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Review #1, by Ron 4 HermioneTo Glory: Gilderoy Lockhart

9th January 2017:
Hey there, so I thought Iíd finish off this story and leave a little holiday cheer! :D

Aha, oh dear, well I suppose itís nice to know that Gilderoyís, is arrogance the right word?, came from somewhere and he wasnít just born like that. I like how you show his writing skills coming through at a young age, even if they were discouraged.

I like the contrast youíve created, between Gilderoy thinking heís amazing and adored and the reality with no one paying him any extra attention and life going on as normal. Wow, his reaction to things like the students moving away and the gobstones team is actually rather sad. Despite what he thinks it must be quite lonely.

I love the way youíve wrote Gilderoy here, especially his reaction and thoughts on the various situation. Looking forward to seeing how you portray Percy Weasley!

Shaza :)

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Review #2, by Ron 4 HermioneTo Glory: Tom Riddle

14th December 2016:
Hey there, here for the review swap, Iím sorry itís so late!

But wow, this is such an intense piece but it works so well because of the tone of the story. I also love the lack of dialogue, itís so interesting to see inside Tomís mind and I think youíve managed to write it beautifully.

To see the moment after heís killed his family is so chilling, and how he thinks so methodically about it, no emotion at all. The whole chapter is just so well written and the little details like the collection of bones and what they stand for just add to the creepiness.

Itís such an intriguing chapter and Iím excited to see how youíve written the other two characters in comparison to him.

- Shaza :)

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Review #3, by Ron 4 HermioneNothing But Perfect: Snoggers

27th October 2016:
Hey there, back again!

Aww, poor Scorpius. Not only does he have to put up with Albus and Matthew being together during the day because theyíre friends, he now has to at night as well. Not fun! Although itís making me feel kind of bad for Albus because all he wants is to be happy, and itís not like he knows how Scorpius feels.

Aww, Iím glad he told Matthew the truth about what to get him. I like that youíve introduced him a bit more and showed off a bit more of his character as well. Although now itís making me think thatís what he wanted to get him and now he canít which is sad.

Aha, I love Lily and Iím glad Scorpius has someone who knows and who he can talk to about it now. Not that it seems like he wants to though. And Iím with Lily, I totally ship them as well! :P

Another great chapter, and Iím excited to see you writing more of Maddie/Scorpius in the next chapter! :)

- Shaza

(HPFT Team Vampire Review)

Author's Response: Hey, glad to see you back!

Of course I just wanted MORE drama and MORE Scorpius feeling bad because this story is DRAMA ANGST and MORE DRAMA and MORE ANGST.

Matthew is a sweetheart, how could Scorpius refuse anything he asked for? Maybe it is, I never really thought about that.

Lily is literally my spirit animal in this story (and my name is Lily, ha ha). I actually know that Lily is going to be something more than Scorp's friend in the epilogue of the sequel, but they won't be a couple (mull over that for the next chapters of this story and the sequel, ha ha).

I hope to see you continuing to read and review even though team vampire vs team werewolf review battles are over.

Thank you for the kind review, have a lovely day!


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Review #4, by Ron 4 HermioneKeeping Secrets: Liz's Secret

26th October 2016:
Hey there, canít believe I havenít seen that this chapter was up! So sorry about that!

Aww Poor Liz. Her whole life has changed and personally I think sheís dealing with it pretty well. I love how you make her act more okay than she is though, it makes sense seeing as sheís also hiding something. I also love how inquisitive she is. So many questions but that is totally to be expected, sheís just been told sheís a witch and can do magic! Who wouldnít have a million and one questions that need answering?

Ahhh no you canít end it on a cliffhanger! I need to see how Charlie reacts! I had a hunch that might have been her secret but I thought I was just trying too hard to see a cute little family for Charlie. I love how you've gotten her to tell him, how she really wants to but sheís nervous so she just has to spit it all out at once. I think (pray) that Charlie is going to be shocked but then be really pleased and happy about it

That was a great little chapter, looking forward to the next chapter and seeing how Charlie reacts! :D

- Shaza

Author's Response: OH my goodness, SHAZA! *Squishes* I have missed you SO much!!

There's nothing to apologize for, dear, I'm just so happy to hear from you again, and so beyond flattered that you liked this story so much to come back to it and read and review this latest chapter for me! ♥

You're right, Liz's entire life has changed here. She definitely acts more okay than she is, I think she's kind of in shock and still processing right now, let's just hope she finds a way to let out some of this frustration before it builds up on her... *Whistles innocently*. Haha, I'm glad you love how inquisitive she is - you're right, it's to be expected with all the bombshells that have just been dropped on her!

Teehee.. aww, I'm sorry to end it on a cliffhanger, but that's really what the muse was telling me to do at the time, so I had to just go with it. Hahah, you weren't trying too hard to see a family for Charlie - it really was the secret! (Obviously.. lol) I'm thrilled that you liked how she told him, and as for Charlie's reaction.. well... we'll just have to see, won't we? :P

Thank you SO much for the compliments, I'd hit a bit of a block on this story but I'm hoping to finish up and post the next chapter soon - I can't wait to see what you think! ♥

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Review #5, by Ron 4 HermioneLiar: Lovers

26th October 2016:
Hey there, back again! Sorry itís been a while but Iím very excited to read it again! :)

Aww, cute responsible Remus worrying about what his friends would think. Youíd think that with his friends accepting him as a werewolf then theyíd be okay with him being a Prefect... But I guess heís not the Remus we love without a bit of worrying!

