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Review #51, by Dezire_427Honour Among Thieves: death, wolves and there isn't a plan

20th September 2012:
Ok, so, just saying that i'm very, very sorry.
You gave such a kind R&R to my story, and i'm
reading this chapter just now. I'm terrible, I
Secondly, all those awards, omg! You have been
rightly nominated for them, and I hope you win
them all, coz this story has had some real
great action/adventures, mysteries, villains,
and of course, jaw-dropping plot-twist. I'm
still new to this, so I dunno how to vote on the
forums, but if I could, I definitely would vote
for your little Hattie baby. It's the best.
A sequel for HAT?! I'm grinning ear to ear, coz
i'm all too eager to read it. It'll be epic, I can
already tell.
Once again, best of luck with the Dobbies! :)
Off to read the next chapter,
PS. The last line was another one of those
famous jaw-dropping plot-twists. Honestly,
how do you do it, girl?

Author's Response: Hey! No worries, I appreciate that you keep coming back to my author page! :)
And all those awards... omg is right. I can't believe it, and I am very humbled. Saying you'd vote for Hattie is wonderful, thank you so much! And yeah, a sequel! Still pretty tentative at the moment, but I think it'll go ahead :D
Thank you for the review!

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Review #52, by Dezire_427Finding Faith: Tension

15th September 2012:
Dear me, I should be punished for this. A late review for my favourite author. Again. Procrastination doesn't run in my family, so I must have been born with a mutated gene...

Inspiration comes from all sorts of places. And not always good. The inspiration for my first story on this site, Antagonist, came from a nightmare that kept me up for half the night. So I know what you mean.

If there's anything i'll always remember from this story, it's the message that no one can understand another's loss, peoples' relationships with each other are very different. I'm still sorry for your loss, though. And also, I think you're incrediblely brave, sharing something so harrowing and close to your heart. I fill previledged to be a reader of this story. Also, RIP Kellsey.

The chapter is appropriately named. Tension. You could actually cut the tension in the air with a buttering knife, it was so thick and coagulated. And frankly, it doesn't suit James and Val. I mean, they are so meant to be (don't deny it), and all this awkwardness...meh, I feel like I don't get to see enough of James.

Val overcompensonating was hilarious. And btw, I love Al's nickname, Allykins is my favourite! Personally, I never liked Rihannon and Lessie very much. They were not described a lot, their relationship with Val was very shallow, and I never got to see enough of those two. Theain focus of this story are James and Val, maybe that is why i'm still not used to their presence. Don't take it otherwise, but i'm kinda happy that Val told them everything and had a fight. Perhaps now they really know the real Val, it'll be a better and stronger friendship.

Lastly, will you please pass on this message to Val: Darling, , wake up and smell the roses. Why do you feel taking it to the next level with James would change anything. You can still be jointed at the hip with him, still talk about everything, still be his best friend, only you get to snog him occasionally (read: often), and that's not really a bad thing, is it? Admit it to yourself, you have feelings for James. Acknowledge them right now, before you pull a Summer Lancaster, and end up suppressing your emotions, then having then blow up in your face like a dormant volcano.

Thanks for this chapter, and please do pass on my message to Val, and make her see sense.

Bears hugs and high-fives,

P.S. Thank you! No one's ever told me that my name is 'cool'.

Author's Response: All is forgiven for calling me your favorite author :) And trust me, I'm going to be late on updates for a while now. I love college and all, but it keeps me busy!

I'm glad you're able to find meaning and learn something from this story. While a lot of what I write is meant to entertain and for expression, I've always hoped readers would find a message in what I write.

If I could change anything about what I've written, I'd probably go back and add more with Val and her Ravenclaw friends. Because I don't actually dislike them all that much. Well, I don't like Lessie right now (or in the next chapter) but I do have a bit of a soft spot for Rhiannon. Maybe it's just me.

I'll try to tell Val, but when she doesn't want to hear something, she's really good at avoiding it. But I'll try: "Hey, Val! VAL! YOU'RE IN LOVE WITH JAMES AND THAT'S OKAY. IT WILL ACTUALLY MAKE YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM BETTER, NOT WORSE! VAL!?"
...dang. She didn't listen. Well, I tried. Also, I love you for comparing Val to Summer. I adore Being Summer, it's probably my favorite story on this site.

You are very welcome! And just so you know, the next chapter of Choices is in queue!

