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Review #26, by hollysmithSeven (Relatively) Fail-Safe Ways to Charm a Witch: Set the House on Fire

12th May 2012:
Ron is so hopeless, but he tries. That's all Hermione can ask for. Good stuff!

Author's Response: Haha oh it's true... And Harry's no better! Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #27, by hollysmithBeing Summer: The One with More James' Point of View

10th May 2012:
Oh Summer! Jack!? Really?? Well...Why not! I predict Jack bowing out of the situation. He seems like a good guy and when he realizes (and you hinted that he might already know) that Summer and James have a thing going on, he'll let her go. James and Summer need to apologize to each other. Both have done wrong and both have been hurt.

Author's Response: yeps, summer and jack. kind of out of the blue, but hey-ho. let's shake it up a little, chica. do you now... i will agree with you that jack is a very nice guy, and he does suspect (well, he pretty much knows) that something went on between james and summer, whether she'll admit it or not. they have indeed.

thank youu :D ellie :) xx

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Review #28, by hollysmithA Woman's Guide to Professional Quidditch: The Jacobs Family

10th May 2012:
Ahaha I love the Jacobs sisters. Dad with a shotgun was really funny too. And Mom just comes right out and says what's she's thinking. In my family it's Grandma that does that. :)

I love the bombshell from Gigi's past. I really hope James gets over himself quickly. I like that Gigi is not using him as a rebound though. That's what Fred was for right?? Hehe... Poor Freddie. Anyway, so Gigi has a past serious relationship and James is hurt that she didn't tell him. He didn't tell her about his Veela ex! I hope they work it out soon!

Author's Response: It is actually what my dad says to boyfriends that came around our house. My sisters did the same exact thing that the two did ;D. Fred was totally rebound! But Gigi is under the impression she doesn't need a rebound. Quidditch is her rebound. They will work it out bitterly, but it will still be worked out.

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Review #29, by hollysmithThe Return of James Potter: On the Run

7th May 2012:
This was a really good start. I feel like this chapter was cut short though. I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

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Review #30, by hollysmithBlack Meadows : Chapter Ten

7th May 2012:
Yeah!! So so so good. I love Dorcas. She's so great. Please update again soon.

Author's Response: Appreciated so much!

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Review #31, by hollysmithSaving Grace: February I.

7th May 2012:
I knew it! I should have called it... ugh! I really hope she's done with Max now. I love this story. Well, all of your writing really.

Author's Response: Hehe, thank you so very much hollysmith! I'm really glad you enjoyed it and, yup, /married/. :)

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Review #32, by hollysmithTeach thy Parents: A Surprise Before Christmas

6th May 2012:
I was wondering what would happen if they accidentally changed something. I really really want James, Lily and Remus to find out who the new people are. Is that bad of me? I really want them to interact on an honest basis.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review. I can understand you wanting the parents to meet their children. One of them will, possibly two.

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Review #33, by hollysmithBreaking the Quidditch Code: Sweet Sixteen

5th May 2012:
Oh my gosh!! Why is he torturing himself? JAMES! GO BE WITH AVERY! STOP MAKING YOURSELF MISERABLE! AHHH! End rant...

Great chapter. Can't wait for the next one and who hexed James.

PS: thanks for reminding me about the elf races. hehehe :)

Author's Response: I feel for James. I really do. He's so conflicted, but he knows if he just gave into Avery then things wouldnt work out again. He needs to be friends again.


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Review #34, by hollysmithSeven (Relatively) Fail-Safe Ways to Charm a Witch: Dump Frog Spawn Over Her Head

4th May 2012:
Ahahhaha!! So funny. Fav line: "That's funny, considering how I've gotten your sister pregnant twice already" Can't stop laughing!! I'm excited to read about more couples.

Author's Response: That was one of my favorite lines to come up with, actually, so I'm glad you liked it. I had been thinking about it for weeks and I was desperate to try and fit it in somewhere. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!!

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Review #35, by hollysmithAverage Ally. : Rule Number Eleven: Biting Is Allowed.

3rd May 2012:
Aww!! I really like James. He's fun and seems to care about Ally. They suit each other with their random spunkyness. I feel like Albus is too safe and boring for Ally.

