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Review #1, by Dezire_427Hotel Artemis: two

14th June 2013:
Oh look, just two chapters in, and what a wonderful story that's got me hooked.

The plot for it is something new and sounds amazing. Your characterization of Jo have already made me envious. Plus, your descriptions, which are just beautiful and perfect and what i'd expect from the writer of a story like HAT. Ovetrall, a wonderful, entertaining read, especially the bit with the chimera (which, essentially, means the entire chapter).

Keep it up! (and update soon),

Author's Response: Hey! I've very excited you've come over from Hattie, that's new! (and its a very different story so I hope you like it). I'm very glad you like Jo, and my descriptions are something I know I need to work on, so if you see anything that you think doesn't work then please help a writer out!

Thanks so much for such a glowing review.

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Review #2, by Dezire_427Beauty Queen: I'm Sorry

14th June 2013:
Okay, you should never do that again. Ever. Make me feel so sad and angry with just mere words (albeit extremely well-written.)

The thing is, I need a coherent, detailed analysis of Natasha's nature, a lenthy character sketch, because i've forgotten a lot of details from early chapters and now, I just can't understand why she doesn't say something. Her mother is less like her mother, more like a manager, Georgina behaves like a tyrant, and all these people are forcing her to leave things she loves and people she cares about for something she, to put it lightly, intensely dislike and can't care less about. If I were in her place, I would have told Georgina to take her filthy crown and dump it in a gutter, I wouldn't have cared. I fail to understand why Tash doesn't /say something/!

Asdfghjkl; this is too much!

The end was one of the saddest things i've ever read. That was just cruel, making James stand right there as she was leaving. I felt like crying and simultaneously breaking something. Plus, the scene you described about Headmistress Chang only ever being sympathetic to Tash? Total heartbreak. I can't feel my feelings anymore. My emotions are a holy mess.

I hope everything sorts itself out soon and Tash has an epiphany or something. Other than that, you're a brilliant writer who can't be complimented enough. :)

Two chapters please! :D

Author's Response: AHah I'm sorry! I know this chapter is definitely very depressingly sad, but things have to get worse before they get better, yeah?

As for a detailed analysis of Natasha's nature. I think of her as very quiet and reserved. Very passive (obviously) and my biggest trait with her is that she's a people pleaser. She never wants anybody to be upset with her so she always does what they ask of her. She also has a very strong tie to her mother (if you reread the second scene of chapter 3 you'll kind of get some backstory on her and her mum). But yeah, she doesn't speak up and she's been that way her whole life, so it'll take quite a lot to get her to start doing it now. I understand your frustrations though, because writing her frustrates me to no end, but by the end of the story I quite liked her so hopefully you'll like her more too!

Yes, I understand the sad ending to this chapter. It was depressing to write, but it's a scene I've been planning since I started the story. I'm so sorry for making you sad though! But don't worry, everything will sort itself out. Whether or not you like how it's sorted is another story though!

Thank you so much for reviewing and I'm so happy you like my writing :)

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Review #3, by Dezire_427Psychos and Psychologists : Problem Number Four

14th June 2013:
How I never came across this story earlier is a mystery to me, but i'm glad I did, because it's so good I can't tell you.

God, how do you write so well despite the fact that you have boards???

Coral's and her friends characterizations are really realistic, very occasionally larger-than-life and charming. Your descriptions are brilliant and the Plot -do I even need to say it- OH MY GOD SO GOOD WHERE CAN I BUY SOMETHING LIKE YOUR PLOT ASFFGHJKL;

I'd love to read more of this! (re: update soonish!)


Aw, that's okay! At least you found it in the end :)

I'm smiling so hard at that comment. Thank you so much ^.^ I think it was just a stress reliever during boards, so watch out if my writing quality deteriorates!

I'm so happy you think that they are realistic because i was getting a tad bit concerned if they seemed OOC or something! asdfghjkl; someone actually complimented my descriptions! thank you! :D

I'm halfway done with the next chapter, so hopefully it should be up soon! Thank you so much for reviewing! :)

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Review #4, by Dezire_427Lionheart: Stockholm Syndrome

8th June 2013:
"The founders are all playing rock-paper-scissors on who has to endure seven years of this one, that’s what’s happening."

You're hilarious. This is my favourite dialouge from this chapter, but I assure you, I laughed multiple times, especially at the Sorting Song, which, though it may not have been very literarily neat, Fit In.

