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Review #1, by GingeredTeaIcarus: Prologue

27th September 2014:
Alright, so I wasn't too sure coming into this if I would like it or
not, but I have ended up really enjoying myself! I love the voice
you have created for Lily, and the bit about Albus' plug collection
actually had me laughing (actually, quite a bit of this had me
laughing!). I also loved the humor you added about their name
and the clarification you had Lily slip in there - that made me
laugh as well!

Great first chapter! I think I'll be back for more! :)

Tory, from the review thread.

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Review #2, by GingeredTeaThis is Audrey Tang: The Bad Taste: A Bad Taste

27th September 2014:
I donno where you're opening mojo went for a while, but I always knew it would return - and this story proves it! You have done a fantastic job, straight from the beginning!

"They were the eyes of a dead man." - Perfect first line!

Since we've know each other for a bit and I absolutely adore this story, I'm gonna be kinda nit-picky, ignore any line that begins with *** if you're not in the mood. :)

*** Audrey always tended to be a bit anxious before she performed on stage but she supposed that there was something else about his mysterious man that had captured her attention. ** I think it might sound less fragmented and flow better if you said "performed on stage; still, she felt that there was something..."

You have really captured what I felt was Audrey from the beginning :) so glad to be reading this again!

***Audrey had thought that the crowd was the usual assortment of drunks,*** You've said the word 'thought' twice and I am just wondering if you took that out and began with THE CROWD if it wouldn't flow a bit better from one sentence to the next.

***but before she had turned away with grim determination, she had spotted the man sitting stiffly in the front of the crowd.*** You use BUT a lot, which is fine, except I kinda think of but as a slow transition rather than abrupt one, whereas I feel as though you're trying to illustrate how she spots him and is suddenly so caught up in his pale blue eyes. Here's how I would have done it: idiots. She had just been about to turn away, pulling up that sense of grim determination that got her through things like this, when she spotted the man sitting stiffly in the front of the crowd" OR "She was just about to turn away, grimly determined. Then she saw him. The strange looking man, sitting stiffly in the front of the crowd."

***The stage hadn't been brightly lit, though it made his features visible enough if she managed to squint or tilt her head, knowing that if anyone spotted her they would think she had lost her mind. *** You use 'though' quite a bit in the surrounding sentences. I would take it out and try something like this: the stage had been dimly lit, and it was only when she squinted or tilted her head that she could see his features. If anyone saw her, they would think she had lost her mind.

A lot of your sentences could be turned into one or two separate sentences.

I'd almost forgotten how happenstance their initial 'meeting' is, and love it as much as I did in the original rendition of this story. :D

TYPO: the though(T) didn't deter her, however and Audrey had been disappointed that she hadn't been able to make out all of the details of his face.

LOVED THIS: "Dork, she had thought rather meanly" I laughed. I don't think that line was in the original, right?

***OKAY GABBY...THIS IS A RUN ON SENTENCE!! "This pecuilar man was just another customer but even when she had tried to slip back behind the curtain, she had found herself staring at those dead eyes again, she had seen that expression before in her own face a few times and it was uncomfortable to see it in another." This is how I would split it up: This pecuilar man was just another customer. She slipped behind the curtain. Even here, she found herself peering at those dead eyes again. Something about them made it almost impossible to look away. Perhaps it was because she had seen that expression before, on her own face in the mirror. It made her uncomfortable to see it on another persons face.

***Audrey was certain that whatever troubles were lurking in this man were (NOT ONLY) completely different from her own(,) but probably much darker.

I loved the bit about giving him a great dance!

***Audrey doubted that a stripper could even hold on to something so precious but she would be damned before she started licking anyone's boots and she took in the activity around her with a determined scowl.*** I would do: Audrey doubted that a stripper could even hold on to something so precious, but she would be damned before she started licking anyone's boots! She took in the activity around her with a determined scowl.

“The fucking heater is busted again,” she heard one of the girls mutter, fanning herself. - DO YOU MEAN AIR CONDITIONER? It's just you say the mascara was running...I've never worn mascara, so maybe it does this in the cold too :)

Eeep, I'm gonna run out of room soon!

" She was bending back up and flipping her long black hair out of her sweaty face when their eyes met." Loved this line! I really can hardly wait for this story to get underway because I love how you write Audrey and Percy's rather awkward first interactions! "It was the dead man." THIS WAS PERFECT! In one line you threw the reader back to all her previous pondering and managed to elicit this striking visual. PERFECT!

Typo: have had her dead mother gawping in horro(R)

***Their marriage had been filled with dissatisfaction, bitterness and a troubling amount of bitterness***

Author's Response: Hello!

Thanks so much for being awesome and stopping by, I wasn't expecting to see you so soon. Hahahaha.

I think I feel more comfortable writing some stories than others and this is one of my favorites. There are a few that I'm not very fond of but anyway, here we are again! I'm glad that you were able to still enjoy the story with all the changes that I'd made.

