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Review #1, by GingeredTeaPlay the Devil: Hedgewitch

12th April 2014:
She is really a brilliant combination of Ronald and Hermione - rash and up for an adventure, but somehow more steady on her feet than Ron ever was. She isn't nervous at first. Her first thought is of what an adventure this could be.

Oh yeah, hello. I'm back. :) Missed this story!!!

I loved the way you introduced Agnes and the world of magic here. The idea that not all children would experience the same education makes sense even as it is baffling. Your portrayal added real depth to the story. But we're not there yet, so I regress.

I also loved how you managed to express this different timeline with Richard. I mean that in two senses: they are from different times/cultures/etc., but also in the sense that she has had more of a 'relationship' with him than him with her - she has been kissed by him, whereas his experience with her is from a child's innocent outlook.

She steps on her own feet like Ron would have, not keeping these facts in mind, but knows them afterwards with the depth Hermione might have and Ron could never have hoped to figure out (boys!).

Brilliant chapter! :D

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Review #2, by GingeredTeaHarry Potter and the Conspiracy of Blood: Prologue

21st February 2014:
Well, this certainly has me interested!

Is Ginny dead as well - Harry almost acted as if he wasn't surprised to see her there although clearly he knew he was dead and that meant she was too...

Off to read more! I've been meaning to read this for ages!

Author's Response: Hi, there! Very nice of you to stop by!

I can't actually tell you much about why Ginny's there without ruining any number of surprises. I think the best thing is just to tell you that this prologue is the first part of a scene that's completed in chapter 38.

I am giddy! You're such a brilliant author in your own right, I'm very excited to see what you think! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #3, by GingeredTeaPlay the Devil: The Burrow (Part II)

19th February 2014:
It is really striking how impulsive this girl is. I think I'd find it hard to write such a spunky character, so I applaud you for not just trying but pulling it off fantastically. Rose is so...bold/bright/cooky/happy(but not really) that it makes her just jump off the page!

...We already know this is mostly going to be full of gushing, right?...

Actually, you manage to capture that whole "Weasley" feeling so perfectly that I could just see it happening in my head. I loved the song (what a tradition Ron must have started - LOL) and Rose's reaction to them. And then how it just spirals out of control for her - that seems so much her dad that it made me laugh a bit. She has Hermione's brains, but she got all her dad's impulsiveness! Yet, she does actually appear capable of thinking and planning and I get the sense that she is just so BORED and wants to make things happen - wants/needs or doesn't know how to not be chaotic.

No one is actually about to discover her purse, but there is that impulsivity again! It was brilliantly orchestrated. If it's difficult to find a logical (I use the term for your writing, not actually for her actions which would be very logical to a level headed sort of girl) reason for drinking the potion, then it is a hundred times harder to present a situation that will seem realistic the next time - now she KNEW. Yet, here I am, amazed that you have pulled it off again - made it just HAPPEN - made me believe it, made me feel it along with her. Brilliant.

Then we switch to Richard and what a change - in place and time but also in character. Richard is thoughtful and careful and doesn't seem naturally predisposed to any kind of impulsivity. It is Rose who seems (or will) bring this impulsivity to him. That he will be the man who kisses her beneath the tree, seems so at odds with the man you present to us here.

The ending was nail-biting worthy! Oh man, I already known what will happen next but I was still feeling like I had to keep going! :D :D

LOVING this story! I check back often to see if it is updated (and yes, I just made a very undignified childish squeal when I noticed there was a new chapter). :D

Author's Response: Hello! :)

Ah! She is so impulsive. I didn't really plan her that way, but she sort of turned out as being this person who tends to defy rationality. Rose is funny though, how she's very bold and sassy in front of people she's comfortable with but can get shy and awkward in front of people she doesn't know. She's changeable and so much fun to play with and put in difficult situations, hehe. :)

Oh, nothing at all wrong with gushing. ♥

Wow thank you! :) I'm so glad, I just couldn't resist writing next gen with a bit Weasley gathering. The song! That couldn't be resisted either haha. I'm glad you find her like her dad, that was how I imagined her. She gets upset quickly and doesn't always think before acting... she's very unpredictable but that's what makes her interesting.

Haha you're right! She's way too paranoid here, she gets herself into unnecessary danger. I'm so glad you found that logical in terms of the story! I really wanted her decision to seem a little realistic and understandable. Thanks so much! This review is just golden and making me so happy.

Yes! Richard at this point is very loyal and stoic. He's very young and used to both obeying but being wary. I love how you can see the changes in his character and predict how he will evolve.

