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Review #26, by ScarletEye158Shades of Green: Hufflepuff and Proud

7th April 2013:
Hey Lauren! You thought this was bad? Heck no, I thought it was awesome! :)

This was a really cool story to read. I liked reading it from Cedric's POV because we didn't get to see too much of him in the 4th book and it was nice seeing how someone else interpreted the task. Even though we got to see how Harry saw it, I liked being able to see his view :)

I really liked the way you focused on the green throughout the whole story, too. I can totally understand why Cedric would have hated the color and it just sucks for him to have to die seeing it :(

I also really liked how frantic you made all of Cedric's thoughts seem. The constant thoughts of "Just keep going. Just keep going." made him seem completely terrified and showed that he was pushing himself to get the cup because he wanted it so bad.

I loved how loyal you had him being towards his house! He obviously wanted Hufflepuff to get some glory for once and I actually feel really bad for him that he didn't win :/ You did a great job with all of his emotions and I really liked this story :)

Nice job, Flobberworm! ;D


Author's Response: Hi Flobberworm!

First of all, sorry for taking this long to reply! I really appreciate the review though, it's so lovely!

I really enjoy Cedric in the books and so that's what made me want to do this. The green came from the light the spell creates but then it worked even better with the maze so I'm glad you thought it worked well!

One thing I was sure about with Cedric is that he had to be loyal so I'm so happy you both picked up on this and liked it!

Thanks so much for leavng such an amazingly lovely review! It means a lot!

Lauren :)

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Review #27, by ScarletEye158The Mysterious Case of the Twin Wands: II. Parvarti Patil

7th April 2013:
Hey Ral, I'm back :)

This was another really good chapter! I feel really bad for Parvati... Either she's lying (which I don't think she is) or someone framed her! I wonder who it could've been...

Haha Auror Scorpius is awesome. I felt bad that he was the one who had to do the interrogations by himself, especially because he was so exhausted! I understand why he had to do it, it would've looked bad of Harry or Ron interviewed her, but I still felt sorry for him :P

I like how you introduced the team of Aurors, too. It wasn't too overwhelming or anything and we got to meet some of the people who Harry works with :) I'm assuming we'll see them more throughout the story so it's good that you introduced them early!

Oh my gosh, cliffhanger! Another dead person? What's going on?! This story is definitely getting really interesting and I'm excited to read more!


Author's Response: I was on a sadistic rampage on the first chapters of this and people were dropping like leaves in the fall!

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing my dear! It really means a lot to me!

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Review #28, by ScarletEye158The Time of Day: The Time of Day

7th April 2013:
Hey there!

I thought this was a really interesting one-shot! I wasn't quite sure what this was going to be about because your summary didn't give much away, but as I kept reading, I was finally able to piece everything together. I really love stories that have me a little confused in the beginning and then make me have that "oh!" moment, so I really did enjoy this :)

Your descriptions were all very nice and I liked the little things you added to each character to make them seem believable. The holes on Severus' neck was the one that really stood out to me and it was a small description, but I really thought it added a lot :)

I also thought that the fact that Severus came back as a child was really interesting. It was probably one of his more happier moments in his life being at that age (even though his family wasn't the best) but it made a lot of sense for him to come back at that age.

I loved the fact that James let Lily go and comfort Sev, too. I know it must have been hard for him to accept that she wanted to help him but it was a really nice thing to do for her because I think Lily needed it as much as Sev did.

Your ending really got to me and had me a little teary, actually. I thought when she said "Always," to him, it was the perfect send off and was a really sweet thing for her to do.

Anyways, I really liked this and thought you did an amazing job with it :)


Author's Response: Thank you so much, Amanda! I'm so glad you liked the story. I didn't want to give too much away in the summary, but I'm happy that everything seemed to fall into place by the end.

I'm inclined to think the same thing -- that even with his family, Snape was probably happiest in those early years of knowing Lily. He didn't have a good childhood, but at least he had her for a little while.

I'm so glad you liked the bit with James. He wasn't really necessary to the plot, but I put him in there to show that just because Lily cares for Snape doesn't make her love James any less. And Harry was his son too -- letting Lily go to Snape without argument was James's way of saying thank you for what the man had done to protect Harry.

I love that this one word has become so integral to the pair. I just couldn't resist putting it in.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. It was such a lovely surprise!

