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Review #1, by ScarletEye158In the Distance of Bravery : 11

4th December 2017:
Yay!!! My excitement of seeing this chapter up is crazy! I read this while working out in the gym and a few people looked at me oddly when I squealed after seeing it uploaded! :)

Ah the Teddy/Lucy feels! I love them so much and really hope they are able to working things about and get back together. They are made for each other!

I canít freaking stand Pippa! I wanted to cheer when Lucy tore her dress lol.

Iím so happy she didnít get an abortion! I was afraid that might have been what tore Lucy and Teddy apart, but now it just makes me even more curious! And what happens with the baby???

Thanks so much for updating even though I know you must be crazy busy! Iím glad your little family is doing well :) I canít wait for the next update!

Much love,


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Review #2, by ScarletEye158In the Distance of Bravery : 10

5th July 2017:

I never think I will like another chapter as I do the one before it, but you always manage to surprise me! They love each other so much, why can't they both realize that :(

Your writing is so beautiful... I feel myself get extra emotional reading this story because I can just feel Lucy's pain.

So happy you got this chapter up so quick! I've been checking every day for updates and you don't know how freaking happy I just got :)

Thank you for being an amazing writing and updating all of us even when you're busy being a mommy :)

Great chapter, please update us again soon!!

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Review #3, by ScarletEye158In the Distance of Bravery : 9

24th May 2017:
I've been following this story for years and you don't know how excited I was to see an update! I was fighting reading this chapter for a few weeks now because I didn't want to get too attached again only to not have a new chapter to read for awhile again, but I couldn't help myself! I re-read all of the chapters and fell in love all over again

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Review #4, by ScarletEye158Upping The Ante: The Bouncing Properties of Dimes

1st September 2014:
Hey Lo! I'm finally here with your review! Again, I'm sorry it took me so long :(

So let me just say,I really liked this chapter! It wasn't very long and it was the first of two, but I already feel like I know most of the characters really well! Oh! And I also really love stories that have a lot of Quidditch in them ;)

I like how Alexandra has a pretty good relationship with everybody and she isn't too aggressive with the Gryffindor boys like most girls in Marauders fics are :) I can see a few different possibilities of romance for her in this story, but I'm leaning more towards Sirius!

I could also see Charlie going for Sirius too, especially because the way people flirt is usually through insulting each other :p I think it could make a really interesting conflict: two best friends going for the same boy :o

I also really liked the way you described certain things in your story. Just the way you introduced the characters was really awesome because it was really more of the "show not tell" way of bringing them into the story that I really liked!

I feel kind of bad for Tom in this story because he's the newbie and everyone was kind of making fun of him :p I really like an underdog, so I hope he's able to improve on his seeking skills and prove to everybody that he belongs on the team! Maybe he'll even come to Alexandra and ask for help and they could actually become friends :)

I'm really interested to see where this story is going to go! I have a feeling it's going to have a lot of pranks from the Marauders and I'm really looking forward to reading them :) They already had a brilliant one at the end of this story, and I'm curious to see if Dumbledore will be mad about it, or if he would find it amusing. I'm thinking the ladder because Dumbledore can usually have a laugh in any situation :p

Anyways, I really enjoyed the first chapter and I hope you continue to write! I'll definitely come back and read the second chapter when I have some free time - reading fanfiction is what I really love doing in my free time :)


Author's Response: Hi Amanda!

Thank you so much for this wonderful review!

Lo ♥

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Review #5, by ScarletEye158Obsession: Obsession

20th June 2014:
Hey Lauren! I'm here to read and review your story for the Writing Challenge!

I have to say, I'm pretty shocked that all 4 of you guys focused your story around Pansy lol. I've never read so many stories about her in my life! It was really cool how they were all so different though!

I really liked the way that you started the story without telling who was speaking/thinking and without saying who that person was thinking about. It made me really want to read more and kept me super interested!

I feel so bad for Pansy in your story! The poor girl really must have loved Draco :( I thought it was really powerful and made it seem very realistic to have her destroying all of the possessions in her room. I can totally picture her doing that and the way you wrote it made me be able to see it perfectly!

And by the way, your descriptions in this story were spot on! Seriously, I loved reading the way you described Draco, how the room looked, and especially how Pansy was feeling - it made the story so interesting and I loved how it was more of the "show" of a story instead of the "tell"!

Aw the poor house elf! You could clearly see how miserable he was at being asked to do something he didn't want to do, but with the threat of clothes, he must've felt helpless!

I thought it was really cool how you showed the flashback of Pansy with the remembrall. It was a really good foreshadowing scene and I have to admit I was kind of confused about what she asked the House Elf to do until I read the remebrall scene over again :p She must have been really desperate to forget everything by having her ask the House Elf to wipe her memory - I can't imagine wanting to forget about everything in your life!