The original was lacking a little something here and there so I went back to fix it. I never could get that opening line out of my mind so I kept it and you guys love it to death, so that makes me happy. :D

I looked at all your CC's too but one of the things that annoys me the most is that I only notice these problems AFTER the chapter is in the queue. It aggravates me! Hahah. I can go back and edit it though but right now I have about four other stories that need updating so it's going to take a minute.

That line about Percy being a dork was not in the original. Hahaaha.

You know, I think I did mean air conditioner but when I was first writing I thought that heater worked best. If the girls were backstage a lot, I'm sure that it was kind of hot so I thought it fit better. I'm not sure if mascara can run while it's cold either but I'm pretty sure it might. Hahahaha.

Oh, the interactions only get more awkward as you go along. Hahh. There are two more chapters after this one if you had wanted to keep on reading so feel free to laugh about their banter later. :D

So many typos...

Anyway, thanks a bunch for coming by with this review! I'll have to head on over to Devlin today!

Much love,


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Review #3, by GingeredTeaGame Over: Two

27th September 2014:
God, what a way to introduce us!

""Is there anything left of him besides his hair, or a fingernail, or..." she stifled a sob."

Loved that line, and then the dawning realization that it is Polyjuice and this 'Matt' character must be alive somewhere. I love her description of the single-use bathroom. Perfect!

Ahh, you're killing me with this angst (you've gotten good at this, man!).

" "is the perfect person to steal the Basilisk Tooth from that case out there, because maybe that's the only chance either of us have of getting out of this alive.""

Ooooh, this is a terrible terrible place to leave a chapter!

This was brilliantly done, perfectly laid out, and terribly horribly mean - the cliffhanger, I mean. ;)

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Review #4, by GingeredTeaGame Over: One

27th September 2014:
Oh, this is very interesting! It has the taste of a good muggle spy/thriller/detective book/show but with the added bonus of the HP world we all love. How exciting!

So Harry's son has found himself an interesting job...doing what, exactly? He's obviously pretending to be 'Matt' but doesn't really do it very well.

Is he stealing bones?

Ugh, lots of questions! I'll be right back...popping over to the next chapter. :)

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Review #5, by GingeredTeaA Force Of Wills: Traitors

27th September 2014:
Okay, I'm back for another!

I'm getting curiouser and curiouser about Astoria's father. What, exactly is his 'business'? It's all sort of sounding mobbish to me...

Yup, definitely want to know what Astoria's other 'half' is.

That was a surprise with Zabini.Astoria's reaction was not surprising at all, however (obviously, I'm smarter and more perceptive than you, Draco Malfoy!)

And oh, Draco looks as though he has something terrible planned. He reminds me a bit of petulant toddler.

Author's Response: Hello!

Thanks again for stopping by! I drop hints about what Astoria's father does and you'll get your answers by chapter six. It's a complicated business that they're in and he's very, ah, demanding. How is it that you're the only one who has guessed the true nature of what they do? Hahahaha. "Mobbish" is exactly right.

Astoria is half demon! That would actually be awesome but nah, she's not.

Blaise is a whole big box of surprises and that's why I love him. Astoria is fascinated by him and well, poor Draco is going to have to get over himself. HAHAHA.

Draco has something planned but nothing works out he way he thinks. Hahahaha. And yes, he's a major brat.

Much love,


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Review #6, by GingeredTeaA Force Of Wills: Purebloods

27th September 2014:
You have me interested. I have a suspicion that Astoria is not as sullied as they believe? Perhaps her father is someone worthwhile? Or are all the children actually 'breeds'? Ugh - lots of possibilities. Something is important about her though.

As you can see, I made it pretty far in before I came up for air! Sorry about the delay with reviews - my schedule just doesn't seem to be evening out for me recently and it can be hard to predict when I'll have time to review. I always get back to them, though. :)

"“Emily, what have we always been taught?” Scorpious asked hotly. Astoria said it for her sister. “Never trust a pureblood.”"

Interesting. There is something 'off' about this family, I think. Is the father a spy??

Blaise seems interesting, but maybe he lost interest?

There are lots and lots of questions.

The flow of this chapter was excellent. :)

Author's Response: Hello!

Welcome back! Hahaha, Astoria's father is not to be trusted and there's nothing worthwile about him, trust me. If you keep reading, you'll see what I mean but until now, keep guessing. Astoria has a secret but I won't reveal it for a long time and no, her other two siblings are purebloods.

Curious, yes?

It's perfectly all right with how late your reviews are. I'm usually late on everything I do so I'm all good.

There are a lot of things wrong with this family, they're all a bit touched in the head. Hahahahhaha.

Blaise hasn't completely lost hope in Astoria but you'll have to keep reading. Hahaha.

So many questions, not enough answers. I know I'm evil. Hahahaha.

Thanks so much, dear!

