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Review #1, by lea_Fluorescent Adolescent : more than nice

25th January 2014:
[In response to the last comment, haha] Clueless is definitely top five but I guess the whole [ex]step-factor weirds me out.
Like, how did you two meet?
-Oh, his mother was married to my dad.
Oh... Awkward.
But I still love the movie. Once I told my cousin (who doesn't have a license) that she was 'just a virgin who can't drive' and then she got offended and in hindsight, I realize how potentially insulting that comment is without knowledge, you know? lol
On to this chapter!
1. So I don't know if this was intentional or not, but I love how Effy's mental descriptions of Al are just comparisons of him to James.
2. I really hope Effy's costume is a-la Cady-from-Mean Girls because that would be awesome.
3. I love Al! He's such a babe, and it makes me sad for him because I already know they're not going to end up together so I hope there's some other girl for him. Although I did LOL at James' question, "That's a girl, right?"
...Is there a chance a boy could be Al's date? dun dun dun.
4. God I wish there was beautifying spells I could use. Like, really. Those makeup tutorials always look so intense and let's be honest, I'd rather just sleep if I have extra time in the AM.

Can't wait for the next chapter - I lovelovelove Halloween.

Author's Response: yay this review made me so happy!! so MAYBE effy's costume is "a-la cady-from-mean-girls", probably not because i don't think aspen or oscar would let her get away with it.
your predictions are all hysterical hahaha- i suppose you'll just have to wait and see! i lovelovelove halloween too so this will be super fun to write ;D bea x

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Review #2, by lea_Fluorescent Adolescent : communism in mermish

23rd December 2013:
So many topics to cover!

1) I love little hints in stories, they kind of make my day so of course my favorite sentence in this chapter is: "He says that on the morning of our argument he had encountered a girl who had really caught his eye..."

2) Then I got really sad when I read everything Al because a little annoyance of my mine is the surge of Al/OC/James stories because I think they're kind of weird. Like, I love my ex-bf's brothers but I could never imagine myself dating or kissing one, ya know? AWK.

3) But then all was redeemed when I read that this would not be a love triangle (THANK YOU).

4) But THEN I'm like, but what if it was a triangle? Am I Team Al or James? Because James is a bit of a tool at the moment but I could see him very redeeming as his character develops, but I really like Al right now... So I decided I'm Team Oscar because he's fabulous.

5) [more of an irrelevant side-note] 80s movies, what up! say anything has been, and will always be, my favorite movie in the world.

I love it & Happy Holidays!!

Author's Response: I JUST LOVE YOU. YOU'RE SO COOL. YOU RESPONDED TO THIS IN EXACTLY THE WAY I WOULD and also i just love "i'm a keeper"! okay so anyway ha sorry
effy is such a babe like do i need to say anything else and she's too pre-occupied eavesdropping on the two girls that she hadn't even registered that they were indirectly talking about her like good one effy
this so is not a love triangle urgh i was really hesitant putting in this sub plot of this chapter because i don't want people to be turned off at this story so early into it because of her brief thing with al! but it's so not a big thing THIS IS NOT A LOVE TRIANGLE
oscar is fab, i love him, oscar for president and all that jazz. but idk i love mikey he's a babe
and in regards to 80's movies no r u okay clueless is where it's at
thank you again! happy christmas xxx

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Review #3, by lea_Trivial Trickeries: Much Ado About Nothing

3rd December 2013:
Confession: I read this like, two days ago but I didn't want to comment because I only get one and that would mean it was officially ooovvveeerrr! (SOB!)

I loved the chapter, of course and thought the ending was harmoniously sappy and cute with a hint of cheesiness perfection. It just made sense and fit in perfectly, and the song writing was the best (I was going to say perfect but I've used that like four times already and I promise, my vocabulary is better than that).

Thank you for the shout-out, it kinda-sorta made my lifffeee (it was, dare I say? Perfect :) ).

Did you make all your own chapter images?
I consider that ability up there with super-heroness, like Iron Man haha. I tried today and got intimidated just trying to figure out how to put two pictures together without losing quality, and stopped lol.

It appears I have reached the end of my review (sob). Again, excellent story - I loved it all! &I hope you decide to post another story!!

Author's Response: Awww you're way too sweet :P Haha I'm SO glad you enjoyed the story! :)

Ha so much cheesiness! I just couldn't help myself I'm sorry! :P

The song writing actually comes from Much Ado! At one point Benedick is trying to write a love note but can't find any good rhymes! :P So I adapted that a bit. Silly James...