I'm so glad! :D Hearing the ending was suspenseful and exciting is just such wonderful praise.

Thank you so much for the wonderful review, and I hope you enjoy the new chapter as well! :D

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Review #4, by GingeredTeaThe Mildly Perilous and Mostly Tragicomic Misadventures of Sir Roderick Gryffindor and 'Sir' Ivan Harris: In Which Ivan Fights Like a Man

19th February 2014:
This is wonderful! You manage to add a level of humor through Max that is just infectious! :D I really like the way you're using him - er obviously I didn't mean *using* that way, Max! See, he even makes reviewing more fun! :D Go Max! And Rumpel (although as you can see, Max is kinda stealing your glory...).

I am becoming really really fond of Ivan and Roderick Gryffindor seems interesting in an important idiot sort of way (I hold my judgement for now).

Can't wait to see the next chapter - hope you won't keep us waiting too long, Max and Rumpel!

Author's Response: Hey there!

Sorry about the lateness of this response!

I'm really glad you like Max, he can steal my glory for this one ;). He's been my favorite part of the story so far, and it makes writing really...insane (but fun).

I'm also glad that Ivan's growing on you ♥ -- she's pretty awesome.

Thanks so much!


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Review #5, by GingeredTeaLike a Rat in a Maze: Coal-black Eyes

18th February 2014:
It took me MUCH longer than I thought, but I am here and you are my 100th review. :) Now I just have to see if I can leave as great a review as you do (probably not - you have hundreds more under your belt than me).

I always enjoy Severus, but I don't usually enjoy Peter. To be honest I probably only enjoyed him here because Snape was torturing him (whether he understood that or not).

So let me just start by saying I love stories where the beginning and ending are full circle like this one! This reminded me just a tiny bit of the fanfic "Eternal Return" by Silver Pard with the beautifully meshed beginning and ending. On subject matter, there was no similarity, however. LOL.

You bring Snape to life realistically and wonderfully. He is as caustic as ever and we see how willing he is to use his power over Peter - his abilities - to hurt the man.

Making Peter relive the death of the Potter's - was yet another reason I was rooting for Snape here, but to some extent I felt sorry for Snape, because I wondered if he wasn't just entering Peter's mind to torture the man (and clean up afterwards) but to relive Lily's last moments over and over again. Does that mean Peter is a bit like a USB drive with his deepest darkest secret? I feel this vicious cycle that he sees Lily, becomes enraged, tortures, and cleans up, see's Lily in the process, and the cycle repeats.

This story was hauntingly enticing, recklessness mixed with careful calculation, repetition surely building certainty that he can do it again without being caught, and throughout you manage to maintain 'Snape' which is hard when any emotions are involved!

Thank you for such a great read! Perhaps when I come around midway through 200 reviews I will be able to write one as wonderful as yours! :)

Author's Response: Hi, there! What a pleasant surprise! I'm honored.

I don't usually like Peter, either, which I think is because too many authors keep him closer to his movie characterization (fawning and simpering almost to the point of being a physical comedy routine) than the way I imagined him from the books. There had to be more to the character than the rather laughable way he was portrayed in the films. Peter was cunning and brave enough to have been part of the Marauders through 7 years of schooling. He made the decision that he was safer betraying his friends to the Death Eaters than remaining loyal. It was the wrong decision, in the final analysis, but the point is that he chose. Nobody did that for him. So to portray Peter as a completely cowardly follower isn't accurate in my mind.

Which is not to say that the guy is admirable in any way. I also enjoyed imagining Snape toying with him.

One of my inspirations for this was actually the movie Groundhog Day, although the subject matter is obviously far lighter in the movie. I wanted to leave it up to the reader to decide how many times Snape indulges his desire for vengeance.

I really like writing Snape, so long as it doesn't involve a romantic pairing with Lily. I guess I have a thing for tortured souls.

I think there were a lot of reasons that Snape keeps returning to Peter's memory of the night the Potters died. Some would say -- and I wouldn't disagree -- that Snape never stopped living in that moment when he found Lily dead on the floor of Harry's nursery. That moment defined the rest of his life. He never got over her death, never moved beyond it. And seeing the moment again refuels his anger and makes him want to hurt Peter even more.

I'm glad you saw the story like that. I wanted to "unbalance" Snape, to take away his unshakeable mask of discipline and control for a brief time. But there were other things about him that I didn't want to change. He's still meticulous about cleaning up his mess each time.

I'm glad that you enjoyed it, and thank you for the inspiration on how to write Snape's use of legilimency!

