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Review #1, by 21stcentuarywriterMoonlit Meetings: The Real Wolf Girl

2nd February 2013:

At this point I must say that your story is very good and can't wait for serena to meet remus as a warewolf.
I can't wait for next chapter( no pressure ) I hope u get some time soon to cary on writing :)

Author's Response: 21stcentuarywriter,

Thanks so much! I hope you will keep tuned in as I work through the kinks and get the next chapter posted! Glad to hear you're interested in the story line and Serena's life. Keep reading/reviewing!


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Review #2, by 21stcentuarywriterThe Worst Kept Secret: Remus & The Guys

5th June 2012:
it is a good story but I don't think that people from other houses are aloud in the Gryffindor quidditch team

Author's Response: They're not. Nicolette is a Gryffindor. She sits at the Ravenclaw table because the majority of her friends are Ravenclaws. :) I'm sorry if that was unclear!

I'll try to update soon! Thanks for reading/reviewing!


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Review #3, by 21stcentuarywriterHarry Potter and the untold 7th Year: Having a funeral and making a plan

26th May 2012:
I realy like this story I have been looking for a story that starts right after the DH and have finaly found it its going great so far so good luck

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Review #4, by 21stcentuarywriterSecret: Secret

22nd May 2012:
this is the first songfic I have read and I think it is great

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Review #5, by 21stcentuarywriterHarry Potter and Parents: Meeting New Friends

20th May 2012:
good chapter I was woried that harry would not meet the weaslys but glad he did

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Review #6, by 21stcentuarywriterHarry Potter and Parents: The dream

20th May 2012:
so far it is good I like the twist

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Review #7, by 21stcentuarywriterDark Will Linger: Separations

16th May 2012:
realy great I truly loved it

Author's Response: Thanks. Much appreciated. I'm glad you enjoyed it and read it to the end.

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Review #8, by 21stcentuarywriterNever Let Go: Chapter 5: Awkward Greetings

1st May 2012:
the story is realy good but I am realy confused so I supose I should just continue reading.cant wait for the next chapter.good luck

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Review #9, by 21stcentuarywriterI Hate You: Prank Away

28th April 2012:
realy great can't wait for the next chapter

Author's Response: Sorry but that's all I wrote. I don't really have plans for what to write in the next section. I have had a request or two for that so I might later.

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Review #10, by 21stcentuarywriterAlmost there: Happy Thoughts

18th April 2012:
really great that was fantastic can't wait for the next chapter

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