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Review #1, by looneylizzieLying Josephine: Introduction: Boxes

21st September 2016:

So, I've read this story before - how could I not? - but obviously I'm extremely lame and never reviewed (Shameful, I know). It's been a while since I read it, so it's nice to come back and reread the awesomeness that is Jo's story. :D

Anyway, let me just start by saying that your writing style is fantastic! You've painted such a vivid image of not what Jo is seeing, so much as what she's feeling, and it does an incredible job of bringing all of those emotions to the surface for the reader.

And then there's Jo's voice - I knew from the first time I read this chapter that I'd like her. Despite all of the general suckiness that she's feeling in this chapter, you can tell that there's clearly a lot of depth to her personality - she's clearly devastated and heartbroken, yet there's anger, bitterness and guilt lingering underneath it all - and how she will react to these emotions later in the story are what will really drive her character.

My favorite part is what she says about crying being a sign of strength. I've always been someone who cries over almost anything (I tear up every single time I watch one of those ASPCA animal cruelty commercials...), so I really like the idea of expressing one's emotions being something courageous - there definitely truth to that.

Wonderful start to a wonderful story, Tanya! Keep writing!

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Review #2, by looneylizzieLa Salvezza: Inferno

20th September 2016:

How? How do you write such beautiful words? This is simply amazing! Everything of yours that I've read has been so wonderful in its descriptions and style - somehow you paint a vivid image of everything in a way that doesn't just show us what is happening, or what Gellert is imagining, but it's a beautiful piece of artwork as well.

That probably doesn't make sense. Basically, your words create a beautifully crafted watercolor painting, rather than a simple photograph. It's amazing, and I'm extremely jealous. ;)

And then there's Gellert - I love how incredibly complex you've made him! The man we see here is certainly flawed, and yet it's easy to sympathize with him. Yes, he's one messed up evil guy, but at the same time, it's easy to feel the betrayal he suffers from Albus and how much that hurts him.

I particularly loved the ending there - where Gellert was talking about how they'd go into Hell together.

I will drag you down with me, Albus, into the flames and the smoke, coughing and spluttering: we shall climb down the ladder together, traipse along the path to the gates of Hell hand-in-hand, as we have always been and done; as we travelled every road together.

You promised to share immortality with me Ė is this not immortality?


That was inspired. The whole idea of Albus' guilt dragging him down just as Gellert's crimes did is kind of true, and that's just heartbreaking. :(

This chapter feels like Gellert's imprisonment is making him quite philosophical, which is both an honest example of what solitary confinement can do to a person and just a titch amusing. But that just might be me.

Regardless, his philosophical musings (I wouldn't say "arguments" since he's not really debating with anyone) are extremely interesting and definitely leave me with a lot to think about.

Awesome. :D

Oh, and I didn't know that your Albus is half-indian! That's actually really cool and really intriguing! I guess I'm going to have to read your other stories so I can see a bit more of that. ;)

Anyway, this is amazing Laura! I dunno how you write such amazing stuff, but keep it up!

Keep writing!

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Review #3, by looneylizzieUnfair: An Accident

24th May 2016:
Kaitlin! I'm here to review your story for the Demotivator Challenge!!


WHY, KAITLIN, WHY?!?! Why must you do this to me?!

Seriously, this first chapter has left me with this horrible pit in the bottom of my stomach and I'm fairly certain that the entire time I was reading this I was either growling or cringing horribly.

The cringing was because of your (vivid) descriptions of Scorpius' boils bursting. *shudders* I've been seriously grossed out now.

Anyway, aside from the gross boils, this story is really good! Well... good in the sense that you've done an excellent job of making me hate Rose and Albus, which I didn't think was actually possible!

Poor Scorpius! That's such a horrible situation to be stuck in! Bullying is NOT okay, in any circumstance, and it's horrible that Scorpius has to deal with it from Al and Rose of all people! Scorpius doesn't deserve to be bullied because of his father! It's completely unfair!
(Hehehe, see what I did there?)

As horrible as it is that Scorpius is getting bullied, it's also completely believable that he would be on the receiving end of it. It makes sense that after the war, wizarding society would completely flip sides in terms of ideals - and all of the bullying that Harry received from Draco goes the other way with their kids. Which is so sad, because I'd imagine that Harry and the rest of the Weasleys would've taught their kids to be better than that -- but I guess there's something to be said for the idea that fame goes to one's head.

Ugh. It makes me so mad!

As for the Demotivator you used... well, I don't think I'll ever be able to see it the same way again! What a way to turn something that seems kind of snarky/sarcastic/funny (and even a little bit childish) into something that's suddenly harsh/mean/cruel and even a little dark! I certainly wasn't expecting that!

This is all good though, don't worry. ;D

Wow! What a great first chapter, Kaitlin! I'm really looking forward to reading more of this at some point in the future!

Thanks so much for entering my challenge, and keep writing my dear!

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Review #4, by looneylizzieChoices.: Choices are the hardest things to make.

24th May 2016:
Hey, Caity! I'm here to review your story for the Demotivator Challenge!!

First of all - I rarely read Draco/Hermione or AU stories, but I'm glad that I got to read this one! This is definitely a great start, and I really like the idea that Draco is faced with a choice right off the bat - and it's a choice that he can't really go back on either. It's not often that someone so young is forced to make a choice like that, and I think you did a great job of presenting the seriousness of his choices here!

Secondly - I really like the way that you chose to use the Demotivator here - even though you don't quote it directly (which is great! You didn't have to quote it at all), it's still obvious that the Demotivator applies to Draco's story here, and it's easy to see how you interpreted it, which is perfect!

I also like that Draco's choice basically decides whether or not the quote applies to him - if he were to choose to side with his father and Voldemort, then the "Perhaps as a punishment" part would certainly apply to Draco and Hermione's relationship. But once he chooses to be with Hermione, she can't really be a punishment. His choice made the Demotivator turn into a Motivator (see what I did there? See? See? No? Ah, nevermind...), which is kind of adorable.

