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Review #26, by bookworm530Confronting Temptation: Pre Party Disscusions

11th April 2014:
Aww what a sweet closing to the chapter! The scene with Albus was hilarious...would love to see that conversation with the Potters haha. Can't wait for more Rose and Scorpius

Author's Response: I thought it was fun to see Albus act that way. Unfortunately you will not be seeing that conversation. But you may hear about it later on. More is coming so I hope you enjoy the Rose/Scor. Thank you for reading and reviewing.

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Review #27, by bookworm530'Till Death Do Us Part: Christmas

11th April 2014:
Stupid Astoria! I enjoyed the sweet Christmas moments but still say they need to be honest about their feelings. Hopefully this nonsense won't drag on much longer. Great Dramione fic...can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Aw, I like Astoria. I know. Slowly, slowly, I have plans, but slowly you'll get some of what you're expecting =)

I'm glad you like it =D

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Review #28, by bookworm530Grief in Love: Chapter VIII: Drinks

10th April 2014:
Aww their date was so sweet! Keep it up!

Author's Response: Thanks. I was worried Draco was too out of character. I wanted him to have obviously change after the war and Astoria's death, but still have some of that basic pureblood attitude.

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Review #29, by bookworm530'Till Death Do Us Part: Granger's Eyes

8th April 2014:
Well at least he finally admitted it to he just needs to admit it to Hermione! I hope they open up to each other soon, how long will you make us wait?? Adore this fic, update soon!

Author's Response: Yes, at least her did. I can't tell you =X Ah, but I think you might hate me for it! Glad you enjoy it. And I promise I will! =D

Thanks for the review.

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Review #30, by bookworm530Seized: Hasn't Anyone Heard of Communication?

8th April 2014:
Hmm interesting progress...can't wait to see how the rescue mission goes and the chain of events after.

Author's Response: Thank you :) The next chapter will be up as soon as possible!

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Review #31, by bookworm530Mrs. Malfoy; The Past And Present.: Hermione.

8th April 2014:
I wasn't expecting the sequel so soon, how wonderful! I absolutely loved seeing Hermione's point of view and can't wait for more!

Author's Response: I'm trying to update quickly :)

Glad you liked it! Thank you for the review.

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Review #32, by bookworm530'Till Death Do Us Part: Live in the Moment

8th April 2014:
I loved Draco and Hermione's reunion in the beautiful! But then Draco had to go and ruin it by saying they were playing their parts. Hermione was kidnapped for crying out loud, what is it going to take to make him admit his feelings? Interested to see what happens next, and shouldn't the wedding be coming up soon?

Author's Response: I know, Draco can be insensitive sometimes. Yeah I know she's been kidnapped and he hasn't even admitted to himself. What a sad guy! Poor Draco LOL. BUT it might be something simpler for him to admit it =X Yes, wedding is coming up soon on the timeline, Jan. 12, they are in December, but there is alot more chapters before then =O

Thanks for the review =D

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Review #33, by bookworm530Seized: Is Anyone Who they Say they are?

8th April 2014:
It's weird but I thought Draco and Hermione would be closer by now. They seem to only tolerate each other but aren't quite friends. Interested to see what happens when/if Astoria is found. Update soon!

Author's Response: It's coming, I swear! Thanks for reviewing :D

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Review #34, by bookworm530Grief in Love: Chapter VI: Letters and Date Preparations

8th April 2014:
Can't wait for the date! Update soon :)

Author's Response: I am updating as quickly as I can. My laptop is done for so once I can get ahold of a computer I'll put the next chapter up. I really hope you like the date. I had to split it into two parts because it was getting really long. Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #35, by bookworm530Astoria.: An Epilogue.

5th April 2014:
Yeah for Hermione and Draco finally getting married and having babies...and yeah for Astoria finding happiness and love! This epilogue was perfect and I can't wait for the sequel Mrs. Malfoy :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! Sequel will be soon!(:

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Review #36, by bookworm530Sudden Blessings: Draco's Angst

5th April 2014:
Poor Draco! What is going to happen to Hermione and the babies? Update soon!

Author's Response: I know!! We'll see! Thanks so much for another review! (:

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Review #37, by bookworm530Astoria.: Happy.

3rd April 2014:
Perfect idea to help Astoria hate Hermione a little less...brightest witch always there to save the day! I am always game for a sequel, especially if it will show more from Draco and Hermione's POV and see Astoria get her happy ending too. Can't wait!

Author's Response: I've started writing it! (: I'm excited! Thank you!

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Review #38, by bookworm530Astoria.: Broken News.

31st March 2014:
Oh snap! Is it Blaise? And will we ever see Draco and Hermione's side of things (yes, I know the title is Astoria, but still!)? Update soon!

