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Review #1, by Ron 4 HermioneEnchanted: The Beginning of the End

24th April 2017:
Hey there, here for CTF

Oh dear, I feared something like this would happen. Donít cheat on your boyfriend! Especially not when you have cousins around who would do anything to see you even more miserable, silly Rose.

At least she can laugh about it, although how Scorpius cn condone it I donít know. But oh well, I suppose he's not going to turn her away if he likes her. I feel sorry for Toby now, he clearly likes her and has no idea whatís going on. I know Rose shouldnít stay with him if she like Scorpius but he seemed to be the one person in school who liked her, I hope she keeps things amicable, and doesnít make it obvious she let him for Scorpius.

I wonder why she really wanted to avoid the party, bless her. Oh dear, I can see why she would be surprised to see Scorpius there, and I guess it would be hard to fit him in around all the other stuff she has to do. Iím wondering if this sickness is something else though, or maybe that's just me overthinking it lol.

Wow, I did not see that coming. I bet that will make for an eventful chapter 4, Iím curious as to how they explain it, or if she tried to hide the fact that Scorpius is even there.

Another great chapter.

Shaza :)

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Review #2, by Ron 4 HermioneEnchanted: Christmas Parties

24th April 2017:
Hey there, here for CTF

Aww, poor Rose, that must be one really dull way to spend your holidays, and being compared to your mother canít be much fun either. That really sucks. I suppose being Harry and Ginny's kid can't be much fun for any of them, especially with the attention they must get.

I canít believe theyíd all turn on her, thatís awful. No wonder she hates these parties so much, theyíd probably be at least tolerable if she could hang out with her cousins. And James is the worst, what is this nonsense? Thatís his cousin and heís using his position as captain of the quidditch team to keep her isolated from everyone, especially her best friend. That really sucks. Iíd say she should go tell a teacher but itís probably not that easy.

Oh, the the stranger is Scorpius, and it doesn't sound like his life has been much better than Rosesí, that might make for kindred spirits. Although I hope she remembers she has a boyfriend :p Oh, thatís unusual, and clever. I suppose itís a good way of getting privacy, until you start showing girls of course haha.

Oh dear, I hope this is going to be just a nice friendship, or at least until Rose dumps her boyfriend. Itís a really good start though, an interesting story idea.

- Shaza

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Review #3, by Ron 4 HermioneA Forgotten Savior: Forget Me. Pretend I never existed.

24th April 2017:
Hey there, here for CTF!

Well how could I not read a Ron/Hermione :p

Aw, this is always the saddest thing to read. I canít imagine how Hermione must have coped knowing that her parents didnít even remember her. Or how hard it was to do that.

I love how youíve incorporated her being with Ron and her getting rid of her parentís memory, I think it works really well. I love how you can clearly see Ron cares for her, even at this point. I love the little glimpse into the word of Hermioneís parents and what they think of her daughter because we donít see them very often in the books, especially not with Hermione.

Oh, well thatís cute. I wasnít sure if this was set before they left to go look for horcruxes but I guess now itís not lol. Itís a cute moment between Ron and Hermione, and I suppose after the war it makes sense that heíd be the first person to tell. Iím trying to figure out how they get there sleeping arrangement past Molly though aha, although maybe she would have been okay with it, I suppose they are adults and after everything theyíve been through they probably need each other.

This was a really well written I love how you portray those two,especially Hermione! Great job.

Shaza :)

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Review #4, by Ron 4 Hermione(Who) Needs Horcruxes?: Legend

24th April 2017:
Hey there, here for CTF!

Well this is an interesting piece! I love how you connected the two worlds, and of course Voldemort would totally be jealous of the doctor and his powers. I do like the connections that you made, such as the tardis as the time turner and the sonic screwdriver as the elder wand. I wonder if him finding that bit of parchment s what caused the doctor to move into that world?

Aha, I love how you write Clara and the Doctor, itís so amusing seeing them interact together, I love how scared he is of a rubik's cube. Itís totally something he would do, honestly heís worse than a child haha. I always wonder how his companions put up with him! I do like how youíve written Clara, especially how she get frustrated with the things heís saying, itís very believable haha.

So Iím assuming theyíve been transported into the world of Harry potter, but I prefer his way of putting it, Ďa temporal written document designed for someone elseís amusement and enjoymentí aha, so creative. I wonder what time line of the world theyíve been transported to, Iím assuming Voldemort is still alive!

