off:
This was definately one of the very few highlights of my day to be honest, and I'm glad I decided to log back in today, after two days of brutal studying for my PSAT next week, as well as my end-of-nine-weeks exams. I needed a break, and this was the perfect refreshment.

In all honesty, my heart goes out to Ron and Mr. Weasley in this. Especially Ron. The pain must be cutting and deep to watch your older brother be toyed with like a useless doll in the hands of an enemy. One would think, "Yeah, kid fights dragons, he can handle himself," But even the strong are subjected into cruelty, and you portrayed that concept wonderfully. I know they're not real, but your writing gives life to them, giving us that "it's like reality" feeling. I can almost hear Rupert Grint yelling "No!" in the most agonizing voice imaginable.

And I love how Hermione's always on his mind. It's so sweet, but it's so bitter, because he has no clue what's going on. I'm rooting for them though! They're one of HP Canon's greatest ship in my opinion. The Death Eaters better not sink this ship!

But oh, I can't wait for the next chapter. I want to see how Hermione's dealing with everything right now. Things probably aren't any better, but I feel so bad and my heart goes out to the girl!

Author's Response: Seamus's attitude kind of developed while I was writing it -- it surprised me a bit! :3 He really is kind of a jerk in this chapter, although he's a jerk in book five, as well. I'm kind of thinking maybe he gets that way under pressure? Who knows.

I did indeed update! You can expect new chapters of this story roughly every two weeks, right up until it's finished; regular updates on my stories are very important to me. :) I'm glad that I could make your day a bit better! Studying is always rough, but then, that's what fan fiction is for. I wish you the very best of luck on your PSAT!

I feel for the Weasleys so much in this story, seeming to take blow after blow. Nothing is safe, you know? Strength is a very flexible definition, I think, with as many definitions as there are people who seek to define it. I'm basically over the moon that this seems real to you, though, in some capacity. That really makes me smile. :)

The next chapter will definitely be up on time! I'm working on the twelfth right now, and we're really starting to get into the climax of this story. I'm so, so excited for people to read what's going to happen. :D Thank you so much for taking the time to leave me a review on this chapter, though! I'm so happy you came back!

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Review #20, by PhoenixPulseSectioned: {talking}

6th October 2012:
Hello again! I'm rather pleased to see that you have updated, because this story means much to me!

You did a great job with te portryal of what goes on in Mental hospitals. Especially with the peopl. How would I know? Because I've been stuck in one myself, and this is pretty accurate. Kids there help the newbies learn the ropes, and there really always that one kid who deosn't want to heal--always in denial. Wow, just reading and reviewing brings back fresh memories...

And as for Lily's point of view towards Harry, it's understandable. After being the last born in a family full of greatness, it's hard to pick it up and continue striving to be the best. It's hard enough being the last born out of three. But Lily really does need to understan that her parents love them all the same. But in pure honesty, I really can relate.

And as for your author's note, I think you're doing the subject justice. Everything is portrayed acurately, and I give kudos to you for writing a powerful piece of fiction. Can't wait for the next chapter!

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Review #21, by PhoenixPulseWhy She Smiles At The Sky: "Why do I Smile When I Look At The Sky?"

6th October 2012:
Oh my gawd, I LOVE this. Very bitter sweet and it pulled tremendously on my heartstrings. It's great for a change to see a story written in another point of view, rather than George's. Very original.

You captured childhood innocence at it's greatest. It's ironic how in the beginning everything seemed so perfect. Just a brother and a sister sharing and bonding, and when you scroll down, the scene changes into something more deeper and emotional.

I loved the whole 'looking into the sky and smiling' deal. You laced it in so perfectly. Honestly, this whole one shot was done beautifully, I am in loss for words. Everything flows and I love your depth that you gave Ginny and Fred. They felt real, and can be relatable to any sibling relationship.

In short words, this piece was fan-bloody-tastic! You brought tears to my eyes with this story, and those are the stories I love the most. The ones that make me cry. So good job! Thank you for the uh-mazing read. Just utterly flawless!

