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Review #1, by MaelodyHer Favorite Holiday: Her Favorite Holiday

10th February 2015:
Selene! You naughty heart breaker, you! I knew your piece was going to be sad after seeing you wrote it after prompt two, and then you said it was going to be Molly/Arthur, but I didn't expect that! :( Seriously, a little tear just ran down my cheek! I think you cheated! :p

Seriously, though. This is going into my favorites. This is perfect! I love Molly and Arthur. I don't read them very often because I find that often times fans taint them just a bit, but you've done them perfect justice. You caught the odd-ballness of their love, and gave us the visual of how and why Molly would ever say yes to a man like Arthur without going into complete utter detail. It's beautiful! And I think even I fell in love with Arthur!

I love how he holds it together all day, and it's like he's really ready to face whatever it is he's going to go home to with his lovely wife, and then he just sort of breaks at the end and I want to hug him and tell him everything will be alright and he's just the absolute most perfect man ever. :'(

My heart broke a little. Yeah, you did that. :p

This is fantastic! It's got me in the spirit of the lovely hearts day that is coming up, and that never happens to me! ;) Great job! :3


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Review #2, by MaelodySquib Seeking Squib: Squib Seeking Squib

10th February 2015:
I creeped on your profile to see if this was validated yet! ;P

This is so cute! :D I love what you have here! :3 Seriously! Like, your Filch is so in character, and while he's still not the most likable character ever, you still get to see a human, humorous side to him, and that makes you love him just for that! :D

Haha, poor Mrs Norris is jealous! xD And McGonagall can't be trusted!

I think the best bit is when Filch gets all excited about the Southern lady and then she's a dog person! That just simply won't do! Not at all! ;)

I love that Ethel is so excited to see that Filch was at Hogwarts (I went a different direction with Filch and Hogwarts) so it was really fun to see the reaction of other squibs in this! Especially since she was so nasty in the beginning! And I love that he's just after companionship, but might just get a little more out of the deal once it's all said and done! He got an address! And he wants to sneak in a dinner invitation! How sweet! :3

That ending, tho. Like, seriously. That was just too cute! A Potter and a Weasley combined, the consideration of Filch's ultimate retirement, practically melted his heart! He felt so important, only twice in his whole life, and both times occurred in the same day!

Honestly, I love how honest, and funny, and unique this whole thing is! I think you've got this story, and Filch, down, and you've done a wonderful job with it! I loved reading every moment of it, too! :D It was fantastic!


Author's Response: Hi! I can't wait to read your Filch story. From your preview I know ours are going to be something entirely different.

I wanted to humanize Filch as much as I could. Even though he's mean and not exactly the sexiest squib in the world he still deserves some love and he has feelings! Now I'm a tiny bit obsessed with him, jowls and all.

McGonagall can't be trusted. I was going to add Professor Sprout because when I was doing research it said she was always the nicest to him. She might have tried to give him some fashion advice in my head but I thought that was pushing it. Mrs. Norris has every right to be jealous.

Then again she's a cat. So.

Ethel is jealous naturally but she's interested. She's never been and here is this squib, just like her, who got to go to Hogwarts and see all of its beauty and lives there. He just can't do magic but so what his job makes Filch very special.

Lily was the first part I thought of when I was writing the story. Thanks to my status on the forums I was inspired to actually give Filch an inkling of love! Because I wasn't going to originally. Things weren't supposed to work out with him and Ethel so Lily was supposed to be the sweetness he wanted on Valentine's Day but then I thought why can't he get both? Times are different!

Thanks so much for the wonderful review. Can't wait to read your story!

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Review #3, by MaelodyRun: Newcomers

5th February 2015:
This is fantastic! How did you ever come up with an idea such as this? Seriously, what a beautiful concept!

I think it's a little sad that Cedric wishes for his two friends to come to him so quickly, knowing that would mean they would be dead. But, then again, I can see his perspective of loneliness and boredom. Poor kid. Though, I love the detail oriented around the entire chapter!

Miss Trelawny was a real treat, seeing as how she could still possess her powers even in the afterlife. And Godric Gryffindor flirting with Rowena Ravenclaw, stamping on her garden as he does so, just adds so much character to this little village. It's haunting, but yet peaceful all the same. Cedric thinking about the Quidditch games makes me laugh, and him frantically putting a fence around Rowena's garden was perfect!

The station attendant should think of doing his job a little more nicely. These people just died! They're confused! They have no idea how many times he goes through this speech! Though it really adds to his character and believably. He has gone over this a hundred and one times. He knows all the common questions. He has to do it a hundred and one more times. Poor guy. Must be no fun to be the death informant. No wonder h takes a little pleasure out of it.

I like to picture the Grotta as a type of hell for the bad witches and wizards, and the Cliodna's Clock as, not exactly a heaven, but a peaceful resting place for the 'good'.

This was really well written! And I love the concept. I'm super excited to read more! Great job!

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Review #4, by MaelodyThe Three Generations: Sorting Ceremony: Scorpius Malfoy

5th February 2015:
Poor little Scorpius! How scary would it be to be sorted and have absolute silence in such a big hall follow after? Thank Merlin McGonagall had the sense to clap! Then everyone was so excited! D'aw! :3

I love the little chat he had with his mother before he left. Especially since he was so worried about being sorted in 'the wrong house'. Her words made me smile. I just love your Astoria! :D

I'd sort of like to see another chapter added to this little short story collection, just to see an unexpected character sorted into Gryffindor. Since, you know, the other three are all different Houses. Though I have no idea who you could write it over haha. Maybe a second generation character? That'd be cool. ;)

Alright, dear! That wraps up the Hot Seat week! :D I'm so delighted to see that you were in the hot seat because I've been meaning to stop by and read all of your Narcissa stories, and I'm so glad I got to! :D And then the rest of your stories were so pleasant and so good to read! :3 You're amazing, dear! You truly are! I'm sorry I couldn't get to The Worst, but I promise to re-read the first couple of chapters and then get into it again as soon as I can! I enjoyed spending my day off on your page and I hope you have a lovely time reading all of your lovely reviews from the week! Hope your fingers to cramp up too much from all the replying! ;)


Author's Response: Haha yes poor Scorpius - but well McGonagall saved the day!

