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Review #1, by Gin_gin06Delilah's Black Book of Poems: Kiss Me Goodbye, Love

5th June 2013:
Oh my god...

That was...

I can't even...

It's been months since I've read this story and I come back and...

He finally told her...


I am speechless...

I seriously don't know what to say...

I always know what to say...

Oh my god...

That was crazy...

And so good...

I love the way you write, missy...

so sad...

sorry for the crappy review, but *pooof* my mind is blown...

Much love,

Author's Response: Dearest Gin-gin06,

You had me cracking up with your adorable review. You really made my day with this one. It is so very different. I loved it!

I am truly honored to render you speechless. You do ALWAYS have the perfect thing to say. LOL! And really, this one was no different. It was perfect.

This chapter was pretty angsty, I will admit, especially the end. So sad, indeed. Boo hoo. ;(

Thanks so much, as always for coming back and letting me know your thoughts. Your words are so valued and make my day.

Dark Whisper

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Review #2, by Gin_gin06Fairytaled : Lies

3rd June 2013:
OH MY GAWD! I was right from the beginning he was a bad death eater about to take away Hermione from Draco and expose them to Voldy!

NO! Don't cry! Hermione don't listen to those lies Draco's telling bad death eater! He's protecting you by protecting you so he can keep on protecting you so he can protect himself and you!

NOOO!!! WHY! SHE DON'T DESERVE THAT!!! *cries hysterically*


That... I don't know how to wrap up this review... I’m just... why?...poor Hermione... :(…..Much love, S2 S2...unless you hurt Hermione more.



Author's Response: YES YOU WERE, MY SMART LITTLE GIN-GIN! Gahh... I was going back and forth for a while thinking about who this could be, and this one made the most sense. :p

She can't help it though, I mean it's hard to start trusting someone after years of thinking they were one person, ya know?!

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I was crying when I wrote this chapter so I know how you feel... kinda. I don't like hurting Hermione. :(

I LOVE YOU TOO! AND IN A SORTA-CREEPY WAY. ;) Though that Snape bit made me ridiculously happy.

Much love S2 S2 S2

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Review #3, by Gin_gin06Fairytaled : Running

3rd June 2013:
Michief, that creepy man gave me a heart attack! Seriously! I thought he was like the stalker guy/a bad death eater about to take away Hermione from Draco and expose them to Voldy! But then he walked away and I was like THANK MERLIN!

AWWWHHH!!! That's right Draco you hug the love of your live who just so happens so look exactly like your mum! You best comfort her if you want her to trust you. You let her know that she’ll see her parents again and their gonna be at you two's wedding, and spoil ya'lls kids, and help you two talk it out when you have a bad fight, and, and...I have know idea where I was going with that.the feels are taking me over again!!!

And it went from cute lovey-dovey hug to them arguing. Lol, never a dull moment with them is it??

CROOOKSKANKS!! Oh my god I finally got to the chapter with him in it! It's sooo happy. A happy reunion! Oh poop...








A cliffy! Oh you Mischief, you and your cliffys! So mean! I must read more!

Much love, S2 S2

P.S. Haha read the author's note! But just to let you know I'm also reviewing because this is an incredible story written by an incredible author and not just cause of the amazing goodness in my heart screaming must review!! And thanks for the virtual cookie! Twas amazing! S2

Author's Response: Mwuahahaha I'm just here to scare all my readers is all... it's my goal to scare as many people as I possibly can. ;p

OIUsdhyaspdua... not weird or anything. xD Gahh Draco Draco Draco... what are we going to do with that man?! Oh my gosh you just made me like ridiculously giddy and I want so badly to see a head canon and/ or fanfiction on their wedding with Hermione's parents and just... asodiausdoas.

With those two, there can never be a dull moment! I mean, it's Draco and Hermione!


I'm sorry to have made you believe that he was out of the picture, but there had to be some sort of conflict, it couldn't be easy. :p

I know.. it's a bad habit but I love my cliffies! I'm sorry to torture all my readers! ;p

Love you too m'dear! :D

(Response to P.S.) skdauspoduas well, I'm honored that it's not just for the cookie or the goodness of your heart. ;) S2 S2 S2

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Review #4, by Gin_gin06Fairytaled : Truths

3rd June 2013:
Hey Mischief!! Sorry, its been really crazy where I live because there's been theses crazy scary storms and I have been reading on my phone but my phone won't let me review. :/ stupid phone...! Anyway yeah something bad happened with a ginger last month but everything's fine now since I won't be seeing him anymore.

It's been so long since I've read this story I had to restart!! I feel so bad! :( I forgot all about the stalker dude following them and poor little Crooksy!!


^ I think that's a line off a Disney movie?? That one with Patrick Dempsey? And the chipmunk?

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

HEHEHE!!! Draco is so ccuuttee being so impressed with his brightest witch of their age. So cute, I swear!


