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Review #1, by shadows rainHarry Potter and the Destiny of Legend: Something Weird This Way Comes

18th July 2005:
FINALLY!!! It took you long enough. *growls iritably* I was about to go hunt you down for not updating for so long. *suddenly rolls into a ball and moans* He killed him. He killed him. THAT <<tag not allowed="red">tag not allowed="red">censored KILLED HIM! *calms down* ~Shadow

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Review #2, by shadows rainHarry Potter and the Army of Decendants: Chapter 47 - Quidditch at its best!

18th April 2005:
*reads first lines of chapter then falls of chair in shock* HARRY'S HAPPY!!! Gez, this has got to be the first time since what... the summer? *finishes reading chapter* Anyway, I liked the chapter, and his happyness (is that a word? It doesn't look like it. Or maybe I just spelt ie wrong. Oh, well) didn't last long. Loved the Quidditch match. Update soon! Otherwise I will be forced to join the group of rabid reviewers coming at you with pitchforks.

Author's Response: AHHHHHHHHH noooooo!!! not the reviewers!!!! they have sharp pointy things!! and fire!!! lolyes he is actually happy!! haha lol anyways thankyou! :P lotsa love Iced_Cherriez

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Review #3, by shadows rainHarry Potter and the Destiny of Legend: Discussions and Arrangements

7th April 2005:
GAH!!! CLIFF HANGERS ARE EVIL!!! WHY?! You had better update soon other wise I'll be after you to get it up. I really like both the plot and your writing style, or as my creative writing teacher calls it 'Finding Your Voice.' (growls) I'm spending way too much time with the upper classmen. It's starting to rub off. -.- UPDATE SOON!!! Other wise I swear, one way or another I will hunt you down and make you write.

Author's Response: whoa...i've never been threatened! Haha, no worries my freind, I'm already half way through chapter five. I'm not one to be late all the time, so keep ya head on! :-P Upper classmen? Hey, if you don't mind me asking, what grade are you in? Just curious... =D

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Review #4, by shadows rainThrough the Looking Glass: Minerva McGonagall

2nd April 2005:
I love how you've written this chapter. It's so...McGonagallish it's wonderful!

Author's Response: Thanks very much. ^_^

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Review #5, by shadows rainHarry Potter and the Destiny of Legend: Where there's a Will, there's a Way

30th March 2005:
i really like your story. it's very well written and sounds alot like the sixth book may be. keep up the good work!

Author's Response: You know what I really like? I like all of the support and compliments from al of the reveiwers! =D My thoughts were that the sixthbook would also take the direction I'm going in, but notice that the title is different? So in other words, soon enough, this story will be moving in a whole other direction than that of Half-Blood Prince! :-P haha, I'll keep up the good work if you keep up the nice reveiws! Thanks!

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