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Review #6, by GingeredTeaClash: Rupture

18th February 2014:
Can I just start by saying that I absolutely love your introductions? You have this amazing talent of hooking me with the first line. I’m kinda settling this apology here, because I reread my review and realized your writing distracted me terribly from writing the review itself!

I love your Albus. He reminds me of a mix between Harry and Tom Riddle. Obviously you can tell why I am especially fond of him with a dramatic flare thrown in.. ;-)

“...those that misinterpreted this strange and possessive attachment he had with his cousin as inappropriate, but Rose knew the real reason was far more… childish. Rose was the only one who could keep his pace. And Albus just didn’t like sharing. Selfish ass.”

I loved this section. I love how you get into Rose’s head and she tries to get into Albus’ head as well. Oh my, I love your descriptions of non-physical things!

““They’re spiders, Rose. No one’s committing mass murder here.” He spoke with an air of impatience. “It will make potion testing much easier if you learn to do these things.”” What a creepy but logical boy Albus is!

I love how you can switch perspectives - with Rose and Hugo - and even though they’re not identified as a switch, it works so perfectly and seems so natural.

Rose’s struggle, as she realizes that Albus isn’t what she thought and as she goes off on her own - and figures it out - had me biting my nails!

Oh my...I got sucked in and now it’s the end of the chapter. I’ll close by saying you are simply brilliant and this idea (little of it that I know so far) is also brilliant.

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Review #7, by GingeredTeaRabbit Heart: Big as Hearts

14th February 2014:
This was a really great addition to your story. Wren seemed more smoothly written than every before and your descriptions were on-target. Dialogue was great.

The rabbit. Creepy. Like the kid. You really have me interested. Was this the sort of thing glowing outside her old house? Is the rabbit being summoned?

The last scene with Augusta was heart-wrenching and warming all at once.

I'm a bit leery of this new employee... does he have something to do with the rabbits and the boy? What came of Albus' rabbit? And the fact that it spells don't work on it...ugh you really have me hooked!

Thank you for such a fantastic read!

Author's Response:
The glowing thing should be addressed coming up, and sadly, it's not a Norwegian conspiracy. I hope you're not too disappointed.

Augusta has her own small arc in this story. I felt like after all she did in the books that she needed some attention.

And yes, you should be leery of the new employee. If only because he's wearing a trench coat. :) Good question: where DID Albus' rabbit go off to??

I'm glad you're enjoying my quirky story and that I have stuff in there that keeps you interested! Thanks so much for coming back for another chapter!

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Review #8, by GingeredTeaThe Mildly Perilous and Mostly Tragicomic Misadventures of Sir Roderick Gryffindor and 'Sir' Ivan Harris: In Which Ivan Dreams Like a Man

12th February 2014:
Oh my - loving this!

I think I really like Max's flow, characterization and humor.

The setting is obviously really unique and interesting and I love your character. You do like writing brazen girls, don't you?

There was a lot of information to wrap my head around but you presented them very well and I think they'll sink in nicely. Your descriptions and transitions were simply amazing here and I really like the essence of your main character (Ivan, I'll grant her the luxury).

Ivanna sounds like a really intriguing character and I can't wait for her to meet Gryffindor!

Author's Response: Hello!

Welcome to my parody-ish thing!

Max is pretty awesome, with those elements.

Brazen girls, what brazen girls? Haha, yeah...guilty. Next time, I'll write a damsel in distress ;).

Ivan thanks you. I am the master of information overload! I can't help myself, really.

:D Thanks so much!


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Review #9, by GingeredTeaPlay the Devil: The Burrow (Part I)

12th February 2014:
I love how easily you write both of these worlds and both of these Rose's. Here we see her at her best immature, impulsive, headstrong and jealous. But not, of course, before we see her as part of this big quirky family. I love your portrayal of Author - I think it must be hard to write a cannon character you've known so well one way and entirely different way and old age is just something that I haven't been brave enough to tackle (well, outside of Dumbledore). This paragraph is, of course, written with a bit of foreknowledge. LOL

I liked that we got to know a bit more about Scorpius - I admit I just don't know him very well because I'm just trekking into next gen, but you seem to have done a fabulous job with his backstory (I don't expect anything less).

You write carefree as well as you write angst, which is a talent I am still working on. LOL

Seriously though - you stop at all the worst *cough* best *cough* places!

