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Review #1, by Justine MarilynUnplanned: Frustration

14th April 2013:
OK, I simply love your story. I think it's marvelous. But, to the reason I'm reviewing. Could you please update a little bit faster? I know you have lots of other things going on, ofc, but it pains me to have to wait so long for the next chapters. I have been following your story since chapter 4, btw. You are one of my favourite authors... :)

Justine Marilyn

Author's Response: I'm glad you seem to be liking the story, and I'm happy to hear/see that you've been with me from the beginning! That really means a lot to me! :D

However, I do have a life outside of HPFF. I've just been away on a camping trip for a week so that's the reason this review hadn't been responded to.

I'm also doing my HSC - aka my most important year of school. It will get me into university and then lead me to a better life, so I do have to put that ahead of my writing.

I also have a lot of personal issues happening and that also takes up time to write. I also need to sleep, a lot, so that takes about 12 hours (on a good day).

I think I update fairly quickly. I could leave HPFF for this whole year, and completely focus on school and trying to work out my issues with my friends. But I haven't. I've put my other W.I.P on hold, just so I could finish this one, for all you lovely readers.

Also, I'm EXTREMELY close with my family, cousins, aunts and uncles included. We do A LOT together. We just went on the camping trip I mentioned earlier together. I need to spend time with them, they're the most important people in my life, especially now with this really stressful year.

So please respect that I have a life and I can't dedicate all my time to HPFF. I try and fit in as much as I can, and I think I've got it really well. I thought I was updating really quickly, because I was actually planning on having little to no time.

I don't mean to be rude or anything, it's just that I wanted to make it clear that I can't dictate my life around my fanfiction.

Thanks for the review, and hopefully you'll like the other chapters. :)

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Review #2, by Justine MarilynAll Was Well: Good Morning

16th March 2013:
Got a bit confused when you jumped in time. But, however, I think it`s a great story, and I`ll read the rest, I think. Just wanted you to know about the fact that I was confused.

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Review #3, by Justine MarilynFinally: New Beginnings

30th July 2012:
Good, I

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Review #4, by Justine MarilynHinny- Years after the war: Early morning wake up

30th July 2012:
I'm waiting for the next one:)

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