I love how you incorporated the invitation at the end! I was really curious as to what the letter said throughout the story so I'm glad I got to see it! I can't believe Draco and Astoria would send that to her, though. They had to have known how much Pansy loved Draco, right? What jerks!

anyways, this was a really good one-shot! I'm glad I got to read it and I just wanted to say congrats on using the prompts successfully, you did really well with incorporating them all :)


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Review #6, by ScarletEye158Porcelain Marionette: Dance

20th June 2014:
Hey Kevin! We haven't actually met, but I see you around the CR all the time and wanted to come review your Writing Challenge story :)

This was a brilliant story! I was a little bit confused at different parts (probably because I'm a slow person) but as I read on I realized what was going on and I wasn't too confused anymore :p I really liked how you showed Pansy as a young girl and all of her memories. Those are real memories, right? I thought they were through the whole story, but then at the end I was kind of left wondering if those were real or made up ones from having her memory erased.

The courting part with the two families was perfect in my opinion! Pure blood families and their traditions are always so interesting to me so I really really liked what you did with it! It seemed like a very realistic situation :)

Wow, the ending really got me! I didn't expect Astoria to have wiped and changed her memory! I'm assuming the time in St. Mungo's wasn't the first time, right? I think there was at least one other time and that was when Astoria told her the Draco had called off the engagement? She must have had to change Draco's memory too, then, huh?

I usually only see Astoria portrayed as a really nice character, someone who isn't a typical cunning Slytherin, so I really like that she was different in your story! It was really refreshing and nice to read her that way! And in contrast, I only really read Pansy as being an evil, cunning character, so it was cool to see them flipped! I felt really bad for Pansy (Which is something I never thought I would say! haha) I thought it was pretty cool that her memory started to come back after her head injury and Astoria must have been livid because she thought she had wiped her memory for good!

All in all, I really liked this story! I might have to read it again so that I can go back and look for all of the foreshadowing and clues because I bet it'll all make a looot more sense then :P

Nice job on using a lot of the prompts, too! They all worked really nicely with your story!


Author's Response: Howdy Amanda! Thanks for the thoughtful and kind review!

You are definitely not the first person to be a little confused on the first read. Part of that was deliberate because I wanted to keep people unaware of what exactly was really going on, but I think looking back perhaps in some cases the transitions were too sharp/abrupt and that contributed to the confusion. I wanted a bit of that vibe, but maybe it just went too far at times.

As for the childhood memories though, those are absolutely real memories. They were born out of one of the purposes of the story, which was to explore how Pansy became who she was. Originally that's all I intended the story to be about, but when I saw the Remembrall as a prompt, I switched things up a bit to include the memory element which gave rise to...

Dark Astoria! That was another thing I wanted to do with the story once I settled on the overall plot idea. Since I was exploring Pansy (who because of who she represented to JKR was left very one-dimensional in canon) I wanted to make people think about her more and decided with the other elements (like memory) I could also turn what seems to be a common view of Astoria on its head for fun. You should be proud of yourself for picking up on Draco though! Yes, Astoria also modified Draco's memories. And this modification on Pansy DEFINITELY wasn't the first time. I decided not to explore this more, but the reason for Pansy's memory problems is actually that she's had her memory modified by Astoria SO MANY times. My idea for the WHY of that was two-fold: (1) Astoria wasn't very good at memory charms and (2) despite possible evidence to the contrary with Hermione's modification of her parents' memories (depending on how you look at that), memories tied to love are "harder" the modify (this is just my head canon :p).

Because of the confusion though, I may actually write a companion piece from Astoria's POV as either a one-shot or short story which will explore some of these things on a deeper level.

Thanks again from reading and reviewing! I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #7, by ScarletEye158Anamnesis: Anamnesis

15th June 2014:
Hey Sian! I'm here to review your Writing Challenge piece :)

This was such an interesting story! I've never really thought deeply about Pansy and her past -other than her being such a jerk to everyone- but I really liked this because she must have had a reason of how she got to be how she was and it was really cool getting to see your view on what happened in her childhood!

The story definitely broke my heart for her- it must have been so traumatic losing her dad like that and not knowing what happened to him, especially because it seemed like they were really close! Then losing her mother to depression and then eventually death along with her siblings must have been so awful! No wonder she had started acting different!

I really loved how you incorporated the meaning of her name throughout this story, too. It really fit her because she wasn't able to forget any of the horrible things that happened to her, even though she really did want to forget everything in the end!