I know this review is kinda short, but that's only because I'm brain-washed by school and I'll be back tomorrow to review the next one. Besides - you made this purposefully short to leave us at a cliffie!! ;-)

Author's Response: Hello! :)

I'm glad you like both the worlds and all the different sides of Rose. Yes, she really does not come across as very well in this chapter, and it's one of those moments which lets her be an immature kid again. I find that especially at that age people do act certain ways around their family and certain people bring things out, so I'm glad you liked it.

Ah I know, poor Arthur. :( Old age is really terrifying to write, but as I have some similar experiences in my own family it helps with writing about it and even using the story as a bit of an outlet.

I'm glad you liked learning more about Scorpius! This is mostly based on my ideas for the Malfoys after the war, and I like to shut Lucius up in Azkaban *evil laugh*.

Ahh, thank you! :) I think, for me at least, writing too much of one or the other gets a little exhausting so it's fun to switch between them.

Hehe, well suspenseful and foreshadowing moments are the best/worst. :P As I have seen from your writing as well!

This review wasn't short at all, I loved it! :) I'm so happy you're still liking the story, I love getting your thoughts on it. Thanks for the brilliant review!

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Review #10, by GingeredTeaPlay the Devil: Barnard Castle

8th February 2014:
I really loved how you began this chapter with Richard, then made his abrupt transition into the 'present' with Rose confused still but ploughing ahead, almost superficiously pulled into 'normality' because she is surrounded by her best friends. Then you end it, once more with Richard, lonely and becoming hardened, and it is just beautiful. I really must brush up on this Richard fellow.

Okay, now onto some details about the stuff between the brilliant beginning and ending.

I really liked seeing Richard without Rose there to color our perspective. The way he ruminates on Rose you really get the feel that Rose is his only brightness, even in a time of peace when he is supposed to be happy.

Then we're back with Rose and she's confused, of course, but well-enough aware that she doesn't make her friend too suspicious. Beautifully executed, once more. You're choices in dialogue are really well done.

She falls back into being Rose, the impulsive bubbly girl who isn't quite mature and only sees the world from the way she is accustomed - except that is changing and I can see it and feel it at the edges of her consciousness. It isn't just about seeking out an adventure now - she is asking herself things. I am loving it all.

We manage to witness the ruins and I love that - again through a very natural transition.

And then you end it with Richard, darker and lonelier and no longer embracing the idea of Rose or his love for her - but pushing her away.

You end it on such a foreboding note and so captivating, especially since you have already established the idea that she will move farther and father in time each time - so we're always seeing a different Richard than she is. It's terribly wonderful and horribly unfair! ;-)

Once more, I simply love your writing and where you are going. :D

Author's Response: Hi Tory! :)

Ahh, thanks so much! :D It really makes me so happy getting the reviews from you on this story and all the lovely feedback. I'm glad you're liking the transitions between the characters and the eras, in Richard's case. It's both challenging but also a lot of fun to write.

Ah, Richard is such a villain in history! :P I think this story probably portrays him a little more sympathetically, though I do want that inner corruption to come through as well. I'm glad you like seeing him without Rose as well, and how she has affected him.

Haha, poor Rose spends a lot of time being confused. :) I'm glad you liked her reactions and how she's trying to be calm. I struggle a little with dialogue so it's really wonderful to hear you comment on it. :)

I'm so happy to hear you like how Rose is developing and changing. She really is going through a lot and starting to grow up as she's challenged more and more. I do love writing her so I'm pleased you do as well.

Hehe, I loved writing the ruins. History nerd moment. :P

I'm glad you find it captivating, that is such amazing praise. Richard's character is all over the place, and while Rose's character grows it's almost as if his character gets deconstructed through each section which I do love writing so much. Getting your feedback is so reassuring and helpful here.

Thanks so much for the brilliant review! :)

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Review #11, by GingeredTeaRabbit Heart: Distant Hearts

4th February 2014:
I loved this chapter. I can kinda feel your hesitancy to enter into angst, yet this story felt like it was leaning that way in places, so that's my only line of 'I think that could use some improvement".

The boy, once more, is creepy...and the rabbit? Is it evil? Is it sucking her power? Is seems the kinda of rabbit Tom Riddle would really like to hang from the rafters... okay but seriously, what's it doing? This boy seems to have a twisted sense of 'friendship'. And now Albus has one, right?'re making me nervous.

The flow and characterization was good in this chapter, and I liked your transitions and descriptions. :)

Hoping we'll learn more about this boy and the rabbits...

Author's Response:

Well, hello again!