Oh Hermione don't be silly. Draco? Be mad? At you? NEVER!

Well off to the next chap!

Much love, S2 S2

Author's Response: GIN GIN!! :D

Pshh, no need to be sorry, I get excited no matter how long it takes in between reviews, it just makes me happy to see your name pop up every now and then, your reviews literally make my day. I hope all is well!! DON'T GET HURT FROM THE STORMS MY DEAR OR I'LL BE SAD! D:

RESTART?! Well, hey, I'm just glad you're reading it again! :D Bad stalker, bad!

Crooksy? Haha oh gosh... uhhh ENCHANTED!! YES, THAT ONE! :D I absolutely loved that movie! Now I want to go watch it!

I. Love. Draco. Though, you know that already... obviously. hehe... that man is just way too perfect! GAH GIN GIN

Right?! She's just too caught up and really really doesn't want him to be mad... like she's super scared that something is going to happen and it's all going to go down the crapper... poor thing.


S2 S2 S2,

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Review #5, by Gin_gin06Good Girl: Lessons Learned

20th May 2013:

Okay I'm better!

First off I must fan girl over Carrie Underwood because she is amazing. I love this song so much and nearly (okay i did flip out) when i saw you wrote a fic about her song.

Next off I LOVE this fic. Maybe more than I should, just because Gingers and their ex's are pissing me off lately, but that's just my personal problems speaking so I'll quite before I rant off about how stupid gingers are.

AWHHH! Draco how sweet of him! I just want to hug him and squeeze his cheeks and tell him how nice he is!


I CAN NOT CONTAIN MY DRACO FEELS! IT'S TOO MUCH TO HANDLE (does fancy cartwheels infront of a firework show because i just can't contain them).

Okay so I don't have any more computer time :( I can't wait to read your other stuff lata!

Much love to you missy S2 S2 S2



Isn't she brilliant?! I've loved her since American Idol and I haven't watched the show since Carrie was on. :p And this song came on in the car and I thought, "HOLY FREAKING COW THIS SONG WOULD BE BLOODY BRILLIANT FOR A SONG FIC!" and I wrote it. Yup, happened just like that. :p

Aww I'm so glad that you approve of it and that you not only approve but enjoy it. :D Uh oh. Something bad with a ginger, huh?? Hope all is well now!

I. Love. Draco. Then again, you know this. :p He's just a bloody brilliant character and I loved him in this story. :)



Gahh well I can't wait to see your name again and I'm so glad that you're finally able to be coming on again and that it means I get to see more of you.

All my love!! S2 S2 S2 S2 S2,


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Review #6, by Gin_gin06When a Wizard Grieves: His Rain

25th November 2012:
Dark Whisper, I'm waiting for it to storm over me while I bawl my eyes out so I can prove what I've wished all along, a witch, but sadly it still isn't.

This was so heartwrenching! :( And without any dialouge! This was an amazing piece, dark, sad peice, but nevertheless amazing!

Kudos to you for once again getting an emotional response out of me for the millionth time! And you now have the honor of making me cry while reading the summary. I don't think any one's ever done that to any one!

I LOVED what you did with the emotional-based magic. Your imagination continues to blow me away each time I read your work. i can only hope that my writing ca nbe half as good as yours someday. I wonder what the weather would do if a wizard was as happy as he could ever be. A shooting star perhaps, or the Northern Lights?

Why didn't Ron's portrait work? I wonder what a Portrait Ron would be like since he wouldn't be able to eat real food?

Well, I'm going to finish this review by saying that you are one of the top writers the universe, and I would read your work everyday if i could. Thank you for putting your work on the WWW (The World Wide Web, not Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes ;P )

Much love,

Author's Response: Gin-gin,

Well, firstly, I apologize for taking so long to respond to your awesome review. Your review is so creative and insightful that I had to wait to really think about what I wanted to say. And then funerals and the holidays sped by and I finally have the time to respond. Honestly, it is a credit for your wonderful review that rendered me speechless.

Alas, when I cry, it does not rain either, as I am as Muggle as Hermione's mother. XD I loved your comment. You are so thoughtful.

And well, you know by now that I love the dark and sad stories. I love reading and writing them because I love to really truly feel emotions. As I watch some television shows I often think they lack any real emotion. Perhaps that's why I love it so much.

Did I really make you cry at the summary? Oh, my... Summaries are difficult to really get the true tone of stories in such a small space and still draw readers to it. Your words are a compliment to me, truly.

A shooting star? Northern Lights? Why didn't I think of that? You have a true writer's imagination and I LOVE it. Your talent shows even in a Review. You inspire me, deary. What wonderful, beautiful ideas in your head.