As the chapter go by, I am becoming more and more infatuated by the way you've shaped your characters, so much so that you've barely mentioned him, but I still feel sorry for Lucian Nott. Creating such wonderful characters is a sign of an excellent writer, and you certainly are one.


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Review #5, by Dezire_427Lionheart: Lennox's Lieutenant

8th June 2013:
Honestly, how do you do it?

This chapter was like a roller-coaster, and since I immensely enjoy roller-costering, I loved thid as well. Basically, I find it very hard to coherently say how fantastic, beautiful and amazing your descriptions and writing styles and characterisations are. This is the first story in a long time that I genuinely ENVY.

Keep being awesome,
P.S. Georgie, Georgie, Georgie...are you amazing, or what?

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Review #6, by Dezire_427Lionheart: Snitch Weekly

8th June 2013:
I just started reading this, and I love it!

Your descriptions: God-awesome. Your writing style: enviable. Your grammar and sentence construction: flawwess. And most importantly, the characterisations: brilliant. This story has found a place in my favourite's list!

Off to the next chapter...

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Review #7, by Dezire_427Get in Line: Let The Games Begin

3rd May 2013:
You're back with a bang!

First of all, I'm in love at first read with Jordan. She seems like the perfect Slytherin girl, sassy and smart and so totally cool! I would seriously love to know her in real life. The best thing about her has to be her 'in your face' attitude, atleast for me.

Hazel is my second favourite character (the first being Jordan) atleast for now. She seems almost like a Hufflepuff in her attitude and behaviour, but then there are all those violent descriptions... And she wants to be a curse-breaker? Hmm, wonder how that happened.

Overall, your descriptions were funny, fast-paced and enjoyable to read. The first chapter itself got my curiosity piqued, so i'm looking forward to updates. For Ew/B as well.

Welcome back,

PS. I know it's too early to ship anyone, but I still ship Silas/Hazel. (Sizel? Halas?)

PPS. Thank you so much for favouriting Exceptional Circumstances. When I saw your name in that list, I almost died to jubiliation. :)

Author's Response: Hello! I am in love with your story... I can't wait to see where you go with it!

I have to admit to being a little bit in love with Jordan as well. She's just freaking awesome and I feel like she's only going to get more awesome. I can't decide if I'd actually want to know her in real life though. I think if she was one of my close friends then I'd love her to death but if I didn't know her too well then I'd definitely probably not like her too much.

Hazel is great too (I feel weird calling my own characters great but I love them) but I have to disappoint the Sizel ship for now. I actually have Silas ending up with a character that has yet to be mentioned that I'm hoping people will enjoy. The way I have her written in my head, I already adore her.

I'm pleased that you enjoyed the first chapter and I'm about halfway down with the second one so hopefully I can get it posted relatively soon! Thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #8, by Dezire_427Choices: Books and Brothers

17th April 2013:
So, we're back on the late review cycle, it would seem. In my defense, my school's reopened and I'm now in the most difficult and important part of my education career.

However, talking about this chapter...

James, please come and live at my place. i promise to feed you fudge every day. Just, you awesome person every time i read you, I feel pretty sure my lungs will explode within my chest from all the laughing i do.

Drunk!Ginny is awesomer than Sober!Ginny. It seems impossible, but it's true. and Harry was so in character, it was actually really endearing and commendable.

The best part has to be "The Book of Horrors''. Finally a boy understands what it feels like to be born with two x chromosomes.

I loved the bit at the end, about how even though she is the mother of his unborn child, James has no expectations of Love of the Romantic Kind from Selene. Their friendship is exemplary. And sibling interaction is always loved :D

And Laura, face the facts of life. You're not a loser. You're the most fantastic internet pen-pal to have ever lived.

Love and cookies,

Author's Response: Hello love! You're review really isn't all that late. And let's be honest here: this chapter was long overdue from me. So it's all good. And good luck with school!

I'm thinking I'm going to keep bringing up The Book of Horrors in the future. It's something that will truly appall James. Which will certainly provide endless humor for everyone.

Hee hee, the end bit was my little snub at guys who complain about being in "the friend-zone." Seriously, that's one of the stupidest things I've ever heard. And James, thankfully, is one of the guys who agrees with that :)

Aw, thanks. You're pretty fantastic yourself, Miss Akansha.


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Review #9, by Dezire_427etc. etc. (and life goes on): Bare-Knuckled Heartbreaking

24th March 2013:
In utterly typical fangirl fashion, I'll say I just died.

Let me start with the morning after. So well-written. Clemence never once went out of character. She did what you might really expect her to do, especially with the entire pennyroyal business- practicality comes before sentimentality, methinks.

