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Review #1, by True AuthorComplicated: In Which Christmas Is Not The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

20th September 2014:
Hi there! :)

I must say that you have a very interesting first chapter here. It doesn't give the reader a much clear idea about what the main plot's about or anything like that. You simply introduce the narrator and her family problems. I really liked that. It's made me very curious about what will happen next! And the way you connected it all to Christmas was a nice touch.

Whoa, who would've thought her mother was no one but Pansy Parkinson? :O I was very surprised to read that she was Pansy. But I think it all makes sense. I can imagine her marrying someone else and not really getting over Draco. I also imagine Draco not marrying her by the way. :) It's all believable! That's really great. :)

So is there going to be something between Scorpius and Olivia? I can't tell. But I'd like to have some romance in here. And I also hope Olivia and her cousin would get along well with each other. That girl sure deserves some happiness! I hope you give loads to her!

Great story! It was fun swapping with you!


Author's Response: Hi Ashwini!

It's really great to hear your thoughts on this chapter. I'm glad you enjoyed it and it caught your interest.

Pansy Parkinson's definitely still hung up on Draco, but I think it was obvious they never would have ended up together. I don't think Draco would have wanted to base his life around the choices he made in school.

There's definitely not something between Scorpius and Olivia, other than intense friendship. But there will be romance later :) (when we meet Al Potter) and Olivia's relationship with her cousin definitely changes too.

Thanks for the swap!

Emma xx

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Review #2, by True AuthorReincarnation: Remember

13th September 2014:
Hmm, this seems to be getting more interesting as I read on! I like that you are using Rheas instead of Rose. It makes sense as that's who Rose is going to be. And Rhea lies easily? That's intriguing!

I liked that you wrote the flashback part again. It's easier for those who haven't read the prequel. And it's correct to write it I think.

At some moments I was confused if you were writing from Rose's PoV or Rhea's so I think you should make that a little clear. :)

Great chapter!!


Author's Response: Hey Ashwini!

Really, Rose and Rhea are confused to actually who they are, so I decided to take Rhea, as like you said, it makes more sense.

Thank you for that review!


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Review #3, by True AuthorFanged Revolution: Chapter the First

13th September 2014:
Oh, this was creepy! Vampires always freak me out and scare me to death, I don't know why. :P But there was something about the way you described this one that made it all scarier. But in a nice way of course! Everyone likes to read a scary story once in a while! :D

I'm very curious about what is going to happen. I can't wait to see who the young woman was and why she would be a trouble for Nightstalker (good name by the way!). I like that you kept the first chapter short. This makes the story even more interesting.

And I love your banner! It's bloody gorgeous! :D


Author's Response: Hello!

Scary stories are good once in a while (or all the time, depending on taste).

The young woman will be a lot of trouble for Nightstalker. He's a vampire who is active at night, so I thought it a fitting name.

I'll pass your compliment about the banner on to the artist who made it.

Thanks for the lovely review!


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Review #4, by True AuthorReincarnation: Back

13th September 2014:
Hi! I'm here for our review swap!

I'm so sorry this took so long! I was away from home with limited internet connection and I need quite some time to read a story and write a review. This seemed an interesting story, as I sort of do believe in reincarnation to some level, so I wanted to read and leave a review properly. :)

I just LOVE your writing style. It's very unique. Lots of people around here describe every little detail and like to read that type of stories, but I like short ones better. I like that you don't describe too much about the scene or just anything. And this style works perfectly for Reincarnation. :)

Whoa, Scorpius is such a jerk! :O I read this chapter first and I was all confused. I couldn't imagine Scorpius doing something so terrible that a dead person would come back to take his revenge. Then I went back to the prequel. And OH MY GOD. I hope Rose gets her revenge! What happened to her was horrible.

I'm quite interested about this Rhea too. Who is she? Why did she die? And there are going to be some problems when someone familiar to her is going to run into Rose. This is quite intriguing.