Wow, I can't believe her dad came back after all those years! I wonder what made him suddenly decide to show up again? I felt really bad for her and her "new parents" because they were put into a really hard situation - her dad is her original family, yet her new family were the ones who were there for her when nobody else was. It makes sense that she would still visit and stay with her dad sometimes, but her new parents must have felt very awkward about it. Not to mention it must have just confused Pansy even more about everything in her life!

I really like how you were able to tie in certain things that we know are true from the books into this story as well. It was nice and refreshing getting to see it from a different POV! I also liked that you incorporated a little of your own back story behind some of these events really because made them feel more realistic :)

You did a really great job with this and congrats on being able to use 7 of the prompts!


Author's Response: Hi Amanda! Thank you for stopping by to review!

I really love writing stories about minor characters and developing a past for them that helps to explain why they behaved the way that they did in the books. I always imagined Pansy having a tragic childhood and when I started writing this it just kept getting unintentionally worse and worse (oops!)

The meaning of her name and the flower were the ideas that sparked the concept for this whole story and I'm really pleased you liked the way that it worked out, that she just wanted to forget everything but she couldn't.

I think that Pansy would have been extremely confused by the way that her family was set-up and a lot of things that she did (as I imagine) stem from that, and the insecurities that her father's abandonment gave her, as well as her desire for a normal life and family.

Thank you so much for this great review!

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Review #8, by ScarletEye158Champagne Supernovas: Step One: A Grand Entrance

25th May 2014:
Hey Sathya! Here with the review exchange :)

This was a really cute start to your story! I love fluff, and I already feel connected to it and excited to see what happens!

I also have a character named Alice Longbottom in 2 of my stories, so seeing you portray her differently than I do is really cool :) I never would have pegged Alice as liking History of Magic - usually you would think that Herbology would be the class that Alice would like so it's interesting to see how different of a person she is and how she isn't like her father in that way :) I'm excited to see how her character develops and if she opens up about herself to Freddie!

It was kind of sad how Freddie didn't realize who Alice was right away, haha. Poor girl must feel so invisible! I'm glad that he finally figured out who she was though. How ironic the only girl in the library was somebody who he kind of knew :p

I wonder if Freddie is going to go back and read the other steps in the book or if he's going to wing it and try talking to Alice by himself? It should be interesting to see if he's able to get her as a date for Valentines Day! :D

all in all, this was a really nice start to your story and I can't wait to read what happens next :)


Author's Response: Hello Amanda!

I'm so sorry for taking this long to respond to your wonderful review! I haven't updated this story for a while and this was the perfect motivation to get me back on track!

I think Alice Longbottom has almost become canon by now, but I'm totally checking out those two stories! I know, Alice being Neville's daughter and all would have probably liked Herbology too, but I thought this would be an interesting twist. Plus no one likes History of Magic, so I was curious to see how that would pan out.

I sort of know how Alice would feel, being in a school with so many children in my class. It's really easy to forget names when you have 150 of them to remember! Still, the two of them are practically family friends so I'm just going to peg it down to Freddie's terrible memory when it comes to names :P

You should totally come back when the next chapter's up to see if some of your great questions are answered. I'm not going to spoil it for you yet!

Thanks so much for all the words of encouragement and your opinion, as I mentioned earlier it was the perfect catalyst to get me back to writing the story!

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Review #9, by ScarletEye158Love In Transit: March 1999

11th May 2014:
Hey there, I'm Amanda! We haven't met before, but I've seen you around the forums and I thought I'd stop by and read one of your stories! :)

This was a really great start to your story and I really enjoyed getting to read your version of Audrey. I haven't read much about her, but with all of your descriptions and how well you wrote her character, I feel like I know her really well already!

I really liked the way you started the story with her babysitter, too. It's like the Wizarding World wanted her from the beginning by throwing Lucy into her life and then years later, Percy! And the name Lucy, huh? Do I sense a bit of foreshadowing here? ;)

You've also already created such a nice depth to her, what with her relationship with her babysitter and parents, her financial problems, her roommate, and now the coffee shop and Percy. You seem to write her so effortlessly and I envy you for that!

I'm really excited to see where this story goes and can't wait to hear more about Percy and Audrey's relationship. Please update soon! :)


Author's Response: Why hello! Who know being on the forums would get be a bigger readership, eh? Thank you so much for taking the time to come check me out!

I'm so amazed that you think so highly of the story. Audrey definitely didn't come effortlessly as a character - I had to switch and change a lot of the stuff in the first chapter to make it seem more realistic.

Alas, never fear - the second (and final) chapter is in the queue! You'll find out all about Lucy's name in there ;) It should be up in a day or so by now so.

Thanks again for reading + reviewing!

- Jess xo

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Review #10, by ScarletEye158Blue Lavender: III.