And then, in the latter half, the expected behaviour flies right out of the window as she decides to help Scorpius and I think- or...probably not. This chapter is contradictory in regards to how she behaves, but I dunno if this makes sense, it was still very Clemence.

Secondly, the entire scene in he great hall- I swear I was biting my nails the entire time- the part when they crept in, when Scorpius got pulled in, when Rose and Dom lost control and the mega epic food-fight started...and then, out of the blue (not really, you built up the scene) CLEMENCE SNOGS ALBUS!

It's like BAM! plot-twist in yo' face. My favourite part- "He's mine." and when you describe how Appy's favourite word is now A, reflected in the choice of her characters' names. And before I forget, the girl who shouted "TEAM CLEMENCE!"- seriously, she's awesomesauce. As are the other girls who screamed "Appy or bust!" and sketched a 'C' on their shirt with mustard. You understand the true fangirls of this society, you intelligent, fabulous creature.

Overall, totally worth the wait ten times over. I've said it before, and I'll say it again- Gina, you're asdfghjkl!

Lots of love for Team Clemence and you,

Author's Response: A huge chunk of time was spent writing and rewriting the first 1500 words or so. I was indecisive about how to approach Clemence's feelings about what happened, and how that might lead to the end - which I already knew would end in Clemence kissing Albus. And it wasn't until this week that I put the whole chapter together, sat back and saw every side of Clemence come out over 7000 words, and it was so rewarding.

Clemence has a soft spot for idiots! She might not realize it all the time, but she is inclined to help people when she feels sorry for them and it doesn't hinder herself.

I reread the "He's mine" and I swear it gets more possessive in my mind every time 8D And I love those silly fangirls, even the Quirkers. When I fangirl, I'm just as crazy as them. Can't hate.

♥ you are all so askjfhasdkfh! I'm thankful to have each and every one of my readers c:

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Review #10, by Dezire_427Fleeting: Sunlight

26th February 2013:

I must say, I rarely ever read Neville/Hannah stories, and even though it was short, it was so beautifully written. The emotions and fluffin this made me smile, like the winter sunlight makes you all warm and fuzzy inside. Excellent work. I can certainly see why it was a Dobby finalist!


Author's Response: Hi Akansha! I'm really glad you enjoyed this even without being a huge Neville/Hannah fan. It's great that you liked the imagery and emotion. It was really light and fun to write.

Thanks for your kind review :)


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Review #11, by Dezire_427In My Life: Though Some Have Changed

10th February 2013:
Hello, hi, I'm here with a review for ya'.

I was actually flabbergasted for a minute after reading this, because, ohmahgawd, this happened to me! I got a crush on this boy, whose my classmate, my biggest competitor, and every time I look at him, I either smile like a loon or blush like i'm feverish. So Lily dear, I totally get you.

It was overall, all very adorable and smooth, espesh Lily's interaction with Remus- you made it so canon and believeable. And the entire conversation with James had me thinking "that's what I do" or "aww, you're so cute!"

Thanks for sharing your wonderful, extraordinary Jily fics with us, lesser mortals who couldn't for our lives make it as wonderful as you make this ship.

Chocolate-coated edible teddy bears,

PS. The wait for Inventing Imperfection was killing me. So, naturally, I ended up writing a confusing little one-shot featuring the ineffable Miss Rose Weasley. Do check it out when you find time, but only if you're felling like having your brains scrambled by a mess of ambigious emotions and angst. :)

Author's Response: Hi!! :)

I think there are many, many people out there (boys and girls alike) who can sympathize with Lily in this one.

I always imagined that Lily was sort-of friends with all the Marauders (yes, even James), but she got along best with Remus until their 7th year. Those two, and then Lily and Sirius are my HP brotp.

D'aw, you are so very welcome :) You always say such nice things to me.


P.S. I will certainly read it as soon as I get the chance! And speaking of Inventing Imperfection, I just thought I'd let you know that the review you left on that story was my 300th review ever.

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Review #12, by Dezire_427Inventing Imperfection: The Glory of Pie

4th February 2013:
Hi Laura! Here I am with your review.

"Uncliché-fying a cliché"- you do that very well. There have been numerous fanfics, in which it has been shown that Rose studiously buries her nose in her textbooks, and other ignore her or make fun of her. For the first time, we see her own perspective of it, and it's very accurate. We also see thst she quitted Prefect-ship, and claimed to be under lots of pressure, which I'm guessing is because she's Hermione's daughter and her parents are war heroes. Still, it can't be healthy for her. Also, it kinda points to the fact that she is not a multitasker and cribs about her grades, kinda like her mum.

