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Review #1, by worship the narglesHere without you: A year ago

25th November 2012:
NOOO IT CAN'T BE, BUT IT IS!!! I'll cut the extended crying off of my last review so I can focus on you're greatness. I can't believe its actually ending after this long journey that I am grateful for having with this story. You're epilouge was fantastic and topped off the story AMAZINGLY. This story is one of my favorite storys i've read on the site! Thank YOU again (and I'm gonna say this forever) for being an amazing author and sweet review responder!

-Worship The Nargles

Author's Response: Thanks for reading! I have to admit when i got the pm saying my last chapter had been validated I go quite sad. I'm so glad you like it and I cannot give you enough thanks for reading the story and for your amazing reviews :D You've really raised my confidence in writing and i'm so thankful for that
- kjp

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Review #2, by worship the narglesHere without you: Almost endings

20th November 2012:
YAAAYYY EVERYONES HAPPYYY!!! But NOOO! ITS OVERRR!!! IT CANT BE! This story overall was AMAZING, WONDERFUL, and JUST-great ;) ha lol. I liked the 3rd person POV and I am truly going to miss this story! :'( I'm glad you wrote in H/G reunion. It was very sweet! :) I am looking forward to your epoligue but until then, I would like to thank you for you're nice responses, shout outs, and one amazing story. :)

Worship The Nargles

Author's Response: Thanks me!! please don't, I'm going to be forever thankful to YOU for sticking with the story until the end! :D . I'm really going to miss writing it as well but I have some other stories in mind that i'm sure i'll enjoy writing just as much as these. The epoligue is going to be up very soon (I'm not sure when but soon) so keep checking back :D

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Review #3, by worship the narglesHere without you: Please come home to me

15th November 2012:
Of course no ones sad Harry's dead because we all know what happens but WHY FRED!!! Like you, amazing author I will NEVER GET OVER HIM!!! This is a great chapter but I'm so sad the story's ending! :'''( sorry to post such a sad review, but you still did an epic job.


Author's Response: Thanks so much. Your reviews always seem to brighten my day. I'm so happy you like it. I was completly crying through this chapter and could hardly see the keyboard. Yes everyone is dying :'( and as i'm completly in love with fred I will never, ever get over it.
Again thanks so much for your on going support it meant everything to me :D

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Review #4, by worship the narglesHere without you: Dodging the unexpected

9th November 2012:
YA PART 2! I think you filled in all the parts J.K didn't include from Ginny's POV all so well!!! My favorite part had to be (and don't call me crazy for it not being a battle scene) when Ginny said "I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy (I'm looking at you Cho Chang). I found it humorous and thought it was a nice little touch in the middle of everything. Very, VERY, well done TEN OUTA TEN!

Author's Response: Thank you very much, i'm so thankful you've stuck with the story. I'm afraid there are only a couple more chapters until it ends (about 2 I think) :( I'm glad you like that part :D. Again thanks, I cannot express how thankful I am

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Review #5, by worship the narglesHere without you: Underage

28th October 2012:
AND WE FINALLY COME TO PART 1 OF THE BATTLE! Yes! Loving the battle so far and each scene J.K didn't include, each perspective, and each emotion, you made alive in you're writing of Ginny's POV in the battle. Her fiery rage for being under age, her stubbornness of not taking no for an answer, and her extreme jealousy towards Cho (XD), you portrayed it all so well

I can't wait for part 2, keep up the epicness. :)


Author's Response: hey! thanks again for another great review. I'm so thrilled you liked it. Sorry i took so long to update, life's hectic at the moment. I pretty much hate Cho so I've kinda of made Ginny feel the same way. part 2 will be up soon, i'm actually looking forward to one chapter in particular that's coming up but I won't give it away just yet.
Again thanks for the review
- kjp :D

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Review #6, by worship the narglesEvolution: Crash and Burn

16th October 2012:
OMG CONGRATS ON YOUR MARRIAGE! i do agree with another review that ginny is acting really poorly towards poor harry. i know that we all know ginny as that firey, stubborn, women but she's also that kind, understanding girl thats been in love with harry forever. i still LOVE this story and i am looking forward towards H/G reunion.

Author's Response: Hello! Thanks for the review. Don't be too hard on Ginny - you're about to see a real change in her attitude:-). Next chapter is posted:-)

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Review #7, by worship the narglesHere without you: Comfort

1st October 2012:
YES GINNY GOT OVER HER FEAR AND I CAN'T BELIEVE IM STARTING THIS REVIEW WITH SOMETHING OTHER THAN THE BATTLE OF HOGWARTS! This chapter is awesome, its happier and light after all those *very* emotional heavy chapters (not that there any bad :)). I can't wait for the battle! And your right, *sniff sniff*, one of my new favorite characters dies tomorrow! But still, another great one and i can't for the battle!