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Review #29, by ScarletEye158Rasputin: Severus Snape

6th April 2013:
Hey there! This was a really good one-shot! :)

I couldn't tell at all through this story that Snape was one of your least favorite characters! I think you definitely did him justice and didn't make your story biased on how you actually felt about him. Something I find really hard to do :P

The story on Rasputin was really interesting. I liked the way Sev's mom told him the story and how she connected it to his father. It definitely make sense that Snape would want to become the next Rasputin and you pieced that together very well :)

I also really liked how you connected Sev's father as the sole reason he hated Muggles. It definitely makes perfect sense and I just feel bad he had to grow up with him :/

This was an interesting story because it didn't have much of Lily in it. Even though it did mention her quite a bit, I liked how it was more focused on Sev and how his hatred of Muggles and fascination with Rasputin developed.

Great one shot! It was nice to read :)


Author's Response: Oh my gosh, I'm so glad that my dislike for Snape wasn't too obvious. He IS an interesting character, so no matter what, I want to do justice to his complexity.

I'm really glad that you liked it! I always figured that Severus's hatred for Muggles had to come from somewhere, and it would make sense for it to come from his father, much like Voldemort, except Voldemort can't love and Snape can. I really did want to limit Lily's involvement in this because although she was really important to his life, I feel like there's a lot more to Severus than just his feelings for her.

Thanks so much for your wonderful review!(:

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Review #30, by ScarletEye158Double Trouble: Friday: Slimeballs and Almost Heart Attacks

6th April 2013:
Yay, a new chapter! You don't know how long I've been waiting for this :p

Gah, you write Lorcan and Lysander so well! They are such cute little boys and I love how realistic you make them :) I also like that you don't have them coming up with all of the pranks on their own. It's very believable that they're copying James and getting help from George. They are both still very clever little boys but it wouldn't have been as realistic if they made up all the pranks by themselves :p

Ah, poor Teddy. He's such a sweetheart! He's so nice to have taken up this job and also for telling George not to call them/his parents crazy. I hope things go better for him, yet then again I kind of don't... These are some really funny pranks and I really enjoy reading them ;)

Please update soon, I need more of this cute-ness!


Author's Response: I'm sorry I kept you waiting so long! The next chapters are planned, so hopefully they won't take as long. It all depends on writing now...

Thank you, I'm so happy that you like the twins. I try to keep them and the situation with Ted as realistic as possible. I have family of all ages, so I kind of know what to expect, but I still worry. You just know they're copying James and George; pranking is a natural part of Weasley life... And Ted was warned. ;)

He's such a good person. Too good. The twins crush all goodness... Maybe. I guess we'll see what happens. :P

More pranks to come! Thank you so much for leaving a review.


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Review #31, by ScarletEye158Proud to be a Lupin: Proud to be a Lupin

6th April 2013:
Awww this was soo adorable! Your summary made me squee and I knew I had to come read this :)

Teddy was such a cutie! I can totally see why he'd want to be a Weasley because everyone around him was and I thought it made a great plot point!

I thought you did really well with writing Teddy as a little boy. He seemed just childish enough but then still had some knowledge and maturity to understand why he wanted to change and figure out that he was different than everyone else.

Ah, I loved Vic! She definitely had the veela-ish way about her (I could tell from you nice descriptions) so I wasn't surprised that she was the one that would be able to get Teddy to see sense and make him come down. The foreshadowing you had with the "not being able to marry Ginny if Harry was a Weasley" was so good! I could tell where she was going with it and I actually said "aww!" out loud :p

The scene at the end where they were all together for the wedding was really nice. I'm glad all of the cousins were there and getting ready together and I can't blame them for not liking Vic's wedding colors :P

I thought you ended your one-shot perfectly! It was so sweet and I'm so glad I read this! I really needed a nice fluffy fic to read (:


Author's Response: Thank you for such an awesome review! It's lovely of you!
I'm glad I got the maturity right, because I was a bit unsure of how intelligent to make him, so thank you for noticing that :)
Aha, Vic is one of my favourite characters - probably because I know what it's like having loads of little cousins! I'm glad you liked her, in all of her veelaishness.
I love a good ol' wedding, so I couldn't resist putting one in at the end! Thank you for such a sweet, brilliant review - you're awesome :D

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Review #32, by ScarletEye158In My Dying Breath: In My Dying Breath

6th April 2013:
Oh my goodness Alli, this was so good! I think you matched Snape's character perfectly and you did a great job with expressing his emotions and memories.

