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Review #1, by wiccaticPractical Joking for Dummies: Simple Physical Pranks

18th September 2006:
I adore your fanfics, seriouisly, I reccomend them to any of my friends, they rule!

Author's Response: Thanks! More is coming!

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Review #2, by wiccaticOne Sock Left: O P L

3rd February 2006:
ur 14!?! holy.... u hav sum talent, don't forget to use it, whether its on hpff or somewhere else. I understand u tho, i'm around ur age and i started loosing interest...i write anyway tho :) i'm special like that i guess. anyhow, enuff about me, u rock!

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Review #3, by wiccaticTo Love And Leave: Chapter 1: Surprising News

30th November 2005:
i luv ur fanfic!!!!!!!! the first one was awesome too, out of my favourites 'In Love With a Werewolf' is definately my #1 so far...maybe this one will be even better! ;-)

Author's Response: Awww, thanks! Hmm, I hope so too lol.

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Review #4, by wiccaticOnce More, With Feeling: Auditions

14th November 2005:
I've seen several fanfics including plays but I think so far this is by far the best one (too many fars.....). Don't feel bad if people try to put you down, being able to take something (like Hogwarts) and that isn't broadway and being able to transform it into Hogwarts just demonstrates your gift of writing in my opinion, it's hard to work with something that isn't what you want it to be for your story.

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Review #5, by wiccaticBitten: Bitten

21st September 2005:
Ur banner is AMAZING! LUV IT!

Author's Response: THANKS....I MADE IT MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #6, by wiccaticInvisibly Yours: Dozing off and K.I.S.S.I.N.G.

2nd September 2005:
this one of my favorite stories, honestly I have it on my list of favourites, so I'm sure what ever you come up with will be great! Keep on updating! Sorry, not great advice i know, but hey...

Author's Response: Aw thank you so much. Lol you don't know how much that means to me, I'm so silly. Anywho I plan on updating soon once I have the time to of course.

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Review #7, by wiccaticSwitching with Sirius: Lily’s Confession and the Overdue Cornering of Peter.

22nd August 2005:
You're right about love never running smoothly. Besides, this will make the fanfiction VERY interesting....

Author's Response: Thank you! I agree! Thanks for the review!

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Review #8, by wiccaticSwitching with Sirius: The Chapter In Which Sirius Finds Himself Out of His Element.

4th July 2005:
yes, I did catch on for the love of chocolate and I love your fanfic more than chocolate I just wanted to say.

Author's Response: Wow more than chocolate? That's hard to believe, lol. Thanks for the review, it was so sweet, (no pun intended).....

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Review #9, by wiccaticSwitching with Sirius: The Anxiety of Lily Evans…Or is That Sirius Black?

3rd July 2005:
This is not to bother you, it's just to prove James Potter wrong actually. Guys can't sit with their legs apart if they're wearing kilts.

Author's Response: Well said. *claps for the one person who dared to prove James wrong*...hehehe i loved this review, thanks for your thought!

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Review #10, by wiccaticBaby of Mine: Visit from the Ministry

14th June 2005:
way to go! keep writing, i kno it's hard, especially when u have writers block but i luv ur fanfic so pleeez try. And I can't really hate u for what u did to Dylan but I will say it upset me a lot.

Author's Response: Yes it is a bit hard but I don't have writers block don't worry.I'll get a chapter up soon!I am glad you luv it so much*sniff*Thanks I'm glad you don't.It upset me a bit to write it too.

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Review #11, by wiccaticBaby of Mine: Hospital Wing

14th June 2005:
out of curiousity, Draco and Mione leave Sofia alone after what happened? Its ur fanfic and I like the way you're writing it, I also trust you know the characters better than me since after all it's ur fanfic, tho somehow I doubt they'd leave Sofia alone. just personal opinion tho.

Author's Response: No of course they didn't here is a quote from the storya s to it."Hermione nodded and grabbed Sofia and hurried after Malfoy into the fire"I know after that Sofia wasn't really there too much but she was still there.

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Review #12, by wiccaticSwitching with Sirius: You is a smart one, Moony.

13th June 2005:
I really like your fanfic, keep writing!