I had always thought that reincarnation begins from another birth, but I like this angle too. Will surely come back for more!

Random question- Are you Indian? Sorry to ask you, but there is a very popular tv show here which is based around this plot. It's not reincarnation, but it's basically a girl taking revenge for what happened to her sister. And her sister suffers what Rose has suffered in this story. So I thought you might have got some inspiration from there. :D

Good job! It was fun swapping with you!


Author's Response: Hey Ashwini! Never mind the lateness, just glad that you are here! (And you've got like, 3 unanswered reviews as per my investigations)

So much sweetness in one review HAS to be made illegal.

More about Rhea is coming up! Just keep on reading, and you'll find out! :)

Answer to your random question- No, sorry, I'm not an Indian. I'm an American-Maldivian. But currently, I'm living in India. :) Are you talking about Paanch, the one that comes on V TV? My friends talk about it, but I've never seen it. Now that I'm familiar with Hindi, I'll be sure to watch it!

Thanks for that lovely review and it was a great swap!


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Review #5, by True Authorbloom.: bloom

9th September 2014:
Wow, this was so amazing that I don't really know what to say. You made me feel so many things in just a one-shot that I can't figure out where to start...

Well, I'm so glad you wrote this. We often forget that some small characters like Madam Pomfrey are also humans and they might have a story too. Now I've really started to see not just her, but so many other characters from a different point of view. It's great that you are doing something so unique. Well done! :D

Some of your descriptions were just too beautiful. I couldn't handle them. Like that scene where Marigold is born, everyone's happy and then oh my god, she dies!! Those emotions and that shocking death! That scene surely is my favorite. I also liked how that rowdy girl changed into a woman when she holds her baby in her hands. It was very touching.

Another amazing thing was the way you made her get interested in the medical field. It's just so realistic that a woman like Poppy would desperately want to know what exactly was wrong with her baby and tries her best to do so. It was very very believable.

Oh, I really hoped she and Dewey would end up together! :( I sort of knew they wouldn't, but I always hoped. They make such a perfect couple. They balance each other out. But alas! I think what happened was for the best...

Overall, this was one of the most wonderful stories I have ever read. And the summary is beautiful too! I'm definitely going to read other stories on your author page. I loved your writing style!

I usually don't read one-shots over 5000 words and I'm also kind of uncomfortable with slash, but I'm very happy I gave this story a go. Now maybe I won't judge stories by their length and the ratings!

Well done! It was fun swapping with you and thanks for your review on Through The Darkest!


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Review #6, by True AuthorPlaying for Keeps: Shooting Star, After Midnight

4th September 2014:
Wow, nothing excites me more than a real good mystery with just the right atmosphere. :D And let me say that the way you set this all up is just PERFECT.

The casino, an attractive girl and the pool table? That's a brilliant set up for a mystery novel. And you described it all using just the right words. You haven't revealed much about the plot or about your main character, but this chapter certainly lures the reader to the next. :)

Great job! Will be back to find out more! Was here for the Ravenclaw review battle. :)


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Review #7, by True AuthorYou Are Part of Everything : Dear Prudence

3rd September 2014:
Hi! Here for our review swap!

No, Sirius why would you do that to her!! I can't believe he did this. He's one of my favorite characters. But anyways, that, unfortunately DOES sound like him. :( You wrote down the romantic part so nicely that the end makes me feel really bad for Prudence. And that's great for you I guess!

You managed to fit the lyrics with great effect. They are John Green's after all. Who wouldn't fall for anyone speaking them? ;)

Great job!


Author's Response: Hi there, Ashwini!

I know. That mean Sirius! He's one of my favorites, too, so to write him as such a jerk, was really hard for me. I am definitely guilty of romanticizing him. But, like you've said, what he did does, unfortunately, sound a bit like him.

