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Review #26, by Dezire_427Louis: Six

20th November 2012:
Hi, Leigh. I'm here with your first review!

First and foremost, very, very well written. You have depicted Louis' fear and hatred extremely well. Not to mention that from the first sentence itself, there's an omnious foreboding to what will come to pass. You also have the uncanny ability to describe in a few words what would take other, less prolific writers many paragragphs to express. Case in point, Molly and Louis' friendship and Fleur's shock and grief. Keep it up!

I will certainly be waiting for more. Just a question : does the story only center around an eleven year old Louis, or does he get older as the story progresses?

PS. If you find the time, will you check out my new Albus/OC? I would love your opinions and critiques! :)

Author's Response: Hello (:.

Thanks for thinking so. I tried my best to show that he really is scared of the water, and that he associates it with loss, so I'm glad that came through. This first chapter turned out differently than what I had intended. When I wrote that first sentence, it was supposed to lead in to an end-of-the-world type situation. But the more I wrote, it just all quickly changed, and before I know it, disaster's struck in another form. Funny how that happens.

I have up to chapter four written, so more's coming very soon. To answer your question, yes, it only centres around an eleven-year-old Louis. But that's only because what started as an entrant for a challenge, is already wanting to be seven stories in my head. That is, I want to watch him grow up and deal with stuff through the years (loss, friendships, enemyships [haha], hardships, first crush, maybe love, etc.). I've grown attached to him in a really short span of time.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!


(I've checked out your story and left a review ;).)

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Review #27, by Dezire_427Finding Faith: Otherside: James Potter: The Wedding

15th November 2012:
Say a yay for James' POV!
You know, creepy as it sounds, I love getting into James' head. It makes stuff so much clearer, because, gotta admit, James Sirius Potter is one uncomplicated character you've created. It also feels good to see things from a blokes perspective (James in Choices would be a fine example). You've not made your James a stereotype, you've given him a deeper, more philosophical side, and to hear his thoughts is absolutely riveting. Besides, don't we all nurse an itsy-bitsy crush on Harry Potter's eldest son? (oh, and Second son too.)
I was expecting a little comment from James on how extremely gobsmacked he was when Faith kissed him so suddenly. But it was great all the same. And the embarrassment that followed was hilarious.
You once said that James is based on a person you know. We've done enough to praise Faith's growth as a character, but I think we haven't appreciated James, and his role as a catalyst to bring about the change in her nature. And seeing how James was the person, who like an expert, restored Faith's faith, I think I can say that the person he's based on must be quite a good human being and friend of yours.
I lovedthe last bit of their conversation. Espesh, the cheeky bit. Faith and James are all acting like an enormous puddle of adorableness. I love it.
Please, don't give up on this story, and do continue. I'm kinda hoping to see something like that Quidditch match from someone else's perspective.
Hugs and high fives,
PS. I knew it was James who came to visit her in the Hospital Wing, I knew it!
PPS. My newest fic, an Albus/OC, is finally out. Do check it out and leave me your opinions.
PPPS. (whew, this is huge!) You would not believe what I saw today. This boy at a party I went to, and he looked like an Albus Potter reincarnate. True, we don't have a solid description of Al, and his eyes were brown rather than green, buti still went into a fangirl spaz. I know, i'm pathetic.

Author's Response: James is a lot of fun to write, in both this and in Choices. As someone who has many brothers and male cousins and friends, I spend a lot of time around guys. Therefore, writing from their perspective isn't too difficult for me. Sometimes I wonder if I'm making them too girly, but whatever.

The reason there was no comment on James being really surprised at Faith's kiss attack is (and I really didn't make this clear in the chapter) because deep down, he did know that Faith liked him back. Everyone else could see it, and he'd been told on several occasions, but he just kept letting his doubts and fears take over. But in truth, he really did know how she felt about him - the kiss was just a concrete confirmation.

Yes, James is based off someone I know. He's a really good friend of mine and truly an amazing person. He read this story when I told him I wrote him into it, and he's been one of my strongest (non-internet) supporters. He even kind of looks like James :)

You want Quidditch, eh? I'm sure I could do something... probably another James POV (most of this story probably will be). We'll see. Thanks for the suggestion! I'm always open to more!


P.S. Of course it was James. Who else would it be? ;)

P.P.S Yay! I'll go read!

P.P.P.S. Long reviews are good :) I like long reviews. And that is so cool! I love it when I meet someone who looks like a book character. Like I said, my friend looks like my imagination of James.

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Review #28, by Dezire_427In My Life: All These Place Had Their Moments

12th November 2012:
You should start training people in writing the perfect James/Lily fics. I fail to understand how you have such extensive knowlege of the nature of their relationship. One thing I know for sure, I will certainly be referring to your
stories to make James and Lily's relationship in Serendipity seem credible.
Really good job.
PS. Do you think a guy and a girl who are super-close best friends could ever be more than that? It is an issue i'm addressing in my new Albus/OC fic, and i'm not really sure about the answer...

Author's Response: D'aw, you flatter me. Really, I have absolutely no idea how their relationship might actually be. This all pure speculation. But I'm glad you like it so much.


P.S. I most certainly do. Not only is that kind of what I'm writing in Choices, but I've seen it in real life, too. My best friend had a guy friend that she was really close with and they started dating last year. They broke up a few months ago, but that's because she was leaving for college. They're still friends now. So although it certainly isn't the case for all super-close best friend guy and girl relationships, it can happen. I think, most of the time, they may think of each other as brother and sister instead (like Harry and Hermione), but sometimes it is something more (like Ron and Hermione). I hope that helps. And an Albus/OC fic? I'd love to read that!