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Review #22, by PhoenixPulseSlytherin Much?: Making An Enemy

6th October 2012:
Okay dearie. So when I said I would get back to 'Slytherin Much', I meant it.

Now for your review!

I like this chapter. It was light, and carefree, and sarcastically humorous. It brought a big smile to my face, especially when she had James cornered-- but boy is Scar fully of attitude. The girl's got spunk!

And by what I'm taking by this, is she in her third year already? I just need to ask, because if she is, I sort of would like to have a better understanding of what her first two years of schooling were like. How the Slytherins treated her, or how the other houses treated her. There's a pretty big jump between the first day she became a first year, and now she's in her third year. I'm not complaining of course, I just wish I had a more detailed idea.

As for her relationship with her two friends, it's cute. I like Jeremy, and I also like Scar's little background with him. It's nice to know how they became friends, and I liked the idea of how you befriended them together. Very original.

And James-- he seemed pretty in-character here. I can imagine him being cross, but I don't imagine him being so dramatic over it. I don't know, maybe it's just me. I liked how Scar was able to inflate his ego though. Whoo-hoo! Heck yeah, girl power! (I think?)

Anyway, great chapter lovely!

With love,


Author's Response: Yay, you're back!:)

I'm so glad you liked it! And yes, Scarlet does quite have a lot of attitude..;) I love her like that..

Scarlet is currently in her fourth year. I'm sorry, I should have mentioned that before!
Ahh, there's a story to it. Initially I had written a couple of chapters continuing from her first day in Hogwarts but I found myself stuck after after penning down a couple of them. And I didn't want to leave Scarlet and the whole story abandoned so I decided to start anew (leaving the first chapter in place). But yeah, quite a few people have wanted to know what happened earlier and I will be including small little memories in the future chapters :)

I ADORE Jeremy! I'm glad you liked it :) I'm pretty sure you'll love the 3rd chapter then as it has a lot of the Scarlet/Jeremy friendship.

Oh thank you! I'm always so worried of the characters because I want it to as canon as possible.. And James's rash reaction was needed to Scarlet to kinda hate his guts :)
And I think you mean 'deflate' and not 'inflate'? Cuz that would change everything xD

Thanks once again! Please do drop by another time! xD


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Review #23, by PhoenixPulseAnd Capers Ensue: Missing!

1st October 2012:

Yes, yes, YES! Do you know how long I've been waiting for this chapter. And then, it'''s HERE! Oh dear lordy, how happy I am right now!

Anywho, I must say, this was a very suspenseful chapter! I loved it very much, and I'm honestly stoked to find out more about Scorpius and his incident. Vanishing cabinets? Oh, this is too grande! I hope he's alright though.

Poor Bea. I wish I could climb into her head, and see a more in depth detail of what she's feeling. She was going to ask the boy to Hogsmeade, and then he disappear! That's like, the most awful thing ever.

And I liked Bea's encounter with Nott. Very awkward indeed! I couldn't help but release a pig-snort. But then again, if he can make grass swoon...well...that's taking attractiveness to a whole new level!

And about Anjali.I wonder where she is. Isn't she a Slytherin too? Shouldn't she be popping up somewhere. I don't know. I just feel her absence in this is a bit odd. But then again, it's probably an irrelevant and crazy, over thought haunch.

Anyway, I look forward to the next chapter. Pretty stoked and eager right now. I suppose it's ta-ta for now?

Author's Response: IT'S HERE! AND THE NEXT ONE'S COMING SOON I hope anyway.

Next chapter gets a whole lot of things answered and... probably a whole lot of things thrown into the air. Heh.

Scorpius needs to time his disappearances better! He ought to have waited until at least /after/ she asks him out. Very rude of him, hehehe.

I love Xavier. He totally would be the type to be Scorpius' best friend, but he's got quite a punch of his own personality.

Nooo, not at all. It is rather... /suspicious/ that Anjali is missing. Ahem ahem.