This was a really great start to what looks like a promising crossover!

Shaza :)

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Review #5, by Ron 4 HermioneAstoundingly Ordinary: Free

24th April 2017:
Hey there, here for CTF!

I canít say Iíve ever read a story where Igor Karkaroff was the main character before so Iím excited to read this.

Oh wow, your descriptions in this are amazing. They really bring the story to life and I can just feel how desperate Igor must be for some company, for love it would seem. I donít know who the woman is, but I guess thatís not important, she could probably be anyone and Igor would feel the same way, that he needs her for tonight and then he can get on with his life.

Itís strange that he wants to forget everything, yet he still describes killing as thrilling. I suppose if youíd done it for as long as he had, and even took some sort of pride in it, then it would be thrilling, to know that people feared you and would do whatever you wanted because of what you could do.

I think this is a really nice insight into what could have happened to the death eaters after the war, just wandering from town to town and trying to get over what had happened, and I suppose some of them would have wanted to start their lives over again but I guess that would have been hard because most people would know them only as death eaters, no matter how hard they tried to change.

Shaza :)

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Review #6, by Ron 4 HermioneIn The End: Chapter One

24th April 2017:
Hey there, here for CTF!

So Iím very excited to read this as I love Remus/Tonks, even if it is a pretty depressing ship to ship.

I like how you portrayed Tonks in this, she just canít wait to talk to Remus and tell him how she feels, even if that does make her snappy to Sirius. You can see why she wouldnít want to tell him though, heís such a gossip heíd probably tell the whole order before she even got a chance to tell Remus. I also love how even though she really wants to tell him she is still professional about it, and knows the order work has to come first. I think thatís a nice reflection on how difficult and dangerous times are in the war, and that has to come first, no matter how exciting the other stuff is.

I also liked how Remus is seen as a lot calmer, and rightfully, confused as to why Tonks wants to talk to him privately. Iím excited to see more of Remus, and how you portray him. I also wonder how heíll take the news, obviously Tonks is correct in thinking that he wonít take the news very well in canon but I donít know if youíre going to deviate from that.

This was a nice read, Iím looking forward to seeing how you carry on with their story.

Shaza :)

Author's Response: Thank you for the kind review!!! I am so happy that people actually like my story! I was worried about that. I will try to write more soon! Please check back for more soon! I have school but I can try to write soon.

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Review #7, by Ron 4 HermioneDoing the Right Thing: Doing the Right Thing

24th April 2017:
Hey there, here for CTF!

Oh no, this is going to make me feel sorry for Draco isnít it? I hate that aha. Huh, this could be canon I guess? Itís strange cause Iíve never thought about how the ministry was infiltrated but I quite like this idea, especially Draco having to do it to prove himself to Voldemort.

Ah,so his conscious kicks in. Thatís a nice touch, especially since we know that he isnít as hard as he might like to think. This was shown with Dumbledore, and I think that itís definitely likely he would have a repeat of what happened there by stalling and trying to decide what the best thing to do is.

I loved the different voices weighing in on his decision, especially the people that you choose, Dumbledore and his mother. I think he would definitely listen to those two figures, and if anyone was going to be able to make him change his mind and get him away from Voldemort, it would be DUmbledore and his mother.

This was a really nice idea for a story, and I liked that although he didnít stop the attack, because that would have probably got him killed so thatís kind of understandable, he did give the minister some warning and a chance to fight back.

Shaza :)

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Review #8, by Ron 4 HermioneDating Hannah : Sloppy Sundays

14th April 2017:
Hey there, here for CTF!

Sorry if this seems a bit random, I just havenít read the other two chapters!

Poor Neville, he seems to be getting into a lot of trouble for getting drunk and having a hangover. Iíd have thought he deserved it after the whole killing Nagini and saving the wizarding world but hey, maybe not. I suppose his gran has always been rather scary, and now that the wars ver she probably does want grandchildren and to see Nivelle with a nice future like a family and a good job since that's the world he created.

Aha, yeah, Iíd definitely tease Neville too, but I canít believe he did that! Kissed her and said he liked her I love it! I want to read more about drunk Neville. Oh wow, a ho. Poor Hannah lol.

This is such an interesting dynamic you have between Ron, Harry and Neville. You always read stories about Ron, Harry, Hermione and Ginny but thrown Neville into the mix and it changes things up a lot. I like it though, makes it interesting.