I like it. :)

Anyway, you did are really good job of using the Demotivator in this story, and this definitely looks like a good start to an awesome Dramione fic!

Thank you so much for entering in my challenge, my dear! You are absolutely wonderful! Keep writing!

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Review #5, by looneylizzieLegendary: Nightmare

24th May 2016:
Tammi! I'm here to review your story for the Demotivator Challenge!

*clutches heart* Ow. Right in the feels! Why must you do this to me, Tammi?

This is so sad, and yet, it's kind of happy too. Happy in the sense that James is determined to make the rest of the time he has left count. But it doesn't change the fact that he's going to die, and that's super sad. :(

"I was going to take this disease, make it my b*, and give it a right good kick in the face."
-- That one made me smile. Go James!

Anyway, this story is going to be amazing, I'm sure of it! The concept is really cool, and I can't wait to see what James will do to become a legend! I'm sure this story will have its fair share of funny moments and sad moments, but I think that's what makes your stories so good! There's such a great balance between the two, and this story seems like it won't be an exception to that rule.

As for the way you used the Demotivator - perfect! I like that you used it in a way that kind of contradicts the situation at hand - James doesn't have time to heal, and while a scar might normally be seen as a bad thing, in this situation it's almost like James wishes he'd be able to get a scar if it meant that he'd have more time.

I dunno if that makes any sense.

Regardless, I love the way that you used the Demotivator - it makes the quote way more complex than I'd ever thought it could be. :D

Thank you for entering in my challenge, Tammi! You did a wonderful job, and I'm sure that this will be another fantastic story of yours! I hope you update soon!

Keep writing my dear!

Author's Response: Lizzie!!

I'm sorry I broke you! I broke myself too if that makes you feel better?

I agree with you, I'm glad that he's determined to do all of this, but sad that he's dying. :(

James is going to own it!

Thank you so much, I can't wait to write more of this story. I have so many plans for it! Aww you've made my day with that, thank you.

That does make sense.

Thank you so much for having such a brilliant challenge! It was a lot of fun to be a part of!

Thank you, Lizzie!

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Review #6, by looneylizzieGlass Walls: prologue

23rd May 2016:
Hey! I'm here to review your story for the Demotivator Challenge!!

Okay, WOW. This. Is. AMAZING!

I didn't expect someone to take this Demotivator and go down the afterlife route, but I have to say, it TOTALLY makes sense! And you've done a phenomenal job with it so far!!

I love the way that you've introduced the concept of heaven to little Hugo - he's such a smart and curious child, and it makes sense for a little kid to ask so many questions about something that's so difficult to understand in the first place. You've written him so realistically too! He really feels like a kid - which is a hard thing to write for a lot of people! :D

The fact that Hugo is SO curious and wants to know what heaven is like actually makes me kind of nervous! What if he decides to "venture forth"? Will he be the exception to the rule and come back? That'd certainly be interesting...

Regardless, this story is absolutely fantastic, and I really can't wait to see more of it! I hope you're still planning on working on it!

Thank you so much for entering in my challenge! The results should be posted soon!

Keep writing!

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Review #7, by looneylizzieNihil: Cave

23rd May 2016:
Hey! I'm here to review your story for the Demotivator Challenge! Whoo hoo!

Okay, first of all... WOW. This story is SO intriguing and mysterious! It's not often that you see a story like this - one that's set so far in the future, and it definitely has a dystopian feel to it... very cool. This is easily one of the most unique stories I've ever read on this site - and don't worry, that's a good thing! :)

One little piece of CC:
I found myself really confused in the shift in time and POV halfway through the first chapter and between the first and second chapters - like, I wasn't sure what was going on when the story shifted from Louis getting sorted to him being tortured... it took me a minute to realize that those two things weren't happening at the same time. It wasn't until Louis started talking about memories that I realized that the beginning part was a memory. It might be better to clarify the change in time a little bit - perhaps mention that Louis is older then - not 11 but whatever age he is when he's being tortured?

Also, is that second scene with Louis happening in the same time period as what's happening in this chapter? Or is there another jump ahead in time? I mean, I'm not sure how that could really be clarified - although it might be a good idea to clarify that there's a shift in POV from Louis to the (wonderfully mysterious) girl in this chapter - I thought it was Louis until about halfway through, which confused me for a little while - maybe state something at the very beginning that alludes to the fact that the narrator is a girl, not a boy?

Sorry, I'm not trying to be too critical or nitpicky... this story is honestly fantastic right now! I just think it'll help readers better understand what is happening if you clarify the time and place and POV. It makes it easier to figure out what information is purposefully left out rather than what the reader might've missed. :D

As for the Demotivator you used... I LOVE it! You integrated it in the story so smoothly, and it fit in perfectly with the dialogue. Plus, it added a lot to the narrator's personality in one short sentence -- she's sassy, snarky and a total bada** - it's AWESOME! I like her a lot!

Anyway, I think this story has a LOT of potential! There are about a million things that I want to know more about! I hope that you'll keep writing this story, because it's really interesting!

Wonderful job my dear! I hope to see more of this story soon! Keep writing!

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Review #8, by looneylizzieOn Imbeciles and Moody: 1982

23rd May 2016:
Hey, Freda and Georgina!! I'm here to review your entry for my Demotivator Challenge!

Oh man, this was really good! I LOVE all the dialogue you have going in this story, and the feel that it generates throughout the story. It really emphasizes the idea that it's Moody vs. the Wizengamot (otherwise known as imbeciles, obviously!). Plus, it definitely adds to the feeling that this could be part of a musical - I could totally see it happening.

All you need is for Moody to just burst into song at the end. :P

Moving along... I also really like the way that you used the Demotivator! It's so PERFECT for Moody! And the way that he says it to Crouch is just priceless! Fantastic job!

Anyway, this is a wonderful story and I really enjoyed it! Your writing is phenomenal!

Thanks for entering my challenge, and keep writing!!