I am so happy you liked Astoria here too - I tried to portray her as an older version of the Astoria we saw earlier.

I am not a fan of Gryffindor - I feel it's overdone, but I guess I could do it one day, if I get the right idea!

Thank you so, so much for all your delightful reviews during the Hot Seat! You're truly amazing to have reviewed ALL of my completed stories - wow!! THANK YOU! *hugs and chocolate coming your way*

Thanks =)

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Review #5, by MaelodyThe Three Generations: Sorting Ceremony: Astoria Greengrass

5th February 2015:
I love the identity you gave her! It just makes everything about Astoria so much more likable! Especially since everyone ships Rose and Scorpius so much! I think that if, in the times Draco and Astoria went to school, they were both Slythrins, their son would never have turned out to be like everyone else thinks of him. So this is absolutely perfect! I love it! :D

Daphne will just have to get over herself. :p

Aww! The hat was surprised by her! How cute! And I love that she so openly loves her father. Though I wonder how he will react to her letter home? Also, who was the girl she helped? I'd love to get to know that as well! I hope she's sorted into Hufflepuff, too so Astoria has a friend! :D

This was just too freakin' adorable! I love little Astoria! Now I want to know how her and Draco came to be lovers since she was so scared of his father as a little girl! xD See what you do to me, Angie? You evoke so many questions! I need answers! :p


Author's Response: This is the first time I wrote Astoria and I wasn't entirely sure how I wanted to portray her but I'm glad you liked her here.

I think her father will be happy for her - he just loves her a lot the way she loves him and he wants what's best for his daughter, so he wouldn't mind. The girl she helped is just someone who becomes a close friend of Astoria's later =) {and yes she's a Hufflepuff}.

Haha things change as people grow up, don't they? And war changes a lot. Maybe it's a one-shot of another time as to how Draco and Astoria came to be (though maybe I'm too much of a Dramione fan to actually write it).

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Review #6, by MaelodyThe Three Generations: Sorting Ceremony: Narcissa Black

5th February 2015:
Awww! A story about a little Cissy! :3 How cute! :D

I love that the hat covered her head! xD At least she got to show emotion under that without anyone seeing!

Hmm. A Ravenclaw? That would have been interesting. Though I bet her life would have been drastically different if she went that route. Though it's nice to see that her family wouldn't have really minded much if that were the route she took. She just didn't want to be teased.

Hah! A sweet Bella. That's a change! Though I loved seeing it. ;) And I always love seeing Andromeda in anything! Seeing all three of them this young was super cool! Though, knowing their mother from your last few Cissy stories, how proper she seems to be, I wonder what she would think of Bella. She holds her names and values well, but she definitely doesn't behave like a proper lady! xD Maybe you should write about her next! :D *winkwinknudgenudge*

Great job, dear! Then again, how could I expect anything but? ;)


Author's Response: Haha it is Cissy again xP

I am pleased you found this cute and the idea of her in Ravenclaw as interesting. Her life would have been different yes, but I guess eleven year old Cissy chose her path differently.

As for Bella, she was still young here - not too sweet but just a little, especially towards her family. I am glad you liked this all - thank you!

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Review #7, by MaelodyUnlikely: Abandoned

5th February 2015:
So I saw this was validated just as I was reading all the other one-shots and just sort of laughed when I saw it because I knew you'd have to make it an even twenty for me. ;)

Anyway, this is so cute! It definitely is different from anything you've done before, but that's good! It's not love, it's friendship! Between two girls that no one would ever expect! I like that! And what's up with all the girls that are gorgeous at the Yule Ball wearing pink, eh? ;) Pansy, Pavarti, and Hermione. Must have been the color of the year, yeah? :3

I like how it all started. Pavarti was bored and didn't have anything better to do, so why not start a little argument? That's sort of cute, and so catty. Just like a girl. xD Especially when they start going on about their outfits and twirl for one another. I really liked that. I know how it feels to be sitting on the sides at a dance, being all pretty and no one taking notice. You do these things quite often when you find a fellow borderline friend and chat away idly and twirl for them instead.

I just love how random this is. There's no real story before or after it. Just a nice story that takes place as a missing moment from the Yule Ball. I always did wonder what Pavarti took up to after Harry left. He was sort of a jerk then, huh? ;P

This was cute and I really enjoyed it! Great job, hun! :D


Author's Response: Haha yes now I have an even number of stores (twenty my goodness - how much do I write)!

I am happy you found this cute. It's just plain old friendship yes =) Haha I was actually going with the book here, and both Pansy and Parvati wore pink - Hermione wore blue though xP

Haha Parvati is definitely catty in that way. She is not your average meek girl - she's a Gryffindor after all, and a scorned one at the moment xP

I am happy you enjoyed the randomness of it too. I was afraid it wouldn't make much sense but I wanted to write this AU missing moment!

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Review #8, by MaelodyMonster: Monster

5th February 2015:
Oh goodness! I was really hesitant to read this because I don't like being scared (and scared me you did) but I'm glad I read it because it was really well written!