Much love,


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Review #7, by GingeredTeaTales of the Death Hunters: Shades of Anger: Wrath

22nd September 2014:
Your opening scene with Susan Bones made me laugh.

The whole thing came together in a matter of minutes. You got used to working that way when you worked for Harry Potter. Planning was a luxury they were rarely able to enjoy. This just summed what I feel working with Harry would be like so well. (PS, see what I did there? I used HTML - thanks a bunch!)

"If I'd had my wand, they would've needed a needle and thread to fix him," Oooh, your Susan is a dangerous girl. :)

Kingsley had only agreed to override their objections if Harry became the public face of the team. Yeah, I can see where Harry would feel the way. Where is he now, anyways?

I always enjoy the genuinely realistic flow of your characters dialogue and movements - and the details you slip in to make it all flow together so brilliantly.

Can't wait to read more! :D

Author's Response: HTML! Yay!

Working for Harry is not a low-stress occupation. He's always been the type to dive in headfirst.

Susan is only dangerous if you're a Death Eater or some other sort of violent, pureblood fanatic. Otherwise, she's a real sweetheart.

Harry wasn't excited about being the "leader" of the team, but he saw the necessity. Truthfully, there would be nobody better suited to the job. Where is who now?

Thanks for the compliment. I spend a lot of time -- too much, probably -- sweating the little details.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #8, by GingeredTeaTales of the Death Hunters: Shades of Anger: Malice

21st September 2014:
So I know I'm skipping out on The Conspiracy of Blood, but I have kinda been dying to read this. I've been known to be able to read a few things at a time, so poor broken Harry in your other story shouldn't need to worry - I'll be over to visit really soon! :)

Let me say again how dearly I always love your beginnings. "Twenty-one minutes" It is brilliant in such a simple way. I was intrigued before I even knew what it was about!

I donno what it is about character names I can't pronounce, but they always make me laugh and I always love them. "Teufelshunde" I have now made a secret nickname for him, because my Dyslexia is sure to ruin any attempt I make to pronounce that correctly!

I am definitely enjoying your usage of numbers "After eight hundred and sixty-two days of hiding among the muggles"

Okay, this confused me a bit (I'm sure a bit more reading would clear it up, but I'll ask anyways): "It was the fool’s own fault that he was now rotting an Azkaban." My question is whether you are using Azkaban as a metaphor (rotting now in a place like Azkaban" or if AN is really supposed to be 'IN' as though he is literally a prisoner in Azkaban.

You really don't spare the reader as to the filth of his character, but coming from me, I hope you understand that's a compliment. You write him realistically, with just enough so we know what's going on his head, but not so much that it turns into something I'd have put down.

" Images of her naked, flayed body were the last thing on Kaspar’s mind before the heavy wine bottle made contact with the back of his skull." - This made me laugh! I kinda suspected she wasn't muggle and wasn't really under his spell entirely.

Oh how I loved this story! Gah! I will be doing both my reviews from this swap on this story! :D I know that sorta ruins the 'surprise' review aspect, but oh well. This was really great Dan!

Author's Response: Hi!

First off, the easy thing: "rotting an Azkaban" was a typo. Should have been "in Azkaban". Thanks for pointing that out. All better now. ;)

I'm renowned -- at least with my beta reader -- for coming up with awful character names on my first attempt. Kaspar turned out considerably better than most.

The numbers were my attempt at tying together a chapter where the main characters spends a fair bit of time lost in thought. I'm glad they worked for you.

I didn't see any point in candy-coating Kaspar or sparing any of the gruesome details. He's a horrible human being, arrogant, bigoted, violent and devoid of empathy.

You're right, Mary Goldsmith was not what she appeared to be. You'll find out exactly who she is in the next chapter. I'm glad you liked that line. It was fun to write.

I'm very pleased that you liked it. I wasn't sure how a first chapter from the point of view of a villain was going to play out. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #9, by GingeredTeaTraitorous Hearts: An Unwelcome Visitor

20th September 2014:
This was a really intriguing first chapter and certainly compelling enough to make me want to keep reading. I loved the beginning scene. The way you introduced Draco into the story and went onto describe him, fit the mood of the story perfectly. Everything was fantastically constructed in this chapter. :) Can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: Thank you! I really appreciate the positive feedback, and I'd love for you to read more. If you ever want to do another swap or anything, just let me know!


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Review #10, by GingeredTeaA Force Of Wills: Half and Half

20th September 2014:
I really liked the first line you chose for this story - setting up the mood of the main character right off the bat.

I pretty much suck at grammar, but I was a bit distracted by the lack of it some places. Like here:

The moment [or opportunity?] would spare her the agony of being near the horrid people that[who] were[would] (going to - cross out) be tainting her night later on[;] but[crossout] when no such hole appeared[,] or no unearthly creature offered her the salvation she craved, her heart sank.