You have hinted at numerous things in this chapter- like the fact that Brendan serves her food, how she complains over all the starch, and this sentence- In fact, I really shouldn’t be eating it (pie) at all. I can definitely see hazy clues at point at image issues. Also, you've mentioned her St. Mungo's appointments again. All this and more makes me very, very suspicious. *cue narrowed eyes and finger-tappings on chin in classic "Something's cooking" pose*

I eagerly wait for more updates of whatever comes next, and of course, Scorpy-poo. :D

Crusty, flaky apple-pies,

PS. The city I come from is chock-full of bakeries and confectionaries. You can only imagine what Rose's descriptions of pies did to me and my stomach ;)

Author's Response: Yes, yes, so many hints in this chapter. I'm sure it won't really be a huge shock when it all comes into the open, although perhaps parts of it will be. This story is going to be very complicated, and definitely more along the lines of Finding Faith, rather than Choices.

I know you must be eagerly awaiting dear Scorpius, and it will be coming soon. Maybe next chapter or the one after that. He'll definitely have an interesting effect on the story, although maybe not as much a one as you might think. I want to focus more on Rose by herself than the Rose/Scorpius pairing. But rest assured, it will be there!

Thanks for the lovely review (and the pie!)


I have a deep, obsessive love for pie (as you may be able to tell), so writing that part certainly made me hungry as well!

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Review #13, by Dezire_427Choices: Questioning

20th January 2013:
... I'm supposed to be doing my homework.

But chapter 9 was so awesome, i've found that yes, I regret nothing.

James is too awesome for mere words. End off. I like his theory about Dumbledore and McGonagall having an ilicit affair- I won't lie, I once thought that too. But Selene is right here. Dumbledore is gay. James' conspiracy theory is all wrong.

When you said you'd mention Oedipus Complex, I reseached it on Wikipedia. I'm slightly amazed by Selene's medical intelligence. Does she intend to be a Healer? I hope she is a child specialist- then all the children would be more scared of her glares than the injections.

James and Louis' conversation- Ermahgawd! It's 11 at night, i'm not supposed to laugh out so loud. But honestly, that has to be the awkardest and funniest conversation i've ever read. Kudos!

My favourite part has to be when Louis asked how was it, and James said, "It was… well, frankly it was pretty awkward, but it was good. I, er, enjoyed myself –“ Really? Enjoyed myself? Why do I talk? “It was satisfactory –“ Wow, I’m smooth. “Overall a pleasant, though odd, experience.” I burst a lung laughing. You, Laura, are amazing.

You also answered a question I left you on your blog, I greater detail. I asked how James 'deals with' Selene. I must say that his answer reveals the depths and dynamics of their friendship. But still, i'd really like to see Sel's better parts and her growth as a character.

Hoping for a quick chapter 10!

The one and only,

PS. The cannibalism jokes! They remind me of that chapter in Finding Faith when Fsith talked about who she would/wouldn't eat! Happy memories.

Author's Response: Akansha. Do your homeword. Do it. I command you.

But thank you anyways :)

I put the whole Dumbledore/McGonagall thing in there because I totally thought they was something going on between them when I first read the books. But that clearly wasn't true. I'm glad I wasn't the only one!

Ooh, you learned something! Yay! Selene doesn't really have the temperament for being a Healer. That seems like a job that would require patience, something she's very short on :) She just knows about it because she likes to read a lot. More on that later :)

I was giggling the whole time during that conversation. James is so awkward and I love him so much. It's just so fun to write as him and I feel like I'm really pushing my creativity.

Yes I did! I actually added that part in after you asked me that question. James is very protective over Selene and sticks up for her adamently because he knows her so well, and he knows about her past and her parents. I do realize that I haven't expanded into Selene's depth as a character yet, but trust me it will come!

Updates will come when they can - I won't make any promises, but I do have it started! Inventing Imperfection will be updated first, and then we'll see!


P.S. Haha, my friends and I make cannibal jokes all the time, so I can't help but add it in. One of my favorite hypothetical questions to ask is who people would eat first if we were to resort to cannibalism.

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Review #14, by Dezire_427etc. etc. (and life goes on): Manic Panic Mondays

18th January 2013:

I love this!

This is the second time I'm reading etc. etc., with the sole intent of leaving a review for every chapter (long overdue). I had never anticipated I would enjoy re-reading it so, so much, because I already know what would happen next. But seems like this is one of those stories which you can never get enough of.