4th May 2014:
Aw what a great ending to a story! :)

This was a really sweet chapter and I'm just so happy that Lavender decided to go out to the park and then to Parvati's party!

I really liked all of the flashbacks throughout the story. It helped me see how hard it really was for Lavender and showed why she was as bad as she was.

I definitely was not expecting Michael to come into the picture! haha. It was a nice surprise though, because I knew Lavender needed another person to talk to! I really liked that he really tried to talk to her and to make her feel better. It was good of him to explain to her that everyone feels "the darkness" too because it made her feel like she wasn't alone and everyone needs that in their life :)

I've never really thought of Lavender and Michael as a pairing, but I can kind of see it after this story! Maybe you could write a spin off for them? ;)

anyways, I really really enjoyed this story! It was nice to read, especially as it got a little lighter as it went on!

Nice job, Sian! As always, it was a lovely story!


Author's Response: Hello again!

I was kind of proud of Lavender in this chapter, actually, because she really did start taking control of things again and showing why she's a Gryffindor, because she did those things even though she was terrified.

For some reason, Lavender and Michael have been paired together for ages in my head canon :P So I couldn't not include him and I wanted him to help her here, for her to see that everyone suffered during the war and other people have scars as well. Aw, I'd definitely consider writing a spin-off for them because I do love them as a pairing!

Thank you so much for all these lovely reviews, Amanda! They mean so much! ♥

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Review #11, by ScarletEye158Blue Lavender: II.

4th May 2014:
Aww, this was a really good chapter :) I'm so glad Lavender is starting to open up again! Little Charlie makes me want to jump through my computer screen and give him a big hug! He's so innocent and adorable and I love the way you wrote him. Kids and their run-on sentences... lol. You did a really nice job with his character :D

I absolutely loved the way you portrayed Lavender and Parvati's friendship, as well :) The fact that she is able to talk to her about the things that have happened to her when she wasn't able to talk to anyone else about it is pretty amazing. They're friendship is so strong and I'm really happy that Parvati recognized that and stayed by Lavender's side the entire time :)

I also really liked how you opened and closed the chapter with scenes from them running from the Carrows. It made me think that at first she was slipping back into her ways of being depressed again by thinking of something bad that happened. Then I realized when I read the scene at the end that she was thinking about the same scene, just in a different way, and that she was making progress with herself :) she was actually able to comfort herself in a way by thinking of something that she did well instead of something that she did bad. It was a great way to show character growth and that she really is trying to take control of her life again!

I'm really happy that she is coming to certain realizations about her life and that Parvati is going to try and help her. I can't wait to see how the last chapter plays out!


Author's Response: Hi again, Amanda!

Isn't Charlie adorable? I just want to hug him myself, and I'm glad that you thought I wrote his character well for his age, too! I'm so glad that he decided to be included in this story because he's so good for Lavender.

I've always loved reading about Lavender and Parvati and I definitely see their friendship as a strong one. They were always portrayed as being quite silly and girly in the books but I think the fact that they both survived the war and the Carrows proves that they're a lot stronger than that, and I think they'd have been there to help each other through. Parvati's going to be there all along for Lavender, even if Lavender hasn't wanted her there all the time!

Yes, I'm happy you could see the difference in the way she thought about the Carrows flashback at the beginning and end of the chapter, because it was meant to show the way that Lavender's making progress here and the fact that she's starting to realise that she can take control of things for herself again!

Thanks for another amazing review!

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Review #12, by ScarletEye158Blue Lavender: I.

4th May 2014:
Hey Sian!

This was an interesting start to a story, I'm really excited to see where this goes!

I felt really bad for Lavender throughout this chapter. I can't imagine the PTSD she is facing but if it was enough for her to push even Parvati away, it must have been really bad :(

I liked the way you were able to change the scenes of the story. Slowly but surely, you could see Lavender getting better. It all flowed really nicely and I didn't see any awkward parts at any point!

I also love how you showed how slowly it takes for somebody to recover from the depression and anxiety she faces. The fact that she slowly began to start opening the letters and open her curtains a little bit were really nice and realistic touches to the story and added a lot in detail :)

Aw, Charlie! He's so adorable. I'm really glad that he was able to get Lavender to go outside and that he didn't have any resentment towards her for locking herself up and ignoring him. Kids really do forgive easily and I wish everybody were able to keep that about themselves!

This was a really nice first chapter and I can't wait to read the next!

Hope you're having a good weekend!


Author's Response: Hi Amanda!

I felt really bad for Lavender when I was writing this too, but she's one of the people who I could see suffering the most from the war. She was brave and fought through the battle and the Carrows' regime but it was difficult to face life after that, and I think she'd be suffering a lot from the effects and memories.