You have a few paragraphs/ sentences that would work awesomely with a semi-colon.

I really like the thought-process you have exposed to the reader in this story and the flow just kept getting better and better as you went on. I was laughing somewhere toward the middle, which I usually don't.

The end was admittedly a bit creepy. The game was...well lets just say I share Astoria's opinion on it exactly.

All in all I really enjoyed this first chapter and would love to come back for another! Sorry this review took so long. :)

Author's Response: Hello!

Oh, goodness. I thought that you had vanished on me and it's so good to see that you're back! This means that you can stuff as many requests for Devlin Potter in my review thread! I'm already excited! Go do that nyow! I have another slot open in my review thread! DO IT.

Anyhoo, thanks so much for stopping by, I didn't think that you would actually read/review after so long. I think my favorite part of this entire chapter is the fact that it starts off so dark and poor Astoria's thoughts of her pureblood counterparts only gets worse.

ARGH! I hate that part of this chapter, I am totally going to edit the mess out of that. I had been meaning to upload the edited chapter for this but I keep forgetting, I'd actually cleaned that little bit up a looong time ago.

Ah, dark humor. It is my friend! I'm glad that you were able to laugh though, I can't really write an angsty story without a few laughs.

The end is supposed to make you feel really creeped out. So many people have commented on that game and I can't blame them for wanting to whisk Astoria away. Hahahaha.

Come back anytime, it would be lovely to hear from you! :D

Much love,


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Review #11, by GingeredTeaHarry Potter and the Conspiracy of Blood: The Greater Fool

28th August 2014:
It's always so much fun to sink myself into your story again and read an much older Harry than I am used to. When we entered into the Burrow and he saw the chatting kids, it was almost like my mind lingered on them and I expected Harry to join them, but then he goes to the adults, and I realize how far from a child he is in your story! Then of course I continue and realize it's not Fred but Freddie - and that he's old enough to be an adult. I love when this happens in your story!

You do a wonderful job of catching the sense and mood of a big family coming together. Harry's focus is on all of them, but he notices the small details of his own children - a result of a habit to watch them carefully. Loved all of this. You even managed to perfectly weave in the sense of sadness at the missing Ron and Hermione.

This made me laugh!

Every so often, he caught a glimpse of something small and blue being passed from hand to hand. Once again he fixed his gaze on George, who was innocently devouring a plate of chicken and potatoes. A little too innocently, by Harry’s estimation.

By the way, you must tell me how you make my quotes italicized in the comment box! I never manage anything so fancy. LOL

And then the toasts - it was heart warming and you managed Harry's disappearance perfectly.

This almost made me cry: “I’d say not,” Al replied, pondering his last bite of tart. “If he wanted to talk about it, he’d still be here.”

I'm really enjoying your Draco Malfoy. And Phineas Nigellus Black was hilarious!

Okay, obviously, I'm getting a bit wrapped up in this - I always do. But, this is the next thing that made me laugh: "You used to wipe my bum. I’d say we have a long way to go before we’re even."

I love how all your characters are such individuals and dynamic - and how you are able to manage them in large crowds just as well as you are able to manage them in small intimate settings. Love!

I have a feeling Rosie is really going to help Harry out a lot emotionally.

Then you jump back the Malfoy's and I had a horrible feeling from the first sentence. :(

I laughed at the politeness of the elf, despite the situation! “Mistress requests the pleasure of your company,” the elf stated with a deep bow."

I'm starting to wonder if there really is a journal. Perhaps this Lady is merely using the idea and she will later claim her own ideas as those that Voldemort left behind.

You always make me want to stay up far to late and keep reading...must resist...must resist...must resist...

Author's Response: Hi! I always enjoy it when you sink yourself in. It was a challenge throughout this story to keep Harry, Ron, Hermione and the other canon characters age-appropriate. Which is not to say that I wanted them to sound "old", per se, but rather that I wanted them to seem like the elder members of a large and rather messy family. The family get-together was one of the more challenging parts to write, in that sense. So many generations interacting with one another.

George is still the sly one! The adults know enough to be wary and the children will soon learn...

You can use standard HTML tags in a review, so you just put the italics tags around any section of text and it will come out italicized. ;)

I knew I needed to get Harry in a bad state of mind and get him away from the dinner, and the toasts were an idea that came to me late in the writing process. I think it works better than my initial game plan. Writing is such an iterative process: draft and edit, draft and edit...

I'm glad you like Phineas Nigellus. I wanted to add a bit of comic relief to an otherwise rough moment for Draco and Astoria.

Rose has a way of boiling a situation down to its bare essence, don't you think? ;) She's also quite good at drawing Harry out of his shell, a skill that still isn't widespread even after so many years. They will both help one another, as you'll see.

Yeah, I did foreshadow a bit at the start of the second stint at Malfoy Manor.

Is there really a journal? You'll have to wait and see, I suppose. Regardless, it isn't the book that Flint took from Malfoy Manor. That's all I can say about that.

