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Review #1, by SarahthebookwormWonderland: Embarrassment Times Infinity

11th April 2012:
Awww, this chapter was so sweet and fluffy! James and Spencer are perfect for each other. I loved Spencer's freakout at the start, and how James was shy, arrogant, and understanding about it all at the same time. I love how their date ended, after such a disastrous start. And I'm surprised Spencer hasn't caught on about what James is yet, he's slipped up enough times!

I adore Freddie; he is just hilarious! :) And they're dating now! Big milestone!

Great chapter as usual!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! They're pretty adorable, I'll admit, haha. This was a pretty fun chapter to write so I'm glad you liked it!
Spencer is proving herself to be pretty oblivious, isn't she? Don't worry, she throw a fit when she finds out ;)
And I love Freddy too! He's such a freak, haha. And yes they're dating; I'm pretty excited about it :D
Thanks for reading and reviewing :D

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Review #2, by SarahthebookwormWonderland: Disaster

11th April 2012:
Hi there!
Sorry for not reviewing before; I just realized that after reading and enjoying your story; I could at least do you the courtesy of leaving a review showing my appreciation.

Anyway, I loved this chapter; I liked how you put Spencer in this situation; it is definitely very realistic and makes the story more real for the readers knowing that things can - and will - go wrong for the heroine. We can relate to her more then. I like how James is really understanding about the whole thing. I love how hyper Spencer becomes after taking the Midol! Her thoughts are just hilarious. I love Spencer as a character in general; she's so sarcastic and cute.

I enjoyed the whole date thing, it was both awkward and funny. I laughed at how snobby Gustave was; it made the restaurant seem even more ridiculous. And I like how the Potter family has still kept in touch with the Dursleys. And it was cute; him explaining blood status without even telling her what Muggles and non-Muggles are.

And they finally kissed! You know, when I read th first few chapters, it seemed like they would have reached that point in, like,the third chapter. And now you've made us wait thirteen chapters! All I can say is, finally!

Great chapter! I'm off to read the next.


Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so glad that you're liking it! This chapter was a lot of fun to write; it seems that the more ridiculous it is, the more fun. I'm really glad that you like Spencer and James and the date! I for some reason enjoy putting Spencer in embarrassing situations and making things real awkward for her. But yeah, James is a pretty easy-going guy so all works out :)
I read on JK's website that Dudley and Harry exchange things like Christmas cards and have occasional visits as adults, and I feel like that's rarely touched upon in fanfics. So yeah, I wanted to include that, plus I thought that James would probably seek advice from a Muggle.
And yay! This kissed! FINALLY! I dragged it out, I know, but it was worth it, right? :)
Thanks for reading and reviewing :D

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Review #3, by SarahthebookwormThe Month I was a Hipster: Day 1

2nd April 2012:
I like this story so far! It seems interesting and funny. I love your writing style. Millie seems like a cool protagonist, and she seems really strong, too. I like how she doesn't let herself get bullied by Professor Clearwater. I also loved that bit where she was talking about how disgusting men were; it was both amusing and portrayed her feelings well.

Great story so far! Please update soon. Wonderland, too.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so glad that you like it! And I'm glad that you like Millie; she's definitely strong but there's a lot that she hides underneath that, a bit of a facade so to speak. A lot of this story is going to be breaking that facade, which I'm really excited to explore!
The bit about how disgusting men are was very fun to write; I'm glad that you enjoyed it.
I'll try to update this and Wonderland soon. Thanks for reading and reviewing :D

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Review #4, by SarahthebookwormThe sporadic suffering and tiresome torments of Albus Potter: The one with the graduation II

2nd April 2012:
This chapter was pretty cute, especially how Al and Jan couldn't really stay mad at each other for long. I also enjoyed James and Al's friendship; the way one minute James is forgiving Al for the party, and the next ratting him out to James. Why doesn't Ginny like Jan? I noticed that from the previous chapter, and I was wondering if there's a specific reason and if we'll find out about it.
Great chapter! Could have been longer, though. 10/10

Author's Response: Hehe, they're all young and in love and of course they couldn't stay mad for ages and ages. Oh James and Al have one of my favourite sibling relationships of all time. They're ridiculous.

