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Review #1, by 19ginny81Magic Mayhem: Battle of the Bands

4th June 2013:
Awesome, as always x

Author's Response: Why thanks 19ginny81! The story was an under two hour slap together because of a zero hour backlog on the forums. When those are up I have instinctive to write quickly... As always love all feedback you give!

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Review #2, by 19ginny81Harry Potter and the Chinese Book: Back to School

17th November 2012:
The story is good but I found some general mistakes:
- "October 4th 1925" is not Minerva McGonagalls birthday. She was born on the 4th of October 1935 making her 63 on her birthday but only 62 on the 1st of September.
-Harrty should be Harry (4th last line)
-Vert should be very (3rd last line)
Your story is one of my favourite on this website.
Can you check out my story 'Life in peace-almost' please
Love and best wishes 19ginny81 x

Author's Response: 19Ginny81,

Thank you for your corrections. I have made those changes. I'm glad you enjoy the story and appreciate your taking time to review so helpfully.


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Review #3, by 19ginny81The Rest Of Our Lives: I Thought You Were My Best Friend

28th April 2012:
its good, but im pretty sure that ron wouldnt attack harry. Can u review my chapter please once it is past validation? Thanks x

Author's Response: Of course I can, I'm honoured you asked. Usually Ron wouldn't attack Harry, I agree, but I think that where Ginny is concerned, he goes a bit overboard. In HPB, he is extremely overprotective, and now he would be even more so, partly because sex is involved, and partly because he lost Fred, so his siblings are even more important to him.

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