Ooooh, things are getting interesting. Well, a bit of thinking but itís a start! Iím actually quite excited to see what happens between them now. Thatís a really cute scene between Remus and his father, I love the advice he gives him. Sounds like a smart guy (guessing Remus totally inherited those genes). Although youíve BROKE MY HEART- ďSo a person affected by lycantrophy doesnít have the right to love and be lovedĒ. Iím glad his dad tried to get him to see itís ridiculous but the fact that he grows up thinking that is heartbreaking!

OMG, Peter is jealous?! I hope this is true, because that would be so cute for Remus but I guess Iíll have to wait and see. That whole scene though, it just screams Peter like Remus!

Aha, I think Remis should have been worried less about what his friends would think about him being prefect and more about how he was going to keep them in line! Although itís interesting seeing them come up with the idea for the map/what they had to do to find out stuff. Wow, well that took a turn for the depressing. Oh no, I hope sheís okay!

Ergh, can I just despise Regulus? How is he even related to Sirius? I love how you portray their relationship though, because he is still his brother so itís not going to be easy to just forget about him and let him get on with joining the dark side.

Omg this is going to be a long story if these two keep this up! :P Jeez, I wish theyíd just get on with it! (Okay so I wrote that before reading on, clearly!) OH MY WORD!! I donít know weather to be really pleased or sit here and sob because he thinks he doesnít like him! Oh what has he done! I hope Remus fixes it, and quickly!

Aww, poor Remus! That does sound awfully confusing, makes me glad itís not me having to figure that one out. Lol, Sirius isnít as good as giving advice as Remusí dad is he. Iím glad it kind of helped, and that he saw a bit of sense being loved as well.

Aha, well thatís one way to do it, shout ĎI love youí down a corridor. Well done Remus haha. Aww, Iím so glad they worked it out though! Yay for them! (Iím going to ignore the bit about Dorcas for now because theyíre finally happy :P)

Another great chapter, although Iím scared to move on to the next one because itís called heartbreakers and that just canít be good D:

- Shaza

(HPFT Team Vampire Review)

Author's Response: Shaza!!!
It's so great to have you back here! And you really have nothing to apologize for, this was totally unexpected and super appreciated! :D

Ahahah! Like you said, that's Remus. He needs to worry about just anything... ;) And of course his friends would be okay with it, but I think a bit of teasing is definitely a possibility. :P

John is absolutely an intelligent man, other than a caring father. And yes, Remus did inherit those genes! :) I'm sorry that saddened you... but it's just Remus' way of thinking... :(

Peter is jealous. You got that right. ;)

Being a Prefect and a Marauder at the same time can't be easy... Poor Remus... Ahahah! Glad you enjoyed the Map bit! As for Mary... sorry about that, but she will be fine.

Oh, Regulus... he really isn't a bad person, just misguided... but I can't blame you for despising him. Glad you liked their relationship, though. They have different views and can't really get each other, but they are brothers and they do love and care for each other.

It mustn't be simple, for either of them. They are both very unsecure and in need of external acceptance and I think Remus especially would be scared of being "different", since he already has to deal with lycanthropy. They will fix it though, at least for a bit...

Poor Remus, indeed... Ahahah! No, Sirius isn't very good with advices, but he tried at least. And he did give Remus a push in the right direction. ;)

To Remus' benefit, it was an empty classroom, not a corridor... :P But yeah, that's pretty unconsiderate... Remus does these reckless things from time to time... but it did work, and that's what matters. Right? ;)

Thank you! So glad you enjoyed this chapter as well! No, I'm afraid the next one won't be happy... but I would love it if you get there just the same...

Thank you so much for the review, love!

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Review #6, by Ron 4 HermioneThe Ghostly Coup at Hogwarts: The Failed Coup of 1967

26th October 2016:
Hey there!

This sounded like an interesting story so I thought Iíd give it a read! :)

Aha, I donít think Iíve ever read a story from the ghosts P.O.V before but it sure does make for an entertaining read! Especially since this is all in dialogue as well. I think youíve managed to get across their personalities and what they'd be like really well seeing as you're only using dialogue. I especially love Nick and his attitude to Patrick, guess heís still feeling a little bitter about not being allowed in the headless hunt.

I love the idea for this, that the ghosts are going to take over the school.I wonder what they want to use it for. Teaching ghosts? Each pair have such an amusing time together, I love Nickís conversation with Toad. I also think youíve written Peeves perfectly, heís such a character and so much fun to read about.

Aww, poor Patrick. I actually think I feel a bit sorry for him, he felt alive! That must be awful to be dead and not be able to do everything you could when you were alive. At least Dumbledore was a good sport though! Aha, love that last bit with Nick asking to join the headless hunt, itís a nice way to end the fic! This was a really fun read! :)

- Shaza

(HPFT Team Vampire Review)

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Review #7, by Ron 4 HermioneNothing But Perfect: Questionings

26th October 2016:
Hey, Iím back again!