I'm so glad that the emotions of this story came through and had you feeling bad for Prudence. I feel with an OC, it's a lot harder to have the reader sympathize with him or her. This was my first time using an OC as the main character, so I was really nervous. It's just so great to hear that you have enjoyed this!

Thank you so much for doing the swap and leaving such a lovely review!! I really appreciate it! ♥

xoxo Meg

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Review #8, by True AuthorViolet Hill: a glimpse of infinity.

1st September 2014:
Hello Kiana! Here for the Ravenclaw review battle!

I know you said you'd prefer a review on another story of yours, but slash isn't really my thing. I've seen people recommend this story a while ago and the summary is way too intriguing. So here I am! :)

The best thing about your story is the originality of your plot. This concept was rather a tough one and I'm amazed at the way you've handled it. It's amazing!

Wow, you have some beautiful imagery here. Making the scene take place when it's snowing was a VERY clever idea. It just made everything even more breathtaking.

Will be back for more!


Author's Response: Hi Ashwini!

It's fine, I understand, that's why I said I didn't mind what you read really. I'm so glad that you liked the originality about this as it means a lot to me. Thank you so much for the wonderful compliments, they really made me smile! :D


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Review #9, by True AuthorButterfly Effect: Prologue

12th August 2014:
Hi! Here for the review swap!

Wow, sounds like you've got a really interesting plot here. I thought this would be something else when I read the title and summary. So now I'm even more intrigued where the plot will go and how it goes with the title. :)

I loved how we got a glimpse of Zac and his mum before they died. That made the incident too real and effective. The last sentence is crazily intriguing and I just have to know what happens the poor girl :(

Great chapter! So sorry I'm a little late! RL is so busy that I'm hardly active on the site. I also know this is a really short review, but this was just the introduction so I promise I'll leave a detailed review for the next chapter. Hope I'll have some free time soon!


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Review #10, by True AuthorSomething to Live For: Interviewing a Foreigner

10th August 2014:
Hi there! Here for our review swap!

Wow, this does sound like an interesting story. It was a great introductory chapter, so I'm looking forward to read more. You have a great potential with this. :)

So... Is this country a real place? I've never heard about Salvadoria before. Maybe I'm really dumb about Geography, but if you made that up, it's great!!

Rosalind is a nice protagonist. She's an interesting character. I liked that you've provided just the right information about her- not too much to spoil the story but not scanty.

I'd just advise you to watch out for descriptions. When you go from one scene to another, it's a little bit jumpy. If you could fill that up, it would help you improve the plot. :)

Great job! Had fun swapping with you!


Author's Response: Hello there! Thank you for stopping by :)

Haha yes, El Salvador is a real place but it's a veeerry small country (about the size of Massachusetts) so most people don't know where it is. Future chapters deal with Rosalind in that area, so I felt like I needed to reference it early.

Thank you! I wanted to portray an out of place character that is struggling to fit in a world she feels she doesn't belong in. They'll be a lot more about her past later on, most likely in her point of view.

Ahh yes D: I know my descriptions are wonky and I hate it! I think transitions are the most difficult for me and they come out choppy, but I am working on that. Thank you so much for your review! I had fun swapping with you as well :)


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Review #11, by True AuthorRed Silk: The Wedding

29th July 2014:
Hi there!

So I was a planning to read and review this for a while and then forgot about it. Today I came across this again and here I am! I'm indian and I had never seen a story set in India before. It was nice to see something original here. :)

Is any of you indian? The wedding atmosphere, the aunts and the overall descriptions were so perfect! If you're not Indian, you must have done quite a good research. Great job with that! And Gautama was all 'desi' too. ;) So adorable!

I loved Padma. She was a nice and funny narrator. I just loved the way their love bloomed during the wedding... It reminded of those nice romantic Hindi movies. :D

Great job! Will I see a sequel soon?