Yes, yes, yes. We will get more Dillon and rabbit action again. I think I have him evenly spaced out over the whole story, but if you ever feel like there's not enough about him, just let me know. I always like to hear where I can ramp up the interest level.

Thanks for the compliments on the transitions and descriptions... and flow and characterization, and all that nice stuff you said! By the way, I left you a pm regarding the "angst" thing... *grabs tissues* I'm allergic to angst, but for the story's sake, I will do whatever is necessary to make it the best story it can be.

Thanks for coming back and leaving a happy review!

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Review #12, by GingeredTeaPlay the Devil: Hunt

1st February 2014:
So I'm obviously writing this review with some foreknowledge, which if I might say so, is kinda fun.

I still remember that I was biting my nails when you had Rose go fetch owl treats thinking "okay, this is where is going to have Hugo/mum/dad/owl find/take this potion" but you didn't and I started breathing again. I like that you made me worry in the middle of something very...benign (I can't think of a better word for anti-angst right now).

The idea of Hermione planning when to have children down to their birthday made me laugh and seemed so...Hermioneish... lol

I'm still curious what Malfoy did. Foreknowledge isn't helping me here. I'm hoping you'll help me soon. Geesh, you see - I don't normally care about the romantic or he-did-this-to-me parts of stories. There you go again, dragging me not into liking historically based fanfics but ones having to do with ex-boyfriends. ;)

"Perhaps it was my frustration at Scorpius that made me do it, or my desire to escape the repetitive world of misgivings and submission. But that’s when I did it. I took the potion I had stolen from the Department of Mysteries. And I swallowed a tiny little sip, less than a mouthful. " This was excellently executed. I had tried to figure out how you'd make her do it, because despite seeming brash, she doesn't actually seem that 'rash' and your writing is exquisite so I didn't expect you to just throw it on us randomly. I knew you'd give us a good reason and you did. I could feel this with her, see her doing this, sense the emotion behind the impulsive move. Brilliant, beautiful. I actually said "ah ha!" when it happened!

Looking forward I love how you set up the Floo as part of her normal routine when you knew what a key it would play that we not think much when she says she 'continued to take the Floo'. You avoid her apparating until the proper moment perfectly. I love being able to think back and see these little details.

Then you go onto describe where she imagines she is going. It surprises us even more when she doesn't bring us there either.

This scene, as she finds her physical bearings but still struggles to find her mental balance, was also beautifully done.

There is so much I want to put into words about when she meets Richard - from the moment the ground shakes to the way you take the time to (accurately!) describe the wearings and mounts, to the moment Richard realizes she does not remember and she herself realizes what she has done - all of this was as powerful, exquisite and beautiful as the rest of your writing. This scene stuck with me so much that I hardly needed to reread it to recall all the details!

I loved your ending. This is the chapter at which I just could.not.stop.reading!!! :D You had me hooked right here.

"And so began the moments which would set into motion my new life."

Author's Response: Hello! :)

Yay, I'm so glad you're liking this story! :D And yes, foreknowledge is a good way to look back and comment on the story.

Haha I'm glad you were nervous! That is quite funny, and I like the word benign for anti-angst as you said. Rose has gotten herself into a very sticky situation, and running some risks...

I'm glad you found it Hermione-ish! I've always had a bone to pick with that since my sister and my birthdays are so close together, and I felt it was something Hermione would do as well... or Rose would suspect her of doing. Hehe.

I promise to explain what Scorpius and Rose broke up over... well... some day! Ah I'm so glad it's interesting you. I think it's important to show how their relationship was and how it made them both a little immature and how that contrasts with Richard. :P

I'm so happy to hear you liked the explanation for why she took the potion. I feel like some people when they're irritated or upset or having the past dragged into the present become very impulsive, and Rose really wants a change. It's awesome that you liked it! :D

Hehe, I'm sneaky. :P Well, Rose is sneaky. One of the good things about writing a big chunk of this story over NaNo is that I had time to make sure all the pieces fit together. Good on you for noticing!

It's so lovely to hear you liked the scene where she arrived in the past, and how it was set up to lead to her confusion. It's such a pivotal scene so I'm really pleased you liked it. I loved writing it and how things might have looked from Rose's perspective. I'm so happy to hear you liked it, this really makes me so happy.

Yay for being hooked! :D This chapter was so important for me to write the story and it's amazing to hear it was important for you to keep reading. Thank you so much for the absolutely brilliant review! :)

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Review #13, by GingeredTeaA Moment of Fear: Lily

27th January 2014:
I really loved what you did here - the whole idea of this short series actually. You portrayed Lily very well, although we never really get to know her in the books.

