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Review #1, by TiberiusFishHarry Potter & the Veil of Shadows: 27 - Whispers On The Wind

4th May 2012:
I started reading your story this morning and really only stopped to fufill basic needs until I got to the last bit. Needless to say it was great. I especially love how closely you followed J.K.'s writing, in content and cadence. I am a huge fan of canon pairings and have exceedingly enjoyed your depiction of Harry and Ginny's relationship. Harry's initial shyness and growing tendancy's towards randyness (is that a word?) made me laugh multiple times. Thank you for writing such a promising story, I will be sure to read on as you wright on,

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Review #2, by TiberiusFishBlissful Oblivion : A Feeling Deep Inside Me

24th April 2012:
Nice conclusion. I like your portrayal of Ginny.

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Review #3, by TiberiusFishBlissful Oblivion : Speechless

24th April 2012:
Ted Tonks, Tonks's dad is dead. It is her mum Andromeda that lived.

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Review #4, by TiberiusFishThat One Dance: That One Night Dance

24th April 2012:
This is very sweet. I very much enjoyed it. Thank you!

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Review #5, by TiberiusFishA Considerable Amount of Time: Hero Potter VS Harry Potter

23rd April 2012:
I like this story, but I kind of pictured Ginny being more mad, and hitting Harry around the head or something. Over all it was lovely.

Author's Response: I never pictured that, considering a lot of people write it like that, I wanted her to be mad, but not like mad, mad. I'm glad you liked it though, and thanks for reviewing.


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