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Review #1, by TearsIMustConcealActions Speak Louder than Words: Besotted: Rose POV

15th May 2015:
Hey Beth! Iím back again because I just couldnít stay away! And because you also asked me very nicely :)

So once again, this chapter was absolutely amazing! Youíre seriously giving Rose a hard time though! Her thoughts and feelings about her scars are heart-breaking Ė that everyone would be as repulsed as she was by them even though that is obviously not case and I hope she finally realises that! I canít even begin to imagine what she must have been through.

And Stannous Ė he is seriously evil, I didnít realise how evil until I realised he made his own torture curse up Ė that is a seriously unhinged, crazy thing to do. Will he be as evil as Voldemort? I feel as though heís going to be the big bad for the Next Gen so Iím guessing he will be appearing sometime soon?
But I love that now, she finally has the courage to look at the scars herself Ė it just shows you how far she has come and the influence Scorpius really has on her, which, thank god, she has finally realised!

Scorpius missing him Mum Ė Beth, what are you doing to me? Iím really upset now because heís just so cute and vulnerable and I want to hug him and make him feel better! His comparisons of Rose and his Mum Ė there so sweet and genuine Ė you can tell right there that he pretty much loves her so hopefully they admit it to each other soon! And then him comparing himself to his Dad Ė I still want to hug him Beth! Even though admittedly, he clearly was a bit of an idiot, heís hating himself and he doesnít deserve that, not really. He was just a teen going through a rough time, which Rose does understand.

And then we see a glimpse of Al and his protectiveness of Rose. I love Al and in his position, I would have done the same thing! I love how heís so close to Rose Ė I love strong family bonds!

And that little moment when sheís happy he told her that there hadnít been anyone else Ė my heart soared because itís so clear that they are destined to be together!!

But they didnít kiss! Do you know how much I wanted that kiss to happen? Please tell me it happens soon? Pretty please?

Oh Beth, this chapter was just amazingly cute and heart-breaking and inspiring because your writing is just brilliant! I canít wait to read the next chapter!!


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Review #2, by TearsIMustConcealAfter: One.

15th May 2015:
Hey!! Iím here with your review!

This story was absolutely heart-breaking! I knew it would be sad but I didnít how upset it would make me feel.

I just want to hug poor Amos! You can really feel his despair in every word and how devastated he is about losing Cedric. I couldnít imagine what it must feel like to lose a child so my heart goes out to him! Everything you wrote was a perfect realistic portrayal of Amos and in general, a parent in mourning.

I love the order of time youíve used here Ė it really shows that it doesnít matter how long ago it happened, whether it was a six months or just hours after, the pain is always there as a horrible reminder of what youíve lost!

The way he was reminded because Mrs Abbott found a tie and he lashed out Ė I totally get that. Even in everyday situations, ones that are not as extreme as this, certain items bring back floods of memories, both good and bad and itís hard to deal with those emotions!

I really didnít want his wife to leave him but that always seems to happen after the loss of a child. It makes you realise that sometimes children are the glue in a family unit and that when theyíre gone, sometimes thereís nothing left. It must be such a hard situation and even though she says that Amos isnít grieving, itís just because heís not grieving in the same way she is. And as you read on, you realise that he is grieving and that he feels guilty Ė that he feels he made Cedric take part in the Tri-Wizard just so he can brag. I really feel for Amos there because I couldnít even begin to imagine the inner turmoil heís feeling. Youíve really managed to capture his heart-break and emotion here!

PTSD is an area thatís hardly ever explored on here so well done for being brave and doing it and doing it in such an amazing way! Every word was heart-wrenching and the emotion was unbelievable!

I also love how youíve used the same line at the start and at the end Ė it really has an amazing effect!

Well done and good luck for the challenge!


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Review #3, by TearsIMustConcealMeals With Muggles : Burgers And Chips

15th May 2015:
Hi Kaitlin! I know you wanted your latest story reviewing but I reviewed it the other day so I hope you donít mind that I reviewed this instead!

I really loved this! It was such a random pairing that I was immediately drawn to it and just had to read it! Dudlietta must become a genuine thing!

The way youíve started this with foodÖ..your description is amazing and Iím seriously hungry right now! That croissant sounded amazing! And then it gets eaten by *shudders* pigeons. I had to skim over that bit because pigeons and I do not go together but that led me straight to the part where Marietta ends up in Dudleyís lap so itís fine!

I love how Dudley is not quite sure why Marietta would be flirting with him Ė this really fits with my head canon of Dudley. The only time he was ever Ďconfidentí was when he was bullying younger kids so it does make sense that he has a few insecurities, especially as he is still overweight Ė I love how youíve not changed him too much and I think itís really realistic!

Dudleyís reaction to finding out Marietta went to Hogwarts was enjoyable! Itís not surprising in the slightest that he acted the way he did Ė he didnít exactly have a good relationship with magic! But I do feel a little bad for him Ė he didnít have a good time at all!

And now I love how theyíre going to very clearly, bond over their mutual dislike of Harry Potter! Itís nice that heís found someone he can vent to who actually understands it all because I can imagine if Dudleyís ever spoken about Harry, heís always had to leave out the details! The comment about his tail and needing surgery Ė that made me laugh so much. I never thought how he would have gotten rid of it but that makes perfect sense although I bet that was hard to explain to muggle doctors!

And I love that Dudley was the one who asked Marietta out for a proper date Ė it was so cute. I love that heís happy!

I absolutely loved this! It was so much fun to read and I really think this needs to be carried on Ė Iím now officially a Dudlietta supporter!!


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Review #4, by TearsIMustConcealOil and Water: oil and water don't mix

14th May 2015:
Hi there! Iím here with your review and hoping I can cheer you up just a little bit!