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Review #12, by True AuthorNo Turning Back: No Turning Back

14th July 2014:
Hi there! Here with the challenge review! :D

First of all, I MUST apologize for the wait. I'm so sorry! I've been really busy with a new clas I'm taking for nearly all of last month and then the House Cup kept me busy. I hope you understand dear!

Wow, I'm really impressed with the way you incorporated 'No Turning Back' with Harry/Cho. The ship and title didn't seem to fit with anything obvious as far as I could think, but you came up with a suitable idea and that's what I find most amazing about this entry. Great choice of plot I must say!

Harry/Cho isn't one of the pairings I like, so I found this story very believable. Harry was purely attracted to Cho, but still I found it believable that his heart gets confused after running into her after years. That was just like Harry! But I'm happy he chose not to turn back! Ginny's way too better that Cho. :D No turning back! I'm with you Harry. ;)

Cho was nearly perfection. The way she talked and also that she asked him to lunch with him was totally canon. Harry was just Harry! I liked his dialogue. Especially the last part. Even Harry's mental thought process was written quite well.

But I think you should give this a more dramatic touch. You can start by adding some interesting descriptions, these seem a little plain at some places. Create the scene artistically and it will work like magic! Also try to cut the dialogue a little and give Harry's thoughts a little more words. If you're not sure what I'm talking about, you can PM me. I'll be very happy to help you out.

Thanks for participating and congrats on winning the third place! You deserved it! :D


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Review #13, by True AuthorFear : Bogart

14th July 2014:
Hi there! Here with the challenge review! :D

I know I've posted the results nearly a month ago and this review is too late, but I've been unable to give HPFF as much time as I wanted to. Real life is currently very hectic. I hope you understand!

The best thing about this story was it's originality. The title and the ship don't go easily with each other, so it was a tough job to write a story combining them. But I was very very impressed. This was such a brilliant idea! Hats off for the extremely clever plot! The title fit everything perfectly. Great job!

Draco's characterization must have been the tricky part. I can certainly feel how hard that must have been. His feelings are so complicated and dark at the moment that they are like mess in his head. He loves Hermione so much that seeing her like this hurts. But he still continues to be there, that was so sweet of him! And seriously, Hermione not knowing who he is and waking up screaming because he's in her bed? That sounds too horrible!

The only suggestion I would make is to add a little more descriptions and make it a little longer. I think that would be very effective. It will help you add even more feeling to the whole idea and it will most surely make the reader cry.

Otherwise, this was a beautiful story. Great job!

Thanks for participating and congrats on winning the second place! You totally deserved it! :D


Author's Response: Hi Ashwini! I totally get that real life comes before everything else and I have no problem with that. (I just thought you night have forgotten, that was all!)
Thank you very much for your lovely review. I'm glad you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I had a lot of fun with this challenge, so thank you! I've been going over bits and pieces to try and improve, so hopefully that will be up soon. I appreciate your feedback and will try to extend it some more. And add more descriptions! Aww, thank you very much!

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Review #14, by True AuthorIt's magic : It's magic

10th July 2014:
Wow, I just can't stop thinking about this. This makes me so sad! I mean, it's not her fault that she's a squib, is it? :( It's so bad that her relatives never accepted her let alone loved her. And she has to lose her parents too? Too sad.

And I'm totally amazed. This concept sounds so hard to write. You had to keep in mind that your narrator isn't a grown up and she doesn't really know about the magical world. Her parents hiding the truth from her made sense and I could also figure out that she must be a squib.

What a beautiful narration! I simply loved it. I could feel the innocence, the confusion and that evil feeling of revenge at the end. It was all so vividly portrayed that it made me think. It made me feel bad about all the squibs. I can actually sympathise with them. Even Filch. ;)

Gorgeous title! It's so perfect for the story. And it's meaningful. Really great job!


House Cup 2014 Review

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Review #15, by True Authorlow tide: a meditation

9th July 2014:
Oh my God, what a touching story! :( The grief and the sorrow is so vivid that it touches you greatly. You did a very good job with the emotions. I loved them!