Author's Response: I promise you this time that the next chapter is the battle of Hogwarts. I really am scared to kill of Fred I'll probably burst out in tears when I'm writing it. Thanks again for another review
- kjp :D :) :P

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Review #8, by worship the narglesRevolution: Chapter 3: All My Loving

22nd September 2012:
i love how all these chappys are beatles songs! i love the beatles and H/G so this AWESOME!

10/10 for awesomeness

Author's Response: LOL.. I love The Beatles too ;)
I'm glad you're enjoying this so far, but I wouldn't get too attached to H/G ;)
Can't wait to see what you think about what happens next!

Thanks for the R&R

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Review #9, by worship the narglesThe Darkest Side: 1234.

21st September 2012:
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Author's Response: :) Thanks for all the smiles!

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Review #10, by worship the narglesHarry, Ginny, & Their Love Story: Reunited

15th September 2012:
WOOOHOOO! YES ANOTHER CHAPTER! this is such a funny cute little chapter, the whole hermione scene was pretty funny! and yes i'm a hunger games fan (SECRET FANGIRLIN' DGFIHMRNXSDF) I also love you EPIC ENTHUSIASM! (*HUGS*) love this chapter as usual, keep up the AMAZIN' job! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Author's Response: WO :D
Thank you for your enthusiasm, me gusta ;D haha
There's no secrets here, FANGIRL ALL YOU WANT HON :D I am a massive fangirl...I'm surprised I can actually form coherent sentences right now without sfhdskjghfjdkghfdlkghjfkdghdjgsdfhg-ing all over the place XD haha
I'll be adding another chapter soon (around 3 weeks, I hope :) Maybe even sooner :P)
So I'll see you then
Thanks for the review! And the epic enthusiasm ;D

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Review #11, by worship the narglesHere without you: Terrified of a Memory

13th September 2012:
AND *ANOTHER* STEP CLOSER TO THE BATTLE YA! thank you so much for the the shout out again!! and i'm serious, this is my favorite chapter! thank you so so so so much for everything and btw you are also the AWESOME one!


Author's Response: This is my favorite chappy 2, I was oringinaly not going to put the scared of Tom thing in but I really think that Tom riddle would be her boggart at stuff because she's still scared and thats the reason she fights things on her own :D
Thanks for another review
- kjp

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Review #12, by worship the narglesEvolution: Where the Grass is Greener

12th September 2012:
OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! well when you said there would be bumps i knew this would probably be coming. ;) i've read all you're responses, i'm such an idiot, but still, HARRY AND GINNY MUST GET BACK TOGETHER! I STILL LOVE YOUR STORY THOUGH! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) sorry if this review was confusing. :D

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Review #13, by worship the narglesHere without you: Leaving home

6th September 2012:
AND WE COME ANOTHER STEP CLOSER! :D once EPIC chapter you are too awesome! and i'm also shaking from excitement every chapter because of the battle! you are so awesome, this chapter is going on my top 5 fav chapters of this story!!

Author's Response: aw thank you. and its u who is the aw some on, not me. Again thank-you 4 the review and i'll try to update soon. You are still the most awesome reader ever :D

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Review #14, by worship the narglesPromises : To the girl I love.

5th September 2012:
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

This story is great!! AWWW HARRY IS SO SWEET!! (and your so EPICLY AWESOME!) keep up the amazing work and thank you so much for the amazing responses!


Author's Response: I am in love with all the smiley faces you have put in this review. That just makes me so happy. Thank you.

I am so glad you like Harry, I am always worried about how I write him. Writing him makes me so nervous, he's a guy.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are brilliant and wonderful.


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Review #15, by worship the narglesHere without you: a shoulder to cry on

31st August 2012:
AND WE COME EVEN CLOSER TO THE FINAL BATTLE!!! :))) great chapter as usual and yay ginny is now officially friends with hannah! hannah does seem very nice now that are narrator/protagonist has come to like them. thanks for another amazing chapter and reply, keep it going! (i can't wait for the battle of hogwarts!)