Your flow was steady and consistent and you let that fear wash over her at just the right moments.

Great little peek into Lily Potter. :)

Author's Response: I'm so glad you like the idea behind this short story series! It gets darker with each chapter - lily and James have the fluffiest parts.

Thank you so much for such a nice and thoughtful review!


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Review #14, by GingeredTeaEverto Trucido: Merlin Was a Slytherin

26th January 2014:
I really enjoyed this chapter and the sit-down with James helped explain some stuff to us too. Your flow was really good in this chapter and I liked your descriptions, dialogue, and transitions from thought to speech.

I am wondering more about her other world, about the veil (will we learn more about the creator?), her part in both wars, etc. etc.

Sorry this review is lousy - a certain child gave me a cold the day before my classes start.children can be so cruel.

I am really getting into this story, though. :)

Author's Response: Hello!

I used this to not only explain things, but to attempt to develop James' character for personal reasons. He had been my arch nemesis of a character until I battled it out with him in this chapter.

You'll learn much more about the veil and Herpo later in the story; they will play an important role in the end. There is a ton going on in this, as you already know, I just have to keep everything straight for everybody's sakes!

Nah, not a lousy review at all, but feel better!

I'm glad that you are starting to like this!


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Review #15, by GingeredTeaPlay the Devil: Mysteries

25th January 2014:
Once more, you have done it - kept me captivated until the very end. I'm sitting here MAKING myself write this review rather than press that "Next Chapter" button, because I really really want more! Like Rose and the little potions. I would have done the same thing.

You have a real talent at making the mundane 'filler' parts just as captivating as the angsty, action-packed, mystical, etc. etc. parts. I mean, really - with most authors I would be skimming, but with you I devoured every word.


I love Archie and have so many questions! Did he really forget to shave at home or did he go back in time? I suspect the last, since he also noted that he was got up late. The Floo wasn't working. All those injuries, too. Hmm...

Rose, you are a brave girl! Lets be honest - Hermione likes to portray herself as rule-abiding, but I could see her having done that same thing too...

Must read more.

I am really really really curious about Archie.

Gosh. I really mean it when I say you've got me hooked (in a bad and good way). I'm sorry if this review is a bit scattered - I just am trying so hard not to hit the Next Chapter! LOL

As always, I love your writing style. Beautiful. Captivating. Focused and fluid. :)


Author's Response: Hi again! :D

Yay for being captivated! I was a little worried that this chapter would be too boring so it's great to know you liked it. Haha, I think I would have stolen a potion too - I mean, they were right there, what was she supposed to do?!

Wow, thank you! That's a really great compliment, to know you liked the more explanatory parts. I feel that they are important in setting up for the action parts, and knowing they're interesting is wonderful.

Hmm, interesting questions about Archie and all the other things going on... curiosity is definitely good.

Hooked is good! :D Hehe, this review wasn't scattered at all. I loved it, and I really appreciate you taking the time to leave it! :)

Thanks for the lovely review once again! :D You're really making me such a happy author right now! :)

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Review #16, by GingeredTeaPlay the Devil: Rose

25th January 2014:
I'm sorry this review is so late. I almost got done the chapter when I was interrupted by a small imp (AKA toddler) and had to do some magics of my own to get the imp to sleep again.

I just finished reading this now and am in love. The difference in the first part of the chapter as we learn of the 'normal' Rose seemed startling (in a good way) and then slowly seemed to make some sense in terms of the previous chapter as we learned about this new time turner. The last part was beautiful - a glimpse into the the mystical sort of writing that you used in the previous chapter. Was this scene with the man after the scene we saw with him in the last chapter?

I have so many questions but I'm not even sure how to phrase them! Agh. This story is just amazing. Once more I am in love with your unique flow. You have a clear ability to write not just in one style but in many (the sharp difference between the previous chapter, the beginning of this one, and the last of this one prove it - never mind your other story I've read) and that you use such different styles within the story is really captivating. It let me truly feel the difference between the current Rose and the Rose that will go on this adventure (although maybe using current and future is wrong since we're dealing with a fooled Time here).

