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Review #26, by JchrissyNo Turning Back: No Turning Back

11th July 2013:
Hi darling! What an eerie/awesome story!

Regulus is so young, and you made it apparent that he thought himself much more ready for something like this than he actually was. There were so many instances where we could feel him hating it all, but still having/needing/convincing himself of wanting/ to go through with it all.

When he's first getting out of bed I was wondering if this would be when he travels to destroy Voldemort's horcrux, but really liked the time frame you chose. We see a lot of already DE Regulus, but seeing him when he's just starting out is so much more haunting. Just a child who get involved in much more than he could handle...

The photo made my heart hurt! I just wan them to all be happy and love each other and NOT go bad and NOT go to Azkaban for years and blah. haha.

The memory of the murdering of the family was SO haunting. That's when we can most feel Regulus despising it all, I think. He doesn't want to do that, but like he thinks -- there's no turning back.

And of course you ended it on an awesomely chilling note. Again we see this young boy who doesn't want to be apart of this all, who is afraid of his own cousin's face and wants to go hide with hot cocoa, but he doesn't get to be that young boy anymore. He made a choice and now he has to live up to it.

Really awesome story, Courtney!

Author's Response: Ah, I can't believe I'm only just replying to this now! Whoops.

Anyway, thanks for the review! I'm glad you enjoyed it!


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Review #27, by JchrissyFinal Call: Final Call

11th July 2013:
Hi there!

This was actually a heartbreaking little story. I loved the constant thread of envy you showed in Petunia, because we know that's a huge part of her.

From the moment her neighbor/friend was talking about her travels, we got such a perfect sense of longing. She didn't just want to be stuck in there as a house-wife forever. She wanted to get out, to see things, but couldn't figure out how to voice that to her husband and make him understand.

When Vernon comes home and tells Dudley they're going on a retreat, just them, I really felt Petunia's restraint snap. I especially like the inclusion of the scrapbook Lily had given her and the jealousy again coming through with where her sister had gotten to go.

Ohh when she changes her mind last minute, too scared and already having talking herself out of it, I felt so sad for her. That one decision could have been the start to something amazing, and i wished she'd have gotten on. I think you kept her in character really well, especially with having her too nervous at the end to really take that leap.

Awesome HC entry!


Author's Response: Gosh, it wasn't until I started to write Petunia that I realize how complicated she was. Her envy. Her romanticism. Her bitterness. Her need for normalcy, but her hunger for adventure. I tried to make her identifiable, so it means a lot that you think it was successful! Thank you for your insight and for taking the time to review!!!

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Review #28, by JchrissySilver Linings: Alexa: When Old Enemies Become Potentials

10th July 2013:
NO. Get out of here, Rich! You are not invited into my Lexi Albus romance. Listen, they're having a baby together. They live in a little suburban type house. They are HAVING A BABY. They are going to fall in love, and be parents together, and you are not going to be involved in this.

HMPH. I'm not happy about this. I dind't really remember Rich from before, but then as soon as I learned what Lexi was taking him on the forgiveness outing for, I remembered. He definitely didn't seem like a mean/bad guy. But he's not Albus. So...

And I'm getting more and more curious to find out about Em's love affair! I also loved the mentions of Al's friend! I'm curious if we'll ever meet him, and it's very cool they stayed in touch.

And THEN when Rich was asking them all about what they wanted to do and blahblah and got to Lexi: Well, she'll be raising a child for a bit.. soo.. ugh I wanted her to tell him so bad. Although if he was super supportive that would have made me want to hate him eve more, hahah.

Awesome chapter, as always! I'm getting excited that we're seeing so much more of Lexi and Al's lives/friends.

Author's Response: Hey, Jami!

Haha, Rich is clearly just an absticle this need to get past before all your aforementioned stuff actually happens. Because how could it not?! ;)

You'll find out about Em's love live and you'll meet Xavier, in the next chapter actually - he has quite a story.

I agree, he needs to know. She should tell him. You'll have another supporter in the next chapter. :D

Thank you so much for leaving a review, Jami!


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Review #29, by JchrissyUndertow: Chapter Three

9th July 2013:
I shouldít be surprised that someone (two someones) beat me to the first review with how long itís taken me to get here. But that doesnít mean Iím pleased about it! *pouts*

Iím already half in love with Makaio. I love the fact that you created this huge, almost half legend half real type of man. He seems completely friendly, but the mystery you tied into his past really makes him stand out. I also love that heís the giant peace keeper, basically. Haha.

At first I was a bit annoyed at him --when I realized that heíd disturbed her chase for either the illusion of a red mop of hair or a real red mop of hair -- but after their easy walk back and the way Rose seemed to relax around him, I warmed right up. Something about the fact that they use their names on the island made me sad and happy all at once. It gives us a solid idea that this is where theyíve chosen to try and stay, and the fact that Rose wasnít okay with doing it under false identities really makes sense. Sheís Rose Weasley. She may have gave up her freedom to live in the country she was born an raised, but she doesnít have to throw away herself entirely.

Iím about to go on a huge Rose and Viktor tangent, feel free to breeze past it :P

I just donít know what Iím feeling about them right now. The very end, I felt like they were more themselves then they have been yet. His gift to her, her persistence at finding out what the look Keoni gave him, leaving the party hand in hand... it all felt so familiar. But then there were other times, like their sarcastic banter in the beginning and Rose not telling him about the incident, that I pick up on this sort of tension. Of course it makes sense for it to be there; I just feel so bad for them for having to start making a life together under these kinds of circumstances. No one can go through whatís happened to Rose and be the same girl she was last book, but I just feel so sad for the position theyíre in.

The ending so was perfectly perfect. Yep, thatís what college does for you. Teaches you to repeat the same word when you just canít find another that will suit :P Anyway, Viktor had every bit of the charm we know and love when he gave her the desk, and Roseís confusion at first felt so natural. Writing was part of her in a different world, a different life, she probably hasnít thought about it really since. But now Krum is showing her that those parts of her are still there and she can still use them and WHY DO YOU HAVE TO MAKE THESE TWO SO PERFECT?