All of the memories you showed really gave me chills. They seemed so realistic and something that could have been canon for the both of them :) I loved the way you wrote their friendship and even though I ship Lily/James, this really had me pulled towards Lily/Snape :)

I feel so unbelievably bad for Snape and really wished it could have turned out better for him. I'm just glad he was able to show Harry that he wasn't all bad. I liked the short interactions between those two as well, especially how intense the stare into Harry's eyes was.

This was such a wonderful one shot and I'm so glad I read t!


Author's Response: Hi Amanda!

I was really worried about my characterization of both Snape and Lily in this story so I'm glad you thought Snape was in character. I tried to focus on the fact that they did have a strong friendship despite Snape secretly wanting more for so many years. I love Lily/James as well, but I can certainly see Lily/Snape working too if Snape wouldn't have joined the Death Eaters. I'm glad you liked the ending with Snape looking into Harry's eyes since it's such an essential part of the story. Thank you for your incredibly kind review!


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Review #33, by ScarletEye158The Girl Next Door: Prologue

5th April 2013:
Oh my goodness, Katie, this was such a good first chapter! You did a really nice job at setting up Sirius' and Lexi's characters since they were so young and it was really sweet to see how they interacted with each other :)

I feel so bad for both of them! They both have horrible families and I'm just glad they both found each other to talk to :) so Sirius was a second year at the end of this chapter then, right? I think I got it but just making sure :)

Oh my gosh what happened to her?! Sirius must be extremely worried and hurt because he doesn't seem like the type of person to cry over just anything! I really hope she's okay and Sirius finds out where she went... The part when he realized that the hole was closed up almost broke my heart and I just wanna cry for him :/

Ahhh, please please please update this soon! It's sooo good(:


Author's Response: Thank you so much, Amanda! (Especially for taking the time to type that lovely review on your phone!) Thank you so much! I didn't want to overdo the angst so I tried to make it have lighter moments, and I'm glad you thought it was sweet!

Technically, yes. This chapter ends the day before Sirius goes to Hogwarts to start his second year. :) (Don't worry, timelines are always the bane of my existence!)

You'll have to read on to find out! ;) Ah, I know! That part was so hard to write, because I really wanted to put my hands through my computer screen to hug little Sirius! :3

Ahhh, I definitely will! I keep feeling terrible over how long it's been since I updated! Thanks so much for reviewing! ♥

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Review #34, by ScarletEye158Burning Bright: Fading Fast

5th April 2013:
Hey there! This was a very nicely written story :)

I can definitely relate to you about wondering what Regulus was thinking. That's the one thing I always think about when I hear Regulus' name and I always feel really bad for him :/

I'm really glad you added in the parts about Regulus wanting to make Sirius proud. Everyone has at least one person in their life who they want to make proud and I could definitely see Sirius being that person in Regulus' life. :')

I really loved that you compared both Sirius and Regulus to stars, since both of them were actually named after them. It was a really nice metaphor and I thought it was a very clever thing to do!

This was such a bitter sweet story and I'm really glad I read it. I feel so bad for Regulus, but I'm also really glad he started to change and he wanted to make his big brother proud :')


Author's Response: Hi Amanda!

I'm glad that you could relate to him, and in a weird way I'm glad that you feel sorry for him, as I feel he's such a tragic character and deserves to be pitied.

I'm glad that you liked the bit about Sirius, I always found their relationship an interesting one, and I thought it would be somewhat realistic that he still felt some loyalty towards him.

Haha I wasn't too sure about the star thing, as a lot of people have already done it, but it was fun to include, so it's good that you liked it. Thank you for this lovely review,

-Kiana ;D

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Review #35, by ScarletEye158The Mysterious Case of the Twin Wands: I. Dedalus Diggle

4th April 2013:
Oh wow, this was awesome, Ral!

I really love the plot! Especially since it takes place after the war and nothing like this has happened since then. I also really like how you have Scorpius an Auror with Harry and Ron :) I love Scorpius an hope maybe he and Rose can be together! (Too far ahead? Yeah? Okay...) :P

Aww, I loved Teddy! He's probably one of my favorite characters and I'm glad he's following in his parents footsteps.

Oh wow, what a cliffhanger! Parvati?! I definitely need to keep reading this and find out what happens next!

So good, can't wait to read more!

Nice job, my little flobberworm! ;)


Author's Response: I love Rose and Scorpius together too!