Oh no, this blows! I knew I shouldn't have got my hopes up although I mean at least this is better than nothing. Aha, I wish Scorpius really had said ďDon't go for him. I love you, I want youĒ. Hopefully one day!

That date! What is Scorpius doing? Now I just feel sorry for Maddie. Okay, and a bit for Scorpius because it must be hard to see Album taking Matthew on a date when he wants it to be him but ergh. Jerk behaviour. Oh no, I hope he doesn't string this along so far that his parents find out/ meet Maddie because that would make it even worse!

I think this chapter is making me want to kick Scorpius into shape. I get it must be hard to see the guy he loves with someone else but he's going to lose him as a friend at this rate. Oh dear, why do I feel like there's only going to be more problems to come!

Another great chapter, looking forward to the next one!
- Shaza

P.s. I know Iím only like 3 chapters in but Iím now really excited for the sequel!!

(HPFT Team Vampire Review)

Author's Response: Ahhh, so sorry that it has taken me so long to reply!

Plot twist of course. No you shouldn't... I know, me too (Lily, you're the one who wrote this idiot), but of course that would make the story really boring.

I know. Some part of him deep down enjoys Maddie, but he doesn't really LOVE her. Scorpius is the jealous type, Matthew is the perfect type who doesn't get jealous at anything.

Scorpius has gone through a lot though, don't be so hard on him. There's a reason he doesn't say anything to Albus. YES THERE WILL BE MORE PROBLEM MUAHAHAHA *cough* *cough*

Thank you very much!
I know, me too!


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Review #8, by Ron 4 HermioneNothing But Perfect: Thoughts

23rd October 2016:
Hey there! So I thought Iíd carry on and see what happens next!

Again with breaking my heart! It must have been so hard to grow up with Draco as his father. I know Iím only two chapters in but I really want him to have some happiness.

Scorpius must both love and hate being friends with Albus. At least he gets to be around him but that must be just as hard as it is fun for him! I love the way you write their friendship group as well, especially Rose. Theyíre all just so different but itís an interesting dynamic to read about.

Wow, okay, so that is weird! I definitely think Albus wasnít telling the truth there, although weather I dare to dream I donít know haha.

This was a short but very interesting chapter. Looking forward to what happens next.
- Shaza

(HPFT Team Vampire Review)

Author's Response: Hello there Shaza! I'm glad to see you back.

Yes, it is depressing. Trust me, there probably won't be much happiness until the sequel! Don't hold your breath.

I don't really know if he hates or loves being friends with Albus. I never really thought that through.


I hope to see you reading more, and I hope that you have a very lovely day!


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Review #9, by Ron 4 HermioneNothing But Perfect: Lives

23rd October 2016:
Hey there! Leaving the second of your review prizes!

Oh wow, so Iím guessing by the authors note this is going to be heavy.

Oh no, his father telling him that itís his life to find a girl is then followed by a dream about Albus. That can only be a recipe for disaster.I like your portrayal of Draco in this though, he seems a lot more like his father was, strict rules- forbidding crying- and his mother being scared of him. Although I feel like that is just going to create a lot of problems later on, especially for Scorpius.

Aww, this is too cute, and agonising! Poor Scorpius! I wonder if Albus feels the same way. Hmm. Aha, I love how you dropped Neville in there, I definitely think heíd be headmaster one day!

This is a great start to the story, I love how youíve portrayed Scorpius and how his personality is affected by him having grown up in a house with Draco.

Canít wait to see what happens next!
- Shaza

(HPFT Team Vampire Review)

Author's Response: Hey Shaza, thanks for this splendid review!

Yes, very very very heavy.

I'm glad you like it. I definitely wanted to make Draco much stricter in this fic because in a lot of my other ones both Harry and Albus are always super accepting and everything is fluffy and boring. But there's a little mystery from Scorpius's past that you might find out if you keep on reading.

Yes, no, maybe so. Who knows? Well... I do. But besides that!

Thanks for the review, I hope that you keep reading!


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Review #10, by Ron 4 HermioneKissing Lessons: Kissing Lessons

22nd October 2016:
Hi there, leaving the first of your review prizes!

Well first things first, this sounds like one interesting pairing! Iím definitely intrigued by it!

Aww, doesnít that bring back memories! Spin the bottle and first kisses, I love the way youíve written about it. How nervous he is, how he wantís to have his first kiss because he feels like the only one. Itís all so realistic, and stuff like this is never rally picked up on in the books which is a shame because they are teenagers after all!

The way you introduce the subject of them kissing is very Percy like, wanting to teach him how to do it and willing to help. I like how nervous Oliver is, and not just because of the kiss.

Aww, thatís such a sweet moment, and I love how you havenít just made Oliver amazing at kissing either, especially as itís his first time. I canít believe how well you write this ship, I had never even considered it as a ship before but this is such a great piece! Aha, I love the last line, ďTrust me, it will be.Ē It fits so well in even though itís not a side of Percy we see very often! I can just imagine him sauntering out of the common room!