I loved how exhausting you made the ceremony, as well. I think something like that would be overwhelming to most, but the fact that it (assaulted was the word you used, I think) Roseís sense just stayed so true to the position youíve already created for them. She hasnít been to anything with this much noise, people, faces, colors... in so long, that I can see how you would just be reeling after.

This chapter felt very much like a dip for us before you start climbing us toward all sorts of issues, and I loved this little glimpse of something almost Ďnormalí for them. I just finished reading this chapter for the second time and I already right more.

Aww and thank you for that sweet mention ♥ though I'd like the record to show that I didn't actually do anything except poke at you constantly. I'm greedy and wanted more Rose and Krum :P!

Author's Response: Well, I'll forgive your "late" review if you forgive my even later reply!

You like Makaio? Yay!! He IS the giant peacekeeper! I see him as almost a smarter, darker Hagrid. Hagrid would do anything to protect the school that is his home, and Makaio would do the same for the island.

I wasn't sure how the name thing would go over. I knew I had to address it one way or another, and I hope this was the "right" choice. I'm trying to make the story stand on its own as much as possible and throwing in fake names seemed potentially confusing, but I also didn't want it to be like, "mah, whatever... it's totally safe to use our real names." Hopefully this also helps hint at the idea of how Rose feels like she is losing herself.

Breeze past this? No way! I'm glad you're feeling torn at this point. I definitely wanted that theme to carry over from OtE. In the first book, I wanted readers to be torn over liking them as a couple/wanting them to be together and wanting to tell Rose to run and never look back. Hopefully the tension here will be more over kind of life will make her most happy. At this point, the stress between them is the unspoken fact that Rose is simply not herself anymore and doesn't want to admit why, and Krum knows why but doesn't know what to do about it.

You get a big chuck of the credit for the ending. I probably would have pushed on to the next major event without your advice, and I think both this chapter and the next will be all the better for it!

I feel like I chickened out on the ceremony a bit. After the build-up, I probably should have actually described it, but I was getting in over my head on cultural things. I'll be happy when they are back in London -- though I've never been there either :P

Hopefully this wasn't too much of a dip. I always worry about losing forward momentum. But I did have it in my notes to use chapter three to "sell" Rose and Krum as a couple to the reader, so I'm glad a touch of normality came through.

And thank YOU for being such an awesome writing buddy! And thank you for this review!!!

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Review #30, by JchrissyFluxweed: Fluxweed

2nd July 2013:
Sian, you're going to need to get to writing. Because I just realize this is one of the only two stories of yours that I have left to review. So, go on. Type away! :P

I was worried about how this would end because of the summary. I know this is terrible, but I don't remember what happens to quite a few Hogwarts era minor characters. I've spent too long stuck in the Marauders era that I tend to forget about the not so major ones in this, and so I wasn't sure if Padma makes it through everything alive or not.

The first part of the story I was convinced she'd come in contact with a creature or something. I loved that you set up the eerie feeling, and then it was really her who went running into the danger. The fact that nothing came at her and she ventured upon Draco was even creeper. And what he was building! wow. I honestly wondered at first if an Iron Maiden was something different there, then when you started described it I got a chill.

Too many people show a softer side a Draco, that giving us the boy who doesn't care about anything but saving his own skin was so incredibly refreshing. He felt like Draco. not like someone who's gone through some huge reform, who realized he's in deep and is sad and scared of the Dark Lord now. He felt like the arrogant boy who could care less about others, and that balanced P's attitude perfectly. The fact that she didn't even realize at first how much danger she was in set up such a tense moment of 'uh oh.'

I loved the details you focused on about the fluxweed and what they were going to do with the potion. You really have a talent for taking these tiny little moments, twisting canon fax in there, and making them into really awesome, addicting one shots.

This was an awesome story. It was creepy, intense, and in the end I found myself wanting to cheer for her. Really great story, Sian!

Author's Response: Jami! You're spoiling me so much with all these lovely reviews!

I wanted the summary to be ambiguous so that people would be guessing up until the end what would happen, so it's good that works!

Haha I kind of wanted people not to know what to expect from this while Padma's going into the forest, so I'm glad you thought it might be a creature at first.

Shall I let you into a secret? I didn't know what an Iron Maiden was before this challenge, and when I found out I was so tempted to twist the prompts around and stick the band in there instead somehow! :P It's horrible, so I'm glad you got chills about it! But I thought it fit with what we know of the Carrows as well, since they don't care how they keep control as long as they have it.

Draco was actually really hard for me to write; there are so many different versions of him in FF and it was hard to settle on how I wanted to portray him. I think at this point while he is scared, saving his own skin is still more important to him than anything else, and we see that through the Battle at the end of the last book. Haha I wanted to cheer for Padma too!

Thank you so much for this amazing review, Jami!

Sian :)

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Review #31, by JchrissySilver Linings: Alexa: When News is Told

2nd July 2013:
I don't remember exactly what chapter I left off on, but I know I'm getting close to it because I can't figure out what happens next! Or maybe my memory is just terrible and I need to eat more brain food :P!

Is it Hugo?? It has to be Hugo, ya?

I loved that they were so nervous. It shows that they really do care about their friends' opinions. Not in a 'care what other people think' sort of way, but in a 'value their friend's opinions' sort of way. Am I making sense? The HC has zapped me energy from me, so if I'm not, that's why :P

I really liked the way Emmet explained how he figured it out, and the playful banter about him being more than a pretty face made me smile. They're all very comfortable around one another and clearly care. It's so cute ♥

I loved Dracy's question at the end. No one has really asked Lexi that, and it was just one of those quiet sort of real moments when we think about the fact that she *is* pregnant and she's going to be be a mum. Her answer felt just as good, too. Of course it's scary, but obviously they've had a lot of time to adjust and the excitement is going to creep in whether she wants it to or not :P

Now that we've gotten them intoxicated enough to make a baby, can't we give them a few bottles of wine so they'll run off and get married?... :P

Author's Response: Hey!

Is it Hugo? I don't know. I guess we'll see... ;)

Definitely, you do make sense. Alexa had only really known her small family and Albus hadn't really been very close to his big family, so having such close friends really matter to them and they value their opinions so much. Which is why they're so nervous. :)

Emmett is very honest, he sees what others don't and he's not afraid to say it. He can also leave things out, though... ;) I love their banter, too. Writing it makes me smile. I just want to hug them all.