"This article's a complete abuse of commas. I've got semicolons weeping for their brethren,"- As the member of the editorial board of the school newsletter, I understand exactly what Clemence means- to correct some of those shoddily written articles is a nightmare, especially when the handwriting resembles that of a baboon.

And oh- In the newspaper business, there's a lot in a name. No, not rubbish like "Selena means moon" in Latin or Greek or Parseltongue- I can't even say how much I adore this line... The number of times I've come across fics where I've encountered this type of rubbish! But I adore your take on it- again because of my ties as co-editor (which is why I hate it when they get my name wrong.)

Clemence, no surprises, is an extremely interestig character- she has no qualms about her er, unethical journalism, and it's easy to see exactly what makes her a Slytherin, even from this one chapter. I also admire her dry humour- very sarcastic and classy.

All in all, I'm really looking forward to being re-introduced to Clemence and Co., I can hardly wait to go to the next chapter!


Author's Response: c: Thank you so much! Sorry it took so long to get to responding this; I wanted to wait until I got back to writing the next chapter so I have some ~review responding muse~ to pump myself up.

Ha! I was part of the newspaper, but I was graphics. I actually terrible abuse the wrong punctuation because my fingers like to type whichever one they feel like, and I'm just sprinkling commas every time my mind stops to pause.

I understand the significance in names in a literary sense, and it's a very subtle thing, but omg THE TIMES I COME ACROSS THESE IN STORIES BLATANTLY YES.

Clemence ♥ she is what she is.

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Review #15, by Dezire_427Something About Evans: Something About Evans

12th January 2013:
I feel like a review for this is long overdue.

I've decided to stop questioning it. Clearly, greter forces are at work here. These forces that stipulate that the sun will rise in the east. January will be a cold month in the Northern Hemisphere. Laura will write the best Jily fics. Ever.

The transition between James conversation with Lily and then Sirius was smooth and realistic. And I love the Jily bantering/flirting. Why, oh why, do they have to be so fluffy. Your writing about their relationship is an elixir to my inner fangirl.

For some reason, I pictured Sirius as Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. Just something to do with my wonky imagination. As for his and James friendship, very well and realistically depicted. You did proper justicce to my BrOTP. And no James, the 'Sirius' jokes never get old. Deal with it.

Eagerly waiting for a Choices update.

PS. Since 2am. is generally time for people to be catching zzzs, except for me, fuzzy-headed owl that I am, I mistakenly said in my response that Eva McLaggen is a Muggleborn, when her father is a cannon character. Clearly, late nights do not work as well for me as some other people *coughjustonemoreficcough*. In any case, her mother's a Muggle. That, i'm sure of.

PPS. Where are my manners? Honestly, I lose all my decency and eloquence come the witching hour. For your thanks for the drawing I made you: oh honestly, don't mention it. It was the least I could do to showcase my immense love for James&Faith. :)

Author's Response: Hi love!

Well, gosh, thank you ever so much! What can I say, I have a total and complete obsession with Jily. Therefore, I will continue to write them forever and ever and ever.

I really had a lot of fun writing James and Sirius together. Seriously, everything to do with the Marauders just breaks my heart, but I have to write it. I'm glad you thought I wrote them well :3

I think the reason I (as you say) write Jily well is because I just READ so much of it. Usually when I'm supposed to be writing my own stories, I'm actually reading hundreds of thousands of Jily fics.

Speaking of my own writing, the next chapter of Choices is in queue! It'll be up in a few days.

Much love!


P.S. Ah, okay. Noted :)


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Review #16, by Dezire_427Beauty Queen: Ask Away

9th January 2013:
You "horrible" updating is compensated by this wonderful chapter.
For me, the highlight was Molly and Griffin. They are the most perfectly imperfect people at Hogwarts, and their dysfunctional relationship is the best kind. I think I know what happened- Griffin kissed Molly, didn't he? And out of nowhere, they're going out. Talk about a plot-twist.
James and Nat are a comfortable couple-they exude the aura "made for each other". They add some very adorable fluff to the story.
Nat's mum is, as usual, very demanding. I strongly dislike her. I wish she'd just accept her daughter's decisions, or atleast try to understand her better. That doesn't seem like it's going to happen anytime soon.
Please update this soonish, I am

Author's Response: Aw thank you so much :) I'm so happy the wait was worth it for you!