I'll admit, at first I thought you were going to go into the werewolf track, like The Worst, so the vampire track was a surprise. I've never seen Vampire Diaries, but the way they turn you sounds horrifying! Yuck! haha But that adds to the scariness of this story and I think you did a fantastic job with it! Also, putting it in second person really helped emphasize the fear in it! Especially since I relate so well with Rose here! I'm scared of the dark, and I'll even admit, 'monsters' still haunt my dreams. I'm adult, and I'm scared of monsters. *sigh* I'll never grow up I guess. Now I just hope my fear never comes true like Rosie's has!

I think my favorite bit is that you wrote this in a type of fragmentary style again! :3 It added to it in all the best possible ways! I wasn't aware that not only were we getting a sense of just how scared Rose was, but that we were seeing how much she was enjoying the bits that she never knew she would lose. Like the sunshine in her hair, the warmth on her skin, and the memories she was making. All of those things will forever be gone now. :( And she's so proud of herself for being a monster that she was so scared of, and it makes me sad that she had to kill her mother, and she has no control over it. Well, not the real Rose. Dead Rose is all over that stuff I suppose. ;)

Really, though. This was hauntingly good. And I mean it when I said it scared me. :( I hate anything scary because, like I said, I'm actually a huge scared-y cat and now I'll have my hall light on and make sure my curtains are drawn and not an ounce of skin peeks out from my blankets. Curse you! :p

All fears aside, though. Great job, lovely! :D


Author's Response: I hate being scared too - I'm not a fan of horror. But I tried to make it not-too-scary and creepy at the same time. Not sure how it worked but I am glad you found this well-written nonetheless.

I thought of giving this a twist and making it about vampires rather than werewolves. And yes, the way turn is kinda weird but I've gotten so used to it (well used to the idea - not the actual turning haha) that now I can't imagine it in any other way! I am scared of the dark too so it's really nothing to be sad about - most people are ;)

I am happy you enjoyed the fragmented style - I did give it another shot here after the success of Moments of Perfection though of course that was a completely different theme.

Rose, as soon as she turned, lost all her human thoughts and feelings and all she could think about was pleasing her master (The man who turned her) and blood - and well that's why she wasn't sad to kill her mother. But yes, it is kinda sad that she had to leave behind bits of her old life, the bits that she loved, and I liked playing with that while writing.

Thank you so much once again and I'm sorry for scaring you! *hugs*

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Review #9, by MaelodyDragonology: The Dragon

5th February 2015:
AH! You wrote a story about my beloved Charlie! Oh my goodness I'm so excited! :3 I love Charlie Weasley! And what you wrote here just makes me love him even more!

Of course he would be so helpful on his first day! He helped a little dragon and it nudged him and flew away happily and he just felt so accomplished and ADLKFJDfa;sdfkjadf;as! He's so perfect! I lurve him! :3

Again, you amaze me, my dear! You write about so many different characters, and each of your stories are so vastly different from the last! How do you do it? Where do you get these amazing ideas! Now I want to see my Charlie some more! You've sparked so many feels inside of me! haha :p Great job, as always! Now you must write more Charlie so I can see my love all the time! And dragons! I love dragon stories! It's so cool to see author's takes on dragons, and seeing yours was super cool! Dragons do respond to love and kindness! :3 They only attack when threatened! Of course Charlie isn't threatening! He's so amazing, how could he be? :3


Author's Response: Haha I am a fan of Charlie too, which is why I was a little afraid to write him but I'm really pleased that you liked the way I wrote him.

Haha he is totally perfect. I had a nice little smile while writing that scene.

Honestly, I do not have answers to your questions xP I just write whatever comes to my mind or whatever inspires me/challenges me, and it just kinda flows from there. I'm not a planner or an expert like those other authors out there but I do try my best so I'm really pleased you like my writing!

Thank you for your kind words!

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Review #10, by MaelodyA Halloween Visit: A Halloween Visit

5th February 2015:
:') How sweet was this? Very sweet! That's how sweet! :3

Especially that ending! With them watching him from above, or even there if they're like apparitions that he can't see or something. It was all just too sweet! I love that he wanted them to be the first to know that he asked Ginny to marry him and that she said yes! And Teddy turning into stuffed animals is just to cute! Oh my goodness! Is it too much to demand to see a one-shot of Teddy as a tot that morphs into a teddy bear and watches as everyone looks for him? The sneaky little bugger. ;)

Really, though. This was really cute, and these last few fics have been awesome! I love that you're challenging yourself to write new stories that you aren't used to, styles that you've never tried, and characters that are new to you! That's half the fun of writing! And of course, you've been doing a fantastic job! I haven't been disappointed yet! You're fantastic, dear! :D And so is this lovely little story! Just thought you should know! ;)


Author's Response: Aw thank you. I am so pleased you liked this and found it sweet. Haha Teddy really is a little bugger but I can imagine him doing this xP

Thank you so much once again for reading and reviewing. I try to write as much variety as I can so I'm pleased you enjoyed it!

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Review #11, by MaelodyA Picnic to Remember : The Surprise

5th February 2015:
How dare you say this isn't something that's as good as your other pieces! :p I absolutely loved it! This was so squishy, and adorable! :D I think it was perfect! :3

It's always refreshing to see that it's Dom and Teddy instead of Vic and Teddy. Also, it's nice to see that it's not her sneaking behind her sister's back while he and Vic are dating. ;) Though, I can't imagine Vic will take to them dating very well right away even in this circumstance. ;)

The picnic was so cute! And I just love the bit where Teddy is upset that she's so hard to surprise, and it's most unfortunate because he loves giving them! I love surprises! I'll take Teddy for her so I can get his surprises! Especially if they're surprises like that! :D

Aww, the broken hairbrush portkey. You must like that portkey. ;P I noticed it in your story A Mother's Tale I think. ;)

One of the reasons I'm absolutely astonished at you thinking this isn't one of your best pieces of work, is that you wrote this in just a couple of hours, AND you have so many incredible details in it! The sea and beach, the feeling of traveling by portkey. Their feelings. :3 It's all so very lovable! So you take back that comment right now, young lady! This story is absolutely delightful! :D


Author's Response: Aha I am happy you enjoyed this piece despite me feeling it's not up to the mark!