I HAD to give you a shout out because you make me lifffeee in return :P

But it's not over Lea! You get to read the real Much Ado now! :D If you wanna start off easy Mango Shakespeare adapted the story into a graphic novel and it's just amazing! And also easier to get into. :)

And yes I made my own chapter images and banner! I love making them. Aww but don't worry I used to be absolutely hopeless at making them! I just practiced a lot because I love making graphics. The Dark Arts website really helped me learn too. As for quality, as long as you get two images that are high quality anyway you should be fine. Unfortunately photoshop can't fix an image that is already bad quality. (I wish!) :)

It appears I have reached the end of my review response (sob!) Are you on the HPFF forums? I'll have to try and find you to befriend/stalk you :P

I'm currently working on another story, but it might be a while until I post that. And I always have a few ideas going around in my head.
Thanks again! *Gives you a gigantic hug*

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Review #4, by lea_Fluorescent Adolescent : crushed moon extract

26th November 2013:
Hello! - I love it so far! Great characters and the line: "One of the most popular girls in the student social hierarchy, and probably really mean and quite a..." Awesome! All of it was awesome, really. It's so funny how pretty everyone always is, I picture NG Hogwarts as a sort of coed "America's Next Top Model" house, haha. Great job, and I can't wait to see what follows!

Author's Response: i just love your story, i'm so excited by this review thank you!! my cousin is at a similar boarding school and she describes it to be "antm meets mean girls with a dash of st trinians" so that's what i've tried to channel.
thanks so much!! bea x

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Review #5, by lea_Trivial Trickeries: Much Ado About Mulberry Trees

9th November 2013:
Oh, this chapter! I love the addition of the mulberry tree tradition, it is absolutely adorable and very collegiate. I know a few universities with couple traditions of their own (like at Ohio State if a couple walks from one end of the oval to the other without anyone crossing their path, they'll be together forever [aww]). So I saw that as something very fitting for Hogwarts as well.

Julia and Jim were awesome, and reminded me of tamer/nicer versions of the fairies from "A Midsummer Night's Dream". Very nice analogy with the prefect/policeman positions of power.

And finnnaallly (woo, haha) I really enjoyed the transition interactions with Triss/James, and how he offered to fight for her honor and she actually didn't punch him. If only love were really this easy, sigh.

But I'm really sad you're down the final chapter (wah). Are you considering any other future works?

Great chapter again!

Author's Response: Hey! Aww thank you for your lovely review. I'm really glad there are people like you enjoying the story. It makes me really happy :)

Aww! I love that tradition you said. That's so sweet! The mulberry tree idea reminds me of what people used to do in Junior school (between the ages of 7 - 11). Kids would meet somewhere and get 'married' and it was totally a huge deal and everything :P

Yey! Glad you liked Julia and Jim. They're so fun to write! Especially Julia.

Haha. I really wanted to show that Triss could do things for herself but I like that James is there to support her now :) Yes, why can't real life be like fiction please!

Final chapter woo! I'm about 10% through writing it and I hope to finish it soon, though I'm not sure when it'll be done! :S Keep an eye out though! I may update how far through it I am on my author page bio :)

In regards to future work, I always have a few stories on the run because I love writing and I just can't ever seem to stop myself! I just never get around to posting them! I'm actually really pleased with myself for posting this one. But yes, at the moment I'm working on a much larger story. An AU Lily/James fic that I'm really excited about. I'm not sure when I will publish it... because I really want to get it all sorted before I do. But please look out for that in the future :)

And thank you again! :D

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Review #6, by lea_Broken Teacups: The Beginning

24th October 2013:
Hello, hello!
I really enjoyed the first chapter, Bri is completely adorkable and Al is proving to be an interesting character.
The dialog is great, but perhaps the chapters could be a teensy bit longer since the dialog takes up so much? (More of a request than criticism, haha).
Hope you post more soon :)

Author's Response: Hee hello!

Yes, yes >D I have my plans for these babies~ Hopefully you can stick around to see them grow! You never know, Albus may even redeem himself :3 And of course! I can totally try that, and thank you for the lovely review!

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Review #7, by lea_Trivial Trickeries: Much Ado About Trickery

15th October 2013:
Yay - I love how all it takes is the slight chance that there might be a reciprocal of interest and suddenly the blinds are open!

So I tried to take "Much Ado..." out from my school library the other day and someone already had it! I didn't realize it was in such high demand... so I'm convinced who ever had it must be reading your story too, haha.