Thank you so much for the review and the lovely words! They make me really happy!

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Review #36, by ScarletEye158The Blossoming: Hermione's Hideaway

15th March 2013:
Hey, I'm back! :D

This was also another really well written chapter! I love the way you make the story seem so flawless. The story flows so nicely, especially the parts where Hermione is in her office and walking around the house by herself. The descriptions make it so easy to follow and I'm never confused by your writing :)

Gah, Ron is so cute! Ron/Hermione are my absolute favorite pairing and your line "You can keep your Romeos and Casanovas', murmured Hermione, 'I've got Ron Weasley, and I love him." made me smile absurdly huge and my mom laughed at me for it :P I'm glad they were able to stick together and obviously have grown to love each other so much < 3

I really liked all of your background information about Hermione's job, especially the part where she used to work with Luna. It added a lot to the story without being overwhelming. I'm so happy you had her continuing with S.P.E.W because I honestly couldn't see her giving up on that.

all in all, great chapter! I'm excited to see how the party at the Burrow goes (:


Author's Response: Hi again! Aw, such lovely comments... Thank you so much ♥ It's really good to hear that you find it easy to follow, I find that very important to being able to enjoy a story!

Yay, Ron/Hermione forever! I'm glad they made you smile. And the way you phrase it - that they've "grown to love each other so much" is so perfect. Many people rubbish their relationship because at the end of the books, they've only just officially got together and still have a long way to go in establishing their relationship as more than friends, but you've got it so right... they grow together, and their love deepens, and they get to know each other on a whole different level.

Yay for S.P.E.W! Hermione will always be Hermione, there's no two ways about it.

Thanks again!

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Review #37, by ScarletEye158The Blossoming: A Cake For Freddie

15th March 2013:
Aw, Sarah this is so sweet! I'm so glad I came to read one of your stories :)

I really, really like your portrayal of Molly. She seemed very Cannon to me and I loved it < 3 Your descriptions of her were really lovely and fit her perfectly. Her working in the kitchen is definitely the place she loves to be and it seemed like the perfect place to have the start of your story placed :)

Oh my goodness little Mop is so sweet :) Where did you come up with that nick name? lol, I love it! The way you had her interacting with Percy almost broke my heart from cute-ness. I love when dads and their daughters are sweet together (;

I liked your portrayal of Audrey, too. She seemed like a nice woman and I'm glad Percy met and her. She seemed to have calmed him down and it's awesome that she helped him with his job and become a candidate for Minster of Magic :)

So just curious, who are the other grandchildren that are born already? I'm sure you will answer this in other chapters but I'm a very curious person :P

Also, is Freddie born already? I was a bit confused on that part... I know they already obviously picked a name but I wasn't sure if he was already born or if they were having a party to announce the name.

This was so great! Amazing first chapter and I'm so excited to read the next ones! :D


Author's Response: Hi! Thank you for coming by to read and review the first chapter of my big WIP. I'm so sorry I've taken a really long time to respond to reviews.

This chapter actually might be up for a bit of revision and editing soon, so it's really helpful to see that I could be clearer about Freddie in this first chapter.

Well, I just LOVE Molly Weasley. She's in my top 5 favourite characters, and every now and then is number 1.

Mop is adorable, right?! Haha. Well, I find it quite tricky, this habit the family have of naming their babies after other family members, so I didn't want to call her Molly. I just had this image of this mop of curly hair, and this toddler scooting around on the floor after her mum... And so Mop came to be! Aw, Percy. I'd like to think that despite his failings, he would have picked up on how to be a good dad from Arthur's example.

Haha I'm guessing I don't have to answer the question now that you've read on, but I will anyway! So, Harry and Ginny have James. Fred and Angelina have Freddie. Percy and Audrey have Mop, and Lucy is well on her way. Bill and Fleur have Victoire and Dominique.

Thanks so much for coming by, it does mean a lot to me to get feedback on this story!

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Review #38, by ScarletEye158To be a Gryffindor: To be a Gryffindor

15th March 2013:
Hey there!

I really liked the way you wrote this :) The POV was really interesting!

I also really liked your plot. I feel like a lot of people ignore this part of the aftermath of the War and I hate that. It's something that happens to a lot of people after and I'm really glad you touched on that in this story. The way you wrote it seemed very realistic to me :)

I liked the way you portrayed Katie. I haven't read many stories about her (I usually read Next Gen) but the way you portrayed her and added in parts of HBP made her seem very cannon to me.