Your comments mean a lot to me so I'm really pleased you enjoyed the pairing here and liked the picnic and the way Teddy surprised her.

Haha really? I didn't realise I had another broken hairbrush portray in any of my other stories xP It's just something random that popped in my mind haha.

I did try and put in as much detail as possible so I'm glad you liked it all. Thank you!

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Review #12, by MaelodyCome with Me: Come with me

4th February 2015:
Wow. This. This is an incredibly powerful piece you have here, and it most definitely deserves the first place it received in its challenge! Seriously, Angie! How do you write so well?! Teach me your ways! I bow down to you!

Really, though. Those words are haunting. "Come with me." And seriously disturbing. It's so sad that he was hurting so much and missed her so much that he had to resolve to ending his own life in the end, but it was hauntingly poetic and beautiful in the sense that you were given the prompts, and you worked wonderfully with them! Seriously, I see no other way this could have gone, and I think you are just absolutely magnificent for coming up with it!

Poor Catherine, though. It's sort of sad to see that she gave up her life for him to live, and he decides to join her in his life's end. Though, I guess grief makes people do mysterious things. :(

I wonder, how many years was it that he suffered without her? Or months? That's always a sad loss, your first love. Especially when you lose them to death. I think the little memories in between were so sweet and added to that haunting effect. Them swinging. Just altogether, 'd'aw'! :3 And neither of them ever expected to go the route they did. :( Though it's sort of cool to see that they went to the Order in this version. I think, with the right people in his life, that's something he definitely would have done in another life. Where was Catherine when he needed her back then? ;)

Great job, as always! Do you tire of hearing that? I hope not :p. Cause I can't help but say it because it's so true! :D I love your work, dear! I can't stop reading the stories, even for a moment! So I'm going off to check out the next one! *squishes*


Author's Response: Aww thank you. You don't have to bow down to me, I am no expert. Nonetheless, I am really very happy that you liked this so much.

It is disturbing and haunting in a way and when I first got the idea of the story, I was thinking - should I really write this? But it turned out quite okay! I am pleased you liked the way I worked with the prompts - thank you.

Grief does make people do mysterious things, especially people like Draco.

I would say he suffered an year without her - and then he couldn't take it anymore. I am glad you liked the little memories and all too.

Thank you so much once again for all your kind words!

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Review #13, by MaelodyMoments of Perfection: Seven

4th February 2015:
Awww! I love fragmentary writing! :D Even more so when it's you writing about Cissa. ;)

I think all the little moments between her and Lucius sum things up perfectly! Out of all of them, I do think my favorite scene was the Pure-Blood Christmas ball, though. :) It just seemed so sweet, and sort of reminded me of Pride and Prejudice. :3 I also loved the explanation of her wedding dress! She sounded absolutely stunning! I want her wedding dress! :D

Honestly, I can't get over how you write her as a character, and characterize the Malfoy family. You do such a spectacular job! I really want to read a novel length story about them from you! :D If this doesn't happen, I just may have to find you in your stories offered thread. If you don't have one of those, I'll have to spam your PM box. ;) You know, because I love you and all that. :p

Really though, this was super sweet, and I loved the style of writing. I love that we got to see a little bit of Draco in this one, and I think out of all the other Cissa/Lucius stories you have, this one is my favorite simply because they both love each other so much. They're all believable, don't get me wrong, but I think this one has that happy ending feel we all want for Cissa to have, and that makes me happy. :3

This was definitely my favorite so far! :D I love fragmentary writing, and I think you should play with it more often! You have excellent timing with the scenes! I envy you! :D


Author's Response: Yay! I love you reading about my Cissa, thank you as usual for such amazing comments!

I am pleased you enjoyed all the little moments and especially the Christmas ball. Haha I hope you get an amazing wedding dress!

I am so happy you enjoy the way I write the Malfoys. I think all these little one-shots could be combined into a novel at some point xP But gah I can't think about committing to another WIP! {And yes I do have a stories offered thread}!

I am pleased you liked the writing style and the inclusion of little Draco too. Haha this one definitely has a happy ending - because it's not really an ending ;)


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Review #14, by MaelodyGone: Gone

4th February 2015:
Aaaaw. :( Poor Cissy! *squishes*

It's good to see him be human, even if it was his last few seconds to spare. I'm glad she got to hear those words come from him. It's been a long haul for the two of them, and like she said, the last ten years or so she had gone without hearing those words. I'm just sad he couldn't hear her say them back. :(

Again, you cease to amaze me at how well you write this Malfoy family! Seriously *squishes you because you're so amazingly talented and I wish I could write the Malfoys only have as well as you can!* Seriously! :D

Dean Thomas was a really nice character to see, too. I like how uncomfortable he was telling her everything. But alas, it comes with the job. :( Sorry it had to be him though since he was imprisoned there once several years beforehand.

I really liked Trixy and how everything played out in the beginning. The tired Cissy sitting in front of a fire and looking through her wedding album. That was too sweet. :( It makes me sad that she's all alone, especially since her son left. It's always been all about her son to her, and it's sad to see that he isn't there with her in her biggest time of need. Though I do believe he will forgive his father. He always wanted to please him. I think he was never truly angry with him either. Just a confused young man. *Hugs the entire Malfoy family*

See what you did there? You made me hug the Malfoys! You sly little thing, you. ;)

Great job! (Though I'm sure you already know that you're just so incredibly AWESOME! ;)) I'm off to read more! The next one is Narcissa, too! :D


Author's Response: Thank you once again for such lovely words! You're awesome too!