♥ for now! but hopefully I shall return soon!

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Review #24, by PhoenixPulseBreak Out: VIII.

25th September 2012:
I find it so weird how my internal organs are responding after reading this chapter. Its haunting, really. I can honestly say my stomach lurched, the hair on my arms stood straight up, shallow breathing, and my heart seem to slowly thud. But no worries, it's all good!

I honestly love how you written Charlie. I believe he's probably one of the most undercredited Weasley of all when it comes to fanfiction, so I adore what you've written under his perspective. The fact of him being at Hogwarts and how you told it, it's honestly heart shattering, because as a reader, we can see how close the students were attached to their school, even if they loved their home life even more. It's that connection, and I found it really cool. And Trelawney! I loved how you laced her in there as well.

As for Hermione, my heart is litterally going out for her right now. The pain and torture she's undergoing, it's visually playing in my head -- almost movie like. And how you written Bellatrix and her sadistic ways, it truly is her. I love Bellatrix, so it makes me really happy when I see her character written well.

And I'm not trying to flatter you, it's the honest truth! You're an amazing author!

And Dean! Poor guy, I always liked him. Him and Seamus were probably one of my favorite characters that weren't as centered focused in canon. I liked how you brought them into this. (With Seamus being in the little group back in the Burrow, my heart grieves for him though, it sounds like his best mate was just killed...)

Anywho, I'm starting to talk gibberish now. This was an amazing chapter, and I'll be stalking it as always. (Yes, I stalk this story. I pop in every few days to see what's going on, and your story is one of the first I check for *hangs head in guilt*) :D

Author's Response: The first line of this review makes me smile every time I drop by to read it again. :D I am glad to have evoked such an emotional reaction in you, even if it might not have been a particularly pleasant one!

I'm so glad you like Charlie! I think that he really is one of the most underappreciated Weasleys (along with Percy, who is just interpreted wrong, in my humble opinion). He definitely has a bit more of a role in this story; you'll see that in upcoming chapters. Trelawney, not so much, but I'm glad you pointed her out, too! :P

Hermione's plight really does seem a bit dire right now, but I do stick by what I said in my author's note -- things will, eventually, get better, for her and in the story as a whole. Bellatrix is very intimidating for me to write, and your compliments to that end really are so, so appreciated. Basically, your reviews are making me go to pieces. ♥ Thank you so much!

I always liked Dean, too, though I must admit I don't care for Seamus. Dean, though -- he somehow seemed to be the most normal of the five Gryffindor boys (since Harry and Ron never fit this category, and after a while, neither did Neville). He was a bit of a beacon of hope here, too, and that's perhaps what this symbolizes more than anything: The squashing of that hope.

I update this story about once every two weeks, and I really hope to see you back once chapter nine updates! Your reviews are so lovely. :) Thank you so much!! ♥

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Review #25, by PhoenixPulseThe Other Reality: Not That Baby

19th September 2012:
Bloody hell, I'm such a wimp! You had me in tears with this line:

"And yet, I can't keep you together. Im not reason enough", He said. He winced a little. That tightening feeling in his chest was back and it was as if it was squeezing his lungs tightly.

I need tissues! I love little Aaron, he's so sweet, adorable, and innocent. It breaks my heart when little kids go through moments of broken homes. It reminds me of my own home life, back when I had to help raise my little brothers with my mum, even though I was only seven. I can relate with him.

And Pregnant Hermione! I can't wait to read about this. Malfoy is such a jerk. I can't believe the nerve of him, the slimy ferret!

Anyway, this is so great so far. Curse you for making me procrastinate from doing my homework in exchange for your greatness! :D

Author's Response: Awww, he is :/ Oh? Wow. You know, I enjoy writing for people like you- I love love love going on for amazing, strong people like you (: Im not even just flattering- I MEAN it.

Thank you so so much and haha, I know how it feels to procrastinate due to fanfic :P See you in the next chapter xx :')

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