Stay beautiful


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Review #53, by Dezire_427Finding Faith: Important Discussions

28th August 2012:
Hello, Laura! Thanks for the mention. I still can't get over how exiting it was to be your 100th reviewer. The pleasure's all mine.

Merlin, James and Val are just a fluffy bunch of adorableness. I'm guessing that when they finally get together, their children will be born all coated in rainbows and sparkles and glitters, because, even though that's not possible medically, that's just the level of their cuteness. :)

I appreciated Val and Hope's confrontation. I'd like to think that her family is actually trying to understand her, because, yes, both parties overreacted, but I think the family is more at fault.

Val's talk with George...Ah, the big one. The one we've been waiting for since we figured out that it would eventually happen. I had kinda been thinking that it would be longer, much more, you know...deep. Like in an ostentatious manner. But this was perfect. Though short and simple, so very sweet and sincere, and through all that joking around, it still managed to come out as heartfelt. Not many others would have been able to pull it off. Well done!

This is one of the best Christmases i've read in fanfics. Not only because of the vividity and fun that happened, but also because it has led to much development and growth of Val as a character. And of course, how can I forget, James and Val's almost-kiss. (I'm still bitter about that, btw.) :)

Just a query, would you be updating Choices next, or Finding Faith? I hope Choices, i'm misding Selene. And also, how pregnant is Selene at the moment?

Update soonish! :D
Your biggest fan,

Author's Response: Who said James and Val are getting married? I don't remember ever saying that ;) Not that I'm saying it won't happen either, though.

There will be more on Val's family later. They definately aren't done. Believe me, I have plans.

Thank you! I was both nervous and excited about the talk with George. It was something I had planned from, like, Chapter 3. I wanted it to be sentimental, but I didn't want to make George too out of character. In my mind, George remained the same loveable jokester we all adore, but with a hidden serious side. I just hope I did it justice.

Val definitely had an eventful Christmas. I'd like to say things are going to slow down for her, but they're not. The end is nigh for this story and some really BIG stuff is about to happen.

Unfortunately, I'm having a bit of writers block with both my stories, so it might be a bit of a wait. However Finding Faith is much closer to being finished, so I'll probably update that one first. And currently in Choices, it's about mid-December, so Selene is about four months along. Don't worry - she and James will make up soon, so then he (and consequently, the readers) will know more about what's going on.

Just a side note, the reason the next chapters are taking so long is because I just got ideas for three more stories. Now I just need time to write them all :/

You rock!


P.S. I just want to say that you have one of the coolest names I've ever heard.

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Review #54, by Dezire_427Choices: Complicated

23rd August 2012:
Hi Laura... I'm sorry for such a late review. I read this chapter days ago, when it was first updated, but considering thay it had been 3 am at that time, I neglected to review, and then my exams happened, and all the free time I got, I spent that in writing my first novel and one-shot (which reminds me, please do check them out? I know your reviews and opinions would mean A LOT to me...:)...
So, yeah, basically, this review is way too late...
But anyhoo, here's the actual review.(hey! That ryhmes! )
Friendships.i completely agree with your view on them. My first friendship was formed on the basis of lonliness, and it didn't really survive the test of time. But my relationship with my best friend? I honestly can't remember how we actually became friend, we just fought so much...and now we're inseparable. She's even peeking over my shoulder as I write this.
James and Selene, they need to stop being so immature and stubborn. Weather they like it or not, they're in this together, because it takes two to tango.
But basically, yeah, they need to get their act together, and have some proper interaction.
I'm also wondering exactly how Ginny will react to thenews. Can you, for my sake, make it exactly dramatic and hilarious? I know you can pull it off, you're just amazing that way...
And, my Merlin, Mr. Sprinkles is such a cute name. When I get a dog, i'm naming him that. {No penguin permits in India :(} And Perry the Platypus is really my favourite animal out there. I used to be annoyed by Phineas and Ferb, but aforementioned best friend got me hooked to the show. :) Say, don't Candice and Jeremy just remind you of Rose and Scorpius? ;)
Counting down the days till you update this and Finding Faith.
-Akansha(Dizzy). And Kiara(the awzzzommeee best friend...:D)

Author's Response: First of all, tell your friend that she's awesome and I love her. But you know... make sure I don't sound creepy.

For me and my best friend, we knew each other for years because we went to the same dance studio. But when I started high school, I switched schools to the same one she went to. We clicked instantly and I honestly can't imagine life without her.