I am pleased you liked this story and could feel for Cissy. I am so happy you like the way I write the Malfoys. Yeah, I felt Dean would definitely be a good candidate here - the right level of awkwardness and discomfort.

Aha Trixy was a random addition so I'm glad you enjoyed her too. And all those memories, I had a sad time writing this too. *hugs you*

Yay I made you hug the Malfoys xD Thank you!

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Review #15, by MaelodyCharm Those Words: Charm Those Words

4th February 2015:
I'm not a big fan of Dramione since most of the time I think the scenarios are a bit unbelievable, but I can actually see where you're coming from with this. Honestly, if Hermione and Draco worked together and had to see one another in close quarters like that every day, I'd see them at least fulfilling a crush dream anyway. So yay to you! :D I like this little piece! ;)

Ahhh, those magical elevator moments that I think every woman dreams of at least once in their life. Am I right? Maybe I'm not, but I can't deny I haven't thought about it a time or two. ;) Especially if it were with someone as good looking as Tom Felton. :3

The whole thing actually, in a way, sort of reminded me of Fifty Shades of Grey. If you haven't read it, there's a little elevator scene sort of like this one. Only, it does go a little farther, but I like yours much better. Far more believable. ;)

Like I said, I'm not much of a Dramione shipper, so I don't have much to compare with other stories or anything, or have many expectations of these two, but I think you did a really good job with the scene here. And I think the ferret boy bit was just too funny. I'm surprised he didn't squirm at the memory! xD I'm sure she doesn't want to charm the words anywhere on his body now, either. ;)

Great job, m'dear! It was definitely different for me, but in the best possible way! I promise! :D


Author's Response: Hey! I'm glad you like this little piece especially since you're not a Dramione fan. I love Dramione and I enjoy reading it a lot so it makes me happy when other people like it when I write the pairing!

Haha those magical elevator moments indeed - I may have stolen the idea from one of my own life experiences (with my ex) xP They sound a lot nicer in writing than in real life though, haha.

Oh dear, I don't know if it's a good or bad thing that it reminded you of Fifty Shades, but believe me, I wrote this way before I read (or even heard of) that book.

I am happy you think I did a good job with the scene and stuff and you found a little bit of funny in there too. Thank you!

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Review #16, by MaelodyMuggle Studies: Attraction

4th February 2015:
Can I admit something to you now? Yeah? 'Kay. So George and Hermione are actually (sometimes Fred/Hermione) one of my guilty couples to read about. :3 So this was just so amazing and so sweet, and so cute!

First, I want to start off with that ending! I mean, how sweet is it that George says "Bless your Muggle Studies professor for giving you that assignment!" when they kiss!? :3 I pictured that perfectly, and Hermione laughing was just too cute!

Okay, for the rest, I think it was just so sweet to see George be the sensible one for once! Him having that tiff with Zonko was pretty good, too. I love how he stands up for the creator to get the credit that is due to him. That's very noble of him. Though then maybe he shouldn't go asking Hermione to find the source for him? ;)

I love how it starts off so slow and steady, like you can tell there's something there, though neither of them have ever experienced it before. Not with each other anyway. It was sweet, all the little moments they had with one another. And how he never let go of her hand and Hermione never really minded! :3 They're so cute together oh my goodness! :D

This really was a sweet piece, and, dare I say it, sort of steamy. ;p But you wrote it with grace and it was believable! You amazing girl, you. ;) Great job! I'm sure this was a hard piece to tackle, especially with never having written the couple before, but you did a very good job and I enjoyed it very much! :D


Author's Response: Haha I'm glad you found this cute especially since George/Hermione is your guilty ship!

I am never sure about these fluffy endings (as you know, I like sad, bittersweet or open ones) so I am pleased you liked the ending too.

Haha yeah George was a little more sensible than usual - I honestly am no good writing goofy characters. Haha he definitely shouldn't ;)

I was afraid it was all a bit rushed, but it was supposed to represent the whole in-the-moment kinda thing so I am relieved you liked the pace anyway and all the little moments.

Haha it sure was steamy, wasn't it xD Thank you so much for your kind review - it was a very hard piece to tackle but I'm so happy it worked for you!

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Review #17, by MaelodyBetrayal: The Letter

4th February 2015:

OK, so when I saw this was a sequel to Ending It, I went over there to check it out. Turns out, I already read and reviewed i a while ago. :) So I'm here at the sequel, sad and shocked Vic found out, and she had to find out that way.

I sort of wish she would have allowed Teddy to speak, just because, with Ending It, we know he actually loves her. He loves both women. He's a little selfish that way. :p Though I guess nothing he would have said could change her mind. She's really feeling the pain and hurt right now. Poor girl. :(

Only one thing felt a little off to me during this chapter, and that was the letter. It was so formal, so incredibly formal, that it would almost make me think that Teddy wrote it with the afterthought that maybe Vic would find it and call of the wedding. Or that Dom brought it to the wedding and left her coat in the same room with her sister knowing the letter was in there. The only reason I say that though is because that letter was so detailed for being written to someone who knew all the details because she shared them with him. It was like it had all the information in it so Vic could find out everything in one go. I'd maybe make it a little less informative, and have Vic find out some of the details by asking her sister and Teddy when she confronts them. :)

Other than that, this was really gut-wrenching. I figured after Ending It everything would work out just fine since normally it's always Teddy and Vic, and I never expected her to find out. Not like this anyway. So this sequel opened my eyes a little bit. Great installment to it, though! And you're right, it does stand by itself pretty well. :)


Author's Response: Hello! Yes you've read and reviewed Ending it =)

Aw well Victoire is a headstrong woman here and she is just so shocked and hurt at the betrayal that she really won't give Teddy a chance to speak.