Darcy is definitely the protective one in the group; she asks the questions, makes sure everyone's okay and reassured, among other things you'll see. I'm glad you liked that bit! :D

There really is some excitement, though neither of them expected it. :P

Oh, we're not getting rid of alcohol. Al gives Lexi such wonderful surprises when he's drunk! ;)

Thank you so much for leaving a lovely review!


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Review #32, by JchrissySilver Linings: Albus: When Insightful Friends Drink

2nd July 2013:
Awww Chris is super adorable. He's a good friend and obviously cares about both Lexi and Albus, but he still has a bit of a confidence about him that keeps him seeming like he can probably talk his way out of anything.

I was waiting for him to guess what was up! I mean, they bought a house! They're living together in a house! Not that I don't love houses, but there's just no reason unless you're looking to create a more homey vibe. Yep, these two don't stand a chance at not falling in love.

Okay, back to Chris. I think he seems like an awesome part of the group, and I can't wait to get to see how the telling of the rest goes! Though, I already know how that goes... shh. haha!

The line in there about needing there friends was so perfect. You don't realize how much you do until you have them. That's how I am, at least. Like I'll be so stressed about something then talk to one of my friends then feel so much better, that I'm left wondering why I didn't do it earlier! I love how you've given them friends too, btw. It makes for a lot more fun!

Another awesome chapter!

Author's Response: Chris... Chris is a huggable teddy bear. Even though he's afraid of them. :P He's just always there to help you, even if he does make jokes first. He can definitely talk his way out of things. Not everything, but there's some. ;)

The house; it's got to be the biggest clue I could have given them. Because, yes, it's gives a homey vibe and why else would you want that? :D Haha, absolutely no chance!

Chris is very important... For more than one reason... ;)

I'm like that, too. Friends are more important than people realize until a point comes in your life where you feel like really need them and then you're like 'I should have done this ages ago.' If something is up in my life, I'm bothered by it for ages until I tell my friend. So, I'm so excited that you like their friends! :D

Thank you so much for leaving such a great review!


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Review #33, by JchrissySilver Linings: Albus: When Safe Areas are Needed

2nd July 2013:
You know, Al would make a sexy bounty hunter. Maybe I'll come to the party and try and wrap him around my finger.

Oh wait... him and Lexi are having a kid and totally meant for each other.

dang. WAY to give me an impossible Al to love, Sam! :P Really though, that's a super unique career and I love the idea that he has to jump through the hoops first to get there. Do you mind if I ask exactly what a bounty hunter does in the UK? I'm just curious if they're the exact same there as they are here. Though I suppose that's what google is for...

The thoughts about the baby being more real, especially when names are involved, seemed incredibly realistic. He's starting to think about it as their *baby*... though it would be good for him to realize as soon as possible that baby is just a cute word for life controlling sleep destroying dictator ;). Who would figure something so small can control so many adult's lives? Ha!

I loved the set up of the party so now we're ready to look forward to it for the next chapter, and it was really awesome to spend a while seeing Al in his daily life. He seems like he work really hard, even if Auror training is just a stepping stone, and is all around just a really good guy. Him and Lexi are going to make adorable parents.


Author's Response: Hey, Jami!

I have set myself up for trouble, too. What I wouldn't give to have a sexy bounty hunter like Al Potter? ;) But sadly, he belongs with (*cough* to *cough*) Alexa. :P

I liked the idea of him working to get to his job, too. I figured just becoming a bounty hunter isn't what would happen. :P Bounty hunters are different here, retrieving stolen goods, from criminals and gangs, or tracking down people, and are less about picking people who have skipped bail. They'll negotiate a bounty with insurance companies and work with the police. He can do similar things for the Ministry, that's why he's freelance, working for himself - he can be hired privately. :)

Haha. They should! I may not know pregnancy from experience, but I have five siblings. :P But after the baby is born isn't something they're ready to focus on; the baby being real and picking names is as far as they're ready to get :P

Al really does work hard and he succeeds when he's not over-thinking or worrrying... ;)

Thank you so much for leaving a review, Jami!


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Review #34, by JchrissyLogarithmic: (2)

2nd July 2013:
Hi perfect girl! I should be put in the gallows for how long this review has taken. Well, maybe just time out :P!

I really loved getting a look at Cormac in this one, and love even more that you kept him the same. He still has his attitude and you didn't try to buttery him up, which I really appreciate. And I think it will make his and Eloise's relationship even more fun once that gets underway ;)

The dynamic between Susan, Hannah, and Eloise was also a lot of fun. Neither of them seem too much alike, but it also doesn't feel like you made them different for the sake of making them different, if that makes sense. They're going to be a lot of fun, Susan and Hannah, to watch react to the future relationship! I'm excited for some serious chickmance.

I loved their first interaction, and that Cormac seemed to want to create a second despite Eloise's obvious disinterest. I'm super excited to see her thoughts about him! I was goign to tell you I want a new chapter to be posted NOW, but I remembered about the closure :(. Well, maybe if you would send a few chapters over to your beta.. ;). *pokes*.

You have such an awesome handle on these characters already, and I'm anxious to see how their story plays out!!

Author's Response: I could srick you in the gallows, but a) you couldn't beta anymore, and b) no more BTF unless you type with your toes. I'll forgive you.

Right now, Cormac's attitude and how Eloise is going to change it (or not) is my favourite part of writing this, which you'll realise once I manage to send you chapter trois to beta! He really is a self-loving idiot, but I think that's part of what makes him so interesting.

Susan, Hannah and Eloise together are also something.I love. I suppose that when you spend seven years of your life (and, let's be honest, those are probably some of the worst) with the same people 24/7, the bond you have with them isn't just friendship. But of course you realise it's probably going to somewhat weaken when you graduate, so you make the most of it while you can. My point? I can't remember.

I will send you chapter three when I get a computer, and I promise I'm doing it what I can!

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Review #35, by JchrissyDown Comes The Night: Chapter Eight

2nd July 2013:
Hi darling! Thank you so much for the shout out, and sorry this review is so belated! Just a heads up, I suck and deleted my thread again, but please PM when with AoC when you update again!