Selene is really really stubborn. When she makes a decision, she sticks to it, which is both a good thing and a bad thing. James, however, is kind of cautious. He knows what Selene can be like, so he's almost afraid to do anything. But, like Lily said, he has to do something.

I am beyond excited to write Ginny's reaction. It'll be priceless.

I suppose most penguins wouldn't do well in India. Now I'm wondering about other countries and penguins. Maybe America is the only place that requires a permit...

Now that you bring it up, Candace and Jeremy are unbelievably perfect as Rose and Scorpius. Like... wow.

Until next time!


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Review #55, by Dezire_427Wonderland: In the Dark

22nd August 2012:
Greatest. Chapter. Ever! Loved it so much. Oh boy, James and Robyn's little fight has led to the relevation of the wizarding world to Spencer. Hmm, I wonder what will happen next. And you're not alone Spence, I know exactly what it feels like to be in the not-talking mode with a friend. :)
Waiting eagerly for the next update,
P.S. Loved the bit about Spencer being splat on the concrte. :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad that you enjoyed it (especially the splat on the concrete bit - I was pretty proud of that haha). I'll try to update soon :D

And I hope you make up with your friend :)

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Review #56, by Dezire_427Being Summer: The Twenty-Sixth One

20th August 2012:
Hi ellie! So, this chapter, was like, amazing. What you write usually is, but I really love the length of it, becoz I just can't enough of Being Summer.

So, first of, they're back in Hogwarts! Oh, how I love my Hoggy-Warty. I'm glad its the scene of action again.

And this chapter, jeez, hysterical, angry wombats much? I agree with whatever Jack said, Penny and Dom should've noticed Summer's problems, they're supposed to be besties.

Penny, darling, though I'm glad to see you again, I would just like to ask: how dare you say Summer has judged you and hasn't been supportive. I feel that encouraging you to leave a relationship with an 'abusive monster' is pretty darn supportive.

And Dom, glad to see you to, but could you be a bit less of a controlling drama queen. Somehow, I feel like abusing you a lot right now. But face it, no relationship is perfect, and you were being horrible to Conner. This was bound to happen.

Um, excuse me, but Fred, and perceptive? Have pigs flown or what?

And finally, Summer. There's this one thing that has been nagging me for the entire duration of reading this chapter. The number of times Summer and 'pregnancy' were mentioned in the same sentence, I have an inkling of a plunny for a sequel. Am I right?

This reminds me, best of luck with your new stories. Bet you anything they'd be great, coz you are writing them, and I will definitely R & R.

Plz dont update too soon, because I really am dreading the end of this story.

Flowers and virtual cookies,
P.s. So, yeah... A bit of shameless self-advertisement. There's this new one-shot of mine, which is not only my first fanfic, but also my first completed story. I would love you if you checked it out, and graced me with your expert critiques. It's called Antagonist.

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Review #57, by Dezire_427seasick: Everyone goes to Azkaban by boat.

19th August 2012:
Hi! This is Dizzy, a reguler reader and reviwer of your other story, Honour Among Thieves.

I really need to tell to tell you that I loved the tone of this story. It was omnious, and sad as well, but what really struck me were the words in the end. However, I would've loved it if you could've made it a little longer. What can I say, I really love your writing… it makes me lose my mind.
Awesome banner, btw, and as usual, great job.
Waiting eagerly for an update of HAT,
P.S. So, I know this classifies as shameless self-advertising, but I would love it if you could check out my new story, Antagonist. Its my first, and somewhat inspired by the dark, criminal-ly tone of HAT. I would be grateful to know your views and opinions on it, so plz, do give it a glancez!

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for popping over and reading something else of mine :)

The banner actually inspired the story, as it was for a challenge over at the forums, and thanks so much for the review, I'm really happy you like my story.

- Jenny

PS. It was a lovely story, well done :)

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Review #58, by Dezire_427According to Plan: An Awkward Intro, A French Monarch, and A Row

18th August 2012:
Oh my Brahma, this is an awesome story! I was really intrigued by Genelia's pic on the banner, so I decided to check this out. I'm so glad I did!
i also really like the concept of The Plan. My parents kinda have the same plan for me, but I, unlike Shivani, fully intend to rebel ;)
Btw, shivani is my favourite cousin's name...what a coincedence, right?
I'm off to read the next chapter.
Stay awesome,

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Review #59, by Dezire_427Operation Weasley: Day Nineteen

17th August 2012:

...Sorry, I get much too exited, much too easily. But finally, finally...