Aw, why resist? :p Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #12, by GingeredTeaDoing the Right Thing: Doing the Right Thing

27th August 2014:
This was a really great one-shot (and side-story to a much larger one, it seems). For this reason, you chose to really jump in to the mess of it all, and I admit I love that type of entrance.

You took Draco and really expanded on his character from the series, getting into his head and showing his thought pattern. I appreciate that it was concise and on-point, fitting Draco's count-down and 'simple' directions. Your flow, characterization, dialogue, thoughts, and descriptions all fit well with the mood and length of your story.

I loved it. :)

Thank you for the great read - we should do this again sometime so I can figure out what happens in bigger story.

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Review #13, by GingeredTeaComplicated: In Which Christmas Is Not The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

25th August 2014:
If I'm being honest, I wouldn't have normally trudged through the beginning of this story (I'm bad that way), but then I would have missed what became an interesting story (I suspect I lose a lot of interesting stories to this ADD tendency of mine). I liked where you took this near the end and was eager to see where you would begin this 'missing' mystery.

Thank you for the lovely read, and now I'm going to hit the "next chapter" button if you don't mind, because you have me curious. :)

Author's Response: Aww thank you, I'm glad I made you want to read on, even if it's not the kind of thing you usually read.

Thanks for taking the time to review,

Emma x

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Review #14, by GingeredTeaLumos: Chocolate Galleons

15th June 2014:
Okay, so the plot picked up a bit. There were still areas were the dialogue for two characters was in the same paragraph, so you may want to look into that.

I still feel like all the negative characteristics of the Trio are sort of expanded in this story: Harry's temper, Ron's temper, etc. I'm having a bit of trouble finding their reactions believable. Ron took great strides at the end of the books to understand it wasn't all about impressing his family, etc. etc. I don't see that represented at all. Did events happen differently in your story?

The tattoo was an interesting touch and I assume will come up later in the plot. I did notice your flow and dialogue was better and you did a good job incorporating some plot arcs.

Thank you for the read! :)

Author's Response: Thankyou! Yes, I know things are a little OC for now, but everything will be explained later. :) Thanks for the review. Yes, you might just be right about the tattoo, nobody seems to remember it but it'll play a big part...

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Review #15, by GingeredTeaHarry Potter and the Conspiracy of Blood: The Tangled Web We Weave

14th June 2014:
The idea that one would need to be 'studious' to avoid family really made me laugh, because it made me really analyze how big the 'family was' and that made me realize how 'studiously avoiding' really did fit. Sorry for the long rant about one word, but it was really a perfect choice. :D

As a teacher who sometimes has to deal with permission slips and 'so-and-so is going to take little Timmy home today' sort of notes (and then the matter-of-fact moment where you ask that person to see their license because no, it doesn't matter that the child knows them and calls them the right name), really made me appreciate what Neville went through before he conceded to having one person make the request for all of them.

Oh my, you too this very serious moment between Hugo, Ron and Hermione and managed to make me laugh. Ron's comment about sleeping in the bed next to Hermione was simply so RON! :D

You transition from one joke to another, tempering the seriousness of both scenes.

"It had given the guard just enough pause for one of the Aurors to stun him. Harry and Terry both agreed that the older they became, the more uses they found for Luna’s peculiar beliefs."

I loved that!

You did a really brilliant job with the Harry and Hermione scene. Setting him up to be physically near her and then describing his slight tensing as she worried about not getting well and he thought of how she might not walk - that was a great setup.

You write an older Trio very very well.

Uncle Harry playing keeper made me laugh!

"“You imperiused the muggle who killed Potter’s wife? Seriously?” Nott couldn’t help himself. She offered a slight nod from beneath her hood."

The plot thickens! What is up? Who is she? Pale and blond. Did Mrs. Malfoy really die? Luna? No way, right?

Author's Response: Hi! Today seems like a good day to answer reviews. I'm getting ever so far behind.

I'm glad you liked Harry's studiousness. It's been a long time, but I think I actually remember trying a few different words there before I settled on that one.

Given that Neville was a family friend and also a very practical sort of guy, I just had it figured that he eventually would have accepted somebody speaking collectively for Molly and Arthur's family.

Poor Hugo is caught in the middle of the mess. He can't really *make* his father do anything, but he's giving it the old college try.

Everyone can learn something useful from Luna if they listen closely enough. ;)

I really enjoyed writing the Harry/Hermione scene because it's the sort of physical closeness that a lot of fan fic authors shy away from for some reason. I don't get it. They've been friends for over 50 years by this point. A few hugs are too be expected, I think.