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Review #29, by Dezire_427In My Life: There is No One Compares With You

12th November 2012:
I am probably insane, but I love it when James and Lily fight. There's just so much energy, so much power...i it's amazing. Very well depicted, Laura. Also, I never understood the full impact of Snape's words on Lily before this, you really have a good grip over Potterverse and Rowling's imaginative. And yes, James' certainly matured. To almost Dumbledoe-like levels.
Good job,

Author's Response: The really nerve-wracking thing about writing James/Lily fanfiction is that I want to get it right. Like, I'm sure J.K Rowling had a very clear idea of their story, even if she never actually wrote it. And many people have their own ideals. But I really like to think that Lily, who would seem strong in public and would understand that her parting with Snape was really for the best, would still be hurt by it. I mean, who wouldn't be? So I'm really glad you liked it. Cue relief.

Thanks for reviewing :)


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Review #30, by Dezire_427In My Life: There Are Places I'll Remember All My Life

12th November 2012:, do you think you could tell the government to confer the title of 'Honoury Grief-Counsellor and Faith-Restorer' on James? First Faith, now Lily. I must say, James is excellent at the job. A very meaningful and memorable story, and certainly very beautiful.
You did it again.

Author's Response: Yeah... I always seem to have him doing nice things and such... it's probably because I'm (not-so) secretly in love with him. I love James Potter. All James Potters. Thank you, my dear.


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Review #31, by Dezire_427Reality: Reality

12th November 2012:
Your James/Lily fics are just- what can I even- Gawd! I am so spiffled!
Perfection is a topic I have been meaning to write about for a long time, because as a member of the school magazine editorial board, we're all supposed to submit articles, and this fic totally inspired me. I completely agree with you. For a long time, I had been a perfectionist. I was obbsessed with flawlessness in all that I did, and I made sure my demeanour was impeccable at all times. Then I realised how, unapproachable and intimidating it was making me, and I let loose a bit. I realised that perfection is overrated, and all our little faults and imperfections make us who we are.
You, my dear, are one of the few authors who have the incredible ability to mix fiction and non-fiction, and provide a message and meaning along with the entertainment. Also, the quote was very well incorporated in the story. Really well done.
Your friend :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Yeah, this is a topic that really bothers me. I feel like there is so much pressure in modern society for everyone to be perfect, whether it be in looks, in behavior, in intellect, anything. What people don't realize is making mistakes is what makes us human. And that is more beautiful and wonderful than perfection ever could be.

Thank you so much, love, your reviews really do make my day. I'm glad you're able to find meaning in what I write - it's my goal!

Also, I really really REALLY love James/Lily. If you hadn't already figured it out. It's not like I was making it obvious or anything. Cough cough.


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Review #32, by Dezire_427Finding Faith: Epilogue

12th November 2012:
No! I can't- You don't- I won't... Finding Faith has ended, and it feels like i've just shut the most amazingly interesting book in my life, having read the last page. It comes with a relief, that, yes, I completed the story, and with it, there comes a huge, void-like strangeness, that I won't ever get to wait for updates, for the shiny, golden, most beautiful and my favourite banner of this story. I have tears in my eyes, even though, after such a long time, it was such a sweet, happy chapter. But, it was also the last. *cue gut-wrenching feelings and more tears*

Finding Faith has been a part of my life now, from the minute I started reading it, attracted by the lovely, praise-worthy banner, till now, when i'm reviewing the last chapter, and it seems that 6000 characters just won't be enough to express everything I feel. I had the honour of being the 100th reviewer for this story, and silly as it may seem, I was as proud that moment, as I was when I was chosen a Prefect at school, or received a Scholarship.

Ok, back to this chapter : I simply loved, adored, adulated, etc. the beginning... I love it how James and Faith's relationship has grown. I can certainly draw a contrast between how she was before and how she is now, the changes are so drastic, but ,man, you, having written this story, make it all seem so easy to write about. I'm absolutely sure it wasn't, but... I guess you're one of those people whom I will call my idol. Faith has gone through so much, and I'm so, so glad to see she's happy at last. I always knew she would research Lukemia one day, I know she would do it for her sister, but the bit in the end? That was totally unexpected, but adorable all the same. For some reason talking about Grace really does bring tears to my eyes. Faith has gone on a long time without any faith, but God gave her the best co-incidence. Just goes on to show that He never loses faith in us. Gah! Grace you're so adorable.

James. :) I was saving this up... Whoop-di-do, my boy, you got Faith! I jump with joy for you. She's your girlfriend, you're snogging on a regular basis, you're being sickeningly adorable, you're teasing and light-bantering with her, you're going to marry her, then shag like rabbit, then have tons of children and grandchildren... And just. Wow. I'm so happy for you. You deserve every bit of happiness you're getting, and you and Faith deserve each other. Though I can't help but agree when you say she's got Multiple Personality Disorder. I'm still not very clear what to call her; i'll stick with Faith though, it's by far my favourite.
Now, before my nonsense turns you mad, these last words : Best of luck, Faith and James. May you get all the happiness in the world, and always, forever be together.

Author's Response: Believe me, I understand what you're saying. Every time I look at the story and see the word "complete" I feel so incredibly sad for a moment. This story was my baby. I put so much of myself into it and it was the first story I'd ever finished. But at the same time I am so proud of myself and I'm eager to move on to new projects.