Sophie got two As. Congrats on that. And best of luck for your own results day.

Can I just say that I loved how Fred and Sophie met? Sheer adorableness. I think I would've kidnapped that 4 year old Fred and taken him home. Great job with that!

Sophie is quickly turning into one of the most realistic characters in the world for me, probably because one of my bestest friends resembles her greatly. So, all in all, I love her.

Stay fantastic forever,

Author's Response: It deserves a party doesn't it- she's not so oblivious any more! Well, not so oblivious to her own feelings :D

Thank you! I am so nervous when I think about it but I get to see my old French teacher again ;)

I love kids! It was so easy getting back into the head of a kid because I worked with them for a bit before summer- they were so adorable!

Sophie is crazy. She's also perceptive, not that she knows what to make of her findings ;) I don't have normal friends, sad but true, so I couldn't make her normal. If you talk to me on my MTA, I will answer any questions you have about Sophie :D

Stay awesome always,

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Review #60, by Dezire_427Finding Faith: A Very Weasley Christmas

16th August 2012:
Oh. My. Dear. Merlin. I have done it. I'm your 100th reviewer!

Am I too crazy for grinning at my computer screen like a dopey loon? Meh, I don't care, cause i'm so glad right now...

First of all, Hope, gotta bone to pick with you... Couldn't you save your door-banging entrance for just One. More. Minute? They were legit so close to kissing... Curse you, really. Curse you!

Second, those lyrics were just... Wow. Can you tell your brother from me that they were the most beautiful and moving words i've ever read. And when I read that they were written after a friend's suicide, it literally brought tears to my eyes.

On the God issue, I think it was very well described. I don't think anyone can be offended by James and Val's conversation on the topic, because your way of writing it was very touching. There are some authors who just downright discriminate against a particular religion or God, but honestly, I just can't imagine anyone who reads this would say you're offending them, because you've made it a pretty clear part of Val's life story, and not your personal veiwpoint. I commend you.

And finally, James... My God, boy. Just when I think that you possibly can't get any better, you just surprise me. The way he 'opened Val's eyes and wiped away her denial' left me awe-struck. This, in the true sense of the phrase, is James helping Val find her Faith. Epic, just epic...

Val's words, James is my Joy, almost killed me dead with joy. I'm so glad she's found her faith, joy, trust, happiness, etc. etc. again. Because she deserves it.

I'll not, as usual, tell you to update soon. Take your time perfectin this perfection, taking it to the zenith of immaculate. Because with each chapter you update, I realise that we're coming closer to this story's end. And I never want it to end...

Forever and ever your greatest fan,

Author's Response: ...I think this review just killed me with it's sheer level of awesome.

Okay, false alarm. I'm alive.

But really. That was one of the nicest, most thoughtful, and inciteful reviews anyone has ever left me. What a review to have as my 100th, huh? By the way, congrats on that :)

Hee hee. I felt so evil having Hope show up then. I knew from the start of the chapter that would happen. Believe me, I have James and Val's first kiss all planned out - it'll be worth the wait. Not that I'm going to tell you when it happens. It might be next chapter or it could be seven chapters from now. You just have to wait and see.

I'll be sure to pass the message along. Needless to say, I cried like a baby when I first heard him sing it. Which, as someone who doesn't cry very often, is a big deal.

Thank you. The last thing I want to do is offend people. I, personally, think that everyone should be open-minded about what other people believe. We shouldn't have to hide it and worry about upsetting people. But not everyone feels that way, so I knew I had to be careful. Because this really was an integral part of the story.

James, I think, is someone who is mature beyond his years. He is based on a close friend of mine who just has the way of helping people that baffles my mind.

That was my favorite line in the chapter :)

Aw, thank you so much. I'm going to be updating Choices next, but Chapter 19 should quickly follow. And don't worry - Val still has quite a bit left to her story before it can end.

You are wonderful and I love your reviews. Thank you so much.