The pale, blond woman will be revealed in good time, as will the truth about her involvement in Ginny's murder. If I told you now, it would spoil the fun. :p

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #16, by GingeredTeaHarry Potter and the Conspiracy of Blood: Fortunes

14th June 2014:
I never really thought of how one would write a female Voldemort. Reading this, I'm now not sure how I'm going to like a female Voldemort. She sounds as cruel as him but with control over her temper. It was Voldemort's lack of control and lack of key knowledge that was his downfall; this lady seems to have what he was lacking, and that worries me.

I have a feeling Harry is going to regret this little hesitation: "Harry thought it over. He would have preferred to keep at least one of the better duelists on the security detail, but he wasn’t sure how to suggest it without giving away the true nature of the mission. “That sounds fine,” he replied."

Harry always did feel lost without something to do - something large and dangerous to get near and "kill".

You managed to capture Harry as a no-non-sense boss, and did a brilliant job. :)

I love how you started the chapter with the concept of 'fortunate' and ended it there as well, illustrating so well the perceptions of good and bad from different sides of a war. :)

Brilliant chapter. Can't wait to read the next one. :)

Author's Response: I think you've got a pretty good feel for her already. Where Voldemort was half-mad, she's as cold and calculating as you'll ever find. What she lacks in raw power, she makes up for with meticulous planning and an almost effortless ability to manipulate people.

Harry might well regret that. At this point, he doesn't realize how much danger the Malfoys are actually in.

That's just Harry's mental makeup. I think he gets very uncomfortable if life is too boring for too long.

This chapter was all about fortunes and misfortunes. With one or two exceptions I can think of, I don't name my chapters until after they're written. Usually I can find some common thread running through each one or something that it reminds me of.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #17, by GingeredTeaHarry Potter and the Conspiracy of Blood: Strange Bedfellows

11th June 2014:
I always mean to do a rolling review, but then I get sucked right into your story and end up halfway through before I realize I should be noting my reactions. LOL

That said, I was really impressed by your description of the sisters shopping. My amazement probably has to due with the fact that I hate shopping and therefore wouldn't ten know where to begin describing someone who does. Kudos to you!

The way you write Daphne rushing to tell Astoria something, then forgetting as she admires the dress she picked out for her sister had me laughing.

The scene with Hermione had me on the edge of my seat, and that's probably where I forgot about the review - swept into the story. Will Hermione make a full recovery?

Harry just seemed so Harry here, making everyone worry with his worry.

Then you transition into the Astoria Flint scene and you have me on the edge of my seat again. Draco came at just the right/wrong time. I have a feeling Astoria might have managed a bit more gracefully without him, and maybe with them thinking she could still sway Draco. Her demand/order at the end made me smirk.

Harry speaking to the portraits was a nice breather between the chaos otherwise filling this chapter.

Then you jump right back in with Draco and Harry. I was tense as I read the paced but still dramatic conversation.

I loved this line. “Come to turn yourself in, Malfoy?” Harry said, startling him.

OMG, YOU ARE KILLING ME WITH LAUGHTER! TORTURE! "“Well done, Malfoy,” Harry replied coldly. “You’ve really come a long way, you know? For a moment there, I thought you were going to call my niece a mudblood, and I was about to remind you how it feels to be a ferret.”"

This was an awesome chapter! I wish I had more time review this, but work has been crazy right now. I'm really enjoying this. :)

Author's Response: Rolling reviews are harder than they seem. If I manage to successfully write one, it's not usually a good sign for what I'm reading. ;)

Shopping is probably the only hobby that Astoria and Daphne have in common. They're about as different as sisters can be, but they both have a weakness for retail therapy. Daphne much more than Astoria, obviously. She's also rather easily distracted.

Hermione has a long, difficult recovery in front of her. All throughout this story, I tried really hard to portray war for what it really is. People get hurt. And when they get hurt, they don't just bounce back the next day like they always seemed to at Hogwarts.

I imagine that Harry was a really good boss in most dimensions, but yes, he's really getting on everyone's nerves in that scene. Fortunately, he has Ron and Susan to rein in his less productive managerial tendencies.

Astoria definitely had Flint going before Draco showed up. She was also right at the point where she was going to have to knee him in the unmentionables, though. Draco and Astoria make a good team, even if he's not really willing to admit that he needs the help.

Isn't the Headmaster's office always a bastion of serenity? You know, unless you've just discovered that you're meant to die. ;)

Even if they did learn to tolerate one another and even behave somewhat cordially in the interest of their joined families, I highly doubt that Draco and Harry ever came to *like* one another. The animosities and the philosophical differences just run too deep. It was a lot of fun, writing their bickering and subtle displays of alpha behavior. Even in their sixties, they can't let go of the rivalry.

Your review was very enjoyable! Thanks so much!

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Review #18, by GingeredTeaTo Prevent An Unfortunate Series of Events : This is your mission, if you should choose to accept it.

10th June 2014:
This is not typically something I read (although I do like time travel fics), but it was interesting. It is really cliche so far, but that's alright. People like what they like, and I can't tell you how many cliche fics I've read and really enjoyed. :)

You really got into the flow as you went along. I think your introduction could use a bit of work.