Also, after much thought I came up with Jason Artist as Fred (a little cliche I suppose but still fitting), Jamie Bell as Leon (so cute and he could totally pull off being Elle Fanning's brother!), and Eddie Redmayne as Don/Jonathan (although Robert Sheehan could pull it off too with a little goatee action).

ALSO (I'm almost done lol), I can't believe James can't remember Triss asking him to Hogsmeade! Boys are so oblivious. I can't wait for the next chapter, and congratulations on 2nd place!!

Author's Response: Hey Lea! Thanks so much for your lovely reviews :)

Awww haha! That's so sweet. I hope you manage to get your hands on Much Ado soon! :D Persevere! Haha it's worth it!

Oo I'm so excited that you're thinking of people to play the characters! And they're so fitting!! :D Hehe I think I will be picturing these actors now while I'm writing :P

Silly James. He IS pretty oblivious. :3

*hugs* Thanks so much for the reviews! I really love reading them. :)

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Review #8, by lea_Trivial Trickeries: Much Ado About Exploding Potions

25th September 2013:
Great job - I'm so glad you went with this scenario versus a masquerade ball, it seems more likely to actually occur. I'm curious as to who you see playing Hayley , Fred, and Don. Although you've said she's blonde her mannerism strikes me as Ariana Grande.
I also thought I'd let you know that "Much Ado..." Is now on my free time reading list! I'm in grad school right now so it won't be happening for a bit... But I'll definitely get there, haha!

Author's Response: Aww that's so nice to hear! Much Ado About Nothing is a fantastic play and I hope you enjoy reading it!
And thanks for the review again! :)
Hmm I imagine Hayley to look like Elle Fanning! Just that sweet blonde look. But now I can see her as Ariana Grande too! :) I'm not sure about Fred... any suggestions? For Don... I don't know, it's weird but I always imagine him to look like Robert Sheehan and I'm not sure why... :P

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Review #9, by lea_Trivial Trickeries: Much Ado About Quidditch

16th September 2013:
So originally I had "Much Ado..." confused with "A Midsummer..." (which is my personal favorite), but then you mentioned Hero/Hayley and I realized I was wrong. That aside, I love your retelling of the story and although I've never read it - I have a good understanding of what's going on.

I love your dialogue and the characters thus far, they're all likable but still human. AND I'm glad it's a short story (I get impatient, haha).

Can't wait for more and good luck in the challenge!!

I know I never read it but this is my guess for a reworded quote perhaps?

" 'I wish my broom was as fast as your tongue.'

'Perhaps then you would have a chance of winning fairly.' "

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks a lot for the review! Glad you could understand what was happening though you've never read Much Ado! (And I seriously recommend you do so! :D)

Yeah I'm kind of impatient too so I'm glad that this was a plot to fit a short story :P

Yes! "I wish my broom was as fast as your tongue." was reworded from, "I would my horse had the speed of your tongue" But "Perhaps then you would have a chance of winning fairly." was all Triss :P

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Review #10, by lea_Witching Hour: Any Questions?

12th September 2013:
I am so excited that we are finally at Hogwarts! It will be great to see everything from her perspective and mingling with the other characters I missed so much during HP7

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing! Glad you're enjoying Hogwarts once again - we'll be here for awhile. :)

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Review #11, by lea_Witching Hour: Unforgivable

11th September 2013:
I just started reading and am loving the story so far - the descriptions are great and Ginny is such an amazing character. I'm glad you're doing her strength justice!!

Author's Response: Hi lea! Thanks so much for reading and for all the compliments! I am doing my best to update often so that Ginny's story can be complete. I always found her to be an intriguing character and missed her in TDH.

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Review #12, by lea_Hufflepuffs Lack Conviction: Into the Woods

5th February 2013:
Sirius is in serious trouble (pun intended).
Hope you update soon - I love your portrayal of Regulus. It's such a turmoil to watch Jada go through and see both sides.

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Review #13, by lea_Hufflepuffs Lack Conviction: Of Thestrals and Men

22nd June 2012:
Uh oh... I wonder where this Sirius thing will lead to, very interesting indeed.
Lovely chapter - the buildup is good without sacrificing anything. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks! That means a lot to hear. I'm working on a new chapter now. Hopefully I'll have it up soon!

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Review #14, by lea_Ice Cream-Flavored Jealousy: Some Avocado Pistachio Happening.