This was a lovely piece, I think Iím going to have to go look for more Oliver/Percy pieces!
- Shaza

(HPFT Team Vampire Review)

Author's Response: Hey Shaza, thanks for the review!

I don't consider it "interesting" per say, but I guess you could call it that. Perciver is actually one of my favourite ships, and I'm upset that I don't get to read it more often.

It sure does bring back memories. Ha ha, I can't even imagine Joanne writing a Spin the Bottle scene.

Of course it's Percy! Percy always has to be teaching or studying or learning. I actually didn't even know that I was going to make Ollie nervous when I was planning this. It turned out well though.

Like I said, I LOVE Perciver. Thank you, I was always worried about others reading this. I know right? I love it too!

Thank you so very much! I do have another one that you can check out if you want! Have an awesome day.


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Review #11, by Ron 4 HermioneEvery Broken Piece of Us: Your Memory is Breaking My Heart

3rd October 2016:
Hey there, Iím here to review your entry for the Chosen by you challenge. (Sorry itís so late!)

Well first that was most definitely not horrible! I thoroughly enjoyed reading that, and my main complaint is that it wasnít long enough! :P

The ship from your prompt was Charlie Weasley/Nymphadora Tonks and youíve definitely managed to fulfil that. Poor Charlie, he was totally in Love with Tonks and she didnít even know it! I think that the use of two different years, especially with the large gap in between them, really shows just how much he loved her. You hear of them two being teenage crushes at school but this is so much more than a crush for Charlie, and itís so heart breaking.

That leads nicely onto your genre which was angst and I donít think anyone could argue that this isnít angst filled! I especially love the flashback as I think it really brings home just how long heís loved her for which just makes this even more tragic. Also the last line is awful, but in a good way! The image of Charlie trying not to cry while all the while staring at Tonkís son who looks like her is heart breaking.

This is a very well written piece, short but heart breaking! I loved reading it! :)

The results should be posted shortly, good luck!
- Shaza

Author's Response: OH MY GODRICK I LITERALLY JUST SAW THE CHALLENGE HALL OF FAME AND I WAS LIKE OH MY! Thank you so much for posting the challenge, I really didn't think I was going to get first.

I'm glad that I fulfilled both of my prompts because I was super worried about that.

Yes, he really did love Tonks, I really wanted to portray that.

... Well, maybe I'll write a sequel or a companion...

Thank you so much for your review, and for the challenge. Have a lovely day!


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Review #12, by Ron 4 HermioneThe Girl with a Million Faces: The Girl with a Million Faces

3rd October 2016:
Hey there, Iím here to review your entry for the Chosen by you challenge. (Sorry itís so late!)

Your prompt was Remus and Tonks at Hogsmeade and youíve definitely delivered this! I like how youíve chosen a time before they really knew each other, as I suppose itís inevitable that they would have bumped into each other before the order of the phoenix!

Aha, I think youíve got both character's written perfectly well! Remus is brooding and thinking heís not done a good job so heís come to drown his sorrows. Typica! And then thereí s Tonks! Happy, refreshing Tonks! I love how even though you set this up as quite dark/moody with Remus, Tonks canít help but bring a bit of lightheartedness to the scene. Itís perfect for their characters.

I also love how he thinks about her, and actually smiles, after sheís gone. Itís a really nice touch and it fits perfectly with the story. This is a short but sweet story of the two of them and I think youíve done a great job!

The results should be posted shortly, good luck! :)
- Shaza

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Review #13, by Ron 4 HermioneLiar: Marauders

2nd October 2016:
Hey, figured Iíd carry on since I really want to know what happens next! And hitting the Hufflepuff review tag while Iím here :P

Aw, the letter is such a sweet touch! Poor Lupin, it must be hard to know that the two people he can talk freely about everything to are only accessible by a letter. Although YES! So glad to see he hates lying to Peter, hopefully the truth comes out soon. Itís so strange to read about how he doesnít trust James and Sirius though, itís an interesting twist and it makes this even more intriguing. I think I use that word too much when reviewing this story but I just always have questions and always want to read on! Hmm, I hope they were just being nice and that Remusí wolf sense is off, although Iím wondering if thatís going to be some sort of plot twist!

Oooh, I was so confused but I see now! Wow, well I guess someone had to put them in their place and with Remusí temperament at the full moon it makes sense that it's him. Hahaha, Lockhart! Omg, I love that mention. Aww, well that was unexpected but Iím glad they seem to be friends now, and that Remus is feeling a little more trustful.

Oooh, this is getting tense! Omg, I canít believe they figured it out although I like that it was Sirius, was a nice touch as I think out of all three of them heíd be the one to make that connection with the once a month/full moon. Oh no, I hope Peter is nice to him, at least James and Sirius seem to want to be nice. Although I hope they do ask him because I donít know if Peter is going to be able to keep it a secret and if he blurts it out that would be a nightmare. Aha, I love that little slip of the ďYou canít be serious..Iím not you are.Ē Aha, that pun never gets old!

Aww, they told him? Yes they did! Omg, this makes me so happy! YAY!! I love how youíve written this, like itís honestly perfection! Look at Lily being all protective of Remus, and just immediately calling out James. Your writing is just filled with little details that make the characters so real and itís just so good!