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Review #61, by Dezire_427Honour Among Thieves: detectives, some more secrets, and a Rose-in-charge plan

15th August 2012:
I don't mind no long authors note, but I do mind the length of this chapter- it was too short, and I crave more!
And yes, I agree, these guys, always getting into fights...gish, take a break. But still, it looked very realistic, their situation, and the big muck-up with the vaults...i wonder what that it about? Btw, I really liked the way you used Theo Nott's character, and that phrase 'curious and curiouser' is one of my favourites from Alice in Wonderland.
All in all, a great chaptet, but I hated the cliffie in the end.
Waiting for the next update and your response,
Tracey! She reminds me of Tracy Whitney from a Sheldon novel... But only name-wise.

Author's Response: :O This chapter was longer than the last one! In all seriousness though, I'm so happy you like it, and yeah, sheesh guys! Fights, much?

Theo Nott's character is amazing, I highly recommend you check the story out.

Thanks so much for reviewing! :)

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Review #62, by Dezire_427Unprepared: After Everything

15th August 2012:
First and foremost, happy birthday! May you have a great year ahead.
Secondly, Rose, what the hell? That last was totally crazy, how is it Scorpius' fault that the newspaper had that article. You really are showing anger for nothing. I'm very upset with you, Rosie, infact, I think i'll take Scorp's side of the argument, and yes, I agree that you should swallow your pride, and apologise. Like 'this is me swallowing my pride, standing in front of you, saying i'm sorry for that night' from Back To December by Taylor Swift.
Alexa, can you make sure Rose gets my little message, and has an iota of sense knocked into her head? Thanks. :)
Also, I would really like it if everything went back to how it was, these fights and angsty scenes don't suit ScoRose as much as snogging and other hot stuff...

Author's Response: Thanks you!
I'm pretty upset with Rosie too, and I would too Scorp is totally innocent! Swallowing her pride though, not a Weasley's forte. I can of course get Rose the message, and I'll hit her hard in the head with some sense :)
I'll see what I can do on the hot stuff ;)
Thanks again!!

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Review #63, by Dezire_427Falling: Mr and Mrs Weasley

14th August 2012:
Thank you for writing! Such great descriptions, and a smooth introduction. I likei!
Waiting eagerly for the next chapter, and oh, Scorpius.
P. S. Who are Nicholas, Diego and Ricardo?

Author's Response: Hello,
Thank you for reviewing! And thank you for such a lovely review as well. Ah, aren't we all just waiting for Scorpius...
HiddenFace x

P.S. Ah, didn't I make that clear? Well, they are Charlie's kids, you'll probably get to hear more about them later but they also feature in some of my other stories... I couldn't help but feeling JKR had been a bit mean leaving him single and childless.

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Review #64, by Dezire_427Matchmaker: The Big Boom

11th August 2012:
Hi! We're actually having monsoons over haur, and since it rain every single day, it hasn't exactly been good. But oh well, your stories have the power to cheer up the downest of spirits.
I love Hollie, seriously, but does she really need to get Annie and James together? I mean, the girl who runs around making matches does not herself realise that she'd be perfect with James? Open your eyes, Hollie dearest.
Also, it seems a little odd that a Slytherin should be so in love with the idea of love. But its a nice twist, coz god knows i've had enough of them being selfish, arrogant prats.
And please, fix up ScoRose soon. Shove them into a broom cupboard or something, will you Hollie, because they are just meant to be.
Eagerly awaiting the next update,
Yours truly,

Author's Response: Monsoons? Crikey! :) Wow, I'm please dyou think so haha! It's been raining a lot here as well, but then again, it always rains in Wales. Meh.

Hollie's an idiot for trying to get Annie and James together, but at the moment she doesn't actually fancy James, or like him as anything more than a friend! But don't worry, things will start to snowball soon :P

You're right- it is a little un-slytherin-y, but Hllie's main Slytheirn trait is that she's quite sneaky, and snobby too.

SoRose is in for a HUUGE surprise ;) Mwahaha.

Thank you SO MUCH for your lovely reviews. You rock.

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Review #65, by Dezire_427Finding Faith: Unexpected Guest

11th August 2012:
I'm your 90th reviewer?! Break out the party poopers!
Laura, please don't feel that your James aint good enough. He's the best James ever! And he doesn't need to give up his Man card, because,.as a great author had said, a man who feels is a real man. And you have given enough proof throughout the chapter to show that James is manly ;)
Btw, when will Val talk to George? I am literally dying to read that part.
Update soon, but if you're too caught up watchibg the Olympics, its all golden!
P.S. I lol'ed for a complete minute on George's comment on James' comeback. You're a hilarious writer, and I love you.