I loved being able to finally - FINALLY - write Faith and James in a relationship where they are both secure, comfortable, and happy with how things are. Like seriously, they deserves after everything I put them through.

I'm glad you liked Grace. I had that idea a long long long time ago and I almost wondered if it be like... I don't know, too much or something. But the girl was so adorable, I couldn't cut her out. I just have to hope people like her.

James is amazing. Enough said.

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you for being such a wonderful, amazing, and down right spectacular reader and reviewer. You have no idea how truly happy your reviews make me. You are fabulous, my dear.

With much love,


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Review #33, by Dezire_427Revival: An Introduction

11th November 2012:
Lovely work on this chapter too... Especially loved Norah's misunderstanding, a very well written scene. Abd I also liked Roxy, seems very friendly and open and likable. And I totally look forward to the next chapter, with its team practise. Good luck!
PS. I feel Norah has a very sharp, organised mind, but was that stirring in her stomach really for food? ;)

Author's Response: I didn't know quite what I wanted to do with Roxanne until I started writing, and amazing enough, she just flowed onto the page as if she had been fleshed out in my mind from the start. I fell in love with her instantly, and something told me that Norah would like her too. So I went with it.

Got to love misunderstandings, right? Norah thinks it's an easy enough mistake, especially since she doesn't know much about her players' personal lives. And Fred looks like he should be married. In her eyes, anyway. But you know what happens when you assume xD.

I've wrapped up the interview in the next chapter, and I'm currently working on the team practice. Or should I say, steadily working towards it, because Oliver seems as if he has other plans, aha.

Hehe. She says of course. I say of course not. Which one of us is the honest one ;)?


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Review #34, by Dezire_427Revival: The Tryouts

10th November 2012:
I am so sorry for such a late review.. I read this chapter and forgot. But, well, better late than never, right?

Yay! Fred is on the team. I am so glad. Though it seems a liitle surprising that he doesn't play Quidditch professionally... But, in anycase, he's now beater for the Appleby Arrpws, and that's what counts.

When I read the words 'sandy-haired teen', I knew it was a Finnigan. And I was right, wasn't I? Genevieve Finnigan, I wish you the best of luck.

Your writing style is very... Old-worldly, shall we say? It kinda reminds me of lavender and sepia photographs. It's very formal, sort of, like what you'd see in the classics. It definitely is unique, and adds a certain charm to the story. Well done!

I'm off to read the next chapter now.


Author's Response: Haha. It's okay! I'm glad you're even reviewing. And yes, better late than never.

Yep! I know. Oliver thinks it's mental that he doesn't play when he has so much skill and potential, but Fred has always been more interested in curse breaking. It's sort of like Charlie. He could have played professionally but chose dragons instead. Guess it runs in the family? xD

A sandy-haired teen can only be a Finnigan, so yes, you were right. I wish her luck too, especially with the personalities that will be joining the team.

Aw, that's a sweet compliment. I haven't thought about it like that, but thanks. Your words make me smile.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!


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Review #35, by Dezire_427Finding Faith: Happy

7th November 2012:
You know that feeling that you get, when you read the words 'the end' at the end of an amazing, incredible, heart touchingly unforgettable story. In short, the feeling that you might've gotten when you read 'all was well' at the end of Deathly Hallows. The simultaneosly heart breaking and smile bringing moment, because I story you've loved and seen grow has just ended, but the beloved characters have just have their happily ever after. It is indescribable really, and it is what I felt when I read these last few paras. I smile, a little sad, a little happy, because this incredible journey, this amazingness that is Finding Faith, has ended, and I feel like crying because it, everything was just so goddamn beautiful.

Faith has come a full circle, truly. And yes, I will always call her 'Faith' from now on. Val is a pretty name, but really, Faith is nice-sounding too. I feel so very happy for her. The thing you mentioned about the titles, I thought it must be intentional, but all the same, even though it wasn't, it was still pretty neat. You pulled a J.K. Rowling here, like Harry had been an orphan after the first war, and Teddy was an orphan too, after the second. You've brought the life of Faith Sullivan full circle, the perfect ending to a perfect story, and I will always love you for that.

There are too many things in this chapter that I can comment upon, but teuly, I will only be repeating what you very skillfully wrote. Suffice to say, i'm glad. Glad Faith's smiling again, and is truly happy, and for herself. She is a remarkable character you've created, and she deserves her happiness, and of course, James. And because she found her hapiness again, can I hug her too?

When you said in a response you had things planned out for the wedding, I knew there was going to be a kiss. But I thought it was going to be all soft and smooth and under the moonlight stuff. I'm chuffed at how Val took control, the entire description, and the catcalls that followed. It was gre- HOLY MERLIN, I JUST REALIZED WHAT I HAD BEEN GOING ON ABOUT! VAL AND JAMES KISSED! I DON'T THINK I COULD BE ANY MORE EXITED THAN I AM RIGHT NOW!

...Except that I am. There's still and epilouge to follow, right. I wait eagerly for it. You're right, this may be the perfect end to their beautiful story, but technically, some bit of it remains. I am so eager for it, because if I coyld, I would never let this storu end. But you know what they say, “All good things have to end one day, otherwise, they lose their charm.” I don't think rhat could specifically apply to Finding Faith, however, because, let's face it, I don't think I could ever loose its charm. Nor is it just 'good'. It's exeptional.

Love and those chocolate-chip cookies you once asked more of for,

P.S. Can we expect a bit of the epilouge from Jame's POV? I'd love to hear what he has to say about Faith's transformation.
P.P.S. This review was about 3000 words. I belive my longest yet. My fingers hurt, but I don't mind, it's for my favouritest author in the entire universe.