Author's Response: Hello! It's great to see you!

Most of the dialog is a shadow of the musical song this was inspired by; which is an argument between one man and Congress regarding independence. But it's still nice to hear we adapted it to this story well.

THAT would be interesting...

It was so much fun to write Moody putting down a character we don't really like. It's like when McGonagall puts Umbridge in her place; when we read that part Freda and I wanted to applaud, so writing something remotely close to it was so enjoyable.

Thank you so much for reviewing this and all your kind words! We really appreciate it, and good luck with the rest of your challenge!

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Review #9, by looneylizzieShattered Glass: Cold. Broke. Alone.

4th May 2016:

I'm here for the site-wide hot seat!

"Thatís all it would be, imagination, and imagination only ever led to disappointment." -- OH MY HEART. You're killing me here! For some reason, I really can't find anything more heartbreaking than a loss of faith in imagination. Imagination is one of the greatest things that humans are capable of, and seeing Remus lose faith in it is horrible. :(

The way that you go from describing such a grim scene of Remus seeing the destruction he caused as a werewolf, to the end where there's just a little flicker of hope and determination is just flawless. It's amazing how you manage to take us to the very edge of despair, where I can imagine just about anyone giving up, to turning around and showing us what true courage really is. It's fantastic!

I have no idea if I'm making any sense, but the point is, I love this story! This is a phenomenal characterization of Remus and a truly beautiful moment that shows his personal strength like no other.

This story is phenomenal! Gah! I could gush about this forever, but I'll stop now. :D

Keep up all of your AMAZING work, Kevin! Your writing never fails to blow me away!!

Author's Response: Howdy Lizzie! Just eight (8) months later I'm here responding to your wonderful review. I truly cut a pitiful figure in this department these days...

ANYWAY. I'm really glad you enjoyed the story - somehow it seems like Lupin manages to bring some of the best of my writing out of me. What you described, the despondency-to-tenuous-determination is exactly what I hoped everyone would take away from it and I think it's always been one of the really remarkable things about Lupin, that no matter how disconnected he may get or how alone and even self-loathing he feels at times, he ALWAYS finds his way back and fights on.

Thanks so much for your wonderful review!

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Review #10, by looneylizzieRules of the Game: Things Could Be Worse

3rd May 2016:

Iím here with your last review prize from the Name that Fandom Challenge! :D

Oooh, now weíve got Hugoís POV! Very nice!

The thing I really like about the change in POVís that youíve got here is that you really get to see a wider view of everything thatís going on in the story. Itís really interesting because each character has such different thoughts and focuses on different people, so what doesnít seem like a big deal to one character is a huge deal to another. Youíve done an excellent job of highlighting that so far, especially in this chapter!

Hugo is absolutely adorable though. I love that heís so confused as to why heís constantly thinking of Alice when itís so painfully obvious why. Heís so concerned for her and worries over the littlest of things when it comes to her, which is the cutest thing ever. I LOVE IT.

Oh, and your descriptions, especially at the beginning of each chapter, are AMAZING. Flawless, really. I dunno how you do it. Iím more than a little jealous of them. Somehow you manage to conjure up such a vivid image for the reader with so few wordsÖ itís just fantastic.

Iím totally falling in love with this story, Lauren! I canít wait to see whatís next! Iíll definitely have to come back and review the next two chapters as soon as itís humanly possible!

Thank you again for entering in the Name that Fandom Challenge, and keep writing my dear! Youíre amazing!!

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Review #11, by looneylizzieRules of the Game: Boys Gossip Too

3rd May 2016:

Hereís prize review 4 of 5!! :D

ďÖJimmy Wood was one of the most competitive people she knew and would probably struggle to let a three year old win a game of hide-and-seek. It was a trait, she was told, that he got from his father.Ē ó BAHAHAHAHA! That made me laugh far harder than it probably shouldíve. :P

Sorry, I just had to point that out. Easily one of my favorite lines in this chapter!

I giggled on more than one occasion during this chapter, thatís for sure! I really enjoyed Lilyís POV in addition to Ivyís. They both have really distinct voices, so the tone of both chapters were really different, but in a really good way! :D

I LOVED Lily and Jimmyís whole dynamic. Watching them both get so wound up over Quidditch was extremely hilarious, and I hope that thereíll be more of that to come! It was awesome!

I also really love that Lily didnít really know about the map and the cloak. Itís something that you donít see in a lot of next-gen stories - usually that info is pretty well known within the Weasley family and friends, which Iíve always felt takes away from the general awesomeness that is the cloak and map. Itís kinda nice to see Lily, Hugo and their friends discovering these two items for the first time, even though theyíve been in the family for so long. :)

Gah, this is really shaping up to be a really cool story!! Looking forward to more!

Keep writing, Lauren!!

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Review #12, by looneylizzieRules of the Game: A Home From Home

3rd May 2016:

Haha! Bet you thought that I forgot about those last three reviews, did you? Donít worry, I didnít. :P

I figured Iíd check this story out because a) I havenít read it before, and b) next-gen stories are my favorite stories to read. ;)

Oh boy, I like this story already! Iím really interested to see what happened between Ivy and AlÖ it seems like itís going to cause quite a bit of drama for Ivy and Lily!

I also really like the way youíve introduced the charactersÖ thereís a lot of people mentioned in this chapter, but itís not overwhelming. And the way that youíve developed Ivy in particular is really wonderful. We get to see a lot of her personality in how she sees the people around her and her actions, and Iím really loving her character already!

Okay, I want to say more, but this story has got me so intrigued that I want to keep reading! Iíll be back at the end of the next chapter!!

Keep writing!

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Review #13, by looneylizzieThe Walk To Your Beloved: The Walk To Your Beloved

1st May 2016:

Okay, hereís another story of yours that Iíve read but havenít reviewedÖ itís shameful, really. :(

Once again, FEELS. So many warm and fuzzy feelings here!