Which better be a whole hell of a lot sooner than this update, missy! ;)

This chapter was definitely full of fluff, but I don't think it was cheesy at all. I had to read the last to get my bearings, but I think you followed it up perfectly!

I LOVED the subtle way you showed us they would be. Obviously something happens to destroy them, or they wouldn't be the founders. I'm hoping it's something out of their control though so i don't have to watch them hurt one another :( I'm drawing a blank, but I'm nearly certain she hasn't told him her true heritage. Has she?!

Anyway, I loved how you showed that they have the ability to bring one another's best out. She can help him change his viewpoints and understand that people are just people, and he can help her strengthen that backbone that seems to pop out every so often in her ;).

Writing style! I loved it, but I did feel like it wasn't quite as... appropriate for the era as it usually is. A few parts like:

ďI am sure you could find a way to jog my memory, though, if you put your mind to it,Ē I went on, shifting my arms comfortably around his neck. He laughed and leaned down toward me, the last of his tension sliding away.

Seem like they can be founders era upped a bit. Like:

"I'm confident you can find a way to bring the recollections back to me, if you desire it."

Sorry, I suck at that style, haha. The writing was still lovely, but it did seem like you were just a little bit out of your usual voice.

This chapter gave me all sort of warm fuzzies, and I really enjoyed seeing them together. I especially loved that you kept them who they are, but softened some of the corners to show them molding together. It's so cute! And no, I didn't find any parts cheesy!

Awesome chapter, lovely, and I look forward to getting a PM with AoC *very soon!*


Author's Response: Jami! I am SO psyched you came! Don't worry about being late, but I will say I've been looking forward to this review :)

I really, really loved writing this one. It was just so good to have everyone getting along and happy with each other. And not to mention the Helgazar fluff :) I'm glad you liked the glimpses into their best moments; I really wanted to show what they were capable of doing for each other.

You're right, she has not told him about her heritage, but the reveal is pretty imminent. And I've got chapter 9 WRITTEN already! I just have to go through and edit, but this will be a super fast update by my standards :P

It's almost kind of good to hear you confirm my suspicions about the style. I was reading through this chapter and I went, "Hm. This is...different." But I was so eager to post! It had been such a long time! But this is one that I'll definitely want to update, so it can match the feel of the rest of the story.

I'm so glad you enjoyed this chapter, Jami! It means so much to me that you came by. And I'll definitely be letting you know when I update next! Thank you again :)


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Review #36, by JchrissySurrender: Sanctuary

2nd July 2013:
Hi my lovely! I'm so excited that you started a new story!

Draco during HBP is such an interesting/terrible time for him, and I'm really excited to see how you portray him during it!

There was an absolute sense of dread through this, which I really loved. The feeling Draco seemed to have even before Narcissa came in, that everything was NOT okay, really started us off on the right note.

I always wondered if he even realized hose serious this world was, or fathomed even, before wanting so willingly to join it. I think this shows a bit of him finally understanding what this life is, and realizing protection and safety are as far as you can get from the truth in this situation.

Narcissa seemed like she was trying so hard not to just break apart in this! I can't imagine being a mother in that situation. Well, this IS why we don't get involved with Voldemort, missy!

You have a few comma splices. Like here:

I had been sitting in my bedroom only a few minutes before, I didnít leave much anymore --

Those are both independent clauses, so you can either change the comma to a semicolon or reword the sentence to say:

I had been sitting in my bedroom only a few minutes before, which wasn't surprising considering I didn't leave much anymore.

But the comma splices were really the only errors I spotted. If you read it aloud you'll notice the rest super easily :)!

I loved that Bellatrix wanted to stay but would never defy voldemort by doing so if he didn't want her to. So Bellatrixy!

I really liked this first chapter, m'dear! And I'm so excited to read the next ♥

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Review #37, by JchrissyAnachronous: In a Man's World

27th June 2013:
This is so bittersweet. I really liked the fact that Andromeda seemed content with her life in her own way, not always trying to reach for more and shrinking away when more did come. But the fact that she didn't understand what a monumental part she played, raising Teddy, being one of the few people trying to fight Voldemort...

It felt like part of her was still almost sad about giving up her old life. Or sad that she realized it wasn't what she wanted, because it was what she'd been most prepared for.

I see women with adult children (my future MiL for example) that fell into this trap. The trap of just being a mother and having nothing to do, or feeling like they have no purpose so often, and I LOVED how you tangled those emotions in there while keeping solid her mentality that she didn't want more. She just wanted to blend in the shadows.

The part where she compares herself to her sisters (and I really think when she thought about the oldest falling in love she was referring to Voldemort and not Rodolphus)! and does a bit of analyzing was one of my favorite.

First person was perfect for this. I still am so jealous when I read a first person PoV and it's pulled of seamlessly. In my opinion, it's such a hard writing style to really master. It's so much more challenging to slip in details, emotions, when you're looking out from the character's eyes.

This one shot made me want to hug Andromeda and tell her to buck up and realize how important she is all at once, haha!

Awesome story, Amanda! Thanks for another awesome exchange ♥!

Author's Response: You're so welcome, Jami :)

Yeah, I thought of Andromeda as really struggling with being pulled out of her old life and the path she had been confident in prior to her teen years. She might have felt like her skills were relatively useless compared to the more confident natures of Molly or Minerva. At the same time, though, we know that she played an important role even if she wasn't really in the spotlight in the canon series.

Unlike Sirius, we don't know that Andromeda fell into a new group of friends after being separated from her family, and it would probably be tough to figure out her new world and develop a new identity all on her own.

I actually was thinking about Voldemort rather than Rodolphus when I wrote that line about Bellatrix, too, so you're spot on there :)

I don't know, for me sometimes first person just feels right. A story just really wants to come out directly in my voice rather than from me as a narrator. It actually seems like this happens more with female-centric one-shots, actually, so maybe these pieces are more expressive of facets of myself. Who knows? I just go with what my muse says :)

Thanks for your lovely review!


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Review #38, by JchrissySilver Linings: Albus: When it Begins

26th June 2013:
Hi darling! I keep meaning to get back here, and I saw your name floating around and went OH.

I loved the appointment, especially the nervousness of it all. I can't see that being exactly exciting as much as terrifying, but you combined both emotions in there and I really enjoy that.

