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Review #1, by RowlingsGirls_22Don't Hate On Us: Don't Hate On Us

30th December 2014:
Omo...a kpop dramione fic...AND TO THE SONG IM CURRENTLY OBSESSED WITH! Ugh I love Son Ji Eun! Especially False Hope! I was so upset she didnt get a mama nomination...

Anyways, the story was quite short but cute. It was really a great way to tell a short dramione.


Author's Response: Ahhh another K-Popper! Hi Hi! Seriously i'm obsessed with this song too! I might extend the story later on bc it was super short- I just HAD to write it down before I forgot it ya know!
Its funny how this song was supposed to be about lesbians but i used it for a dramione oh WELL xP

Thanks for reading & enjoying!

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Review #2, by RowlingsGirls_22Delilah's Black Book of Poems: Kiss Me Goodbye, Love

3rd May 2013:
It actually quite weird to think that even though it's so far into the story, it feels like we've barely scratched the surface of this story.

You're right, this chapter felt like it would have been fairly difficult to write, but I'm glad that you tried hard and you made it work. Some of it was hard to picture, but I found it was at parts that I would have a challenge writing too, if I was you.

Congratulations at your accomplishment of getting to one of the climax that we have all been waiting for.

Love is only a step away, an angel need only guide you to it. ;)


Author's Response: DracosCookie,

It's hard to believe so many chapters have gone by to finally get to this point. Trust me, it wasn't supposed to take this long originally. :) There is still much to write, but I'd guess we are 2/3rds into it or more, really.

This chapter was terribly hard to write. I still am not happy with it, but it will just have to be what it is for now. It was hard for me to describe what I was seeing in my mind, which you mention. You are so right and I'm sorry about that. I did try.

Thank you so much for your congratulations. I had no idea it was going to be this tough to get to this climax. I put a lot of pressure on myself and was afraid to disappoint a lot of people if I didn't get it right. So, thank you so much for sticking it out and waiting so long.

I love your quote. Thank you so much for it. Oh, these two need an angel to guide them back to each other. And I need an angel to help guide me to finishing this story. :)

Thanks so much for your comments.
They serve as much appreciated encouragement to me.

Dark Whisper

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Review #3, by RowlingsGirls_22Mon Ange Sous La Pluie: Viva La Vida

3rd March 2013:
oh this was such a good story-Teri

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Review #4, by RowlingsGirls_22Mon Ange Sous La Pluie: Scars

3rd March 2013:
Beauxbatons is a school for only witches just to let you know I loved this chapter very well written-Teri

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Review #5, by RowlingsGirls_22Believe: Believe

25th February 2013:
Oh my goodness this was soo good you probably could have made it a short story instead of a one shot I loved it

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Review #6, by RowlingsGirls_22The Woes and Pleasures We Call Life: Hermione's new partner.

24th February 2013:
update soon very good-Teri

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Review #7, by RowlingsGirls_22Untitled: Chapter 3

24th February 2013:
OOOHHH cliffhanger no fair please update soon will Hermione die from trying to remember her and I thought she was happy with ginny ooh the suspense just kidding but seriously update soon please!!-Teri

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Review #8, by RowlingsGirls_22Monster: Chapter One

24th February 2013:
Oh My Gooseness (yes goose-ness) that was soo good please do write more I loved it though i've never pictured Ginny that mean before but this was so good I loved it oopps already said that but see how good it is i said i loved it twice now im rambling Please write more (Apparates out) -Teri

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Review #9, by RowlingsGirls_22Dark Mistress: Preparations For the New School Year

21st February 2013:
It was so good as always I saw a few spelling errors nothing to worry too much about your doing awesome and thanks for the reference cant wait for chappie 6. -Teri

Author's Response: It's up now


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Review #10, by RowlingsGirls_22Slytherin Match: Thanks for the Help

18th February 2013:
Aw this is just to cute!!!

Blaise/ Pansy isn't my most favourite ship (DRAMIONE FOREVAH AND EVAH) but I ship them with my ginormous shipper heart.