Sirius and James' seem so immature, but then they aren't Harry, and they aren't part of the war yet.

I'm interested in seeing where this goes. :) I'll come back.

Author's Response: Hiya! I'm glad you decided to read this one, it's my favorite that I've written, so far. :) I really enjoy time travel fics, myself. Although, mostly all that I've read had someone ending up in the 70's by mistake. Either a potion backfiring, a spell gone wrong or something along those lines. I'm relatively new to the whole fanfic experience - reading and writing it - so I honestly don't know many of the cliches yet. I kind of just had the whole story pop into my head one day.

Introductions, I'm finding out, are not one of my strong points. Hopefully with writing more they'll become better.

I always pictured James and Sirius kind of goofy. Sort of Fred and George like before the war really started. They didn't have the problems and hardships that Harry grew up with. Well, Sirius did in a way, but not to the extent of Harry.

Thank you for reading and reviewing! I hope that you enjoy the rest of the story!! :)

xoxo Meg

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Review #19, by GingeredTeaHarry Potter and the Conspiracy of Blood: A Friend Indeed

7th June 2014:
You lulled me into such a sense of pleasantness at the beginning of this chapter; outlining how Draco basically restored his life, how he came to experience the true love for a child through his grandchildren, etc. etc. and then you brilliant flip all this niceness on its head!

Marcus Flint is up to something. I wonder what he's after.

"“Oh, that?” he tried to keep his voice calm. “He was from Gringotts. They’re very eager to get that paperwork resolved.”" Draco's still not very good at lying, is he? LOL

The conversation between Astoria and Hermione was exquisitely written and I loved the aloofness that Astoria tried to maintain and Hermione gently basically telling her 'I can't do anything if you're not going to give me anything'.

The scene at Records was AMAZING!

And the ending, with Draco so terrified for Astoria was really an unfair place to end. ;-)

Author's Response: Hi, there!

In my own mind, I figured Draco's life would have turned out basically alright, subject to certain ups and downs. He is very happy with his family, but Narcissa's inability to manage the family finances has left him in a difficult spot.

Marcus Flint is up to several things, as you'll soon see. :)

I would modify that statement slightly to say that Draco's not good at lying *to Astoria*. As you'll see later, he's fairly adept at lying to other people.

I imagine basically all conversations between Hermione and Astoria as negotiations. It comes naturally to Astoria because of her aristocratic pureblood background and Hermione is a no-nonsense kind of person when she's annoyed. She's definitely getting annoyed by the end of this conversation. ;)

Magical records! The first duel scene that I wrote for HPFF. I'm always kind of partial to it, so I'm glad it played well for someone who knows a bit about writing duels.

Ha! Fair has nothing to do with it. :p

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #20, by GingeredTeaHarry Potter and the Conspiracy of Blood: Those Who Don’t Learn From History

26th May 2014:
Once more, this was a brilliant story. As someone who has tried to write Harry as a guest teacher - I give you many many gold stars.

This whole chapter was jam packed with information, although I'm still itching to know what happened to Ginny. I liked how you didn't make Harry's grandson super great at dueling.

The scene with Dennis - I could see how much that would bother Harry and what he did to rectify such a misunderstand/lack of information as both brave, brilliant and a bit rash (a perfect Harry plan).

Professor Binns...why don't they just move the classroom and professor Binns can just talk to an empty room? I honestly feel like from cannon description he wouldn't know the difference!

Brilliant chapter! Thank you for the chance to swap!

Author's Response: I can't tell you how much fun I had writing the whole dueling lesson. It was one of those times I could really indulge my love of writing action scenes and also give Harry a rare happy moment in the sun. I really can't stand stories where every member of the Potter and Weasley family is automatically a super-talented duelist and automatic Auror material. Harry's grandchildren are having to work for it like anyone else.

Keep an eye on Dennis as the story goes on. Harry opens his eyes to some unpleasant truths in this chapter. Dennis is sort of a microcosm of a wizarding world that's become complacent and naive about the dangers of dark magic.

Interesting you should say that about Professor Binns. Try to remember that thought when you make it to chapter 40. ;)

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks to you for the swap, as well!

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Review #21, by GingeredTeaPure Intentions: Red Rose

26th May 2014:
I've been thinking about this story. I saw you made a sequel and I admit, I'm just on chapter two but already glad to know it will be continued!

I loved this line, and nearly chocked on the grape I was eating. For reward I got an odd look from my cat.

"“Do you know if Rose is single?” It was supposed to be a casual question, something not to be read into, but Al jumped on the question like James onto a broom. "

You really take Albus and Scorpius to a new level for me as a reader. Your presentation of them is just without flaw - they seem real and relatable and somehow you manage to take a story that is centered around slash and make it about so much more. This story just engulfs me, which is why I have arrived at the end and and am itching to press the "next chapter" button! :D :D

Thank you for the wonderful read!