I'm just in love. :D Please lets swap again. Actually...I'm going forward. If the Imp takes a long enough nap I'll even drop a review, otherwise I'll be ready for the next time we swap. :)


Author's Response: Hi Tory! :) Don't worry at all - I'm a little late with this review response as well. I blame school - there really is no magic to deal with that. :P

I'm so glad you like the story! :) It's so wonderful to get your feedback. Yes, Rose is very different at the beginning than she is in the prologue, as the prologue shows her at her most desperate. For the most part, she's quite spirited and entertaining. I'm glad you liked the last part as well - it is set quite a bit after his appearance in the first chapter, and his timeline is quite mixed up and confusing and non-linear throughout the story, which is fun but confusing for me. :P

I'm so glad you like the different writing styles and how they fit together - it can be challenging, especially writing from different perspectives. Haha yes, Time is all kinds of mixed up in this story. :P

Thank you so much for the amazing review! :D It really means so much that you like the story, I really appreciate it! :) ♥

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Review #17, by GingeredTeaEverto Trucido: Hostage

23rd January 2014:
This was a really funny chapter. I love where you're going with this. I'm starting to like Grace more and Snape is becoming interesting. What you had her do to Regulus - that was funny. Loving the antics you have between her and Remus and the added Lily was great.

And she seemed, at the end, to be fitting in better.

Character, flow, and descriptions were all really good. I think I'm enjoin your writing more and more as the story goes on. :D

Author's Response: Ah, this one was fun to write. A little bit of chaotic antics can really lighten a story up, especially if there's a ton of information and just...stuff happening.

Slowly but surely, Grace is fitting into her new life.

Thanks so much!! :D


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Review #18, by GingeredTeaSpies: Trading Places

23rd January 2014:
I am speechless - almost. This has to be one, if not the, most amazing one-shot I've ever read on HPFF. Brilliant. Everything that could have gone right in your writing and execution has.

Your flow, characterization, set up, ending, and everything in between illustrated that you are a talented practiced writer. You took a really difficult situation (writing Snape is hard enough, but writing him at his weakest while still maintaining all his Snape-like qualities is amazing). Superb.

The ending left me wondering if this could become an AU but it also works so beautifully as a path into cannon - with Snape protecting Harry from a distance. I am awestruck!

Thank you for leaving such a nice review for me - I'm afraid this one doesn't compare but I'm still honing my reviewing skills. I will absolutely be visiting your page again to see what else you have written. :D

Author's Response: Wow, what more could I ask for with a review? Thank you so much!

This remains one of my favorite one-shots that I've ever written and I'm really glad you liked it. The characterization and imagery were definitely the focus, so it's great that you felt like I executed them well. I did alter a few things to make the ending work, obviously, but I'd like to think that the emotion there is still canon.

Thanks for your really sweet review, and I certainly hope to hear from you again!


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Review #19, by GingeredTeaRabbit Heart: Hearts and Minds

21st January 2014:
This was a marvelous chapter!

I really liked how you showed it from both of their perspectives. You really showed how each of them think and react so differently yet so much the same and I can imagine them being good together, after this chapter. I felt like I really met Albus this time around and now I'm fond of him and rooting for him - come on Albus, Wren will never ask first!!!

This was my favorite quote: "Wren felt a warm sensation crawl up her spine when the seamstress left the dias for more pins and Albus turned to with his wide, friendly smile. If she could take a picture of how she felt inside when he did that.. what would it look like? She let the fluttery sensations dance around her insides for a short while before she squashed them out and curled up tighter in her chair."

I really appreciate that you didn't make it gushy or have the ending of this chapter be one of them successfully asking the other out. You made it very realistic.

Love! Can't wait for the next installment. I'm going to check your other stories out too. :)

Author's Response:
Aww, you think they'd be good together? :)

Too much character gushing gives me a head rush from all the sugar. I'm also not to good with angst... sometimes I wonder what business I have writing this story in the first place. Silly muse!

Thanks for the awesome review!


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Review #20, by GingeredTeaInside and Under: Inside and Under

21st January 2014:
This was wonderfully written and powerfully delivered. It all went so quickly and even though we weren't "in" the action, it felt like that kind of high-stress writing. Wonderfully done!

I love how you portrayed Blaise and even more how you used Leah!

Author's Response: Thanks! I wanted to let the readers still know there was definitely a lot going on above, and I'm glad you sensed that! :)

I loved writing Blaise and Leah. I wanted to show that there was a little acknowledgment from both, but neither are really sore on how they aren't dating one another anymore. They've grown up already and now they can come together to help calm the situation.

Thank you so much for coming by and reviewing! This story definitely needed some love! :)

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Review #21, by GingeredTeaRabbit Heart: Trusting Hearts

18th January 2014:
Okay, the little boy was a little creepy. Cute too, but there is an edge of creepiness that I couldn't get past. What is it with rabbits? They mean something, right?