Oliver was so sweet! I'm glad he was able to help her see that life wasn't so bad and that it was okay to move forward. :)

I know this was only a one-shot and that it needed to move by fast but one thing I think if you ever edited this would be to maybe drag it out a bit. People don't move on from things they're that afraid of that fast, so maybe if you could add in something like "It took a few weeks but Oliver started getting through to Katie. He showed up at her door one day and Katie finally allowed him to lead her out of her house." I think it'd be a bit more believable if you did something like that :)

Really really good, I'm glad I read this!


Author's Response: Hey back!

I just realized that I never replied to this awesome review! I'm so sorry :(

Thank you a million times for all the feedback, it's really helpful and made my day!

I always look at next gen stories and wonder how everyone turned out so well. I mean, they must have all been through unbearable trauma in the battle, so when i saw the Phobia challenge I knew I needed to write some aftermath.

I'm really glad that you liked it and that it turned out so well.

You're totally right about people not getting over things that quickly, so thank you for the feedback and I will certainly take it into account if I edit this anytime soon.

Thank you again and again for reading and reviewing.
You're the best.

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Review #39, by ScarletEye158Merry Go Round: Merry Go Round

8th March 2013:
Wow. That is literally all I can say. Let me go compose myself before I actually start to review this!

Okay, I'm back!

This story really hit home for me. I'm currently going through a similar situation but I don't really understand why I'm putting myself through it...

You did a really good job with characterizing Lily. She seemed a little wishy washy and unsure about everything but that made her very relate able. It's a lot easier to relate to somebody who's confused and going through a hard time rather than someone who is unbelievably strong and sure of themselves because a lot of people AREN'T sure of themselves. People have a lot of weaknesses and this OC is definitely Lily's.

I can already tell you, even though I don't know him, that I hate him. Anyone who leaves, comes back when he feels like it, messes around with other people and eventually leaves again doesn't deserve to be with someone who has so much love to give. And the fact that Lily acknowledges herself as his 'plaything' makes me really sad because she downgrades herself into something far less than she is.

I loved the way you wrote this too by the way. The short sentences, sometimes one word sentences added a lot even though they didn't say much. It showed just how choppy and lonely her thoughts were. Whoever this guy is he had a lot of control over her.

The flow of this was really nice and I didn't really find anything grammatically incorrect or awkward. You really did this type of story/topic justice and I'm really glad I read it.

Definitely one to add to the favorites! < 3


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Review #40, by ScarletEye158Infinity: Mine

8th March 2013:
Wow, this was heartbreaking. I should've known when it said it was a Fred story that it was going to end up with me in tears!

You did a really nice job with setting up the characters. We didn't really get to see into Fred's mind in the books but I thought you stuck to his personality really well. :) I liked how he was in part II. We never really got to see a fluffy/lovey side of Fred and I thought it was really sweet. I could tell he loved her with all of his heart < 3

I really liked Savannah, too. You made her a very believable character which is hard to do with a OC in a one-shot. The memories/scenes were all well written and staged really well and I felt like I knew her pretty well even though I really didn't.

Man, I felt so bad for her and George at the end. It must have been terrible for her to be sitting there waiting for him, not knowing if he would return. I'm sure she didn't know the extent of what was going on and what Fred was fighting for so that was probably the worst part :/ and poor George! It must have been hell to have to break that to Savannah. They both loved him so much :( I hope they were both able to grieve with each other!

gah, this was just so good! It had a really nice flow and didn't have any awkward transitions and I loved it :) Thanks for the lovely read!


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Review #41, by ScarletEye158Anamnesis: Anamnesis

8th March 2013:
Oh my goodness, this was so beautiful! I'm so glad I came to read it < 3

The second person POV was great! I've never really read second person story before but I absolutely adored this. You had some really great descriptions in this story and I loved how you kept mentioning that pink reminded Fleur of Dominique because of the flowers. It was a small, yet very powerful symbol.

The mother daughter relationship in here was really sweet :) I can imagine Fleur bonded so well with Dom because of how much they were alike and I'm glad you mentioned Vic and Louis in this as well. Contrasting the three of them really had me wondering about them and the relationship between them and their mother too.

