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Review #1, by GingeredTeaHarry Potter and the Conspiracy of Blood: Out of Sight

27th January 2015:
Of all the places I could imagine Harry going, Little Hangleton was not even on my radar!! Then that he less them to the ramshackle shack instead of the Riddle house (although I do suppose that would be much harder to hide and may not have passed along to Voldemort and then to Harry), was another surprise!

But, backing up a tad, the you managed the wheel chair tension really well, guiding it into humor that surprised and made me laugh, especially coming from Hermione!

Ron is a bit moody when he's got some drink in him, hmm? You manage to convey that without constantly having to bring up the fact he went a little overboard at dinner - bravo. I like how Harry sends him for food - it is probably a task Ron could do in his sleep. LOL

I loved that Hermys brought the bags and that the Aurors are afraid to go into Ron's house. The elf obviously cares for Harry. I also really enjoyed your description of their Patronus' - especially Ron's. ;-)

I can't decide if you've purposefully cast suspicion on Arabela for the purpose shrouding the true Tenabra, or because she IS Tenabra. UGH- You are driving me crazy!!

Her control over the Minister was creepy. She is a much better speaker than Voldemort. She obviously understands peoole better than Voldemort did, at least in the insanity of later cannon.

"“You looked rather upset when you left the press conference,” she replied, closing his door behind her. “I wanted to make sure that you were alright.”" I really am suspicious of her...

Harry having trouble sleeping seems normal, the message from Molly was endearing!

Al, Hugo, and Teddy were being so stupid... I'm glad Susan was there to help them! Although Teddy's mimicry of Albus as a kid was hilarious. :)

Thanks for the awesome read, as always!

Author's Response: I have gotten horrible about responding to reviews lately. Must. Do. Better.

The Gaunt Shack is one of those rare things that was part of my original bullet-point draft for this story and survived all the way to chapter 19. An awful lot of other ideas fell by the wayside, believe me. The Riddle house never occurred to me, but I agree with you. Since Voldemort was never Tom Riddle Sr's officially acknowledged son, and since the Riddle house was a muggle property, I don't think it would have legally passed into Voldemort's ownership.

Splitting the patronuses was another idea that I had very early on. It took me a while to find a place I could use it. Somehow this made more sense than have to cast the charm again and again. I also liked the image of Ron's litter of spectral terriers.

Me? Purposefully cast suspicion? Surely you're joking. ;)

Voldemort never put much stock in words unless he was using them to hurt someone. It's not that he wasn't eloquent in his own way, but he didn't view words as the main way that he influenced people. For Tenabra, getting her message right means everything if she's going to pull this off.

Molly's patronus nearly got cut from this chapter because it felt like pure fluff at the time. The important take-away from that scene is that even though he puts up a solid front to Hermione and Ron, Harry has his own doubts about whether he's wrong about the connection between Ginny's murder and the Blood Order. That said, people really seem to like the lioness.

Al, Hugo and Teddy don't know any better because they've lived in a peaceful world for all but the first few days of Teddy's life. The idea of mortal danger is totally foreign to them, but believe me, they're going to have to grow up quickly.

I'm pleased you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #2, by GingeredTeaHarry Potter and the Conspiracy of Blood: The Fall

27th January 2015:
I somehow submitted my last review before I meant too - I didn't get to talk about Hermione's struggle at work or Lucy, or some key points of Percy's issue, among other things. Anyways, the last chapter had me on the edge of my seat.

Okay, onto this one...

Esme Osinalde; I think you're teasing us with this blond hair. just really, I think you are. I'm seeing her everywhere and wondering at every turn!

The scene with Esme made me second guess myself a bit...but then I wondered, was Harry's "oh crap" about him thinking she thinks he's interested, or because he's a little suspicious?

We haven't seen Ocatvia much but I really think she's hilarious! Of course, being bullied isn't funny, But Scorpius losing control of his magic was and her reenactment was both funny and terrible.

Astoria is good for Draco, obviously.

That was a bit tense with Esme there for a bit, and then it got way worse. I have to say though, James Potter would be proud of Harry's defenses. They were very prank-like. LOL

I was surprised Esme agreed to go with them, but after all of that tension you managed to make me laugh with Hermys' thoughts about Harry's grandchildren.

Author's Response: Ugh. On the one hand, I get the point of not being able to edit reviews after they're submitted. The drama potential is off the charts. On the other hand, it's awfully inconvenient sometimes.

I didn't realize just how many blonde witches were running around this story until somebody pointed it out in a review several chapters farther along. I also slipped up and changed Esme's hair to brown later. I'm grateful that I have reviewers to point these things out.

Harry is worried that his past with Esme will make it so that she's unwilling to help solve Ginny's murder. Or that she'll hex him. Possibly both.

You'll see Octavia quite a bit more as the story wears on. Keep an eye on her, she's central to the plot.

Draco would be completely lost without Astoria. Literally would not know what to do with himself.

I like to imagine James, Sirius and Remus all smiling down on Harry's accomplishments. Particularly the ones he unleashed on Ministerial Security in this chapter.

Esme agrees to go with them because she sees it as the most interesting way to spend her remaining time in the UK. She doesn't really think it's possible that she's putting herself in danger. She's an Auror and a foreign national. She probably thinks that the worst that could happen is she'd be sent back to France on the first available portkey.