This was beautiful. Words honestly do not do it justice because wow, I could have cried at how beautifully written this is and I probably would have but I donít particularly cry but I was pretty close! Your writing is phenomenal and this is pretty much a masterpiece, even though it only took you twenty minutes to write.

Your descriptions are wonderful and so vivid. I can picture every scene clearly in my mind and I can almost imagine being in Roseís place, there in those moments! And Roseís narration was simply beautiful (I canít help but use that word!) and so heart-breaking, especially at the end. I just feel the despair in her words, her desperation at being in that situation and not really gaining anything from it, except emptiness when Scorpius disappears again and sheís alone. I love how sheís not exactly like Hermione, strong and willful, but instead, sheís realistic with flaws and insecurities about herself.

And the metaphors, oh the metaphors. Each and every one was flawless! Especially Ice and Fire Ė I feel as though that described them perfectly. And the part about blue eyes meeting grey like the sea and rocks Ė just wow. Once again, I feel as though I have to tell you that your writing is just utterly brilliant!

The last part of the story was just heart-breaking. I could really feel Roseís emotions coming through there, like itís her one last attempt at salvaging whatever kind of relationship they have and making it real. He walks away, Iíve never particularly had any hard feelings towards Scorpius but now? Now I do, now I seriously dislike him. But I do feel with him walking away, maybe Rose would find the strength to be the person she wants to be and do what she wants to do - that heís no longer holding her and her dreams back.

Anyway, Iím running out of adjectives to say how amazingly perfect this story really was. Iím so glad Iíve read a piece of your work Ė Iíll definitely be reading more in the future!

I hope Iíve managed to cheer you a little bit and that everything gets better soon!


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Review #5, by TearsIMustConcealSweet Sorrow: Only A Memory

14th May 2015:
Hi there! Iím here with your review!

I absolutely loved this! Youíve shown that it doesnít take a lot of words to tell a whole story and in such a beautiful way!

I loved how in the few words youíve written, we see the evolution of Lily and Jamesí relationship, from beginning to end and youíve done it in a wonderful way! Itís lovely to see Lilyís thoughts on James that donít just go on about how much she dislikes him but I guess that comes from her maturity, which you really get across well, and also the fact she is reflecting on their relationship and the life theyíve had together Ė which makes perfect sense when you reach the end of the story, which is just heart-breaking but Iíll reach that in a minute.

But I know as I was reading this, I was dreading reaching the end because we all know how it ends.

"Although, the hat didn't deem you Gryffindor for nothing." This line just sums James up perfectly for me Ė that in the end, she had some affection for the way he never gave up on her and grew to admire his Gryffindor traits.

And as for THAT last line Ė oh the feels. I must admit, it took me a few minutes of re-reading what you meant at first but then I realised and then the emotions hit me and knocked me down! What a last line! I have to bow down to you for it because that is how you end a tragically beautiful James/Lily one-shot!

This whole thing was truly beautiful and Iím so glad Iíve read this!


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Review #6, by TearsIMustConcealDreams of Hope : Dreams of Hope

14th May 2015:
Hi Panda, Iím here with your review!

First of all, I hope you donít mind that I chose this story to review? I was really drawn in by the title and then when I realised it was Lupin, well I just had to review it!!

The way youíve characterised Remus here is wonderful. The description you give of him Ė scrawny looking, wearing torn robes Ė is just perfect and itís exactly how I imagine him! I could also feel all of his emotions Ė his hesitance in asking for a job, believing he could harm the students, his inferiority at being back at Hogwarts and in front of Dumbledore and then his utter amazement that Dumbledore would ever consider him for a job Ė and to think he was happy to work alongside Hagrid. I just wanted to hug him there and then and tell him heís worth more than he thinks he is! Youíve characterised Remus just perfectly!

I also loved Remusí musings on his time spent at Hogwarts Ė all the fun he had with The Marauders Ė you can really sense that he always felt at home in Hogwarts and it was where he felt he truly belonged. His memories are just lovely and I can really imagine him doing all those things alongside the Marauders, James and Sirius especially.

Dumbledore is your usual Dumbledore and I love him for instantly coming to Remusí defence and really puts emphasis on that Remus is always welcome at Hogwarts and that he neednít worry about anything because heís not the monster he believes he is but instead, a wonderful man.

I also love how you have him asking whether he can ride the Hogwarts Express Ė I think this is just so cute and it makes perfect sense as to why he would want to Ė I guess the journey home on the train would have been the last time the Marauders were all carefree and happy and that must have held so many memories for him!

Anyway, this story is absolutely wonderful and I can see why it won the challenge!


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Review #7, by TearsIMustConcealCuriosity Is Not a Sin: Eavesdropping in the Corridor

14th May 2015:
Hey Branwen, Iím here with your review!

Iím so glad Iíve been able to come back to this story! I read this chapter a while ago and meant to review it because I loved it but I forgot so Iím glad Iíve been able to come back to it!

Rose really canít help herself can she? But I guess her eavesdropping makes sense when you compare it to the title of the story Ė she is far too curious for her own good but she finds out the best things when she does it!

But that conversation!! I want to squeal!! So many feels right now! I didnít see that revelation coming at all! I just expected the conversation to be about how much Scorpius thinks Rose and James and Roxanne are idiots and how much he dislikes them but then you dropped THAT bombshell and I was unprepared!

I loved Albus and how heís in the middle of them both, but he's not too biased for either side. I mean yes, he is standing up Rose and his brother, telling Scorpius that theyíre not really jerks deep down but heís not blind to Roseís flaws. Heís just super cute and chilled and I just adore him!

Poor Scorpius, his emotions must be all over the place! I understand his dislike for Rose but at the same time, I can feel (well especially after that revelation) that there is an underlying feeling there, one heís just not sure about. They do say there is a thin line between love and hate! I would love to see what happened over summer and just how obvious he might have been with his attraction to Rose.
Anyway, I absolutely adored this chapter and I canít wait to read the next one!