I just love the way youíve captured this sweet moment for Lily and James. Itís such a short story, and yet itís packed with emotion ó itís impossible not to smile when James just grabs Lily and kisses her before the wedding can even startÖ itís so adorable and the joy of the moment is just infectious, and the fact that youíre able to do that through writing is so impressive!

It wasnít until I read your A/N at the end that I realized that this was for the A-to-Z challenge (and not just the first time! I keep forgetting that it is!), because itís practically impossible to tell! Sometimes it becomes obvious with some of the weirder letters, like X or Q, but you manage to make it seem really natural, which is AMAZING!!

Anyway, another fantastic story from you, Lauren! I love, love, LOVE, your writing, so keep going okay?

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Review #14, by looneylizzieA Glimmer of Light: What's in a Name?

1st May 2016:

So, Iím finally here for your prize review 1 of 5 for the Name that Fandom Challenge! I wasnít sure which stories you wanted me to review, so Iím starting with this one because Iíve read it before and didnít review because Iím super lame like that. :(

Uh, have I mentioned that you are one of my favorite authors on this site? ĎCause you really are. Your stories never fail to give me the feels. Lots of feels. And this one is no exception.

Thereís so much that I just love about this story!! Nevilleís voice is just so honest and genuine, and you really feel what he feels as heís experiencing such a special moment between his mother and daughter. The title of this story is so PERFECTLY named, because it really does feel like a glimmer of light in a really sad situation. I always feel so sick to my stomach whenever I thought about what happened to Nevilleís parents and what he has to deal with as a result of it, so itís really nice to read about a moment where itís less painful than it usually is. Itís so bittersweet.

Oh, and letís not forget that the name they choose is absolutely PERFECT, and the way that they choose it is freakiní ADORABLE.

Iím surprised that they didnít think of it sooner, but thatís what adds to the charm of this story! I almost like the fact that they come up with the name not just because itís Nevilleís mumís name, but because theyíre in this situation where they get to see Alice just light up around this baby in a way thatís so different from what theyíre used to seeing, which is what makes the name choice all the more special. :D

All in all, this is such a sweet story thatís left me with the warm and fuzzy feels on more than one occasion! I absolutely love it!

Keep writing Lauren!

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Review #15, by looneylizzieLike a House on Fire: What an Idiot

29th April 2016:

Alright! I actually made it here this time! WHOOT!

I read a few chapters of this story a while back, but I didnít review at the time (cause Iím horrible at reviewing, if you havenít noticed), so Iím kind of excited to start again and review! :D

Now, onto the first chapterÖ

Four hours laterÖ

ÖWell. I dunno if you noticed, but this certainly ISNíT the first chapter. In fact, itís the last.

Did I really just get carried away and read all 39 chapters of this story in one sitting? Why yes, it seems that I did! How silly of me.

All joking aside, I seriously intended to just leave a quick review on the first chapter, and now here I am four hours later, sitting here thinking: ďOH MY GODRIC IíM IN LOVE WITH THIS STORY!Ē

This is amazing. Your writing is amazing. The plot is amazing. Millie is amazing. Sirius is amazing. EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS STORY IS FREAKINí AMAZING!!

I donít really like Marauders stories in general, but this one is an exception to that rule! You drew me in with Millie and Siriusí intriguing personalities and I couldnít stop reading because I just *had* to see what happened next between those two!

And boy, what a rollercoaster ride they experienced! Their personalities are SO similar, which is what really makes them a good couple, but both of their stubbornness, commitment phobias and general avoidance of talking about feelings is what got in the way of their relationship becoming a real thing for so long ó and the way that you wrote it was beautifully done! Sometimes things like that can get annoying after a while, but I never once felt that way about Millie and Sirius.

The whole pace and intensity of the story was really good the entire time as well, which I know can be a difficult thing to keep up in a story that youíve been writing for a long period of time!

All in all, Iím SO glad that I read this story, because it is absolutely incredible! Your plot and characters are just wonderful, but the best bit is your wonderful way of writing ó you dialogue is so on point, your descriptions never fail to make me jealous, and the little hints of nerdiness that manage to creep their way into your story make it so much more enjoyable!

GAH! I want to gush about this story more, but I really should be off to bed. It may or may not be after 4am now. *blushes* Oops.

AMAZING JOB my dear! Iíve definitely got a new favorite novel to add to my list! Keep writing!!

P.S. Sorry, I hope this review isnít too random - I blame your story for being SO amazing that I couldnít stop reading and thus kept me up late. :P

Author's Response: Hahaha! You finally made it! Welcome!

Four hours for a hundred thousand words? My, you're a fast reader! I envy your mad skillz! Teach me your ways!

I'm exceptionally pleased that you enjoyed the story! It was my first fic, and when I read over it sometimes I can see the youth in my writing. It is still very close to my heart, though, so I get warm and fuzzy inside every time someone likes the story.

Millie and Sirius are exceptionally similar. But it's not always in a good way. Those similarities stood in their way a lot of the times!

I can't hide the nerdiness, can I? :P (Tbh, I don't really want to, either.)

Thanks so much for the wonderful review! And for reading my story IN ALL ITS ENTIRETY IN ONE SITTING. #goals

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Review #16, by looneylizzieRemember Me Not: ~*~

29th April 2016:

Here's prize review 2 of 3 for the Name that Fandom Challenge!

Once again, I headed for Like a House on Fire, but then this one caught my attention and I just couldnít say no. Itís your fault really, thereís too many interesting stories on your AP!! :D

Oh, look, thereís my heart shattered in a million pieces on the floor. Itís not like I needed it or anything.


GAH. Words are failing me now. I donít know how to express how much I both love and hate this story. I hate it ĎcauseÖ feels, but I love it because itís just SO PERFECT. Youíve captured Fredís personality so well, and written this in a way that feels so true to character ó I feel like this is *exactly* what he wouldíve said to his family if he had the chance before he died.