I know what you mean by the letter - I'll definitely try and tweak it so it doesn't sound as formal anymore and can still give hints to Victoire about the affair without coming across like it was meant to say everything.

Thank you so much once again for your review!

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Review #18, by MaelodyA Mother's Tale (Task One challenge): A Mother's Tale

4th February 2015:
I wasn't aware that this was AU. Why wouldn't Lucius be able to have a patronus? I'm sure he has some sort of happy memory SOMEWHERE in that dark, scary mind of his. ;) Was it said somewhere that Narcissa was there for the entire fight? I mean, I don't really remember it saying much on them actually being there for a fight, but I always assumed they did. :) Though she was there at one point, she just left mid-fight. ;)

That aside, I LOVED this story! After reading Change, and coming straight here, I love Cissy even more! You write her so well! :3 It's even almost like reading a chapter after the other! First she was pregnant, now her son is born and a year old. And it's almost like Lucius is into having his little family, though he's still faded like he was in the other story. So maybe having a son made him stop cheating, though he's still a little Dark Lord obsessed so that's what makes him so distant. I enjoy tying the two together, but I do apologize if that's not in your plans at all. I just love your Cissy character and how well you have her play the role of mother. :3 It's so amazing! There's two sides to ever story, and you write this side so amazingly well! I love it!

I sort of wish that Lily and James would have taken the same measures to protect themselves and Harry that Cissy took to protect her son. I mean, she's got some high security going on there! To think, the Potters would still be alive if they actually hid somewhere that wasn't just a house! ;)

I love this one! I love how you portray Cissy! I think I saw more stories where you focus on her, or at least the Malfoy family in general, and I can't wait to get to read them! They're so good! :3 Great job, dear! I'm moving forward!


Author's Response: Well, I think someone said (not sure if canon or not) that Death Eaters cannot conjure patronuses and Lucius was a death eater so I made this AU xP I don't think it was said anywhere that Narcissa was there for the entire fight either, but after all, I have to appease the canon freaks so I say it's AU just in case xD

I am pleased you loved this story and that you enjoyed this after reading Change. I am happy you like the way I write Narcissa. Lucius is definitely faded - I'm too scared to write him completely xP At this point, I'd say he is not cheating but he's definitely obsessed with the Voldemort agenda now.

Aw well if Lily and James had done that, we wouldn't have our beloved series now, would we? xP Besides, there is somewhat of a Slytherin trait in protecting your own above anything else - and James and Lily were Gryffindors who are a bit reckless and they'd rather "brave it" than think about other ways to save themselves/Harry. That's my take on it!

Thank you for your lovely comments!

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Review #19, by MaelodyChange: Getting to know

4th February 2015:
I loved this!

So I don't usually go out of my way to read anything much Malfoy related. Not because I hate them or anything, they're just not the first ones I think of when wanting to read a fic. I'm glad you're in the hot seat this week, though, because this honestly just made my day! This was such a delightful insight on Narcissa's life! Seriously!

Ok, so a little explanation. After that sixth book came out and we got to see Draco's mother want to protect him so, I knew that I sort of liked her. I even sort of liked Lucius just because he had to have fallen in love with such a caring woman at one point. Anyway, seeing this bit just made me so happy! I mean, I feel really sad and bad for her, but it also explains so much! I think you just sort of created a head canon for me! :)

I wonder if Lucius still cheats on her and trollops around? Or do you think he ever stopped doing that? That'd be really cool to see! :D

I think your characterization in this was just really super spot on. Really. The ending, your wording was absolutely perfect! How her world was no longer perfect, but she'd make sure her son had the perfect life. How she would be made a mother by her son instead of just being a wife to her husband. Perfect! I think you've got Cissy down as a character! :3

I want to give her a hug though! You did such a lovely job at making her seem and feel like such a real character. Her heartbreak was just too much! :( She was so happy! So elated! Then Lucius had to go and ruin it, and then go and ruin it some more shortly after! Those Malfoy me. Hrmf!

Seriously, dear! This one was truly wonderful! I didn't want to stop reading it! It has so much insight, and I can just imagine how much Draco must have loved his mother. This is perfect! Great job! :D


Author's Response: Hey mae! I am glad you enjoyed this! I love the Malfoys - and reading about them is always so fascinating that I had to try writing them! I am happy you liked this especially since you've never much of the Malfoys before.

I definitely liked her in the sixth and seventh books too! I was never a fan of Lucius though xP I am thrilled that I created a head canon, yay!

I think he still dabbled in other women sometimes, but I also think after his imprisonment in Azkaban (in Fifth book), he stopped and learnt the importance of family and became loyal to Narcissa.

I am so pleased that you liked my characterisation as well as the ending! Thank you so much for all your lovely comments!

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Review #20, by MaelodyForever: FOREVER

4th February 2015:
Heya! I'm back!

So this one was an interesting piece. My heart felt for Rose, it really did. I think it's pretty relatable for anyone who still loves someone they've lost. Though, when everyone started coming up to the attic to find her and tell her everything, I started getting a little confused. I was like 'How is everyone just OK with this?' Haha. I was glad to see that everyone respected her being with the one she loved, and Scorpius being with the one he loved, but it was all a bit magical!

In the end, seeing that it was a dream, I sort of liked that. As much as I think every person ever dreams to be with the one the truly love forever, it makes it all the more realistic. And heartbreaking. Everything was just going so smoothly and perfectly before, and it was nice to see someone get her happy ending, but then the reality came crashing down. It's perfect, in a way. Because nothing ever goes that smoothly. But my heart still aches for her.