Author's Response: Woo! 90th review! Yay! Now you just have to be the 100th. Then I'll be really impressed!

Aw, thanks. I love James, I really do. I just struggle a little when I write his perspective. And yes, he is manly! Val just makes his thinking go a little funny ;)

Val and George will talk in chapter 19, I believe. Just two more! The next chapter will have Val/James moments. A really big one, too.

I'll probably update this one next. I'm a little bit stuck on Choices at the moment. Update will be soon!


P.S. Thank you! No, I love YOU.

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Review #66, by Dezire_427Operation Weasley: Day Eighteen, Phase Five

7th August 2012:
Thanx! Thus is the first time i've ever been mentioned in a story!!! Am I too weird for getting exited over this? Oh, well... :)
So, fast upfate... Merlin, those really are a rarity these days. And you know what, I think Sophie's growing on me. I really like her mad detective skills, though everytime she says there's no thing such as magic, I feel like shouting at my computer screen that, "Yes, Sophie dearest, there is!" Of course, I don't really do that, the fact that I laugh out loud while reading this already earns me enough strange glances as it is.
Uggh, I just want her to find out quick, but at the same time, I don't, because it would mean the end of this fantastic story.( Or would it? ;) )
I wait eagerly for the next chapter, which, if not updated soon, would result in me exploding into nothingness. Consider yourself warned...
Love and cheer,
P.S. I couldn't review the last chapter, because as soon as I finished it, my internet was out cold. But i'd like to say that the part about Sophie's father being a transvetite was so well written and hilarious, I couldn't stop laughing. Ergo, the strange looks. :D

Author's Response: Wow, mammoth review, I love it ;) Really, the first time you've been mentioned? I feel honoured to give you your first mention :D I love my readers and I wanted to give something back. Fast updates are a rarity, which are going to become even more of a rarity if I get writer's block. I'm neglecting homework and just writing. Aw, Sophie's endearing, she's growing on me a lot, I'll be saddened when this ends. LOL'ing at my story? That's good although the stares probably weren't. I got the same problem when I watched AVPM... I'm not telling you when she'll find out, but as for plans on future writings, I have a one shot lined up as a sequel to this and a spin off James/Imogen where I cram Sophie in in every opportunity ;) Please don't explode, I need your reviews :D
P.S. Your more than long enough review made up for it

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Review #67, by Dezire_427Beauty Queen: Win, Win, Win

6th August 2012:
Oh Rebecca, how do you do it? Like, as you said, so muchhappened in this chapter, and yet it didn't seem overdone. Infact, it is one of the bestest chapters in this story, not only because of the wonderful way you've written it, but also because its given me perhaps the most important lesson in my lfe : its okay to lose sometimes. I'm actually this perfectionista, who doesn't take well to not winning. But this chapter honestly changed my opinion, so i'm thinking that i'll make that phrase my new favorite quote. Thanks for inspiring me!

Tash, you *gasp* rebelled?! God, I wonder what your mother's going to say. Though its high time she understood that she can'talways be a control freak.

The match was awesome, evn though they lost, because it taught such an inportant moral lesson to Tash, and also coz they lost to Hufflepuffs. It was unexpected, for the Puffs to be the best team, but god knows they need a boost in their status and self esteem.

And the James/Tash moments towards the end? My Merlin, I loved it. And silly Tash, didn't you realise that you're his friend? I mean, what kept you from knowing?

Favourite quote :“I’m proud of you, Tash,” James said, so softly it was barely a whisper. But I heard it. And there was something about the way he said it that made this whole day somehow… worth it. Even though we had lost.

I smiled to myself. Maybe winning really isn’t all that matters. Maybe losing can be just as important.

Favourite character : Molly. I know she's cynical and sarcastic, but there's something about her that reminds of one of my great friends, who recently left for another state. :'(

Favourite part: Molly and Griffin fighting. Honestly, they are so meant to be. And that's because all points of Griffin's argument are valid and true. ;)

Love you and this story to the Isles of the Blest and back,

Author's Response: Ahh stop it! You're making me blush with how sweet you are. Seriously. I'm grinning from ear to ear and my roommate definitely thinks I'm crazy. I'm so happy that this chapter inspired you, like literally made my day.

Hahh yes, Tash rebelled! And don't worry, next chapter we shall find out what her mum thinks of this all. And I will let you in on a secret: Her mum won't be happy.