Albus flipping through the magazine without even realizing what he's reading was the perfect way to set up an appointment. How many times have we all done that waiting? Everything boring and you just want to be on with it! I really enjoy watching the scenes from his PoV... he has a childlike but being forced to grown up sort of quality that is really endearing.

The small detail about Astoria and Draco donating the money was one I really loved. I've always struggled with where exactly they would give birth, and have had to build a little head canon for Marauders era. Now I'm always going to imagine next Gen St. Mungo's as having it's own ward thanks to Draco and Astoria :P!

Ugh I just got a phone call that I had to take. Okay, I hope this doesn't seem too hectic now that I've lost my place and am trying to get back into it.

OH! I LOVE Louis getting a nice little talking to. Though now I can't help but sort of ship him and the Healer. HAHA. They're cute!

To be honest, I forgot how easy your writing was to slip into. You have such a clean style of writing with first person. This is a PoV I struggle so much with, so that makes me even more jealous :P! Picking this story up again was like never leaving, and your characters are created so well that I didn't have to try and remember who they were or anything.

Oops. There goes my phone again. Okay, let me try and wrap this up as quickly as possible.

Love that you ended it with the morning sickness, because everyone that doesn't want it always gets it. Also, I would add a bit more explanations during the appointment. Taking any sort of medication, even prescriptions, always has risks while pregnant. The healer going over those (mayoclinic is a good website to find solid facts) would have added even more realism, but if you don't want to do any edits I don't think it's necessary.

Awesome chapter, sorry again if this review is all over the place! But I really enjoyed it!

Author's Response: Hey, Jami! I'm so sorry it's taken me this long to answer your review.

Yes, there is some excitement, the planning and stuff - but they have gotten to the big stuff yet, so we'll allow them their excitement. I think nerves override it, though. I'm glad you like it. :)

Yes, my own appointments have totally been inspiration for this. I'd be doing the exact same thing as Albus, as I imagine most people would. :P

Haha, Draco and Astoria, or Astoria with Draco's blessing and money, have come through for Next-Gen pregnancies. :P Feel free to have it. :)

Louis and Annie? Hmm... Tell you a secret? *whispers* They were a definite contenders for a pairing. You'll have to reds to know if they made it. ;)

Aww, thank you. I love writing in first person present. I have to keep checking when I try first person past. I'm always jealous of people who write that way.

Morning sickness, yes. Lexi definitely jinxed it by saying she didn't want it. I couldn't leave it out. :P

Thank you so much for leaving a review, Jami!


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Review #39, by JchrissyThe Signing: The Signing

26th June 2013:
Hi m'dear! I've been eying this almost since you posted it and keep trying to remember to get over here when I have time.

I loved the fact that you took such a small canon detail, that Barty okayed the Aurors to use any means to kill or capture, and turned it into its own story! And one that was chilling the entire way through.

I felt really bad for the decision he was up against. Does he okay this and hopefully save hundreds of lives, or does he start compromising his own beliefs? And when do you cross the line between being as bad as a death eater, and doing what's necessary to keep others alive?

Your descriptions were awesome in this. The entire story was so vivid and held so much tension, which is incredibly impressive considering the small amount of time it covers.

The mentions of Barty's son created one of those sads feels in me. I mean, I know he chooses his own future and all, but the fact that his dad hated Dark Arts so much and that's just where his son ended up is so sad.

You kept what we know of him from canon so true. The fact that he sentences his own son to Azkaban shows he is a law abiding man, someone who needs order, and that's just what you showed through this story.

Really, really great read, Sian! ♥

Author's Response: Jami! This just made my day completely!

You know I love minor characters, and I couldn't resist this moment in canon. Barty's quite a one-dimensional character in the stories, and I wanted to try and add another layer to his personality but keep him true to his canon characterisation at the same time. I'm glad you could understand the internal conflict that he was going through with this decision. I definitely feel sorry for him having to make this choice, especially when he hates the Dark Arts so much.

I'm really pleased that you picked up on the mentions of Barty Jr! It made me wonder how he actually ended up as a Death Eater - whether it was, in the beginning, his way of rebelling against his father's authority. If that was the case, it makes me really sad to think about the results. Hmm, I can sense an idea for another story coming here... :P

Thank you so much for this amazing review!

Sian :)

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Review #40, by JchrissyProgress: One

26th June 2013:
Well. Fine. I guess if you just want to break my heart in a zillion pieces, you go right ahead. Apparently I have no say in the madder considering I currently feel like a pile of mush :(!

Despite my, 'you made me sad you are in trouble!' reaction, this first chapter really is beautiful. You hit on a lot of the most important aspects of Fred and George's relationship. Their bond to one another, the kind of comfort that bond brought, their dependency on each other, the way they were always able to do something together no matter what. and you made George understand that all of that was gone. There was no more together, there was just George. And that's such an insanely sad thing to realize.

I didn't just somehow miss what the ruby actually is meant to do, does it? If I did, well, I've been working since seven so I get a break, right? If not, and you didn't actually tell us yet, I'm excited to find out! I hated how painful it was for George to go back in the shop the same way I hate the idea of him never going back in. You showed his need to move on but the fact that he wasn't sure he was even capable of doing so very clearly. This was a really realistic, though heartbreaking, start.

Hannah's appearance surprised me! At first I was going to be like, Angelina is African American! Girl ain't blonde! hahaha. After the initial surprise I really enjoyed having Hannah there, someone George wouldn't expect to help pick him up off his feet, I'm sure.

The title is insanely fitting, and this is such a lovely start! I'm excited to read the next chapter!

Author's Response: Hey Jami! *hugs*

I definitely seem to write things with all the feels at the moment haha but thank you! I really wanted to express how much Fred meant to George after a lifetime of being almost one person.

The ruby has more emotional significance than joke significance, so it's important in that sense. And yes, I wanted to use Hannah as more of a friend rather than a romance which it would have been with Angelina!

So glad you liked it lovely, thank you!

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Review #41, by JchrissyComplicated: Complication #1

26th June 2013:
Hi my dear! Happy review exchange! I'm looking forward to reading both chapters of this!