You have effectively stated how Fred and George were always together and now Fred's death has created a hollow in his brother's life. The second person PoV worked well with the plot too. I'm kind of inspired to write a one-shot in second person PoV too. :)

I liked how nice and understanding Angelina was. And the last sentence was extremely beautiful. So meaningful!

Loved this!


House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much!! This story was kind of just an exploration of feeling so I am so glad to hear that the emotions were effective in this.

You really should try second-person sometime if you haven't already, it's a lot of fun to try! It is challenging but I really loved writing in that POV. I'm so happy to hear that you liked the effect it had on the story!

Angelina and Lee would have lost a lot too with Fred being one of their best friends, so I figured they'd understand George pretty well. The last sentence was one of my favourites as well, I'm glad you appreciated it! Thanks so much for your sweet review! ♥

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Review #16, by True AuthorThe Perks of Being an Obliviator: The Perks of Being an Obliviator

8th July 2014:
Wow, what an enjoyable story! It was so simple and kind of short, but it's quite original. There are many wizarding careers that are often ignored, so I liked that you tried your hand at the job of a Ministry obliviator.

Alicia was a cool narrator. I never thought she would be a professional Quiditch player, so this idea was quite acceptable for me. You described the confused feelings of a girl new in a job really well.

Hmm, it does make sense that the obliviators have to take the couple of courses you described. It all was great imagination. Kudos!

You did a wonderful job with this. :)


House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Hi Ashwini,

Thanks so much! I'm particularly glad you thought it was original since I was really striving for that in this story. I completely agree with you - I rarely read stories about obliviators, so I'm glad you liked that this one was about that!

I'm so glad you liked Alicia and felt that it was possible/believable for her to be an obliviator. I think a lot of people seem to associate her with Quidditch and nothing else, and I like to think that whilst a lot of Quidditch players do end up in a career playing Quidditch, it's also possible to not end up in that path. Thank you so much for reading and leaving such a lovely review!!

- Charlotte

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Review #17, by True AuthorOut of the Darkness: Into the Sun

8th July 2014:
I was going through your stories for the House Cup and I automatically started reading this story. I just can't resist baby Harry! I'm very curious about the time he spent with his parents in Godric's Hollow and also I love the challenge you wrote this for. So this story was perfect for me. :)

I love the way to portray Lily's thoughts. I like that she's so strong, but still fears the safety of her child. I can certainly understand how horrific it would have been for her to know that Harry has to finish Voldemort in the end. That was beautifully written.

You did a great job with Lily's speech. It was so heartfelt and true! I think that's my favorite part of the story as it must've been hard to fit everything in 500 words.

Harry playing with a Snitch was a nice detail. It shows that Quidditch is simply into his blood.

Great job! :D


House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Ahh hehe, thank you! Who can resist reading about baby Harry. :P

Thank you very much! I really had to dig into my inner mother to bring out the Lily in this one-shot. :D

Aw!! Cool, cool! Yes was very hard to keep at 500. Every time I erased, I ended added a word two. :P

Thank you Ashwini for reading and reviewing! I really appreciate it! :D

- Asphodel

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Review #18, by True AuthorThe world beyond: I will always keep you safe

24th June 2014:
Wow, what a beautiful story! :'( You almost made me cry. I'm still feeling sad for both of them.

Ever since I read the first book, I was fascinated by the time Harry spent with his parents. So I ALWAYS read stories from that period. But your story kind of amazed me. It's. it seems a little different. You captured her emotions so well! And in just less that thousand words. that's awesome!

I think you also described their relationship and their love perfectly. I just love how simple but deep their love was.

Great story! sorry for the wait and it was fun swapping with you!


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Review #19, by True AuthorThe Very Bottom of the Cauldron: Fischer Family Fact Time

24th June 2014:
Hi Reebs! Sorry for the wait... :( Had to go out of town for a couple of days. And I don't really like to type reviews on my phone so. Hope you understand!!