It was such a relief to show Lavender slowly getting better in this chapter, even though there's still a long way for her to go. I'm really happy you liked all the little details and the way that I showed it's not easy to recover from depression!

I loved Charlie so much! I had no idea of him until I started writing this, but in the end he was a character who wrote himself and it was great for Lavender to have him there so that she could actually go outside for the first time in months!

Thank you for a great review! ♥

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Review #13, by ScarletEye158Ambition: Ambition

6th March 2014:
Hey there! This review is for the Blackout Battle between Gryffindor and Slytherin :)

This was a really interesting story! I usually don't read too many stories about Slytherins (I'm a Gryffindor myself) but I really liked how you portrayed Lucius in this story and stuck well to his character. Sometimes it's hard for me to imagine an adult cannon character in their teenage years but I definitely think you were spot on with his characterization here!

I really liked this line... "Especially in a time when Mudbloods, Muggle-lovers and blood-traitors were starting to take over the entire wizarding world."

I never really thought about it from this point of view before because I always thought about it as the Death Eaters trying to take over the world instead of the other way around. It definitely makes sense that Lucius would think this way because of the way he grew up, but as I'm sure you understand, I can't bring myself to agree with him :p

I also really liked the fact that even though Lucius and Narcissa were arranged to be married, they still actually did like each other. I guess it couldn't have turned out any better for the both of them, because they both seemed to be okay with it. Sometimes you see those characters that were upset about who they were to be married to, but I'm glad they both were happy with it.

Anyways, this was a great story! I'm happy that I found it and that I was able to read and review it!


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Review #14, by ScarletEye158The Unknown: 1

6th March 2014:
Hey there, fellow team mate! I'm here for the Blackout Battle :)

This was honestly probably one of the best one-shots that I've ever read. I can't believe how fast you wrote this and still were able to make it so amazing! And the fact that I found nothing nothing grammatically wrong or spelled wrong is awesome too! I would've been scrambling to write this and would've had so many typos! :P

I really liked how you didn't give a name to this character or her mother and left them as an unknown characters. It left the reader with some imagination and kept us wondering more about them both.

I also really liked just the whole way this story flowed. Getting to see her at different ages and grow so much in one short chapter was pretty awesome! Even though we really didn't know who she was, you got to connect with her and feel sympathy towards her.

I also really liked how you showed that she was a loyal member to Hogwarts and not just Slytherin. Not all of the Slytherins were bad people, and it was nice reading a story where she got to break away from the stereotype. You can be a loyal member of Slytherin and not be bad, and I don't think a lot of people realized it, especially during Harry's Era!

My heart broke when I realized it was her mother who had turned against her. I can't even imagine the betrayal she must have felt. I really loved the relationship that they had at the beginning and throughout the story and it just makes me so sad to see that her mother changed for the worst and did the unthinkable to her daughter :(

Anyways, I really really loved this story! I'm so glad you were able to write it for Gryffindor's Blackout Battle and that I was able to read and review it!


Author's Response: Hi Amanda!

Thanks for this amazing review!

Lo :)

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Review #15, by ScarletEye158Midnight Romeo: Midnight Romeo

1st March 2014:
Hey there!

This was a really sweet story :) I really liked the plot and really liked what you did with it; I never thought about the Founders having kids, so the fact that Slytherin and Gryffindor's children fell in love was definitely a surprise for me. I like how they didn't care about blood and all of that nonsense and they were just able to love each other :) You have a really nice way of writing and I was sad to see it come to an end :(

With that being said, I kind of wish it would have been longer. There was so much that went on in this short chapter that I bet you could turn it into a short story or novella to make it even more awesome :) I think you could definitely add a lot of detail and show more about what Rosa and George went through to show how much they loved each other.

I really liked how you portrayed Salazar Slytherin. You stayed very true to his character and as a conon lover, I thought it made the story more believable.

Aww, poor Rosa :( I can't believe her father would do that to her... and I can't believe she was pregnant! I wish she would have told him earlier; maybe they could've ran away together or something and been together forever! That's definitely not how life works though, and I wouldn't expect it to be any different for them, especially with how secretive they had to be.

anyways, I really enjoyed this! Nice job :)


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Review #16, by ScarletEye158Rabbit Heart: 5. Distant Hearts

28th February 2014:
Oh man, I am SO confused! Just when I thought I had an idea about what was going on, little Dillon pops up again with his rabbits and confuses the heck out of me! :p

Gahh, I wanna know what that little boy's got under his sleeves and how he plans on getting to Hogwarts! You've got a really good plot here and I'm just so curious about what's going to happen :)

I'm also really curious on how the rabbit seems to be gaining more control on Wren. I'm glad she was able to break out of the "spell" though and go to Albus. At least she still has some self-control!