Author's Response: My story has just been compared to the ending of Deathyly Hallows. This may be the single greatest moment in my life as an author. Because you just - and I can't even - I can't believe - I mean - I - asdfjkl; Thank you.

I'm really quite glad that you're calling her Faith now. Because in my head, that's what I'm calling her, too. It's kind of a representation of her growth as a character, and even as a person. She started off as Tina - an innocent, almost naivee girl with no real idea of the hardships of life. Then she became Val - someone that was so consumed by her own sadness that she could barely even function. But now she's Faith - someone who has overcome so much in her life, but can still be happy despite it all.

Faith appreciates the hug, though she's still slightly baffled as to why people keep doing this.

Romantic kiss for Val/Faith and James? Psh, no! How about a kiss which Faith unexpectedly springs on James, mere seconds after calling him stupid. AND YES. THEY KISSED. THEY FINALLY KISSED.

Part of me considered just leaving the story there and letting everyone else assume the rest, but I decided to give it a little something. Nothing big - not a 19 year gap or anything - but just something to show how everyone is doing.

Yay cookies! And love, of coures. Both are entirely wonderful in their own way.


P.S. The epilogue, I'm afraid, is going to be solely from Faith's perspective. BUT, I've had this idea for a sort of missing moments thing where I would write little extras from Finding Faith. Stuff like a scene that never made it into the story or scenes that were in the story, but told from someone else's POV, that kind of thing. I could certainly put a "James reaction to Faith's change" thing in there. In fact, I think I will. So be on the look out for that.
P.P.S It WAS quite a long review - thank you! Rest those fingers, though! You need them.

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Review #36, by Dezire_427Finding Faith: Shake It Out

7th November 2012:
I officially hate real life.

No, really, I do. After I recovered from that bad bout of cold, all I wanted was a little peace of mind. All I got? My exams are preponed, my syllabus has increased, Kiara's not talking to me because I forgot her birthday, and I forgot the promise I had made for an extra long review...

Send me to hell right about now.

But before that, the review I promised.

Yay! You, my dearest Val, are so on the path of improving. It is so good that you're finally letting go of the grief from Joy's death. And I love how it's depicted as 'letting her rest in peace'. I never really got the full impact of the utter sadness in her heart after I read this chapter, and all her efforts to put Joy's painful memories and the guilt behind her. It really struck, you know... The whole process of making her bed, sleeping in their room, giving away her stuff, looking at the pictures, and of course, the gift. I loved the gift. And also the jeweller. He seems like a very sweet man. Did someone you know in reality inspire him?

The truth is, this chapter needed delicate balance. You needed to depict how Val let go of her grief, misery and pain, without it seeming like she was a heartless hag who was forgetting her sister for good to kill the guilt and sadness inside of her. It really was very well done, and you shone through. I commend you.

All in all, a very beautiful chapter. Now I think i'll go read the next, because its summary really is intriguing. And it's the 25th. Can you believe we've already reached there? I can't. Seems like yesterday I read the first chapter. :)

Love and strawberries and cream,

Author's Response: Hello my dearest Akansha. I'm sorry to hear that things aren't going very well for you right now. But don't worry about the review - I could never be mad at you. You're, like, the best reviewer I've ever had. You fill the world with sunshine, daisies, and fluffy kittens with your kind words.

I think has many different degrees of sadness. There's the obvious, dramatic ones when she's crying and sobbing and such. There's a bitter sadness when she talks about Joy. But then there's also a quiet, more subtle sadness, like the one in this chapter, and I think that's the one that hurts the most.

I also think a lot of people don't realize just how much Val depended and continued to depend on Joy until this chapter. It shows just how much she was holding onto the past.

Patrick Sheehan, the jewler, is indeed based off a person I know, a man from the town I was originally born from. In real life, he owns an ice cream shop, not a jewelry store, though. He's pretty much the nicest guy in the world, and whenever I visit my old hometown, my family and I always stop in to see him.

Yes! Read the next chapter! It just got validated and it makes me very excited!


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Review #37, by Dezire_427Choices: Out in the Open

2nd November 2012:
And... My hundredth review goes to... Laura!
I hate you with a burning passion.

...Okay, I don't. Just kidding. As if could actually. I just love you as non-creepily as possible.

The thing is, I was so lost in the chapter, so caught up in it's action, that I kept biting my nails, till James made that orangutan comment. And now my dad's gonna say m nauils look diseased. So indirectly, you and your awesome writing skills are responsible for the murder of my poor nails.

James, boy, get any funnier and you'll be sent to Azkaban for killing peole though uncontrollable laughter. I mean, really, orangutans belch to declare their territory? That is a piece of information that i'm never going to forget. And your rant afterwards was epic.

Ginny's awesome. She's so cool! I loved her reaction, unexpected, bu characteristic of her, really. And often, when I read about Harry, I feel he's so different from J.K's. But you didgreat job. Well done!

Yes, Al, you're gonna be an uncle. Took you long enogh to figure that one out. And your fourteen year-old sister is going to be an aunt. But that's not so strange, compared to some other, I learnt this summer, a six year old kid is my cousinly grandfather. Go figure!

I wait eagerly for your next update, for, Choices as well as Finding Fait (That extra long review needs to be given, now that i'm hale and hearty again!)


Author's Response: Hooray! 100th review! I'm honored.