Ohh Abigail is a bit of a Mean Girl isn't she? I couldn't help but think of the movie during this first chapter, and since that's one of my favorite movies I don't think that's a bad thing!

I really liked that, though she and her friends are a bit self centered, Abigail seemed to genuinely care about them. A lot of stories I've read, both ff and OF, have these more shallow MC but they also give them a false surrounding of friendship. And these girls, teenagers in every sense of the word, obviously do care about one another. I really love that!

Ohhh there's going to be drama with this boy. Obviously we get to a point where one of then will be leaving the other to get Abigail and James together, and I'm excited to see just what breaks them up. I do love that you've had them dating for so long before taking the step in their relationship that Abigail seems to be ready to take, though I'm curious to see how that actually goes :P!

This is something odd, but I love her thoughts about her other friends. She doesn't put them down in her own head or try and make herself think she's better than them, and I just really enjoyed that.

This is a really great first chapter! I'm excited to continue on to the second :)!

Author's Response: Hi Jami!

I love that movie! The girls kind of make me think of that, actually - I had them on my mind as I was writing this.

Abigail loves her friends, and the feeling's mutual. Just because they're popular doesn't necessarily have to mean that they don't like one another, even though that seems to be a common assumption about teenage girls!

Oh, the drama. There will be plenty. :)

Thanks so much for reviewing, Jami!

-ShadowRose (Taylor)

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Review #42, by JchrissyComplicated: Complication #2

26th June 2013:
Oh!! Scarlett wrote about her date being cancelled and now Blaise is writing about having to stay and deal with family stuff? This can't be good!

Am I thinking too much into it? yes, yes I probably am. Okay, I'm going to shut myself up. BUT if I by some chance was right, this is going to cause some serious drama in the friendship circle! Who would everyone side with? Although they probably aren't even related, Scarlett and Blaise's absence, so I'll just move on :P.

I loved seeing more of Abigail and her family life in this. You made some claims about her parents in the last chapter, so watching those prove true with her mom's attitude was sad but still interesting in terms of her character development. No wonder the girl is a bit of a. witch ;).

I felt so bad for her at the end of this though. We knew something was going to go wrong, because how could it not. But that still didn't stop me from feeling any less sad for her.

I'm not sure what to make of Diana, but she seems like the typical woman a wealthy divorced man would date. But she didn't appear mean or anything, so that's good.

I felt both bad and annoyed at Abigail's mother for making a fuss about her going to her father. I mean, I can see why you would feel that way. I can't imagine divorce being easy or worrying if your child favors the other parents, but those are the sort of things a parent is supposed to hide and deal with themselves and not let it influence their children's opinion/what they say about their ex spouse. Ugh, messy situation.

This was another entertaining chapter! I'm excited to learn more about Abigail!

Author's Response: Hi Jami!

It's definitely a nice little coincidence that both Scarlett and Blaise were MIA - and there may or may not be a connection there, haha.

I tried in this chapter to kind of explain why she behaves the way that she does - it's still no real justification for her behaviour, but it does explain why she thinks acting like that is acceptable. :)

As for Diana, I feel like the evil-stepmother thing is so overused in fanfiction, and not all stepmothers are actually bad! Hence, Diana's an actually decent woman.

The parents definitely create a messy situation - and it only gets worse as the story continues.

Thanks so much for reviewing!

-ShadowRose (Taylor)

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Review #43, by JchrissyFalling into Darkness: Gellert Grindelwald

26th June 2013:
Hi there! Happy review exchange! Haha!

There were a lot of difficult prompts in the gryffie challenge and I'm so impressed with your ability to include them in the story still make sense and not seeming like it was built to for the criteria.

Gellert stories are so few and far between that I gobble up any chance I can get to read them. I loved the fact that this related strictly to Gellert's own feelings and wasn't revolving around his feelings for Albus. It was a sad look into someone who apparently had no feeling toward his actions at the time, but a realistic one.

Tying in his later years, when the penguin finally is able to disappear after Gellert's guilt was able to creep up with him, was also a really nice touch!

I think it would have been fun to maybe tie the penguin more into Ariana. Like Gellert's realization it is identical to a charm she had or something. I get that it's sort of just a creature right now that's embodying her traits and making Gellert bring forward some amount of guilt even if he doesn't recognize it, but connecting it even more with Ariana might be nice ;).

I really loved the detail about him knowing he killed her. It almost sounded like he did it in purpose, and I like that so much more than one of Albus's curses being the reason.

Awesome job on this first chapter, m'dear!

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you very much!

Out of all the choices, I picked the penguin first. :) But it was an interesting story to write.

I'll work on revising the chapter to link the penguin with Ariana better.

I really like taking the missing moments from the books, expanding them and linking them back into the book. :)

Thank you very much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #44, by JchrissyDivided: The Tale of the Hogwarts Founders: Chapter I

25th June 2013:
Hi there, m'dear! I wasn't sure what story you wanted me to return a review with, so I hope you don't mind me selecting this one!

I really love founders era, and this is such a fun start! Rowena as a young girl, trying to avoid marrying simply to marry, seems very fitting for what we know about her. I really liked that it wasn't that she just didn't want to marry, but she didn't want to marry unless the man truly cared for her and she could say the same about him. I think a complete aversion to marriage would have felt off, considering the decade, but the desire to wed only if it's a mutual care fit perfectly!

Aww their so cute as four friends! And I love that they wanted to rescue her. All of them just getting along and hanging out is such a sweet picture, and I was happy Rowena had the chance to escape the party.

Your grammar was great and I didn't spot any typos! I think you put yourself in an interesting situation with Salazar, and wonder if this Muggle girl will play part in why he again begins hating their kind. He installed the chamber specifically to kill them, so could a severe broken heart have played part in that?

Great start! Thanks for an awesome swap!


Author's Response: Hi Jami! I definitely don't mind at all :)

Thanks, I'm glad you think Rowena's situation seemed realistic. I agree that it would have been weird for her to not want to marry at all. I imagine she would have been pretty sensible about marriage (about all things, really!)

I enjoy writing the Founders as friends who all get on well - before everything fell apart as we know it did. As for Salazar... lips are sealed! ;)

Thanks so much for suggesting a review swap - I loved reading your story, and I loved your thoughtful review for mine!