And what about the bunny that James is gonna give to Al? Is Al going start becoming like Wren? This is just getting more and more intense as it continues!

I'm really excited to keep reading and I'm happy I'm getting closer to catching up! :D

Nice job(:


Author's Response:

Uh oh. Confusion. Well, Dillon is a bit confusing, isn't he? I can tell you that rabbits are too big to carry under ones sleeves, even baby ones. That's why he needs the basket. *nods*

Wren does shake whatever it is off for a little while. And yeah, we should be worried about Albus here too.

Thanks so much for another review! I'm so glad you're coming back to this story!

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Review #17, by ScarletEye158Rabbit Heart: 4. Hearts and Minds

27th February 2014:
hey there!

this was a good chapter :) I really liked how you kept switching between Wren and Albus' POVs because you got to see a lot of the same situations but in a different way.

I can't believe they both like each other but neither of them will tell the other! I always HATE that situation (it's what kept me and my boyfriend from dating before we actually told each other)so I hope one of them admits it soon! lol

I'm really excited to see what plans Al and Scorpius have under their sleeves for James! He definitely has it coming and I bet they're gonna be pretty awesome :p

I'm still really curious to find out about all of Wren's anxiety... what could possibly be causing it?? I hope she starts to feel better and is able to return to her old self again. Poor Albus thinks its something that he's done and feels like he can't fix it :(

nice job! I'm excited to keep reading :)


Author's Response:

Yes,this chapter did lend itself to the "two sides of the same coin" thingy. And yeah, that whole "both of them like each other but they aren't saying anything" can get pretty frustrating. I'm sure you know this from experience.

Al and Scorpius aren't going to let James off too easily after the summer that Albus had. I don't know if they'll succeed or not, but they're going to at least try to even the playing field once they get to Hogwarts.

I know, poor Albus! It's not his fault, but he doesn't know that, and Wren doesn't know what's going on with her either. It's a tough situation.

Thanks for another wonderful review!

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Review #18, by ScarletEye158Rabbit Heart: 3. Cold Toes, Warm Heart

24th February 2014:
Oh man, what is going on with Wren?? It sounds like she's turning into a rabbit or something! Or maybe she has like telepathy and can sympathize with animals? gah this is so interesting!

And wow, I can't believe six weeks went by where she didn't seen her friends! I bet it wouldn't have been such a shock to have Albus grow if she would've seen him more often but time definitely does change things! Poor girl, she's the only short one now :p

I really liked how you started to introduce more and more characters throughout the story. I really liked seeing Wren interacting with different people and can't wait to see the relationships she has with Callie and Scorpius and get to know more about them :)

I also really want to know what happened with Dillon! Are we going to find out soon?? If he really is old enough to get a letter, will he be at Hogwarts next year?

You are really keeping us on our toes with this story and I definitely have a craving to read more :D

Nice job!


Author's Response: Okay, you get the "best guess of the week" award. ;) Wren turning into a rabbit...

It probably wouldn't have been such a shock if she'd hung out with her friends more often. Albus' growth wouldn't have snuck up on her so much, and she wouldn't have been so isolated either.

Yes, there's more Dillon somewhere around here. *looks under couch* Or maybe he's run off to hide again. Never can tell with that boy.

Thanks for another great review! I'm so glad you're enjoying the story so far.

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Review #19, by ScarletEye158Rabbit Heart: 2. Trusting Hearts

24th February 2014:
Well this chapter sure was different than I thought it was going to be! :P I definitely did not expect a little boy coming into the picture at all! It's a really interesting plot twist though and I'm curious to see where it goes!

I feel really bad for Wren and everything she has to go through with Gran :( I get the sense that they used to be really close at one point and I can't imagine how it must feel to basically have lost her even though she is still alive.

Hmm, the part about the bunny really intrigued me! I have a feeling that it might be the same one, and if it is the little boy must have something to do with the light! Am I right? :P

I really liked how you paced the chapter and kept me interested in what was going to happen next! It wasn't too fast or too slow, which was awesome! I always have the most trouble with my second chapter of a story because it's the one that comes directly after the most important one (usually) yet you don't want to give too much away right in the beginning of a story. I always feel like the second chapter is the one that's going to make or break whether your story is going to keep a reader interested and I definitely think you did really well with it! I'm still super interested and can't wait to read more :)

nice job! :)


Author's Response:

Err... surprise? Haha. Isn't he a cute little boy? Don't you just want to help him with anything he needs?

Wren and her gran were very close, and she does feel like she's already lost her. I know, it is sad. Poor Wren!