Aww, no poor Neville. He just canít seem to get it right between girls. I feel like he needs to sober up and talk to her, not listen to Harry or Ron, and definitely stop kissing her.

This was such a funny chapter and I really will come back and review the other 2, and read them as I feel like Iíve missed out on some great writing!

- Shaza :)

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks so much for the review. Aw, you missed my favorite chapter. It makes more sense once you've read the others but that's okay because it all comes full circle here.

I really just wanted Neville to have fun when I wrote this story. He does deserve a break, I agree! Let him drink a bit. Let him act like a child. Let him have fun. Though I think he's having a bit of too much fun, which worries Augusta. She doesn't want a drunk for a grandson!

I like the idea of Neville really being part of the fold after everything went down. He was instrumental in the takedown of Voldemort and he also protected so many of them before the Battle. I think he would have been extremely comfortable with Harry, Ron and the rest.

Thanks so much for the wonderful review! Glad you enjoyed the story!

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Review #9, by Ron 4 HermioneBaby Weasley : Baby Weasley

14th April 2017:
Hey there, here for CTF!

I canít believe I havenít read this before, I (Itís probably too morbid to say I love these kinds of stories) but I enjoy reading them and seeing how the writer portrays them and the emotions in them.

I think youíve done an amazing job here, I especially loved how the first part seemed to contrast with the second part. The first part is so chill, and just about Ron waiting around and then even when Hermione is in labour itís still fairly calm and then after the labour itís all soft and quiet. Then you hit the second part and itís a lot more emotional and fast paced. Healers running all over the place, screaming, crying, itís very intense and I think it really captures the emotion of the subject and what has happened.

I think my favourite part of the whole thing is Ronís reaction to it all. Itís saw raw and I just feel for him so badly. Especially at the end with all the Ďhe would neverÖí as it really emphasise all that he could have had and all he has lost.

This is such a moving one shot, youíve written it beautifully!

- Shaza :)

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks so much for the kind review. I'm glad you enjoyed this story. I wrote this a few years ago when I was just starting to experiment with writing outside of the humor genre. It was extremely difficult to write something like this and it's still pretty short. A lot of sweat went into it. Also, i think I was able to connect a bit better to my writing because my sister was pregnant at the time and the pregnancy at first wasn't going well. So I poured all the emotion I felt into this because there was a possibility that hey, we wouldn't have this little baby that we do now.

Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #10, by Ron 4 HermionePunishment by the moonlight: Punishment

14th April 2017:
Hey there, here for CTF!

Wow, for such a short fic this was really powerful and moving. I donít think Iíve read a story about a werewolf actually planning to bite, and then following through with their plan, children and it was an interesting read. I love the start, and the short snappy sentences, I think that really created some suspense that hinted at what was to come.

I liked the ministry bit, it was an interesting glimpse into the world of werewolves and what they can and canít do. There must be so many rules restricting them, and at the start I was feeling sorry for him. Imagining what it must be like to not be able to just move home and look after your sick mother if you had to. Obviously the end got rid of the pity.

I thought the women was a bit silly though, if she even had the smallest thought that he would come for her children surely youíd hide them beforehand and not when it was the full moon *eye roll*. I thought you wrote the end bit really tastefully though because that could have been really gruesome, but it wasnít and I think it was nice that a lot was left to the imagination.

A really interesting one shot on an interesting subject!

- Shaza :)

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Review #11, by Ron 4 HermioneGame: Endings

14th April 2017:
Hey there, here for CTF!

This was an interesting fic to read for two reasons, one: I donít normally read/Iím not a fan of Draco/Hermione (Hence my Penname lol) and two: it was written backwards. Although this chapter was pretty good to read since it was only one chapter and it was a break up scene so win-win haha.

I think youíve captured the relationship really well, as much as I hate to admit it. Youíve kept their personalities the same and I can see this happening. From Hermione avoiding Draco to him tricking her into thinking there was a meeting, it was all very believable and in Canon to their nature.

I like when youíve chosen this to take place too, because theyíre both old enough to be interested in each other, seeing as the yule ball and victor krum were last year, and there's a lot that would test their relationship in that year too, which youíve touched upon like the inquisitor squad Draco almost being a death eater and Dumbledore's Army.

I think this was an interesting start to what will probably be an interesting fic, I canít say Iím excited to see how they get together but Iím interested in how you write it.