Yes, Ron's portrait didn't wake because they did not have food. LOL! Your comment made me really laugh at that. Hahaha! All seriousness though... I have not written a reason, only that some of them never wake. Perhaps it is because he is truly at peace, but I don't know. ;(

From my heart, I thank you for every word. You really know how to make me feel like a real author and putting my stories on this site gives me the confidence to eventually try to publish someday. My heart thanks you.

Much love to you, you talented, creative writer you...
Dark Whisper

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Review #7, by Gin_gin06Dear Diary : Visits

27th October 2012:
Hey Mischief! Is there any way you can get me that hair potion? That would make mornings so much easier to deal with! :D

As usual, we stopped by the flower store and picked out a large bouquet of sunflowers for Fred, allegedly they were the only flowers Uncle Fred could tolerate.

^I can so see Fred handing out sunflowers that like squirt laughing gas or something like that. LOL


That chicken sounds amazing! All i had yesterday was a huge play of cheesy bacon fries and candycorn so I'm starving now. hehe.

Happy (early) Halloween! S2 S2 S2,

Author's Response: Hello miss Gin-gin! :D My goodness I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to see your name pop up now. :P

That potion would be my new best friend. I mean seriously, how amazing would that be?! It would make everything so freaking easy and blah!

Ohh goodness I could totally see Fred doing that. That would be so awesome. xD

YES SHE DID!! :D You peeked?! BAD GIN-GIN! Lalala oh how I love sir Scorpius...

It's one of the greatest recipes ever... seriously, if you ever want to try it let me know and I can give you full details, it's super easy and it's delicious. My mouth is watering now. BACON FRIES?! That sounds amazing right now haha and I just ate Subway...

Woo! I'm actually going to a Halloween party tonight so that's perfect timing! Happy Halloween to you as well m'dear.

S2 S2 S2,

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Review #8, by Gin_gin06Fallin' : Epilogue- Pieces

27th October 2012:

Hey!!! Oh my gosh, i haven't been on here in FOREVER!! I'm so sorry!!! I've missed you so much! Stupid school's been crazy since I'm going to tech for awesome photography stuff and English three is kicking my ass! Research papers start monday and then cheerleading officail start for me friday! But enough about boring school!

I so did not see that coming! You had me crying. for a moment I thought it was going to go totally The Vow on me and Scorpius NEVER remember! I'm so happy he remembered. I would have died if he had!

AAAWWWEEE! Alex Carnia (that reminds me of Narnia ) and Perseus Alexander are the cutest babies ever!!! I CAN"T BELIEVE THEY HAVE KIDS! I'm so proud of them.

Hehehe those drugs sound nice! I be loopy like Rose. Just kidding. Scorpius needs some. He was flipping out. LMAO!!! :D

Oh my gosh have you watched Rock of Ages?? I JUST GOT IT AND WATCHED IT TWO TIMES IN A ROW!!! No i didn't eat all the candy corn in the bowl while I watched it...just most of it.

Okay, so I have to read the rest of your stuff! I can't believing it's over though! :( MUch Love S2 S2 S2,

Author's Response: OH MY GOODNESS!! MY JAW JUST ABOUT HIT THE FLOOR WHEN I SAW YOUR NAME! I MISS YOU SO FREAKING MUCH! :D :D :D I seriously thought you'd disappeared for good or something and I was starting to become very sad at that thought.

Don't be sorry!! I was a bit worried, but I can't help but be relieved now that I know you're alive and well. :P Goodness! You've got quite the full plate. If you ever manage to find some time to spare, take a few seconds and let me know how you're doing, either on here or through my Formspring or like Potterhead for Life on Facebook and shoot me a message (I'm admin Rose) because I'd love to hear from you every now and then. :P

Really?! Oh my goodness I'm so glad it wasn't over the top cliche blah blah blah. I'm glad it wasn't all obvious and stuff, so thank you!! :D If I pulled the whole "The Vow" thing, I would be rather upset with myself. That movie was depressing, I couldn't imagine reading the book or putting that in my story. xD

Well thank you! :D It does sound a bit like Narnia. xD I was pretty fond of the names actually, I was kinda surprised to be honest. I'm so proud of them as well! My babies are all grown up! And having babies of their own! IT'S INSANE!

I want drugs like that. :P Haha how awesome would it be?! Rubber ducks and stuff. Yeah... poor Scorp. xD

I LOVE THAT MOVIE!! It was so good! I'm eating candy corn as I respond to your review!! o.O Weird. But seriously, that movie is amazing. I saw it in theaters with my parents and I loved it.

I know... I can't believe it's over either. It's such a bittersweet moment! :'(

Much love S2 S2 S2

PS: Don't wait so long to pop in and say something! I miss you dearie. :P

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Review #9, by Gin_gin06Fairytaled : Trains

27th July 2012:
Oh my gosh! I GET A COOKIE??? YUMMM! *eats cookie in one bite* Thank you Mischief!

