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Review #1, by claire5555The Empath: Scorpius is a Cheerleader (Rose's POV)

21st August 2012:
so i just read all your chapters i like your story and the character delta i dunno why but i think she's quiet unique i've never read a story with a person having a gift like she does which makes her so much more interesting i like the way her character isn't like OTT on liking al but still it really adorable because she's always blushing and he's just unaware that she likes him...i like the character josh and i think its funny how awkward delta is when she's talking with him and other people other than rose. i can't wait to see her come out of her shell a little and i know that because josh likes her they will probably go hogsmaede or something but i'd like to see them as close friends. but i can't wait to see what you've got planned for the characters :D .
really loving your story so far update soon :)

Author's Response: I have to say that everything you just said makes me so happy haha - although that's because I feel the same way about these characters (it's almost like you read my mind!).

Oh, and I have a lot of things planned for these characters! Seriously, it's almost ridiculous. :)

And I will have chapter eight in the queue by Sunday or Monday I hope. So the next update should be pretty quick.

Thanks a million for the lovely review! (:

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Review #2, by claire5555Brighter Than Sunshine: The Epilogue

15th August 2012:
so i read all your story and its completely different but i love it the characters are great and the plot was great i kinda wished it was longer but what can you do?? :L loved your story really great job hope i see more stories from you :)

Author's Response: Aw thank you! :D I have a few other pieces in the works, we shall see where they go!

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Review #3, by claire5555The Madness That is My Life: The Madness of Overworked Tear Ducts

15th August 2012:
just read this chapter and i am slightly relieved because i was afraid more shit would happen with addie as her mum was back but it didn't thank god (let out sigh of relief) bad stuff did happen but not as bad as you have written before as we saw in the last chapter :) i love this story and i must say your an amazing writer because you always keep the reader interested in the story...
update soon :D

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Review #4, by claire5555Operation Weasley: Day Nineteen

15th August 2012:
i liked this chapter but i miss the detective :) keep writing...update soon and good luck !

Author's Response: Thanks for the review Claire ;) Detective investigation is back next chapter, don't worry :D

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Review #5, by claire5555Wizarding Around the World: Fun times at Fortescue’s

15th August 2012:
so i just read all your story and it really good can't wait to read more :)
update soon

Author's Response: thank you! uploaded another chapter hope you like it

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Review #6, by claire5555Cold as you.: Broken

14th August 2012:
so i just read all of your story so far at at first i thought it was the norm stuff but when into it it get better because i never really read a story with so many different things happening but i have to say your story's a good read ! :)
update soon

Author's Response: -Thank for your review! :)

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Review #7, by claire5555Crime and Punishment: In The Art Of Misery

14th August 2012:
hey i like your story but i hate the way charlie and james are still not together :( and i can't believe they both kissed different people please tell me the next chapter is a little happier because everything is such a downer right now ??
update soon :)

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Review #8, by claire5555Bang: You know things are bad when your voicemail is flashing.

12th August 2012:
i like your story its really good aimee's sarcasticness (if thats a word) is really funny. i just finished reading all the chapters and i loved dinner at the potter's :) good story update soon

Author's Response: aww, thank you :) i love writing sarcastic characters ~ everything seems to annoy them, and that makes it easy to write :P thank you so much, and the next chapter of this is in the queue now :D

ellie :) xx

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Review #9, by claire5555Operation Weasley: Day Eighteen, Phase Five

8th August 2012:
i really like the story could you write some freddy POV just a suggestion you don't have to. i loved the way update so quickly and this is one of the very few stories with freddy in it. :)

Author's Response: Freddie's POV? That's coming up near the end, you'll just have to wait... I'll try and update quickly again ;) I love your reviews :D

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Review #10, by claire5555Operation Weasley: Day Ten, Phase Four

3rd August 2012:
i liked this chapter even though it was short we got to see her family and hear fred talk about his school to sophie and i think a spinoff would be great you could do a story from there POV or else something completely different :) update soon

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, I'm putting the next chapter into the queue today ;) With the spinoff I was going to do something completely different but have Sophie appear at strategic points in the story :D

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Review #11, by claire5555Operation Weasley: Day Seven, Phase Three (Part Two)

2nd August 2012:
hey i just read your story and its great i don't usually read stories with a muggle point of view set in a muggle place i like it though i love your main characters there great i love how sophie can be so clueless about fred liking her (thats what in getting when i read the story if im wrong sorry :( ) yet she acts like an investagater lovethe story keep updating :)

Author's Response: Yeah, she really is clueless, she's on this investigation to find out what Freddie's keeping from her and she hasn't realised that he likes her... I'm glad you like it and I'll keep updating if you keep reviewing ;)

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Review #12, by claire5555Breathless: Family.

1st August 2012:
Hey love you story its absoulutely amazing love the characters and i loved Al POV in one of the other chapters so could you write somthing like that because no one knows what going true his head right now.update soon please you are a birll writer and you stories are really funny and entertaining.

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Review #13, by claire5555A Woman's Guide to Professional Quidditch: Lucky Bras

25th June 2012:
love the james POV and love gigi's too.your story really good its not the typical story you would find (well for me) keep writing it and update when you can :)


Author's Response: I like writing both, but I think I'm going to stick with Gigi for most of the story. I'll jump in a little with James, but Gigi is the main character and it'll stay that way. Thank you soo much. I'm trying my hardest to stay away from sterotyped stories. Hopefully I'm doing a good job :). Update coming soon, love!

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Review #14, by claire5555Never Have I Ever: Detention?

8th June 2012:
i really liked your story please update soon i know you just put it up but still :)

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Review #15, by claire5555My Great Escape: Delinquents: Part Two

24th March 2012:
i readed all your chapters in the one night i love the story cant wait until you post more chapters ! :)

Author's Response: thanks, keep reading and reviewing :)

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