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Review #8, by TearsIMustConcealIt Used To Be Worse Here : It Used To Be Worse Here

14th May 2015:
Hey, here for our second review swap!

Wow. This was justÖwow. Iíve never read a Scorbus fic before because for some reason, it never appealed to me but this was amazing!

I didnít realise where Albus was at first but after re-reading it again before I carried on, I realised he was in prison and I knew then that it didnít bode well for the rest of the story, which made me anxious to know exactly what happened! It was an amazing introduction to the story!

Albus was so happy that he was going home early, about surprising Scorpius that my stomach dropped when he realised that Scorpius wasnít alone. I was so upset for him in that moment! And the fact that it was Rose, well that just makes it all the more hard-hitting. When I realised it was her, I could then easily understand the rage Albus must have been feeling in that moment to do what he did.
ĎThey took on the color of blood, which you both shared - yet apparently that meant nothing to herí Ė this line was just perfect and so powerful! It really conveyed the anger bubbling up inside Albus.

The line where he says Harry will be there soon Ė thatís so heartbreaking because in that moment, he knows he canít undo what he is done and he will be punished for it. I just want to hug him because he sounds so defeated and devesated, which I guess he is, as he did just kill the love of his life.

And that ending. I love that last line Ė it really hits hard! It gave me so many chills. What a way to end a one-shot! It was absolutely amazing!!

Amazing job and good look in the challenges!


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Review #9, by TearsIMustConcealPainted : Painted

14th May 2015:
Hey, here for our review swap!

This was such a beautiful story. It was so sad at the end, I mean, that end line was just wow, but it was just beautiful. Tragically beautiful, in fact.

The repetition of Ďlily loved to paintí is really strong and effective. And each paragraph is so vivid and powerful, especially the one referring to Snape calling her a mudblood Ė I could feel so many emotions there. And your descriptions are just wonderful, I can really imagine her sitting there painting to release all her feelings, especially about James Ė I also love how you showed the difference in her painting when talking about James, going from angry motions to then painting soft colours Ė itís really effective!

That last paragraph is heart-breaking Ė I really felt her desperation, but I love how in her final moments she hopes to have passed down her love of painting to Harry Ė that really gave me chills. And so did that last line Ė I like how you managed incorporate the theme so well into just one, final line.

And for 500 words, you managed to convey so much so well done!

Overall, this was an amazing story and Iím really glad I read it! Good luck for the challenges!


Author's Response: Hey Vicki!

Gah! Thank you so much! :)

That really is all so reassuring to hear. This was really so unlike anything else I've written yet (especially the 500 word bit) so I was a little unsure about it. So thank you so much for the feedback on this! ♥

Oh that last paragraph hurt. It hurt so much. :( I'm glad that it worked, though. Even though it slightly killed me to write.

Eep thank you so much for this review! It really made me feel a lot better about this story. *hug* I'm glad you liked it! Thanks again!!

xoxo Meg

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Review #10, by TearsIMustConcealThe Shadows Within: Chapter 2 - The First Week

14th May 2015:
Hey Rhaenyra, here for the BvB review battle!

Iím so glad Iíve gotten a chance to read another chapter of this story because I love it so much!

I loved Professor Kettleburn and how he thinks that retrieving poison is a normal class activity that no one should worry about. And him having a reserve of antidote just in case! He seems a lot more subdued than Hagrid but at the same time, probably more risky with his creatures, as your scene proves! And I loved Lilyís thoughts in this scene.

Lily and Remusí friendship is always one of the things I look forward to most in Marauder fics Ė their friendship is always so easy and theyíre well matched as friends. And your Remus is lovely Ė heís just the right mix of boyish and sensible, which is how I always imagined him to be. I feel like heís the one who keeps James and Sirius grounded a bit.

The scene where Lily is trying to figure out where to sit is so sad. It must be hard for her to see him all the time but I feel as though she dealt with it in a mature way Ė why should she move to avoid him? She had the right attitude and it just cemented my love for your Lily! And James trying to come to her rescue Ė so sweet! And the fact he said please Ė I like that it caught her off guard a little! James is such a cutie!

Honestly, I loved this chapter and I canít wait to read some more!


Author's Response: Hi Vicki, thanks for stopping by.

Kettleburn's missing limbs made me think that he had to be a bit reckless himself, so I flipped through Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them to come up with a somewhat dangerous class for him to be teaching.

I really think Remus could be great at bridging the gap between Lily & James, so I'm glad you like their relationship. And poor Lily indeed, still trying to process everything. But at least James is starting to come around to the mature side too.

Thanks for the sweet review. =)

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Review #11, by TearsIMustConcealIsabella: Thirteen Candles

13th May 2015:
Hey Kaitlin!

I really had no idea what to expect when I read the summary but I must say, I am totally intrigued!

First of all, your descriptions are just beautiful! I can really picture the setting vividly and you've made me want to go somewhere were remote and peaceful like where Isabella was!

Reading this, I can't quite figure out whether Isabella is a witch or a muggle - she seems so muggle-like, but with you saying that thirteen is the start of the journey to adulthood and not eleven, like it is in Britain, I feel as though this is down to a cultural difference and that she might just be a witch after all! and I definitely think the old lday is a witch but I'll talk about her at the end!

Again with your descriptions! I have never tasted, or even heard of Mole but it sounded absolutely delicious and my mouth is currently watering. I really want to try some now! But yes, that part of the story was just wonderful!

And now onto the old lady. She has to be a witch, surely? She's just blown the door down? But I want to know why? Is this to do with her warning Isabella about turning thirteen? It's such an intriguing end to a really intriguing story! I need to know more!