-Shaza :)

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Review #12, by Ron 4 HermioneThe First Quidditch Match: The First Quidditch Game

4th April 2017:
Hey there, here for CTF!

I thought this sounded like a cute little one-shot of Harry and Albus, and I was right, this is adorable. You portray Harry as an amazing father, and itís so nice to read. From how he enjoys cuddles of Albus and being happy that heís totally going to be a seeker, to indulging him in seats that will give him the best view. Itís so cute, and yeah, I agree with Ginny, by age six he should have definitely been to a game haha.

Lol, I love Ronís subtle influence here, go Cannons! I must admit I was hoping for a bit of fanfiction artistic licence and to have them win but I suppose Fan Fiction can only go so far haha. I did like how even though they lost ALbus was still so cheery and singing the songs heíd learnt, at six he was probably just thrilled to see them play and might not have understood what happened.

This is such an amazing one shot, Albus is so funny. I can imagine how much of a mess he is, and how displeased Ginny clearly is because she's probably going to be the one to clean him up. Woops, I wouldnít want to be Harry right now.

This was a lovely little one-shot that showed just how cute Albus and Harry are, although your COMMENT AT THE BOTTOM! I havenít read CC, going to see it on Sunday, and now Iím a little scared D:

-Shaza :)

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Review #13, by Ron 4 HermioneThe Key To My Heart: The Key Doesn't Work

4th April 2017:
Hey there, here for CTF!

Wow, this is one great start. It just opens up so many questions, what did Pansy do? How did they get together? Whatís Daphne and Pansyís history? Iím a bit concerned that the fact this is a one shot is going to leave me wanting to find out more.

Oh wow, I feel so sorry for Pansy, but also a little annoyed. I know it must be so hard for her to love Daphne that much and not have her feel the same way, and worse do something to humiliate her, but sheís still pining over her and I just want to shake her and tell her she can do so much better. But oh well, fanfic doesnít work like that lol. It is an interesting pairing though, definitely random, but I like how youíve portrayed the two girls and their Ďrelationshipí.

Okay so that description fits perfectly into this story, and although Daphne means it in a nasty way, at least it might give Pansy a wake up call. Ah, so thatís what happened between them.It must have been hard for Pansy not to say anything though, especially since she loved Daphne, although I can see why Daphne would be annoyed too.

This is a great piece, and a really well written story, even if it is sad to read!

-Shaza :)

Author's Response: Here I am, almost two months later! So sorry about that. Thanks for coming to review. I'm glad you're interested in what happens next.

Yeah, I definitely feel the same. Oh, thank you. I certainly wouldn't call it a relationship, haha.

Daphne is just naturally mean like that in the fic I guess. I didn't really go deep with my planning for this story, I kind of just went with the flow.

Thanks so much! Have a lovely day.


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Review #14, by Ron 4 HermioneWhile Our Blood's Still Young: A Moment

2nd April 2017:
Hey there, here for CTF!

Aha, this is an interesting chapter. I love Lilyís musings at the start about James and how heís changed and grown up. Itís cute to see how youíve written about how she changed her mind, and what could have potentially led to her dating James. Especially how subtly you've made the hints, itís not some big reveal, just her caring about her appearance and realising she doesnít call him potter, or other bad haha, and I think that makes it more realistic and I really like it.

I also like how you wrote the personalities of James and Lily, especially James in the last scene when he wantís to hide from his friends. Itís almost like heís stuck between a rock and a hard place, but I love how Lily completely throws him off track by saying that they weren't that He clearly wasnít expecting that.

This is a great opening chapter, I just all the subtle little lines and hints of things that make it more realistic and make the characters more them, like ďthat's primarily why i dropped that class.Ē such a great line, and rally shows how James used to be.

Iím interested to see where youíre going to take this story, so Iíll definitely be back after CTF!

-Shaza :)

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Review #15, by Ron 4 HermioneTo Glory: Gilderoy Lockhart

9th January 2017:
Hey there, so I thought Iíd finish off this story and leave a little holiday cheer! :D

Aha, oh dear, well I suppose itís nice to know that Gilderoyís, is arrogance the right word?, came from somewhere and he wasnít just born like that. I like how you show his writing skills coming through at a young age, even if they were discouraged.

I like the contrast youíve created, between Gilderoy thinking heís amazing and adored and the reality with no one paying him any extra attention and life going on as normal. Wow, his reaction to things like the students moving away and the gobstones team is actually rather sad. Despite what he thinks it must be quite lonely.