This chapter was so funny! It was really light and airy. I think the word I'm looking for is fluffy. Anyway it was great! I love reading from Draco's point of view, because there aren't many dramione with his. His reaction were hilarious too.

Do you know in Paris, for the trains you have to havea ticket to get in and out of the station? A friedn of mine went with her mission group and they got stuck in the train station becuase they hadn't known that before thye threw their tickets away!

Of course Crokkshanks should be rescued. I would die if he wasn't! Poor baby, all alone. I would rescue him, but it wouldn't end well...for me. The cat would come out fine of course. I'm very clumsy.

I actually don't know how Draco will react to the news. Since his already in love with her, I don't think he'll be too mad, and he'll probably be slightly (very) impressed. But I guess I shall be surpsised when you update next.

Which will be soon, right???

Is it weird I can't actually pircture Narcissa in this chapters? I invision everything I read when... well reading, but I don't picture Hermione as Narcissa. It confusing me while reading it. Lol.

This movie (Scream) i'm watching--i always seem to be watching something-- is really fake. Like the movie in New Moon (the book, don't know if you've read it. A lot of people hate it :/ ) where Jabocs laughing it's soo fake.

Anyway... since I've probably weirded you out with my random rambling, I'll get back to actually reviewing.

We had about 10 minutes to spare before it came.

^Tthe number 10 when describing time, unless it's a number above one hundred is usually written out like ten, so that the numbers won't distract people. Sorry for being a grammar freak. My friends hate it.

“I promise.” I said, knowing there wasn’t anything she could say to make me angry at her.

^We'll see about that Draco, we'll see about that. I hope Draco's reaction is written in his point of view.

Update soon before Crokkshanks dies!

Much love, S2, S2,

Author's Response: You are quite welcome my love!! :D

FLUFFY! I love the word fluffy. I'm not quite sure why, but I do! I don't know why, but I always love writing from both points of view at one point or another, otherwise I don't feel like I can get the proper feelings. Though I'm working on one story that'll only be from one POV. *crosses fingers*

YES! I absolutely loved being in Paris, but the whole metro situation was odd. We had some interesting experiences there haha

I'm clumsy as well, so don't you worry. :P Poor cat. Bleh

Lalala! I guess we shall see how he reacts, won't we?! :D Oh goodness I'm so in love with Draco.

OF COURSE! It's up! :P

I picture everything while reading as well, and it's super hard to write Hermione as Narcissa and I don't think I'm doing a very good job haha

I love how awful that movie is. I read the books and they're actually semi-decent. But I can't stand the movies, they all kill me. Awful acting and they just took things too far.

You haven't weirded me out at all. :P I love reading your reviews.

No, no I completely understand. I do stuff like that when I'm writing too quickly and since I don't have anyone to read through my stuff, I have way too many issues. :(

It is! :D Don't you worry.


LOVE! S2 S2 S2

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Review #10, by Gin_gin06I'm use to it: Getting Friends

27th July 2012:
Great Chapter. I wish their was more Draco though ;)

Update soon!

Much love

Author's Response: Thank you :) x
More Draco? I'll see what I can do :D
:D x

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Review #11, by Gin_gin06Dear Diary : Acceptance

20th July 2012:
Ooooh, I LOVE IT! XD Hey Rose got into Hogwarts!! Whoop whoop! Oh, bless that poor owl's soul, being slapped by Rosie for doing its job.

Can the owl give me a Hogwarts Letter too?


Does Harry live in his parents old house???

I love (yes, i said it again, but it's true) how you write Rose in this one. She's much more confident--but not cocky either--and is very relatable.

In response to your last response: You have two cats and three dogs? That's cool. I've always wanted a cat, but I do have a puppy that's not really a puppy anymore, but I call her a puppy... her name's Saphire.

Is Scorpius's appearence coming up soon? He's like my favorite Next-Gen besides Teddy and Louis. I think after I get a bunch more chapters on my other stories, I'm going to write one fro Louis, since there isn't much on him.

And speaking of me updating, I'm tring to update in hte next week or so, so keep your eyes peeled. (Hehe, that phrase makes me laugh, how do you peel your eyes??? :p)

Much love potterhead pal! S2 S2,

Author's Response: Yay! LOVE! Haha I was laughing so hard when I was writing that bit. The poor owl, traumatized for life and all for doing it's job. :P

I wish... I told him to give me one but he refused. Darn owl.

YESH I DO! I absolutely love that series, both the movies and the books. :) JRR is a genius.

Yes he does! More on that later. :D

LOVE?! *GASP*! Aww I'm so glad you like her. I liked this Rose a lot as well. She gets feisty later, just wait. :) I'm glad she's relatable.