I can't wait to read more of this!


Author's Response: Hey Vicki!

I'm glad that you liked the descriptions. I was worried it might be a bit too much, but they just kept pouring out.

Suffice it to say that up until this point in her life, Isabella has lived as a muggle. Does that mean she will continue to live as a muggle? Well, we'll see.

Mole is a wonderfully, complex dish. When done properly it can be delicious, but I don't recommend ordering it in restaurants. I think it's best eaten in someone's home.

I will say that there is the smallest of parallels between the old lady and Hagrid, but it isn't always exactly as it seems.

I'm glad you thought this chapter was intriguing. I hope you'll be back to read more of it later. Thanks for the review!


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Review #12, by TearsIMustConcealBrother's Blood: Tale of a fool: Brother's Blood

13th May 2015:
Hey there!

I knew I had to read this once I'd seen it and I'm really glad I have because I loved it! And I think it's a feat in itself that you've managed to include it in around 4 challenges! That must have took some hard work!

But the hard work definitely paid off!

This story was so well written - your writing is beautiful and powerful. Albus' narration is strong and I can almost sense the bitterness in every word, his shame that someone as brilliant as he was, was taken in by Gellert, drawn into his power and charm.

I especially love the part about Tom Riddle. I don't know why, but I've never ever thought about Albus really having any guilt about how he turned out but thinking about it here, the way you've described, it does make sense - he could have stopped him and in turn, stopped the whole first wizarding war. I loved both examples of how Albus cold have saved lives if he would have acted sooner - I also feel as though Dumbledore always had a weight on his shoulders and it makes sense that all those lives lost would be the reason.

Anyway, everything about this is just amazing and strong! I loved it all and I hope it does well in all it's challenges!!!


Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review, and I honestly don't think it's as good as it would be, considering I had to leave it at 500 words, but I'm glad you like this! I actually hadn't thought about any of it either, it just sort of formed as I wrote, and it made more and more sense to me as I mulled it over. I'm glad you enjoyed!

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Review #13, by TearsIMustConcealL'optimisme: Silence

11th May 2015:
Hey Aph, here for our review swap!

For once, I actually donít know what to say and Iím struggling to string a coherent sentence together Ė the whole thing, from start to finish was breathtakingly beautiful.

Iím completely lost for words.

The way youíve started this chapter was perfect. It flowed so beautifully and there were so many lines I loved Ė too many to note down in this review Ė I just canít believe that I have never read this before now. Iíve clearly been missing out.

Youíre writing is perfect Ė every word is flawless and the whole chapter just flows so effortlessly. No wonder this story has been nominated in the diadems Ė you really deserve it. I adored all the scenes involving Albus and Gellert Ė Albus is so obviously head over heels for Gellert and you can feel every emotion he talks about, imagine everything he is feeling. And itís lovely to see that there was a mutual love (or at least love on Albusí part) between them Ė most stories have their relationship in terms of an unrequited, doomed attraction but this seems more realistic? I donít know, but when you have two characters so charismatic and brilliant, surely there must have been a mutual respect and admiration which could have led to this tragic love?

Your descriptions are on point and I am seriously starting to run out of adjectives for describing this story. Your writing is just seriously beautiful and Iím in awe at everything you have done here.

And now Iím going to stop rambling and continue onto the next chapter because I canít help myself. I know this review has basically been me lost for words and rambling but I hope you can understand that itís just utterly amazing and Iím struggling to form sentences right now!

This is truly the start of a masterpiece!


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Review #14, by TearsIMustConcealActions Speak Louder than Words: Bereft: Scorpius POV

9th May 2015:
Hi again Beth, Iím back. I just canít stay away.

Hm, straight away I am not believing it was a simple kitchen accident Ė whether this is because Iím suspicious naturally or not, it just doesnít feel right at all, especially when in the last chapter Astoria is about to tell Scorpius that it isnít safe, but she isnít able to finish it. Something fishy is going on but I know you wonít tell us anytime soon because youíre evil (youíre not really, youíre amazing) but Iíll be waiting impatiently to find out whatís going on because even if Scorpius is down for accepting it, I am not!

I love how youíve shown Daphne as marrying a muggle. Itís very rare that Daphne isnít portrayed as the evil sister so itís a lovely change. But it makes me sad that sheís his only family left Ė I kinda wished Narcissa was around but then this chapter wouldnít have played out the way it did so Iíll forgive you for that.

Awww poor Scorpius, I canít even imagine what he must have been feeling Ė the guilt must be killing him inside - but I understand the not being able to talk about it and not crying Ė Iím like that, I never talk about my problems and itís only when someone eventually asks me if Iím okay or hugs me, that I break.

Which leads me onto Al and Rose coming to the rescue!

I adore that Rose just knows instinctively what to do and what to say and when not to say anything Ė thatís a real, deep connection right there! And Al, oh Al, heís the guy who just pats you on the back awkwardly but I can relate to that so much! But it doesnít matter because heís there and thatís all Scorpius needed. This part is just so perfectly written Ė you never fail to amaze me Beth!!

I loved Ron and I love that this scene breaks up the atmosphere a little and we have a little comic relief from Rose in the form of ĎNow, if you would excuse me, I have to use the loo - unless, of course, you want to follow me in there and accuse me of doing something untoward with the toilet.Ē I absolutely loved that part! I felt that a little laugh was much needed! And also Scorpiusí muggle uncle Ė his scenes where heís on the phone to Daphne Ė I loved them too! It was all perfectly done!

I love that we see more of Daphne here and that we learn that she wasnít just ignoring Scorpius, she just didnít know how to deal with him. Sheís so far removed from that world anymore and her sisterís family, I feel as though she thinks she is a little helpless in trying to help her nephew - a nephew she really didnít know. I love how she let Scorpius decide where he wanted to go Ė I feel like he really needed that control over his life to start to overcome and pull through everything!