The way you summed up his relationship with each of his siblings in such tiny paragraphs is absolutely amazing as well. You manage to convey so much emotion in so few words, and itís simply perfect. The relationship he has with each one of his siblings is so unique and so special, which makes it all the more powerful. And heartbreaking.

Each of the lines just before he says ĒRemember me not as dead.Ē is like a punch in the gut each time. Theyíre so POWERFUL, and each one brought tears to my eyes.

I think the one to Ron was the one that really got me though. ĒRemember that youíre my king.Ē

*sobs hysterically*


Then you go and give us a tiny piece of closure at the end that makes it hurt just a *little* less by saying that eventually they remember Fred the way he wanted them to.

Iím still crying though.

But this story is AMAZING, and Iím so glad that I read it. Itís so unique in style and voice, yet stays true to the Fred we all know an love.

Amazing job my dear! Keep writing!!

P.S. Sorry if this review is a little short. Words really are failing me at the moment (and itís kinda late).

Author's Response: Haha! Like a House on Fire awaits for you eagerly! ONE DAY.

I think this story is accidentally sadder than I intended it to be. I wrote it as a way to show that there's always good times to be had, even in the midst of your grief.

You've hit the nail on the head with Fred. I wrote this with the way Fred would want to be remembered very much in mind. I'm glad that this comes through.

Thanks for the wonderful review, Lizzie! Don't worry about the length. It means a lot that you took the time to write something at all!

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Review #17, by looneylizzieAlligator Sky: {O N E}

28th April 2016:

Iím finally here for your prizes for the Name that Fandom Challenge! Sorry it took me so long!!

Okay, so I was planning on starting with Like a House on Fire, but then I saw ĒSpace Nerds Falling in LoveĒ at the top of your AP and all hope was lost. I just HAD to come check this out!

First off, your descriptions are practically drool-worthy. I mean, just reading the first paragraph was enough to make me green with envy. What a way to paint a picture! I LOVE IT!

ĒÖand tourists, being tourists, went about their business of being tourists in the same manner as they would had the day been clear and the sun shining bright.Ē ó hehehe. That made me giggle.

The fact that she made this gigantic trip to see the Air and Space Museum is just brilliant. Not to mention adorable! And Iíve been to the Air and Space Museum, and Iíve got to say, Lily has good reason to be excited about it! :D
(Iím assuming you have as well, because your descriptions of the museum are really good ó and if you havenít, kudos to you!)

ĒWith her dark red hair in a frizzy halo around her head, the young woman looked like a knight off to slay a dragon with the pointy end of her umbrella Ė if dragon-slaying knights dressed like college kids.Ē ó I laughed far too hard at this. :D

Awe! The girl with the braids is kind of embarrassed to admit that sheís a space nerd! Thatís both adorable and kind of sad. Be proud of your nerdiness Braids! (yes, Iím calling her that) Space really is cool!

David graduated high school at 13?! HA! Thatís my kind of nerd!

Hehehe, Braids walks away with some nerd pride. *cheers* Go David! I like him already!

ĒÖknight-who-goes-to-college.Ē ó YES.

Oh my gosh, is David one of those nerds who is utterly incapable of flirtation? I think those guys are so adorable.

Donít mock. :P

I like that he sort of analyzes her face in detail. Itís a really nerdy thing to do (although I donít know if you did that intentionally or not).

Ah! So he CAN flirt! Go David!

Awe!! She listened to his whole little rant and she LIKED it! Clearly, they were made for each other. #IShipIt

AHHH! Thereís only one chapter and Iím already in love with this story!! While I donít think I totally qualify for the coveted ďspace nerdĒ title, I do think itís really fascinating and absolutely love it whenever a space nerd decides to educate me on something that I donít know.

Which is why I canít wait for more! I definitely want to see more of Lily and David and Iím certainly hoping Iíll get to learn a little something new about space at some point in time during this story!! :D

This is a wonderful start, and Iíll be looking out for updates!

Keep writing!

Author's Response: Space nerds falling in love is difficult to resist, I agree. I'm glad to have drawn you in!

I'm pleased you enjoyed the descriptions. I struggle most with descriptions, so any validation is truly appreciated. It was a lot of fun writing that first paragraph!

I have been to the Air and Space Museum! One of my favourites, I must say! I had a great time. I am also a fellow space nerd, so Lily, David, and I are just kindred souls here!

David is the ultimate nerd. We should just crown him the nerd king now and call it a day :P

David is... We'll see how David is when it comes to flirting *smirks*


Thanks for the wonderful review, Lizzie! So excited that you're excited for this story, too!

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Review #18, by looneylizzieIncandescence : Boom

28th April 2016:

Iím here for the 2nd of your review prizes for the Name that Fandom Challenge!!

Can I just state that I kind of love the fact that your guilty pleasure is stories about characters that were affected by the war? And I say this sincerelyÖ I think itís wonderful that you read, write and encourage others to write about such a difficult topic, one that really deserves more attention in fiction (and in general).

Although I donít think Iíd call it a Ďguiltyí pleasure. I donít think you need to be guilty about it at all. ;)

Anyway, youíve once again brought me to tears. WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO ME?!?!?!

Poor Percy! Heís sitting all alone in his room, going reliving such a painful moment in his life all by himself while the rest of his FAMILY is outside having fun! I canít even imagine how that must feelÖ to be completely surrounded by people and yet so alone at the same time.

The way that youíve described both the fireworks and what Percy was seeing is so vivid and immediately paints a picture that at first seems innocent and fun, then dark and painful. The descriptions were so good that I felt like I started to see (and even hear!) what Percy was reliving, which made it all the more painful to read, and by the end I wanted more than anything for the fireworks to stop so that he could have some peace and for someone to realize that he was hurting and come and help him.

But no one came! *sobs*

Iíve never been a huge Percy fan, and this is the first time Iíve read a story thatís made me truly start to sympathize with him. He definitely doesnít deserve to be alone while dealing with something like this, and all I want to do is just give him a giant hug.