Oh, well, it's more because Ginny knows how much they like each other (since, hey, she married a guy she fancied since she was eleven) and it's more a I-don't-want-my-son-to-grow-up-to-fast-you're-going-to-take-him-away-from-me-leave-my-house-please. She'll get over it when she realises it's too late :)

It was almost longer. But I was struggling with the chapter ^


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Review #5, by SarahthebookwormThe sporadic suffering and tiresome torments of Albus Potter: The one with the valentine’s day.

2nd April 2012:
OH MY FREAKING GOD!!! Fred snogging James who was dressed as a woman! :D I almost died laughing! Really, the situations James gets into! This fic is just classic! I am speechless at your sense of humor!
1 000 000/10

Author's Response: Myhaaah. id forgotten how ridiculous this story is, but its definately been a blast to write it and im glad youre enjoying it! james is first class :)

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Review #6, by SarahthebookwormBeing Summer: The One After the Cliffhanger

31st March 2012:
Hi there! I've been following this story for a while now, and I finally decided to review. I really enjoyed this chapter. Connor is so sweet, and James and Summer are such a cute couple!

I'm glad that Penny finally left left Kane, but I'm sorry that it took so long. He actually hit her??!! Kane is seriously really scary. If he hit her for breaking up with him, I wonder what he'll do next? At least Fred now has a chance with Penny!

Anyways, great chapter as usual, and please update soon!

Author's Response: hello! aw, well thank you for leaving a review! that means a lot :D connor is a complete sweetheart, i love him. seriously. i am going to find a way to make him real and then marry him.

yeah, it took her a very long time. it needed to happen eventually, she couldnt stay with him for much longer when he was treating her like that. there is more fred/penny in the next chapter, so we shall see.

thank you so much! ellie :) xx

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Review #7, by SarahthebookwormMuggle Studies: Charming Assessments

29th March 2012:
Really, this chapter made me laugh a whole lot, as per usual. Congratulations on another great chapter. And awww, Archie and the Charms teacher are so cute together. I had an idea that he would get together with her, though, from one of your replies to my review. ;) I love the whole blonde mob thing, too and 'blonde camouflage'! The whole peer assessment thing was just genius, too! I know I've said this before, but I love Archie's world view; sort of weary with the world, but also ready to make private jokes to himself. And you know, although he calls the Charms teacher 'charming', he can be quite charming himself!

Favorite parts:

"A simple description would probably suffice," Archibald commented, walking down the corridor to stand side by side with the Charming Charms teacher, "two imbeciles with limited job prospects, stupid hats and even more ridiculous 'g' accents covering up an even more ridiculous middle class Bristol accent. Advice, Lawrence, if you really are attempting to replicate the Muggle 'Chav' do change your name from Daniel Harrison – it doesn't fit with your image. These two would be Daniel Harrison Lawrence and Thomas Hardy, Professor Scrivenshaft. Seventh years. What have they been doing this time?"

"I'd like to say it gets better," Archibald said, "but I'll have to get back to you on that one."

"I want Trelawney," Neville said feebly, "she'd just tell everyone about how I used to be clumsy."

"Vacuums." Lysander nodded.

"As tempting as it is to say yes, it would be quite awkward for me to explain if you all died. Particularly with Professor Scrivenshaft as a witness."

"Don't let me down here, Archie, I know we clipped the wheels of your ridiculous bicycle – but it's all in good humour! You were only in the hospital wing for ten minutes."

"Yes," Archibald interrupted, "then she blew up my microwave."

"If it helps," Spencer – and, by God, he was conscious – "by the look of the picture in your office, she wasn't much of a looker."
Archibald considered it best not to ask whey Spencer had been in his office, or point out that the picture in his office was of his mother.'