That end scene with Scorpius and Rose Ė oh the feels! Theyíre so perfect for each other and I need them to see that desperately! Theyíre something just so easy about them - they just fit!

Once again, I loved everything about this and it was just wonderful, even if Iím feeling a ton of emotion right now! Youíre writing is just beautiful Beth!

I might need a bit of time to recover but Iíll definitely come back soon for the next chapter.

But who am I kidding? Iím pretty sure Iíll moving onto it straight away!


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Review #15, by TearsIMustConcealA Christmas in Azkaban: A Flickering Flame

9th May 2015:
Hey! Iím here with your review!

I was completely drawn by the darkness of this fic (dark, angsty fics are my favourite) and I wasnít disappointed after reading!

Youíre imagery and description is completely spot on Ė I could picture every scene so clearly and vividly. And I could feel the desperation radiating off Sirius. Him being hidden in the corner of the cell as though that would hide him from the cruelty and darkness of Azkaban Ė I really felt all his emotions in that one part.

The scene with the guards Ė I really felt sorry him there because as much as the guards donít know it, he just doesnít deserve it. But I feel him not reacting is a sign that heís grown up, which isnít surprising seeing as where he is being imprisoned Ė I would imagine you have to grow up quickly in there to survive. But then a part of me thinks that him not reacting to their taunts is that he has given up, maybe not on his life but on the fact that no one will ever believe that he innocent. Either way, I feel so sorry for him.

And I love the end Ė that he still feels a spark of hope that one day he will get of that horrid replace and start afresh. Itís such an uplifting end to an otherwise dark story.

I absolutely loved all of it and Iím so glad I read it!


Author's Response: Thank you for the swap, and I'm very glad you like it. I like Angsty stories myself, so I end up writing quite a few. Glad you liked it. :)

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Review #16, by TearsIMustConcealActions Speak Louder than Words: Blown Away: Scorpius POV

9th May 2015:
Oh Beth, what are you doing to me? I was not emotionally ready for this chapter!!

It all seemed to innocent to start and then you did THAT to me!

But anyway, onto the chapterÖ.

Awww, look at Scorpius with his very cute and obvious crush on Rose. Of course, she seems completely oblivious of his feelings, which is far enough seeing as she has plenty going on in her life. But she has feeling of her own Ė is it wrong to want them together already? I want ScoRose now!!!

His memories of that t-shirt he gave her Ė itís nice to see that itís him that holds onto the memories of it rather than Rose, but then again, she might not remember it that much after everything she has gone through. But the fact she doesnít particularly recognise it Ė even if Scorpius doesnít know that, I still want to hug him and tell him she will eventually!

THAT FLASHBACK! Oh the feels but letís start from the beginningÖ

I always imagined that Astoria would be the reasonable parent, the peace keeper between Draco and Scorpius with soft words and Draco as the more stern, stubborn parent who is stuck in his ways. I feel as though Draco is the colder of the two but thatís how I imagine him and itís not surprising seeing as his father was the same way. I also like how you havenít completely changed Dracoís character Ė as much Harry may have saved his life in the room of requirement and won the war, freeing him and his mother from the clutches of Voldemort, I still donít see them as ever being friends, merely acquaintances Ė itís really realistic!

Scorpius walking out on his parents Ė I want to yell at him to go back and say goodbye and that he loves them Ė Beth, youíve killed my emotions. Plus, was Astoria about to say it wasnít safe? Was that a general warning or was she seriously afraid something was going to happen? I need to know!

Befriending the muggle boy, Mason Ė you can just feel that Scorpius is only there, tolerating the annoying boy just to spite his father Ė that must haunt him all the time.

And then the scene that caused serious heartbreak! You did it so well Ė it was beautifully written and I could feel every emotion Scorpius was feeling and I could picture every moment vividly! His inability to move and comprehend whatís happened to his family in that moment, not being able to accept that his mother was lying dead on the floor and not being able to step foot in the room Ė his denial is so realistic and honest.

Beth, how could you do this? To me, to everyone? I am now knee deep in emotion and feels. Iím scared now this is only going to get worse and youíre going to continue to break my heart, bit my bit until there is nothing left!

But ignoring my emotional state, this chapter was absolutely amazing and youíre writing never fails to draw me in. You really are a fantastic writer Beth!


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Review #17, by TearsIMustConcealThe Shadows Within: Chapter 1 - Hogwarts Again

8th May 2015:
Hey Rhaenyra, here for our review swap!

After reading the amazing prologue for last month's review battle, I knew I had to come back and carry on reading and I wasn't disappointed in the slightest! I just loved everything!

I love how Lily is a little different to how everyone else portrays her - sure, she is still super smart but she's not the boring goody-two shoes she's always made out to be because seriously, she must have had a mischievous streak in her somewhere - James didn't just love her for her looks! I like how she's super relatable (she hates early mornings like most of us) and I love how you've not made her at odds with James straight away - I like that they're sort of acquaintances. It makes for a different atmosphere in a James/Lily story!

And as for the Marauders, I loved them all, even if we did only see them briefly in this chapter. You included Peter and he was just so sweet! I love that - most fics usually ignore him but you didn't and that's so amazing! Sirius a muggleborn rights acitivist? I find that absolutely hilarious but I can really imagine him doing it for some reason! And I feel like there could be a little satisfaction to choosing that occupation too because it would really get to his family. And James, what can I say about James? He wasn't over-bearing or arrogant and I loved that and the fact he can't help but stick up for Lily, even if she doesn't appreciate it - I feel like he was really mature and grown-up and I loved how you've written him here.