I love the way youíve wrote Gilderoy here, especially his reaction and thoughts on the various situation. Looking forward to seeing how you portray Percy Weasley!

Shaza :)

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #16, by Ron 4 HermioneTo Glory: Tom Riddle

14th December 2016:
Hey there, here for the review swap, Iím sorry itís so late!

But wow, this is such an intense piece but it works so well because of the tone of the story. I also love the lack of dialogue, itís so interesting to see inside Tomís mind and I think youíve managed to write it beautifully.

To see the moment after heís killed his family is so chilling, and how he thinks so methodically about it, no emotion at all. The whole chapter is just so well written and the little details like the collection of bones and what they stand for just add to the creepiness.

Itís such an intriguing chapter and Iím excited to see how youíve written the other two characters in comparison to him.

- Shaza :)

Author's Response: Thanks Shaza! ♥

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Review #17, by Ron 4 HermioneNothing But Perfect: Snoggers

27th October 2016:
Hey there, back again!

Aww, poor Scorpius. Not only does he have to put up with Albus and Matthew being together during the day because theyíre friends, he now has to at night as well. Not fun! Although itís making me feel kind of bad for Albus because all he wants is to be happy, and itís not like he knows how Scorpius feels.

Aww, Iím glad he told Matthew the truth about what to get him. I like that youíve introduced him a bit more and showed off a bit more of his character as well. Although now itís making me think thatís what he wanted to get him and now he canít which is sad.

Aha, I love Lily and Iím glad Scorpius has someone who knows and who he can talk to about it now. Not that it seems like he wants to though. And Iím with Lily, I totally ship them as well! :P

Another great chapter, and Iím excited to see you writing more of Maddie/Scorpius in the next chapter! :)

- Shaza

(HPFT Team Vampire Review)

Author's Response: Hey, glad to see you back!

Of course I just wanted MORE drama and MORE Scorpius feeling bad because this story is DRAMA ANGST and MORE DRAMA and MORE ANGST.

Matthew is a sweetheart, how could Scorpius refuse anything he asked for? Maybe it is, I never really thought about that.

Lily is literally my spirit animal in this story (and my name is Lily, ha ha). I actually know that Lily is going to be something more than Scorp's friend in the epilogue of the sequel, but they won't be a couple (mull over that for the next chapters of this story and the sequel, ha ha).

I hope to see you continuing to read and review even though team vampire vs team werewolf review battles are over.

Thank you for the kind review, have a lovely day!


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Review #18, by Ron 4 HermioneKeeping Secrets: Liz's Secret

26th October 2016:
Hey there, canít believe I havenít seen that this chapter was up! So sorry about that!

Aww Poor Liz. Her whole life has changed and personally I think sheís dealing with it pretty well. I love how you make her act more okay than she is though, it makes sense seeing as sheís also hiding something. I also love how inquisitive she is. So many questions but that is totally to be expected, sheís just been told sheís a witch and can do magic! Who wouldnít have a million and one questions that need answering?

Ahhh no you canít end it on a cliffhanger! I need to see how Charlie reacts! I had a hunch that might have been her secret but I thought I was just trying too hard to see a cute little family for Charlie. I love how you've gotten her to tell him, how she really wants to but sheís nervous so she just has to spit it all out at once. I think (pray) that Charlie is going to be shocked but then be really pleased and happy about it

That was a great little chapter, looking forward to the next chapter and seeing how Charlie reacts! :D

- Shaza

Author's Response: OH my goodness, SHAZA! *Squishes* I have missed you SO much!!

There's nothing to apologize for, dear, I'm just so happy to hear from you again, and so beyond flattered that you liked this story so much to come back to it and read and review this latest chapter for me! ♥

You're right, Liz's entire life has changed here. She definitely acts more okay than she is, I think she's kind of in shock and still processing right now, let's just hope she finds a way to let out some of this frustration before it builds up on her... *Whistles innocently*. Haha, I'm glad you love how inquisitive she is - you're right, it's to be expected with all the bombshells that have just been dropped on her!