Oh, so Iím guessing theyíve started discussing becoming animagus? Bless them, and in third year! Well theyíre loyalty canít be faulted.Although I can see both points of view because Remus knows itís dangerous and obviously doesn't want to put the first friends whoíve accepted him in danger but likewise, they donít want to leave him in danger of himself. I love how youíve written this just using dialogue as well, it really emphasises the conversation and just how stubborn both sides are being!

Ahahaha, yay a prank! How funny, and how clever of you to think up those rhymes! Iím so impressed, I couldnít even rhyme 2 lines never mind a paragraph of my story. I love the prank and the idea that McGonagall gave them the idea to be called the marauders. I had no idea it actually meant something so thatís really cool!

Oh my word, that last paragraph! Reduce me to pieces, break my heart, itís fine! :P No, but seriously youíve got across how Remus must have felt when he realised his friends could transform and spend the full moon with him. It must have been so life-changing and amazing and he must have been so happy! Aww, Iím so glad it all worked out for them!

Well this was longer than I thought, I apologise if itís all ramble but Iím loving this story! Looking forward to reading the next chapter!

-Shaza :)

Author's Response: Shaza!!!
Aww... this was such a nice surprise, finding your review waiting for me yesterday morning... definitely brightened my Monday! :D
(And for the record, I don't mind rambling... feel free to do that as much as you want! :P)

I guess a lot of children would've felt homesick and missed their families when starting Hogwarts. For Remus this is particularly true, since he feels he can't trust anyone the way he trusts his parents... poor child...

And yes, obviously he hates lying to Peter... he knows he's being unfair to the only friend he has and he truly cares for him, but on the other hand he fears that Peter would be afraid of him if he knew the truth. In a way, he's trying to protect him.

James and Sirius... well, they can be quite a lot to deal with... they have good hearts, but we know they have a tendency to be overbearing, and Remus did have his fair lot of experience with bullies. Remus sees a lot of Duncan in them, which is the reason he can't trust them. In that case they were just being nice, though. :)

A few scenes are a bit confusing, I'm sorry about that... I'm trying to fit into the seven scenes structure and to do so I cut out a few moments that would've made the flow smoother... anyway...

Someone had to tell them off. ;) I'm not sure if Remus' words will have much of an effect on their behaviour anyway. :P Glad you liked Lockhart's mention. Eheheh! I guess Remus just needed to see how authentic they are, you know? Despite what he says, he does need friends.

For some reason, I thought it'd made sense for Sirius to be the one to make the connection. Peter would've never figured it out, because to him it would've been too absurd. And James just isn't reflective enough? I doubt Peter would be nasty to Remus anyway even if he does have some prejudices... Peter knows Remus and that makes all the difference. As for James and Sirius, they hate prejudices and just wouldn't care. At least, that's how I imagine it. :D (and yay for Sirius/serious puns. I love Sirius/serious puns. I didn't put enough of them in this story...)

Yes, they did! Glad you liked that scene! And I love Lily, she's brilliant! :) Glad you like the details and that you feel they give the characters depth!

Yes, they're starting to discuss Animagi. :) I'm glad the dialogue helped emphasizing the stubborness on both sides. And yay for Marauders' loyalty! Aren't they just awesome friends?

Ahahah! The prank! That took me quite some time to figure out... I have to say, writing rhymes in a language you're not sure the pronunciation of isn't easy... doing rhymes in Italian is much easier... :P but apparently it worked out! ;)

I'm glad you liked they got the idea for the name from McGonagall. It was actually an idea I took from Ysh's story, sort of... she had Peeves giving them the name but it was after a prank like here, so pretty similar circumstancies...

I'm sorry... or maybe not... :P Ah, I'm glad you think I captured Remus' emotions well there. After enduring it all alone for so long, it must've been so liberating and joyful to have someone by his side! Did I mention I love Remus?

Uh oh... I'm afraid I rambled even more than you did... hope you don't mind...

Thank you so much again for stopping by! I really hope you'll be back again, cause I'd love to know your thoughts on the rest!

All my love and hugs!

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Review #14, by Ron 4 HermioneLiar: Gryffindors

2nd October 2016:
Hey there! :D

Aww, well doesnít that bring back awful memories of the first day of school and everyone being so much taller and more grown up than you! Poor Peter, it must have been hard enough and then he bumped into family who don't seem to nice and he didnít even know he had. The stark contrast between Remus and Peterís experience on the train is a nice touch because while Peter does get brought into a compartment with family, albit they donít seem to nice, Lupin finds himself in a compartment with two people he doesnít know and it sounds like he spends it by himself.

Wow, Slytherin? I love that you made the hat dither and then eventually listen to Peter as to where he goes. I can see how it would make sense with some of what youíve shown about him especially in the first chapter. It really makes him feel more complex and shows another side than just the typical brave Gryffindor side.

Aww, this story really does make you feel sorry for Peter! He must have been so hurt and upset at being left by Remus but Iím glad he was willing to make friends with him again. Even if it is with a rather big lie between them.

Your observations are amazing! I love the little extra details and depth they give to the story. Although kind of makes me want to strangle Remus, haha! I hope Peter finds out soon, I feel like this secrecy can only go on for so long! Aww, no! See this is why Remus needs to tell! I hope they make back up. I mean I can understand why Remus doesnít want to tell but itís so frustrating haha!