And yay! Another Molly/Gryffin fan. They're my favorite to write. Like ever since the first scene I wrote between them I've been in love with the two of them. As for what happened that made her angry... you'll find that out soon enough ;)

I'm happy you think James and Tash are made for each other! That's like exactly what I was trying to achieve, so I'm glad you see it that way :)

Yeah, Tash's mum is very demanding. The only thing is, she's not accepting what Tash wants, because she doesn't really know how Tash feels. So really, you could blame it all on Tash for not being honest to begin with.

Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #17, by Dezire_427Finding Faith: Otherside: Fred Weasley: Talk to Her?

6th January 2013:
Hey Laura! *waves enthusiastically* Long time, no see.

After reading this chapter, I'm like- why did you break up Friannon? The beginning of their relationship is so cute, you feel they're one of those couples who're going to get married and have children together. Perhaps you can write a chapter where the old flames are rekindled?

You really managed to pull off Fred's POV really well- while you showed him infatuated with Rhiannon, you also gave a very good explanation for that. Also, I really like the realistic depiction of his self-doubt and hesitancy and stuff, what with him fancying his ex-girlfriend's best friend.

The return of Faith and her awetastic (how long since i've used that word!) nicknames! I smile in reminicense.

Hoping for more of this good stuff,

P.S. One thing that has been bugging me for long- what exactly did James do to connect woth his family after he first started talking to Faith. You know, when Al tells Faith how James asked Percy about his job and *gasp* seemed interested. Perhaps that could be incorporated in a chapter?

Author's Response: Hello Akansha! I'm back! Get ready for more updates again.

Friannon broke up because they sort of grew apart. Fred was off gallivanting about the world and learning to live on his own while Rhiannon was still in school. Sometimes, long distance relationships work out, but most of the time they don't. It became too difficult for the two to stay together, so they ended it, though neither of them particularly wanted to. These things happen in life, unfortunately. However, I won't say for certain that they'll never get back together. There's certainly a possibility.

Thank you so much! I like writing Fred, though I found it to be one of the more difficult things I've done. He has a rather unique voice that was hard to grasp.

More shall come! Thanks for the review, love.


P.S. That, my dear, is actually a rather good idea. I realize that I didn't show a lot of James's growth as a person, because it happened before the story actually started. I hadn't particularly planned on writing those bits, but now I think I will. I'll add it to the list. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Review #18, by Dezire_427Louis: Sorting

3rd January 2013:
Well, what can i say, except for I'm stumped. i'm so sorry for not having reviewed in the longest time, but truly, this was wonderful. you have an excellent style, so simple and non-extravagant, it just never ceases to amaze me. you really showed Louis' growth excellently, while, at the same time, you kept his character consistent. one can really sense his fear of water, the way you describe it. also, his sorting into Slytherin was kind of a surprise, but the reasons justify it well. i really liked his replies to Flint, it shows he's witty and clever, and it really especially reminds me of one of my favorite fictional characters. i'm really looking forward to Louis' journey.

Good job!:)


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Review #19, by Dezire_427Trust: Detention

17th December 2012:
Nice... So, forgive me, but I think i'm going to be a little harsh with my criticism. First and foremost, never, ever use sms language anywhere in the story... Unless, of course, you're writing about a phone conversation. It seems unprofessional and tacky. Secondly, spellings, darling. And thirdly, leave at least two lines gap between each para. Makes reading easier. I, however, have to appreciate your humor, it made me smile, so why don't you elaborate (i never really got why she hated sleeping :p) and bring us more of this fun stuff?

Best of luck with this story.

Author's Response: Thanks ill keep your points in mind

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Review #20, by Dezire_427Choices: Reality Check

12th December 2012:
Like I said, it always amazes me how you're able to write a male POV so well, even though you're a girl. It's rather baffling.
Also, I don't like this. I don't like this at all. Selene should not be judged, especially by people who do not know anything about her. Percy and his self-centered nature, I understand. I evenget Audrey'sreaction. But Hermione seemed really out of character. Any special reasons for that?

The line that really struck me in this chapter was how James said that babies are not mistakes and don't ruin lives. That, my dear, was excellently put. Commendable, really.

And one last thing- don't ever let a muzzle be put on James' mouth. His words are what lighten the entire scene. And his random facts reming me of Tea and her goldfish phase. I just love James!

Best of luck for your exams,
PS. I'm curious. Whose looking after Mr. sprinkles when everyone is at the burrow?
PPS. I'm sorry. This has to be one of my worse and least eloquent reviews. >:(

Author's Response: Well, thank you so much. I blame it on my brothers. I grew up around boys, so I'm sure that's a huge factor. And really, when writing James, I don't think of it so much as "you have to make him sound like a boy." It's more like "you have to make him sound like James." Because, really, the fact that I'm writing a male perspective doesn't matter. It's more that I'm writing James's persepctive. In the end, he's just another character. Does that make sense? It's actually the technique my favorite author for when he writes in a female POV (which he does often and extremely well).