Teehee.. aww, I'm sorry to end it on a cliffhanger, but that's really what the muse was telling me to do at the time, so I had to just go with it. Hahah, you weren't trying too hard to see a family for Charlie - it really was the secret! (Obviously.. lol) I'm thrilled that you liked how she told him, and as for Charlie's reaction.. well... we'll just have to see, won't we? :P

Thank you SO much for the compliments, I'd hit a bit of a block on this story but I'm hoping to finish up and post the next chapter soon - I can't wait to see what you think! ♥

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Review #19, by Ron 4 HermioneLiar: Lovers

26th October 2016:
Hey there, back again! Sorry itís been a while but Iím very excited to read it again! :)

Aww, cute responsible Remus worrying about what his friends would think. Youíd think that with his friends accepting him as a werewolf then theyíd be okay with him being a Prefect... But I guess heís not the Remus we love without a bit of worrying!

Ooooh, things are getting interesting. Well, a bit of thinking but itís a start! Iím actually quite excited to see what happens between them now. Thatís a really cute scene between Remus and his father, I love the advice he gives him. Sounds like a smart guy (guessing Remus totally inherited those genes). Although youíve BROKE MY HEART- ďSo a person affected by lycantrophy doesnít have the right to love and be lovedĒ. Iím glad his dad tried to get him to see itís ridiculous but the fact that he grows up thinking that is heartbreaking!

OMG, Peter is jealous?! I hope this is true, because that would be so cute for Remus but I guess Iíll have to wait and see. That whole scene though, it just screams Peter like Remus!

Aha, I think Remis should have been worried less about what his friends would think about him being prefect and more about how he was going to keep them in line! Although itís interesting seeing them come up with the idea for the map/what they had to do to find out stuff. Wow, well that took a turn for the depressing. Oh no, I hope sheís okay!

Ergh, can I just despise Regulus? How is he even related to Sirius? I love how you portray their relationship though, because he is still his brother so itís not going to be easy to just forget about him and let him get on with joining the dark side.

Omg this is going to be a long story if these two keep this up! :P Jeez, I wish theyíd just get on with it! (Okay so I wrote that before reading on, clearly!) OH MY WORD!! I donít know weather to be really pleased or sit here and sob because he thinks he doesnít like him! Oh what has he done! I hope Remus fixes it, and quickly!

Aww, poor Remus! That does sound awfully confusing, makes me glad itís not me having to figure that one out. Lol, Sirius isnít as good as giving advice as Remusí dad is he. Iím glad it kind of helped, and that he saw a bit of sense being loved as well.

Aha, well thatís one way to do it, shout ĎI love youí down a corridor. Well done Remus haha. Aww, Iím so glad they worked it out though! Yay for them! (Iím going to ignore the bit about Dorcas for now because theyíre finally happy :P)

Another great chapter, although Iím scared to move on to the next one because itís called heartbreakers and that just canít be good D:

- Shaza

(HPFT Team Vampire Review)

Author's Response: Shaza!!!
It's so great to have you back here! And you really have nothing to apologize for, this was totally unexpected and super appreciated! :D

Ahahah! Like you said, that's Remus. He needs to worry about just anything... ;) And of course his friends would be okay with it, but I think a bit of teasing is definitely a possibility. :P

John is absolutely an intelligent man, other than a caring father. And yes, Remus did inherit those genes! :) I'm sorry that saddened you... but it's just Remus' way of thinking... :(

Peter is jealous. You got that right. ;)

Being a Prefect and a Marauder at the same time can't be easy... Poor Remus... Ahahah! Glad you enjoyed the Map bit! As for Mary... sorry about that, but she will be fine.

Oh, Regulus... he really isn't a bad person, just misguided... but I can't blame you for despising him. Glad you liked their relationship, though. They have different views and can't really get each other, but they are brothers and they do love and care for each other.

It mustn't be simple, for either of them. They are both very unsecure and in need of external acceptance and I think Remus especially would be scared of being "different", since he already has to deal with lycanthropy. They will fix it though, at least for a bit...

Poor Remus, indeed... Ahahah! No, Sirius isn't very good with advices, but he tried at least. And he did give Remus a push in the right direction. ;)

To Remus' benefit, it was an empty classroom, not a corridor... :P But yeah, that's pretty unconsiderate... Remus does these reckless things from time to time... but it did work, and that's what matters. Right? ;)

Thank you! So glad you enjoyed this chapter as well! No, I'm afraid the next one won't be happy... but I would love it if you get there just the same...

Thank you so much for the review, love!

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Review #20, by Ron 4 HermioneThe Ghostly Coup at Hogwarts: The Failed Coup of 1967

26th October 2016:
Hey there!