Then, just when I thought it couldnít get any more painful, you go and write this;

ďIím so sorry, Fred,Ē he mumbled under his breath, like a mantra. ďI shouldíve saved you. It shouldíve been me. No one wouldíve missed me.Ē



I mean, címon! ó ĒNo one wouldíve missed me.Ē ó HAVE YOU NO PITY?!

The worst part is, I know that there are people who truly think this way about themselves, and that breaks my heart. Everyone deserves to live, and no one deserves to feel that way.

Kaitlin, youíve done an excellent job with this story (and crushing my heart), and Iím truly glad that youíve added another amazing story to The After Effects Verse.

Iím off to leave you some MTA questions now, and Iíll be back later this weekend to R&R your Demotivator Challenge entry!!

Keep writing Kaitlin!!

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Review #19, by looneylizzieLove Potion: Chaos

28th April 2016:

So, after approximately 3 months, Iím FINALLY here with your prizes for the Name that Fandom Challenge (and this is after being 5 months late with the resultsÖ *blushes* SORRY)!!

Anyway, have I ever mentioned that picking stories to read on your AP is like trying to pick out a favorite candy at a candy store? I easily spent at least ten minutes deliberating over which stories to R&RÖ there were so many that I wanted to read!

But alas, Iíve only got a little time, so I had to stick with two. So, I chose ones that looked like they needed a little review love. ;)


Excuse me while I roll on the floor and laugh hysterically for the next twenty minutes.


Okay, okay, let me try to review this like Iím actually sane (which Iím obviously not! :P ).

First of all, youíve told me in the past that you struggle a lot with writing funny stories, and I know that you havenít written many of them, but the ones that I have read are really good, each one better than the last ó and this one takes the cake. I mean, Problems with Pygmy Puffs is brilliant, and makes me laugh every single time, but I think this one is easily your best yet!

Head canon accepted.

The whole concept is just brilliant! Not to mention the way you wrote Fred, George and Lee - they were totally within character, and even though Snape was under the influence of a love potion, his actions werenít so ridiculous that they were unbelievable either. Like, thatís exactly how Iíd expect Snape to act under the influence of a love potionÖ I think if heíd acted any more outlandish it mightíve been too much, but you got it just right!

Oh, Iíve got to point out my favorite lines!

ĒGeorge practically tripped over himself chasing Alicia down the hall before I could get the antidote into him. Gave her quite the fright.Ē and ďThat wasnít as bad as you serenading Angelina with love songs. It sounded like someone had skinned a pair of kneazles in the Gryffindor common room.Ē

*slow claps* Of COURSE they tested it on themselves, and OF COURSE they used Alicia and Angelinaís hair. So perfect! And the fact that Fred got a date with Angelina makes it even better.

ďMrs. Norris. Why are you so angry with me? I only want to hold you,Ē ó Sícuse me while I try to imagine Alan Rickmanís Snape voice basically whining to a cat. *dies*

ďOh Mrs. Norris, how Iíve missed you so. Why must you play such coy games with me?Ē ó ĎCOY GAMES.í *dies again*

ďI will not. Youíll only try to take her from me. All of you are jealous, but sheís mine and I love her.Ē óGENIUS! Snapeís lines were easily the best ones! I read this to Rubidium and they left us in tears.

The cherry on top was definitely that Snape accused Harry of slipping him a love potion, not Lee and the twins. The fact that theyíd probably get away with it is just TOO GOOD.

All in all, another amazing story Kaitlin, and this one is definitely high on my list of favorite Fred and George stories. Iím sure Iíll come back and reread this whenever I need a good laugh!

Keep writing Kaitlin! Youíre absolutely wonderful!

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Review #20, by looneylizzieCircle of Silence: Three

28th April 2016:

Okay, I couldnít help it. I had to come and review this chapter before I moved on. :D

Hehehe, Scorpius is totally coming off as the better guy. Maybe Iím weird for liking this, but itís kind of refreshing to see him painted in a slightly better light than Rose. Usually she may be prejudiced against him, but heís usually shown acting the same way towards her, so itís really refreshing to see that he doesnít have a bad opinion of her, despite the obvious fact that she doesnít think as highly of him.

Although her opinion is obviously starting to change in this chapter. ;)

Oooh, the bit about The Wastelands and the people in them is really interesting!! I like that you touched on mental health ó especially bipolar. Iím bipolar, and while I do have a supportive family and have been able to get treatment, Iíve had more than a few people whoíve treated my badly or said some nasty things because of it. The stigma associated with mental health has made it really hard for a lot of people in the world, and you did a really good job of capturing that here.

And the magical twist you added to it is really nice and I really like that the meds are a modification of muggle ones. Although I do want to note that there are a LOT of different meds to treat bipolar, and not all of them have the same side effects ó you mention that: ĒThe person still ends up feeling quite groggy, and like theyíre being held down without any physical force, if that makes sense. Inhibited, unable to do everything they can. But it reduces the mania and depression. Makes them as normal as they can be.Ē ó the meds that I take donít leave me with any grogginess or the feeling of being inhibited at all. While that very well is the case for some people, itís not the case for others. It might be better to rephrase it to reflect that. Maybe grogginess is one of the few side effects that the magical medicine still has, or Darla in particular experiences grogginess because of the meds.

Sorry, that was a totally random rant there. I mean no offense, itís just something that caught my eye and bugged me a little bit. :D

Moving right alongÖ

Ooooh, the Ministry doesnít want people to know because they donít want to spend money on treatment for those people?!? Thatís so WRONG! And infuriating!

UGH. Now I kinda want to punch something.

I feel kinda like Rose ó sick to my stomach.

Ah, there goes all those prejudices she had of Scorpius. At last, she sees the light!

I like that Scorpius has already let it all go. Heís grown up, heís moved on and heís not letting the past (both his fatherís and his own) define him, and thatís incredibly admirable! Youíve created a really wonderful and complex character in Scorpius, and Iím loving it!!