I feel so bad for Wren with her gran slipping away. It was sad to see her gran think she was Alice. I kinda cried, to be honest. I have a gran too, and we're at this point as well.

I'm still hung up on this boy and the rabbits. And his mum. Why did she stop doing magic? Is she connected to the disappearing rabbit? So many questions and only one more chapter left for now!

:D really enjoying this story!

Author's Response:
High five for creepy little boys!

Okay, that might have been a bit crass. There's a lot of rabbitery in this story. Be prepared. :)

Wren's taking this thing with her gran really hard, but then who wouldn't? I'm sorry that you're going through a similar situation. It's very hard, I imagine.

Oh, and you have questions! Well, that is a good thing. Because I have another chapter...

Thanks for the great review and your interest in my story! See you later!


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Review #22, by GingeredTeaPlay the Devil: Prologue

18th January 2014:
This had a truly eerie beginning. I like how you jump into the story by giving us a sense of the ethereal mysterious mood of the story.

I have no idea what is happening yet (rolling review), but that isn't stopping me from being hooked. Honestly - I can hardly be minded to stop and comment I'm so focused on the story!

You have a way with words that I simply love. Your flow is unique and slow but powerful and I love your descriptions and the way you can set the atmosphere not with excess details but with the small things like the feel of the wall against her hand and the plastic beneath her feet. And Time - I love the ever presence. Loving!

And then you introduce HIM. Who is he? When did they meet? How were they torn apart? How did time manage this? Ahh! See? You are driving me mad (in a good way) with this beginning!!

We must swap again VERY soon. I'll be wondering about this all night.

Thank you for the great read!

Author's Response: Hello! :)

I'm glad you liked it! I definitely hoped the beginning would be eerie, even if the whole story isn't quite like that. It's a lot of fun to write. :)

It's great to hear that the story is drawing you in! That's just what I hoped for.

Wow, thank you for your lovely comments about my writing style! It's amazing to hear that you think it's unique. :) Time is quite creepy, and I'm pleased you liked how it came across.

Hehe, well it will be quite a while until your questions are answered satisfactorily, but hopefully that's a good thing! :) I'm really glad you found it suspenseful and exciting!

Thank you for the amazing review! :D

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Review #23, by GingeredTeaRabbit Heart: Have a Heart

18th January 2014:
This is very interesting. You've managed to make me really intrigued with Wren. I like how you jumped right into the story, but then took us away from wondering about the light, until you brought us back to it - ending with a ton of questions.

I'm still kind of digesting everything, but I am really interested in continuing. I'm not usually one for next gen stories, but I think you have me hooked.

What is this light (did it eat the rabbit?) Did it have something to do with Gran's husbands death? Why appear so close to Wren's departure? See! Ugh - cliff hanger!

:D We should swap again, as you can see!

Author's Response: Hey, you picked this one!

I completely understand your feelings on next-gen. This is my first time writing one... I sort of dared myself to do it, but with certain personal stipulations in mind. There will be requisite fluff, but hopefully not the nauseating kind. There will be a bit of drama, but it will be difficult for me, since I am allergic to angst. :p I both love and hate this story for all the reasons above.

I would love to swap again! Let's do that real soon!

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Review #24, by GingeredTeaIn My Time: i.

18th January 2014:
This was really well done. I had absolutely no interest in Walburga Black before reading this story, but you have done a great job introducing it and I find myself wondering what will happen next. :)

Author's Response: Thanks! -Janelle

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Review #25, by GingeredTeaThe Fall of the Town : Epilogue

18th January 2014:

Okay, give me a second.

This was sublime and surprising and beautiful! I couldn't have imagined at better ending. Most of it was predictable, although I really admire the way you managed to flawlessly weave in the details about Ravenclaw's child, Slytherin's departure, Hamlin turning into Hogsmeade, the shack becoming the shack Remus had used, - the ending was the surprising part. You made a full round-about. You began this story where you ended it, and I love that about it. With the dark haired stranger.

I'm honestly struggling for words to describe my pleasure. This beautiful ending almost makes up for the fact that I am DONE reading this story!

Brilliant. I'm adding it to my favorite list NOW. :D

Author's Response: Hello! :D

Wow, thank you! I'm so glad you liked the ending and the different fates and histories of the other characters. I wish I could have written even more about this story! It's lovely to know you liked how the story came full circle, and the different degrees of happy endings.

I'm blushing right now, seriously! It's really an honour to know you liked the story so much. All your reviews and feedback was wonderful and made my day each time.

Thanks so much! :)

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