Oooh, I wonder if Peter will just work it out by logic! Ben missing 3 times in 3 monthsÖ.although I suppose thatís only obvious to me because I know! Good on him for getting the courage to speak to James and Sirius! I hope this is the start of a beautiful friendship between the three(four) of them! Although now Iím curious how Remus will react when he knows Peter has been with them?

Another fab chapter, this is such an intriguing story!

-Shaza :)

Author's Response: First day of school is hard... I had that feeling in my first year of middle school, being so little compared to the older kids... glad you could empathize with Peter, but sorry for bringing back bad memories... :/

Ah, I'm glad you liked the contrast between the two of them. I don't think either of them had a particularly nice first trip to Hogwarts, though...

Well, apparently it is canon for Peter being an hatstall (or so my canon-expert beta Ysh tells me...) and it just makes sense in my opinion. Peter can be brave and loyal, but we know he has a much darker side and we know he chose to save himself and sacrifice others in the end. He definitely has a bit of Slytherin in him, don't you agree?

Peter is very hurt and upset about Remus abandoning him... but they'll make up, at least for now...

I'm glad you liked the observations bit and the details they add. Oh, I know... but don't be too hard on Remus, he's gone through a lot and is just scared of suffering again...

I don't think it would be so easy to figure out. Also because it is something I doubt Peter would take into consideration... but you'll find out more about it all in the next chapter (if you happen to come back and read on...)

Yay for Peter talking to James and Sirius! You'll find out more about that in the next chapter, too... but yes, the Marauders are definitely in the making! ;)

Thank you for swapping with me! I'm do glad you enjoyed this chapter too! And I'm so happy I got the chance to read your Lavender story, it really was amazing!!!

Love and hugs,

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Review #15, by Ron 4 HermioneLiar: Children

24th September 2016:
Hey Chiara, here for the Hufflepuff review swap!

I donít think Iíve actually read a story focused on Peter as the main character before so Iím excited to read this and see how you portray him!

I love how you set the chapter up, Peterís mum actually makes me think Peter could have turned out quite shy as she seems quite overprotective. Although I suppose most mothers wouldnít want their child to be in pain. And you make Peter sound like such a cute child, itís strange to imagine him as the one who betrayed Lily and James but I guess at this point he isnít.

Aww no, I think youíve just broke my heart! Poor Remus, having to transform all by himself when heís so young. He must have been so scared, especially for the first time. Again I love the motherly love you show with Silvia staying outside all night.

And things just get worse. Kids can be so mean, and I definitely think thatís an important part to show. Makes the idea of him being a marauder so much sweeter. And I love how Peter tries to stand up for Remus even though he doesnít know whatís going on. With what he does when heís older itís easy to forget he was a Gryffindor and I think him sticking up for Remus shows that perfectly!

Now I feel sorry for Peter, which isnít something I ever thought I would! Remus was rather mean to him (although I get why) but now heís just left him! That must have hurt, especially being so young and he doesnít even know why. Iím glad something made him smile, even if only a little one. Itís his birthday and he deserved that!

Oh, leaving for Hogwarts must have been a terrifying time for Remus and I think youíve done a great job in showing that! He has to leave the two people he was closest too, and the two people who know and accept his condition and now heís going to have to live with others his own age. And after what other people his age have done to him, no wonder heís scared.

This was a great start to what seems like itís going to be an interesting story! Iím going to have to come back and read on!

- Shaza :)

Author's Response: Hi, Shaza!
So, now I owe you two review responses... I've been so lazy at this recently and I'm sorry...

I'm so happy you are intrigued by this. Peter's stories are not very frequent and that's a pity. He is a much complex character than often depicted and, I swear, so fascinating to explore. I must confess, I've developed a little affection for him. Weird, I know...

That's exactly what I was doing for with Mary. She is overprotective and Peter does turn out quite shy and uncertain as a result. At this point in his life he's just a child like many others. The betrayal is still far away.

It always breaks my heart to think about Remus going through all that since such an early age... the poor child... I hated myself a little writing that scene, but then again, we know this happened...

And poor Silvia as well... can you imagine how hard it must've been for her? I'm glad you liked the motherly love there!

Kids can be so nasty. I could totally imagine something like this happening. It also explain why Remus is so reticent to share his secret with anyone. I'm glad you liked Peter showing some Gryffindor bravery and loyalty.

Poor Peter... Remus was unfair to him, but you can't really blame him... after everything that happened he's just scared of Peter's reaction and worried for his safety. I'm happy I made you feel sorry for Peter, though! #authorpride

Leaving for Hogwarts was scary for Remus. He's obviously very close to his parents and he worries about all the things that could go wrong... he does that a bit too much but, once again, can you really blame him? Fortunately we know he'll meet some pretty amazing friends and that he'll be riunited to Peter soon. :)

I'm so glad you enjoyed this first chapter! This story is currently my main focus/obsession and I'm so thrilled that it's been received so well so far!

Thanks so much for the lovely review!