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Review #45, by JchrissyCrushed Butterflies: Yearning to Die

22nd June 2013:
Goodness, Amanda. Between Diamonds into Coal growing on the darker side of things and the Ginny chapter before this, I'm pretty confident you're just trying to break my poor little heart.

I wanted to comment on something you said about starting a Ginny centric story. In terms of her characterization in the first chapter of this, I think you have an awesome handle on it. Especially with the fact that you're aware of how much more she does need built up for her. JKR just didn't give us enough to really have us attached to her from the books. I'd be really curious to read that when you start it!

Now on to this actual chapter.

YOU ARE MAKING ME SAD. It's amazing how much these young people gave up for their friends. They never had to be so involved with helping Harry, and he probably wouldn't have even resented them for it. But here they are, sleeping in the freezing cold because they care so much about him and each other.

I love that Hermione is having these flickers of, 'why me,' sort of. She deserves it. She keeps them together. She's necessary for their survival, and she loves them both. But that doesn't mean she has to go happily into it all. I rarely see an author explore the times when her thoughts would have been darker, so I'm really excited that you did.

What barely adult wouldn't think, for just a moment, that they didn't deserve to be dealing with all this? But we never really see Hermione getting to feel that way, so I was very (pleasantly) surprised when you focused on that for this chapter.

As with Ginny, I do think you have an awesome handle on her character and am excited to see more of her in your future story! I also really loved when she was thinking about how her and Ron had grown closer. It was a nice moment of warmth and just reminded me how much I love these two.

Another amazing chapter! ♥

Oh, and seriously -- as awesome of a compliment it is that you want to get back to BTF... please don't feel like you have to take the time to review everything. IF you do decide you want to get back to it, I would feel so much better knowing you aren't spending hours review and just enjoying until you run into a chapter that you have suggestions for/for some reason is one you want to review.

Author's Response: I'm glad you're excited about it! Hopefully it will work out and you do stop by and check it out.

I agree that it seems like Hermione gets brushed over as this totally resilient and logical character, and while her strength is admirable and befitting of a true Gryffindor, I wanted to focus in this chapter on her vulnerability and the fact that she's still a young girl out in a world where she could be captured and killed at the drop of a hat. I could really see her questioning herself in these quiet moments, especially knowing that Harry and Ron depend so heavily upon her.

I'm happy you liked the Ron/Hermione fluff, too. There are a lot of dark themes here but I wanted to highlight the simplicity of taking comfort in being with the person you love.

Thanks so much for this kind review, Jami :)


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Review #46, by JchrissyHidden in the Dark: Feelings

22nd June 2013:
Wow, you do a really good job writing creepy!

Before I get to that, I have to say how much I love that you keep your stories in the same worlds. That's one of my favorite things that authors do, so if you read more than one of their stories that involve characters who will have a cause to intermingle, then we won't be thrown off guard when Albus is a single quidditch star as opposed to father (or future father, I got too behind on Silver Linings.. I don't know if the baby is born yet!). Anyway, I just really adore that. And it was fun to see Nick make an appearance!

A good ghost story is something I can't say no to. I loved the way the family all pitched in to help, and the fact that Teddy isn't the only one who's getting an eerie feeling about the place. Whether it's just spirits needing to move on, or there's something more sinister at work, I'm not sure yet. But I'm excited to find out!

the descriptions you used with the dust and the dirtiness of the place nearly made ME choke. I don't blame Albus for complaining! But of course he'll just have to stick through it :P. I'm curious if they'll uncover more than just the photo when the builders have to come and start tearing down things in order to rebuilt them. I'm really exited to learn more about the couple in the photo, though!

I loved these first few chapters, Sam, and can't wait to see where this goes!

♥ Jami

Author's Response: Creepy is my middle name. ;)

Yeah, I have a headcanon, so everything is connected somehow, even if it's just the characters. I can't just leave things out now that I've created this whole world, although stories do sometimes require a bit of planning to make sure things don't clash badly. I'm glad you like it. :)

Yay, I love ghost stories, too. I just had to write this when I got the idea. You'll find out who the ghost is and what it wants soon. ;)

Description is like my Everest, but I'm slowly climbing to the top. :P I'd be worried about Albus if he didn't complain. More will come about the photos and maybe the builders will find something. ;)

Thank you so much for leaving a review, Jami!


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Review #47, by JchrissyHidden in the Dark: Doubts

22nd June 2013:
Teddy and Victoire is one of my guilty pleasures. Something about this pairing just seems so awesome to me. This review is probably going to be pretty short given the size of the chapter, but I'll head over to the second chapter right away:)!

Okay fine. It's probably just going to be short because of how much I want to continue on to the second chapter :P. I'm impatient!

I loved the idea of Victoire wanting to buy the old house and fix it up. It dispels a lot of of 'spoiled brat' characterizations people tend to give her. You counteracted that a bit with her obvious knowledge that if she wanted the house they'd get it, and I really adored that. She's a normal woman in this. I'm not usually spoiled, but I can be a brat to get what i want if I really want it. You're already carving out realistic and relatable characterizations for them both, which I adore!

Okay, I've been as patient as I'm capable of. On to the next chapter! This is your fault for giving me a cliffie!

Author's Response: Don't shoot, but... I don't like them. They don't last in my headcanon... Shh, you didn't hear that from me. :P But I got the pairing for a challenge and this was fun to write. And I'm glad I got to use Ted and Vic for it. :)

Yes, Victoire works hard to get what she wants and is willing to get her hands dirty, so to speak, but she still has some of that 'brat' vibe, because she's used to getting what she wants - more from her grandparents than her parents, though her mother spoils her only daughter quite a bit (in my headcanon).

I'm so glad you like her and Ted. Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #48, by JchrissyThe Blossoming: Meeting the Midwife

22nd June 2013:
Oh you sweet human Sarah, you. No one can write the trio like you. There havenít been a *ton* of Ďjust the three of themí moments in this story, and I forgot how much I loved those.

I donít even know where to start. Okay, here, weíll just do a running review.

the idea of Ron and Harry pushing their desks together and basically turning their office area into a R&H fort is so freaking cute. Complete with their Gryffindor banner, their totally ready to do some bad guy researching there. Itís such a small detail, but those are the ones that make your story so much different.