And I loved how you touched on Lily's now shaky, if not, non-existent relationship with Snape. I like how it still hurt her to mention it and how also she was sort of okay with the Marauder's taunting him - it just shows how much he did hurt her and her feelings are rational.

Anyway, I absolutely loved this and I can't to carry on reading this!!!


Author's Response: Hi Vicki.

I'm glad you liked the characterization in this. I feel like Lily probably didn't hate James, but reacted worse than usual in the memory we saw because of what was happening to her friend and being called a Mudbood.

As for the Marauders, I'm doing my best to show Peter as a good enough friend that they would trust with their secrets. Sirius's activism job seemed like it would be a natural fit for somebody who has money, wants to anger his crazy parents, and who puts his life on the line for the order. And yes to everything about James!

I'm glad you are enjoying this! =) Thanks for the swap!

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Review #18, by TearsIMustConcealAll or Nothing: there is a light that never goes out

8th May 2015:
Hi Kristin, here for our review swap!

I have to say, you are really brave for taking on Bellatrix - I don't think I would have the guts to write her but you did and wow, did you do an amazing job!!!

I loved everything about this! I love how you documented Bella's life, from a child that was so obviously cruel and hard, to the crazed, mad woman we all know and love (well I do anyway!).

The part with the mystery was fascinating to me! Their talk about taking over the world, Bella becoming a 'Dark Lady' and how the woman was her 'source of power'. I also love how it's the mystery woman who insists they join what is to become the Death Eaters and not Bella because in the end, it's Bella who becomes truly invested in the Dark Lord and not her lover. I also think this part is sad in a tragic way because Bella seems so invested yet we know in the end she has to marry Rodolphus and eventually, love doesn't even come into the equation anymore for Bella as she chooses power. I feel as though Bella could have turned out a lot differently if she had been able to love the mystery woman like she wanted too - would she have been so evil and cruel and so devoted to the Dark Lord? Who knows?

Anyway, this was an amazing story and your writing and descriptions are just beautiful. It was a lovely piece to read!


Author's Response: Hi Vicki! Aw, thanks - I must say I was indeed a little intimidated to write her, but I saw a lot of potential complexity to her character and couldn't resist exploring that in a fic. :D

Thank you so much, it is absolutely wonderful to hear that you liked this so much, from her childhood to her madness in Azkaban. I'm glad you liked the mystery woman as well, and I really like your analysis of their relationship - you pointed out all the things I thought were interesting as I wrote it. In particular it being the other woman's idea to join the Death Eaters - I imagined Bella was always a passionate, intense person, even when she was young, but I thought it would be neat to explore the idea of how she joined the Death Eaters and how it might not necessarily have been because she had such a one-track mind from the beginning. And Rodolpbus - I never got the impression that Bellatrix really loved him. You raise such an interesting point about what could have been. I'd like to know the answer to that as much as you would, haha!

Thank you so much for this amazing and kind review, and for our swap!

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Review #19, by TearsIMustConcealStronger: You and I NOTHING!

8th May 2015:
Hi Kaitlin, Iím here with your review!!

The first thing that attracted me was that banner! I have to say, itís amazing! It really drew me in!

But anyway, onto the story!

It was absolutely amazing and I just loved everything about it! I didnít even notice that you didnít tell us who the narrator was until the very end because I was so engrossed.

I loved how from the very first sentence, I could feel the emotion and heartache even before the confrontation with Lysander! And then when the confrontation happened! I felt sorry for Albus yet I wanted to shout at him and tell him he was an idiot. You managed to convey their whole relationship in what, 1500 words which is a talent in itself and I feel as though I understand everything about them and what went wrong in their relationship. And although I knew Albus is in the wrong and he caused all the heartache, I sort of felt sorry for him that he was realising too late that Lysander was the one for him. It was his own fault but still, it must hurt a lot.

And I want to cheer for Lysander being the strong one! I love that although you can tell Lysander still feels something for Albus, he was strong enough to walk away from a relationship that was hurting him and held his resolve, not giving in, like he had previously.

I just absolutely loved this and I want to know more! I want to know about Lysander and Scorpius and them moving to Moscow. Is Scorpius a rebound for Lysander or does he truly care for him and feel loved in return! I want Lysander to have a happy ending!

Overall, this was an amazing story! Well done with this, especially as itís a challenge piece so I hope this does well!


Author's Response: Hi Vicki!

Thank you first for this review!

The banner is definitely lovely. It's one of my absolute favorites. It's so crisp and clean and it really fits the mood of the story.

I'm glad that you liked the story! I wanted the narrator to be anonymous until the very end just so people could kind of imagine who they thought it was.

The confrontation was a ton of fun to write. I really had to make myself feel some loathing towards Albus to try and write it.

In the end, I do feel a bit sorry for him for realizing Lysander is the one when it's too late, but I am certain that Lysander has been pushed to the point of no return.

I may eventually write a follow up of sorts, but I'm not sure when exactly. Maybe when the inspiration strikes I suppose.

Thanks again for reading! I'm really happy that you liked it!


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Review #20, by TearsIMustConcealto the end of time: The Yule Ball

8th May 2015:
Hey Claire, here for our review swap!

Can I say that I am still so in love with this story, 4 chapters in and I just want more!

I loved this chapter! I liked that youíve included Lavenderís crush on Ron Ė Itís nice to see it start somewhere and that it didnít happen out of thin air!

And as for Parvatiís feelings, that she believes she wouldnít have a chance with Lavender, I find that so sad but very understandable. At that age, when you had a crush, you never quite believed that they would ever like you back Ė it was fun to have a crush on someone who didnít know. Strange logic but it always seemed the way, at least for me anyway.