I love Hermys. He's another character that I wish I could have worked into the story more.

Thank you so much for all of the awesome reviews!

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Review #3, by GingeredTeaHarry Potter and the Conspiracy of Blood: The Setup

27th January 2015:
You know, when the Lady talked about playing with some of the people in the Ministry...I am really starting to think that Arabela IS her...

What is happening to Percy??

Oh, Mr. Black seems like he's definitely been used...he won't like that when he figures it out, since he seems to pride himself on using others. LOL

And I'm really really really curious about who this Lady is (I'm not using any of the names, because I agree that it is made up - maybe all of them).

Author's Response: :) You know I can't just tell you whether you're right or wrong. It would spoil all the fun.

Percy is in a very complicated situation. Some of his problems are of his own making and some are not. Things haven't been right for him since Ginny died, but then again things haven't been right for anyone since then.

I added Eridanus Black into this chapter only because so many readers had been speculating that "Xerxes the Seer" was a secretly powerful dark wizard pulling the strings behind the Blood Order. As you can see, he's not. That was the only point of having him pop up here.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #4, by GingeredTeaHarry Potter and the Conspiracy of Blood: Remembrance of Things Past

27th January 2015:
Even before we reached the point where you exposed Tenabra as controlling Gamp, I felt that she was at least using his insanity to do the cruel acts while she gets to act like the sane one, dishing out the voice of reason instead of making them scream. I took a moment of pleasure in her less-than-perfect grasp of this book she's reading.

I'm starting to wonder if she knows Harry... "She thought of another wizard she could attempt the bonding with, one whose mind she already knew quite well, but she decided it would be premature. He was the centerpiece of her end game, and she hadn’t gotten this far by being impulsive." PLEASE tell me she's not Luna!? Or, she talking about Percy?

Arabela...Tenabra...could they be one in the same? I know, I'm guessing here...

Even the simple aspect of Hermione not giving up on how she wants to perceive herself and Harry accepting even a temporary injury, spoke volumes of their character.

"In the end, I knew that Ginny was the only one for me, but I think she was hoping for a different outcome.”".Okay, I'm back to my first thought that this girl knows Harry...but she might also be the person Percy is always talking too. She would want to keep an eye on the person whose mind she messed with.

The scene with Hermione almost had me crying too...

Author's Response: Lady Tenabra has found a useful tool in Gamp. He's crazy enough and violent enough that nothing he does seems out of context, even when she's controlling him. You're right, using him in that way allows her to seem like the cool, logical, reasonable one. It's one more facet of leadership that Voldemort didn't grasp to the level that she does. The books is still confusing her, but she's nothing if not persistent.

I kind of doubt that Luna has this capacity for evil anywhere in her, but that's definitely one of the more interesting theories I've read.

Hermione isn't the type to give up, ever. She's every bit as persistent as Lady Tenabra.

Another interesting theory. You'll meet Harry's "old friend" soon. I'm curious to see what you make of her.

The scene with Hermione was sad and a little personal for me, as well. I'm glad it didn't seem corny.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #5, by GingeredTeaHarry Potter and the Conspiracy of Blood: The Injuries We Can’t See

27th January 2015:
I couldn't wait. :)

This stood out to me: "One thing she had discovered about these aristocratic pure blood types was that punctuality was not a virtue in their eyes." - the fact that she would need to discover this fact and refers to them as "types" translates to me to mean that she ISN'T one of them. Maybe even as far as Muggleborn.

This was also interesting: "Refining and targeting her message would be key to drawing more of the pure blood families into the fold." because it feels like the message doesn't resonate with her as much as she is using it as a tool. I think I said this in an earlier review too. I feel like she's just using Voldemort as a symbol - as a well-liked brand-name or something.

Oh my, the idea that this Minister is worse than Fudge leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth...

It seems as though Hermione might be identifying what is really causing her to pander in her recovery. I'm glad for that, because she really needs to be there for Ron and Harry!

From Harry's eagerness to be part of excited first years and their wonder at their own magic, to his willful and determined attitude to help a student excel who is willing to make the effort - it all just rang true to me as Harry from the books - matured and more experienced, but the same man.

That attack caught me off guard! You did a great job on the attack scene though! I was on the edge of my chair the whole time. You're really going rough on Harry, aren't you? I'm surprised he didn't black out on the grounds out of stubbornness!

"Each time Ron prepared to open his mouth, he tried to imagine every word as part of a press release." - this made me laugh!! That seems like something that would be terribly difficult for Ron to do and would definitely end in a headache.

You're Percy is so dark and conflicted. I think Percy has always sort of been that way, but we never really got to know much about what went on in his head. Of course, your Percy has many more issues than Cannon Percy did... I'm glad he made the right decision. I'm sure he's terrified he killed the wrong man...

Author's Response: Hi!

You are correct to suspect everything about Lady Tenabra. Her background. Her ideals. Her motivations. Nothing is what it seems with her. She does understand the power of Voldemort's "brand" and she's making the most of it. As the story goes on, you'll see a lot more branding from her.

Hermione is about to make a big breakthrough. I'm glad you can sort of sense it coming. I tried to foreshadow it just enough in this chapter.

I'm really, really pleased to hear that you thought Harry's character rang true. That was more important to me than just about anything else. This is, first and foremost, a story about Harry.