As for Hermione, I always imagined her as having rather traditional values, when it comes to marriage and sex and all that. So therefore, she really wouldn't approve all that much of a teen pregnancy. Also, for reasons that have yet to be addressed, she doesn't particularly like Selene. Selene is a very difficult person to get along with, it's just difficult for the readers to pick up on because we're constantly in James's head and he does get along with her. So Hermione doesn't approve of the situation and doesn't approve of the person. But she also, being the very intelligent person she was, suspected that James was the father. She was just pushing for confirmation. It's not that she was trying to be mean or anything, she just wasn't happy. And, of course, there will be more of that explained in later chapters. I hope that kind of clears things up.

Yes, well, that subject got to be rather touchy with James because of Selene. And, of course, it's also my own opinion.

Thank you very much for everything, dear. You're the best!


P.S. He's alone for a few hours. They won't be at the Burrow all day, so he's just by himself for a few hours. It's like when Nick is away at class or something. Lily will be back to take care of him, don't you worry!

P.P.S. That's okay :) I still love it all the same!

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Review #21, by Dezire_427In My Life: I Know I'll Never Lose Affection

8th December 2012:
Pretty. You know what, i've decided that whenever I.'m suffering with writer's block and going blank about Serendipity, i'm going to read your Jily fics. They are seriously inspirational. You, my dear, introduced me to the ship, and now it's my OTP. So, thank you.


Author's Response: You are very welcome. If you can't tell from all the Jily fics I write, they are also my OTP. So I'm glad you like them all so much. Thanks!


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Review #22, by Dezire_427Finding Faith: Joy

8th December 2012:
For some unfathomable reason (i kid, it's because you're my most favourite author on this planet) I decided to start reading this again. And you know what, having already read the ending and the entire story and everything that Faith goes through, this just managed to bring tears to my eyes. It's like, an hour before my birthday ends and you're responsible for making me cry. I've just re-realised why this story is one of my favourite in my whole life- it strikes a chord with the first few lines. As my neighbour, who i'd practically pestered to death raving about your stories, said, "You truly are a remarkable person, Laura", and i'm glad I know Faith's story.

PS. Completely co-incidentally, i'm your 200th reviewer. Excellent birthday gift.

Author's Response: You know, someone once told me that you never meet good, nice people on the internet and can't make friends that way. You, my dear, are proof that they are wrong. Akansha, you are seriously just so delightful. Everytime I see a review from you, I just smile. Thank you for this review and for every other one you've ever left me. You're the best.


P.S. I saw that. You're wonderful. And happy birthday (sorry for making you cry).

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Review #23, by Dezire_427Choices: Like A Spy

7th December 2012:
I AM SO SORRY. Like, sorry a million times over. This has to be the longest time I have gone without reading or reviewing your chapters. Blame it on preponed exams and paranoid mothers who are worse tha Hermione and think you're going to fail everything even though you're a consistent class topper and an impromtu tab confiscation. Sigh... Life burns.

It has been the longest time since I last read Choices, but the story' not lost any of its charm. I love, love, LOVE James. Honestly, he is so... Lkke gah, he leaves me speechless and wondering how the hell you are the writer of such a serious story like Finding Faith?! Your comments and remarks are so witty and I'm feeling like asking you "will you let me borrow some of your creativity and ingenuity? Like that Akwardness line (omg, that was so freaking hilarious! Hi James, yes it's good to see you too and yes, this haircut's called upside-down bowl) and that elbow sharpening one." The thing is, you don't write the clichéd male POV, where every other line's punctuated by a "i'm manly" or "i sound like a girl". Yet, there are phrases and sentences that are so characteristically masculine, I wonder if you're a boy in disguise. Really, it's refreshing to see aboy who emotional quotient expands beyond being manly.

The return of Mr. Sprinkles! Yay! And yes, let that be Nick and Lily flirting! I feel like I don't get to see the brotherly, overprotective side of James often enough.

Warm hugs and a slice of gooey chocolate cake (because, you know, tomorrow, 8th December is MY BIRTHDAY! I'M SO EXITED!)

Author's Response: First of all... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW! YAY!