I'm not going to lie, I teared up a bit when I realized Fleur had either dementia or Alzheimer's. The fact that she recognized her but was confused because she was trapped in her old memories was so sad :( she was so utterly confused but she didn't know why. I do have to applaud you on how you wrote her though. No body really knows what goes through the mind of somebody who's got this illness but you made it very believable and realistic.

So, so, so good! very lovely read! < 3


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Review #42, by ScarletEye158Face for the Brave: Face for the Brave

8th March 2013:
Wow, this was beautiful. Neville is such an interesting character and one of my favorites < 3 You did a really good job writing him!

I liked how you used the quotes throughout the story to show how Neville thought about Gryffindor and what defined them. He must have thought about it a lot throughout his life and the fact that he thought about it that much in that little part of the war shows that it meant a lot to him.

You had a lot of really good descriptions in here. I particularly liked this part:

"Something inside him grew stronger, a burning wishing to burst forth as he gazed upon the faces he knew; these were his friends, these were his peers."

I could literally feel the heat while thinking about how angry, upset and exhausted he was. I couldn't imagine having to go through that.

I also really liked being able to see Neville's perspective about the war. It's always interesting to see how other people react/think of certain things and after reading Harry's POV so many times throughout the war it's really cool to see how someone else thinks of it :)

It was really sweet how Neville finally felt like a true Gryffindor after he put the hat on for a second time. Something just clicked inside him and he realized what it truly meant and it was very powerful and cool to me how you used fire as a metaphor for him.

all in all, really good one-shot. I loved it :)


Author's Response: Thank you very much! I've never really written Neville more than a brief side character before this this was most definitely out of the box for me. The fact that he is one of your favorites and you complimented me so says a lot to me.

This story made me think about different characters and how they alter Harry's story is so many ways. Without Neville the books could have ended drastically different. Because of this, I have a few other one-shot ideas brewing that I would like to pursue.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful review.

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Review #43, by ScarletEye158Battle Scars: Battle Scars

8th March 2013:
Hey there! :)

Man, I gotta tell you, I really loved this story. You never really see too many stories about what the characters went through directly after the war and you did a really good job with it.

Your characterization of Neville was really good and I'm really glad (I sound horrible for saying this) that you gave him some depression/anxiety. It made him a really relate able character and made it very believable.

I've always sort of have mixed feelings about Snape being considered as big of a hero as everyone thinks he is so I'm glad this story touched on it. I know he had to act like a Death Eater in order to protect Harry and the rest of the Wizarding world but he didn't have to be soo harsh to everyone, especially Neville while he was doing it. I'm sure if Neville got to see the memories that Harry saw he might feel a bit differently but you can't exactly make the feelings of being bullied and harassed for years go away that easily.

I really liked the part after he read the paper and was trying to talk himself up about being seen as a hero to kids in the future. It's really good that he acknowledges all he has done and is honorable to himself to call himself a hero. I hate when people are too modest about the good things they have done!

Ahhh, I'm so happy you added Hannah in this story! Neville and Hannah are one of my favorite pairings and it's just so sweet how they are able to lean on each other to get through and move forward with everything :) It was funny when Neville tried to lie to Hannah and say the memorial was "nice" and for her to go and get mad at him for saying that. They both went through so much together and I'm glad they're able to bond over it.

This was so, so good and I'm really glad I stopped by and read this :) thanks for the great read!


Author's Response: Hello there!!

Why I am so thrilled that you stopped by to review my story!

I think it is important to portray mental illness in a truthful way, and I have had this discussion a few times, but a lot of people just write the trio and supportive characters as totally ok after the war, and I just don't think that would be the case. I think there could be a fair amount of PTSD or something like that where they would struggle psychologically for a while.

I thought this story would be hard for me to write since I am such a huge Snape fan, but it really wasn't because he really was awful to Neville and there's no reason why Neville should ever be expected to consider him a hero.

Hannah has really become one of my favorite parts of the story and it was really nice to kind of give this a happy ending of sorts. Or, well a hopeful ending anyway!

Thank you so much for your review!!

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Review #44, by ScarletEye158A Bottleful of Cunning: A Bottleful of Cunning

8th March 2013:
Hey there!

This was a really interesting story! I've never really read a Pansy centered fic before but I really enjoyed this one (:

I loved the little plot that Pansy conjured up right from the beginning. Trying to win over Draco with Fleix Felicis is definitely something she would do! I thought you did really well with writing her and even though we didn't see much of her in the books I thought you stuck to her character pretty well.