The attack caught Harry off guard, as well. Good thing he had some help close by. You're right, he's very stubborn when it comes to pursuing dark wizards. Again, it's a good thing that Neville was there to make him listen to his injured body.

Poor Ron. He gets a rare opportunity to shine and it has to be under the worst possible circumstances. You're right, he's not good at censoring himself.

I like what you're thinking about Percy, I would just suggest that you withhold any judgments until the end. There's a lot going on with Percy...

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #6, by GingeredTeaHarry Potter and the Conspiracy of Blood: Dark and Angry Souls

25th January 2015:
I really enjoyed Ron's comical attempt to retrieve those files, especially the bit where he refers to a printer as a "beige box". LOL All of his minimal efforts to understand how even his magic works to fake the muggle product mirrored the Ron we knew in the books so perfectly.

Oddly, I have had the same sense of wondering when I had to read some graphic medical text books and still managed to eat while doing it. So I know where Hermione is coming from!

Hermione will NEVER live down SPEW will she? I laughed a bit at the reminder!

Oh this is interesting! A missing book. Clever usage of the ink, there, Hermione. I'm assuming this blond woman is the one who took this book. Perhaps she has some Ministry connections? A reason to be in the office like Harry? Or clever enough to fake like Harry did stealing those files...but that required a lot of inside knowledge... You have me wondering.

Scorpius..."Once the matter was amicably resolved, he felt quite sure that there was some high quality make-up sex in his future." *shakes my head*

He does a nice job after that thought I guess I shouldn't be too peeved at him.

Gamp seems like a horrible soul. Were they sent after the guard or just wandered upon him? It seemed like Goyle might have a smidgen of good in him...

Oh, oh, oh. this is getting really interesting!!!

"I think he said that she had blond hair and she was wearing some sort of long, black coat with a hood on it."

I'm glad the boys are going to put Hermione on this.

Sorry this is so late Dan, and so short. I'll get back into the groove, I promise. :) It was fun to read it and review, thank you for being so understanding.

Author's Response: At the same time I'm digging out of yesterday's snowstorm, I also have to dig my way out of a pile of new reviews. You can probably guess which task I enjoy more. ;)

I imagine Ron being as hapless as his father where muggle technology is concerned, but without the intense enthusiasm for the subject. And you're right, Ron is pretty lazy when it comes to things he doesn't feel excited about.

Hermione will never, ever live down S.P.E.W. I think most of her friends realize that when you have somebody as brilliant and driven as she is, there are only a few levers you can pull to keep them humble.

So now we have 2 mysterious books in this plot. The blond woman could definitely have something to do with it...

Scorpius is a pretty good husband and father. He just has the struggles and motivations that any normal male does. Food, sex and domestic tranquility. The order can vary from time to time.

Gamp is crazy in a very dangerous way. He's now been a secondary villain in two of my stories. I've grown quite fond of him, to be honest. I hope you enjoy the way I make use of him.

Ha. I don't think Ron and Harry do too much mental heavy lifting without consulting Hermione. There's no sense shoveling snow when you have a snow blower. Wow, that was a terrible analogy. Is it spring yet?

No worries. Like I said, I'm just glad that you're doing better and you're getting back in the groove of things. Thanks for the swap!

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Review #7, by GingeredTeaHarry Potter and the Conspiracy of Blood: The Silliest Thing I’ve Ever Heard

1st December 2014:
I really enjoyed the way you dealt with the logistics of a magical murder which is first identified by muggles. I think you really excelled in making it seem realistic and compelling, allowing me as a reader to believe innately in your presentation.

-He hated the smell of morgues. It reminded him of the Great Hall on the day of the battle.-

This is evidence of that a small detail can really add a large weight to a story. Bringing this up was brilliantly done.

Percy, you fool - what are you doing? On the other hand, this sounded exactly like Percy. Is this person really 'just a friend'? I know she gives him advice so the likelihood they're having a physical affair is small, but perhaps he has some emotional investment in her? He's such a fool, although I certainly understand how murdering someone and then not being able to breath a word would do that to him. He must be terrified of her closeness. At least he did go home...

That scene with the Kriffin was funny and terrible all at once. I did enjoy how Harry handled the elf!

--At the moment, miniature Percy was paused outside of the last cell on the row, pointing his wand at miniature Edwin Stoops.--

I've just now forgotten --- does Hermione and Ron KNOW Percy killed Stoops? He did, right? Oooh, now I have the itch to reread.


"Why would he write down his secret plans if he never meant to die?”

Yes, exactly. Excellent point, Luna. :)

I'm still unsettled by the fact that the only physical attribute you'll let us know about the Lady is she has blond hair...

I can feel the plot thickening!

Wonderful chapter, as always, and I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Hello, again!

Oh, definitely. I love stories that aren't afraid to dive into the nuts and bolts of how the magical world works. The interface between the magical and muggle worlds is especially interesting to me.

I'm glad you liked that bit about the smell of morgues. Sometimes it's the little things that occur to you while you're writing that end up making a big difference.

Percy's involvement with the Minister's secretary is... complicated. She's definitely a friend and a confidant, but I think the rest of the family is rightly concerned about whether her interests in Percy go beyond that. You're correct that Percy's broader situation is also complex. The emotional burden he carries from the killing of Edwin Stoops weighs on him.