The Hermione pokes Ron to scoot over and they can officially start a RonHarryHermione moment. Harryís pouty, Ronís trying to make a joke, and Hermione is analyzing. Youíve taken their characters and, in such a small section, made them the exact ones we fell in love with in the HP series. UGH youíre making me so feelsy.

When Hermione told Ron that Harry wanted to apologize and she thinks heís being very hard on himself, and he responds with, Ďthat sounds like Harry.í HAHA. I just want to kiss you. CAN I? PLEASE?

The small bit of introspection when Hermione analyses the difference between Ron and her/Ginny and Harry - the way those two fight fast and make up just as fast, then her and Ron who could make an argument smolder for days, that was another small detail that just made me love this chapter so much. Itís so true to the characters and relationships, and I love how much work you put into making us see these people and their relationships for how they truly are.

Well crap. So my for my running review. I figured I would be able to leave one since Iíve already read this chapter, but I couldnít I got too into it! This is your fault, missy!

I donít think anything could have been better than this appointment with the midwife. It was such a sweet feeling, after everything these two have been through to get to watch them be in such an awesome place together. And I loved Astoria being there and THE CHAPTER ENDED PERFECTLY. It took a dark note there for a while when they were discussing the magic thatís been used against Hermione. I got such a huge pouty face then and just wanted to reach forward and hug them. But then directing us back to a lighter note and ending it with *that* was so perfect, just like you.

Please donít make me wait so long for the next chapter. I might cry.

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Review #49, by JchrissyIce to Ashes : Ice to Ashes

22nd June 2013:
Hi m'dear! I couldn't pass up a bit of your lovely writing when I saw you in review tag!

I had a lot of fun figuring out who she was addressing at the start. At first I though it was 2nd person PoV, but then realized it was first and she was actually talking to someone else, THEN when I realized who she was talking to... ugh. My heart got so many sads!

The idea of Narcissa lurking in the shadows, needing to be close to her sister in a way but never actually being able to tell her so, is so sad and beautiful. It's so hard to figure out who this woman actually was in the HP series. We know Lucius is a jerk, even after Voldemort fell he still did jerky stuff. But we don't see much of Narcissa and then we see her do whatever it takes to save her son's life.

She's never made out as a bad person so much as weak until the end when she lies to Voldemort, and I think you did such a great job taking those qualities for this piece. She was too weak to go with Andromeda, too weak to leave the house without her sister coming back to rescue her. She was too weak to step from the shadows and tell her sister all the things she felt, all the hurt it caused to be so separated. So instead. she's telling her niece all the things she's unable to tell Andromeda. LOVE THAT. It's so creative and just adds this heart breaking but realistic feel to the story.

The idea of her being there when Tonks was born, when she scared her knee, when she graduated the Auror program... those are all just such beautiful moments and each one I wanted so badly for her to say something to her sister, to confess how much she needed her. But the fact that she didn't kept this feeling very much like Narcissa, I think.

You used a lot of really lovely imagery in this, and I adored the constant comparison to the girl the time of day/night they were born in. Again, really creative.

This was a really awesome read!

♥ Jami

Author's Response: Hi darling! Oh, you are just too sweet! :)

I'm glad there was some mystery at the beginning, and you were sad when you realized! Well, not glad you were sad, but... you know. I got a little emotional writing this story so it's wonderful to hear that came through!

I'm so pleased you liked the idea of Narcissa hiding from her sister and never being brave enough to come forward. It's very tragic in a way, and I felt she just must be so lonely. There is a lot of freedom to write her because she doesn't have a large role, but I liked projecting the strength and love she feels for Draco onto Andromeda- she must have learned that love somehow after all.

I'm glad you thought her weakness was believable and well done! In a way she isn't even strong enough to address Andy herself, and has to go through Tonks. I'm so happy you thought that was original, I really enjoyed coming up with it and trying to make it work!

I wanted her to come forward too, and almost left the ending as an open ending. But considering how weak and frightened Narcissa is built up to be, it wouldn't be quite right if she came forward. But maybe someday in the future she would be able to, who knows! I was thinking of writing a companion one-shot from Andy's POV, so we'll see! :)

Thank you for the compliments on the imagery, and for all your lovely words on the story in general. It really made me smile, so thank you so much for this brilliant review! :D

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Review #50, by JchrissyAcanthus: The Tale of Acanthus

19th June 2013:
Hi lovely!

This chapter was such an awesome way to move the story forward.

I loved seeing the start through Scorpius's perspective, and was really impressed with your details! I loved that you're keeping consistent with the hot Egyptian weather, and really enjoyed the descriptions about the sand tussling around on the ground and the stray cats. And I think I'd have a bigger issue with my shoes turning color than Scoprius had. I like my shoes :S! But it made it all that much more realistic!

The interaction between him and Rose and D was really interesting I think she's probably just shy and not as used to the casual interactions, and maybe she's a bit put off by Scorpius's handsome face? Hehe.

The transition into the dinner was well done and felt very smooth, and it made me so hungry! I got really excited when he started telling us the myth. I love certain types of history, especially when myths (or what they think are) are intertwined!

Scorpius already having some knowledge of it made a lot of sense, and I LOVED how we could tell how intrigued Rose was. It stayed very true to the character you're building for her.

This was such a good chapter and really served to move the plot forward. They're going on an adventure!! I'm probably a little too excited for that, but it's going to be so much fun!

Awesome chapter, Kiana!

Author's Response: Hi Jami!

I'm so glad that you liked Scorpius' perspective as it was fun to mix it up a bit. Haha, I know I used to not have any details and in this chapter I had put so much in I was worrie people would get bored :P I would probably have a bigger issue to, but he's a guy so you know!

You're right about the shyness! Though Scorpius is very handsome :P They'll become better friends later on in the story though!

I'm glad that you liked the transition because doing them always scares me! Yay I made you excited, haha as for the myth I've got no more to say on the matter!

I'm so glad that you liked how intrigued Rose was! I always imagined her to be a mini-Hermione in my head thought slightly less-extreme so it was fun to do.

Don't worry about being excited, I'm a little too excited to write about it! Thanks for another amazing review, Jami ♥


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