Hee hee, I did that on purpose, you see. I tried to get in a bunch of build up, waiting for the moment... but of course, James would mess it up. He's James!

I'm glad you think Harry seems in character. That's honestly the most nerve-wracking part, trying to get Harry right. Since all of us readers know and love him so well, we have a very clear image of him in his mind. So trying to create my own stories with him just freaks me out.

Interesting. Cousinly grandfather. Weird how things turn out sometimes, eh?

Finding Faith is in queue! Should be up soon. And I'm very very glad you're feeling better. And I hope your nails get better as well.


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Review #38, by Dezire_427The Lucky One: Cross Your Fingers

27th October 2012:
Holy Snitches!
This is most possibly, scratch that, truly, honestly, fantastically, the very best Albus/OC hipster story I have ever had the good fortune of laying my bespectacled eyes upon... Pure awesomeness.
I honestly am left speechless. It was sheer, unadulterated joy to read this fic. All i'm left capable of saying is, oh my Godric, I am in love with your writing style, your beautiful Harry Potter references, Scarlet, Blossom and the amazing hipster indie world you've created. Reading every paragraph was like turning the pages of the Deathly Hallows for the very first time.
I have no favourite parts or quotes. That would suggest that I found only a single sentence or para in this chapter exceptional. If i'm being true to myself, and I swear on Merlin I am being, then this entire chapter was exceptional. Just, Fawkes!
Your latest fan,
PS. Where can I buy myself a Mochahontas? :)

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Review #39, by Dezire_427Honour Among Thieves: Zach, Marcus and it was Scorpius' plan

25th October 2012:
Honestly, it's no problemo with a late update. Your action-packed chapter more than made up for it.

Ahh! Rose and Scorpius kissed?! Awesomeness! But that part where she broke his fingers? Poor dear. He really can't have been expecting that. All the same, happy new year to the clan!

I love Rose's plan. She's right, they've been divided and conquered. But if they do it together, they're sure to succeed. I widh them the best of luck.

I'll be sad to see this end. Hattie has been an amazing, awetastic, twisty-turny, unique, fun and action-packed adventure, and i'll really keep coming back to read it, even when its finished.


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Review #40, by Dezire_427Revival: The Decision

25th October 2012:
This gal over here hates Artie Stein and Mark Briscoe, the male chauvanistic pigs!

You've done a great job with this chapter as well. The natural ebb and flow of moods was perfectly managed. I can really see what Norah is doing here. My absolute favourite part was when she fired Briscoe, and her comment over her speciality in walking through hot waters was my favourite quote. She's an exemplary to female sports team owners evrywhere, and I love her drive, focus and enthusiasim, as depicted by your wonderful writing. Keep it up!

Oliver's back! Personally, I think it was an excellent description of him that you gave. J.K. would have approved. And a dash of Fred?! I can hardly wait for the next chapter!

Cheers and chocolates,

Author's Response: Haha. This gal over here despises their guts as well. If it's one thing I hate, it's male chauvinism. Norah does too. She breathes the motto "Anything you can do, I can do better".

Thanks. I'm glad the moods came through well enough. She's confused, nervous, possibly a little excited.

That's probably my favorite bit too. He deserved to be fired. Not only was he not producing, but he didn't know how to bite his tongue and show respect to his new boss. With all the hot water she's going to be wading through, she better be a pro at it, haha.

Norah's blushing over here, which I assure you, is not an easy thing to have her do. She posed for Howl, after all! And your compliments have me blushing as well. You're far too kind!

Yes, Oliver. I couldn't resist. I thought to myself, why create a virtual unknown, when we have a passionate man who loves Quidditch already available through canon? For some reason I've always seen him as someone who would go on to manage when his career is over. Someone like him doesn't just sit on the sidelines. He'd rather be in the thick of it.

And yes, a dash of Fred. I hope you like him ^^.

Thanks so much, Akansha. Your reviews have definitely improved my day. (:


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Review #41, by Dezire_427Revival: The Will

25th October 2012:
My, my. Shall I just say, an excellent start?

I have just recently, after reading your reviews on mystory, started reading Along Came Lucy...and it is a wonderful story, as is this. I just love the direct way you start it, its so straightforward and blunt, you feel as if you've plunged right into the plot. The character of Ophelia is an, interesting one, and I daresay we'll see more of her. Antonin seems nice enough, but you can never say. And as for Norah, she seems to be a great character, really complex, but when we get into her world, everything's crystal clear, and the way she describes stuff, you feel you're watching a movie.

You r style of writing is unique, one that i've tried, without success, to emulate. It's a leisurely pace, but still keeps our curiosity up. Well done!

Now i'm off to read the next chapter.
Lots of love,

P.S. Her age and ownership of the team is not an issue at all. If anything, it increases the fun factor in the story. All I wish to know is, how did the Appleby Arrows, second in the league according to Quidditch Through The Ages, get worse than Cannons. Perhaps the next chapter holds answers... :)

Author's Response: Aww, thanks (:.

-ducks head- ACL was my first attempt at writing an actual story, and I cringe sometimes when I read some of the chapters. It was way rushed. But, I leave it up because it was my first story, and I'm eternally grateful to everyone who read, reviewed, and added it to their favorites. That, and it's a nice look back at how different my writing is from back then.

When it comes to my stories, I prefer starting right in the thick of things, then revealing bits and pieces as we go along. It's the only way that works for me, even though I've tried other methods.

Eheh. Ophelia is... yes, interesting is a good word for her. And you're right in thinking that we'll see more of her. Being handed her just desserts by someone from beyond the grave is not something she'll take lightly. Best believe she'll try some way to ruin things.