Poor Kriffin. Kriffin is what I imagine a more traditional house elf -- i.e., one that didn't have Dobby's thirst for freedom or Kreacher's mental illness -- would be like. He's loyal, dedicated and very emotionally attached to his house and his work. That said, he has a small -- very small -- ability to think outside of the box and make compromises when he can see that it serves his master's interests.

Hermione and Ron knew all along that Percy was the one who killed Edwin Stoops. A number of reviewers have asked about that, to the point where I'm tempted to go back and make it clear. In my mind, there was a tearful confession while Harry, Ron and Hermione were in custody. Percy probably offered to turn himself in and confess to the Ministry. Harry and Ron were probably unwilling to hear of it, and together with Hermione they devised the plan of allowing the Ministry to orchestrate a circus trial in which the Trio was all but guaranteed to be found not guilty because there was no real evidence. The trial took all the attention away from Percy.

Luna is very perceptive, in her own way. Everything is very simple to her.

I don't know that I'd read too much into Lady Tenabra's blond hair one way or the other. She's a master of deception.

Yes, the plot thickens! Many more developments to come. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #8, by GingeredTeaHarry Potter and the Conspiracy of Blood: Searching for Answers

28th November 2014:
This whole chapter was fantastic and powerful. Somehow, you managed to keep building up the tension, never quite letting me find my bearings before moving quickly onward. Then you gave us a very small reprieve in the form of Harry's 'immaturity'. I loved every bit of this chapter!

Getting clever in your age, hmm Harry? Harry did that so perfectly and stayed in character so well - such a difference from him in his youth. I loved every minute of it and laughed at his manipulations of the secretary.

Hermione's inability to find peace seemed so far from her character and yet so close. Hermione always seemed like someone who could come to terms with anything, but I also see her as someone who would feel 'crippled' in her ability to do just that, if she wasn't one hundred percent able physically. I think that is what is really getting into her way.

It was nice for Scorpius to get some time in the story, especially to see his interaction with Draco.

I knew it was only a matter of time before the body turned up, but I hadn't actually realized that the muggles would find it. The way you had that message delivered was a great idea. I also enjoyed the moment between Albus and Harry. Albus really reminds me of a steadier Harry.

Author's Response: Hi! It's review answering day! Very exciting. Also, I'm very far behind. :-/

Harry is getting quite clever in his old age. After surviving a war and decades of serving as an Auror, he's hip to all the tricks of the trade, magical and muggle. He also very much enjoyed messing with the Minister's secretary.

Hermione is locked in a deep struggle with her own mind. She can make intellectual peace with her condition, but something is preventing her from fully accepting it. Is it the fact that she's lost a measure of her physical "ableness" or is it something more than that? We shall see...

Scorpius will get a fair bit more "screen time" before the story is all said and done. If you liked his interaction with his father, I think you'll really enjoy what I have in store.

Albus has a lot of his father in him, but in other ways he has a lot in common with Hermione. He's more reserved, analytical and deliberate. What he lacks almost entirely is the fiery temperament that his two siblings inherited from their mother.

Whee! It's fun, watching a new reader make their way through the story. It really takes me back. Thanks for the swap and thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #9, by GingeredTeaActions Speak Louder than Words: Blown Away: Scorpius POV

28th November 2014:
Okay, so WHOA, Rose obviously isn't the only person with a backstory here...

This was a powerful chapter and I am honestly not even sure where to start. I don't know yet where Rose' shirt ties in, and my mind is still trying to figure out what Scorpius' mom had been about to say. Did Draco kill her? Were they trying to run from something? Domestic violence that had gone on for a while? Ahh - my mind is full of questions!

Your writing was immaculate, your flow beautiful, and your characterization fantastic. Your description of how he feels seeing their bodies was beyond great and just so very realistic. Awesome.

Thank you for such a great review and I promise I'll have processed by the time I read the next chapter and manage to leave a better review on that one!

Author's Response: Hi there!

Thanks so much for doing a review swap! Yeah, I apparently love to write damaged characters. Scorpius has his own issues and all of the questions you've asked are answered in the next chapter.

Thanks so much for the compliments about my writing! I'm really glad that you think so!

Anytime you want to do a review swap - let me know. I'm really enjoying your story as well!

♥ Beth

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Review #10, by GingeredTeaHer Choice : A New Beginning

28th November 2014:
Oh my, I must extend an apology. I didn't realize anyone responded to my review thread and since life has been so busy, haven't really checked my reviews! Here I am though!

This seemed like an interesting story and a detailed introduction.

I question the Malfoy's motives for taking an half-blood child in at all...

The dialogue during her conversation with Malfoy seemed a little forced well as her mild reaction and hesitation. I think if that had seemed to flow a bit better the chapter would be much improved.

Regardless, the plot seems intriguing and I would continue reading. :) Obviously they intend to use her somehow. Perhaps with Harry Potter?

Author's Response: Hi there,

that's okay! don't worry about the delay, I am just happy you stopped by!
Thanks for the suggestions, and yes, maybe she is going to be used for Harry Potter ;)
you see.. the Malfoys don't care about Laynie, she's just their tool until the task is over with because as you know at this time Lucius is not liked very much by Voldemort, so why not throw another family member in the mix? An innocent one with no earthly idea what is about to happen?.. at least at first they use her as a tool.. but you will have to stick around to see what happens later on! ;) ;)

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Review #11, by GingeredTeaHarry Potter and the Conspiracy of Blood: No More Secrets

1st November 2014:
Here for our review swap! I was sad to see your latest story hasn't been updated, but really glad to come back to this one!

