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Review #1, by tiger lilliesIt's Called Adventure: Prologue

14th April 2012:
Oh, Lily, I'm such a terrible person! How could I read this entire novel without leaving reviews? Won't make that mistake again, that's for sure!

Okay, so I started reading this before it got all that recognition (CONGRATS ON THE DOBBY BY THE WAY!), and I just want to say that this is one of my absolute favorite stories on this site (so is 'An Improbable Fiction'!)

Every time I read this novel (yes, I've read this whole thing multiple times!), it feels like I'm reading it for the very first time. That's how.../refreshing/ it is. The way you write...AH, it's so depressing! I WISH I CAN WRITE LIKE YOU, but it's not only the writing that makes this novel so good: the plot and how well you.../know/ your characters (if that makes sense) are also what REALLY makes it shine. *very cheesy, sorry*

You've written such a perfect Neville and HUGO! AH, HUGO, HE'S SO ADORABLE! I just LOVE how describe him! It's wonderfulness (new word) to the second power *Wow, really Lilly, you're bringing math into this?*

Anyway, I'm moving on to review the next chapter! Thank you for writing this little gem!

~ Lilly
(Sorry for the /extremely/ late congratulations!)
p.s. you don't know how badly I wanted to hug Hugo!

Author's Response: Hi! I'm superbly pleased to hear that you're one of the hipsters following my story. I still get surprised that this story has done so well! I mean, I know it appeals to a very specific crowd and I guess if all of them are very active in the voting, then it makes sense. It's just something that makes me feel so warm and fuzzy considering the "fans" or, more aptly, readers :)

OMG REALLY?! This story is so long per chapter that I am surprised anyone can get through it lol. The only reason I don't change it, really, and make the chapters shorter is because I did that whole thing with the titles and that would be messed up :( But, basically, this is one of the best complements anyone could give me because, my biggest goal as a writer is to write something very much alive. Something that is new each time, that makes you want to come back--I consider that living!

Shining and talk of it is acceptable cheese, as far as I'm concerned :P

Hugo is verrry much a part of my headcanon these days. He started off much different, then I just kind of went with it. And you know what, even though I don't know math stuff I do know powers, so, I approve of bringing math up. Wonderfulness is not even coming up with a red squiggle under it so it's an accepted word now :P

Anyway. Thank YOU so much for your review, and thank you for the congrats :D Hugo would hug you back if he could :)

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Review #2, by tiger lilliesRowena: yet, this is you.

12th April 2012:
Ah, Lily, this is truly amazing!

Your writing is excellent, as always; I was hanging on to your every word and wish the story never ends. Everything you write is beautiful, of course, and this one-shot is simply lovely!

"There is no technical language that can describe your intricacies." Something about this line made me read it over and over. Was I captivated or just being weird? "I see you at the end of your life moving back through the halls of your triumphs, and while they are not small, while they are spacious and fertile, you will have nothing left in you to love with." Amazing...

Hey, Lily, why don't you share your writing skills with everyone? Great great job, and I'm looking forward to reading more from you.

~ Lilly

P.S. I've read "The Sheep Child" before...very mature indeed!
I'll have to read "Portrait of a Lady" and "Portrait D'une Femme" ("Portrait of a Woman" in French?) I'm sensing a theme, too.

Author's Response: Hello Lilly!

I'm so pleased that you enjoyed this. It is probably the hope of every writer that a reader is in dialogue with the text, and it sounds like you were :) And, of course, thank you for the compliments! :P

To be totally honest, perhaps too honest haha, that line you quote, the first one, actually arose out of me wanting to use a term that came from technology, like real deal computers, then realizing that slytherin wouldn't really have had that kind of language at hand :P So. I can't actually answer your question from a knowledge standpoint, but IN MY OPINION if you were just being weird it was only in a good way :) The next part, I'm glad you like it! It wasn't quite the same; I labored over that sentence particularly, so I'm glad it stuck out, in a way.

HAh, well, I'm sure when you start posting some of /your/ writing it will be skillful enough without any of mine, but of course to speak this way is to assume that I have any to share :P I have always thought that with one-shots like this, I tend to place a lot of stock on luck.

Also, yes, the sheep child is amazing and beautiful but also deeply horrifying at the same time :D I have not actually read, ironically enough, 'portrait of a lady' by james but (and you're correct with the translation) Portrait D'une Femme is fabulous, and I can wholeheartedly recommend :)

Thanks so much for your review! I appreciate it so much.

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