Antonin is nice, but sometimes the nice ones are the on you have to look out for, right? But who knows. Maybe he's the realest person in the entire story. You never know.

I'm so glad that it kept your attention and piqued your curiosity! The last thing I'd want to do is bore the reader. I hope you'll still be curious as the story continues!

That's what I thought too. Her age gives plenty of obstacles for her to encounter and attempt to overcome. I'm not too bold to think that she can overcome them all, but she'll give a fighting effort. As for the Arrows. I'll admit that I've taken many liberties with this story. I had a bit of a mental debate when it came to selecting a team before settling on them. I have no idea what Quidditch Through The Ages has to say on the matter, but I'm probably bending most of it. The lexicon didn't have much to offer on the teams, so I thought it would be okay.

As for their now terrible record. Her Dad had much to do with that. He pretty much ran the team into the ground with his poor decision-making. He may be a brilliant businessman, but he was a terrible owner. Didn't give the team the attention it deserved.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!


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Review #42, by Dezire_427Triumph: one

23rd October 2012:
To say that I enjoyed it would be a gross understatement.

People tell me I have a tendency to exaggerate, but I swear I love this already, even though it's only been one chapter. Ugh, why do you have to be such a brilliant writer?!

What initially attracted me to this story was the summary : short and effective, easily one of the best i've ever read. It'll have to go on my bedroom wall.

As for Sally herself, I think she's an awesome character...quite and lonely-ish, very sombre and serious, but nevertheless, ambitious, if her wish to 'make this year mine' is anything to go by. She's easy to understand, and I love her POV, especially the way she feels that her best efforts are only acceptable, and her internal monolouge about time. Believe me, I have that 'there's only so many hours in a day, only so many days in a week...' thing all the time.

I also loved the way you carried this chapter, high and low and then high again. The disappointment at not being selected for Seeker, and then surprise at getting the Beater's position instead were very nicely depicted.

All in all, Sally Wood is a character I can easily relate to, and i'm really looking forward to witnessing her trial and triumph.

Cupcakes and chocolate,
P.S. I may be miles off here, but do I sense a budding Sally/Sirius romance here? Just guessing. :)
P.P.S. Thanks for your kind review on Antagonist; it made my day. I would love it if you'd check out my novel too, your opinions mean the solar system to me.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! (also i'm totally leaning towards a Sally/Sirius romance as well it would just be so messy and amazing)
Usually my stories are all characters who are amazing at everything so I thought it would be a nice change and make a super strong character and her strength comes from her inability to give up- despite her own shortcomings
Thank you so much for a lovely review!

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Review #43, by Dezire_427Finding Faith: Waking Up

19th October 2012:
Hi Laura! I hope my review finds you in good health.
So, this is going to be very short, coz right now, i'm lying in bed with 102 degree F fever. But I wanted to say, yes, Rihhanon's great, I love her saying Val should be fixing herself on her own, I am as irritated by Andrea What'sherface as Val was, I miss James/Val interactions, and i'm as curious to know why she's going to Mcgonagall as I was the first time, and with each chapter, i'm coming to love this story more and more...
... I just reread what i'd written. Wow. It's woefully inadequate. (Curse you, cold viruses). I promise an extra long review for the next chapter.
May the kittens that reach me be white, cute and fuzzy.

Author's Response: Uh, oh. Get well soon, Akansha! I can't have my best reader sick, now can I?

You know, that was a very excellent summary of the chapter. As for the McGonagall thing... it'll be pretty obvious at the start of the next chapter, although, like the first time, I won't show the actual conversation.

Yay! Extra-long review! It shouldn't be too hard to do. Next chapter is going to be a really big, important one. I just have to write it first...

Get well soon!


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Review #44, by Dezire_427Choices: Home for the Holidays

15th October 2012:
You and your random Potter family scenes just rock! :)

James is just so different...i've got so used to reading about too-cool-for-my-shoes, bad-attitude, arrogant, obnoxious The James Potter, that this all new personality you've created seems just like a breath of fresh spring air. Well done.

I love Ginny. She's every bit as awesome as I imagined. And Harry! Really, Harry freaking Potter indeed. I also thought much of Selene's and James conversation and James freakout. All in all, this chapter left me LOLing. :D

You've done a wonderful job. Though the story's idea is kinda old, your execution and extreme writing skills make it fresh and unpredictable. Not to mention the intensive work you've put into the characterization of every character, especially James (yes, I realise I praised it already, but I can't help it). This is an awesome story, and you've done a great job with it.

Stay fantastic,

P.S. Selene WAS disappointed James, very disappointed. Just pick up on that fact and ask her out already.

P.P.S. I was reading Songbird again last night. Can I, once again, say that its the most freaking awetastic James/Lily story i've ever laid my eyes on? Reading it again allowed me to grasp the emotions better, and I now say that it can even surpass Saval's work (i kid you not). I love it like I love chocolate, books and my parents. The story is just so GODDAMN beautiful, it leaves me spechless. It's a classic, really. A story i'd definitely read to my daughter one day, as her bedtime story. She'll love the story of Princess Lily and Prince James, I can already tell.


Author's Response: I honestly don't know where they come from! My fingers just become possessed and then all of that pops out! But you know, I'd really like to think that they end up like that. Now that the world's happier and the pressure's off, I like to think Harry would have gotten much more whimsical.

Ginny is so much fun to write. I have plans for upcoming scenes with her that I'm just so excited to write! You have no idea.