Urg. I have exams in a little over a week. Am I excited? No I am not. I'm trying to get as much of my stories written as I can before I really have to put my nose to the grindstone - and before the Holiday Queue Closure.

Thank you thank you thank you, my dear! I really love writing as James. Basically, I take the more... whimsical side of my personality and exaggerate it.

Writing from a male perspective is surprising easy for me. I think it's because I grew up with three older brother, most of my cousins are boys, and I've always had a lot of guy friends. Heck, I didn't have any female friends until I was six or seven. And yet, now I'm attending an all women's college. Go figure.

At the moment, I think James was too baffled to spring into overprotective brother mode. But that will show up, don't you worry!

Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!(tomorrow)


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Review #24, by Dezire_427Inventing Imperfection: Issues

25th November 2012:
Bam! First review!

You've done it again. The start's really interesting, and gets the reader curious as hell. All I'm thinking is, 'what'll happen next?' or 'Wait...what appointment?' or 'Wow... Now where's Scorpius?' So many questions, all hoping to be answered soon. (Hint: Update quickly).

One thing I can't help but notice, you've never once described Rose. That, coupled with her dislike of reflective surfaces, puts some really strange ideas in my head. This may, at first, seem like a very clichéd ol' plot, but I think that awesome mind of yours will be putting in a lots of neck-jerking twists and turns.

There are a few typos and grammar errors here and there, but they don't disrupt the flow. Still, you might wanna sort them out.

Fluffy teddy bear hugs,

PS. Faith&James! *le dies*
PPS. You can't imagine how awfully perfect 'Little Things' by One Direction would be for this fic. Espesh this last part-
You've never loved yourself half as much as I love you/ You never treat yourself right darling, but I want you to/ If I let you kno-o-ow i'm here, for you/ Maybe you'll love yourself like I, love you.
Strange coincidence, that this solo is sung by Niall Horan, who, in my mind, is the perfect Scorpius.
PPPS. When can we see a beautiful banner???

Author's Response: Hello, my love! How lovely to see your wonderful reviewing.

It's meant to be kind of confusing. Rose has a very tumultuous personality... and for very good reason. There's a lot going on with her, a lot of which I want the readers to be guessing at. This story will be kind of similar to Finding Faith, in dealing with deeply personal issues, but it'll be darker, I'm thinking. Scorpius will have show up soonish, although I'm holding back on it. I want too establish Rose a bit more, and her problems, before I introduce Scorpius. And that will be a whole other deal. Very messy. Very complicated.

Hmm... your thoughts may be correct, possibly. Yes, no description of Rose. A dislike for her reflection or her image. What could this possibly mean? I'll tell you this, it's part of her many issues.

I keep telling myself I should actually go through and really edit my stories for little errors like that (because I normally hate them in books) but then I don't. Oops. I'm planning on fixing those all in Finding Faith, since it's finished now, but I should probably do more of that. We'll see.

I have a (very amazing) banner lined up. I'll post it soon - I hope you like it because I'm really excited for it.

With fondness and kittens,


P.S. YES! Faith and James! I can't tell you how hard it was not to make the entire chapter about them.

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Review #25, by Dezire_427Little Red: two sisters, dark and light, red and white

22nd November 2012:
From the moment you get your first eye-full of the banner, till the time 'he devoured her screams whole', the aura of silent horror was utterly conpicuous and tangible.

I can actually make sense of this very well, because, while you wrote it at 3 a.m., i'm reading it at the same time. Quite a coincidence, isn't it? :)

I just recently finished reading etc. etc., and am about to start Capers, and after reading these stories of yours, I feel I could spontaneously combust with jealousy. GAAH, YOU ARE SUCH AN AMAZING WRITER!

Back to the chapter, I absolutely loved how you've kept the identities hidden till the end, the missing parts are for us to fill. The descriptions are also very powerful, even though you went for the mystique and vagueness. It was just absolutely brilliant, and I am still in a chilled shock, because, suddenly and most inconveiniently, a horror movie theme song has started playing in my head, all because of your vindictive drama and horror-filled dark Red Riding Hood Story. It's a story I won't forget in a hurry.

Absolutely goose-bumped to the marrow (is that even possible?),

Author's Response: 3am is the best hour to do anything ofc 8D

♥ that is such a huge compliment eek! Fairy tales and folk tales are my favorite stories, and they're short and concise and vague at times, but say so much. A lot of them are morality tales and have a certain set up, so that was my initial inspiration. And then I kept asking myself, 'well, what's scary?' and I thought of obsession and relapse, and put that into Teddy.

Thank you so so much!

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