Wow, I like your title. It's so original- you can never tell what kind of story this is and that sort of draws a reader in. :) (like me here) But anyways the title is as off beat and quirky as Frida is, you that was a brilliant choice. :D

Frida sounds like a very. interesting character. She's so original and no one usually dares to write stories with her kind of character as the protagonist. I like that you're trying something new here.

The way you narrate the story is so nice! I really really absolutely love it. Especially the last sentence. Great idea!

I would just suggest you to get this beta read or at least take a look at the grammar and punctuation. I spotted some misplaced commas here and there. That spoils the flow sometimes!

Would love to come back for more!


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Review #20, by True AuthorThe Queen Is Giving In: Roses and Vanilla

21st June 2014:
Hi there! :D

Well, this does seem like a pretty interesting story. I haven't read many marauders era fics, so I don't really know what people usually write. But as far as I've seen, I think you're doing something rather different and I liked it. :) The title and this chapters is intriguing and enjoyable.

You characterized Dorcas perfectly! How do you do that? I know so much about your character in just the first chapter! That's really impressive. Harley makes me feel curious. What's wrong? I know there's a backstory, am I right?

Grammar and spelling looks good, but maybe there are too many spaces between paragraphs. I know you're already halfway through the story, but can you fix that? It's a little hard to read.

Great job! Sorry for the late by the way, that day turned out to be busier than I had expected. It was fun swapping with you anyways!


Author's Response: I'm so happy you liked my first chapter! It actually was originally the second, but I omitted the first completely, as it was not helping.

You'll definitely see more about Harley/Dorcas/the Meadowes in the next few chapters

I will edit the spaces. I JUST figured out how to paste from word correctly, so I'll go back and fix all the chapter spacing during the summer.

No problem! This is a lovely review, and I'm so happy you chose this novel. I hope you'll continue with it.

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Review #21, by True AuthorDevlin Potter: Riddle and Rescue: Only Blood

25th May 2014:
Review swap! :D

It's been ages since I read the first chapter and I had to read it all over again, but reading two chapters in a row was interesting! I feel like reading all the story right now, but let's focus on this review first. ;)

Wow, I really liked the cliffhanger! Poor Devlin! :( I rarely read AU, especially when Harry doesn't marry Ginny, but I've started to like this one. I'm already hooked! Great plot!

Your descriptions are chilling! Especially when you write the action part. The imagery is quite good, it's like watching the whole scene on the screen. Beautiful! :D

It's surprising how your Harry is SO CANON. He's just the Harry Potter we know and like. Good job with that!

Just watch out for typos! You have a few here and there, but they can be easily fixed. Just look over the chapter once again to get rid of them. They spoil the flow sometimes. :)

Great read! Thanks for the swap!


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Review #22, by True Authorlost: Pork Baps and Chocolate Cupcakes.

12th May 2014:
Hello! I know that I'm extremely late, but life was busy and I didn't have enough time for HPFF... :( but I'm here anyways! :D

I really like the way you are narrating the story. It's the simplest and sometimes the best way of all. You get a freedom of saying whatever you want to as the story is more of the inner monologue of your character. I was under impression that the story is angsty or something like that, but this chapter at least is pretty normal. But I enjoyed it. :)

Your plot is definitely intriguing and the flow was really well. Especially the part after the opening paragraph. I am already intrigued and wondering where you're taking your story.

I think you should work a little on grammar, punctuation and spelling. I noticed some mistakes like weird use of phrases a couple of times. Maybe you spelled 'ally' instead of 'alley'... And 'apparatus' instead of 'apparates'. You should get a beta reader or look over the chapter yourself.

Overall this was a great read! :) And sorry again!!


Author's Response: I'm sorry it has taken me so long to respond!

