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Review #1, by TiinsExpecting Otherwise: Beautiful? Me?

9th October 2012:
ah i love this even more now!! i love Tristan and i love Chase!! I CAN'T CHOOSE. please don't make me! But if adella does get with one of them then the other one should be with Clo. BUT I LOVE YOU FOR WRITING THIS!!! LOVE OVE LOVE oh and CONGRATS on the boyfriend xxx

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Review #2, by TiinsExpecting Otherwise: The Best Friend

13th August 2012:
Thank you for finally telling us what, we probably all thought; Bray cheating! And Chase is kinda dumb and obvious, isn't he? But he's sooo cute! Even when it looked liked he was trying to tell Dell he loved her but got interrupted! It was so cute! And get Clo a different guy to like! She deserves better! Much better! Chase doesn't deserve Dell! She deserves a guy like Chase! She deserves Chase! Update soon and never stop writing!

Author's Response: You are very welcome; I've been bursting to say it for the past, like, five chapters!

Yeah, both girls deserve WAY better.

I'm so glad you liked it :D

Thank you for reading and reviewing! :)


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Review #3, by TiinsDancing With Angels: Dancing With Angels

16th July 2012:
I hate you! I'm still crying from this! I wish i could write like this! It's filled with emotions and it's kinda true, people loose their parents every day and still live happy lives. I really do love this story! Thank You for writing it!

Author's Response: I'm really thrilled by the fact that you found it so emotional and I even managed to get you to cry (is that bad, that I want my readers to cry? I'm gonna be evil and say it's not xD ) Thank you for finding it a worthwhile story, and for reviewing.

~Anna :)

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Review #4, by TiinsTurn on the Light : Prologue

16th July 2012:
I...I LOVE IT! it was good, you should seriously continue at least one chapter, please! The way it! i mean it was, in my mind like it was written with feeling, but i don't know :P but continue please! :D

Author's Response: Aw thanks love. I'm getting a lot of positive reviews so I'll definitely continue ;) I have a plot already forming in my head :D Thanks for reading and reviewing. Bear with me to the end ;)


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Review #5, by TiinsFinal Chance: Breakfast at Malfoy Manor

28th April 2012:
when you can, please update! never abandon this! NEVER! pleasee! i love this story

Author's Response: With finals being in a little bit I am a bit crazy, I won't abandon the story entirely. But I am until after finals. I'm not going to change the status of it or anything, but I won't start writing the next chapter until my finals are over and I am back home. I hope to finish the story sometime this summer so that I won't be working on it next year during classes, because it's taken me awhile to write this much. I am only planning on a few more chapters and then it will be over. If, after I finish it, I find that I have some spare time, I may however write a prequel. I'm glad you like it :)

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Review #6, by TiinsExpecting Otherwise: Feliz Navi-dead

26th April 2012:
this is an awesome story! please update soon!! Its soo funny (this chapter that is) i love it how you continued the 'Brownie' and 'Blondie' names! I love chase now! he has shown his really really sweet side and poor Clove! that must be sad! I love this story and the previous one that this is the sequel to. UPDATE SOON I LOVE THIS

Author's Response: Oh, you've read OE? :D YAY! Of course I had to continue with their nicknames; it wouldn't be fair if I didn't. And not realistic either :p

Thanks for reading and reviewing!


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