Author's Response: Thanks for the lovely review XD They mean a lot to me! :}
I like James too, and Albus, I can't even pick my own favourite D:
But I agree with how they suit each other, but Albus does have a hidden side in him ;}


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Review #36, by hollysmithThe Apartment: Street Dancing

2nd May 2012:
Awesome chapter!! I loved it. I didn't really know what street dancing was at the start, but your description was great and I know exactly what they we doing. I loved all the "unintentional" flirting between them. It makes me smile. I'm curious why the boyfriend is too "shy" to go to clubs. Seems a little suspicious to me. Is he hiding Fro or hiding someone else from her?

Author's Response: Thankyou! I watched Honey 2 just before I wrote this chapter so tried to describe them dancing really;) Ah, that is for me to know and you to find out- is there anything going on or is Josh innocent?:D

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Review #37, by hollysmithThe Trouble With Life is...: Problem #11

30th April 2012:
Aww... So cute!! I love that Harry knew why she needed to get back, but didn't push her or embarrass her in anyway. Can't wait for the next chapter to see them actually together.

Author's Response: Yeah, me too! Thanks for the review!

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Review #38, by hollysmithThe Art of Surviving.: Empowerment.

29th April 2012:
Great new chapter! I love that Lily is taking control over her life and no longer just letting things happen to her. I was not expecting a tattoo. With all of the foreplay at the beginning, I was expecting lingerie. But a tattoo works too.

Author's Response: Ahhha, oh Lily. I don't think she's feeling quite that empowered just yet. Maybe if we leave it another few chapters, ahha? The tattoo's been in my plan since day one, so it was a good feeling to finally get there :D

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Review #39, by hollysmithChanging for you: I did not expect this to happen

26th April 2012:
Have you published this story before on a different website? I feel like I've read it in its entirety a few months ago. I really liked it and that's why I remember it. If this is the same story, I'm going to enjoy reading it again.

Author's Response: No, I haven't, I've only started to write this awhile ago and I've only been posting stories in this site. I hope it's not too similar to some other story though. D: I myself haven't seen one yet, so if you find the story you're referring to it would be awesome if you could link it to me. I could then make sure I don't accidentally write this to be too similar. :)

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Review #40, by hollysmithwhen life gives you lemons.: chapter 1: dragon

24th April 2012:
I'm really sorry, but I could read past the first few paragraphs. There are way too many grammar and spelling mistakes.

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Review #41, by hollysmithSilence in the Library: The Doctor

23rd April 2012:
I love the banter between Oliver and Penny. Favourite part:

"It's nice to have friendly faces in the audience when I mess up."

"I find that," Penelope said, "in Scrivenshaft's; If there's an old friend around when I accidentally sell someone incompatible ink, well, I never feel quite so embarrassed about the whole thing."

"I'll bet. Sounds traumatic."

"Pretty much."

So so so funny!!

Author's Response: Ahh, oh Penelope/Oliver banter! That's possibly been my favourite thing to write about this story, it's just been tip top fun and I've been loving it.

So glad that you're enjoying it too! It's lovely to here :D


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Review #42, by hollysmithBeing Summer: The One That Changes Everything

23rd April 2012:
Wow! Talk about everything hitting the fan. I'm with you. Nat is an idiot and Al is a jerk. So many fics on this site paint Al as the nice and humble of the two Potter boys. I think it's so refreshing to have something different. Good job on picking him to be your antagonist.

James is hurting so much. The fact that he chose to have a snogging partner and to refuse to talk about what happened with Nat, makes it obvious that he's been trying to ignore and numb the pain. Now that he told someone, other than Fred, maybe he can work through it and start to heal.

Not that James shouldn't take some of the blame here. Fav line: "Why should I have trusted you?" I asked angrily, suddenly furious that he got to sit there acting like a saint and martyr" Summer was probably saying that because she thought he was kissing Nat by the lake. But I see a double meaning there. Why should she trust him when he refused to trust her with why he broke up with Nat.

I think they need to cool off for a bit and start fresh and properly next time. No more hiding and lies. James needs to take her on a proper date; in public. He better forgive her quickly, because... because she's his lobster!!