The foreshadowing of Blaise being her 'true love' throughout the story was brilliant. Every time she would come in contact with him and then go on and complain about Draco broke my heart! He tried to help her with finding Draco even though he liked her. So sweet :)

All of the house points parts made me laugh. You had some very clever scenes. I particularly loved the one with Trelawney :P I love how you had Felix coming up with all of those as obstacles to keep her away from Draco and had Blaise keep popping up. She was so oblivious to it but I love how she added up 2 and 2 in the end and figured it out :)

The flow of your story went really well and I wasn't confused at any points. Your grammar and spelling was good and I didn't find any mistakes. (That always makes me really happy, lol :P)

Like I said before, I've never read a Pansy story before but you made me some-what like her with this story ;) I might have to look for more Pansy/Blaise stories! Thanks for the awesome read, I really enjoyed it :)


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Review #45, by ScarletEye158Loyalty and Honor: Loyalty and Honor

4th March 2013:
Hey there!

Wow, I really liked this :) I thought you had some really good descriptions throughout the story. Those, mixed with the style of writing you used made a very interesting read; something I've never quite read before.

The use of the specific words over and over again really added a lot of emphasis and character. Sirius obviously knew what he was doing wrong, didn't care, and then decided against it again. The internal struggles he was going through really touched me and I felt bad for him :(

You did a very good job with his character too, by the way. He was always a very loyal and honorable person so I'm really glad you wrote him like this and had him give up Lily so that James would be happy. He didn't need to do that, yet I definitely couldn't see him doing anything differently.

I also liked how you kept the characters a secret until the very end. It kept me very interested to see what was going to happen and even though you didn't say their names, you didn't have to. It was very obvious to anyone who knows Harry Potter yet it wasn't predictable. Does that make any sense? lol.

anyways, great story! I could never pull off a writing style like this but you did it perfectly!


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Review #46, by ScarletEye158Achilles Heel: Sixth Year

4th March 2013:
Aw, they got together! How sweet! I really want to know how that happened though so expect me to see me at your other story too :P

I don't know how you did it but you made a 4 chapter story seem like a novel! I really felt connected to the characters and it was cool to watch them grow up in such a short amount of time! You appropriately handled their personalities growing as they got older and I thought that was really good :) nice job!

I don't know if I said this in my other reviews or not but I really liked the way you handled Scorpius. He was totally unlike his father in so many ways and I loved that he wasn't the 'typical Slytherin' who goes around picking fights with everyone. I felt like Rose did that more than he did which is pretty ironic to me xD

Another thing I don't think I mentioned before was how well this whole story flowed together. Even though you were switching between a few years in chapters 2 and 3 it flowed so easily and didn't have any awkward traditions. The chapters all ended very nicely and I'm glad the very last one ended where Scorpius loved Rose instead of hating her like the rest of them. It was a nice change ;)

Thanks for this awesome read! I can't wait to start your other story now :D


Author's Response: Aw, thank you! I'm sorry it's taken me so long to respond to your lovely reviews, but I'm really glad you enjoyed it and I hope that if you got to CINAS, you enjoyed that, too. :)

I've always kind of seen Gryffindors as more likely to pick fights than Slytherins, honestly - it seems to me like Slytherins use their brains and common sense more, where Gryffindors are a lot more likely to be overwhelmed by their Feelings. People who are overwhelmed by their feelings tend to pick more fights, in my experience. :P

Thank you so much for your lovely review! I'm really glad you liked it so much!

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Review #47, by ScarletEye158Achilles Heel: Fourth and Fifth Year

3rd March 2013:
Yay, he's finally admitting to himself that he's attracted to her! I just feel bad for him because he's soo confused and conflicted about it lol. Liking someone/being attracted to someone should be a positive thing, Scorpius!

I love how at the beginning at some of the years you start with a memory of the summer. I almost forgot that he was on the train when you started with the Fifth Year and was immersed in the memory of him being at Albus' house and drooling over Rose.

You know, you are very good at staying true to your characters. I haven't seen 1 slip up with their personalities and I really love that. sometimes you find characters changing throughout stories to please the readers but I like that you still have Rose being a complete jerk to everyone (or Scorpius, I don't really know how she interacts with other people:P)

The way you slip in random books that Noah is reading makes me laugh, too. I can tell these are some of your favorites? :)

Your writing is so flawless and I never really find any mistakes. I'm excited but a little sad to read the next/last chapter. I've grown really fond of these characters! :O

Once again, great chapter!