Yes I do. :) Aww i love that name! What kind of dog is she? I have a cat named Luna and a cat named Patches. Then the dogs are Hobbes, Adina, and Gia. :P

Umm he'll come in on the first day of school. Going to have a couple chapters before that. :P Patience my dear... patience. But I absolutely love the next-gen boys. Scorp, Louis, Teddy, and Al are my favorites. :) If you do a Louis story I will totally read!! :D

Ahh! I shall keep my eyes peeled, even though it sounds quite painful. xD

Much love to my amazing writer and friend,
S2 S2 S2 S2 S2

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Review #12, by Gin_gin06Fairytaled : Unfamiliarity

15th July 2012:
Feeding the box with encouraging words! YAY! Cause I love you.

Sadly again, no Crookshanks, buuut, I do understand what you mean by the perfect ending spot for your chapters.

Oooh, there's a stalker? I WANT HIM TO BE HARRY!!! I love him, he reminds me of Teddy bear. I don't know why though. I think I've been reading to many of Snapegirl's Snape's Harry's dad fanfics lately. *gasp* is it Snape?

I love this chapter, it was mysterious from begining to end. I love (I say that a lot, but I really mean it) the passage way from the pub to Knockturn Alley. It did remind me of the Leakey Cauldron. And Draco, he was evilly detached when they went into the shop. D:

You should watch Pretty Little Liars. I LOVE IT! Though if you do, i know from experience watching it half way into a season is confusing.

MORE PLEASE! Or the last two chapters of Fallin'. No pressure.

Much love, S2,S2,

Author's Response: *gasp*!! And I love you too!!

I know! Where could he be?! So sad... what shall we do?! Yay! :D I'm glad that one of my readers agrees with me. :)

Not going to lie, if it were Harry I would laugh really hard. Aww Snape! S2 Hmm... I love Snape. And I've always thought about how interesting it would be if Snape were Harry's father.

Yay! Hehe I'm always so excited when my readers are enjoying the story, especially my amazing reviewers. :D

I shall watch it! At some point! Though I will definitely start from the beginning. xD

Don't worry, that'll happen soon! I promise. :)

S2 S2 S2,

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Review #13, by Gin_gin06Sectumsempra: A House of Darkness

12th July 2012:
Magic! Please will you update? I miss this story and you, so please update! Much Love, Gin-gin

Author's Response: Gin-gin!!! I am sooo sorry I haven't updated. I completely lost my steam on this story. Soon I will get back to it, I promise! Feel free to PM me on fanfiction dot net!

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Review #14, by Gin_gin06Just Rose: Disillusioned

4th July 2012:
Aww, I really liked this chapter. It's sad though that Molly and Rose are falling out again, but now that means Rose needs Scorpius because he's her only other friend in this situation and she'll depend on him more now. Please update soon!

Much love,

Author's Response: Thank you so much :)

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Review #15, by Gin_gin06Fairytaled : Bubbles

3rd July 2012:
What? I want Crookshanks! :( Apart from the lack of Crooks, this chapter was awesome!

I love how you described how Hermione was feeling around Bellatrix and how it felt changing properly with the potion. I thought both parts were well written and very descriptive.

Hehe, she will never let it go about his poor planning in the bathroom, huh?

Please update soon! Much love, S2, S2,

Author's Response: I'm sorry!! Not my fault. Gosh darn perfect endings for these bloody chapters. *sigh*

I'm so glad you enjoyed this chapter! And I felt that bit with Bellatrix was necessary and it took me quite a few tries until I felt that I captured the emotions well enough to put them out there so I'm glad you think it's well-done. :D

Pshh, would you?! :P I would hold it over his head (jokingly) for quite some time. xD

I shall! Don't you worry. :) I love all y'all too much to not be updating.


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Review #16, by Gin_gin06Fairytaled : Forgetting

3rd July 2012:
Time-to-make-this-author-happy-time! :D Yay two chapters for me!!! And oh my gosh, I just got done watching last weeks Pretty Little Liars. I don't know if you watch it, but I can't believe Caleb just broke up with Hannah!!! D: NOO!

AW! You make my day when you mention me in your Authors notes. You're an amazing author too. :)

Hermione's going to take Polly juice potion? She's going to overcome her fear of turning into a cat to save a cat? Go Hermione!

Poor Crookshanks! I"LL SAVE YOU POOR KITTY! GIN-GIN TO THE RESCUE! *runs into the wall by pretending to fly* Nevermind, I'll just let Draco save you.

somehow you don’t come across as a cat person. Hehe, I guess Draco's morere of a dog lover. I could see him owning a dog. I know Tom Felton does.

Okay, I have to read the next chapter!