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you! I'm finishing the next chapter for this story as we speak!

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Review #13, by wiccaticSwitching with Sirius: Remus' Story

9th May 2005:
I really liked this chapter, its one of my favourites, keep writing!

Author's Response: aww thanks! That means a lot to me, i really liked it too...well for obvious! Thanks!

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Review #14, by wiccaticSwitching with Sirius: Over-Bloody-Whelming

3rd April 2005:
happy b-day!!!!!!!um and, happy birthday! i luv ur fanfic and er.......thats it i guess

Author's Response: Thanks a bunch! All I can do is smile.

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Review #15, by wiccaticI'd Rather Die: Chapter Seventeen: Of Fights and MEN

3rd April 2005:
she lives!!!!!who would have known? anyhow, good if you update soon if u can't i understand.....and happy late Easter

Author's Response: Um. . .okay. Thanks! Happy late Easter to you, too!

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Review #16, by wiccaticFinding Out How: The Past

30th March 2005:
ooooooo, i like it so far, keep writing

Author's Response: thanks will do

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Review #17, by wiccaticEvil Villainy for Dummies: Evil Etiquette

24th March 2005:
pleez keep writing, I like this fanfic VERY much

Author's Response: I shall!

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Review #18, by wiccaticEvil Villainy for Dummies: Evil Villainy for Dummies

24th March 2005:
excellent way 2 go keep writing!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Oh definitely

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Review #19, by wiccaticIn Love With A Werewolf: Chapter 14: The Brawl

22nd March 2005:
I don't think this chapter was that bad at all! keep writing, I really like ur fanfic!

Author's Response: Thanks...i dont think it was bad, just not my best work...dont worry, I dont think I could stop writing this story even if I tried lol...thanks!

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Review #20, by wiccaticIn Love With A Werewolf: Chapter 9: A New Crush

6th March 2005:
no offense but DON'T COMPLAIN about 100 reviews, and be happy you have reads. you're good so its expected, but many people I know are happy for 1 review or 3 reads.

Author's Response: I'm not mad that I only have 100 reviews, I would just like it if people took the time to review and tell me what they thought...and even if they have something negative to say, I still want to hear it cause it tells me what I can improve on...and yes, I was extremely happy when I got one review...and thank you for saying im good. :)

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Review #21, by wiccaticIn Love With A Werewolf: Chpater 7: Unintentional Recipient

15th February 2005:
Did you mess up the date or will you seriously be away till December??? PLEASE write more!!!!!! PLEASE! (I know i'm pathetic at begging but its worth a try, isn't it?)

Author's Response: No, I messed up the date, I'll be back in New York on 2/25/05 lol, not december lol...I have more written, i have 16 chaps written out, and I think I'm going to post chapter 8 either today or tomorrow...thanks for the review...and sometimes begging does help lol!!

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Review #22, by wiccaticI'd Rather Die: Chapter Fifteen: Of Cofessions and Apologies

15th February 2005:
ok, I personally think you should at least finish the year, though then people may ask you for a sequel. What I really think you shouldn't do is end it soon, then you may get an angry mob! Oh, Happy Valentine's Day a day late!

Author's Response: Thanks! Happy (first time I wrote it I got 'Harry'! Lol!) Valentine's Day to you too! NO! I don't want an angry mob!

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Review #23, by wiccaticMy Name is Katie Bell and This Story is About Me: An Ordinary Girl

2nd February 2005:
Awesome, luv it (otherwise I like never review), I think that Fred and George are in the same yr, so no worries mate!

Author's Response: Thanks a lot:)

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Review #24, by wiccaticThe marauders and Lily read harry potter 1.doc: The boy who lived part 2

30th January 2005:
Hillarious! I'd love to see what you could do if they were to find the third book, keep on writing!

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Review #25, by wiccaticThe Accursed Play: Sick

13th January 2005:
Once again, check your spellng, also watch your quotation marks so they don't confuse the reader. It would be such a pity because you really do have a wonderful story going.

Author's Response: hey thanks, when i can get to it i'll have them fixed as best as I can k!? promise! lol! Thanks for the reviews!

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