This sounded like an interesting story so I thought Iíd give it a read! :)

Aha, I donít think Iíve ever read a story from the ghosts P.O.V before but it sure does make for an entertaining read! Especially since this is all in dialogue as well. I think youíve managed to get across their personalities and what they'd be like really well seeing as you're only using dialogue. I especially love Nick and his attitude to Patrick, guess heís still feeling a little bitter about not being allowed in the headless hunt.

I love the idea for this, that the ghosts are going to take over the school.I wonder what they want to use it for. Teaching ghosts? Each pair have such an amusing time together, I love Nickís conversation with Toad. I also think youíve written Peeves perfectly, heís such a character and so much fun to read about.

Aww, poor Patrick. I actually think I feel a bit sorry for him, he felt alive! That must be awful to be dead and not be able to do everything you could when you were alive. At least Dumbledore was a good sport though! Aha, love that last bit with Nick asking to join the headless hunt, itís a nice way to end the fic! This was a really fun read! :)

- Shaza

(HPFT Team Vampire Review)

Author's Response: Hey Shaza! I'm glad you liked it :) Thanks for reviewing!
(Woo, go vampires!)

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Review #21, by Ron 4 HermioneNothing But Perfect: Questionings

26th October 2016:
Hey, Iím back again!

Oh no, this blows! I knew I shouldn't have got my hopes up although I mean at least this is better than nothing. Aha, I wish Scorpius really had said ďDon't go for him. I love you, I want youĒ. Hopefully one day!

That date! What is Scorpius doing? Now I just feel sorry for Maddie. Okay, and a bit for Scorpius because it must be hard to see Album taking Matthew on a date when he wants it to be him but ergh. Jerk behaviour. Oh no, I hope he doesn't string this along so far that his parents find out/ meet Maddie because that would make it even worse!

I think this chapter is making me want to kick Scorpius into shape. I get it must be hard to see the guy he loves with someone else but he's going to lose him as a friend at this rate. Oh dear, why do I feel like there's only going to be more problems to come!

Another great chapter, looking forward to the next one!
- Shaza

P.s. I know Iím only like 3 chapters in but Iím now really excited for the sequel!!

(HPFT Team Vampire Review)

Author's Response: Ahhh, so sorry that it has taken me so long to reply!

Plot twist of course. No you shouldn't... I know, me too (Lily, you're the one who wrote this idiot), but of course that would make the story really boring.

I know. Some part of him deep down enjoys Maddie, but he doesn't really LOVE her. Scorpius is the jealous type, Matthew is the perfect type who doesn't get jealous at anything.

Scorpius has gone through a lot though, don't be so hard on him. There's a reason he doesn't say anything to Albus. YES THERE WILL BE MORE PROBLEM MUAHAHAHA *cough* *cough*

Thank you very much!
I know, me too!


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Review #22, by Ron 4 HermioneNothing But Perfect: Thoughts

23rd October 2016:
Hey there! So I thought Iíd carry on and see what happens next!

Again with breaking my heart! It must have been so hard to grow up with Draco as his father. I know Iím only two chapters in but I really want him to have some happiness.

Scorpius must both love and hate being friends with Albus. At least he gets to be around him but that must be just as hard as it is fun for him! I love the way you write their friendship group as well, especially Rose. Theyíre all just so different but itís an interesting dynamic to read about.

Wow, okay, so that is weird! I definitely think Albus wasnít telling the truth there, although weather I dare to dream I donít know haha.

This was a short but very interesting chapter. Looking forward to what happens next.
- Shaza

(HPFT Team Vampire Review)

Author's Response: Hello there Shaza! I'm glad to see you back.

Yes, it is depressing. Trust me, there probably won't be much happiness until the sequel! Don't hold your breath.

I don't really know if he hates or loves being friends with Albus. I never really thought that through.


I hope to see you reading more, and I hope that you have a very lovely day!


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Review #23, by Ron 4 HermioneNothing But Perfect: Lives

23rd October 2016:
Hey there! Leaving the second of your review prizes!

Oh wow, so Iím guessing by the authors note this is going to be heavy.

Oh no, his father telling him that itís his life to find a girl is then followed by a dream about Albus. That can only be a recipe for disaster.I like your portrayal of Draco in this though, he seems a lot more like his father was, strict rules- forbidding crying- and his mother being scared of him. Although I feel like that is just going to create a lot of problems later on, especially for Scorpius.