Author's Response: Poor Scorpius - I felt bad for him, too! Liking someone should usually be a positive, but I guess we can't really blame Scorpius for feeling a little conflicted, given how Rose acts around him. (And she's definitely much worse around him - she can be pretty charming overall, though she does sometimes have the tact and social skills of an agoraphobic lobster.)

The books I have Noah read are definitely some of my favorites, haha.

Thank you so much for your lovely review!

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Review #48, by ScarletEye158Achilles Heel: Second and Third Year

3rd March 2013:
I really love how you're making all of these scenes on the train. I've never read anything like this before. It's really interesting :D (and just so you know, I for some reason cannot right a train scene to save my life so you are making me incredibly jealous right now :P)

Hahah, I love all of these interactions with Rose and Scorpius. Obviously they aren't going to be friends any time soon, but I love that they pick fights with each other over stupid things. It really brings back some childhood memories :o

I also liked how you added in subtly what house everyone was in, especially without doing it in a 'telling' way. It was just casually brought up in conversation. What house is Noah in though? It's probably going to come up in the future chapters but I'm just a very impatient person ;P

I love the way you had the Malfoys kind of wary of sending Scorpius to the Potter's house at first. Obviously Draco should feel kind awkward about it. I'm just glad Harry was mature enough to see past everything that happened and assured him it was okay. I really can't see Harry holding a grudge for too long about stuff like that & I'm just happy you stuck to his character so well :)

Really good chapter, nice job! (:


Author's Response: Oh, I'm glad you like the train scenes! I honestly really struggled with them at first, because I was afraid that I'd write them too similar and they'd end up dragging. I'm glad that you feel like I succeeded in making them interesting and fun.

I'm also really glad that you liked the way I worked in everyone's House - I've never been a big fan of just telling readers what House characters are in instead of working it into a conversation, and I tried really hard to avoid that. Ditto Harry's grudge or lack thereof - I feel like in a lot of next-gen fics, the animosity between the trio and Draco is a little overstated. I doubt they've become best friends, but come on, they're probably not coming to blows every time they meet, you know?

Noah is a Slytherin. :)

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Review #49, by ScarletEye158Achilles Heel: First Year

3rd March 2013:
This seems like it'll make a very interesting story :) I like the way you characterized everyone in here and stuck to their personalities so well. The fact that you were able to write first years so flawlessly makes me jealous... I find that age so hard to write! :P

I really like how you were able to keep me guessing but gave me enough information in this chapter to keep me satisfied. I'm really curious as to what house Rose and Al (along with Scorpius and Noah) will be sorted into and whether Scorpius and Rose will ever be friends.

I thought it was so cute when Albus said that he wanted to get to know new people and stay with Scorpius and Noah. Usually kids that age want to stick with familiarity and would've gone with their family but it shows that he's different and more independent.

I'm also really glad that you made Scorpius and Noah characters who really don't care where they're sorted or care about pure-blood nonsense. I really hate seeing Scorpius as a blood status freak and I hope he's able to be friends with Al and not let that stuff get in the way!

great first chapter! I'm excited to read about the other years :)


Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! I'm glad you liked this opening chapter, especially Albus's streak of independence - for me, it's a very important part of his character, so I'm happy that it came through so strongly.

Thank you for your lovely review!

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Review #50, by ScarletEye158Unravel Me: Unravelling

3rd March 2013:
aw, yay! very cute ending :D

I like the way you kept Dominique's past hidden from the readers until the very end. I was wondering why she seemed so quiet and reserved and that sure does explain it!

I felt bad for her with the way she thought she didn't deserve to be around other people. She must have been virtually alone for a while :(

Brad was such a sweetheart and Dom is lucky she found him! I'm glad he still liked her even after he found out about her cheating with Teddy. It is very wrong of someone to do, but that was her past and she obviously felt sad and upset about it. I just hope that he'll be able to help her gain more confidence :)

Again, I feel like we really didn't get to know him very well and see what their relationship was like before they came home together. If you ever revise this or anything, maybe you could add in a little bit of it in the second chapter? It would just add a little more understanding into the story and make it more believable :)

this was a very cute short story and I'm glad I came and read it! Thanks for the read! :)


Author's Response: Thanks for sticking around for the third chapter! One day, I'd really like to revise chapter two and add some more encounters/interactions.

Thanks for your reviews! :)

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