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Review #1, by Desirable_Number_1Being Summer: The One where Summer Starts to Talk

1st August 2012:
PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE never quit this story! It is so amazing and I can't wait for the next chapter! I really hope Summer and James get together soon because honestly, the suspense is killing me. Fantastic job!

Author's Response: i promise i won't ever stop writing this! and the story is nearing the finish line anyway, so it would be kind of stupid of me to stop writing it now :P the next chapter has just come out, and there is plenty of james/summer action for you :D thank you so much!

ellie :) xx

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Review #2, by Desirable_Number_1princess.: she was not a princess.

1st August 2012:
HOLY COW! I absolutely love this story. It's so different from all your others (which are also amazing btw). I love that you didn't tell the names of the caracters because it made us wonder. I also hate you a little for making me wonder. I have mixed feelings right now, but it fwas brilliant either way.
p.s. Banner image is STUNNING!!!

Author's Response: ahaha, thank you! it is very different to anything i have ever written before, which is why i was being such a nervous nelly about the whole thing. ahaha, well it can be whoever you want it to be, that is the point. plus, i was too lazy to try and come up with someone. dominique, maybe? bellatrix? thank you!

ellie :) xx

ps. jabberwocky is a genius - it's gorgeous, isn't it?

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Review #3, by Desirable_Number_1Being Summer: The One That Changes Everything

27th April 2012:
I freaking LOVE this story (and all you other stories). Even though I have been reading your stories FOREVER, this is my first review because I just got an account the other day. (Whoop whoop!) I really hope the next chapter is a little less depressing, but do what you must. Your the author after all, and you've never disappointed me before! Keep up the great work! :)

Author's Response: awh, thank you so much! congrats on getting an account. i was on hpff for ages before i finally got one. the next chapter isn't as depressing as this one, which is good ~ but it's not particuarly happy either. thank you so much for the review, and the update should be soon!

ellie :)

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