S2, S2, S2,

Author's Response: HAPPY AUTHOR TIME?! YAY!! :D Two chapters for one of the best people ever!! ^-^ I haven't watched that show but I've heard a lot of good things about it. Maybe I should start watching it. :P

Aww goodness, I'm so glad! It's well deserved on your part, you leave the best reviews a girl could ask for and you're just an all-around amazing person. :P

Haha darn, it would've been interesting to see you rescue dear Crookshanks. :P

I'm actually both. xD I have 2 cats and 3 dogs. :P I love them all so much haha but yeah, Draco I see as much more of a dog person. Cats are so perfect for Hermione though and he obviously just wants her to be happy. *sigh* that man is so amazing.


Happy reading. S2

Thanks again for making me happy with your amazing review. :)

S2 S2 S2

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Review #17, by Gin_gin06A Street Vendor's Rose: Take Me Dancing

2nd July 2012:
How come this one-shot only has one review?? This is amazing, it made me tear up, it gave me chills when both Draco and Hermione and the old lovers were dancing. I love how the storys not focused on just Draco and Hermione, but the origin of the dance and how you incorporated their love with it. The story behind the dance with the poor lovers was beautiful. I thought the idea was well written. And the way you wrote their love for each ohter, I could truly feel it in the writing. This is my favorite one-shot ever!

Author's Response: Gin gin06,

You are so kind to me. Thank you.

I wasn't sure that anyone would review this because this is not a 'normal' Dramione. Nothing is said of how they fell in love, or how old they are, or any of those kind of details about them.

I'm so glad that you liked my story of the original couple and how the Tango came to be. I suppose it is an "original fiction" story embedded into fanfiction.

Thank you so much for your lovely review and that you understand that it is really about the dance. I cannot thank you enough.


Dark Whisper

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Review #18, by Gin_gin06Harry Potter and the Conspiracy of Blood: Dark and Angry Souls

24th June 2012:
1.) Those hexes and spells are positivly evil. Livers coming out of belly buttons? Ewww! The book seems interesting and I love that Dumbledore helped them out. I miss him.

2.) Random question, but will Denis be in later chapters?

3.) Aww, i love that part with Rose and Scorpius. They're so cute. XD

4.) I'll bet that Lady Tenabra was the eye witness that Snoops ran into by accident. And I also bet that those files aren't just gone because of digital transfering, it seems tooo fishy.

5.) Why did Octavia have Ginny's wand? did Ginny drop it, and Octavia happen to pick it up? Or is there a more sinister reason behind this?

Amazing! FABULOUS!!! How do you come up with this stuff? Seriously!

Author's Response: Hello, again!

I miss Dumbledore, too, so I give him the occasional cameo in portrait form. To me, he's such an essential part of the world. His presence adds something.

You will see Dennis Northway again. In fact, he's rather pivotal in a key moment of the story.

I'm glad you like my Rose and Scorpius. They're a lot of fun to write.

You'll have to wait and see, but it's a very reasonable suspicion.

Again, the reason why Octavia had Ginny's wand isn't completely clear. But it will be...

How do I come up with it? I don't know, I just sort of daydream and let my mind wander and things come to me. I wish I could summon it at will, but it doesn't work that way.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #19, by Gin_gin06Harry Potter and the Conspiracy of Blood: The Silliest Thing I’ve Ever Heard

24th June 2012:
DAN! Lovely chapter, evil ending. and yes, I do agree with that person. I'm usualy to busy wanting to read the story I skip the top Author Notes.

1.) Percy run after her you nancy boy! Oh why is the world so cruel?

2.) What doesn't Draco have? I'm confused. :/

3.) oooh, Luna, smart one that girl. I was wondering the same thing myself. Was Lady Tenabra hoping that the others weren't smart enough to think about it that seriously?

4.) Must read more!

10/10 hun!

Author's Response: I keep learning new things the longer I'm part of HPFF. Putting the author's notes at the end was a great idea, because I can also talk just a bit about the chapter without ruining it for anyone.

Percy is struggling with his own mind. He desperately wants to follow Audrey and fix what's wrong, but something won't let him. Much more on this to come...

Draco no longer has money. That's why the goblins have been harassing him. So Kriffin can't pay the witch who purges dark magic. Harry volunteers.

I love, love, Love Luna. I'm sad that I haven't had more opportunities to write her into this story, so I make the most of the few chances I have.

Well please continue to read, then! I absolutely love your reviews! Thanks so much!

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Review #20, by Gin_gin06Harry Potter and the Conspiracy of Blood: Searching for Answers

24th June 2012:
And so the plot is thickening.

1.) Haha, harry is such a Slytherin sometimes. Gaddocks... teehee. And then sometimes not.. won't even sit with his son on their side and tells his grandson he hopes the other house wins the house cup. How evil of him. :b

2.) I love how (and so don't at the same time) Hermione is struggling with her wheelchair and the whole affiar. It brings the whole situation down to earth and believable because the way you write the characters has the, showing their worst flaws and their best quailties.

3.) Awww. Draco's worried.