21st June 2012:
I want Jasmine to get tough and real hot so she can find a new guy better than that rude-o, James. Of course I'm sure James has his reasons (whatever!) but its ridiculously easy to dislike him right now.
I liked your banner before, but it was too-fast so I literally had to stare and read over it to get everything - that being said - I like this one also.

Post soon!

Author's Response: I think I portray James too badly. Haha! And yes, Jasmine tough and real hot...well, I'll work on that. But haha, I find it funny cause Jazzy is more like, I dunno...She doesn't care much. But maybe she will. ;)
I'm sorry about changing the banner! I knew you liked the previous one. I just personally think the animation sucks. Hee, but thank you for liking this banner, too! You're amazing! MASSIVE thanks for reviewing! And yes, chapter 4's in the queue! :))

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Review #15, by lea_Hufflepuffs Lack Conviction: Tipping the Scales

8th June 2012:
I'm really enjoying your story. I've never read another story with Regulus as a central/background character before and enjoy how you've portrayed him as kind while still being true to his ties to Voldemort.
I also really like seeing the different side to the Marauders and Lily.

Wonderful chapter and great build-up.

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing! I think that J.K. Rowling made such complex characters and placed such emphasis on the shades of grey between good and evil; right and wrong. That is what struck me as the most important message kids can take from her books, and that message is what inspired this story. I hope you keep reading!

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Review #16, by lea_Sectioned: {sectioned}

7th June 2012:
I really like your story so far!
It's a new take on everything and I thought your description of her thoughts was excellent. Lilly's thoughts are warped and very self-influenced right now because of her state of mind, so I thought it was great how everyone seems to be against her but that may not be the case.
Post soon!

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Review #17, by lea_Ice Cream-Flavored Jealousy: In-denial with Strawberry Syrup.

27th May 2012:
I'm loving your story so far!

Hopefully we'll go more in-depth on Jasmine and James' relationship next chapter (maybe?... please?) or perhaps James.

I love Seed and Tristan but I want to know morrree.

Post more soon!

Author's Response: Yeah, I'm working on that--on James mostly. cause I seriously don't know how he would act around Jasmine. Aaaahhh, it's kind of frustrating! But anyways, yeah. Working on it. Thanks for the reeevvieeww~ :))

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Review #18, by lea_Ice Cream-Flavored Jealousy: Throwing Waffle Cones.

27th May 2012:
I just started and I love it so far! The characters are very well-written so far, ANNDD I LOVE your banner.

With it - I'm off to the next chap :)

Author's Response: Awwshies, thanks! Haha, I'm happy you love it~ Oh and the banner, really? Haha! I think it rather sucked. haha! thank youuu so much for the review! You made my day! :)

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Review #19, by lea_Bang: I swear reporters are the worst people on the planet.

18th April 2012:
I agree with a previous comment about pointing out Aimee's strengths. I really like her (like I want to be friends with her!) and I want James to see her as more than this clumsy, scared Hufflepuff.

Besides wanting to see Aimee in a better light, I absolutely adore your story :). I hope you continue writing and post soon!!

Author's Response: i also agree with the previous comment about pointing out aimee's strengths ~ this is in the next chapter a lot more than it is in this one, which is good :D james needs to realise that he barely even knows her before he goes and stereotypes her :P

thank you so much :D aimee feels very sorry for herself all the time ~ hence why the story seems very negative. but hopefulyl it will get better :D thank you!

ellie :) xx

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Review #20, by lea_A Girl with a Problem: in which happy endings exist

15th April 2012:
i thought your story was adorable!
it was a good short story and had very good potential for a longer story if you wanted.

very cute. i really enjoyed reading it :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I probably could have written a longer story, but I just didn't have it in me! Thank you for reading, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

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Review #21, by lea_Genesis: All Apologies

14th April 2012:
I've spent all afternoon catching up and I love your story! There are minor grammatical errors but they do not lessen how good it is 'cause I love me some good ol' fashion drama and love!!
1) I'm very excited Scorpius and Rose are finally together, may I make a request to keep them together? Haha, I do not like when my favorite couples are broken up by stupid drama.
2) I was thinking this the entire time the family was being mean - it was almost too mean. I mean, honestly?! I have 3 sisters and 1 brother and if they ignored/treated me the way they did Rose, I would be so angry at them, deserving or not (and what she did was not deserving of their actions). It actually made me like ALL of them less and James more.

Just had to get that out there. Loving it!

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