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Review #1, by ninjafrostingWonderland: If You're Surprised And You Know it Clap Your Hands

16th June 2012:
Clap, clap, stomp, stomp, 'Hooray'!

I so did not call that.

Homigod! Homigod! Homigod! Robyn's a witch. She's a witch, she's a witch.

She goes to Hogwarts! That is the best plot twist I've read in ages! You are a talented writer.

Okay, gushing aside, I wonder if Spencer will be upset that Robyn has been hiding this from her? How well do James and Robyn know each other? Really well or only in passing? Do they hate each other? Did they date each other?!?! Oh, the possibilities. Also have you read 'The Luxe'? It's crazy good. I've never read a book quite like it before and I've taken to suggesting it to anybody and everybody.

Moving on...

Will darling Spencer finally find out what James and Freddy (and Robyn!) are?

Spencer and Robyn's relationship has got to change and Spencer going to have trouble dealing with it because she's never had to before?

Also, how did 'to touch' come to mean 'good point'? I'm not seeing it.

In conclusion, you wrote a good one, Jess.

Looking forward to the next chappie,

Author's Response: Haha I love that! You are the champion for this chapter just for that!
Thank you so very much! I'm so glad that you enjoy my story and my writing; I really appreciate that! The next chapter is up so all of your questions have been answered (sorry for the wait!).
And I have not read The Luxe but I'll have to put it on my reading list :D
Thanks for reading and reviewing :D

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Review #2, by ninjafrostingWeather for Ducks: Tea, Custard Creams, and a Cat

10th June 2012:
Yay! Little Rosie has come such a long way. Actually, in the last chapters, I thought Mary Sue (I bet she'll end up with some guy called Gary Stu) was going to be a magicked up Rose or something.

I know. I have weird (that's the twelve-thousandth time I've had to fix the spelling of 'weird' today, dammit!) and wacky ideas.

(My writings (writing pieces? stories and reviews? (Yay! Parentheses within a parentheses within a parentheses! (Parentheses within a parentheses within a parentheses within a parentheses!(Parentheses within a parentheses within a parentheses within a parentheses within a parentheses!)

Ahem, okay, I'm done. I don't blame you if you skipped that entirely. I've now digressed to a point in which I don't even need parentheses. My writings (I went with that one. (Dammit! I did it again!)) are best understood rereading the sentence without the parentheses after it's been read with the parentheses.

Now give me a moment while I scroll up to figure out what I was talking (writing? Dammit! 'Nother parentheses!) about.


Okay, back.

So, I empathize with Rose, because I feel like I can relate to her, but more with Lucy.

There's been times in my life where I've been unreasonably horrible to a person because it felt justifiable then, but later realized how it was for them.

Also, now that Mary Sue probably isn't working for Iverness (is she? That's it. I am giving up. I'm not even going to try anymore) are we ever going to find out who stunned Lucy?

'Cuz I gots to know.

I dunno why I gots to know, but I gots to.

Anyways great work. Keep on keeping on. Love the story.

Peace, love, Andes chocolates (yum!),


Author's Response: lolol! yup, just rose with a lot of makeup and a nicer frock on. nah...I felt I had to bring rose back and tie up all the loose ends for her character, because I actually quite like writing her and I really gave her short shrift in the original fic :L

and the secret of it's not very exciting but ~all shall be revealed soon~

PARENTHESISCEPTION. the word parenthesis has just lost all meaning now.

aaand back to rose. ohh another reason I had to bring her back is, er, oh, this is embarrassing, but people always ask if I draw inspiration from rl and the truth is that mostly I base awkward scorpius (especially in the prequel oh my) on myself but I'm kind of a lot like rose too, with the perfectionism and the love affair with libraries and such. that's awkward to admit. a lot of people ask me if I'm like lucy and I'm a bit like hahahahahahahahaha no I wish.

anyway. yes. you will all find out in due course. mwa ha ha ha ha.

love, hugs, and haggis?

thanks for reviewing! ♥

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Review #3, by ninjafrostingThe Quiet Outcast: Connie Bishop: Part I

8th April 2012:
Yay! You're alive!

It's great to have this story back. I was just scrolling down the results for 'Next Generation' and I was like, The Quiet Outcast? No way!

Anyway, I love how the story's coming together. With Connie, and Professor Ramsay, and the play, which I'll be really surprised if these guys pull off because I participated in a play with about ten others (we have a small school) and it was run by teacher and it took about three months to put together.

And it sucked.

But hopefully, our little Hughie and Glenmeister will have better luck.

An another note, I'm worried about the family dynamics around Hugo, especially with James. I can't help but think James is going to be furious with him. And Connie, too. Poor girl.

Amazing story. I'm favoriting it. Keep it up. Can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: That I am, that I am. I apologize for the wait, and I hope it was worth it at least partially. I've been in many plays as well and I know it does take a lot of work and even more time. But, I'm hoping to be forgiven a bit on that front for the sake of the story. Aw, Hughie and Glenmeister; that's just adorable. James might surprise you. Thank you SO much; reviews like this really do make my day!

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Review #4, by ninjafrostingNew Leaf to Turn: Chapter 8: What Dudley Needed to Hear

6th April 2012:
Yes! It's extremely interesting. I can't wait until Will gets to Hogwarts. What are you going to do with Dudley then? Is there going to be a POV change or will we not see Will in Hogwarts and instead see Dudley at home? I'm definately Favoriting this.

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Review #5, by ninjafrostingCherry-Lou and the inbred angst.: Meet Cherry-Lou: The perfect day.

1st April 2012:
haha! That was so stupid. And I'm just sitting here giggling drunkenly. I think I've lost brain cells...

Author's Response: Oh hey thanks I guess :) That was kind of the point hahaha

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Review #6, by ninjafrostingBeing Summer: The One After the Cliffhanger

1st April 2012:
Yes!!! I am so proud of Penelope! She's growing out of her doormat ways! In the next chapter, I expect Kane to be, at the very least, castrated and then expelled. I hope Penny and Fred have some more progress and get together soon. That girlie really deserves a break.

Rating: A gazillion/ten

Author's Response: im very proud of penny too, it took a lot for her to do what she did, being a doormat and all. hmm... we shall see what happens. there is more fred/penny in the next chapter, which is in the queue :D she does deserve a break.

ellie :) xx

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