Author's Response: In the sequel you will hear their side!

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Review #39, by bookworm530'Till Death Do Us Part: Kidnapped

31st March 2014:
Hmmm, Blaise was definitely involved...don't trust him Hermione! I sure hope we have a Draco and Hermione reunion next chapter and they admit their feelings...can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Soon enough there will be Draco and Hermione interactions with lots of love & romance, well hopefully ;)

And thanks for the review

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Review #40, by bookworm530Astoria.: Gone.

27th March 2014:
That was done perfectly...bravo! Interested to see where it will go from here and if we will see from Hermione and Draco's point of view.

Author's Response: Thank you!!

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Review #41, by bookworm530These Dark and Hollow Nights: Chapter Thirty-Two: Turmoil

25th March 2014:
Ahh, cliffhanger! Is Hermione pregnant? Will Draco save her? I need to know!! Update soon :)

Author's Response: You'll have to wait and see ;) *evil laugh* thanks for reviewing!!

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Review #42, by bookworm530Astoria.: Him.

17th March 2014:
Hmmm...Lucius or Blaise? Those are my guesses. I can't believe you stopped it there ahhh! I can't wait to see what Draco talks to Astoria about...update soon!

Author's Response: Good guesses! I didn't think anyone would guess Blaise actually! Sorry, I love me some cliffhangers. Update will be very soon! Thanks for the review (:

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Review #43, by bookworm530Astoria.: Lonely.

16th March 2014:
I don't know how I feel...part of my sympathizes with Astoria and understands how she must feel as Draco's wife and then the other part of me feels like she is a pureblood spoiled brat. I hope Hermione and Draco are okay! And I am interested to see what Draco has to say about the whole Hermione situation...update soon!

Author's Response: Update will be here very soon! Promise!

I don't even know how I feel about this and I'm writing it! Sometimes I feel terrible for Astoria and then other times I'm like ahhh I love Dramione. So...

Thanks so much for the review (:

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Review #44, by bookworm530Fallen Redemption: Letter

16th March 2014:
Yeah for the kiss! Go Draco! Update soon :)

Author's Response: Haha thanks for the review :)

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Review #45, by bookworm530'Till Death Do Us Part: The Makeup

16th March 2014:
I didn't like Draco in this chapter...he was so cruel. Well at least his spoken words were...his thoughts were what he should really be revealing to Hermione. I hope he comes to save the day!

Author's Response: Thanks Draco was a jerk this chapter because he is trying to act the way he think he should so he doesn't reveal his thoughts or suppressed feelings inside. Thanks for the review =)

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Review #46, by bookworm530Confronting Temptation: Reacting Actions

14th March 2014:
Well written confrontation with the Weasleys...I wonder what Ron's letter says. I hope Scorpius is only taking it to read it first before giving it to Rose and that he won't keep it from her. Update soon!

Author's Response: You will find out eventually. Unfortunately he's not just hiding to read it first, he is actually hiding it from her. Thank you for reading and reviewing.

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Review #47, by bookworm530Astoria.: Oh Baby.

12th March 2014:
Awww darn you, this is the first chapter I actually am rooting for Astoria over Hermione! It was nice to see their quiet moments together as a couple. If Draco wants a baby with Astoria, it makes me wonder if he is involved with Hermione at all?? Update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you! I think I'm falling for Drastoria myself ;p I might have to write a full on Drastoria sometime after this! The updated is submitted, just waiting on validation so it should be soon!

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Review #48, by bookworm530Rule Breaker: Aftermath

10th March 2014:
Good, solid chapter...thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the Draco/Hermione moments. When is Hermione going to tell Draco about her patronus?? Can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Hello there!

Thank you for reading and reviewing! Hopefully Hermione will get the chance to tell Draco about her patronus soon. Until then, there is a lot of drama to come. Thanks again for reading and I'll post again ASAP!


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Review #49, by bookworm530Sudden Blessings: Hospital

6th March 2014:
I enjoyed the chapter except I couldn't see Hermione being childish enough to run from taking her vitamins, even with pregnancy hormones. I guess you need a reason for her to fall though. And when do their families find out? That will be interesting. I enjoy seeing Draco excited about the babies..keep it up!

Author's Response: Yeah you're really not yourself with those hormones! But yeah I did haha and soon! Thank you so much!!

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Review #50, by bookworm53019 Years: Year 4: May 2nd, 2002

2nd March 2014:
Very sweet chapter, enjoyed seeing the point of view from several different characters. I will admit I am a little disappointed in Ron though...where was he really?? Update soon!!!

Author's Response: I'm really happy that you liked it! Ron, Ron, Ron... he's kind of hard to figure out sometime, isn't he? All will be cleared up in time. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing x

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