Yes, there's a light and a rabbit and a boy. ;) Haha! The chapter I had the most trouble with was the first one. In fact, this used to be the first chapter, and I felt like I started the story too late and wrote a new first chapter... which happens to me quite a bit, I'm afraid. I'm rubbish at starting a story. :P

Thanks for another great review!

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Review #20, by ScarletEye158Rabbit Heart: 1. Have a Heart

23rd February 2014:
Wow, this was such a gripping first chapter! I already feel like I can connect with the characters and feel the pain/heartache that some of them are going through!

I really liked how you set up each of the character's personalities, as well. Wren seem like a really interesting girl and I already like the relationship she has with Al and Rose :)

I feel so bad that she has to leave her childhood home though :( I don't really know too much about what's going on in her family but it sounds like Gran isn't in a very good place right now :/

The whole thing about the light by the lake is really intriguing me. I'm trying to think of what it could possibly be but I'm guessing that I'm probably super wrong on all of them :P

I love how good Wren is with all of the animals, too. I'm a huge animal lover so I was really able to connect with her on that level. It's awesome that she's trying to save them :)

anyways, this was a really good first chapter! I've definitely been sucked in and I really can't wait to read more! Hopefully I'll be able to read more tonight and you'll be seeing more reviews from me! :)

Nice job!


Author's Response: Hi Amanda!

Thanks so much for the review! I tried to give each of these characters something that they had to work through in this story. I'm glad you can feel them already in the first chapter.

I'd love to hear your guesses about the light by the lake! It's fun to see what it makes other people think of, and how their ideas change as they move through the story. Just throw out any crazy theory. :)

Wren has a real soft spot for saving animals. It's important to the story. Poor girl!

I hope you get to come back real soon! I love hearing your thoughts!


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Review #21, by ScarletEye158Trying not to love you: Chapter twenty-three - Heaven. Or Hell.

16th December 2013:
AH OMG YES! I'm literally crying with happiness right now! I love you so much, Hanna!

This was such an awesome chapter and I didn't think you could have made it any better until OMG HE JUST KISSED HER! Has he been trying to do that for while? His attitude sure made it seem like it but you also never know with James! And who even cares? HE JUST KISSED HER!

oh my gosh, I am so happy right now :) I do feel a little bad for Joshua, but he really probably should've seen this coming :p I'm sure everyone else did, so I'm surprised he let her hangout with him so much knowing that they'd eventually realize their feelings for each other. Gah, I can't wait for the next chapter though!

It's probably going to be full of drama because that's usually what happens after such a good chapter like this but I don't even care right now! Hopefully I'm wrong and the next chapter will be full of butterflies and rainbows and scenes of gwen and james walking down the beach at sunset, but I guess we'll just have to see! I hope you're able to get the next one up before the queue closure because I'm sure I'm not the only one dying to know what happens!

Can't wait to read the next one! Amazing job, girl!


Author's Response: Aww, thanks ^^

Haha, even I don't always know what James is thinking. That boy can be very secretive d: but it did seem like that, didn't it?

Well you know me, there's bound to be some drama ahead d: but it would be so cool if everything was just as you said ^^

Thank you so much for reviewing! I really wish I had time to finish the chapter before the queue closes, but the chances are very low /: but it will be the first thing I do once the queue opens up again (:

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Review #22, by ScarletEye158Trying not to love you: Chapter twenty-two - Flying Again

9th December 2013:

Oh my gosh I'm so happy that you updated! I've been waiting for this chapter for forever it seems like and I definitely wasn't disappointed :) I know life can be super busy so I totally understand! & I'm glad your muse has returned :)

Okay, so now to the story... This was a super good chapter :) I felt like it was a little bit of a filler chapter but I loved it all the same :) Is it bad to say that I think the reason I liked it so much because it was mainly only James/Gwenny? I was a little relieved that Joshua wasn't in this chapter :P I do love him, too, but I think I would like him a lot more if he was dating somebody else lol. How about Samantha? She seems to like James, so how about they all just make a big switch and it can be Sam/Joshua and Gwen/James??

The whole break in at the stadium really interested me! I really want to know what happened and why they felt the need to cover it up! Shouldn't they be investigating it thoroughly?? and for some reason I had some weird feeling that it might be someone from Gwen's past that broke in... Maybe her dad or something? maybe he escaped from Askaban?? (I have a wild imagination sometimes so ignore me if I'm totally off :p)

anyways, sorry for the rambling! I was just super excited to see this story updated and I definitely can't wait for the next one!

nice job!


