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Review #1, by prongsy13Unforgiven: Start of Something New

3rd December 2012:
Nice to see a really quick update, its making me nervous but excited for the end! I really dont know what I'm going to do without this story though, waa.
FINALLY the letter is getting solved (I think), and I am starting to get an idea what its about (really big stab in the dark here!)
I think that the letter is from Lucius, and that something has happened (linking to what Narcissa said last chapter)
although I cant remember whether Lucius was there or not...
which then makes my plan make no sence...
Of course Lavender is involved...thats just who she is!
I hate her.
Lovely chapter and looking forward to the next one YAY.
10/10 as always!:D

Author's Response: I updated today, June 17, 2014.
It explains it all.
I hope you still wish to read it

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Review #2, by prongsy13Unforgiven: Up For Discussion

24th November 2012:
I may have done a little dance when I saw the next chapter was up...
I'm not surprised Hermione said yes but I have a hunch that it wont last. Maybe that's becuase I dont want it to? Meh.
I'm sorry that I gave you the impression that I was a Draco hater, I may have said some things which made it look like I did but I promise you I dont;) It's just hard to let go of what a slime-ball he was and to believe he has changed and is not just in this relationship for the benefit of himself. Maybe something heroic will change my mind? ;) I absolutely love this story even though I'm not a huge fan of Dramione, your plot just seems to work for me. It's amazing!
Ron needs a reality check, I mean moving in with Lavender? REALLY RONALD?!!
I was surprised that Val made a reapperance, I had completely forgotten about her! And she is in on Roger and Pansy's plan, oh dear.
I am SOOO interested about what Narcissa has to say and what the ruddy hell is going on.
Hah I have no patience.
Didn't like shortness, but hey it would be weird if I did?
I can't beleive how far away the due date is I WANT IT TO HURRY UP.
Also, moment of insiparation, I have another baby name!
It's probably waayyy to late to mention it as in the last chapter Ron told his fam the names he liked, but I dunno if you like it too PLEEAASEE consider it as like a random name that just suddenly popped into Ron's head. Or say that he had a prophetic dream. Meh, take your pick.
ANYWAY the reason I chose this name (will be revealed shortly to intensify the tension) is because its my little sisters name that was born only recently.
And the name isss...(drumroll)...CARYS.
I really like it and I think it would suit liccle baby. Carys Weasley. Sounds cool.
Or the other name I already mentioned...*Cough cough* ELSIE *Cough cough* ;)
Naaahhh pick what name you want I'm not going to flip out and say something like "Im not reading this story anymore becuase you didn't pick my name.." Because I wouldn't last without it!
The usual 10/10 and a big thumbsy-upsy to you.
UPLOAD SOON OR I WON'T READ THIS STORY ANYMORE (dont take it seriously hehe.)

Author's Response: First off, I'm so glad you're back. I adore your reviews, they give me amazing feedback and I appreciate that more than I know how to tell you. (:

I'm glad you got so excited about the chapter being up, that makes me happy!

Happiness doesn't seem to last long in this story, huh? There's a lot more drama to come, so you're absolutely right about this not being the end of it.

Draco takes getting used to. Lol And with this story, it's still up for question what his motives are - perhaps your hunch is right? ;) I can't say though. I'm not a typical Dramione fan, but then I read an amazing one (well part of it, I'm long awaiting an update :p) and somehow I came up with this. Haha

Ronald gives foot-in-mouth disease new meaning, I'm fairly sure. He just can't stop himself, now can he? (; Lol

Val plays a part. But whatever could it be.;)

Narcissa's part will make a reappearance. Not a big one, but if all goes as planned, there will be a little more with her storyline.

The time for the letter is almost here. Hermione's pretty much discarded the idea that it means anything, but it'll come back.

Sorry about the shortness, I had issues with this chappy. I re-wrote parts of it a few times :p

There is about to be a month long time jump, bringing the due date from seven weeks away to three, which is much closer. The baby is almost here, I swear. (:

I like that name. :) I can't say whether I'm going with it, or Elsie or one of the other's though. I'm pretty liable to change it until I submit it. Lol

I'm so glad you are like my biggest fan - you're the sweetest. I'm going to work on Chapter 38 tonight, I'll try and get it done. I'm afraid it isn't too terribly exciting, but it's not bad either ;)

Thanks for all the support! :D

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Review #3, by prongsy13Unforgiven: Start of Something New