When Lavenderís pulled back Ė my heart raced for a second, thinking she was pulling away because she knew how Parvati felt in that moment. As much as I want Parvati to tell Lavender, I feel like Parvati is the type that would just continuously deny it, preferring to harbour her feelings undetected. But that is so relatable Ė crushes are easy to handle when theyíre secret and personal but as soon as theyíre out in the open, thatís when theyíre difficult!

But Iím dying for Parvati to tell her soon though, I love them together!

I canít wait to read the next chapter!


Author's Response: Glad to see you back, Vicki! I love getting your reviews!

Having Lavender's crush start this early was definitely something I wanted to include. It seems to come out of no where in the books, but since those are only from Harry's PoV and he didn't seem to care much for Lavender, it would make sense that he probably hadn't noticed it before.

I totally get where you're coming from! Half the appeal of having a crush is admiring from afar, but I'm sure that Parvati would say that the whole not liking her back thing was definitely a drag haha.

Parvati is most certainly that type of person who would keep things in if they thought that it might create tension or drive friends away. As much as she likes Lavender like that, there's no way that she would risk their friendship.

Thanks again for the review!


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Review #21, by TearsIMustConcealActions Speak Louder than Words: Bent: Rose POV

5th May 2015:
Hey Beth! Iím here for the BvB review battle!

I was so excited that you were the last person to review because I knew it meant I got to review the next chapter of your amazing story! I jumped at the chance to review!

So where to start! It doesnít surprise me in the slightest that Rose is nervous about the party, especially as weíve seen the depth of her anxiety what I now know is PTSD in the previous chapter. Her coping mechanisms are really well written and well thought out Ė you clearly know what youíre doing when it comes to writing anxiety issues and I commend you for that because youíve done an amazing job!

Rose and Scorpiusí interactions seem so natural and you can tell that theyíve been friends for a while. I love how she finally seems to relax around him and that she is comfortable enough be herself and even be close to him Ė it shows that deep down, even if she doesnít realise it, she trusts him an awful lot which is lovely. And I love how after spending some time with him, she feels strong enough to get up and get the drinks by herself Ė I feel as though he is her rock, her strength without her knowing it and I just think itís just so sweet.

I do not like that guy at all! Like seriously, he creeped me out from the minute he was mentioned and it only increased with Roseís description. I hate that her confidence was instantly shattered by his appearance Ė it really makes me sad but itís so understandable Ė it doesnít take much to revert back to an anxious state and I can just see Rose replaying that moment over and over again afterwards, cursing herself for letting her guard down for just a minute or two.

I love how everyone instantly comes to her aid but itís Scorpius who she clings too in her desperate fear. I feel as though their connection is something really strong and that they canít help but gravitate towards each other. I really want to read the next chapter now because I want to know if Scorpius feels their connection!

I loved the scene where Al barges in on Scorpius and Rose Ė I feel like itís a well needed light-heartedness in such a dramatic and tense situation. And Roseís narration - Why donít we just invite Nana Molly and Grandad here and call it Christmas Ė I absolutely love that line because I feel as though it sums up the close relationships between the Weasley-Potter clan perfectly!

And now onto that bombshell you kind of just dropped on me Ė KIDNAPPING? Of all the things I imagined, that was not one of them but then now youíve mentioned it, it would make sense Ė her parents are Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley and her uncle is Harry Potter Ė if anyone was a perfect kidnap victim, Rose would definitely fit the bill, as well as the other kids. Now Iím intrigued as to why she was kidnapped Ė was it because of her parents or was it something else entirely? Had someone been watching her before it happened? I NEED TO KNOW! Quite desperately actually so Iíll be reading the next chapter after this review.

I felt something Ė that line made my heart melt and now I want more of ScoRose!

Once again, youíve wowed me with your amazing talent and I really cannot wait to read more!


Author's Response: Vicki!

Holy... wow. This review is so amazing. THANK YOU for being so kind. I'm all giggly and smiley that you like my story :D

Ah! So relieved that you liked how the Rose and Scorpius dynamic played out. I'd put so much into her anxiety and PTSD, I was hoping it was still believable that she felt alright around him - there's a connection between the two that runs deeper than either of them realize.

yeah - I needed a little comic relief after the trauma Rose had been through - I'm glad you thought it worked well!

Gah! yes - read more and PLEASE let me know what you think! I hope the story doesn't disappoint!

Thanks again Vicki! This review was so awesome!

♥ Beth

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Review #22, by TearsIMustConcealLike a Multiverse on Fire: Spider

5th May 2015:
Hey there! Iím here for your review!

I was a little apprehensive at first when I realised that these where characters youíve already established in another story (which will definitely be going on my reading list once Iíve finished this review) but I really didnít have to because I felt instantly connected with Millie and Sirius even though I hadnít read anything youíve done with them before!

This story was wonderfully light and witty and I have to say, I already love Millie as a character! Her parts of the story are funny and light-hearted and I find her entirely relatable! I love how she switches from relatively cool to flushed and back again Ė thatís such a natural reaction when it comes to hot boys and Iím glad she doesnít let Siriusí attractiveness distract her from her witty retorts and sarcasm.

Sirius is exactly how I picture a young Sirius to be Ė cocky and sure of himself but I love the fact youíve got him scared of spiders! Itís such a little thing but I really think it helps make his character relatable because sometimes with Sirius, heís too much of the player and one of the lads and it can be hard to see him as a real person but here, youíve really done that well!

Their interactions are simple but memorable and every scenes flows really well, especially when the p.o.v changes quite often Ė I can imagine that it could be quite hard switching p.o.v but youíve managed to do it effortlessly without distracting from the story!

Anyway, overall this story is wonderful Ė itís a nice change to read something light and witty and I canít wait to read your other stories which involve Millie and Sirius, as well reading the next chapter of this one! Iím eagerly awaiting the appearance of the rest of the Marauders and Lily!

Great job so far!