Not much to say other than i'm too busy reading the next chapter to write more.

reading on...

Author's Response: Hello, again!

There's a reason the Sorting Hat struggled a bit with Harry. He definitely has the ability to be cunning and sneaky when he has to be. But there are certain areas where he won't compromise. Sitting in the Slytherin section... I mean, come on! How could that ever happen?

Poor Hermione. She's struggling a great deal. Her path in this story is a difficult one, so I'm glad you like what I've done with her character.

Draco is definitely worried. The situation is reminiscent in many ways of the build-up to the war.

On to your next review! Thanks so much!

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Review #21, by Gin_gin06Dear Diary : Oddities

23rd June 2012:
AHHH! MISCHIEF! Another scorose? YAY! I love this pairing. And oh my gosh, it's your longest chapter ever. woot woot! lol that makes me think of owls. Look I made one.


What should I name it???

What I think of this story is that I can't wait for the next chapter and you should continue it. It's a very interesting concept, and there's so much potential and it could go anywhere.

I can't wait for Scorpius :)

Oh Gods... I'm watching Final Destination and it's at the part where the plan blows up the first time D: I'm so scared of planes because of this movie.

You did great with Rose's characterzation in this one. I feel like I know her or something. I love the part where she wakes up her dad by throwing water on him. I did that to my brother once and got chased until he put ice down the back of my shirt. It was cooold!

I love this line: I’m just… well, Rose. It really makes me feel like she's kind lost in the sea of her family and doesn't know who she is because that's how people define her is by her family. Wow, I think I actually sounded kinda smart for once.

Please, please, please continue this. I'm really interested and can't wait to see what happens.

Much love hun! S2, S2,

Author's Response: Yes!! I'm hopelessly in love with Scorose. There's just something about the ship that I absolutely adore, they're too perfect. IT IS MY LONGEST CHAPTER! YOU SHOULD BE PROUD! :)

IT'S SO PRETTY! Uhh his name shall be. BOBBY!

Hehe I'm actually quite excited for when he comes in. Fair warning, this isn't my typical story so it won't be what you're expecting. :P

I haven't seen that movie all the way through. I've just seen bits and pieces while I was at work. xD That movie just makes me scared of absolutely everything.

Aww yay! I'm so glad you like her characterization, I feel like I did a much better job this time around so it's nice to hear I'm not the only one who thinks so. Haha ice cold water is just so freaking cold. o.O

She is lost in the sea that is her family. To her there's always someone to live up to and always someone who will outshine her. She can't be good enough if she's herself, you know?

I will, don't you worry m'dear!! The next chapter should be submitter sometime in the next week. :P

Thank you for yet another wonderful review, my dear. :) You're amazing.


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Review #22, by Gin_gin06Harry Potter and the Conspiracy of Blood: No More Secrets

23rd June 2012:
Ello Dan, it's me again! :]

1.) Oh my gosh! Poor Hermione! I could that that being very difficult for her, seeinjg as how she was always doing something-- running to the library, helping Harry, saving House elves ect. ect. You wrote the part really well, and once again made me cry. I loved the part with their wands and when Hermione was drugged. It was awesome.

2.) Yay, Harry and Draco were bonding.

3.) Rose and Scorpius are so cute.

4.) I hate Lady Tenabra! Evil witch. But smart... scary smart.

5.) Uh oh, what happened between Percy and Audrey? I hope the current distress with the world brings them back together.

6.) I thought the section when all of the new blood order was together was great in a way. It had adifferent tone from the rest of the piece and it was believable. They all were really evil. So good job.


Author's Response: Hello again! So nice to see you back!

Yes, Hermione has difficult times ahead of her. Very difficult, actually. Much more on this to come.

Harry and Draco actually managed a chuckle together at Daphne's expense, which is huge for the two of them. They aren't going to be planning bachelor trips together any time soon, but it's a small step.

I really, really enjoy writing Rose and Scorpius. Again, you'll see them again several times before it's all said and done.

She is very smart and very scary, but not in the same way as Voldemort. He was all about brutality and overt evil. She's much more cunning.

Percy and Audrey are having some problems at this point. Why? You'll soon see.

There is definitely tension within the Blood Order. The Slytherin-Death Eater crowd and the common criminals don't really get along.

Thanks so much for sticking with the story and reviewing! I look forward to every one.

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Review #23, by Gin_gin06I'm use to it: Hogwarts

23rd June 2012:
Yay! It's Hogwarts time. And Harry was in it! And PIE! XD Best chapter ever!

Gr! I hate Bellatrix! she is soo rude and ungrateful. No goodbye? Mad should have slapped her.

I wonder if she will every want to be friends with Harry?

HEHE! I LOVE THIS STORY!!! Write more soon!