Author's Response: indeed. pretty much everything that has happened so far went straight in the trash in this chapter ~ all the progress they had made. natalie is an enormous idiot and there is just no need for albus on the planet. thank you :) wanted to be a bit different, since there are enough cliches in this story as it is...

james is unbelievably hurt right now, which is why he reacted in the way he did. he didn't want to talk about natalie because he wanted to repress what he thought about the betrayal, and this brought it all back. hopefully now, he can heal. but he still has the summer thing to try and get over, which isn't good.

thank you for picking up on that! that's exactly right ~ it's both. yes, summer might not have deserved his trust ~ but what did he ever do to deserve hers? he didn't tell her anything, or even listen to her, most of the time. that's in the next chapter, that. :D

OH MY GOSH, FRIENDS REFERENCE?! she's his lobster... well, i can't keep them apart if she's his lobster :P

thank youuu, ellie :) xx

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Review #43, by hollysmithThe Trouble With Life is...: Problem #10

21st April 2012:
Good stuff. I really like how they both had a running count of the days. My prediction is that they're both going to meet in the park in 29 days. But, how does she know that she'll be able to leave Romania in 29 days? Am I missing something from an earlier chapter?

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing, and thanks for your thoughts! She just kind of figures that they'll be done soon. They were kinda in the middle when she came back from the mission.

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Review #44, by hollysmithA Woman's Guide to Professional Quidditch: Quidditch Banquet

20th April 2012:
Yea! Great new chapter. I loved the bit with Harry and I think he's spot on with his assessment of James. It's so funny how parents seem to know their children better than the child thinks they do. The relationship might be fake, but I think they really do have feelings for each other. However, they're probably going to be too stubborn to admit it for awhile.

Keep the updates coming. I love this story.

Author's Response: My parents are just like that. They want me to have kids, blah blah blah. The whole works. I think they will find out their feelings for one another sooner than you think ;). Thank you for stopping in and giving a review, love!

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Review #45, by hollysmithThe Trouble With Life is...: Problem #9 and #9.5

18th April 2012:
Talk about a bad weekend for Alex. I'm loving this story and can't wait for what happens next. Please update again soon!!

Author's Response: No kidding! Thanks for the review! I'll try! The next one's in the queue!

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Review #46, by hollysmithA Woman's Guide to Professional Quidditch: Expectations

28th March 2012:
Really excited about the next chapter. I'm hating the coach for assuming Gigi is pregnant. I'm really feeling bad for her being a woman in a male dominated sport. I feel like she could claim discrimination because of what he said to her.

Author's Response: the coach is completely sexist. He absolutely hates the idea of having Gigi on his team and wants to work her until she quits. Gigi knows this, which is why she's just trying extremely hard. That's another reason why she wouldn't report him: she doesn't want to be looked at as different.

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Review #47, by hollysmithLetters to L.C. : Learning the Crowleys

25th March 2012:
Hi! I really like this story. Lenny and Sirius are really cute and good for each other. Just one critique: You should work on your Britishness. Thanksgiving is an American holiday and is not celebrated in the UK. I was also a bit confused about the timing of everything. She met with Teddy in the middle of the night then ran to Hogsmede. Then started drinking at 11am? I'm guessing. I just felt like I missed out on a lot of hours. She wouldn't have been able to go shopping until morning.

Author's Response: You're absolutely right, ohmygosh! That thought didn't even cross my mind when I was writing. I'm going to go change that right now to...err... Boxing Day? Something like that. Okay, so let me explain the timing. She met Teddy at 5 am and ran to the passageway around 515-530. It took her a good hour and a half to get to Hogsmeade and into the streets undetected. She went shopping for the new outfit at 7. By 11 (once she was done shopping and the pubs were open), she started drinking and just didn't stop. Kept going until late into the night. Does that clarify it a little? I hope so.

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Review #48, by hollysmithCrazy, Weird and Occasionally Awkward: My mother... Now that's a story.

23rd March 2012:
A frickin leopard?? What? Hahaha

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Review #49, by hollysmithShe is Bravery.. : Scars on her arms and in her heart...

23rd March 2012:
Very well written. I'm interested to see where the story is going.

PS: I LOVE Superchick!!!

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Review #50, by hollysmithTimeline Lost: Chapter Two

23rd March 2012:
Really good start to a story. I was worried that Lily Potter wouldn't get along with Lily Evans. Please don't be cheesy and have her mission be to get Lily and James together.

Your story summary is confusing with regard to which Lily travels back in time. You might want to make it a little clearer.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Don't worry, her mission is not even close to that... it's much more action-packed, like a legitimate mission for The Order. :D I'll make my summary more clear on protagonist identification, thank you so much for pointing that out!

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