Author's Response: I have a little confession to make; I didn't really like Hannah when I first put her in the story but now she's one of my favorite characters.
I can't wait for the battle as well, every time i write i'm shaking because i know its getting closer :D thanks again for another amazing review. You are awesome :D

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Review #16, by worship the narglesHere without you: Blame

25th August 2012:
oh thank you so much for the shout out! :) this chapter is wonderful and i'm so glad its not ginny's fault, but i do still feel sad for ted and andromeda. i think its good that ginny's starting to like hannah a little because her and neville are so close that it would stink if she completely hated the person the he's spending his life with. though i love when you said that it drives ginny crazy sometimes to be with hannah because she's so girly. thanks again for the shout out and very nice responses! :)


Author's Response: yay! hello again, thaks for another amazing review. I wasn't going to make Ginny the blame for Teds death not a chance of that but i do feel like she should slowly start to like Hannah even if she does drive Ginny crazy. The next chapter is probably going to be my longest, and finally after that 1st of may arrives and it all goes from there. Again thank-you ever so much for the review, your amazing :D
- kjp

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Review #17, by worship the narglesHarry, Ginny, & Their Love Story: Guilt & Acceptance

19th August 2012:
OMG! ITS HERE!!!I MISSED THIS STORY SO MUCH THANK YOU! in other words, i think it was very sweet you dedicated this chapter to sky and this chapter was EMAZING! THAT WAS NOT A TYPO I JUST FELT LIKE WRITING THAT THE WRONG WAY BECAUSE I LIKE EMAZING BETTER!!! :)


Author's Response: I felt that I needed to dedicate it to her, it was just the right thing to do, I guess.


I have about 900 words of the next chapter written...but I only know one scene that I'm going to write (the scene where you find out who is REALLY in Harry's office)

*insert evil laughter*

(PS I don't know if you're a Hunger Games fan...but I AM. and I just got the DVD and started to watch it...dfhjdksghjfdghdjkghlsd FANGIRLING OVER HERE! XD hehe)

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Review #18, by worship the narglesHere without you: Breathless

18th August 2012:
great job! man every chapter just gets better and better eh? i also wanted to say (because i always forget) emerald eyes is a very clever password! :)


Author's Response: Thank you very much, you are off course one of my most loyal reviewers so thank you very much. I thought the password was very neat too ;) lol, Thanks so much again
- kjp

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Review #19, by worship the narglesHere without you: thinking clearly for the first time

3rd August 2012:
YAY! that was a nice little happy chapter that i think was put in greatly (i needed a break from all that depressing, sad, detention everyday of your life ginny.) though the the darker parts of the story are also very emotional and detailed so i'm not trying to say there bad, in fact there great! :)


Author's Response: thanks for coming back and reviewing again... u r off course my most loyal reader ;). I've been away for 2 weeks so the next chapter will be up soon, sorry i didn't reply back sooner. And i thought it would be a nice change I was originally not going to put fred and george in the chapter but i decided i would so she could spend a little time with Fred before... well u know :(

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Review #20, by worship the narglesA Different Man: While I hate one.

24th July 2012:
sorry i haven't reviewed this yet! but anyway, THIS IS PROBABLY THE SWEETEST MOST TOUCHING STORYS IVE EVER READ! the comparisons between the characters and ginny are great! 10/10


Author's Response: Thank you so, so, much! I"m thrilled you liked it, and it really makes my year.

Thank you so very much.


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Review #21, by worship the narglesAlmost there: Nightmare

24th July 2012:
A W E S O M E ! ! ! ! man they seem so much like a couple now even though there, "friends" ;) great job as usual! thanks for being AMAZING!

Author's Response: Thank you for following the story! It really means a lot to me. Is amazing how inspiring the reviews can be!

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Review #22, by worship the narglesEvolution: Harry's Story

24th July 2012:
HELLO!!! lol sorry for making you wait so long i had camp so.anyway! loving the story as usual and thank you SOO much for all the nice responses!! your so AWESOME!!!

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Review #23, by worship the narglesHere without you: The sword of gryffindor

28th June 2012:
Wow i think this is one of the best chapters you've written (in my opinion of course). you made ginny's emotions so real i could imagine the excitement she was feeling when they were stealing the sword. well done!


Author's Response: wow thank you, this is a huge compliment. thanks so much for reading and especially reviewing. I'm truly flattered by your compliment

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Review #24, by worship the narglesThe Very First Kiss: The First Kiss is Always The Best

25th June 2012:
Good job! i love H/G story's and i won't go hard on you because you did awesome for your first time! :)



Author's Response: Thanks!I wanted to try something different, and I've always supported H/G the whole way through HP!

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Review #25, by worship the narglesUnmasked: when darkness falls

24th June 2012:

OMGOMGOMG THATS WAS AWESOME! i know i say this a lot in my reviews but i really mean it more than ever this time that you really stay true to H/G personalities! i love this story!

-worship the nargles

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed it (:

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