I fumbled for a minute to place myself and had to read the last couple sentences in the prior chapter, but then it all fell into place. As always, you are spot on with your characters actions, even the smallest ones, and I feel like you are doing a great job with how Ron would experience and muddled through his worry/grief/anger.

“What happened to you?” Ron blurted out, unaccustomed to seeing Harry in such a disheveled state. “I thought the house looked bad...”
. This made me laugh. Ron would revert back to his impulsive, no-filter, self in unusual situations. And he hasn't had any sleep, so I'll give him credit there.

I question whether the 'designs' Tenabra mentions are truly the Dark Lord's or if they are truly her own, disguised under a name that held loyalty and sway - a name under which these men once felt powerful and important. Stupid people tend to forget the fire something ended with.

"It’s the same old claptrap that landed him in prison in the first place.”. I never did peg Draco for someone completely stupid. Foolish - absolutely. Clearly, he remembers the way everything ended - then again I don't think being a Death Eater was ever that beneficial to him.

The collide between Hermione's logic and her emotions was perfectly portrayed.

You pulled those wands out of the bag just in time! :D A happy moment in all this chaos and sadness.

Then Susan - ugh. Okay, not her, but boy did she bring the cliffhanger with her! If you've mentioned Stoops before, I can't recall...but I really want to know more!

Thanks for the review swap, Dan! :D

Author's Response: Two weeks?!?! I guess it's high time I was responding to this. :-/

I'm glad you were able to reacquaint yourself with the story quickly. I love getting that feeling when I come back to a story I haven't read in a while.

Ron has been on a huge emotional roller coaster with Hermione's injuries. All things considered, he's actually holding it together a bit better than he probably should be. He'll have his moments, though.

You *could* be onto something with regard to Lady Tenabra's designs. Time will tell, but I think you're right to be suspicious of anything she says or does.

Draco is far from stupid. He also suffered mightily at the hands of the Dark Lord and he remembers exactly what it was like to be cannon fodder in someone else's war. He has no intention of winding up in that position again, which is why he told Flint to buzz off. Unfortunately for him, that didn't get him completely disentangled from the mess.

Whew! I've never been quite sure how that scene with Hermione reads. I'm glad it worked for you.

The wands were a random idea that came to me as I was writing the chapter before. One of the most fun things about writing in JKR's sandbox is all the little toys and details that she left behind along the way. You can dig them up and toss them into a story anytime you need a bit of a mood change.

Stoops is the muggle who murdered Ginny. So now there's concrete evidence tying him to the blond witch in Magical Records. This just became a lot more personal for our heroes.

This is fun. I'm glad we do it often. Thanks for the swap and thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #12, by GingeredTeaTunnel Vision: Letters in the Dark

31st October 2014:
Here with your very belated review swap! Sorry about that - I've had a terrible cold. :(

I don't normally read things like this, and felt a bit lost just because of my unfamiliarity. As a first chapter, you set up a lot of background in the form of Rose' mindset, which will probably be really helpful going forward.

So she has a girlfriend (Amy), but neither girls have yet told their parents? That conversation may be interesting.

Thanks for the read!

Author's Response: Hi there, thanks for the review.

Yeah, I felt obliged to so there isn't a lot going on in this chapter but it is a vital one without a doubt as I had to start somewhere.

Yeah, basically. :P

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Review #13, by GingeredTeaThe Riddle of Riddle House: The Riddle of Riddle House

26th October 2014:
Here for our review swap (eeep, I didn't realize anyone had wanted to swap with me until this morning!)

Obviously I have an interest in Voldemort's grandsons, as you can probably tell from my own story. So I couldn't pass this up.

I really need to get better at checking out whether something is a one-shot or is being continued before I start off, so I was a bit surprised to realize this was a one-shot.

It was a decent story, although I think it could have used a bit more spark and plot - and for a one-shot there is a rather large cliff-hanger in the sense of whether the boy killed his muggle father and whether he will turn out to be the next Lord Voldemort - and how Voldemort ended up with a muggle descendant!

The plot was there, however, and it was interesting. I could sense the forced atmosphere of your writing, and when I check on the reviews, I read this was a response to a challenge - which explain the rushed feeling towards the end to the writing?

But anyways, beside my story I've never run across another original character as Voldemort's grandson, so I had to choose this one to read!

I'd love to do another review swap sometime and get a chance to read some of your longer stories.


Author's Response: Hello (and I'm sorry I took so long with this reply.)

Yes, this was a challenge entry, and I was stuck, so I forced it out - as you can probably tell. I might possibly write something else in relation to this, telling how Voldemort ended up with descendants, or what happened to this boy, but I have other stuff lined up so it wouldn't be for a while.

I loved your story! I just haven't gotten around to reading more of it (which is a shame, since your sequel is now well underway.)


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Review #14, by GingeredTeaMonster: What Big Teeth You Have

19th October 2014:
Obviously, I had to know what happened next.

This memory room was an awesome idea! I loved your description of it.