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Review #23, by TearsIMustConcealDeathsong: Prelude

5th May 2015:
Hey there! Iím here with your review!!

Youíve really intrigued me with this story and there are already so many things I want to know! I really canít wait for the next chapter now!

The way youíve started this chapter is clever and very poetic in a sense Ė it flows seamlessly and I was instantly wondering what those warning could mean in terms of the rest of the story! And the tension youíve created in the first part is perfect Ė it keeps you on a slight edge for the rest of the story and I know I was continuously wondering what was going to happen next and then when I finally reached the end, I wasnít disappointed! Except now I want to know who or what shut the music box! Youíve created this atmosphere which flows throughout the chapter and it really is perfect and sets the scene in the most wonderful way.

Your use of description is beautiful and I could easily imagine every move that Hermione made, as though I was following her with my own eyes.

I really canít wait for the next chapter! I will definitely be keeping my eye out!


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Review #24, by TearsIMustConcealPrincess: Princess

5th May 2015:
Hey Cassie, Iím here with your review!

I havenít read many Astoria focused stories on the archives so I was really quite excited to read this!

I love the contrast you have of her going from a spoiled Ďprincessí to the woman she is today, which is as far removed from her previous life as you can imagine. And the way you instantly compare Draco and Astoria, showing their differences - I think it really shows despite being in Slytherin, not every student was the way Draco and his friends where. I like to think that itís these traits that she possesses are what help Draco overcome his ideals and views and the she is the voice of reason in their relationship Ė I can see their relationship as being one that really works.

Iím interested in the idea that she has nightmares. I understand that the war affected all, some more than others so Iím wondering whether something else happened to her during the war? Or whether it is just simply that she was a 16 year old girl from a privileged background caught up in a war-zone.

Dracoís interactions with her are sweet Ė he knows exactly what to say to her to calm her down and it shows that their marriage is one of love and understanding, which is just lovely because I think everyone deserved happiness after the war, even those who may have made the wrong choices.

The scene of her by the fountain is beautifully written and Iím pleased to read that he nightmares are less frequent Ė is that because she is coming to terms with it or is because her marriage to Draco is slowly piecing her back together, the same way I imagine she helps him? Either way, itís nice to see that there is a small light in the distance.

I like how youíve started and ended the story with her remembering her time as being a Ďprincessí Ė I feel like it makes the story come full circle and shows that Astoria is slowly recovering and moving on with her life.

Overall, this story is lovely and Iíve loved reading about Astoria as a broken person rather than a pureblood society girl because I feel as she deserves depth to her character and youíve done that amazingly here!


Author's Response: Hi Vicki!
I'm glad you liked the comparison of Draco and Astoria. I wanted to show that there is more than one type of Slytherin, because I think lots of people often do that with the other three Houses, but all Slytherins are written as being nasty.
I think most people who fought in the war would have nightmares, simply because there was so much death around them, but for Astoria in particular, watching one of her friends die, especially when they're so young, really affects her. The PTSD is pretty obvious in this piece, but she also has survivor's guilt, which makes it hard for her to move on.
I like to think that Draco would have changed a lot after the war, particularly after he meets Astoria and she helps him heal.
As for the scene by the fountain, I think both things are true- she's moving on, and is not so afraid and guilty, but her marriage to Draco is a big part of that. His love for her helps her heal.
I'm so please you enjoyed this! Thank you so much for the lovely review!
Cassie :)

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Review #25, by TearsIMustConcealA Single Point In Time: 1982

5th May 2015:
Hi Laura, Iím here with your review!

I absolutely love this collection of stories and was very happy you chose this as the story you wanted me to review because it just gives me an excuse to come back and re-read chapter one and then move on to the next chapter!

Youíve got such a talent for delving deep into certain characters' emotions and portraying them in ways I certainly donít think of them as being and your portrayal of Petunia is no different. When I saw she was the focus of the second chapter, I was excited because we only ever get one side of her Ė the way Harry sees her but here, we see her in a different light, which is utterly refreshing.

I find the way she feels the need to check on Harry is lovely Ė we see here that maternal instincts kick in, despite what she might feel about Harry and that she canít just leave him to cry, no matter what. The way she lets him hold her finger is so sweet and itís so clear that she wants to love him and care for him but her guilt of not missing Lily holds her back. I think itís that guilt that leads her to treat Harry the way she does and thereís a vicious circle happening with her Ė she canít get past her guilt of not missing Lily so she treats Harry horribly but then I can imagine her feeling guilty for the way she is with Harry. I just love how youíve made Petunia a multi-dimensional character Ė I feel I really understand her now.

And that scene with Dudley at the end Ė purposely waking him up so she can hold him Ė itís like fussing over Dudley absolves her guilt and helps her forget about Harry and that carries on to when theyíre older, where we see Dudley is spoiled and fussed over continuously Ė I feel as though itís Petuniaís guilt that has turned Dudley into a spoiled child but she canít stop.

Your writing is once again completely flawless and I really am in awe of your talent! The way youíve written this story Ė I felt every emotion flowing through this chapter and thatís just a testament to your abilities!

I cannot wait to read the next chapter! This collection has really become a favourite read of mine!


Author's Response: Hey Vicki! ♥

Thanks for swinging on by! And thank you for the really lovely review, too!

It makes me really happy that you felt you got to see a different side to Petunia here. That was what I really wanted to emphasise - that in the books a lot of canon characters are only ever going to be seen through Harry's eyes and so in a way that's very one-sided. As a child growing up, Harry really would have no idea about Petunia's internal conflict (if there actually was one) so I thought it might be nice to explore what might be there.

Thank you so much for your lovely compliments!! *^.^* You're too kind and honestly they mean so much, so thank you!! I really hope you enjoy the later chapters too! :D

Laura xxx

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