Um.I'll review again when I'm more coherent.


Author's Response: Dramione is my OTP as well! (That's my main story) I just felt like they were two characters that didn't really get much of the lime light so I thought, Hey, I'm going to write them a little one-shot. Thanks for the review! :) xx

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Review #11, by RowlingsGirls_22The Other Reality: Any Other Reality (Epilogue)

12th February 2013:
Oh... *sniffle* there is nothing overly emotional in this chapter... OTHER THAN IT'S THE LAST ONE OF THIS STORY!!! Please don't stop writing... You are one the most consistant writers on this site that I look forward to reading their stories whenever I go on this site. I have been reading everyone of your stories since day 1 of 'Everything happens for a reason.'

I have no time right now for a proper review but later in the day I will, so be on the lookout for a very LENGTHY review later.


Author's Response: Thank you so so so so much and I won't, I promise! Ive never seen your review before actually so this is great! Ohh EHFAR too? Thank you so much omg :) xx

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Review #12, by RowlingsGirls_22Secret Malfoy: Photographic Memory

28th January 2013:
Hahah if you are basing James off of an actual person...I WANT HIS NUMBER!!hahah no that was a joke but you're making me want to date this James character. Love you!!


Author's Response: Ahaha, I'm afraid James isn't a real person :( I think I would date him too ;)... he's just what I expected Harry and Ginny's oldest son to be like. A bit feisty (Ginny) and a bit cheeky (Harry), I think because he's the oldest he would also have more dominance :) I love you too for reviewing xx

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Review #13, by RowlingsGirls_22The Hostage Situation: Chapter Five

15th January 2013:
Sweetie I think you forgot to upload a chapter or two. You left us on a cliffhanger there...


Author's Response: I know, sorry! Its been uploaded correctly though- do check it out!

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Review #14, by RowlingsGirls_22Simply Irresistible: The All Stars

13th January 2013:
Hahah I find it funny how this story is half done here; done on fanfiction; and the sequel is started on watt pad. Please finish this one.


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Review #15, by RowlingsGirls_22Flesh Memory: Turnabout

10th January 2013:
I'm sooo cooonnnfffuuussseeeddd!!! How do they know it's each other? I thought it was illegal to tell the pen-pal who you are. Is it just me or does some of it not add up... Please help me understand this and don't make me re-read the story, it takes too much effort.

Your story is wonderful, other than what I don't understand. There are a few punctuational errors that I spotted but then again, who doesn't? Just make sure that one day you come backand fix it. Don't worry the errors that I spotted aren't sooo ridiculous that it ruins the flow of the story, it's just a period here, a comma there type of thing.


Author's Response: Hey. Sorry you didn't get it. There were plenty of clues for the two of them to figure it out without telling each other. Draco saw Hermione using the christmas present that Damien got for Grace. Um, Hermione noticed that both Draco and Damien claim to be scared of horse-like creatures. Other character similarities. Grace's break from letter writing corresponded with Hermione going home to see her mom. Etc. Hope that clears it up. Thanks for the review!

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Review #16, by RowlingsGirls_22Fairytaled : Visits

5th January 2013:
Hahah will I be famous now?

No, this story is absolutely wonderful to read. It's like beauty and the beast but at the same time know what I mean?

The cool thing is that we Feltson lovers are trying to get Tom to sign onto del toro's Beauty and the Beast so this is like a mini wish that needs to come true for me!

And that made no sense whatsoever, good luck trying to understand it.


Author's Response: Ohh you will be SO famous! :p

Ahh! Well thank you so much! :D I can't tell you how amazing it is to hear that. I'd hoped to kind of capture the essence of Beauty and the Beast without capturing it entirely, so that's nice to hear!

Oh my goodness, I would be so happy if the ended up getting Tom to sign for that. Seriously, it would make my life complete!