I see that the dream bit was edited in, but I really like that choice. :) It brings even more heartache into the piece, and to be honest, it's a refresh to see something happen where it's not always the happy ending. Life is real even for the one and only Miss Rose Weasley. :)

Great job with this one! My heart is aching, but I loved it nonetheless! :3


Author's Response: Oh dear, I can't believe you've read and reviewed this piece as well. I'll admit, it's not one of my best - I wrote this when I was still 'learning' to write ;) And I feel it's kinda lame and I was going to take it down but I decided to let it be, and well I am glad you liked it anyway!

Yes I did edit in the dream because otherwise it was all too unrealistic and weird and I realised that upon re-reading the fic!

Thanks for your lovely review nonetheless!

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Review #21, by MaelodyPerfect: That is Me.: Perfect: That Is Me.

4th February 2015:
I do believe I am reading a piece about our one and only Miss Pansy Parkinson. Am I right? :p

And her perfect Slytherin Prince is Draco Malfoy.

And the bookworm girl with her own ink splotches is Hermione. :p Though, I might add, in their sixth year, I don't think Hermione was bucktoothed. I think she fixed that in her fourth year just before the Yule Ball. Then again, maybe Pansy is so keen on focusing on only herself and her boyfriend that she hasn't even noticed. ;)

This piece is quite funny! Of course Pansy would think she is perfect! She practically does nothing but antagonize others in the books, yet there's nothing else really to her. So this makes perfect sense to see what's going on in her mind! xD I have no doubt that she either enchanted her skirt to be shorter, or threatened to jinx Madam Malcolm if she didn't hem it up. ;)

This was a cute little piece! I love reading pieces like this one, where you have to guess certain things. It's a nice little mystery, and sometimes, it gets me second guessing myself. Like, from the very beginning I thought it was Pansy, but then I started wondering if maybe Draco was dating someone else at times. Or if maybe it was another boyfriend (until he had something to do that was important to the Dark Lord did I become sure of Pansy's character). So this was a very interesting, funny little piece! Great work! :D


Author's Response: Haha yes you're right - it is our very own Pansy Parkinson!

You guessed all the characters right - after all I made it quite obvious xP As for Hermione being bucktoothed, I'd say that Pansy would always think of Hermione as bucktoothed and Harry as scarhead even if Hermione's tooth get okay and Harry's scar vanishes - she's just that kinda person if you know what I mean!

Haha I am pleased it was a bit funny - humour is not my forte but I tried to kinda make it so vain and thick that I felt it ought to have been a bit funny!

Thank you for such lovely comments as always!

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Review #22, by MaelodyA Portrait Existence: Phineas Nigellus Black: A Portrait Existence

4th February 2015:
Hey! I here to massively spam all of your review boxes! Er... I mean... I'm here to leave you... Well, there's no better way to put what you're about to receive, dear. ;) I'm here to let you enjoy your hot seat week just a little bit on the last day at least. ;) It's my day off! And I'm not on the road anymore, so I can read now! :D

So this was a VERY interesting concept! While reading it, I seriously thought in my head, like, three new fan fics just reading it because it's so inspiring! xD

Phineas always was a nasty little character. And by that I mean his mannerisms of course. But this delightful little story sort of lets us into his mind! It explains why he was always so reluctant to help Dumbledore! Though I wonder how the other portraits felt when he was headmaster. :p Seeing as how he admitted to enjoying making his minions do all of HIS work! Now the tables have turned, Phineas! You must pay the price!

He is right. At least he's a portrait and doing what it is he's meant to do, even if it is boring. When he lived, he was no prisoner. As a human, like Sirius, it would be much much worse to have the same fate. :( *hugs Sirius* Though I did like the little added bit of Phineas and Peeves being colleagues when they were alive. Though I wouldn't think Peeves is worse off than him. Other than the fact he came back as a poltergeist and may not have full control of being normal if he tried, he still gets to move around and actually touch things. I wouldn't complain much if I had to choose between the two. ;)

I love how you characterize Dumbledore in this! He waits ever so patiently! And I love how he's waiting with his hands behind his back. It just makes me think of his wonderful personality, but yet with his non-twinkling eyes, lets me realize that he's patient, but it truly is a matter of grave times. I'm glad Phineas finally listened to him! :)

This was a unique sort of story! I really enjoyed reading it and thought that it was very well thought out! All of the characters were just spot on, and you don't see many views from the portraits themselves! It was very nice and refreshing to read! :D Great job! I loved it!


Author's Response: Hey Mae! First off, you're an incredible, incredible person. You reviewed EVERY single completed story of mine! Wow! And each review as wonderful (if not more) as the previous. Thank you! It means a lot to me - you've put a big old smile on my face and it's going to stay there for at least another week!

I am glad you enjoyed this one-shot. It's very different from what we usually come across I think and it was an interesting experience to explore Phineas as a portrait.
It's great that you feel I characterised Dumbledore okay! I was so nervous writing him!

Thank you for such wonderful comments!

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Review #23, by MaelodyI'll Never Let You Have Her: 'Tio Monster

2nd February 2015:
Ooh la la! Steamy steamy Dom and Nik. ;) But still-Bad Dom! You can't go looking for Kieron and then hook up with the one you suspect him of sleeping with! You should be just as equally mad at Nik for allowing your boyfriend to do so! :p Now you're going to get pregnant and this is going to be hard to explain to everyone!

Yes, my resolve for everyone having sex is pregnancy. Isn't it grand? xD That makes Freya, Molly, and now it'll be Dom. ;) OH MY GOODNESS WHEN IS HORATIO GOING TO GET PREGNANT? :3

D'aw, tickle monster is so cute! And poor Sammie! She was having such a grand ol' time, and then BOOM Mama 'Tio is angry! Mama 'Tio, please don't be mad at Louis for very long. We need you two to be together! :3

Where's Rachel? I sort of miss her. ;)

THE SCENES WITH MOLLY AND SAMMIE ARE JUST THE CUTEST OH MY GOODNESS I LOVE THEM! Mamfa is just too cute! :3 Molly gives better nicknames than Dom and Vic, that's for sure. ;) Koukla is still my favorite, but Mamfa is second!