So I have to say this end is surprising me. I had thought for sure this would release him and he would be captured after doing something terrible. To intermingle Albus' first viewing of his "father's triumph" with this animal was a good choice. Just WOW. This whole scene is tense and raw and powerful - and I just cannot tear my eyes away.

You have him attack Albus and for a moment I was back in cannon, in the tension and uncertainty that was Harry Potter's life - and I am sure Hermione was there too. Fantastic move!

Then you do a round about. I had almost forgotten that someone had warned her of the hearing. Seamus, huh? I didn't see this coming, but it was a nice sense of closure to the tension of the previous scene.

You did an amazing job in just two chapters. I was skeptical you would be able to tie this story up neatly, but you have and I am impressed!

Thank you for the swap and the help, Dan!

Author's Response: Sigh. Time to answer my last unanswered review. It's bittersweet. ;)

The memory chamber was one of my favorite things I've come up with for a fan fic so far. It seems like such an obvious and useful thing, I don't see how it wouldn't have existed.

Hermione took a calculated risk by putting Greyback into the middle of the memory. There was certainly a chance that things could have ended the way you had guesses. Playing the scene through Albus's eyes was appealing for exactly that reason: the mix of wonder and horror.

Interesting how quickly you can forget the beginning of a story, right? I have that problem with your story all the time. Seamus tips Hermione off, not because it's what he wants to do, but because he realizes it's the right thing to do.

I'm really glad that you enjoyed it. Thanks for the swap!

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Review #15, by GingeredTeaMonster: In Sheep's Clothing

18th October 2014:
Kay, so I was scrolling down to Conspiracy of Blood and saw this...and had to stop by. Hope you don't mind. The quote was just too much to resist.

From the very beginning I felt you wrote Hermione perfectly.

Whoa, I didn't see that coming! I laughed and then reread to make sure it was alright to start laughing.

Loved this line: "More than anything, Albus Severus Potter was determined to make a name for himself, separate and distinct from the three famous names that had defined so much of his young life." (Yeah, I'm lazy today, no italics...)

Then...then...well I'm not quite sure what happened next. My first thought was that it was Tom Riddle's diary... but that can't be right... Oh my. I began to connect the dots when you chose to use "powerfully built". By this point, you obviously have me terribly curious! I loved your description of him, especially the hair!

I was infatuated with this story to such a degree that I couldn't peel my eyes off long enough to review. This seems like a great plot and I am eager and terrified to find out what happens next!

I really enjoy the way you used Albus at the end of this - driving home the point that someone can use your words against you (Greyback behaving so well and qualifying under Hermione's law).

Author's Response: Hi!

I've always had a soft spot in my heart for this story. It was a little side project to take a short break from writing Conspiracy of Blood, and it also allowed me to indulge (indirectly) my Seamus/Lavender head canon. I was happy when you picked it.

The beginning is obviously a big dose of misdirection. This is a story where I felt like creating a lot of mystery, even though the actual plot is pretty straightforward. Sometimes I'm sneaky like that.

I definitely think of Albus as a son who spent a lot of his life trying to escape the shadow of his famous relatives and namesakes.

The book is a mystery that gets revealed in the next chapter. It's not a diary or anything sinister like that. More of a message. One that few people other than Hermione would understand.

I'm really please that you liked it! I thought Albus -- having grown up steeped in his aunt's idealism -- was a great point of view to use. He doesn't understand how she could be so upset about the possibility of Greyback being paroled.

Thanks for the awesome review and thanks for the swap!

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Review #16, by GingeredTeaMy Life In Gold: My Life In Gold

17th October 2014:
Here for the review swap!

This initial scene was so very cute. I could just picture them sneaking into the closet - especially Albus. Adorable.

I thought this story was good. I don't normally read what I'd consider a sort of chick-flick story (no offense in my poor term - I just can't think of another one). I read slash quite often, interchangeably with hetrosexual stories, as long the topic is something I typically enjoy. Mainly something more angsty.

Still, I think this was a great addition/response to the challenge and I was excited to get a chance to read it!

Thank you. :)

Author's Response: Hello!

I will happily accept "chick lit" ;) I really wanted this to be a fluffy, 12+ story, since there isn't hardly any youth-appropriate stories about trans issues. And I absolutely understand why, since the trans experience has for too long been beset with brutality and prejudice. YET, I think there's value in writing Good Examples. So yes, happy to have succeeded in chick lit!

Thank you so much for the swap!

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Review #17, by GingeredTeaseventeen, eighteen.: countdown.

17th October 2014:
I'm here for the review swap. :)

Alright this is intriguing. My first thought is OCD - let's see if I am right. ...

Oh my. I really thought something would interrupt these numbers, but I did not see that coming! I'm sitting here, still trying to process what just happened - I was almost ready to laugh a moment ago!

You did a marvelous job with this, especially the sentence structure and the story's flow. I really admire the stagnant and obsessiveness you conveyed just with the repetition of your words/sentences. It was brilliant in a very sad way. You managed to convey her difficulties quickly and while this story was short you also managed to surprise me!

Great job and just WOW...

Thanks for the review swap!

Author's Response: Hiya! Thank you so much for this review swap! :)

Well, that is an amazing guess! Thank you so much for the amazing praise, it really does mean a lot. I suppose the intent of this was to show how funny the disorder could be to everyone else but her, so I'm kind of glad it took you off guard.