You know, sometimes I really hate the obnoxious arrogant James that everyone seems to portray. I mean, yeah, I can somewhat see the rational behind it, but c'mon. He's the son of HARRY AND GINNY. I like to think he'd inherit Harry's awkwardness and Ginny's awesomeness to make a strange mixture of dorky and cool. But maybe that's just me.


P.S. Was Selene disappointed? Was she really? Perhaps it was just wishful thinking or an overactive imagination on James' part. Or maybe she really was disappointed because she's in love with James, too. I'll never say which one!

P.P.S. You shut your face. Shut it right now. You - I can't even - you are SO NICE TO ME. Better than Saval? Seriously? No. I refuse to believe this. Really? D'aw, you're just so sweet! Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!

I kind of love you.

(But in a non-creepy way)

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Review #45, by Dezire_427Finding Faith: Nothing

8th October 2012:
Question : What's common between an ox, a three year old toddler, and Val?
Answer : They're all stubborn and obstinate as hell.

Val's developing a lot of negative traits right now. She's becoming stubborn, dependent, has anger management issues, overtly-emotional, and her pity-partying tendencies just about put me off my food. There was a time when I believed that Val's only problem was hrief over Joy's death, but now some serious fixing needs to be done.

James decision to stay away from her has actually given rise to a kind of conflict in my mind. On one hand, I do think that Val has suffered a lot, and she does need an effective support system. On the other hand, she is too depentend on, and attached to others. It's harmful, because, afterall, 'God helps those who help themselves'. My only wish is Val doesn't misinterpret James' actions and start to really hate him.

Aww...your welcome. The idea for James' POV might've been mine, but the execution wwas all yours. So thank you for that wonderful insight into his mind. I knew he could never hate her, he's just hurt. But angry James ain't good. He reminds me a little to much of Harry in Order of The Pheonix.

Btw, Rihannon philosophizing on she Dumbledore's reincarnation? ;)

Overall, a great chapter. The emotions were really graphical and clear, without and confusing bits, except for James' decision, which i'm still unsure of. But all in all, great job.:)

Update soonish.
All my love and choco-chip cookies,

PS. I followed through with my intent and stabbed a picture of Lessie. Unfortunately, my mother stopped me before I could burn it. Now she thinks i'm crazy. Pray i'm not sent to a lunatic asylum, or else this story would have to do without my reviews. :D

Author's Response: :) That may be one of the truest statements I've ever read. Val is WAY too stubborn for her own good. And she's just annoying me. She's made so many bad decisions, it's not even funny.

You're right, there are two ways to go on this whole Val issue. Either stay away or help her. The way I see it, it all depends on the person. They will really need either one or the other. And, as Rhiannon said, no one knows Val better than James. So, we can all just hope that him leaving her alone is the right decision :)

Angry James reminds you of Harry? Perhaphs it's genetic...

That would be fairly awesome if Rhiannon was, indeed, the recincarnation of Dumbledore. Perhaps she should grow a beard... although Fred might not like it too much. I hope this makes you like Rhiannon more. I quite like her character.

Thank you very much! Those cookies were delicious. I wouldn't say no if you wanted to send me a few more...


Oh no! Don't go to the asylum! I need all your lovely reviews, I don't know what I'd do without them. If your mother tries to send you away, let me talk to her so I can straighten her out ;)

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Review #46, by Dezire_427Finding Faith: Tipping Point

25th September 2012:
Yes, yes, i'm actually reviewing right after reading a chapter. Yay for me!

When I read the summary for this chapter, I was like, "Shut Up!" and abandoning my maths homework, which, incidentally, needs to be submitted tomorrow, got to reading it...

...And was utterly and completely shattered. Val, you pure, unadulterated, 100% idiot! What do I even say. I don't have words. You didn't listen to me or Laura, and now look where its got you. You've got nothing. There's something seriously messed up in that pretty little head of yours. You've really treated James very unfairly, and right now, I wish I could slap you hard. But I can't, so Laura, would you do the honours?

And I still believe Val's family and friends were at fault, for being so non-understanding and all that jazz, but seriously, what has James ever done, other than being nice to you and helping you and goshdarn hell! Faith Valentina Sullivan, when the guy says he loves you, why do you shout at him? WHY, YOU PATHETIC MORON?!

I hope you regain your senses. I hate writing such a hateful review for you, Val.

Btw, Lessie? Laura, could you provide me with a description of that vile girl? Thing is, I intend to find a picture resembling her on google, printing it, then stabbing it with a butter knife, and watching with a smile as it burns.

Sadistic? Good. That's what i'm hoping to achieve.

I don't hate you for this chapter, Laura. All my hatred is directed towards Lessie, for invading the privacy of and being a *insert nasty swear word, that, incidentally, sounds very similar to 'snitch'* towards her so called 'best friend and said 'best friend' for cold-heartedly rejecting and publically insulting our dear James. You, however, continue to remain the apple of my eyes.

Feeling only slightly vindictive towards you-know-whos,

P.S. A thousand hugs to James. An adorable, sweet and nice boy as you doesn't deserve this. He deserves a chapter in his POV. *nudge, nudge, wink, wink!*

Author's Response: I felt so mean for the chapter description! I knew it would catch people's attention... and then I would later shoot down all their hopes in dreams. I feel like such a sadist. I kind of like it.

Gah! Val is a TOTAL idiot. Seriously! She's just so... disfunctional! Believe me, she's going to be doing some suffering in the next few chapters. Serious suffering. Because she was an idiot. Really truly an oblivious, cowardly idiot.