Oh yes, to answer your question from last chapter, I don't usually read next gen (although it is growing on me) or slash (although I have read some, when the plot just can't be missed). So far, your Al/Scorpius is my favorite. :)

Author's Response: I can't tell you how exciting it is to me that you like this story! Especially since you're just warming up to Next-Gen and slash isn't quite your thing. :D haha, I'm glad you didn't choke at that part... I would have felt bad.

I like to think that their romance and sexuality is secondary to the larger story going on. In all the slash I've written, it's more about people than sex so their orientation is usually not a huge focus.

Thank you for a wonderful review!!


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Review #22, by GingeredTeaLumos: Temper

26th May 2014:
So I really like this introduction! One issue I'm having a terrible time with is that the dialogue isn't on it's own line - so it's a bit hard sometimes to tell who is talking.

Harry seemed very OOC to me. During Horcrux hunting, he really reeled in his tempter (and managed to guard his mind against Voldemort). When he approaches Voldemort at the end, it is with a cool determination.

This Harry seems like a much younger OCC, unless you want to argue that he has some sort of trauma from he war, in which case I think putting that upfront may help. How old is he? How long since the war? Is his mind still jumbled? His instincts still fresh in his mind (making it more plausible he might lash out). Is he wallowing in his grief still? All of these things, if true, would make his actions more plausible - but only if the reader is aware they are influencing him.

It's an intriguing plot and I am eager to see how the two 'worlds' progress in the story.

Author's Response: Thankyou for your review! Yes, the first chapter may seem a little OOC BUT there is a reason for all of this. It's all for the plot! It seems to be the main issue. :(

In saying that, later chapters introduce a few different things that are happening here.

Thanks for r+r!

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Review #23, by GingeredTeaBeautifully Destroyed: Beautifully Destroyed

25th May 2014:
This was a really beautifully written story! I really enjoyed your slow reveal of Regulus as her lover, the stories flow, and the dramatic yet gently unfolded ending.

There were a couple places where your sentences left an idea kind of hanging, like here: The silence drummed into her chest, the snow rendering her senses, melding colour and sound into one.

What did the snow render? Render into what? Sound and color into one? If so, they need to be more closely linked.

And this one: He would gingerly place it on down and gasp, sweat gleaming on his brow.

Place the mark down? or something on the mark?

Thank you for the lovely read!

Author's Response: Thanks for the lovely review! It really helps me to know that people are paying attention to the story and its flaws.

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Review #24, by GingeredTeaClose Your Eyes: Fading

24th May 2014:
This was a very warming and beautiful story. At the same time it was terribly upsetting. You did a wonderful job with your first person perspective, a great job of flow, and a wonderful job of characterizing both Tonks and Remus (through her), perfectly.

I did notice one mistake. "The winds are beginning [there] wild dances through the shattered walls" There should be 'their'.

Thank you for the wonderful read! :)

Author's Response: Hello! I know I'm too late for responding this review.. I'm so sorry! :(

Thanks! I'm not usually comfortable with writing such stories, so I'm really happy you enjoyed this. I was going to write this with second person PoV actually, but I just couldn't get myself to do so... I'm glad you thought that worked!

Yeah, I know that awful mistake...! I just never had time to correct it. Hopefully I will edit it soon! :D

Thanks for the lovely review!!


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Review #25, by GingeredTeaThe Fred Weasley Memorial Scholarship: i. the plan [or] five nerds face a life of hedonism

23rd May 2014:
This is very far from what I normally read. I'm usually dark, angsty, etc. etc.

That said, this was brilliant. You characterized the next gen crew so very differently (especially Albus and Scorpius). That, in itself, added something amazing to the story. This had me laughing, smiling and all around making my boyfriend give me odd looks over the top of his book!

The introduction was perfect. Ron and Hermione - just how I would imagine them arguing, especially from different rooms. The way you entered your other characters into the story - also a great job. Scorpius differentiated himself from his father the moment he smudged his face with ash, letting me know, without anything else necessary, that is is not a traditional Malfoy. Albus - not flying? You also made me know he's going to be VERY different than I would expect. Rose is about the only one who is portrayed at all typically - like her mother, at least so far.

Your ending was just brilliant and had me in stitches.

Can't wait to read more! Please swap with me again soon! :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed this, despite it not being what you normally read! (and prompting laughing, smiling and odd looks is definitely a good sign)

Ron and Hermione's relationship is built on a solid foundation of bickering, and I had to include that somehow. I do make a point of going against the established Next Gen stereotypes - putting them all in Ravenclaw, Scorpius being a bit undignified, Albus not able to fly. Rose is quite similar to her mother, but I've tried to steer away from the "crazy Rose has a temper problem" trope I see a lot of in Next Gen.

I'm glad you enjoyed it and yes, we should definitely swap again!

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