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Review #1, by HitsugiyaAlbus Potter and the Lost Legacy: Truce

10th November 2012:
Hi, me again! Don't know if you remember, but I reviewed Ch. 24 a little while back.
So, another adventure comes to an end...and it makes me wonder what's in store next!
I loved the closing of the story and the mystery of how Hogwarts will change, it's quite ominous.
Also, like in the original series, the stories get darker and more mysterious. No longer is the central plot the four boys trying to discover the secrets of the Marauder's Map, but a dark government conspiracy involving of lies, deception, and escaped convicts. In fact, I would say your story is not exactly a book(don't take that the wrong way), but a series of brilliant ideas.
And looking toward the future of the series, I see romance, most likely. There is an extremely great set-up for some love within the group.
Also, just one question: maybe I'm missing something obvious, but why is the story called The Lost Legacy?
That's everything for now! Really, really can't wait for part 5! :)

Author's Response: Hi! I'm glad you liked the ending of this one so much. I was definitely going for an ominous, mysterious ending. They will continue to get darker as the boys get older since I wanted to mimic the HP series.

There actually won't be much romance in this. I don't like to focus on romance since there's so much of it out there. There will be dates here and there, starting with the next one, but no huge romancy plot lines. And I'm not planning on pairing any of my main characters with other main characters.

The story is called the Lost Legacy because the Potters and Weasleys have a sort of legacy in the Ministry and the wizarding world (what with Harry defeating Voldemort and all), but since Percy lost and Harry got demoted, the legacy is lost. For now. ;) Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #2, by HitsugiyaAlbus Potter and the Lost Legacy: Precautions

15th August 2012:
Ok, so I know I haven't written any reviews for you yet, but I just caught up with the Albus series, and I'm really happy!
I have so much to say, but I guess I'll start with this: Your fic is amazing! I love it!
I'm gushing, I know, but really like your Albus series! I've been reading and trying to catch up (for God knows how long), and I finally made it. There's so much great stuff about your fic.
But, I think out of all the things about your fic, the best by far is your OC's. You're really good at developing them, and now I can see Matt, John, Kaden and Amanda (not to mention the villains) just as clearly as I can see Harry, Ron, and Hermione. You really paint a picture, honest.
Also, I hope you don't mind me asking: how old were you when you started the Albus series? It's just that I have a fic I've been working on, as well, but I'm not sure how old the HPFF community generally is (and if I'm concidered old enough). Also, I have a suggestion. Did you ever think about a fic about Matt's dad and Uncle Jack and how they looked for the Hallows, before Matt was born? You totally don't have to listen to me, but that idea just kind of hit me when I was reading Path Left Untrodden. But really, this is one of the best Next-Gen fics on the site, and I hope that someday one of your Albus stories or any of your other stories gets a Dobby. I think that you deserve one, I really do. One more thing: when do you generally update? That's all, and keep it up, plez! :)

Author's Response: Aww, thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it so much. That means a lot. I adore writing my OCs since they offer so much in terms of character development. I'm glad you like them!

The HPFF community spans all ages. It's against the rules to state one's age specifically, so if you join, make sure not to do that. I was in my late teens when I started this series, but I know people of all ages who have started FFs. As for whether you're old enough to join, I assume you're fairly young since you asked, so ask your parents. We don't have an age requirement and the rules make it a safe community for younger members, but it's always best to ask your parents if you're young.

I did have a thought of writing about Matt's dad and uncle Jack looking for the Hallows. It's still in my mind, but I haven't had a huge desire to work on it, so I'm not sure it'll ever happen.

I hope to win a Dobby one day, too! I update this story on Fridays. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #3, by HitsugiyaHopes,Dreams and Reality: Finding Hope in Doom

17th July 2012:
This is easily the best chapter yet.
You really captured Sirius' feelings there.
I am really looking forward to Chapter 4, so please update soon!
10/10, once again.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!
I think you will like Chapter 4. I submitted it yesterday,so it should be validated within the next few days!

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Review #4, by HitsugiyaWithout a Trace: Angels

28th June 2012:
I was planning on reviewing on the latest chapter when i caught up, but this chapter was to amazing.
This is not only the last place i expected to find the Doctor vs. Sherlock, but the best one.
Also, the Weeping Angels are my favorite DW monster, and you've made the story completely original so far.
Keep it up and pleeeaase don't abandoned!
Fantastic idea, as well.

Author's Response: I'm so sorry for abandoning it! Thanks for the review though and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #5, by HitsugiyaHopes,Dreams and Reality: Worry Warts

27th June 2012:
Great, once again.
You did excellent in capturing what Gremauld Place feels like in the book, which is excellent.
Nearly no grammer errors, but I think the second paragraph should have been cut into smaller sentences, not just one big one.
Other than that, no visible mistakes.
But, honestly, really fantastic fic so far!
Can't wait for chapter 3!

Author's Response: Thank you! Sorry it took me so long to write,I was away for a few weeks. I hope you enjoy this next chapter as much as the previous two! I will try and submit it today.

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Review #6, by HitsugiyaAdventure : In a faraway land...

20th June 2012:
Fantastic short story!
This has basically everything you look for in a one-shot-a nice plot, a little misleading the reader, and even some humor at the end.
I found myself grinning like an idiot in the second half!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I'm so glad you liked it, and I'm glad you stopped by to review. I'm so thrilled, Thank you.


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Review #7, by HitsugiyaHopes,Dreams and Reality: Dark and Cold Gets Worse

19th June 2012:
This is a fantastic fan fic that I am looking forward to following. Can't wait for more, so please update soon!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you like it! The second chapter will be validated soon,and although it is not as good as the first,and not as long as I'd hoped,I hope you like it anyway! Thank you for following my story and the third chapter should be better.

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