Excellent chapter as usual, 10/10. Thanks for updating so quickly! This story literally puts me in a good mood for the rest of the day.

Please update soon!


Author's Response: You've copied so many parts and you've just reminded me of everything I loved about writing this story and now I just want to write the whole thing right now.

BUt I won't. I will resist. You'll enjoy it more if it's spread out, anyway, because then it won't be finished so quickly. Rigghtt? Right? Ahha. I'm going to go with it :D

Archibald Penrose/Charming Charms teacher for ever and ever. Literally, I just want them to get married and have children. Oo! I'm glad you got that from my review response and read it (you're sort of the reason why I decided to include the dish about the break up, which led to some very amusing moments when I wrote out the whole argument. Aha - what larks).

I just love Archie to bits with his whole 'the worlds a joke but at least sometimes its a witty joke' attitude.

And I think he's charming. :D

I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter and hopefully they'll be more 12+-y humour very soon! Thanks for such a lovely review :)

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Review #8, by SarahthebookwormDirty Work: Oh, the Unfairness of it All

29th March 2012:
Firstly, I must congratulate you on another wonderfully written chapter. Oliver's ground rules are funny, mainly because he actually feels the need of various forms of physical harm; he knows her well, doesn't he? ;) And it's so funny how Oliver's friends all give away his secret to Lexi. His embarassment is obvious! And how can she be so oblivious? Why do I feel that Lexi's obsession with Noel is a bit (read: very) unhealthy? I can tell this will be a major plot advancer.

Andrew and Justin are great for a little comic relief. Their conversation, betting Lexi to Danny, and fear of Lexi was very funny to read.

Favorite lines:

'No punching, hitting, slapping, smacking, poking, pinching, or kicking... But wait! He didn't outlaw the bite! The almighty bite lives!'

'Huh? What's he going on about? I've been subdued because of dazzling, dreamy, dishy Noel, not because of stupid Oliver.'

'He's had it out for me since that incident in my first year. I mean, come on. It was only my first week in the castle! I got lost! I don't understand how that warrants six years of torture.
Okay, so it might have something to do with the fact that I kicked him in the leg after he gave me my detention.
I maintain that it was totally justified. He started it, God dammit!'

I think it was Danny who heard their conversation, maybe? I mean, it would warrant that reaction, right? I'm glad that I can just read the next chapter and won't have to wonder for weeks about it. (:

Great chapter once again!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you. :D Yeah, Oliver does know her quite well, and I do think it's funny that the boy has to set up rules to protect himself from the girl. How manly of him. :p And I have no idea as to what you're referring to when speaking about Oliver's embarrassment and Lexi's obliviousness. Absolutely no idea ;) And perhaps you feel that Lexi's obsession with Noel is very unhealthy because it is, in fact, very unhealthy. We'll find out if it was indeed Danny in the next chapter ;p Thank you for another lovely review!

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Review #9, by SarahthebookwormDirty Work: This Shall (Not) Be Fun

29th March 2012:
This chapter was just as hilarious as the previous two! Isn't it sad that I can actually imagine Oliver kidnapping someone to play Quidditch? :P Danny really is an utter creep, and I don't think Noel's much better, either. And the plot's moving on nicely.

Loved these lines:

'I answer him in a way that any sane person would: I bite his arm.'

'I frump in annoyance and glare at the grass below us. Stupid grass. Why does it have to be so bloody green?'


Author's Response: Yay for more funny chapters! I think the fact that you can imagine Oliver kidnapping someone to play Quidditch is more a reflection on Oliver's character than it is on you, so don't worry. I'll tell you that Danny /is/ a creep, but I'm not saying anything about Noel right now. You'll just have to wait to find out :D Thanks for the review!

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Review #10, by SarahthebookwormDirty Work: Hieroglyphics of the Male Variety

29th March 2012:
Ok, so this chapter was as great as usual, but I have to say that I don't like Lexi/Noel. He seems a bit creepy, for some reason. Oliver, on the other hand is just too adorable (and obvious, too!)
Please update soon!