16th October 2012:
I personally think you should name le baby girl Elsie, but maybe i'm just being biased considering I suggested that name all those chapters ago;)
SO happy you're back, I've just moved 200 miles away from all my friends and when i got to the new house I saw you had updated this story and it was like a comfort blanket, I really don't know how to describe it.
I'm going to be leaving a SERIOUSLY long review here seeing as I have been a bad fan and not reviewed the last few chapters down to pure laziness.
So to begin with, please please please please PLEASE do not let Hermione marry Draco! He is a shrivelled rat who I really could not hate more. He went out with Lavender for merlins sake! That just proves my point altogether.
Speaking of Lavender, I think she needs a good ol' slap around the face from someone, I'm betting on Molly Weasley. I HATE HER!
I may be venting off my rage here, but I do not believe that it is unjustified.
Also, what was that letter about in the last chapter? I thought it was from Lavender but she was in this chapter so my mind is just like '...?'
I hope Pansy makes a reapperance, although she is a cow and a half she does make things a whole lot more interesting.
Although Hermione deserves better than Draco, I don't think her and Ron make a perfect couple either. She is better than both of them. (Mainly because I have never thought they were good couple as they are too different, and obviously he got Lavender Brown pregnant. Case closed.)
Phew, I'm really venting here.
I know you have already planned out the last chapters but I feel that a death may twist it up even more. Or is that too evil?
I have so much more that I could write but I am starting to get tired, so I am going to love you and leave you and continue this rant next time you update a chapter.
Love from, a loyal fan

Author's Response: I'm glad to see another review from you! (:

Thanks for the suggestion! I loved it! (: I can't say whether that's the name, but the names I liked best were the ones I put in the chapter. The name will be officially revealed when she's born though. (:

Aw :') This made me feel soo good. I'm so glad this story update comforted you! I do still have a passion for writing it, I've just been super busy. I wish you tons of luck in your new home! I'm sure everything will be fine.

Whoa! A Draco hater! Sorry, I was just surprised, I've had people begging for them together for so long, it's weird seeing the other side! Lol I don't mind though, I love assorted opinions. :) I can't say yet whether they tie the knot or not. ;)

Don't worry, Lav is disliked by just about every reader I have, I do believe. Haha But, I will say that her actions will be explained. The real reason no one has really hit her is because of the baby though. Lol Molly wanted to xD

Ahh, the letter ;) I can't say. I promise though, my facts for that are straight in my mind and there isn't a time warp or'll be explained. ;) Feel honored though, you're the ONLY person I've had notice that. (At least of those who've left me a review)

Pansy will be back very very soon. Not in the next chapter, but her and Roger will be back in 38. :)

Who Hermione ends up with is decided, although I won't say any names yet. :)

That is a little evil. Lol :) I can't say whether or not there will be a death, although I wish I could! There will be exciting stuff though, I promise! :)

You have no idea how happy this review made me :') Thank you for being such a good, loyal, amazing fan. You actually leave me super great reviews and you tell me what you like, opinions, etc. (:


My fans are the reason this story just becamse two years old, so thank you again. The story will be 48 chapters, that much is still certain, (chapter 48 is the epilogue though). So..the end is near. That's crazy. Lol

Have a great day :D

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Review #4, by prongsy13Unforgiven: Raising the Bar

8th July 2012:
YAY:D you're back!
Okay so I loved this chapter A LOT. Though I'm confused about Ron, and his sudden love for Lavender. Or am I missing something?
I'm guessing the daughter's name is going to be something girly and a bit different like Lavender herself, so something like 'Evie', 'Freya', 'Amber', 'Aimee' or 'Elsie.'
(I like Evie the most.)
I do lovvve this story, I even have it on my favourites bar, so everytime I go on my laptop I check to see if the next chapter is uploaded yet...maybe I'm just obsessed.
Alsooo, do you know roughly how many chapters this story is going to be?

Author's Response: I'm so happy to be back! Next chapter is nearly ready for queue too and will be here very soon.
I'm glad you liked the chapter, I liked writing it.
Ron is very impulsive, which is where I'm getting his love for Lav from. He just wants to do what he thinks is right - and make Hermione see that he can move on too.
I like those names! They're very pretty! Baby name will be decided fairly soon.
I'm so glad you like it so much, fans like you are why I keep posting new chapters and not abandoning.
The story will be 48 chapters, no doubt about it. I have the entire story completely plotted now chapter by chapter and most of it is even at least half written. Although, I guess you could view it as 47 chapters of Unforgiven, then chapter 48 is the epilogue.
Thanks for the review!

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Review #5, by prongsy13Unforgiven: Cut Off

5th June 2012:
This story was one of the first I EVER read on hpff and I love it:')
Personally, I think that the baby's gonna be a girl. And ginger like Ron:D
And ugh I could just hit Lavender in the face right now -_-

Author's Response: Awh, I always love reviews like yours! :')

The baby might be a girl...but it also might be a boy...;) haha Answers are in the next chapter. (:

I'm soo glad you're enjoying it, I adore writing it! :D

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