Thank you so much for this wonderful review, it means so much!
Lo :)

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Review #18, by GingeredTeaReincarnation: Back

17th October 2014:
Here for our review swap - sorry I am so terribly late. I have been sick! I haven't read the prequel - I hope that won't hurt my reading too much. If I recall correctly, this is the story you wanted me to read in our swap. :)

To be honest the spacing between the lines really threw me off. Beside that it was a good chapter, but I wasn't thrilled with the flow - I think you could have combined some sentences to become paragraphs, added some descriptions, and added some clarification between her memories and realities. Introductions are always the hardest to write and usually to review. Your summary sounds very interesting. I liked some of your simple sentences and some of your repetitiveness about revenge and innocence, etc. etc.

Thank you for the review swap!!

Author's Response: That's alright, I hope you feel well now! :)

Yeah, the prologue really wasn't that good, I'm aware of that. All of that will be attended in the editing process!

Thanks for the swap!

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Review #19, by GingeredTeaThe Letters to No One: a girl can dream;

11th October 2014:
I find myself saying this often, although I suppose it will become less often eventually: I've never read a story like this. I don't usually read Draco/Astoria - or Draco anything. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed this story. The ending was just terribly creepy and I did NOT see it coming.

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Review #20, by GingeredTeaThe Internal Monologue of Annett Sinclaire Kluge: Spontaneous Combustion of Dairy Products: A Prologue

11th October 2014:
I was very uncertain about this story, but you have write it well, and held my interest from the first sentence. It's well and good that I learned long ago not to judge a book by its cover. ;-)

You did a wonderful job capturing Annett's inner dialogue and the lens through which she perceives her world. I was impressed! I might even learn some awesome vocabulary from this story!

I thought it was interesting that Teddy was part of the Muggle Welcome Committee (and loved that you came up with that!!) Your flow, characterization, and plot were all well executed.

I would love to do an exchange again!!

Author's Response: GingeredTea,

I am so glad to hear that! Thank you for staying. Bahaha! Or the alliterating summary and the hand-drawn banner in this case.

Thank you so much! I am delighted to hear that. Really, your compliments help my ego grow. :P

I am so glad you liked the idea of the Muggle Welcome Committee. I, myself, wondered how Muggleborns would actually react to a letter from Hogwarts and what Hogwarts could do to help convince them of their being a genuine organisation.

Again, thank you so much for reading and reviewing. I really appreciate it.

I would love to do another exchange too!


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Review #21, by GingeredTeaGame Over: Three

11th October 2014:
Ahh, this is such suspenseful story! I love it! Whose this Matt bloke? Why do wizards have the tooth in a muggle place? Why, why why!

This is fabulously written and perfectly executed. YoYour cliffhangers are devious! The flow was brilliant and kept me on my toes!

Author's Response:

Yay for suspense!!

Look at all the questions! Makes me feel like I did something right. :P

Thanks for the incredibly flattering review! I hope you keep reading.

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Review #22, by GingeredTeaThis is Audrey Tang: The Bad Taste: Sweet and Sour

10th October 2014:
Hello! I'm here for a review swap! Glad to be back.

I noticed this tiny grammar issue early in: There was no telling what sort of anguish Percy was holding him prisoner and Audrey couldn't imagine gaining that sort of access, he was incredibly guarded." --- maybe you mean to say "what sort of anguish was holding Percy prisoner?" OR just take out the 'him'? Beside that, I would say that sentence is actually two complete thoughts. Percy's anguish and Audrey's desire to get close to him. There shouldn't be an 'and' - its kinda throws me because the thoughts, while of the same vein, aren't really completing each other.

I think this was a great illustration of most of what Audrey is feeling right now: "Percy had been right when he’d said it was uncharacteristic of her to want his trust but Audrey thought that it was different with him and wondered if she wanted to try."

This chapter revealed a lot to us about Audrey's perspective about herself and her ability to be in a relationship.

"But she had to make them happen." - there's that forced 'the cup IS half FULL' mentality I picked up on before.

Enter Percy! WOOT! Percy and Audrey awkwardness - although it's beginning to get a little less awkward. Good for you Percy, showing up actually dressed and not in your bathrobe. ;-)

You so DID giggle Audrey and I so did laugh at you!!!

I loved Percy's last line in this!

Great chapter! :)

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Review #23, by GingeredTeaTraitorous Hearts: The Lady of Greengrass Hall

7th October 2014:
Alright, so you had me with the last chapter, but now you really have me here.

Did you come up with the name " Lavinia"?

"Lavinia Greengrass became a spy." And I just became really really intrigued!

You write Astoria with exquisite care and I can just see how alive she is as a character for you. Your descriptions lend rather than retract from your story, and I can see it all play out in my mind.

"Draco Malfoy didn’t realise just how right he was. At least, she hoped he did not." EEE - I nearly bit my finger nails. Don't discover her!

Then you switch back in time and we get another small glimpse into the true beginnings of this story.

I'm starting to suspect you have a talent for memorable one-liners. "It appeared that Lavinia Greengrass had perhaps, in the end, learned one secret too many. " - loved this one!

This revealed a lot - mainly how Astoria came to be the young adult she is. I am well and hooked and will see you over ---> in a couple!