Hehehe, Scorpius tap dancing ó thatíd be fun to see (I mean, read)!!

Amazing chapter Erin! I shall be anxiously awaiting the next one!

Keep writing!

Author's Response: I logged on to basically back up everything because I don't think I'll be posting anything more over here for quite some time at least when I saw your reviews. Thank you so so much. You just made me decide to continue writing fic, although it'd not be as much as I used to but it's something and I have you to thank for that. :)
regarding the bipolar, I have a mild case of it called cyclothymia and I completely agree with everything you said about the meds. In this case, however, what ScorpiUS is talking about is a potion that's used for treatment, not muggle medication. It's actually a reference to astoria's bipolar which is seen in my fic Turbulence (spoilers!!) and he'll elaborate further on in this story when he explains it to Rose. I hope that clears things up for now. :)
Thank you so much for these absolutely incredible reviews once again!

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Review #21, by looneylizzieCircle of Silence: Two

28th April 2016:

Iím here for your second (and last :( ) review prize for the Name that Fandom Challenge!

Okay, wow! What a second chapter!!

I knew Scorpius was going to be part of this at some point, and I really like the way you introduced him! Heís clearly a bit of a mystery, but I donít feel like heís got that classic Ďbad boyí vibe that some people give him ó heís definitely bada** though. I kinda like it.

And he doesnít seem particularly stuck up or snobbish. Heís confident and likes to tease Rose, but I think the tension between Rose and Scorpius has more to do with Roseís stubbornness than anything else.

Maybe Iím reading into things, I tend to do that.

Regardless, their relationship is clearly a rather complex one, and I think itíll be really interesting to watch as it develops as the story goes on.

I also kind of like that, especially towards the end, Rose is clearly the more stubborn and stand offish one of the two. Like, Malfoy has been more than polite to her, you could even say that heís been quite nice, while sheís been rather rude and impatient with him. And even though weíre reading this from her POV, itís still obvious that sheís the one who has the problem, not Scorpius.

Which begs the question, other than their school rivalry, what else does Rose not like about him? Iím guessing itís that he can read her so wellÖ itís probably driving her nuts. And heís got more answers to the puzzle than she does.

Itís kinda funny actually.

Anyway, another great chapter Erin! Iím looking forward to more (Iíll probably be back to review chapter 3 soon!)!

And thanks again for participating in the Name that Fandom Challenge!

Keep writing!

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Review #22, by looneylizzieCircle of Silence: One

28th April 2016:

Iím FINALLY here for your prizes for the Name that Fandom Challenge (after, oh, about 8 months since the challenge actually endedÖ *facepalms*)

Uh, have I mentioned how much I LOVE reading your stories? I really donít review enough, because I just realized that Iíve read pretty much all of your AP, but Iíve only reviewed just a few of your stories. *bows head in shame*

Anyway, I actually havenít read this story yet, and since Next-Gen is my jam, I figured Iíd R&R this story!

Oh man, this is incredible! So much mystery! I can tell already that this story is going to be really good. The plot is already intriguing, and youíve just hit the ground running with this. While thereís not a lot of information on Roseís background or what her situation is, we donít need to know because itís really all about the case at this point. Plus, any information we do need to know, youíre providing along the way in a very natural manner ó it doesnít feel like: action, stop and explain, action, stop and explain, etcÖ, which is something that Iíve seen in a lot of action/adventure/mystery stories before. Itís all flowing really nicely, which makes the whole story that much more intriguing.

Great start Erin! See you in chapter two!

Keep writing!

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Review #23, by looneylizzieLess Than: Less Than

28th April 2016:

Wow. You've hit me right in the feels with this one. I'm literally sobbing my eyes out at the moment.

First of all, the fact that you chose to write about such an uncommonly used and sensitive topic is amazingly brave (must be the Gryffie in you! ;P )! I'm seriously awed by the fact that you not only chose to write about this topic, but wrote about it because it's so personal to you.

I have so much respect for you because of this story.

Secondly, I love that you wrote about Hannah and Neville for this story - this has been my headcanon for them for a long time, and I've always been a bit afraid of writing about it because I wasn't sure how to approach it, especially because I have very little experience with infertility.

I also want to mention that I like that you didn't bring up (or have Neville mention) any 'other options' in this story. What Hannah is experiencing in this story is extremely difficult, and I feel like bringing up something like adoption is like saying: "Well, it's okay that you can't have kids naturally because you can adopt, so the end result is the same" which makes infertility seem like it isn't a big deal and completely negates what Hannah is feeling! Yes, they could adopt, but that doesn't take away the stress, worry and pain that comes with infertility! Hannah needs to be able to come to terms with what is happening before moving forward with something like that.

The fact that you left that out really allows the reader to focus on Hannah's loss -- because it truly is a loss! She has to properly mourn the loss of something that she always wanted, and we experience that with her, especially when she's talking to Neville.

The bit about whether everything happens for a reason is also really, really good. Her reaction to that is so true to real life -- I feel like I'd react that way (and have reacted that way in other situations) when something completely unfair like this happens. Sometimes things happen to us and there's no one to blame, and there's no way of knowing WHY we're the ones suffering. Maybe it happened for an unknown reason, maybe it didn't, but that doesn't make it any less unfair - ESPECIALLY if you don't know the reason.

It's just unfair, and whether or not "everything happens for a reason", saying something like that doesn't help, and you showed that perfectly here.

Then there's Neville's reaction - I love, love, LOVE Neville's line - ďDon't let me ever hear you refer to yourself as less than again. You're everything. Don't forget that,Ē

I was already crying waayy before that, but I started full blown sobbing after that line.

All in all, this story is perfect. While I can't possibly imagine what Hannah (and you) are going through, this did an excellent job of allowing me to understand it a bit better.

You are SO strong, Meg, and not just for being brave enough to write AND post this story. You are one of the most amazing people I know, and the courage that it took to post this story is proof of it. I hope that as you are dealing with everything you'll eventually find peace and I hope you know that I will ALWAYS love and support you, no matter what!