Lessie is short - about 5 feet 2 inches - with dark brown, slightly wavy brown hair. She's Greek and has sea green eyes. Lightly tanned skin and very petite. She's also unreasonably angry at Val. Stupid fiery Greek temper.

D'aww, thanks for still loving me. I REALLY didin't want to write this chapter because I knew it would be horribly upsetting. But it really is a key point in the plot, so it had to be done.

You're wonderful, my dear.


James is very thankful for the hugs. He's a very sad panda right now. You know, I hadn't originally planned any more James POV, but I might do that... or at least have a portion in his perspective, if nothing else. Beautiful idea.

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Review #47, by Dezire_427Operation Weasley: Day Twenty, Phase Six

22nd September 2012:
So, I enjoyed reading this chapter as much as you must have I writing it! Especially that reference to the Bengali tiger. Besides the fact that the scene was so hilarious, Bengali tigers are the national animals of India. (And btw, tigers are the only mammals belonging to the cat family, that can swim, and actually enjoy swimming as much as a duck.)
And Sophie found out their wands. And the Hogwarts ticket. (Why was it taped to the fridge, I wonder...) I'm really exited to see what happens next.
I am also looking forward to your James/Imogen fic. And I read St' Mungos. Great job!

Author's Response: They can swim? *Adds info to her brain folder*

Hmmn, I know and you don't! Na na na na na na!

Thanks a bunch Dizzy :D

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Review #48, by Dezire_427Fairytaled: One

22nd September 2012:
BAM! First review! I expect a good, long response for this, ya' know...

So, I love the idea of this. I was just now watching this program on TV, called Once Upon A Time, and the idea seems very similar, though not the same. I'm hoping that that you have incorporated a lot of fairytales, not just Rapunzel (all that hair!), and i'm really hoping to see how you connect one fairytale to another. I'm really exited about this story, and hope to see where it goes.
In other news, where are you? You're one of my favourite authors, because your ideas for fics are great, but I hate it when th ou leave us hanging with just one chapter, i.e., i'm expecting real fast updates on Sectioned, Mondays and Girl. Real fast updates.
A great fan of your work,

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Review #49, by Dezire_427Choices: Family Bonding

21st September 2012:
Hi Laura! What's up?
Kay, so, this chapter...what do I say. I enjoyed it so much. And I laughed too hard and too long. I love their sibling love...makes me kinda wish I had an elder brother, all I have is a younger sister. What about you?
I loved Ginny's letter, she is, honest to God, the coolest mother. Ever. And yes, Harry is a nerd, and to answer James' question of how his parents came to be, well, his parents, all you need to do is, rear a green, scaly monster of jealousy in your heart, and kiss the gal in front of the entire Griffie commomn room. ;)
And James and Mickey are researching Amortentia? The love potion? Can pregnant women be fed it? *nudge, nudge, wink,wink*
So many new stories coming up! Frankly, i'm all too exited? More so about the Albus/OC. Because there's a serious dearth of Albus stories, and I would love to see your execution of it.
I love your James. He's the uniquest. I don't think anyone has ever imagined a James like yours.
Good luck for college,

Author's Response: Akansha!

This chapter... was really rather spontaneous. That part with James, Al, and Lily wasn't planned at all... it just sort of happened. But then I really liked it, so I kept it. I have three older brothers, so older brother relationships are something I can do really well.

I absolutely LOVE writing Ginny. I can't wait until I can write her in person. I'm thinking it'll happen in the next chapter.

Ah, yes. The love potion. I guess James will have so search and find out if it can indeed be used on a certain pregnant woman that we all love so dearly...

Blah! So many new ones. The Lily/James should be out today (I hope) and I'll post the Al/OC one after Finding Faith is finished. Then, once I finish the L/J (which shouldn't take long, because it's a short story) I have an idea for a Rose/Scoripus set in the same world as Finding Faith. SO MUCH TO WRITE.

But more on the Al/OC. It's going to be a lot... darker than my other ones. Basically, Al is an Auror who is working on case trying to connect a lot of mysertious murders that have been occuring for about three years. And for a side of romance (because that's what I love to write) he meets a Muggle girl in a bar one night and things take a turn for the interesting from there... I'm really excited about it! Ah!

D'aw, thanks. I was hoping to put a spin on the cliche James that you find in a lot of stories. I'm glad I've succeeded :)

Thank you very much, my dear!


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Review #50, by Dezire_427Honour Among Thieves: back stories, flirting and Scorpius hates it when I plan.

20th September 2012:
Despite whatever, i'll never stop believing you actually have a plot. So far, your writing's been fun, steadfast, fascinating, and a great journey, overall. I quite love it. And I do believe things will come together, eventually.
This chapter was one of the lighter ones in the story, and I liked it a lot. I love the idea of a blue-haired Rose, and Scorpius as her hairdresser. Can we have a CI of a blue Rose? :)
Btw, Another Cliffhanger? I have started wondering about the mystical cave in your brain, where you store all these edge-of-the-seat endings...

Author's Response: You have no idea how much that means to me. That line is probably my favourite ever review. Thank you so much.
And Rose with blue hair? I shall have to have a chat with some TDA'ers and see if I can get that sorted out :P
And I'll let you into a secret. Cliffhangers are where I'm like... omg if I stop now, I can make people come back for more :P AND I can stop writing for a bit! So lazy + selfish = cliffhangers :P I'm sorry.
Thank you for such an amazing review. It means so much.

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