Aww, this is too cute, and agonising! Poor Scorpius! I wonder if Albus feels the same way. Hmm. Aha, I love how you dropped Neville in there, I definitely think heíd be headmaster one day!

This is a great start to the story, I love how youíve portrayed Scorpius and how his personality is affected by him having grown up in a house with Draco.

Canít wait to see what happens next!
- Shaza

(HPFT Team Vampire Review)

Author's Response: Hey Shaza, thanks for this splendid review!

Yes, very very very heavy.

I'm glad you like it. I definitely wanted to make Draco much stricter in this fic because in a lot of my other ones both Harry and Albus are always super accepting and everything is fluffy and boring. But there's a little mystery from Scorpius's past that you might find out if you keep on reading.

Yes, no, maybe so. Who knows? Well... I do. But besides that!

Thanks for the review, I hope that you keep reading!


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Review #24, by Ron 4 HermioneKissing Lessons: Kissing Lessons

22nd October 2016:
Hi there, leaving the first of your review prizes!

Well first things first, this sounds like one interesting pairing! Iím definitely intrigued by it!

Aww, doesnít that bring back memories! Spin the bottle and first kisses, I love the way youíve written about it. How nervous he is, how he wantís to have his first kiss because he feels like the only one. Itís all so realistic, and stuff like this is never rally picked up on in the books which is a shame because they are teenagers after all!

The way you introduce the subject of them kissing is very Percy like, wanting to teach him how to do it and willing to help. I like how nervous Oliver is, and not just because of the kiss.

Aww, thatís such a sweet moment, and I love how you havenít just made Oliver amazing at kissing either, especially as itís his first time. I canít believe how well you write this ship, I had never even considered it as a ship before but this is such a great piece! Aha, I love the last line, ďTrust me, it will be.Ē It fits so well in even though itís not a side of Percy we see very often! I can just imagine him sauntering out of the common room!

This was a lovely piece, I think Iím going to have to go look for more Oliver/Percy pieces!
- Shaza

(HPFT Team Vampire Review)

Author's Response: Hey Shaza, thanks for the review!

I don't consider it "interesting" per say, but I guess you could call it that. Perciver is actually one of my favourite ships, and I'm upset that I don't get to read it more often.

It sure does bring back memories. Ha ha, I can't even imagine Joanne writing a Spin the Bottle scene.

Of course it's Percy! Percy always has to be teaching or studying or learning. I actually didn't even know that I was going to make Ollie nervous when I was planning this. It turned out well though.

Like I said, I LOVE Perciver. Thank you, I was always worried about others reading this. I know right? I love it too!

Thank you so very much! I do have another one that you can check out if you want! Have an awesome day.


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Review #25, by Ron 4 HermioneEvery Broken Piece of Us: Your Memory is Breaking My Heart

3rd October 2016:
Hey there, Iím here to review your entry for the Chosen by you challenge. (Sorry itís so late!)

Well first that was most definitely not horrible! I thoroughly enjoyed reading that, and my main complaint is that it wasnít long enough! :P

The ship from your prompt was Charlie Weasley/Nymphadora Tonks and youíve definitely managed to fulfil that. Poor Charlie, he was totally in Love with Tonks and she didnít even know it! I think that the use of two different years, especially with the large gap in between them, really shows just how much he loved her. You hear of them two being teenage crushes at school but this is so much more than a crush for Charlie, and itís so heart breaking.

That leads nicely onto your genre which was angst and I donít think anyone could argue that this isnít angst filled! I especially love the flashback as I think it really brings home just how long heís loved her for which just makes this even more tragic. Also the last line is awful, but in a good way! The image of Charlie trying not to cry while all the while staring at Tonkís son who looks like her is heart breaking.

This is a very well written piece, short but heart breaking! I loved reading it! :)

The results should be posted shortly, good luck!
- Shaza

Author's Response: OH MY GODRICK I LITERALLY JUST SAW THE CHALLENGE HALL OF FAME AND I WAS LIKE OH MY! Thank you so much for posting the challenge, I really didn't think I was going to get first.

I'm glad that I fulfilled both of my prompts because I was super worried about that.

Yes, he really did love Tonks, I really wanted to portray that.

... Well, maybe I'll write a sequel or a companion...

Thank you so much for your review, and for the challenge. Have a lovely day!


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