I'm always just a PM (or DM or Skype or what have you) away! I'm always willing to talk or listen if you need anything!

Keep being the amazing woman that you are, and definitely keep writing my dear! *hugs*

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Review #24, by looneylizzieAbigail Higgs and Potter Boy Strike Back!: Holy Wake Up Call, Potter Boy!

20th April 2016:

Okay, okay, I know that I haven't finished The Adventures of Abigail... yet, but when I saw you posted this, I decided to risk any potential spoilers and read this.

Because I can.

Also because I want to leave the first review for this story (yes, I am that weird).

Okay, clearly this story is going to be just as hilarious, if not more hilarious than the first one, because I was DYING this entire chapter.

You are brilliant, you know. :D

Harry is the BEST. The way he messes with his kids is both ingenious, evil and hilarious.

Clearly, he's father of the year material. ;)

Hehehe, James was an accident. I love how much this knowledge messes with him! And the whole sex talk -- both with Harry and with William -- is SO. FREAKING. FUNNY.

James and Abbie are so wonderfully awkward. Have I mentioned how much I love your characterizations of them? They're so different from a lot of other characters in next-gen stories -- and if there are any characters that are as awkward and as geeky as James and Abbie, they're probably not the main characters, but a side character.


You are incredible Tammi! I'm so excited for this story (even though I haven't finished the last one yet)!! This is an amazing start and once again, you've left me laughing til it hurts!!

*hugs* Keep writing Tammi!

P.S. Sorry this review is so short! I only had about five minutes before I have to leave. But don't worry, I'll be leaving longer ones for you soon! :D

Author's Response: LIZZIE!

I LOVE THAT YOU WERE NUMBER 1!! I'm glad that you left the first review :D

It's going to have James' POV and William's so it's going to have more funny moments, definitely. :D

Aw, you're brilliant!

I love Harry so much, he is definitely father of the year :D He needs an award.

Oh yes, he was :P Poor James, finding out this way.

Thank you :D I wanted to have them being awkward because I don't really see many main characters like that, as you pointed out.

You are incredible! And I'm so excited that you're excited :D

*hugs and love*

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Review #25, by looneylizzieThe Adventures of Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy: The One Where I Find Out Why James Was Up All Night

6th February 2016:

So. You posted a status about the fact that this story was really close to 300 reviewsÖ andÖ wellÖ you know me. That opportunity was just too good to pass up (especially since I left review #200 as well!) :D

Anyway, putting my ridiculous need to be the one to hit review #300 aside, Iím BACK! I canít believe how much I missed this story! I havenít read and reviewed this in SO longÖ itís shameful.

Now, onto the chapter - Michelle! GAH! Sheís such a jerkface! I mean, I can understand a friend getting annoyed at a friend who is constantly talking about a guyÖ but this is ABBIE weíre talking about. Sheís not the kind of person whoís going to abandon Michelle all of the sudden because of some guy. Sheís too loyal for that. Loyal to a fault, really.

Hehehe, I like that she sort of wants to thank Barry and Elijah, but doesnít at the same time. It was a cruel trick, but something awesome really did come from it!


Oh, donít feel guilty! Youíre only giving Michelle a taste of her own medicine. And donít you dare go back and apologize first. Michelle should be the one doing that, not you!

Díawe. Sheís hiding the comic books from James! Thatís adorable! I mean, Iíd tell her that she shouldnít be hiding it, but itís cute nonetheless. Plus, I can understand her being worried about his reaction. Teenagers can be mean. Of course, James is too amazing for it to really matter to him, so she really shouldnít be hiding themÖ

James is absolutely right. Thatís one unhealthy relationship Abbie and Michelle have.


I mean, I knew this before I even started reviewing this chapter, since Iíve read it several times before, but still, this was my reaction the first time. Well, every time Iíve read this chapter really.

I LOVE Abbieís reaction. It makes me SO happy that she thinks itís a dream, because it means that this is basically a dream come true for her. WHICH IS ADORABLE.

HA! James fangirling. Thatís a funny image. Kinda like me whenever I read this story! :D

Abbie, donít worry, James has no idea who your dad is (which is funny, Ďcause James HAS met both Abbie and her dad beforeÖ*cough-Superheroes-cough*), and even then, itís not going to change how he feels about you! :)

You know, the more I read this story, the more I REALLY want these comic books to be real. Iíd love to read them. Maybe thereís an artist out there whoíd be willing to do them? You could write the plot! It would be incredible!

I know, I know, the possibility of this dream of mine coming true is slim, but one can only hope, eh?

James actually *likes* Hagridís cakes? Uh, either Hagrid became and excellent chef, or James needs his tastebuds checked.

Subtle, James, subtle. Auditions? Overprotective boyfriend? Really?

ĒÖthat I plan on being good friends with you?Ē ó Iím sorry, did you not catch that Abbie? ĎCause I did. Forget auditionsÖ the boy PLANS on being good friends with you! Of course, heíd probably rather snog you, but weíll take things one step at a time. ;)

GAH. TAMMI! This story is so amazing!! I know Iíve said it a thousand times, but I donít think Iíll ever be able to stop saying how much I love, love, LOVE this story. And your writing in general. :D

Congrats on 300 reviews! And donít worry, I still plan on reading and reviewing every chapter of this story! And Iíll probably do it sooner rather than later, since thereís a few that I havenít read yet!

Keep writing my dear!

Author's Response: LIZZIE!!

I did! And I'm so glad that you posted review such milestone reviews :P

I know! I love to hate her! I want to put her in more mean situations, because she deserves it. It is Abbie, she's not going to abandon Michelle, you're right.



Awww I love that you fangirl too, I fangirl over you :D

:O I wish they were real too, so maybe I should start making them? :P

I know! The boy must have a stomach of steel!

Oh yeah, he'd rather snog Abigail!

Thank you so so much, hun! I can't wait to hear from you again.

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