I'm so very glad that you enjoyed the story. I did realise that the summery was some what deceiving when it came to reading the actual story so I will try and fix it somehow so it fits in more with the tone of the writing. I was so nervous about this sort of narrative because it's quite unorthodox from the way I would normally write so it's a huge relief to know that you liked it and that it worked!

I'll definitely be getting my self a BETA to look over the chapter because I do know a few pesky grammer/punctuation mistakes managed to sneak their way into the writing.

Thank you so much again for such a lovely review!

Bella x

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Review #23, by True AuthorI Know: I Know

7th May 2014:
Hello Curie! :D

I was so surprised when you told me about your new mystery story that I didn't even look at your other stories when I visited your page for the swap. ;) Your writing style fits perfectly for fluff or romance, but you've done a great job with mystery too!

Wow, you really made me curious throughout to the ending! I just kept thinking about all HP characters 'I know' but somehow I didn't think of Parvati. Also the revelation was quite shocking. I can understand the situation and the reason behind Parvati's behaviour. I must say the end was pretty believable!

I was just thinking you should make the story a little longer. Maybe add some more descriptions? Having lots of darkish descriptions is very effective for a mystery story. Especially if it's a one-shot as it is much shorter. Just add some more descriptions to the last part and all the incidence to make everything more vivid.

The incidents were so scary! I would have died before the realisation if I was Ginny. Especially the Knight Bus scene. Wow! Also the idea of the green shirt was a clever one.

Aww, I feel so sorry for Parvati! :(It must have been very hard for her and it's so so bad that she was affected by the incident this much.

Overall this was creepy (in a good way of course)! Great job and yay for mysteries! I hope to see a more from you. :)

It was fun swapping with you!


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Review #24, by True AuthorEaster Lily: Easter Lily

1st May 2014:
Hi Beth! Here for the review tag! :D

Aww, baby Harry makes me cry! :') I mean it! Baby Harry is far too cute here. It's like watching the childhood photos of your best friend, you know. I love reading about his childhood, especially his days with James and Lily. I couldn't resist this one-shot! And it was a great read. :)

Everyone was nicely characterised here. Especially Lily, James and Sirius. I think having Lupin sitting in the same room would do. I couldn't figure out when Remus did the meadow and everything in the end. The pranks were silly and pathetic just like they should be of course! And I can feel what Lily must've felt haha. :D

Great story!


Author's Response: Hello again!

I really had fun writing this. It was hard to come up with ideas for James and Sirius, but I'm happy with how that part turned out. You are right! Remus does need to make an appearance. This was originally written for a contest (The Eggstravaganza) and I had to keep it under 2500 words, so I couldn't fit in everything I wanted to. I'm really bad at telling a story with a limited number of words, so I went back and revised it. The updated version is in the queue right now and Remus is there - but he didn't make the meadow. He just gives James the idea to transfigure their room into something else instead of playing pranks.

I'm so glad you liked the way I portrayed Harry and how Lily felt! Thanks for the review!


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Review #25, by True AuthorRun: Run

28th April 2014:
This sounds like such an interesting story! I can't wait to see where this goes already... :O I'm hooked! And your descriptions were so lovely... Beautiful imagery!

I've read a couple of fanfics about the Founders, but this is pretty much different. In those fics, all four of them came from different places like told in the books. This is a very good idea that Rowena and Salazar were once in love and oh my gosh he killed her father! That's insane!

Second person PoV is usually hard , even for one shots. You pulled it off very well and it suits the plot. :)

Anyways it's sad she had to marry Lord Ravenclaw. :( I'm now curious what has happened in those seven years. I hope you update soon! I'm definitely coming back for more. :D

Ashwini :)

Author's Response: Hello!

Thank you so much! This was quite challenging to write, since it was Founders as well as second person, so it's a huge relief to know that you think I've pulled it off well!

You're not the first to comment about Rowena and Ravenclaw's story. :D I think I'll probably write one about them or related to this soon, once I get done with the story I have in mind at present.

Thank you for the lovely review! :)

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