Author's Response: Hey! I'm so sorry for taking forever (and ever) to answer this review! Real life just totally overwhelmed me, and I haven't been around HPFF as much lately. But school's wrapping up, so I should be able to be more active. Hooray!

Firstly, thank you for this lovely review! I'm so glad that you found this chapter to be a good hook.

I did come up with the name Lavinia (although it turns out it's also a character on Downton Abbey, but I had not seen DA when I wrote that chapter). I mean, it was already a name, out there--I didn't invent it. But I also didn't draw it from anything else. I took the name from a scene I had written for a class, and I must have done research to name *that* character, who came from a similar background as this Lavinia does. To me, the name sounds kind of old and high class, which was what I was going for :)

Heehee. Lavinia IS a rather intriguing character. At least in my opinion. But then, I do have a bit of a bias.

Awww, thank you! Astoria is definitely a very "alive" character to me. I like the way you describe that--it's just right. And I'm so glad you like the descriptions, since I do work really hard on them :D

Muahaha--I can reveal nothing!

And thank you again! I love getting to know what lines made an impression on people, and I was really fond of that one.

Thank you so much for this absolutely lovely review! I hope you do continue to read and enjoy the story!


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Review #24, by GingeredTeaActions Speak Louder than Words: Bent: Rose POV

7th October 2014:
So I was wondering form last chapter whether other's know about this experience Rose had? Or is she trying to not only cover up her reaction but it's occurrence as well?

You played the party scene well, and you managed to introduce Scorpius with a casual ease that felt perfect. Their laughter over their made up conversations had me giggling a few times too. I KNEW something bad was going to happen when she stood up to get new drinks. I just knew it. Jerk, that's all I have to say.

---Why don’t we just invite Nana Molly and Grandad here and call it Christmas.--- Oh Merlin this had me laughing!

Then the ending. You took me from laughing to near tears - happy and sad all mixed together.

This was a great chapter! I can't wait to read another! :D Sorry for the delay. I must have simply lost track because I won't start a new review swap until I believe I have them all complete. :)

Author's Response: Hi there!

Gosh - thanks for this review - it has me all warm and fuzzy. I love it when a reader picks up on all my clues and everything I try to jam into a chapter! ♥

As for what happened to Rose... everyone knows that she was kidnapped for six days, but they don't know what happened to her when she was being held captive. Don't worry, it is revealed fairly early on, but I wanted to clear up that, at this point, they only know that she was kidnapped and returned.

Yeah, that dude was a creep, huh? Good think Scorp and her family were there.

Thanks again for this awesome review!


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Review #25, by GingeredTeaTales of the Death Hunters: Shades of Anger: Fury

7th October 2014:
Eeep, sorry I'm so late, Dan. I'm hoping to throw this cold/flu/whatever off my back, but it's lingering. Onto the review!

It doesn't really need saying, but I will say it anyway: you have an potent ability to write an entrance sentence!

You manage to not only introduce who I am assuming to be Jugson, but on top of that to illustrate Imperius without once saying the word! The way you described him, worth actually describing his person, made my skin crawl. Bravo.

The break from the memory (I'm assuming Harry looked into her head), was also managed well.

It was like walking through a spider’s web that clung to his magic momentarily before allowing him to pass.. Oooh, I loved this. I have always imagined wards like spider webs in my stories, too. :)

I do admit I got a bit lost between the actual memory (I'm assuming) with Donny and the personal one with Harry and Voldemort. But then I understood that he was doing what Harry does best - making everything personal.

Your action scene is impeccable - I am really impressed. I struggle to write action scenes and yours always *seem* to come so easily. The flow was exceptional.

“Bloke chops the head off a great, bleeding snake and now he thinks he’s Godric bloody Gryffindor,”. LOL oh my this had me laughing! It is SO Ron!

Harry’s wand flew into his hand, summoned by his magic and propelled by his rage.. This was a really powerful sentence. It is sort of a caption of what defines Harry Potter to us all. :)

I think this is possibly the best thing I have ever read from you! :D

Thanks for the swap and I'm sorry I was so late!

Author's Response: Hi! It's official "catch up on my unanswered reviews" day. I have been sadly remiss.

I agonized a bit over the start of this chapter. Whether dropping the reader right into one of Harry's visions/recollections was the best way to go. I'm still not completely sure about it, so I'm glad you liked it.

Harry actually didn't look into Teresa's memories. He didn't want to inflict any more suffering on her. The visions are a combination of how Harry imagines Teresa and Donny's encounters with Jugson mixed in with some of his own worst memories.

You and I definitely have a lot in common with how we imagine wards and other magical protections. I've always felt like a sufficiently talented and attentive witch or wizard would perceive such things.

The visions/memories made things very personal for Harry, not that he wasn't already taking things personally anyway. There are a lot of commonalities he finds between Donny and Teresa's waking nightmare and his own experiences.

I'm glad those scenes **seem** to come easily. The truth is more complicated, of course. ;)

Of all the characters we write, I think Ron is one of the easier voices to capture. At least for me. That's the main reason I can never get my head around most Dramione or H/Hr stories. They invariably turn Ron into such a jerk and they get that voice all wrong.

Harry utilizes his anger really well up to a point. Then it gets the better of him. There are fine lines everywhere in this story.

Thanks so much for all of the kind words. I really appreciate it!

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