Much love,

Author's Response: Thank you x
Glad you liked it x
It is Bellatrix... what else would you expect?
More will be on it's way x
Thank you again, this review really made my day... well night... it's 3am :P
Thank you x

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Review #24, by Gin_gin06Harry Potter and the Conspiracy of Blood: The Greater Fool

14th June 2012:
Oh My Gods! I am sooo sorry for not reviewing more. School was getting far to hectic and then I lost the link to your story and have been trying to find it! But now I did! And I'm soo glad because i have missed this story.

1) Camb, can I call you Camb? I love the Weasleys family scene. Arthur volunteering was so canon, and oddly reminded me of the time in the thrid movie (was it in the book too?) where he pulls Harry to hte side and tells him about Sirius.

2) George's prank was great, I was not expecting it to backfire on the kids, but I guess I should have. When George said ' “That was a good one, Freddie,” he murmured to himself. “Not our best work, but a good one.”' I thought he was talking to his son at first then I reread that line, and nearly cried knowing his was talking to his brother. :( I can only imagine what it could be like to lose someone so close.

3) I really love Phineas Black. I was soo upset when he wasn't in any of the eight movies. Peeves wasn't either, or Charlie. But you wrote them brilliantly. Once again I have to ask, are you J K Rowling?

4) Oh no! The Malfoy's got attacked again! That's not good! And Flint got hold of Voldemort's diary!?!? D: Run people, run for your lives!

5) Wher is Octavia she was only mentioned once or twice. :( I love that little munchkin!

6) I do not like the sound of this Lady Tenabra. She may have given Flint the what for, but she is evil. PUUURRE EEEVIILLL!

Bubububumm! I'm lovin' it!

Author's Response: Hello, again! You can just call me Dan if you like. Please don't feel badly. Real life has to take priority.

I'm glad that you liked the Weasley family dinner. I went back and forth on that scene as to whether I was going to shorten it dramatically. It doesn't really add to the central plot of the story, aside from highlighting Harry's struggles to come to grips with Ginny's death.

George's prank was so much fun to come up with. Honestly, it's the main reason that I couldn't bring myself to cut the scene shorter. So I'm really glad you liked it.

Phineas Nigellus is a fun little character. Even more fun in statuette form.

Flint got hold of what he thinks is the Dark Lord's journal. Apparently, it was not. ;)

You'll see much, much more of Octavia before all is said and done. I love her, too. So much fun to write!

Yes, Tenabra is pure evil. But in a very calculating, cunning sort of way. She's not "brute force evil" like Voldemort.

Thanks so much for coming back and reading and reviewing some more!

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Review #25, by Gin_gin06Delilah's Black Book of Poems: The Animagus in the Library

13th June 2012:
Dark Whisper, once again I am blown away by the amount of emotion in this chapter. I think I've said this before, but each time it becomes truer.

The conversation between Hermione and McGonagall, genius. I'm guessing the person she was thinking about was Tom Riddle before he completely went over the deep end.

I loved his animagus form! Black leporad... Now he is offically a sexy beast! Hehe. XD

Poor Hermione! Driving herself crazy trying to prove to everyone she's worthy of him. It's so sad really. I hope though, that she does not listen to McGonagalls advice. There will be a way for them to be together and he is not sphycopathically evil like Voldemort either, so that helps. And Flitch, I NEVER in a million years thought that I would feel sorry for him, but wow! That was heart wrenching. Gosh, that must be... wow...

What is Blaise doing! He is going to ruin everything Draco's tried so hard to fix, and I swear if Blaise messes it up I will BAWL my eyes out.

My favorite part though was Draco's flowers. How they were destroyed by his emotions... so heartbreaking.

Much love,

Author's Response: Gin-gin,

Thank you! I'm so glad you liked this conversation with Hermione and McGonagall. She really doesn't have anyone to talk to about this and was hoping for some insight, but she only has more questions.

Ah, yes... definitely Tom. Some are turned off by Tom and Minerva ship, but I love sad stories (as if you couldn't tell) and I feel the potential for that ship could be something really amazing... especially because we know his end. There is a potential for 'great' tragedy and so I love it.

Oh, I'm so glad I didn't disappoint with his Animagus... No Ferrets! Haha! And yes, he is one sexy beast! Whenever I think of everything that I see as Draco's character... Dark, mysterious, aristocrat, etc... I have always thought of the black leopard.

Filch... well, I wanted to use him as part of the conversation about blood and how unfair it seems. So, I thought to give him a little backstory of why he roams Hogwarts. Could you imagine having a twin with magic, while you didn't? Unfair and so tragic. :(

Blaise makes his offer. We'll see what Draco has to say about it. ;(

I'm so glad that you mentioned his flowers. It was my magical element in this chapter that was something simple, but linking them to his inner-most feelings... I was going for subtle emotional impact. So thank you!

As always, I appreciate and love your reviews. Thank you so very much!

Dark Whisper

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