Author's Response: Me too! I missed writing so bad and I tried many times, but the words just wouldn't come. But I got over it d:

It was a bit of a filler, but I hope all the Gwen/James goodness made up for that ^^ so no, definitely not a bad thing to say. Haha, then you'll be very pleased to know that he won't be in the next one either (;

And that switch would be so lovely d:

Well, it's not her dad, I can tell you that much. He's still tightly locked in Azkaban. But that's all I'm saying. It'll all be revealed at some point (:

Never apologize for rambling! I love to hear what people think about and if they can guess what'll happen next or if I've managed to completely mislead them ^^

Thank you so much for reviewing! The next one is already in the queue, so the wait shouldn't be long (:

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Review #23, by ScarletEye158Arthur Weasley Air-Bound: Arthur Weasley Air-Bound

13th July 2013:
awww this was so sweet! It literally made me smile and laugh out loud and I just love how happy Arthur was :)

I really liked your writing style and how you went from Arthur's POV, to more of Harry's in the middle and then ended it with Arthur's again. Harry is such a good person and I'm really glad he used the money for a vacation for himself, Hermione, and the Weasleys... everyone knows how much they needed it!

hahah Arthur was so adorable in the airport! The part where he had his nose pressed up against the window with the muggle children had me cracking up because I could sooo picture that in my mind! :P

Arthur on the plane was so funny too! When he shushed everyone (who weren't talking) so that he could hear the propellers... that was just hilarious! I liked seeing everyone else's reaction to flying on the plane, too. Ms. Weasley getting queasy and Fleur panicking a bit was totally realistic and made me able to relate to your story more :)

This was such a cute, fluffy little one-shot and I'm really glad I got to read it! It definitely put a smile on my face :D


Author's Response: Hello! Thank you so much for reviewing, I'm glad you enjoyed the story.

Arthur is such an underrated character in fanfiction and I've not read much where he is the main character so I had a lot of fun writing this.

I'm glad I made you smile!

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Review #24, by ScarletEye158He's not dead: He's not dead

13th July 2013:
Hey there! This was a really cool story :) it had a lot of mystery and suspense to it and I really liked that!

I was really upset at first when everyone thought Harry had died and Lily was the only one who believed he was alive. Either Lily was believing in false hope, or she was right, which couldn't have been easy for anyone in her family to witness. It definitely would suck to be the only one to be super adamant about something and have no one else on your side :(

I'm really glad Lily ran away and went looking for her dad. Even though it was a dangerous thing to do, she felt like she had to prove that he really was alive and she definitely wanted to find her dad! It was a very Gryffindor thing to do and I'm glad she was so brave and found him :)

I really liked your touch with the language from Albania. It made it feel more realistic and having a native around to explain things to Lily was pretty awesome!

Speaking of that, I really thought it was interesting with how you tied together the things that went on with Voldemort. The woods would most definitely seem haunted, and I'm not surprised that the people living in the cabins left... it must've been really creepy!

I'm really glad Lily ended up finding her dad alive and that he was okay! I don't blame Ginny for being all protective and worrying, I would probably do the same thing! This was a really nice one-shot and I enjoyed reading it a lot! Nice job! :)


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Review #25, by ScarletEye158Weasley's in Egypt: Welcome to Egypt

13th July 2013:
Hey there! This was a really nice one-shot :D

I really liked how you used the Weasley's vacation to Egypt for your story because I love reading about other people's views on things from the series when there really isn't much story behind it. I mean, JK Rowling obviously gave you some things to work with (Locking Percy in a tomb, the mummies, the Sneakoschope) but it was cool to see you add your own bits to it to make it yours :)

Your characterization of the Weasley family was really nice and I think you were dead on with all of their personalities! I really liked Ginny and Percy because I think those two changed the most (Especially in Next Gen stories) but you still gave them their characteristics from the 2nd/3rd books and it was really cool to read :)

I did notice a few typos, but I'm sure you will go back and edit them when you can! I can understand why you wanted to get this out fast for the House Cup :) The main typos that I noticed were with the character names, actually. Percy was once "Pert" and Fred was once "Free". Those are the ones that stuck out to me the most :P

Anyways, I really liked your one-shot and I'm glad I got to read about the Weasley's vacation! It was always something that was kind of mentioned once and then forgot about and reading this brought back memories of me reading POA for the first time :)


Author's Response: Hello there!

Originally, I was going to stick with just what J. K. Rowling gave me to work with but I decided that there wasn't enough mentioned to keep it interesting so I added some small things.

I was worried that the characters would be OOC, that was my biggest fear so it's nice to know that someone else found the characterization to be dead on.

Yeah, I was in a bit of a hurry to get something out for the House Cup and I was trying to type as fast possible so there were quite a few typos. I've gone back and edited them out so hopefully the one-shot is better.

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