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Review #16, by Ron 4 HermioneIn Every Stitch: Eight

11th September 2015:
Hey there,

what a beautiful story! I love how you've managed to show such a simple moment into such a touching moment. I think the 2nd person pronoun is also really effective in this piece, as it really lets me/the reader get inside Molly's head which makes all those feelings so much more pronounced.

And wow, there are a lot of feelings! When she's going through the reasons why she is thankful for Harry, and then the reasons why she was making the jumper, each one just broke my heart a little more! But it does feel totally in character for Molly, who we know loves her family and this was just a beautiful way of showing that.

I haven't read a lot of stories that focus sorely on Molly Weasley but you've portrayed her in an amazing way, you can really feel just how much see loves Harry and wants to ensure that he is as looked after as one of her own. This is a brilliant one-shot!

- Shaza

Author's Response: Hi Shaza!

Awe! Thank you! I'm glad that you liked the second person POV - it was really hard writing it, but totally worth it! Getting in Molly's head is something that I've always wanted to portray, and writing this story was my attempt at it... which seems to have worked!

Oh gosh, those feelings were SO hard to come up with, but at the same time once they hit me, it felt so natural and easy and I'm glad that it came across in words.

You know, I've found that while there are a lot of stories that feature Molly, there are actually very few that focus completely on her, which is exactly why I wanted to write this story!

Thank you so much for R&R'ing this story, Shaza!!

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Review #17, by Ron 4 HermioneDeathsong: One

9th September 2015:

What an interesting, and creepy, start.

Poor Lucy, you've just introduced us to her and then suddenly she's gone, and in such a deadly way too. It does leave an impact though, and also leaves me wondering who else may become a target. I love how you've got the first act happening, not in Hermione's house were it would seem that it al started from, but in her workplace. For me, that makes it even more scary because it means that the horror isn't limited to her house, it could follow her anywhere.

I also love your characterisation of Hermione, and the fact that she is a healer instead of working in the ministry. I think it's an interesting idea, and one that does fit with her personality. Also, the way you write about the end of the war, and how they started to rebuild things afterwords is really great, especially considering it's only a few paragraphs but it works well for the story- it provides just enough background to help give the story context.

As much as I'd love to think things were going to get better for Hermione, I have a feeling they're only going to get worse! But this is a really great start, you've definitely managed to create that feeling of horror and mystery!

- Shaza

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Review #18, by Ron 4 Hermionedanse macabre: inviolate.

8th September 2015:
Wow, that was amazing. It's given me the shivers. I think the idea for this fic is an interesting one because the diary must have had an effect on Ginny, but, since the book's are from Harry's P.O.V, we never really see the effect directly, or how she copes with it so this is a really nice read.

Your use of description to bring the piece to life, as opposed to having loads of dialogue, works perfectly! It makes the peace a lot more haunting and really shows what Tom Riddle is like. I absolutely love the descriptions that are in the brackets, it makes it read almost like an echo which adds to the tone of the piece.

The tone of the piece is really dark and haunting, and I love the repetition of "silly girl" and "you let me in", especially when you've spaced it out near the start of the fic. It really adds tension to the fic, and since it's so short, it's impressive that you've managed to convey all of that in the fic.

Also, I think your characterisation of Ginny is amazing, especially since the fic is so short. With short fics I normally find it hard to get inside the character's head and feel what they're feeling but with this I did! It's impressive how well you've managed to capture Ginny's feelings, especially since she never actually speaks in this.

This is an amazing, haunting piece!

- Shaza

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Review #19, by Ron 4 HermioneKeeping Secrets: Revelations

31st August 2015:

I was so happy to see this was updated, It's such an amazing story!

Your portrayal of Charlie is amazing, and it's just as good in this chapter! I love the way you write him looking after Liz, especially when he was telling her about her dad. But in the same way I also love how Liz is exactly the same to Charlie, like when she realised her mum could kill Charlie and she jumped to his defence. It's so touching and the way you write it is beautiful!

I was also glad to see more of Amelia in this chapter, and to have more things explained. Especially the way that it happened, it was nice to see her and Charlie come to, not an agreement, but an acceptance of sorts. It must have been hard for her to eventually have her daughter know all of this after she'd kept it from her for so long.That twist with Mulciber was also pure genius, but poor Amelia and liz, I can't be easy for them to now know (or have it confirmed) that he's in prison now.

You make these characters feel so real, it's easy to empathise with them and feel what they're going through.

This is another great chapter; and now I'm excited to see how Liz finds out/reacts to his other secret! Great job! :D

- Shaza

Author's Response: SHAZA! *squishes*

Thank you SO much for stopping by to read and review this! I'm so happy that you like it so much that you came back!

Awww, thank you for your comments about my portrayal of Charlie and Liz! Those two have really grown close to me since I started writing this - they're probably my favorite couple to write so far, so I'm thrilled that they come across well!

Yes, I definitely felt that this chapter needed to be an explanation of several things, and I'm glad that your questions were answered! And ! *blushes* I'm so flattered that you like the Mulciber twist! Yes, I think Liz is taking the news pretty hard, but Amelia sort of new it was coming. And yes, it's definitely hard for her to see Liz finding out about all the things she was trying to protect her from.