Nahh I totally understood it, don't you worry! Thanks for the review, I was smiling the whole time I read it. :p


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Review #17, by RowlingsGirls_22Delilah's Black Book of Poems: A Lonely Friend

2nd January 2013:
You wrote Goyle beautifully, it's nice to know that not everyone sticks with the cliché think-headed bafoons. You gave him a voice...a deep, meaningful and wise voice who only seeks one thing and nothing more.

Thank you for this beautiful story but I can feel that it is coming to an end soon- not too too soon but soon.


Author's Response: RowlingsGirls 22,

I'm so sorry that I have not responded timely. I got very busy, they got away from me, and I had deadlines to meet with Challenges. So, please do accept my apology.

Regarding your review... Thank you so very much for mentioning Goyle. I kind of want to portray 'other' sides of people. (Much like giving Filch a brother with magic). Goyle might be 'thick' but he is still a person and I wanted him to have feelings that actually can teach Draco a bit.

I do have plans for Goyle, we'll just have to wait and see...

You give me wonderful compliments about my story and I truly appreciate it. Every review encourages me to keep going until it is finished.

As far as it ending soon... you guessed correctly... not too soon. There are what I consider 6-7 major scenes remaining. I cannot say chapters because it has been my experience throughout this journey that whenever I write a chapter, it usually becomes 2 chapters. I definitely have a detailed plan and much of it written, but not refined or complete. I have a plan, a direction, and an end. I'm just sorry that I'm so slow at it. :(

So many have kept with me along the way that I feel I owe them a completed story. It is extremely important to me that I continue to the end.

Thank you sincerely for your review. I do hope that you come back for more.
Dark Whisper

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Review #18, by RowlingsGirls_22Who Said Love Was Easy?: Summer Talks and Flirtatious Frolicking

29th December 2012:
please hurry this story is getting so good i love the ginny/hermione slash! i love slash period and i hope to write one as well Teri

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Review #19, by RowlingsGirls_22Who Said Love Was Easy?: Confusing Looks and Long Train Rides.

29th December 2012:
awesome keep going though u have quite a few mistakes

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Review #20, by RowlingsGirls_22A Brother's Sacrifice: Lost Mementos

29th December 2012:
wow ok seriously hurry up no more cliff hangers allowed for u i love this story! and y am i the first review u derserve more!

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Review #21, by RowlingsGirls_22Rich Boy, Poor Boy: Harry's Surprise

27th December 2012:
ok omg i hate you cake no im kidding i love this story and i hate you for giving up on it such a good story and its abandoned i love slash stories and this is an awesome one i can not believe you abandoned such an amazing story a writer with your kind of talent is just giving up in this story i can not believe it just can't i officially am going to rage on this for all 20 chapters till u update!Teri

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Review #22, by RowlingsGirls_22Never Again Lazerus: Still Unexpected

17th December 2012:
Hahah I read this chapter and I was so confused until you said BOOK II and then I was all "OH POOP, I need to read the first one don't I?"
Hang in there Ill get to this story after I read the first book.


Author's Response: Haha, no worries!

I hope you enjoy both!

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Review #23, by RowlingsGirls_22Playing House with Malfoy: The Witch Named Gwen

15th December 2012:
Arg really? Really? Great... perfect ending to a chapter that has taken FOREVER to come up.

I know you have a life outside of HPFF but PLEASE don't abandon this story for the sake of your fans' sanity- namely me.


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Review #24, by RowlingsGirls_22Life of the Pure: Suppressed Emotions

10th December 2012:
Awwe like this story! It's so cute!


Author's Response: Thank you! :)

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Review #25, by RowlingsGirls_22Assassins Creed: Hermione's Story: You owe me

10th December 2012:
Sweetie, this was a beautiful chapter of this story but I have a simple criticism, one day you might want to look back an re-edit it, there were a few mistakes here and there but it's a wonderful story nonetheless. Keep writing, your idea seems unique.


Author's Response: Aww thanks hun! Yeah lol I found out ^^ thanks for letting me know!!

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