Author's Response: Hm... well, we'll find out about Noel soon enough. But my lips are sealed for now. But Oliver is quite adorable, isn't he? As usual, thank you for the lovely review!

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Review #11, by SarahthebookwormDirty Work: Insensitive Boys and Emotional Girls

28th March 2012:
Hilarious chapter again! Loved the whole situation in the broom closet, and McG's assumptions of it! It didn't help that oblivious Oliver couldn't keep his mouth shut, either! And Lexi kicking Oliver! It's just too funny. Loved this part, too:

"Lex, I wouldn't do that if I were you," Fred says from in front of the fireplace.

"Yeah, Ollie might get jealous," adds George. "Didn't you two just have a little tęte-á-tęte in a closet?"

"SNOG FEST!" FrednGeorge yell.

Chloe's idea for catching Andrew in the act made me laugh.
Anyway, I loved this chapter again. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Yay! I'm glad you found the chapter funny :) The whole broom closet bit was fun to write. Ah, Oliver is so oblivious, isn't he? Thank you for the review!

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Review #12, by SarahthebookwormDirty Work: You've Got (Black)Mail

28th March 2012:
This story is hilarious, just like your others! I love Lexi and her violent tendencies. I think you've nailed Quidditch-obsessed Oliver perfectly! Also, I like your characterizations of FrednGeorge so far, it really seems believable. The plot is interesting, and I can't wait to see where it goes. I would love to post my favorite parts, but it might take a little too long, and I want to review your other chapters. (:

All in all, great story so far!


Author's Response: Aw, thank you! Lexi is very fun to write :D I was a bit worried about Oliver, but I'm glad you think he's well done. Thank you so much for the lovely review! I hope you continue to enjoy the rest of the story :)

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Review #13, by SarahthebookwormMuggle Studies: A Bunch of Crushing Disappointments

16th March 2012:
This new chapter was really funny! The reason why Shelly didn't want to take Charms was unexpected, but hilarious. I love how all the different students all have their own unique, funny personalities,.
I was a bit confused at first about why this was chapter 2, but then I remembered that you said you were going to make a chapter for each month. I recognized this as the one I hadn't read yet.
Anyway, great job again, and please update as soon as you can!

Author's Response: Ahhha, I'm not going to lie after finising this chapter I was sat at my computer going 'that was... /hilarious/' for about ten minutes before I started to consider that I might be the only one who found it funny. Then I decided that I was fine with that.

Aha, I guess it is going to get pretty confusing. I was confusing myself with 'It's the forth chapter, but it's actually chapter two...' and, eaahhh... but, heh. it'll be fine.

Thanks for the lovely review!


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Review #14, by SarahthebookwormMuggle Studies: Frying the flag

8th March 2012:
I love this story!
It's too funny! Loved all the puns; they were very creative.

Don't know if you've read it, but this story kind of reminds me of "The Puzzling Prattlings of a Pulchritudinous Potions Professor"; it won the 2009 Dobby Award for best Humour Fic.

Anyway, I'll be keeping an eye on this story for updates.

Author's Response: Hey there Sarah! I'm glad you liked my puns *blushes*

Ahha, yes I have read it! Now you've said that I can sort of see a vague resemblence between the two, although I don't think I could quite pull of the funny of The Puzzling Prattlings of a Pulchritudinous Potions Professor'

Thank you very much! Hopefully they'll be an update soon :)

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Review #15, by Sarahthebookwormetc. etc. (and life goes on): A Vivid Imagination

6th March 2012:
I just love this story! I recently discovered you and so far I love the stories you write and your sense of humor. The banter Clemence and Albus share is hilarious. I also love your version of Albus; he's the best I've seen so far.

Anyway, this was just to show my appreciation of your amazing story I love it, and please continue updating!

Author's Response: Thanks! I've always been quite fascinated at the 'whole HP family's next gen growing up spoiled because of the celeb status' and how the kids would be like. I always imagined Albus to be the private one.

Hope you enjoy the rest!

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