Awww, thank you SO much for your amazing compliments and this sweet review! I can't wait to see what you think about the next chapter! *hug*

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Review #20, by Ron 4 HermioneBeyond Repair: Don't Let Go

12th August 2015:
Me again! :P

Another brilliant chapter, I love the way you show the progression of the relationship between them as they get older. It's totally realistic, and I think that's one (of many) reasons why this is such a great read! I love how Petunia starts to become a little more resentful, it's great foreshadowing and really sets the tone for what's going to come. It also makes it more realistic because I don't think Petunia would just hate her sister for being a witch if she completely loved her beforehand.

I love how you make such a simple muggle thing, like learning to ride a bike, into something, that because of Lily, has hints of magic in it. It's an interesting idea and makes for a great read! I love how simple it is but it is really effective and works really well.

Another great chapter, it's a brilliant story! :)

- Shaza.

Author's Response: "I don't think Petunia would just hate her sister for being a witch if she completely loved her beforehand"

^THIS. This is exactly what compelled me to write Beyond Repair. In the books, it's clear Lily loves Petunia enough for Petunia's cold shoulder to hurt. And that love had to come from somewhere, and the cracks in it had to come from somewhere. I think there's a lot of complexity between them that usually goes unexplored, so I'm trying my best to put a spotlight on that and really make sense of their relationship.

Everything you said about this story was so nice and really made me smile!
Thank you!!

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Review #21, by Ron 4 HermioneBeyond Repair: Daddy's Little Flowers

12th August 2015:
Hey there, decided that since I read them I may as well leave a review! :)

This is such a cute start, I especially love the way you write how Petunia sees things, especially her parents. Children do tend to idolise/see their parents as perfect, especially if they were treated well and I think that comes across beautifully in this.

I love how you have the jealousy coming through as well, I think just over all you write Petunia really realistic and it's definitely something I can see her doing.

This also makes me sad though, because Petunia already has this jealous streak and since we know that her reaction to Lily being a witch isn't positive, it makes me sad that moments like this don't last and it ends the way it does! :'(

Anyhow, I love the story though, and I don't think I've read a story about the sibling relationship between them when they were young so great idea, and you've written it amazingly too!

- Shaza :)

Author's Response: Hi Shaza!

It was so lovely of you to leave these reviews! Thank you!!!

I'm glad you thought Petunia seemed realistic. And thank you very very much for the kind things you said!! You're the best!


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Review #22, by Ron 4 HermioneHow to Fix Your Sibling (The Art of Getting Even) : Chapter 2

27th July 2015:

So I like the start of this, especially how it's two people each writing a different person. That's really effective, especially because it means that the characters are going to have such different, distinctive tones of voice.

Aww, can i just hug both your main characters so far, I'm a twin so I can relate to siblings being really annoying and stuff! I think you've wrote it in such a convincing way, and I also love how they both have the same problem, but it's also diffeent at the same time. I'm also interested to see how the become friends and start to work together, because not only does it seem like they don't know/like each other, they are also in what are typically seen as the rival houses, so this should be fun.

A great start, looking forward to more chapters!

- Shaza :)

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Review #23, by Ron 4 HermioneMonochromatic: Just Lying There

27th July 2015:

Wow, what a story. This has me hooked, I just read through the first three chapters and now I can't wait for the next one! Such an interesting story, I'm really enjoying it.

The plague idea is an interesting one, and I love the way you've written it. The two different time parts, it's almost like two stories in one but it works really well and I think you've written it really well as well. It's really effective in adding to the mystery of the story as well.

I love the characters too, especially Cara and David. I think the fact that they're almost opposite in the way that you've wrote them (her being weighed down by her past and him being more happy and carefree) make them seem really real and realistic. Especially when you write them together.

I do have a whole lot of questions, but I guess I'll just have to wait for the next chapter! :P Which I am really looking forward to reading, can't wait to see what happens next, it's a great story so far!

- Shaza

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Review #24, by Ron 4 HermioneThat's What You Do: That's What You Do

20th July 2015:
Hufflepuff- house cup 2015!

Hey there, this is such a well written fic. I love the ongoing narrative while you show us different memories, its really effective as a way of writing and you do it really well!

I love your characterisation of sirius as well, especially since its not even his point of view. You show him as a type of playboy but it fits in with what we already know about him and it works really well. The characterisation of the girl is just as good, the idea that someone would let someone cheat that many times but you explain it so well that you can see where she's coming from!

A great fic! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for a wonderful review! I think characterisation was something that I always seemed to struggle with before writing this so I think maybe this helped me what with everyone's replies to it!

Thank you again!

~Aimee xxx

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Review #25, by Ron 4 HermioneMoney Mania: Money Mania

20th July 2015:
House cup 2015- hufflepuff

Hey there, what a cool fic! I love fics were the mauraders are just having pure adventures and this was really nice. I love your characterisation of them both, especially James because you can see him growing up when he talks about the war and Vodlermort but then at the end, when he grins, he is still a joker, still someone who is going to have fun with their mates. It's great.

I love the idea as well, collecting money from different countries- genius! And I love how you've wrote about it as well, it seems really realistic, especialy with the different types of money used.

This was a really nice fic to read, good job with it! :)

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