And yes, Tash lost! But she learned a lesson, which is good, right? Hahah and yeah, I thought it'd be fun to make the Hufflepuffs the best team at the school, because I think they always get bad reps in other fanfics.

Glad you like the James/Tash moment! I had fun writing it :) And yeah, Tash is just very bad at being social so the whole friend concept is kind of foreign to her since she's not used to having any except Dom and her mum.

Glad you liked the quote! I had fun writing that. And yay! Molly's your fave character! She's mine too. I love writing her so, so much because of how blunt and sarcastic she is. And aw I'm so sorry your friend moved! Me and my bestie are going through withdrawal from each other because we both went off to college and so we've been texting/facetiming nonstop to try and make the difference not seem like so much. But we still miss each other like crazy.

Gryffin/Molly fighting times are always my fave to write, which is probably why I have so many scenes of them fighting. As for you thinking they're meant to be, I gotta say, they would not be happy if they heard you say that.

Love you so much for this review and sorry for how long it took me to respond!!!

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Review #68, by Dezire_427Finding Faith: Breakdown

5th August 2012:
Sorry for leaving a review so late for this chapter, and for leaving none for the last just got in the way, and I have my exams in 15 days. I hope you're not mad? Please don't be mad, I promise it wont happen again. Pinky swear!
So, this chapter...i think this chapter was the most well-written amongst all. Not the most memorable, coz that would be the first, but I feel that the emotions have been depicted very well in it. Great job!
Val's parents, I have something to tell you: you always wait for your entire family before beginning a meal. It may be because i'm an indian, but I really believe in family meals.
Val's fight was not completely justified, I think, somewhere downthe line, she did overreact. But her family was at fault too. If they couldn't realise anything through their daughter's behaviour, they must really be blind. All in all, they need to sit down and talk. And support Val.
Aww, James, you really are the only one who understands Val. And sending her a letter mere hours after returning home? The preview made me like you even more, you adorable, you...
Btw, I think the part where Val fainted at sight of Joy's pictures? I just felt that it was a little bit too much. No offence or anything, but that's just the way I see it.
Once again, my heartfelt apologies for this very late review, and lots of love,

Author's Response: Totally forgiven! Life happens, I understand. This just means you can't ever get mad at me if I'm slow on an update ;)

Val's parents do love and care about her, they are just flawed. They reacted badly and made things worse. Yes, Val is overreacting. Very much so. But she's a teenager, has suffered much in her life, and has a bit unstable emotionally. Of course she was going to overreact. But she was, to some degree, justified. It's just a whole mess that needs to be resolved.

James is the cutest thing ever. End of story.

No offence taken! It's called constructive criticism for a reason. Val didn't faint so much as trip and hit her head, but perhaps I didn't make that clear... Anyways, I'm not completely happy with this chapter and it will be edited at a later date. I just wanted to get things moving rather than agonizing over things endlessly.

Thanks so much, my dear! You are truly lovely and wonderful and entirely too good to me :)


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Review #69, by Dezire_427Royalty: Party Princess

5th August 2012:
Ugghhh...everytime I read Lizzie, i'm irrittated! She's the most annoying character away, and her stupidity makes me want to slap her upside the head!
... But that doesn't in any way mean that I dislike this story. It one of the bestest, and one I can always turn to when i'm depressed, because, you know what? Elizabeth's antics, though they make me want to shout at her and pull at my hair, also get me to let out a great shout of laugh on several occasions. No wonder my sister looks at me so wierdly these days.
Please continue to make Elizabeth just as endearing and frustrating as she is now, because I won't have her any other way. :)
Lots of good wishes,

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Review #70, by Dezire_427Being Summer: The One at the Ice Skating Rink

5th August 2012:
Yep! Yep! We do want a sequel! And Staying Summer sounds chipper!
... I didn't just use chipper in a normal conversation. You've got my head woman! I'm all insane now...
Summer, summer, you are developing. Exponentially. Dynamically. I was rereading this story last night, and it seems that she's a bit shall I say this, apt to throwing temper tantrums than before? She is growing up, though. Also, this chapter highlighted something that has been going on in my head for quite some time...i always imagined her as a Slytherin. Well spotted, James. She does seem the kind, though, rude (the poor waiter), selfish, and more than a little arrogant. I do not mean that I hate her, infact she's one of my favourite characters till date, but that's just the way I see her.
James - I know now, he's the only one that gets Summer, and the only one who is brave enough to tell Summer her flaws. He's called her a drama-queen, an overreactor, a potential Slytherin, and all the time, he's risking himself as much as a person who steps into a hungry lion's cage. He would be fantastic with her, coz despite the fact that they are so similar, he complements her and balances her out.
I also love those weird little random characters that you've recently started putting in your story. The waiter and that grey-hoodie guy, for example, are great additions and a nice comic relief, since Summer's comments on them are epic.
Favourite part: Summer's mum's and James' conversation. With Summer insightful little comments. Hilarious.
That's all for now, I guess. I wait eagerly for your next update, and response to this review, because seriously, the green words under this from you are always hilarious, and make me love you even more.
Always your greatest fan,