Horatio was looking for that fight, wasn't he? Poor Nik. Though it's good he knows how to handle his brother, and was able to stop Louis from making things worse! I bet you it isn't what it seems at all! Maybe, PLOT TWIST, it's Molly teaching her Freya is icky, just because, you know. She's sick and has nothing better to do than say something that sounds like Freya and say ew xD. Though that totally reminds me! Sam and I are so on the same page! We both think Freya's name is icky! Remember, cause it reminds me of Fritos? xD Nah, I bet it was just coincidence that Sam thought it was an icky name. It's fate for her to hate her mummy! :3 I'm so proud of her!

Wow this was a monster of a chapter! I love it! I squish it! :3 *squish* Thank you so much for being so amazing at updating so quickly! You're seriously, like, the bestest person ever. Like. Ever. Totes. :3 TAMMI BE MY BEST FRIEND, KAY? OKAY!


Author's Response: Oh yes! It is steamy! Sadly Kieron and Dom both have very little control when it comes to Nik. They should have more, but I totally wouldn't either. Haha you have no idea how right you are!

That is grand! That's what I think all the time too :P Hahahah Horatio will be next on the list :P

She was! Mama 'Tio needs to not be angry, and we all know he can't be mad at Louis for long.

Rachel? She's somewhere :P Working mostly.

I love writing anyone with Sammie! Mamfa makes my day! She's so fun to write. I love all of the Nicknames that Sam has! Koukla is my favourite though.

He really was looking for that fight. Nik knows his brother very well and he knows when he wants to just yell, poor him as it's normally him that is on the other end of Horatio's anger.

:O BEST PLOT TWIST! :P Freya is icky, I agree! Hahahaha

*squish* I love you! And we are best friends forever and ever! :D


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Review #24, by MaelodyI'll Never Let You Have Her: Threats

31st January 2015:
How did you know that I work at Sutherland? Oh, you didn't? Well, that just goes to show how intertwined the story and I are. ;)

Oh my goodness, you could never be more right. The hatred for Freya is SO strong in this chapter! She's lucky I didn't pop in the story and and slap her right back! Mae would kick her butt!

Since Louis has Horatio, and visa versa, I'll take Tyler. ;) He has his priorities straight! :D He's so cute giving Louis some Galleons! Though I'm sure that made Louis more embarrassed than he already was. I'm just glad Tyler got to embarrass Freya so Louis didn't really have to so much. It sucks he was given a warning, but I guess it's better than being fired. Mighty believable, too.

She even came back and THREATENED to involve the MINISTRY! Aw Nah! She and I are going to have some words.

I don't wanna see Horatio and Louis fight! :( Why do you have to do that? It's so mean! :( Can't they just hug it out?

Oh my goodness! Molly is pregnant, isn't she?!? Either that, or you're doing this just to mess with us! But seriously though! How cute would that be!? Horatio would have a baby of his own, Sammie would have a new cousin/sister, and it would resolve SO much! I mean, yeah it would cause a little ruckus, but in the end, it'll work. Right? :3

You've been doing a pretty good job updating all on your own. ;) I haven't even had a chance to bug you yet! :p Don't let that be the OK to let you start, kay? ;)

You're the bestest! (as always)


Author's Response: Mae!!!

:O It's fate!! Such fate that I wrote that in! You are both so intwined! :D

It is strong isn't it? I think that everyone must hate her by now. She's not a nice person and she's going to get worse. You would so kick her butt!

You can have Tyler! He's a good guy! And so adorable! I love him!

Yep! Freya needs to go away now!

I don't want to see them fight either, but those two have a lot of emotion that they're not dealing with.

Haha she may be? Who knows?!

Thank you so much hun! You can still bug me! That's fine :D

You're the bestest!!

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Review #25, by MaelodyLoratio: Chicken

31st January 2015:
How did I miss this?!? Have I gone temporarily blind? How did I just go to the second one-shot and not see the amazingness of this creation! Oh my goodness! Louis in a dress! I just love that he calls himself Louise and Horatio is insisting that it's Lou-Lou Bell! :3 I think Horatio wins on that one. ;)

My favorite bits are the ones where they make side comments. Like how Horatio licked Louis' hand, and where Louis glass is on the table! xD They remind me of drunk Mae. er, I mean. Your typical drunken, fun loving people who have a grand ol' time having a few drinks and laughs. *nods*

That ending tho. :3 They're so cute! He doesn't even try to lose! That's the best part right there! And Tio telling Louis to try and not kiss him? I'm sure that's the only time those words ever left his mouth! ;)

Thank you Isobel for implanting this idea in Tammi's head! :D I think it's the funniest thing yet! And Tammi, you're just so awesome for being able to put these ideas into words! :D You're the best! :D


Author's Response: Temporary blindness? This can't be! Haha you were that excited about hide and seek that you needed to go straight for that one! :P

Haha oh Louise! I think I prefer Lou-Lou Belle and Horatio would definitely win on that one too :P

Awww I'm so glad those were your favourite, and they remind me of drunk Tammi... I mean, those typical drunks you've mentioned! :P *nods too*

Oh no, Louis would never try and play that game quickly and that is definitely the only time that Horatio would ever say those words.

Isobel is so awesome for making my spelling mistake in a text to her into a story idea haha :P You are awesome Mae for loving Louisio so much! And for being an awesome reviewer! :D

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