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Review #71, by Dezire_427Choices: Stupid

5th August 2012:
Whooo! New chapter! I actually couldn't recognise it at first, because of the new banner. But its awesome.
I'm in the grey area. You know, somewhere between responsible and irresponsible. Atleast at home. At school, i'm the most sincere and diligent student you'll ever meet. Not even bragging. 'Tis the truth.
This chapter was very...angry and glareful. Poor James, I feel his misery, having to live around Ginny, Molly, Lily and Selene, women who constantly glare at him to death.
Abortion...i guess i've never seen a story on this, or any other site, where the mother to be consuders it as an option. So I wasn't in the least surprised when Sel freaked out after James suggested it.
The Willow Dodge game looks very interesting. And James not inheriting his parents' skills? An abomination, I tell you!
All in all, an eventful chapter, and I liked it, especially the part about responsibility. I think i'll copy it out for my essays. :p
Love, cheers, and all that Jazz,
P.S. Have you heard Glad You Came and Lightning by The Wanted? If not, plz do, those songs are as awesome as you! :)

Author's Response: Haha, yeah. I quite like the banner. It makes me happy :)

I'm pretty much just like you, as far as responsibility. Diligent during school, but outside... more in between. But leaning more towards the responsible side. I hope.

I wanted to make James a bit less of the typical cliched James in most stories. But there will be more on James and Quidditch later. Shh. Don't tell.

The responsibility part was fun. I like to use the chapter beginnings to muse about various things. I like writing them and it gives James some depth, I think.

And yes, I do know those songs :) And thank you!


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Review #72, by Dezire_427Honour Among Thieves: kettles, death and a lie-low plan

3rd August 2012:
Sorry for a late got in the way. So, Scorp's hurt, huh? And Rose went back to save him, right. Seems like love is in the air! Oh dear god, I did not just say that. And with an exclamation too. Your story's mind-blowing plotline and that cliffie in the end has addled my brains, woman!
Thus, better you update the next chapter fast. Or i'd explode due to HAT deprevation.

Author's Response: All reviews are welcomed with open arms, thanks so much for taking the time. :)

And love is most definitely in the air. xD I have never been so happy to addle someone's brains, thank you for such a wonderful review! xx

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Review #73, by Dezire_427Cross My Heart: The Morning

28th July 2012:
Gr-eat job! Your writing style is awesome. After such a long time I see a story which intrigues me, has a great plotline, and which has perfect grammar and spellungs. I wait eagerly for the next chapter, and wish you all the best with it.
Your newest fan,
P.s. I'm favouriting this. :)

Author's Response:
Hi Dizzy!
Megahugs for reading, I'm glad you seem to like the story so far and I hope you stick around long enough to hear the end!
Thanks for the review, too, I love coming on HPFF and seeing new reviews on this story. Totally brightens my day. :)
- Ria. S2

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Review #74, by Dezire_427Octopus's Garden: Dinosaurs, Pancakes and Luge

25th July 2012:
Well, then, our opinions differ. I loved this chapter. And Eli's dressing sense is stupendous, first a kimono, then a ballgown... Infact, she herself is the most stupendous and dynamic character ever. But are you sure she hasn't escaped frim St. Mungo's? And Lily, omg, they were right when they said birds of a feather flock together, right? :p
Love this story, and love you even more for writing it.

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Review #75, by Dezire_427Octopus's Garden: Lucy, Boots and Squirrels

25th July 2012:
How can you be rude about Elidore? She's one of the best characters i've ever read of. I am kunda fed up of all those perfect little heroines in the fanfics, and this comes like a breath of fresh air. Besides I may be a bit like Eli myself (I tend to be inattentive and extremely forgetful a times). Great job, and please don't stop writing.

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